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REVIEWS OF Dominique Ansel Kitchen IN New York


Great chocolate chips my favorite

Shareefah Al-Qaderi

Dominique Ansel kitchen and different than the bakery .. the cookie & cuffing was amazing

Lucas Gelwarg

Mushroom soup and Veal Meatball with Polenta were excellent.

Miriam Turquie O.

The place is very nice and service was good, but the food was tasteless and the cookies were awful.

Salem Hunter

Great kitchen, very good customer service

moon moon

almond croissant is good!!! I think that is better than the doughnut!!

Andy Schwarz

This place could be awesome if they just served better coffee. Pastries are incredible ....

Camilo Virguez

Really great place for dessert.... plan ahead, arrive early as it will be packed

Duy Tran

Some things here are absolutely incredible, others just look really pretty. The ice cream is a bit pricey but very good.

Ricardo Castro

A guilty pleasure beautiful and tasty no much to say , a must go place. You have to try it to really now how good it is!

Shantel Nami

Personally I like the bakery better. My beignets were below average but the customer service was nice.

Tanuki Suki

While a little crowded, they always have delicious food and dessert. I especially enjoyed their avocado toast, which I can tell was well made not only by how beautifully they presented it, but also because I enjoyed it despite my passionate disliking of vinegar- which it had a little. To make a person thoroughly enjoy food they dislike, it takes a very good chef.

Mohsen Omrani

I think the best word I could use for the quality of the pastry in this place is simply "heavenly"!

Tone Honey

Friendly staffs and very attentive service. They have a variety selection to choose, love their bakery, unique and creative. Self serve seating but not too many seats thou.

Elsie Wong

Came here for Unlimited Possibilities, amazing experience. Getting the reservation online was easy but they get sold out fast! The menu changes so gotta stay updated.

Justin Nguyen

Love this place. A little pricey but they have a lot of unique and creative treats

María Caust

Best cookie ever. I wish I could have it every day. I’m in love with their cookies

Carly Steif

I've never had anything bad from here.

Sharon Man

This location is a lot less crowded than the Soho one - the line is contained within the store. You place your order and they bring it over to you when it's ready. Interesting and inspired seasonal offerings, like a poached pear in gingerbread mousse cake and the grapefruit tart. My descriptions don't do the desserts justice. Pricey but worth it if you enjoy inventive desserts.

Juliun Kinsey

Best bakery. Their coffee wasn't bad either.

Geetha Priya

Nice Environment , Friendly Customer Service , Good one in New York :)

Serge Zuev

Probably the best croissant in the city. The team is super nice. The coffee on par with Starbucks slops. Do yourself a favor and get it across the street a Toby's instead.

Matthew Hanson

Service slow, but delicious desserts

Henry Thompson

This is NOT the cronut spot. Only offered in soho location early mornings (sells out quickly). Service was nice and pastries were average.

John Borgman

I ordered the DKA, a ham & cheese croissant, and a cinnamon roll. DKA had good flavor; not a lot of depth, though (of flavor nor of texture). The ham & cheese was standard fare (at an above-standard price). The cinnamon roll, though, was awful. It had the texture of a sodden, disintegrating sponge. I went back to the counter and asked how they heated it for my order, and I was freely and confidently told that it was microwaved — they MICROWAVED my $6 pastry.

Amanda Soh

Very small location but it’s a pleasant experience if you manage to get outside seating & the sun’s out! Grapefruit tart was a definite WIN. Macarons were so-so. There are better ones!

Tristan Hale

The food is pretty fancy and expensive, especially for an order-at-the-counter place. You don't come here to get full. That said, it's pretty good, and worth a try.

Mandy Pennington

This was a New York bucket list stop for me. It's smaller than I expected but the staff was super friendly and the service was fast. I got a few pastries to go and they were absolutely incredible. It was a little expensive but well worth it.

Niv Pai

Can’t recommend highly enough. Be prepared for long lines. It almost always crowded but the wait is definitely worth it. Must tries include their Madelines, Eclairs and Cookie shots.


Nutella croissant was awesome! Freshly baked cookies just oozed deliciousness!!

Sam Garber

Always a favorite. Get the frozen smore!

sanja knezevic

Great motto! Love their cakes too - had an amazing grapefruit honey tart

Karen Wong

Interesting desserts. Lovely decor.

Haven Miller

Delicious, creative desserts! Amazing customer service, especially from Shania. She was so friendly right when I walked in the door. She offered a sample of a treat, and when I told her I couldn't have it because I was gluten free, she prepared a special sample just for me of a gluten free cookie without me even requesting it. 5 star food, 5 star service. Thanks Shania!!

Uzzi Mike

Food was good I personally like the noodles. Highly recommended.

Amy Watson Sanchez Cuoq

I had only stopped at this location in the summertime for their soft serve, afraid it would be a circus like the Spring St. location in SoHo. While you can't get a cronut here, the DKA is, and it never disappoints. The canelé is served cold and missing the traditional rum flavor, but they get the texture right- firm outside with an almost custard in the center.

Yahalom Triki

The desserts looks great. But the taste is terrible.

Cheri Campbell

Superb baked goods. The almond lavender croissant tastes like it was made by angels. Would love to see more savory items, but what is available is top notch. Highly recomnended.

Shirley Chen

I don't recommend their plate food and drinks. But the sweet buttery croissant, which they display in pack, was good. I'll recommend using their disposal tableware. The metal forks and knives that wrapped in napkins weren't clean.

Grace Hung

Tried the ultimate S'more. The dessert is huge. The taste is good but it is quite sweet after eating half of it. It maybe better to be shared with someone. The staff is friendly.

José L. Rodríguez

One of the best French bakeries in the city. They run the complete gamut of simple cookies all the way to sophisticated baked confections. Their customer service is top-notch.

shane chastang

Inventive deserts and dishes. Always good. The interior is not that comfortable. Outdoor seating in the summer.

Zoya Michel

Live their souls, hot chocolate, everything is delicious!!!

amrapali pawar

Obsessed with everything DA! Especially UP- Unlimited Possibilities, which is a 2hour dessert only meal and boy does this blow your mind or what! I've been to 2 UP seasons and not going to miss any going forward. Not very expensive and worth every penny you pay for this experience.

or eyal

Cheesecake was horrible, blueberry laminated thing was pretty good, but my expectations were really high and I was way disappointed. Service wasn’t really good as well

Tarique Smith

Venue was pretty small, but the almond croissant I got there was on another level. It's definitely not a place you can eat your food comfortably in -it's way too small, but the pastries there are indeed out of this world.

s jico

Love the soft serve

Lia S

S’mores was great. Like the “kitchen” more. Less touristy and more relaxed.

Lena Coleman

The What A Melon Soft Serve was amazing. Very different. Never thought about eating watermelon ice cream from inside a slice of watermelon. It's a cool concept.

Jirarak Vongphanthuset

I think the branch in Tokyo has tastier bakeries and cakes. a bit disappointed with this branch in NYC. When I was there, the place was empty.

Toeka Harvin

If your into pastries this is the place to go to

Artur Silva

The plainer baked goods are the move, but everything is good.

Tara Cabullo

The cronut was not available in this location but this blueberry brioche made up for it.

Zvi Mowshowitz

The super high quality pastries you would expect from Dominique Ansel, but beware of getting them to go; the packaging they give you does not hold up well. Better to eat such things as soon as possible anyway!

Yury Ustinovsky

Very nice and cozy deserts place with a decent amount of savoury option. The seating is a bit limited yet comfy.

Monique Woods

Recommend for choc chip cookies (one of the best in NYC) and the seasonal softserve (what-a-melon). Outdoor, undercover seating with tables available on 7th Ave and limited indoor seating in amphitheatre style seats.

Georgia Farah

Delicious desserts and croissants! But what I like the most about this place is the great service - Valerie is so attentive, patient and is always smiling. Her positive attitude and good food make me want to go back!

m !

Garlic croissant -- yum!

Carrie Pierre

The pastries are always made fresh to order everything's delicious have lots of butter... chocolate chip cookies almond croissants


We love this ice cream

Jerome Breguet

Great for patisserie not for salty dishes. The croque-monsieur was dry too cooked no béchamel sauce. The avocado toast was with a sugary brioche. Only good is desert

Carlos Aaron Robles

The fresh out the oven bakery smell will drag you in!! And forget about your diet..the DKA pastry is just absolutely amazing!!

mark venaglia

Sage smoked brownie unfolds numerous flavors per bite. Allow full 60 seconds between each. Even the packaging is meticulously bohemian.

Marion Kabengele Lanouziere

I don't understand why it's considered as one of the best bakery in town, honestly, was very desapointed with their desserts, had much better already in New York... And by the was, nothing French at all there, except the name...

Paul Cheong

Their caneles are the best I've had in the city.

Kevin McIntosh

The Brown Sugar Orange Pavlova is amazing! Worth every $

Irene Kuo

The dessert and good there were really good. The line is shorter than Dominique Ansel bakery; so it’s worth coming here instead if you know they serve the food that you want. There’s not a lot of seatings though at this location.

Jielin Yan

Nice dessert place that is very comfortable to stay for a few hours to chat or read. I had their ice cream back in the summer which was basil flavored and a bit...weird? I also had their matcha beignets another time, which was indeed very fluffy and sweet. The beignet itself was a 10 but the matcha part not so much so.

Bridget Fay

I LIVE for their buratta ice cream. 100% with every penny

Natalya Weigel

THE ABSOLUTE BEST! We make sure To visit Dominique Ansel any chance we get. Never disappoints

Lori Riemer

Interesting artsy bakery cafe

Thomas DePrima

Everything is delicious

Uzair Haq

Had the kougin amman, lavender almond croissant, and chocolate chip cookie. Cookie was fine, the other two were stale. Not worth neither the calories nor the money.

Walid Nabhane

Disappointed by 2 things: 1. Too sweet but nothing is new for Ansel's places. He has to cater to american taste. 2. Nothing innovative and very heavy desserts.

Nathan Chang

Just like the bakery on Spring St. but brighter and better seating space. Almond croissant was amazing. Roasted actual almond crunch instead of ready-cut almond slices. Smells totally different. Was here for the U.P. once and that was an amazing experience. They need better air circulation inside the store though. Heavy oil frying smell gives me headache.

Gabriel Hawkins

Absolutely delicious watermelon soft serve!

Tegan Straughen

It's iconic, even if you don't want to eat anything you may be lucky enough to run into Dominque working in the kitchen (like I did, and was so star struck I couldn't do anything but smile like a dork!) I ended up caving and getting a DKA, t'was delicious!

Arthur Meadowcroft

I really felt like this was an institution where I got food where the quality matched what I was paying. It was NOT like one of those cute boutiques that makes things sound really good and you eat it and it is not as good as it sounds. On the contrary, each dish is so enticing that I ended up going twice on the same day to make sure I would be able to write a fair review of how good the food was. I highly recommend the blueberry brioche. I also had a coffee and the squid ink/egg creation which was really cool if you want the experience of eating something unique but the flavors were not as sublime as that of the blueberry brioche.

Oliver Graham

Had the cold brew ice cream. Was good ice cream in a hand made cone. However, found a black curly nose hair in bottom of the gross

Leah Kennedy

Small space with limited seating but wonderful desserts.


Amazing and delicious pastries! Totally worth a visit if you're in New York. The decor of the shop is simple and nice, with comfortable seating area for people who wish to come here and chill or read a book. The counter staff was fast, friendly and very polite. The selection of pastries here are great and very unique. Not the usual you'd find outside. So many fascinating pastries, I wish I could try them all! I would recommend the matcha beignets! They're better than the ones I've tried in the famous cafe du Monde in New Orleans! They heat up the beignets for you which makes it even better! It is crispy on the outside and warm and chewy on the inside. The Nutella croissant was also pretty good. It was a great cafe overall!

Derek Chin

What could have been a great pastry was ruined by poor reheating technique. I could tell right away they microwaved the cinnamon bun I ordered. It had that soggy texture you get when you microwave any buttery pastry. They should have thrown it in an oven instead. I’d recommend getting it cold. Probably would have still had the flakey layers that way. I would recommend the DKA instead.

Shuki Hasson

no need to over think and explain.. the legendary Dominique Ansel desserts + some delicious food before or after the desserts

ken sander

Mmmm sweet!

Jesse Thomas

I don't get it. They have these smart looking chefs making the food, but the staff they have working at the counter are clueless ghetto losers.... I have been in this cafe while they did job interviews and it was embarrassing.....

Andy Ng

Always a delight coming to DAK! The space is more open with much indoor and outdoor seating, and there is plenty of baked goodies to choose from -- both sweet and savory! In the summer, the soft serve counter opens up for a cooling respite during the hot summer months! Come for breakfast, lunch, or afternoon snack.

BJ Nichols

Five stars - always a a treat

Melanie Tam

I was on a quest to try that watermelon soft serve. My BF and I ventured over to Dominique Ansel one hot Saturday afternoon. Before we hopped on the ridiculously long line, we asked if the watermelon soft serve was even available. That's when they they told us that it was actually at Dominique Ansel Kitchen. So we schlepped ourselves over to that location, and got to try it. We ordered at the to-go window outside, where the person serving us seemed like she'd rather be anywhere else but there. She couldn't even be bothered to lend me a pen to sign the receipt. Anyway, we realized that there were seats inside, so we brought our treat indoors in the AC to enjoy. I thought that it was going to be more like a sorbet, but it was just creamy watermelon soft serve. It wasn't bad but it wasn't really refreshing for a hot day. It's really just overpriced ice cream ($10) served in a slice of watermelon. Either way, I'm still glad I got to try it.

Goushi Kubota

This place was really nice to take a break and relax. The pastries we ordered were really delicious! They weren't too sweet and the texture was incredible. Would definitely go back here again.

Joobin Park

Service is great but a bit disappointed w the dessert.

Damien Frennet

Constant quality and great product

Rashaad Kareem

The desserts are absolutely delicious. I've never been truly thrilled about baked goods. But this place is good and will leave you craving for more. Today I went in as a courier to pick up for a delivery. The baked goods looked so good behind the counter that I had to take some pictures. Then I asked the cashier to pick her favorite so I could buy it. I forgot what she said it was, but it was delicious. I definitely have to go back for that and find out what it is. But that is a different story. When I reached my drop off, I told the customer thank you for giving me the opportunity to discover that spot, and that the food looked delicious. He responded that he never been there either, someone at work ordered it and he had to get some again and even offered me a cookie. If one thing is for sure, this is viral food at its best. Keep up the good work.

Matt Rr

Of course it's a 5 star... you can not go wrong with Dominique Ansel. Every time I step into one of his shops I find something new that I must try and soon becomes my new favorite.

sam travis

Holy moses this place is good. So I'm not really a pastry "guy" but it turns out the reason for that is just that I'd never been to this joint. They have a "laminated" blueberry thing that blew me away. I'm glad my partner dragged me in here and I happily recommend it to everyone and anyone who enjoys a nice baked good. The coffee is also fantastic. The bad news is this: now that I've been here other bakeries are dead to me.

Kate wu

Very cute place. Small but very creative with their space. Food was good.

Trung Tieu

Everything tastes as good as it looks and everything looks great! We came here after my birthday dinner and it was definitely worth skipping dessert at the other restaurant! We finally understand why our friends keep coming back here to order their holiday party desserts! It is also recommended as a great lunch spot too. We will be back!

Travis Shaw

Skipped dessert at a nearby French restaurant to come here. We showed up 30 minutes before closing but they still had a nice selection of cakes and pastries. The cappuccino sufficed but was far from great.....Don’t expect great coffee drinks.

Magnolia Lopez Bencosme

Good dessert, kind of slow but is worth it

Jill Krebsbach

We came here looking for after dinner dessert on a Friday a few weeks ago. We ended up looking around and leaving without anything. The prepared desserts in the case didn't look super fresh/exciting and neither did the made to order desserts. The spot has a stadium-esqe seating configuration plus a few outdoor seats (but it was chilly) I think this spot may be better in the am, so I will give it another go. I really like the Dominique Ansel Bakery layout in Soho much better. They have very nice pastries besides the classic cronut and their back garden is great in the summer.

Li Jie Wong

I was informed it was "pie night" 5m after queuing; bad event management? Didn't get to taste anything

Lina Chen

Love that it's laid back and not mobbed like the bakery.


Phenomenal pastries! Great sandwiches and salads. Plus picnic tables out front to relax and enjoy.

Nana Boateng

This place is whimsical, in the vein of how a dessert shop should be. The Bakery is great but I love the design of this space. They have a great selection of baked goods and desserts and the ice cream kiosk has some good flavors. I suggest the last option, which is a combo of the first two (forgot the name) but it's pretty great.

Charles Piazza

Interesting place, recommend it.

Anna Chen

Shout out to the server at the ice cream window! She was great and patient during the NYC Pride Parade. The What-a-Melon did not disappoint! Loved it!


Modern French bakery with good selection but overpriced pastries, mediocre coffee, subpar cleanliness and cold service. Its $6 garlic croissant is very disappointing and overprided. Given its very dirty floor and seat cushions observed, I will be concerned about its cleanliness in the kitchen.

Olivia W

Service is efficient but not very present...Decided to stop in mid summer when I was passing by the neighborhood. Was dragged here one other time in December. Lines are shorter than at the primary location but both times the staff were running around frantically. Don't know where the other cashier was but they need more employees out front for what they're charging...Unfortunately soft serve was closed so I got an almond croissant. Good but very heavy, couldn't finish it. The cinnamon roll was small for the price and left something to be desired...The actual roll had little flavor. Cronut hype keeps people coming back

ivan basile

Dope and unique bakery.

Gwin Zhou

Truffle cheese cake :)

Andrea Cudal

Truffle honey somethin-er-other cheesecake was amazing!

Timothy Smith

Next level pastries! Very nice surprise, stumbled upon this Sunday morning while looking for something small to nosh. Careful, might go broke here ;-)

Ishita Bisht

Their baked goods are amazing. Seating here is limited.

Nils Barth

Delicious, creative, fun dessert menu in an intimate setting – face to face with the chefs. Can’t miss for sweets lovers, with a menu that changes twice per year

iskender DOE

Rude staff member at the cashier. No respect what so ever. Be ready when its ready . this is how they talk.

Jennifer Hall

If you want a perfect kouign amann, go to Dominique Ansel Bakery instead.

Eve Chou

There is a lot of seating and it's staggered which is different. They keep the space relatively clean. I love the photo strip on the wall. The servers there are accommodating and are able to answer questions and patiently wait until you decide. The macrons are creative and baked very well. They are delicate but and crisp. The filling is just thick enough. They aren't overly sweet. The garlic croisstant needs more salt and flavor. The pieces of roasted garlic adds something to the pastry but a sprinkle of salt would be nice. Don't forget to get the DKA. It's a nice place to stop by and enjoy a treat.

Sophie Vranian

For a bakery, and baker, with such a reputation this location was disappointing. It's poorly laid out (that grab and go island in th middle of the service area makes it impossible for more than 2 people to manoeuvre), and felt trashy; looks dirty and thrown together. We had various croissants and a DKA. The croissants were all mushy and soft, like they had been microwaved. Nice to sit outside, but otherwise go to the SoHo location where you'll at least feel like you made a special trip for a reason.

Rogelio Vargas

Must try the DKA

Ruby Chen

A unique array of desserts, great service and nice people working there. Order and pay for soft serve outside separately.

Steve Flores

Our recent visit to NYC had been planned for months and part of our trip included our internet order of THE Cronut! After refreshing the internet page for a minute before the opening of the order time, I was able to enter my order of the February flavor. Waited 2 weeks to taste it and boy was it worth the wait! We arrived to the bakery on an early afternoon and found a table for our group of 4. Tasted the pavlova as well and it was amazing. We make it at home but having a pro pavlova was eye opening! Truly a highlight in our family trip!

Rachel Hangad

Very nice staff. Delicious pastries!

Jezebel Delgado

Excellent food


I am leaving a review for their creative ice cream selections. This one is served on a real slice of watermelon. I've tried the burrata soft serve as well and that was delicious too. I recommend this place for people who have sweet tooth-or teeth.


The only really good croissants in nyc

Jennifer Rao

Fabulous Freshly Baked Goods: Brown Sugar DKA; Blueberry Laminated Brioche; Cannele de Bordeaux - No Cronuts Sold at This Location -Sadly, terrible service received - Will skip this location and head over and happily stand in line at Dominque Ansel Bakery from now on!

Zac Bathen

I only had the burrata ice cream, but it was amazing!!

David Ninobla

We frequent this location for their events. Being a dessert foodie, we've gone to 2x UP tastings, 1x PIE event, and numerous one offs here. DAK never fails and always leaves us satisfied. If you love French pastries with a twist, do visit here.

Carla López Castañeda

No bakery beats Dominique Ansel. Try the DKA, by far the best pastry on their menu. The chocolate mousse cake is also delicious.

john sully

you got to have a croissant.

John S

Great pastries and savory dishes. The fennel salami salad was very good as were the Madeline's and sausage lentil soup. The seating arrangement and decorations are very unique. There is stadium like seating on one side of the cafe. Definitely worth a stop for a quick bite.

Carina Chu

Nice service. I'd recommend getting the s'mores made to order or the hazelnut Madelines. Croissants look delicious and there's an ice cream window outside of the shop for the summer.

Liz Woolfitt

The croissant are beautifully light and very good coffee. Wasn't brave enough first time round to try some of the more unusual treats on offer but I'll be back....

Cooper Marcus

Wonderful pastries, desserts & Food, over-all! No item is cloyingly sweet. They are subtle & nuncanced flavors along with divine textures. One of THE Best Bakeries in NYC and I do get around!

Stephan McElreath

Good but probably overpriced

Jason Clarke

Very very tasty sweet treats. The matcha beignets are the best beignets we've had. They put café du monde in NOLA to shame

Chinh Chinh

Came for the watermelon soft serve which was unique to this location only, not available at the bakery. We got there early in the day on a Saturday and there was no wait or line. There were plenty of seating available so we were able to sit, relax, enjoy and snap pics for the gram. The actual dessert is pretty good. The taste and consistency is somewhere between soft serve and an Italian ice, I would have to say. It's a refreshing unique dessert for a hot summer day and its presentation is really cute. Although $10 is really steep for a small dessert. The actual watermelon slice is huge but the soft serve part is not, I'd say. I wouldn't say it's worth $10 but this is also Dominique Ansel. These are bougie treats. I would still get it again in the summer as it's a nice treat to help cool off.


I think the Dominique Ansel in Japan is better, their cronuts are better, there's still cronuts in the afternoon (sometimes), and no lines. But this is the exact opposite- long lines, no cronuts in the afternoon, and not as tasty. The cronuts ($6) here don't seem to be as flakey and crispy- maybe it's because they have filling inside of it. For August 2018, they had key lime flavored cronuts. They also change their cronut flavors every month, but there's a 2 limit per person. So bring all your coworkers, friends, and family haha. They do have some beautiful and creative looking desserts though, such as the mango coconut tart ($8). It was also pretty good- not too sweet with soft juicy mango pieces, and a nice coconut paste (?) underneath to balance it.

Peiwen Lee

Good selection of well-executed menu — I wanted to try everything! The patio looks inviting, especially now in the Spring; the inside space, on the other hand, is stadium style and can be a little awkward climbing up and down on the "bleachers". Must-try: their soft serve on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays!

Antonio Altamirano

The best bakery in NYC

Kelsey Ross

Normally when I pass by here it’s on a Saturday and way too packed for me to go inside. I went here on a Tuesday afternoon though and it was empty! My friend and I shared a grapefruit tarte and it was amazing! The shop is very small with not much seating but if you can stop by on a weekday you’ll be fine. I would recommend!

Steve Lionetti

I assumed that DAK would be very good, based upon having going to the original Dominique Ansel. What I did not expect is that it would be tremendous! Its a given that the deserts were excellent, but I was very impressed by how nice my savory chicken pesto sandwich was. Cannot recommend enough.

Vincent Robert-Huot

Vert good pastry and nicer staff

Diego Perez


David Chen

Great service with very friendly staff and workers. The place gives you lots of sitting area in the back which is good to enjoy some deserts and drinks. Some of their stuff is a bit over priced for the portions. Their cronuts were really really good, but it's only if you can line up to get one.

Jacob Fleischmann

Delicious treats! Absolutely delicious.

Julian Fernandez

I recommend you to have your restaurants SA8000 certified. Your employees deserve a good treatment. Then your dishes would taste better.

Jérôme Bourgade

It's all very delicious.not your average bakery.

Alice K

These canneles changed my mind about french pastries! Super cute spot between Meatpacking and West Village for a catch-up with friends.

Ricky Chung

Very nice crossiants although they don't have cronuts there anymore


Went to pie night. Hyped up, expensive, photogenic, but actually not very good. Trying each "slice"(mush on my plate) was good enough for me to feel done with the flavors after one bite. The cider wasn't great, and the wine wasn't good. On the plus side, everyone was incredibly nice... But I won't be doing this next year. I'm sure you won't run out of customers in NYC blindly trying your food though I hope you actually improve the quality to make the price worth something.

Chenkai Mao

It is just popular.

Sahil Patel

While the food was good, I feel that it was too hyped up. With all the talk of their 'cronut' and amazing chocolate chip cookies, I expected more. Not to say that what I had wasn't great, but just that standing outside for a cronut wasn't that good.

John Hardham

Excellent service, very helpful staff, high quality. Price very reasonable. Inventive concoctions, seasonal variations and a decent variety. We hope to return!

Junaid Channa

The best patisserie bakery in nyc... ha da down. Be warned that there is a huge line/que to be served and once it’s gone... it’s gone!

A Travel

Great staff,very friendly, fantastic desserts.

Anh Dinh

Good place to get quck meals and desserts

luis padilla

Prices are ridiculous, only good if you are looking to impress someone by going to the place that invented the Cronut, or are a gourmet with money burning a hole in your pocket. If you eat there, you are crammed into a postage stamp sized area with a dozen or so others. Everything is very attractive, but again, do you really want to spend that kind of money? If your purchase is to go, check the package before leaving the store: when you pay $4 each for 4 chocolate chip cookies (not kidding), make sure you don't get 3 (what happened to me).

Antonina Yekimova

Good food. But Very overpriced. DKA is Ok, but no more. I had DKA with salted caramel ice cream - not impressed. Croque Mondieur was delicious. Haven't tried pastries

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