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REVIEWS OF Doughnut Plant IN New York

Robert Serrano

Better than Dunkin, and krispy Kreme, with so many different types of donuts you'll find one that is just right for you. When you start eating these, there is no going back. Regular donuts just seem empty.

Jen Turkovich

The donuts were absolutely delicious. I highly recommend the Brooklyn Blackout donut. This is a small shop with minimal seats and tables so be prepared to stand.

Sharon Chavis

So many different and exciting doughnuts to try...Creme Brulee is my fave, dont miss the Tres is amazing.

Stefanie Alfonso

These are my favorite doughnuts! Excellent if you like rich, cake doughnuts. I recommend the carrot cake, blueberry, and dulce de leche.

Vanessa Rodriguez Montero

This place has turned doughnuts into masterpieces. They are a little pricey, but worth every penny. My all-time favorite is creme brulee.

Hannah Peckham

Amazing donuts, so different from anything you'd get in the UK. But what made it was the lovely server who gave me all his personal recommendations and was super friendly...makes such a difference to the experience in a city where a lot of people don't even want to make eye contact. Check it out for an amazing donut in a down to earth spot :)

Shanna Hamilton

Amazing selection of donuts and super nice staff.

Raoul Mata

Great tasting donuts with a wide variety to choose from. Although they cost quite more they're very much worth it.

Chanell Newton

Best doughnut shop than Dunkin donuts

Evan Bycer

The woman at the counter was great, but the doughnuts are just ok

David Szeto

Uniquely shaped, square doughnut. This coconut doughnut was light, fluffy and went down like a treat with my coffee. Recommended.

Evette Ramos

Brooklyn black out is the best one. i love it

Sara FQM

Went there for the GF doughnuts and I was very surprised! Flavor is great and texture is pretty amazing too

Evgenii Lukianov

Perfect . Good service, so tasty donuts and tee.

Staple Duck

Excellent spot for a great treat! Friendly staff and good location. It's understandable that the shop will run out of flavors later into the day... but that just gets me to try something different. Keep up the good work doughnut plant

Bryan Glover

You must get the coconut. The Boston creme filled styles were typical, but the coconut was out of this world.

Martin Matysik

Great place to go for sinners


Excellent donuts, friendly service, quick turnaround. PB & Banana Cream donut and Yuzu cake thing are A1. Highly recommended.

L. Lu

Placed an order on Seamless, order didn't arrive half hour after estimated delivery time. Called them up, guy on the phone said he'd check it up for me, and put my call on hold without even bothering to ask for my order number. It has been 18 minutes since he put me on hold now, and I'm wishing I could give them a negative review as the wait continues. Terrible .

Kim Rutley

Grateful for plant-based donuts


Awesome place, the best doughnuts In NYC. Had the creme brûlée which was a perfect way to start the day. Nice cozy atmosphere. Their unique coffee blends are delicious and are a perfect compliment to the amazing donuts. Wish I could go here every morning to start my day off right.


These donuts are $4-5 EACH. Which is expensive, even for NYC. That said, they are totally and completely worth it. We got a half a dozen donuts - I've generally found that most places have very similar dough for different flavors of doughnuts. They just have different add-ins or icings, but the underlying doughnut is basically the same. Each doughnut from the Doughnut Plant, that we had, was unique and amazing. Probably the best doughnut out of the six was the Red Velvet, which was, hands down, the best red velvet cake I've ever had. Usually red velvet tastes basically like chocolate cake with some dye in it - in a blind taste test, I doubt I could tell a standard red velvet cake from a standard chocolate cake. The Doughnut Plants red velvet is an entirely different flavor. It has a smoky depth to it that I've never had in any other cake. The Valrhona Chocolate was the most chocolate chocolate ever, with multiple layers of different chocolate flavors. Even the relatively plain Tres Leches donut was the best 'plain' doughnut ever. The Brooklyn Blackout was everything I ever wanted from a chocolate cake doughnut. My wife is not a fan of coconut, but I had to steal the last of the Coconut Cream from her. The one doughnut I order every time is a Boston Cream - their Manhattan Cream makes every other Boston Cream look like 10 miles of bad road - I'm talking PA Turnpike bad, not even Manhattan pothole bad!


I had the banana vegan doughnut. It was pretty good for a vegan doughnut.

Agustín Ruiz

Awesome flavors. I recommend having the vietnamese coffee

diana samuel

In love with these doughnuts! I always get anything chocolate


Delicious and original flavors (we had Creme brûlé and carot cake donuts). Friendly service.

Brisa Pamela

Great options and delicious

Karen Wong

The selection of donuts is huge. I live the way they offer donuts - yeast, filled, and cake. Stone flavors got sold out quickly, so go early for best selection. Went there about a year and ordered a variety of donuts, and was impressed. Went again recently and tried the peanut butter yeast donut filled with banana cream. Loved the combination, but the nuts were soft and stale and chewy. It would have been 5 stars if the nuts were crunchier. The store was clean. Service was good. Will be back to try some more.

Richard Lin

Honestly it is way over price.

Amy Stewart

I am i love with this place for because of the quick services and delicious food. Their donuts were amazing and unique too. The staff was also very nice and communicate well with the customers. If i talk about the price were also decent . Finally recommended place

Bob Loparo

Really creative yummy choices. I question the value of the prices though. I get it nyc. Good coffee and friendly svc

Elvin Guzman

Awesome donuts organic in lower east side right across the Williamsburg bridge

Cory Woytkiw

I love the esthetic of this place. Donut ordering counter and very few seats. Very simple. We ordered 2 peanut butter and banana cream filled square donut, peanut butter and jam filled square donut, and a black sesame cake donut and 2 coffees. All the donuts we tried were amazing. Very flavorful and fresh. Coffee was excellent as well. Thank you for a great doughnut experience.

Gabriella Turner

This is the best original glazed donut I have ever had in my life and in all of New York

S.Y. Park

Interesting flavors and good taste. A bit on expensive side, but nowadays all craft donuts are expensive?

3.14159265358979323 subscribers in -12 Seconds

Okay service, donuts are the best in NYC, at least for me


Scrumptious. The creme brûlée donut surpassed my expectations. Will return if I am ever in the area again.

Bill Young

Wonderful donuts well worth it.

Eric Saul

I'm upset I can't give them 10 stars. Damn...these doughnuts are the best I've ever had. I live in DC and anytime I have friends visiting from NYC, I make them bring me a dozen. Brooklyn Blackout. Wow. Carrot Cake...amazing. Coconut Creme...mmmm. I think I'll drive 4 hours to get another dozen.

Sankofa Tafari NYC

The more I move around the city I am seeing that every little area has some type of gem. I stopped here in the donut plant had a vanilla bean donut and a coffee. Both were yummy. Had to order a second vanilla bean donut. Not because they’re small but because I really really liked them. Coffee was fresh for 3 pm or so. I’ll be back this weekend to sample the nice variety they offer. #donuts #nycdonuts #vanillabean #donutplant #sankofatafari #kingofcoffeenyc

Alan G

Certainly not cheap donuts, but they are some of the best tasting! It's great for the average treat every once in a while. I still can't understand why the donuts are so good!

jamie reyes

Small cozy little place to stop by & have some amazing donuts and coffee, staff is friendly & service is fast!

Sean Hall

Very busy, doughnuts were amazing. Service was good considering the line, whole place smelled of espresso. 10/10 would get fat again.

nicole raverta

Great place to enjoy their different menu of food very popular place

Christopher Jurich

Vegan double chocolate was 10/10

Dashon Burton

If you've never had a Tres Leches donut, you simply have not lived. You must trade in your soulless countenance for the greatest culinary experience known to this side of the galaxy. I've never been to the other side of the galaxy, but I can't imagine that this particular collection of molecules would be outweighed by anything on that side of the galaxy (at least for these CHNOPS-y folks in this region).


Ordered my donuts online, get there to find out they have none of my donuts I wanted. The guy says to me "oh I was gonna call, but I was too busy" so I guess telling me in person was a much better option? They have terrible customer service. How do to not ale enough donuts knowing how popular the establishment is?

Steven Kramer

The donuts here are to die for I guess the guy was originally from South Carolina move to New York pursuing the d Dream. Donuts are awesome they are so also the home of the square doughnut.

mike mike

Staff were really friendly and the donuts are really tasty. Great place to take a coffee break when its not busy.

Villiage Lions

East Coast version of VooDoo Doughnuts. These guys have a wide variety combinations of donuts. Any customer can definitely tap into the wild side with any combination that they can think of. Not even Dunkin Donuts can top this place how long which is probably why they're famous now. definitely recommend

Ariana Emerson

To go for donuts in NYC, they're are always fresh.

Danny Wilkinson

Donuts are delicious service is unpredictable Simple concept six donuts go in a box not crammed in a bag. Why not store all donuts vertically in the shop rather than placing them flat on trays? because it does not make sense.

Vivian Ruiz

This place has the most delectable doughnuts! It's fluffy and filled with your favorite filling!

Mackenzie Ho

Really tasty and inventive donuts. They tasted so fresh and all of the flavor varieties were delicious. I liked the smaller sized ones with filling best.

Jazenia Aponte

First time coming in and will definitely be coming back when I'm in town. The doughnuts are amazing especially the yeast which are perfectly airy and packed with flavor.

P Saunders

Tasty tasty tasty, my favorite is the vegan bananna and wild blue berry..must have.

Jeffrey Yung

Blackout donut is the best donut!

Steve Llano

amazing donuts, but you have to tolerate the staff, who seems to be hipsters from central casting, annoyed by every question and just want you to leave. Your need for donuts is really cutting into their screenplay writing time. I would eat the blackout, the banana, or the blueberry. The cinnamon rolls are incredible!

in the world to change it

The creme brule and tres leches lived up to the hype. Anything filled just fabulous, cake or yeast. I almost didn't mind dropping 40 bucks on a small box with less than a dozen donuts.

Michael Greenberg

Fantastic doughnuts with interesting variety, both from a flavor perspective but also in type - traditional yeast as well as cake doughnuts. Extremely personable staff, good coffee. Only small gripe is that doughnuts are provided wrapped in wax-like bags and can sometimes be hard to extricate them without destroying the toppings or making a mess.

Joel Nolasco

OMG the coconut dounut is light fluffy and amazing.

D Liwer

Overrated. Perhaps I just don't get the hype.


Outstanding customer service, and I cannot even begin to describe how good those donuts where!!

Nick Olson

The first time I bit into the creme brûlée filled doughnut, my knees literally buckled and I had to wait until I was finished to continue on my way. It was that good! Doughnut Plant is on my short list of places to visit every time I’m back in NYC.

Charlotte Martin

Amazing place! The only downside is you can't eat every single donuts there. I've tried quite a few over the years and every one has been amazing. Could not recommend more highly. There's also a good amount of variety and some creativity!

Joey Campanelli

This place serves some really cool donuts and have a decently large selection to choose from

Davey Singleton

Delicious donuts and amazing service! Pets aren't allowed inside but I had my dog with me and when the employee saw, she brought my donut out to me, took my card, swiped it and brought it back out again. I visited on National Donut Day so it was super busy but the employee still went out of her way to do that for us. So many other places we've been don't do that, and make us feel and on top of it. I wish I had gotten her name so I could thank her properly, because she made my day!

Joe Donnelly

Funny, I always get a creative donut, but this time I only got the glazed. It wasn't spectacular.

Tyler Kline

First, and necessary, stop whole in NYC. These doughnuts rock, and it’s tough to choose which ones to get. They’re all excellent. The matcha flavor is super wild in flavor, in the best way, and my all time favorite is the PB&J (with blackberry jam). Super quick, in-and-out service. Ya gotta go.

Abby Wadman

Coconut cream need to day anything more. Traveled from Portland Oregon home of voodoo doughnuts... Doughnut plant blows all other doughnut joints out of the water!

Isaiah T. Johnson

Good donuts. A bit overpriced in my opinion.

Correll Torres

They kool

Rob Jelinski

Donut Plant are out of this-world-tasty! I love the special shapes (they have square ones) and jams. Shown here is Vanilla Bean & Jam (I believe blackberry) and latte! Space can get crowed and flavors also sell out so arrive early.

Anh Do

Everytime we come to NY, we stop at least twice here. The creme brulee dough seed never disappoints, they have tons of flavors and the coffees are good too. Just love this place.

Karisma Nelson

My fave donut place! You will never even think of Dunkin again!

Devon Jacinth

Relatively extensive selection of premium doughnuts -- some good, some bad. Not all flavors are always available, either. However, product is substantive, with real heft (unlike a lot of other places). And seating also can be tough, depending on the crowd. Either way, DP beats the majority of doughnut shops out there. Definitely worth checking out ASAP.

James Yurwitz

One day I may loose control and eat a dozen in one sitting. These are the best doughnuts I have ever had. For now the Coconut cream is my favorite XO

Aaron Lunsford

Great donuts, just one is enough to fill you up.

brian eykenboom

Great service, great donuts.

Lauren Barasch

A shining example of the best of small business baking. These traditional yeast donuts have been through the tests of time as well as the influence of the modern age, and have come out on top. Whether you want a regular old donut, or something absolutely wacky, you're sure to enjoy it.

Leslie Lawrence

Cant go wrong with what you choose. It will be good

Charles Nixon

Quirky space that is alot of fun to just chill and have a different style of donut. There is wifi available. The seats are made of stone/concrete so if you want plushy, soft seating this isn't for you.

Marie Wolfe

A New York legend, Doughnut Plant whips up sweet decadence in inventive flavors (pistachio, tres leches, cashew and orange blossom) made from all-natural ingredients. There are three other branches in town, including a handy location in Chelsea at 222 W 23rd St; plus, you can find the donuts in cafes and gourmet grocery stores around town.

Iris B. Torres

I love their doughnuts, although they are very expensive but worth splurging on.

Hannah Schaefer

Great variety. Great flavor. Great texture. Get there early if you want a choice of donut, they sell out of flavors quickly!

Hyeyoung Nam

Small store with nice decor. Doughnut box is cute and the presentation was nice. The creme brulee was scrumptious and i would get it again.

Andres Canal

Extremely tasty and fresh doughnuts. Staff was really nice and friendly.

Enes Arslan

Unique donuts with a fantastic taste. Definetly a must try. Get the banana with peanut butter

Rick Rikkardo

Omg! What can u say about the delicious donuts?!?! Yum!

Jordan Linker

Only had one donut but it was spectacular! A square jelly donut z peanut butter and BlackBerry. Jelly Nd PB were in separate pockets and in every bite. A bit pricey, but of excellent quality.

Jonathan Lui

I really enjoy this place. It's one of those hidden treasures of the lower east side. The doughnuts are delicious. My favorite is the Brooklyn Blackout cake doughnut. The prices are a little high for someone on a budget but this place is a great 'treat yourself' place. The atmosphere is also really nice. The clear windows offer a great view of the lower east side and their windowsill seating is quite homey. The workers here are great and their suggestions will never upset you.

Sundar Ananda das

The best doughnuts hands down in NYC!! Try their Tres Leches

Cody M. Jones

Why is this place rated so high? Service is beyond bad. Food and coffee just ok and over priced

Yankele Friedmann

Great place! The coffee was so perfect and fine! The venilla bean doughnut and the creme brulee, although abit pricey were so delicious.


Pretty good donut place, I went cuz a friend recomend to me.From the two times I've been there, I've had a pretty good experience. the donuts are very tasty :)


Great doughnuts and coffee

Chris Norton

Donuts taste awesome! Great selection and friendly staff!

James Deighton

Amazing doughnuts, they have many different ones and they are all good, highly recommended to try them


Black and white it’s my favorite I’m lying I love all of them ❤️

Chemah Rivera

Have been going here for years. And they have mastered theyre bizarre donut craft. Never have they sacrificed quality for quanity. Wish there were more gluten free options. So good if i cant make it there ill order it on uber eats. Just for two donuts to lift up my day

Michael Allongo

Donuts are just a touch tougher than I like, but that's more a matter of personal preference. Flavor is excellent. Service is quick and polite.

Michael Capper

Fantastic donuts with a large selection. Definitely worth seeking out

Nana Kuduhova

from the first piece, my mouth exploded from enjoying the taste !!! the best chocolate donut in the world

Carmen Kath

I’ve been coming here for years and I love it. The donuts are delicious.... especially the favorite “white donut”.... tres leches. Service is amazing. Coffee is delicious especially their iced lattes... matcha’s all so good. When Christian is working it’s the most fun time to come. Such a great person to have there, he’s the best.

Bright Sky

Awesome spot . . .our Server was outstanding, better than the donunts.

Nellie Spektor

Incredible and original doughnuts. Makes a perfect trio with the pickle guys and kossars next door.

Acquanetta Benjamin

Love the Doughnut Plant, great donuts. Staff is great and great atmosphere.

Patrick O'Connell

A nice varied selection of doughnut. My favorite is the Brooklyn blackout.

Collin Anderson

The donuts were amazing. Had no clue this place was here until yesterday. Fair prices and the donuts are decent sizes.

Clive C

this is a great doughnut place with high quailty doughnuts, I love eating there!have a nice doughnut Day

Haroon Babur

Amazing place. I tried the fresh blueberry cake and carrot cake doughnuts. The fresh blueberry is excellent but the carrot cake doughnut was the best doughnut I've ever had!


Too good. Tje really popular ones are sopppp gopd.

Rana Haroun

Lèche donut was pretty good!

Victoria Gray

amazing service!Delicious. There is wifi available.

Jack Daniels

Very good Donnut place! Their donuts are full of flavor! Very nice variety with great texture of each one! The taste is amazing! It's really small store with nice decor and friendly and welcoming cashier! The donnuts are pricey compared to other donnut places, but you get what you paying for! They have huge variety of donuts!

A. B.

Overheard at Donut Plant: "This is amazing!" "This is incredible!' " This is to die for!" Person 1: " It's so hard to decide, what's your favorite?" Person 2: " Umm... All of them?". " This is worth ruining a diet for..." " I'm in heaven!" These better be in heaven. Awesomeness in a fluffy/crunchy/gooey/chocolatey/jammy/peachy/etc./etc.....

Monica Scott

got there about one, it wasn't busy. the staff was very welcoming and observant. this place has a good design.

Arpan Biswas

Small nice place. "+" Donughts and Coffee were fresh even at 5pm. "_"Not well lit, Slow customer service, divided attention to customer.

Adam Smith

The best donuts that i ever had


These are the most tastiest and moist and physically appealing donuts I have ever tried!

rich muniz

Great products and awesome menu love their square donut


amazing donuts, way better than the chains. But these have their price.

M Mora

Love the donuts, always great! However when I went to sign up for their donut club, it booted me out, as did their own screen. Couldn't sign up unless I made another purchase(had just purchase $35) No thank you, I guess I wont be buying anything, any time soon.

Walter Phillips

Small store with nice decor. Doughnut box is cute and the presentation was nice.

Tahseen Bhuiyan

Excellent Doughnuts. Some of the best I have ever had

John Wright

amazing donuts and coffee, go in with a plan or you will try and have them all

Ritchell Choong

great flavours but a tad too sweet. great service!

Mr G

Donuts/bagels galore. Good ice coffee and great A.C in this ugly hot weather make for a perfect eat in spot

Bonnie Dekkers

Amazing, fresh dougnuts! Def worth the try!

Yogesh Sakhardande

Visited Doughnut Plant last evening with my son, Rohan. It wanted to introduce him to this world famous doughnut place. He was totally blown away by the choices, but finally settled for the Chocolate doughnut. I had the peanut butter and blackberry jam doughnut. We both loved it. That’s my only doughnut for this year. Memorable experience, highly recommended.


Delicious donuts! Place is very small with only a few seatings. But the donuts are fantastic, a bit pricey as well. Staff were very friendly explaining the different kinds of donuts. Highly recommend.

Spencer Berg

The is easily the best Doughnut shop in the city (AT LEAST). You will never taste such a good doughnut in your life. The one problem I had with this place is how its ruined doughnuts for me :D

Kimberly Shannon-Kehm

I tried the cinnamon bun. Very expensive and not better than Dunkin Donuts. My kids tried some of the other donuts and did not seem very impressed.

Ricardo Pinheiro

A New York original. Great tasting doughnuts!!

Katie Chong

Best doughnuts ever!

starving Artist

Well what can I say let me simply count the ways. I don't really need to say much but so many varieties peanut butter and jelly ,raspberry and the list goes on and on, listen the lines are long........................and It's going to cost you a bit, So put down that crusty dunk'n donut and use it to prop up that lopsided coffee table at home, and do yourself a favor go on you deserve better!!

Kathy Crespo -Jusino


Shirley Matthews

First time visit... The donuts are amazing but I guess u hv to get there early bcos they run out.

Hollie Whitehead

Amazing doughnuts and a great little seating area. Doughnuts were a little bit expensive but well worth it considering the care and flavour options that are offered here.

Mihir Mehta

The taste is awesome and varieties are really good. They have lot of options of donuts without eggs which is perfect for Indian vegetarians. The staffs are also very friendly. Love to visit every time I am craving for donuts.

Keith Kelly

Inspired assortment of flavors. Rose reminded me of Turkish Delight. Matcha was savory, bitter from the tea but hint of sweet from the glaze. Perfect combination for me. Tres Leches melted in my mouth. Apple Cinnamon was a hint of the Fall fast approaching.

Nadine Brubaker Howell

My reviews focus on gluten free eating. I was happy that I could accompany my family here - and eat! Kudos for two choices of gluten free doughnuts. GF doughnuts will just never be as wonderful as what the rest of you can eat (cake doughnut, by definition). Their big square filled doughnuts (gluten) looked very decadent and my two men handled three between them. Hot chocolate was welcome on a my-feet-are-soaked pouring day, nice and chocolatey but not too sweet.

Rehema Trimiew

It’s Sumer and time for donuts! I only get their cake donuts. Today I realized that I’d never tried the blueberry donut, after getting it, I was surprised by the inside color! The brooklyn black out is always good and there are always nice people working here

Abena Foaa

Donuts are life changing

Denise A

Delicious donuts but I'm dinging one star for the cost, $4 a donut! These are certainly gourmet donuts but paying 3-4x the cost of a cheap donut seems like too much. I got the black and white donut and it was quite tasty. I really like the touch of the cake on the inside also being black and white, and the frosting on top mirrored the cake underneath.

Daniel Mishan

Good coffe, and delicious donuts, you might want to take out a second mortgage becuase you won't be able to stop at just one and your wallet is sure to feel the bite.

Alexandra Ellison

I love this place. They had delicious donuts and various varieties of food. The staff was friendly and helpful. The service at this location was excellent.

Brad Chisholm

These doughnuts are amazing! Get the peanut butter and blueberry! You wont be disappointed

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