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REVIEWS OF Donna Bell's Bake Shop IN New York

Jani Moon

So ANGRY!!!! I asked to buy a whole cake. The guy behind the counter was like "I can't sell u a whole cake. I can only sell u by the slice." I say "GREAT, how much for a slice & how many slices. I will buy all the slices." He says, "No I don't like to do that b/c I like to sell the slices in the afternoon." (Mind you, he has a whole other cake next to the one I want to buy.) ARE YOU FREAKING KIDD'IN ME!!! Aren't you a business? Aren't you suppose to sell your products, your baked goods? So ridiculous!!! I have spent so much money in this shop. The fact that they would not sell me all the slices of a cake is such bad business. So I went down the street to Amy's Bread & they were happy to sell me a beautiful cake. I know where I will be taking my business in the future!

Andy Miller

Great scones, coffee and biscuit sandwiches in the morning. Soups, sandwiches and cake in the evening!

Julianne Kim

Jessica Romero

I had orange cherry tart cornbread, it was good. Service was quick and OK.

Lucille Jaramillo

They have the most AWESOME MUFFINS!! I AM ADDICTED TO THEIR YUMMY MUFFINS!!! The best on the Westside of Hells Kitchen!! Bravo for them and I hope they stay here FOREVER!!!

Abadar Ebby

Food is good. Portions are large. Employees do not ever seen to be in a good or accommodating mood. They go thru motions but customer never feels welcome. Place has lost its appeal as compared to few years ago. Real shame.


Brandon Thompson

One of my favorite places to go.

MOT Mark

What a wonderful surprise in Hells Kitchen. This southern inspired delight is filled with deliciousness. The baked biscuits are amazing! It's a small spot with a couple of small niches where you might be able to eat your food quickly. Otherwise, you'll have to take it go. There's are wonderful outdoor spots nearby to sit and eat though. The staff were kind. This place is all about the food tho, check it out. #bisciits

Derek Grasso

Jason Braun

A hidden gem. Their savory scones are the best in the city and they're HUGE

Lucas Jones

Gotta try the scones!

Elllen B

Went in for a quick breakfast pick up on a friend’s recommendation. Fast service, good food, pleasantly surprising menu for New York. I had the biscuit sandwich and New Orleans coffee, both good. Very filling, slightly greasy.

Ginevra Paletti

Il commesso non è molto cordiale . Cake però sono ottimi! Ginevra paletti

Yvonne Köhler

Angel Perez

Nunzia Ripoli

Ben Puliafito

The best scones I've ever had. Amazing biscuit sandwiches as well!!

Gregory Borys

The breakfast sandwiches on biscuits are of of this world. My personal favorite is the turkey egg and cheese.

Susan Marx

If you think Amy's Bread is good, then you need to try this tiny bakery and you will never go back to Amy's (well, I do just for their bread as Donna Bell's don't bake them). Everything you can buy on Donna's is freshly baked. And what they bake varies from day to day. You can get a variety of scones, muffins, cakes and other goodies but also delicious sandwiches at lunch time. I've noticed that couple reviewers mentioned "no place to sit', but if you walk down the block towards 9th Ave, you will find the World Wide Plaza, with plenty of outdoor tables and chairs. And is just few steps away from Donna's. The only bad thing I have to say is that, sometimes, the people working behind the counter are not very corteous and also like another reviewer posted, sometimes I go there and they are closed. I think they should have a sign on the door with their working hours for the week. I live couple blocks away so walking there and finding the place closed is not a big deal....but for someone coming from another part of town to just visit their place, I would suggest for you to call first. BTW, I am walking there now to buy some scones for the afternoon tea I am having with some friends. Even with some of the few negatives on their hours and lack of courtesy from some of their employees, I would say do NOT miss their delicious and rich baked goods. Not for the ones on diet!

Michael Kauffman

Best breakfast biscuit in Hell’s Kitchen: ham, egg and cheese. Hot and tasty!

Florian Schuster

Brian Mayers

The breakfast is amazing try the breakfast biscuit. Very filling.

the miniature life

Pauley Perette's bake shop in New York was one I definitely had to try out considering how much I love her and her character on the long running NCIS. Now ofc she doesn't bake in the shop, but it was still a store front I had to visit. The shop itself is quite snug and has a beautiful display of fresh baked scones, cakes and tarts. Now the tag line is very clear for Donna Belle's - Southern homestyle baking. The treats have a clear style and I really love that. I asked for the most popular item and I was given the delicious strawberry scone. This has to be the best scone I have eaten, and such great value as well! The strawberry sweetens the scone just perfectly and has a delicious but thin crust from the oven on the outside, while it's gorgeously flaky on the inside. Honestly it just broke apart and melted in my mouth. I loved the added lightly sweet lemon drizzle over the scone. If you want a sweet southern treat, then the baked goods here are what you must go for :D


A true southern bakery tucked away off 8th avenue. I've tried the coffee cake, the cones, the breakfast biscuits and much more, and it's all been fantastic. Also, the space is small so the staff is very attentive to serving customers quickly. Come here ready to eat, as the portion sizes are decently large. I usually save this spot for a cheat day.

David Windmueller

Great Cinnamon Scone

Neish Carr

So glad I stumbled upon this place. I initially went to Carlo's bakery but left due to the prices and the selection. I purchased a blueberry scone from this place that was out of this world . The selection at this bakery was great. The customer service was pleasant. I would highly recommend this place .

Markus Adams

Great value

Danielle Walters

Amazing breakfast sandwich on the most delicious biscuit- yum!!

lorenzo cisneros

Rg Hess

Walking by our eye was caught by pauley perrette's photo. She is a favorite of mine. As we paused at the entrance deciding if we wanted to give the shop a try the owner shouted "Don't block the door". Wouldn't "Welcome to our store. Come on in!! " be more effective? We moved on to a nice place nearby. Afterwards we looked through the window and noted dirt covered appliances, dusty surfaces and a container of flour on the floor. Pauley -- we suggest you make a surprise inspection and decide if your mom would approve.

Sheryl Purrier

Vikram Sinha

The breakfast sandwich is great and filling.

Marcelo Castillo

Good taste but no fruit, you can't call a blueberry, or BlackBerry, or strawberry scone. etc...(I tried them all) if it only has 2 or 3 berries on it.

Ashley Lubold

It's a cute place to visit..very hole in the wall atmosphere...staff were nice but my rating comes from buying only coffee and chai tea....the coffee was a very distinct brand and not to both of our liking....the chai tea was literally a packet of chai tea in hot water...that tasted only like hot water :(

Jeff Au

Horrible service. Can't point my fingers on scone when I select items. I bought them all for work and the guy became nice. The scone was hard as rocks

Fai Wong

Paulette Schneider

Went to grab breakfast. Best buttermilk biscuit and egg sandwich I've had in a while. Was disappointed in the selection of sweets. No vupcakes, lemon bars, or brownies. Only scones (Not my cup of tea) or assorted corn breads.


Always go for the scones! Recently stopped in to buy treats for a get together and decided to get the Hummingbird Bread Pudding, it was a MAJOR hit at the bbq and I highly recommend!!

Sylvia Winrich

I love the strawberry, blueberry and blackberry scones with delicious lemon icing. Everything is so good but go early before they sell out.

Aurora Posada-Cruz

Bought a FUNFETI cake with sprinkles baked into it.... This is what I got instead.

Sankofa Tafari NYC

I was coming from a meeting at Worldwide Plaza and I thought to myself that I haven’t had a biscuit in a long time. Donna Bell’s biscuits are yummy and her coffee was really good also. I really like this place and the young lady working there has a fast smile and very courteous. I like that. #kingofcoffeenyc #sankofatafari #nyc #kingofmarijuananyc #lionofthebx

Christina Solazzo

Four words: $5 breakfast biscuit sandwiches. It's the best deal since compared to other egg and cheese and meat/vege options it's actually a real biscuit sandwich--not some limp egg on an English muffin. I walked along Ninth Ave. when they were tearing up the sewers while in my first trimester (so extremely nauseous) just to eat that sandwich. It also has great biscuits and gravy on Wednesdays, oatmeal, pastries, and grilled cheese. And it's not a chain, so you feel good about supporting a delicious local business.

Bob Burns

Best biscuit I've ever had!

Mackenzie Bechtel-Hall

Biscuits were buttery and soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Sausage, egg and cheese were the perfect balance. I grew up in the South and usually I bristle at the addition of southern to a restaurant name. Donna Bell's is truly a bakery with southern food. Eat here.

Ted Warner

Cristyan Sierra

Stephen Plante

Had a delicious breakfast sandwich on a home made biscuit. Staff was helpful and friendly I can't wait to go back!

Prad Nelluru

Hands down the best biscuit sandwich in New York!

Zvi Mowshowitz

Epic high quality biscuits and cookies. Haven't tried the rest. As noted elsewhere, nowhere to sit.

Lisa Kim

A tiny bakery. It tastes great. Wish they had a cafe late.

Keila Monserrate

Breno Bondarenko Costa

Loveeeeee the scones here!!

hamed alfauaomy

(Translated by Google) delicious (Original) لذيذ

matthew russell

Breakfast here is incredible. Highly recommend the sausage biscuit sandwich

Grace Be

Tried the egg/sausage biscuit sandwich and it was really good but very greasy. Raspberry scone was delicious, and it's walking distance to Hilton Garden Inn.


Absolutely delicious. My new vice is Dona Bells ham, egg and cheese buttermilk biscuit and a scone every morning before work


This charming shop has delicious pastries! I ordered a lemon bar, red velvet cupcake, and some brownies. All were moist and not too sweet. I also appreciate that this shop has fresh pastries everyday. As a native southerner, however, my only suggestion is that if you are going to do southern pastries you should always have a coconut cake and a pound cake on hand.

Sonjah McBain

stephen raynolds

This place offers a great variety of biscuits. They are delicious and fresh. One of my favorite breakfast spot during the weekends. Great customer service as well.

Kamil DziKi


taliah williams

Eggs not completely done on Breakfast Sandwich. Cook was rude when I asked please make sure completely done. Please be aware.

Liam Balhan

Pastries are good despite the little choice, but employees are so rude I won't go back.

Srin B

5 stars for the Cafe Du Monde coffee. Right in-between 2 starbucks , this is the coffee I have to have in the morning. Cup cakes and Cinnamon scone are my other favorites. Biscuit sandwiches are a little greasy.

Kenrah Staine

Best in town

Lynae Wheelhouse

I recommend their Mississippi Mud bars. The frosted brownies were very dry though.

Maija Inveiss

My dad and I both got amazing breakfast biscuits with ham! The biscuit itself was so delicious. Definitely worth a visit. We can't wait to come back and get some sweets next time:)

Patrick Soo Hoo

Friendly service, cant go wrong with the buttermilk biscuits!

William Johnson

Great service and atmosphere, the pastries were delicious!

Sharon Nelson

Donna Bell's was a busy as the reviews led us to expect, and I have to say that the food almost lives up to the expectations, too! We had a biscuit and a scone. Both are large and filling, fresh and tasty. But they are different - a little heavier than what I am used to in those types of baked goods. Drop scones/biscuits - so the tops are bumpier and crunchier. The icing drizzle on the scone is also different. I really wanted to go back and ask what the ingredients were, as it was thick and sticky. Not your usual powdered sugar/milk combo. That said, I was quite happy with the food and would have liked to have gone back again to try a breakfast sandwich. Skip the coffee though. :)

Rodrigo Garcia

Los mejores cupcakes y scones que puedes probar.

Fredrick Nijm

Nothing like this place

Laurie Miele


Rebecca Lieberman

Cupcakes are amazing! A must-try bakery in Times Square!

Viviana Lopez

Best biscuits in town!!! This place is to die for.

Katrina Kingstone

They said is home made but you can see the pre-made boxes of cake behind their counter, not good at all.

Spabulous Inc.

I've discovered this little gem on one of my trips to New York a few years ago. Now whenever I'm back I always come to this bakery. Their coffee is great and pastries are a real treat! I've tried lemon bar, brownies, chocolate chip cookies and scones are a pure delight. As a Canadian coming to NY, I get to experience a Southern taste in the heart of Manhattan!

Jerad Graham

Joyful Day

Jack Wislocki

Just walked out, great people and food.

Catherine Woody

Everytime I go to NYC this is my first stop cause the food is always so good. Anyone looking for a great bakery with sandwiches this is so high on my recommendation list cause you can't go wrong with any choice here.

Martyn James

Amazing food wonderful people New York's best

Joseph Martin

Manny Diaz

What a great place. Breakfast sandwich is to die for. Lunch the same thing. Everything's made right there.

Leeta Gato

I enjoy all their baked items, but what keeps me coming back is their biscuit breakfast sandwich. I proclaim this NYC’s best biscuits! They bake different biscuit flavor combos with my favorite being blue cheese and bacon. You have to get there early or call ahead, because by 10am the biscuits could be all gone. If you’re lucky they have buttermilk biscuits left. If biscuits are gone, don’t despair, get a scone or other baked treat! And once all the days baked goods are sold, that’s it, they close. You will never get a day old item here! They take credit & debit cards and cash. Entrance is wheelchair accessible. Take out only. Catering service available.

Mike Marks

The best biscuits in NYC.

Vrk O

Expensive bakery, but the snacks were ok

Starrianna Aeterna

The peanut butter bar is AMAZING.

Eric Jenkins

We had the breakfast biscuits. The biscuits were buttery and melted in your mouth!

Vickie-Lee Wall

Dangerously yummy treats.

Diem Le

UPDATE: 9/17/19 Biscuits have no longer been good! What happened? They used to be big and golden and cheesy. Now they are none of those things! And in fact quite sad looking. Please bring them back! Dropping to 3 stars from previous 5. This was my previous review from a couple of yrs back: The biscuits are bar none, and if you ever see the chicken and dumpling soup, it's amazing!! Everything else great too

Anna Stein

I was coming there each Friday in Summer of 2015 and I remember waiting for my favorite apple scone. It was the highlight of my week as it was the best scone I have ever eaten. I tried their muffins and other sweet scones as well and everything was extremely delicious. Buying pastries there can actually make you happy.

William Barreto

three years ago this was a great place. Went there today and they were so rude. They did not seem to want to sell any product....unfortunately we still purchased some scones and they were TERRIBLE!!!!!! Please do not waste your money or your appetite here!!!!

Julie R. Neidlinger

Visited NYC for a week. The first morning we went here and got egg/cheese sandwiches on biscuits. They were delicious. The next time we went, it wasn't quite time to open, and the fellow smoking outside shoved his foot in front of the door and said "we're closed." Fair enough. We walked elsewhere. The morning we were to leave, we went over at 7:30 to grab breakfast before heading to the airport. The shop opened at 6 am. We walked in and the fellow behind the counter said "slim picking's this morning, everything is in the oven." So we went around the corner to Starbucks, because all that was in the case here was cookies from yesterday, and we had to grab something and go. I worked at a patisserie for many years, and so I know how the early mornings can be exhausting -- I get it. Maybe someone overslept or something. OK. But three stars because we only had a 33% success rate of buying something from this little bake shop.

jeremy sterling

The scones are the best

Carol Lee

This place has the most amazing biscuits and scones! I also love their breakfast biscuit sandwich. My only qualm about this place is that their hours aren’t entirely accurate. They close whenever they “run out” so definitely don’t come in the evening since usually they’ll have sold out.

Bryan Hull

Best scones anywhere in NYC

Ruby Millien

I love this bakery. They only cook enough for each day so their baked goods are always fresh and delicious! I just purchased an almond cake with amaretto buttercream frosting. Absolutely delectable. I could not stop eating. In fact, I'm savoring it as I write this review.

Luis NY

Delicious desserts and coffee! You got to try the German Chocolate cake! very creamy and moist!! They were rocking on the opening day and I hope they still like this, there is other like it around here! Place is very well located and very hard to miss...

Walker Carter

Great atmosphere

Carlos Melendez

The cookie was amazing. So fluffy

Marco Trotta

Ajay Padala

Joe Robinson

Amazing Turkey biscuit, quaint little spot. Great service with a smile in the middle of all the hustle and noise.

Wallace Flores

Wonderful breakfast biscuits!

Gerion Edberg

Ken Malstrom

Very nasty owners!

Steve Z

Great breakfast sandwich!! If you need something different from Starbucks (its in betweens two), then this tiny bakery has a heartattack of a breakfast sandwich - giant homemade biscuit soaked in butter with sausage, whole egg and cheese. other options for the meat on sandwich as well. They had good looking scones on display too that I will try tomorrow. Note that hours say open at 6am but sandwiches not ready until 7am.

ford prefect

Much much more delicious than any other bakery we tried at this neighborhood! Wonderful and fresh biscuits, sandwiches and cakes. Don't miss this beauty.

john williamson

A McGee

Excellent, check this place out! We got the blackberry and peach scones plus the sausage biscuit. One of the owners was there and came out to talk when we brought up our cookie business in Oklahoma. Scones we're exquisite... The right blend of moisture coupled with fresh fruit and glaze. The buttermilk biscuit impressed my Wife who grew up in Texas. Small place ran by good people with good prices... This is the type of place NY visitors seek out.


I bought a biscuit with gravy, breakfast special on Wednesday. It was very good for chilly morning in last January. Hot gravy sauce make me warm. This shop is small, so there are not many scones and pastries, so it is recommend to buy goods that you want before being sold out. When I visited, big scone looks very nice! I want to buy sweet pastry next visit! This bake shop is co-owned by NCIS star Pauley Perrette!

Karen Dybala

Been trying to get here for years and we weren't disappointed awesome sandwiches, pastry and coffee. Thanks guys!

Eve Chou

The biscuits here are a must! The bacon biscuits are smoky and savory. Warm it up and you will think you are in porky heaven. The cookies are buttery.

Janelle Francisco

My first visit to this bakery, I wasn't sure how I felt about the breakfast biscuit sandwich... I remember it being dry and just too heavy. That was a couple years ago. Recently went back to get some cornbread to go with my chili -- they did not have plain cornbread but I still tried one of their sweet ones with blueberry. It was delicious! Nice texture and not dry. Also tried a cheddar biscuit which ended up being bomb paired with my chili. It was buttery and not too heavy, also huge for the price.

James Creque

Sausage egg and cheese biscuit. Om. Nom.

Inga Mor

I specifically went back the same evening to sample one of the cupcakes they were baking in the morning (strawberry, snicker doodle, southern cream and vanilla blueberry) and I settled on the German chocolate--DEE-LISH!! The oatmeal coconut icing is drizzled with chocolate syrup and was the perfect balance of sweetness. I ate every crumb and morsel of the chocolate cupcake and it was yummy.

Weber do vale

gostaria de conhecer sou super fã da PAULEY (moro no brasil)

Chris Foster

Great selection, clean and very reasonably priced for being heart of tourist area. Everything is giant and delicious.

Adam Binder

Great Biscuit sandwiches, egg cooked to a perfect temp where the yolk is not dry!

Erica Y

Who can resist good bakery sometimes?

Pavel Bendov

Good food

Srishti Jain

Terrance M. Clark Sr.


(Translated by Google) Unfortunately, I was very disappointed. Sweet blueberry cornbread tasted like it had only been in the oven for 2 minutes. The Peanut butter chocolate chip Scone was unfortunately dry. I could have saved myself the money. (Original) Ich war leider sehr enttäuscht. Sweet blueberry Cornbread hat geschmeckt als wäre es nur 2 Minuten im Ofen gewesen. Der Peanut butter chocolate chip Scone war leider Staub trocken. Das Geld hätte ich mir sparen können.

Cynthia Patterson

Great cozy bakery that I love to stop by in the area. Pretty good selection of drinks and buns, and it's never too hard to get a seat. The lunch assortment consists of mostly cold options (sandwiches and salads) and a handful of hot premade boxes; would be nice if there were more hot options! They also have a nice clean bathroom.

Monika Fleoscher

(Translated by Google) The muffins are just great. Crispy outside and juicy on the inside. The price is also i.O. (Original) Die Muffins sind einfach super. Aussen kross und innen saftig. Der preis ist auch i.O.

S.T. kao

Great muffins, but no where to sit.

Richard Dews

Best scone I've ever had! Their cakes are also beyond compare -- you HAVE to try this place; you too will become addicted!

Ví Carvalho

Perfect biscuit, good price! I love it!

M. Wallis

Great Scones & breakfast Sandwiches.

Dayton Uphold

I love this place! Not just because it's owned by Pauley Perrette (she IS awesome), but because everything they sell is amazing! My first trip to NYC (in 2016) I had a Buffalo Chicken sandwich and a sweet tea. Sandwich had a nice "bite" to it, and the ice tea was perfectly sweetened. This June (2017), I got a Sausage, Egg, and Cheese biscuit and an orange juice. That's sausage, eggs and biscuits made on site, and that day. So very good. I was full until beyond lunch. Very friendly people, very good food, and one block from the 50th Street 1, C, and E subway lines/stations.

Kathryn Gerlach

Fantastic biscuits!

Steve Kays

Sarah Chandler

Had the funfetti cake, great value for $5, perfectly moist and the buttercream was amazing and not overly sweet, some of the beat cake ive ever had. The girl working was nice and helpful! There is no where to sit inside though.

Sweet Husbands

Really delicious baked goods, but not the best customer service. We really wish there was a place to sit inside, too!.The Banana Scone is our recommendation here - it's amazing!

Frank Middel

Goed ontbijt voor 5 dollar

Jonathan Liao

Jessica Li

Their breakfast biscuit sandwich is amazing. So good...

Mike P

I wish i took a picture of the cinnamon scone i bought but i took a bite too quickly and didnt want to post a picture with a bite mark. That would be weird.

Jovanna Banana

The biscuit sandwiches were bland.

Will A

I love this place but PLEASE give the tall middle aged guy behind the register an extended vacation or hire more help. His attitude is not fine tuned for a rush hour crowd of tourist from 8am-10am. Interacting with him sometimes is like encountering Scrooge before Christmas. FYI: I'm not a tourist. I just work around the corner and love your biscuit sandwich .


Definitely good. It's next to the subway...alway friendly, helpful & nonjudgmental employees. My friend's kid is disabled. Their female staff was so attentive, patient and respectful. This is how it should be everywhere you go.

Matthew Arthur-Gray

This place has the best sweets on the face of the earth. I have a major sweet tooth and their cookies, bars, and cupcakes are able to satisfy me on every single visit. I've been here dozens and dozens of times and have not been let down a single time. The staff is friendly which is a bonus in NYC.

Jake M

The $5 breakfast biscuit sandwich is outstanding. The light and buttery biscuit blows any biscuit I've had in New York out of the water, and make for a fantastic breakfast when paired with an egg, cheese and a juicy sausage patty. This place is strictly takeout, but the outdoor seating in Worldwide Plaza is a great place to have a peaceful meal among Midtown madness.

Ava Brown

Most things in my price range get 4 stars if it's what I expected. Sometimes a place actually gets 5 stars because there is something about it that really deserves to be talked about. Donna Bell's would get 5 ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ but there are demand issues that are resolvable: Donna Bell's biscuits and gravy. Now, of course my own ARE better. That said, hers are perfectly acceptible, but not readily accessible. If I make them at home, we tend to eat them all. I have had it many places in my life and people can do a lot to ruin it (unbelievably), but not Donna Bell's. They are pretty good, but if you can't get them it makes you angry. It's like a garage sale that says it will be open at 8 and then the proprietors don't get out of bed until 10. Don't put the sign up, take them off the menu! I have been there 10 times, and only had them once. At this point it is hard to remember if they were that good. They only do breakfast from 7-11 on weekdays and sadly bicuits and gravy now, only on Wednesdays. They are pretty easy to make but restaurants exist so we don't have to cook. More than that is probably not good for the figure and I can only conclude that perhaps if they don't sell out, the staff has to eat them all. At the time of writing this I hope to affect change. When D.B.'s run out of food, they close. For me, this has been a frequent and major disappointment because I don't live in the neighborhood. But if you happen to catch it right, they are very good , and the portion is generous for less than $10 with coffee. Try her breakfast sandwich too if you get there before 11.

Marie McLaughlin

Kathleen Makinen

Had a delicious raspberry bar and my kids had some type of brownie, both delicious!!! Kids loved all the pictures of Paulie and her Mom.

Lorraine Muir

Love this place...delicacies

Ali Felice

(Translated by Google) They prepare delicious things both sweet and salty cone. They also do different things every day (and therefore they are totally fresh!) It is also a very economically speaking place, a breakfast for two rich and very complete for less than $ 15. We, with my husband, went to breakfast almost every day we were traveling there. Super recommended! (Original) Preparan cosas deliciosas tanto dulces cono saladas. Además hacen cosas diferentes todos los días (y por ende son totalmente frescas!) También es un lugar muy en cuenta económicamente hablando, un desayuno para dos personas rico y muy completo por menos de $15. Nosotros, con mi marido, fuimos a desayunar casi todos los días que estuvimos de viaje allí. Súper recomendable!

Rob Wood

Great place and great coffe and desserts

Steve Tarpley

My wife loves their scones. We were in NYC for 5 days and I think she bought 6 of them during our trip.

Angela Stevenson

When you need a Southern fix, this cute little place hits thr spot every time. Biscuits, chicken & dumplings and bakery items you can't walk away from. Enjoy!

Erin Awesome

Sausage biscuit sandwich was delicious & the strawberry scone was amazing. Super cute shop, great service

Ian Bennett

Fresh baked scones, coffee cakes, desserts and killer biscuit sandwiches. Cafe du monde chicory coffee too!

Jacqueline Till

When placing a corporate order there are certain expectations of delivery time and customer service that were not met. We are one block away from their store. If our food was 30 minutes late, yours will be too.

Debbie Bettinger

There ice tea is the best. I can't tell you what my favorite things are to get there because they are all so good.

Tim Taylor

Delicious coffee, scones, and biscuit sandwiches

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