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REVIEWS OF Dominique Ansel Bakery IN New York

Felicia Alvarez

If you want the dessert right! Well come her the best tasting treats or here ! Most definitely get the Lemon Bar, Lemon meringue Dominique Ansel Bakery, etc the list goes on ! Hate to sound like a Fat Girl but I have tried everything in there and it is the best ! The se vice is great to

Petal Staley

The DKA is delicious, but the wait is RIDICULOUSLY LONG!! There needs to be a process to get pastries that are near the register. It’s currently 1:45, and I got on line at 1:19; there are still 6 people in front of me. My lunch hour is almost over. Please try to do better Dominique Ansel. More of us locals would support. Two stars because the DKA is delicious, but the wait is not worth coming back again.

suma jaini

There are multiple things to try here. I tried frozen smore which was popular. Not that great. Worth trying other options.

Gary Radville

Very nice cronut, but totally overhyped. Coffee no more than ok. Not too clean either.

A Google User

digging these backed goods, wonderful spot with a great selection

Areej Abdulwahab

Their cronuts sold out fast! You have to come early morning to buy one of them!

Rubello Takio

In my case.. these breads are too sweety. But sometimes we need sweet food.


Not so great! I went there to try the famous cronuts. It is not that tasty especially because it is stuffed with some sugary cream (lemon curd flavor the day I went) and the glaze is to thick and sticks to the teeth. I had the chance to try some cronuts in London and they were way better and tastier. The bakery is expensive for the quality. The garden is not decorated nor cosy. The bathroom was dirty a 8am. Even when you say you are eating in, they gave you everything in plastic cups which is very annoying and not the french way to do things. Not what you can expect from this bakery. You are far away from the French gastronomy. Pas terrible... J'y suis allée pour goûter les fameux cronuts. J'ai été déçue. Ils ne sont pas très bons : ils sont remplis d'une crème écœurante au lemon curd et le glaçage est epais et colle aux dents. J'avais déjà goûté des cronuts à Londres dans une autre pâtisserie et ils étaient bien meilleurs ! Les pris sont très élevés pour la qualité et le jardin extérieur est super triste, pas décoré et pas cosy. Même si vous mangez sur place, vous serez servis dans du plastique. C'est très énervant. J'aime boire mon café donc une tasse et non dans une cup en plastique ou carton. J'espère pouvoir échapper à cette manie américaine en allant dans une pâtisserie française. Les toilettes étaient sales à 8h du matin. On est très loin de la qualité à la française.

J MacKay

Decent, alittle expensive but everything in here is prepared with such care, great recipes, the packaging is always exquisite and they have really fun boxes that are easy to open and keep pastries from getting damaged or shuffling around when transporting them :) overall great experiences every time.

Charmaine Tabilas

Everything is so cute and delicious. I make a point to go once a month to try all the new and different cronut flavors. The service is great, I have yet to be disappointed in any dessert, and outdoor seating is perfect for spring/fall. I've found that it is most convenient going around 8:30 on weekdays so you don't have to wait in line for it to open nor do you have to wait in a long line that usually forms around 9.

Duy Duong

Horrible Kitchen. I was so disappointed about the food quality and services

Razi Mokatren

I come with a lot of expectations, very disappointing! First, waiting in the line and seeing how dirty the food area is, as you see in the photos, add to that the flies touching the food... Anyway, I gave it a chance and had their cordonut (whatever the name), way too sweet, sticky and hard to cut... it feels not fresh!

Pete Vincenti

It doesn't matter what the monthly flavor is, get the Cronut. A few years ago you had to wait in line for hours or reserve one online a week in advance, if you were lucky. Thankfully, you can now walk up leisurely and get one, although they still sell out so get there before noon. Don't forget to check out the garden seating area in the back.

Anima Agyeman

Definitely did not meet a quarter of my expectations. After waiting in line and buying $55 worth of desserts, I was so underwhelmed. I’ll definitely not be returning

Sybil Thorn

The cronuts and the croissants are heaven! I wanted to try the cookies and cakes but it's a bit too expensive. The place is small and narrow there's not enough room for customers.

Kevin Pauley

The line outside the bakery makes all the sense once you have a chance to experience what is going on in the inside. Yes, the line is long but it does move. So be patient as the reward is worthy. Go with a friend so one of you can wait in the line while the other can check out all this place can offer, from the bakery counter to the outdoor seating. Be friendly with the staff and they will treat you back with nice smile and patient explanation of their products, and their recommendation. If possible, go in the mid afternoon when the line is short yet the food is still wonderful. You do run the risk of not getting the Cronut is that is the only thing you want. But the DAK is just equally nice!

Yanoch Asare

This place is absolutely wonderful. IT WAS FULL OF WHIMS AND WANDERLUST. I loved the New York Collection, my fave was the Haute Dog. And i brought home a Salted Caramel Eclair for mom, she was raving about it.

Larissa Scariante

Everything is so good. I have tasted the cookie shot and a chocolate croissant. Good service and many desserts options.

Rebeka Stander

Worth the hype and not just for the cronuts. I've had many imitation cronuts before I decided to bite the bullet and wait on line for one from here. None of them were ever good. This cronut (monthly flavor changes) was perfect from balance of flavors to texture. It wasn't too greasy like others I've had. I'd wait on line for another one. I also tried the cookies (chewy and delicious) and the cheesecake (light and perfectly sweetened).

Monica Das

What a treat to come here and get their delicious pastries. Each one is unique and good.

Maria Marzola

The milk Nutella Bread wasn’t as good as I thought it will be. Very sweet and you can’t taste the Nutella at all, instead it feels like a jelly with a soak bread. Although the regular croissant and the almond croissant are very good and fresh. Staff is friendly. He place has a garden with a couple of tables in the back.

Alex Huntington

Dropped by this afternoon but they were sold out of Cronuts :( However they definitely severed up the goods with a solid recommendation on a few of the other mouth watering treats they had. Great service, lovely guy behind the counter pointed us the the right direction. Best chocolate chip cookie I've ever had!

Reina Amigdala

Simply delicious! You can't go without having a cronut!

Giovanna Oseguera Tapia

Cronut and DKA were both amazing (albeit pricey), and the outdoor space was lovely!!! Points of improvement- please make ordering “for here” (aka not takeaway) easier for coffee (less waste/more sustainable please). Also the coffee itself took FOREVER to prepare and was not very strong

Ling Watson

The pastry is lovely here. You probably already know this. The place is a long alleyway with pastry at the front. As you walk into the store you will go by the kitchen. I love sit and watch pastry bring made. Beyond the kitchen you will come upon a lovely dining space with extended outdoor seating. I can see this is a lovely place for a Sunday afternoon drink along with some lovely pastry bites. Happy eating

Stanley Lansing

I'm so in love with this place . The place has the best cakes. There is so much of variety and there's truly no flavor that is not prepared by this bakery. I got a blueberry cake for my mom on her birthday from this bakery. She was so delighted to have it . Not only it looked really beautiful , but also it tasted so good. Since then , I've been their regular customer and visit them frequently. I've tried so many of their cakes and everything has a perfect amount of sweetness and softness.

Maria Soto

Cheesecake was not good, but the DK and the madelines were great!

Sonia Lee

I'm giving 5 stars for the DKA - that pastry is amazing and a must-eat. I've been twice and that continues to be the favorite. Get a couple cronuts for the sake of it, but it's not a necessity every time. The first cronut I got last year was disappointing, but the May 2019 berry flavor was delicious. Line has never been too bad for me. First time was about 30 minute wait inside, second time probably 15 minutes. Especially if you don't need cronuts, you can take a much shorter line. They also serve breakfast which is pretty good, along with several other beautiful pastries and cakes and treats - I haven't gotten these but they look amazing. There's indoor and outdoor seating as well. The experience of going here is fun!

vipin kv

Went there by 4pm on a Saturday. Couldn’t get the cronut..but tried the cookie shot. It was nice..

Hudson Ford

You may catch Long lines. Possibly worth the wait. Depends on what you’re getting.

Josh Elias

I go to Dominique Ansel almost monthly to try the new, creative Cronut selection. It’s a must-try! Make sure to get there early because Ethel usually well out. I’d say before 9:30am on a weekend and before 11am on a weekday.

Lucia Tanzil

I have been wanting to visit DA Bakery, finally we went to his bakery yesterday. The cronut is okay, Kouign Amann is also just okay more like stale. Very disappointed, pricey, over rated!


Overrated. Good publicity syratety hough.

Fariah Amber

We got here around 9.45 am on a Friday and there was already a long line! It moved fast though. We had the DKA, toasted coconut chocolate croissant and the spinach gruyere quiche. I absolutely love the DKA!! It could certainly put a diabetic into Diabetic KetoAcidosis but not more than the cronut!!! I prefer the DKA. I tried the cronut the next day and I found it sickly sweet. They had the salted pretzel caramel flavor this month. The cream inside was good but the sugar dusted on it and the caramel on the top made it too sweet! The toasted coconut chocolate croissant was ok. I wasn't a fan. I like my croissants warm but they don't warm them for you! It had a lot of sweet coconut in it. The quiche took forever to be ready and for $12 was expensive but absolutely delicious!!! If you have time I recommend it! I got some chocolate croissants too but haven't tried them yet!

Sheena O'Connor

Finally got a cronut and it was delicious but the real star for me was the DKA.

Brittany Hoehn

Best bakery. Pastries are always visually stunning. The Cronut is a must, and so is the DKA. Be ready to wait in line, and get there early.


Bought the best seller and ice cream, the cashier didn’t know if they sold ice cream then when they finally found it, it was freezer burned and tasted old. Essentially I bought old freezer burned ice cream. Could have just went to cold stone or the grocery store for better quality ice cream.

Brittany Goh

Came for the famous cronuts and a quick espresso. Very limited seating, and queue was very long. This place is basically the new Magnolia's. I think people come here so they can say they came here. But it doesn't mean the food is bad. The pastries all look creative and appetizing in the glass casing, and I came back a few more times for the pretzel and pavolva the next week. The service can be a bit hurried, but overall efficient.

Frank Traineau

Cronuts and pastries are delicious but the place need a BIG refresh

Gurv Brar

Great little bakery in the Soho area. The service is excellent and the products are also really nice. I was very excited to try the cronut and enjoyed it very much. The prices are very high though, but I don't think its unfair for the quality of the products.

arun ramakrishnan

I am team Cronut (for now). Busy store but keeps the crowd moving. Tried the Cronut, Frozen fried marshmallow, cappuccino. All delicious. Blackberry Pavlova was okay. Dine at their garden area with a floral wall arrangement. Very friendly staff.

Victor Lopez

There was about a 10 min wait which would be worth it if they were not out of cronuts or cookie shots. Would have been nice to be told this before being told to wait in line outside, rather than right before we were allowed to walk in the bakery. The pastries look very appealing but the taste was acceptable. Unfortunately it was not at all what I was expecting

Omar Dwidari

Amazing pastries!!! Somethings are little pricey but it's pretty good.

jimmy song

Awesome desserts...a bit pricey but expected in this neighborhood. The iced tea and iced coffee is not the best but the cold desserts are awesome. The hot dog was awesome with raspberry ice cream. And the DK something ice cream was great. The caramel croissant is absolutely delicious.


Great bakery, have to try their legendary cookie shots! Tried making them myself but theirs is just so good! They have a two per person limit, be aware! You can buy 4 cookies to go but can have two if you sit in the bakery

Toeka Harvin

Nice small bakery and wonderful. Evrything looked so good no lie

Rosie T

For such a long wait in a line I expected more, way more. The pastries aren’t as great as they make them to be. They are nice but definitely not worth all the hype. Not to mention the staff that are extremely rude. *Thumbs down*

Kevin Rana

This place is worth the hype!! The cronuts!! Made my whole day. I thought there was nothing special with a mix between a croissant and a donut, but I was wrong! It has a ham filling and some other thing that takes it to the next level. It's crispy, sweet, jammy, creamy, and fluffy. They also have other great baked goods. Overall this place is a must to go if you are visiting New York. If you live in New York you a lucky!


Cronut wasn't that great but it looked pretty! I couldn't really taste the chocolate hazelnut flavor and i only tasted sugar really. Also, it was pretty greasy and heavier than i would like.

stephane guyot

The worst service organization. Same person takes the order, gets your food packaged / prepared, and rings your bill. Only 2 registers...with lines averaging 10 to 15 prepared to wait on line for 20 tp 30 minutes...

Tommy ABP

A little expensive, but really cool. The cronut was rich and wonderful and the other bakery items they had were presented beautifully. There was a little line but it was worth the wait. I recommend going in the morning to pick up your treats, then eating your food in a nearby park (the true New York City experience)

Juan Octavio Pavon

The chocolate chip cookie shot with milk is amazing.

Will Koehrsen

This bakery has long lines, extremely expensive food, extremely unhealthy food, and is often sold out of the main attraction, the croissant-donut. Overall, I would recommend avoiding this tourist destination (it really does not deserve the designation compared to the other wonderful things to see in New York). Not worth going out of your way for a visit.


Everything here is pretty delicious. The lines just get crazy long. Skip the cronut line and just go to the register for a DKA.

jean JJ

had the cronuts, very tasty and good and good source of energy before a 10 miles walk, because its what it would take to burn it off. 4 stars because 1 of the 3 cronuts was a lot smaller so there is no consistency in their process and watch out

Derrick Ma

This is a must try bakery. Yes of course Cronuts and cookie shots are amazing. That’s why there’s a freaking line round the block for them everyday. Seriously, every freaking day don’t think you’ll be lucky and there won’t be a line, because there will be. Get everything else I guarantee it won’t disappoint the little egg sandwich at breakfast or any pastry they’re serving in the glass case. You can’t go wrong, pictures don’t really help because their always changing.

James Thomes

Cakes are just a bomb. Definitely a terrific selection of pastries and other baked goodies.

boiee crib

I was in New York for a holiday and my family and I went to this bakery, we wanted 30 minutes to get served (I am not angry at this I understand it is very popular). I ordered a cookie shot and after I ate ate it we went to lunch. I was in the toilet the whole time and had to go back to the hotel. The cookie shot gave me food poisoning and I missed 2 days of my holiday. I was bed bound with intense vowel movements and was vomiting all night.

Giovanni Rivera

Lots of really interesting pastries and breads here. Coffee is also good.

Nico Smith

Fantastic pastries. Appreciate being able to order days in advance.

Mike McMillan

The only place you can get the famous Cronut pastry. Everything they sell is high quality and very fresh. Well worth the wait.

Selena Herrera

Love it omg I have never tasted a cupcake so good!!

Kiran Aravapalli

Alot of space in the back to grab a seat and enjoy pastries/food. Ignore the cronut unless you must, if it's sold out go for the DKA - similar but just not creme filled. I like it better in my opinion.

Aaron Bright

The line was long but worthen the wait. Everything we had was delicious.

Brian C

There’s nothing I can say that hasn’t been said already about this place - it’s awesome! The line goes quick. Great seating inside and out in the back. And plenty of sugary awesomeness to choose from. Pro tip: of course you get the cronut, but add a s’more pop to your order too. You won’t regret it!

Aude Loui

The pastries are exquisite and tasty. I had the sage smoked brownie. The service was excellent, staff was kind and knowledgeable, and the place was cozy. I would highly recommend going.

David Pearson

Great place to get interested sweets that you won’t find elsewhere.

Tania R.

I tried their famous cronut. I was very excited & even preordered 2 to make sure I could try them since I heard they sell out. I don’t regret it but it was too sweet for me. I think everyone should at least try it once.

Alex Serebrov

Very unique and one of the kind NYC bakery. Definitely popular spot amongst locals and tourists, so be prepared to stay in quite long line, which starts outside the store and sometimes goes around the corner of the block. But all the wait is well worth it, the stuff is simply delicious!


About a 30 minute wait Monday around 11am. We got 2 cronuts each per the rule. I wanted to get the frozen s'mores but we were going to lunch. APRILS FLAVOR OF THE MONTH: CINNAMON ROLL WITH CUSTARD. my husband loved it. I thought it was delicious but I was hoping for a berry flavored cronut.

Shirly Niego

I think the hype is a bit exaggerated. It's a nice bakery, not more than that. Prices were a bit high.

Jane Jieun Noh

their dka is the best.. i always come back here whenever im in city

Matthew Ellstrom

Such a fun bakery! Got a great canelle and a cookie shot. The cookie shot was fantastic and all the cookies are must try.

Melissa Viera

I just can't get enough of these desserts. Not many options for breakfast, but the pastries are amazing and delicious. I enjoyed every bite of these masterpieces, with an excellent combination of flavors. I enjoy coming here every time I visit NYC. If you want to try the cronut and avoid long lines, I suggest going weekdays.


Recommend & Favored by many of my friends. It’s easy to miss the store when you walk by, but it’s impossible to forget the cake after you try. Strongly recommend Matcha Passion Fruit Mousse Cake. Worth for the long waiting line.

Ali Sheikh

Don't get me wrong, a nice little bakery! After years of hearing about cronuts, had to try it. Dominique Ansel Bakery is famous for cronuts in New York City. To my surprise there was a line before 8am even before the bakery opened. However, cronuts are nothing to write home about. I think going forward, I will enjoy donuts and croissants separately. I love pasta and pizza but I don't think I will try to combine the two to come up with something different. You could give it a try but if you can't or haven't, you are not missing out.

Luke Naftz

Was quite good, but didn't really live up to the hype. The canele though are AWESOME.

Walid Nabhane

This is a solid French bakery with always new innovative pastries. I love everything Dominique does. But he does it American style meaning too sweet. And for this I remove a star. I wish he sticks to French style and make things which are more delicate. He will have more success to my opinion. This is said his Kouign amann is excelent.

Gal Somekh

The cronut is amazing, totally worth the wait. I recommend coming early in the morning because the line is shorter and if you come later they might run out of cronuts

Kamil Baldyga

The 40 minutes wait wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the smell of piss... But the pastry is delicious and worth it.

Sarin K

I live in UES and keep coming back for more DKA every week. It is addictive. Cronuts will be sold out real quick so be sure to come by noon if u wanna try.

Michael Guo

The cronut is amazing but the kouigh amann might be even better! Super buttery, flaky, with a touch of sweetness. Showed up on a Saturday at 7:20 and there wasn't even a line either

David Cabrera

This wonderful establishment is a legend of the finest qualities. You may see that the prices are higher but the quality is unequal. It is the closest taste to an authentic French pastry that you can get in America. The legendary Cronut (croissant and doughnut) is a masterpiece of the modern culinary age. If you ever are wandering the streets of NY make a stop by here, seating is limited and the line fills quickly but the wait...the wait is worth it!

Personal Cook

The baked goods were great. I got the DKA, which was so flaky, buttery, sweet like honey and also creamy even though there was no cream in it. The croissant was just alright. I also ordered a cronut but they didn't put it in so when I got home I realized too late. If anybody goes there, you should immediately check your orders or you will be charged for something they forgot to give you.

Kim Paolucci

Got a plain croissant. Very fresh and flaky. It was yummy. Very busy store but the line went quickly so we werent waiting long.

Gjdjd Gzhdj

Came try their Cronuts. Quite interesting, has the crunchiness of a croissant but fluffiness of a doughnut inside. I liked the texture but it was a little too sweet for me. I could have been better if there weren't any fillings in the middle. I suggest to arrive early because these will sell out!

Chance Mullen

This was a great find! The food is all so fresh, the donuts are amazing and so are the croissants. Coffee here is great. It gets very busy in the morning and there is a small Wait, it is definitely worth it. There are limited tables and chairs inside with a few more in the courtyard. Service is outstanding and you are always greeted with a smile. Definitely worth a visit.

Nancy Smith

Some extraordinary desserts are to be found here, served with courtesy and a smile...

Alex Koronec

It depends on how you look at this bakery. If you want extremely rude staff, pastry's and the cronuts which is now mundane. Then you must travel to here to waste time in a long line and have people wondering why you are doing this You might even get noticed by a manager who to busy with his own personal agenda. To give you assistance. Plus you can get the same type of cronuts and DKA at a different place with out the waiting time and lack of rudeness elsewhere

Elizabeth Lizotte-Brown

5pm and still waited in line for about 15 minutes. The case is filled with artful creations and loved the NYC themed items. The service was fast and friendly. I got some granola, cannelles, the salted caramel eclair and the haute dog. The haute dog was fun and delicious. The salted caramel eclair was gorgeous but I wanted more salted caramel flavor. I look forward to a visit earlier in the day next time so I can try the cronut!

Kevin Lee

The dessert here is amazingly good ! I love all the options they have .

Dorthy Thielsen

I was shocked at how this place lives up to and surpassed the hype. Everything I tried was delicious and unique. My favorite was the black and blue pavlova. It had a nice tartness and wasn’t too sweet. Everything was beautiful. Definitely always busy so be expecting to wait. I recommend getting things to go. They pack everything securely so nothing was damaged on my hour long commute home.

Khaled Alabdulghafour

Definitely worth the wait. Enjoy the whole experience by ordering and eating in the garden.

Angie Shen

Love their cronut! The cookie shot and frozen snore are okay but I like their creativity. Waiting time is a bit of too long.

Samantha Farmer

Pure delicacy!!! So worth the wait in line for 15 mins outside the store and don’t forget to get there early to get a cronut, they’ll run out quick! Best thing you put in your mouth! Swear.

Michael Regier

Dominique Ansel Bakery, home of the cronut, a croissant-doughnut pastry, filled with cream is a small, bustling, Soho neighborhood bakery. The cronut pastry texture is light, truly finding a balance between the delicate layering of a croissant and the cakey texture of a donut. Rich, both in flavors and calories, the two cronut limit per customer will not impede your enjoyment. Beyond the cronut, there are many other pastry options, ranging from more traditional to whimsical.

Chelsea Stokes

Based on cookies would not recommend. I had the white chocolate macadamia and honestly tasted of play dough it was that salty. Husband had double chocolate cookie and it was like a dry brownie. Do yourself a favour and go to Levain’s!

Fahad Durrani

Good enough but I don't then nk the Cronut was worth the 45 minute wait. Almond croissant was good too. Friendly staff.

Adonis Porch

I'm in love with their #Cronuts


Average food. Had the cronut and a chocolate chunk cookie. The cronut is quite creamy, overflowing with sticky cream when you bite into it. Does not make you feel good after eating it. Would recommend the cookie shot if you go though. I didn’t get the chance to try the cookie shots, but I heard they were good. Overall, overpriced for the taste and quality, but I guess everything is in New York.

Adi Ben Mayor

Very good pastry. Bad coffee and condescending attitude. And stop using plastics for everything.

Katarina Hagan

The cronut and DKA are must trys!

Alex Ando

Amazing selection of pastry's can be pricey but its all very delicious and worth it to take home to family.

Mark Cruz

Come for the DKA and the Cronut. You will stand in line and it will be worth it. Very friendly staff. I love the garden patio when it’s cool in the morning.

Olivia Amadi

Beautiful bright cafe. There was almost no queue when I went not sure if I just got lucky. I went around midday. Also more seating available towards back of cafe. Lots of choice, but I obviously went for the cronut which is $6

Ken Martinez

Well believe the hype. The cronut was legit but they’re new creation was even better. Definitely anticipate a line when arriving but be assured they move people along quickly.

Helen Kalde

Years ago there was a new delicious trendy pastry called cronut (croissant+donut). The trend started from here, Domique Ansel Bakery. I was visiting US and finally got the chance to come here. The chef is always trying out some new ideas. Unfortunately I was there too late, that the newest and coolest items were sold out. It's still a great place to grab something delicious and have a coffee.

James Strain

Friendly staff, underwhelming cakes. Not worth the time or effort when there are a dozen better places.

Ramoncito Ronquillo

Cronuts sold out when we got here around 3p. We tried the DKA & pavlova and its pretty good. They have a nice dining area at the back with a beautiful flower wall as well.

Ophelia Thompson

The pastries are absolutely mouth watering but the director of operations will absolutely leave you down on your luck in a gutter somewhere when ordering for a meeting for clients. You definitely have to do his job for him! Thanks a lot for making my boss an hour late for her important breakfast meeting. When I called for an explanation, he simply hanged up. Wow! What class!

Dhanashree Chaudhari

This place is lovely. the cronuts were sold out. So we bought the Eclair. It was really delicious. I would certainly go again to try the famous cronut. Decor and service is really good too.

Gim Pasorns

I'm a huge fan of their of Dominique's baked goods, they're hard to put down at times. My girlfriend loves their cupcakes. They got a pretty good selection and their staff are friendly

Emmanuel Go

Great bakery. Delicious pastries. Unique and innovative. Very fine.

j g

I was lucky to not have a line and still have cronuts left . Which is apparently very unusual. Service was good and deserts are to die for

Rebecca Mangaroo

Cronuts were sold out but nevertheless the cookies were amazing! Probably the best I’ve ever had! We also tried an eclair which was good, but not amazing. They look better than they taste. Queues are long and seating is limited but it’s worth the wait. FYI, it’s not cheap but Dominique Ansel is no average baker! If you want to try their famous Cronut, get there early to avoid disappointment.

Jimmy Cagnina

The cronut is to die for. Quite literally the best pastry I have had in my life.


Cronut is good but the staff is so rude!

Eve san

I just wanted a taste of the famous cronut... Turns out it was way too sweet and lemony. And I hate pastries with lemon... I don't know what the dough tasted like, I could only taste lemon and sugar. I usually stick to simple vanilla flavors and that's what I was expecting. The flavor of the cronut was perhaps written somewhere but I was too stunned by the pricy pastries and all the people in line to notice. I had a hard time finishing the pastry and it's very messy to eat without fork and knife. Very disappointed.

Kelly Wheeler

Delicious! When we went they were out of the cronuts so go early if you want one of those! We did get to try the s'more on a stick and it was super yummy! They also have a garden room which was so pretty!

Drimit Kibtia

Absolutely love this place. Please try their cronuts for an out of the world experience. However, cronuts get sold out sometimes by noon so try to get there early.


Not happy for the outcome after almost two hours on the line they run put of some items . And alao very pricy. Not worth it.. not coming back.

Serdar Maldini

Great bakery. Simply fantastic cakes! Very tasty pastries. Everything is always fresh and warm! Reasonable prices for all products. Love this place. With friends we buy all the pastries here. My family also always buy pastries in this store. I recommend to everyone!

Mehal Shah

The cookie shots were delicious, but the milk started to seep out of the cookie, and the shot crumbled by the time I got to eat it. It is a wonderful idea but I would have loved it if I could get the milk on the side to add it myself so that I could take it to the table then pour the milk.

Viet NY

At 9:30Am Friday and there was a line all the way to the back of the door. I had the cronut before that was about 2 hour old wanted to get a fresh one today. But did not have the time to wait so picked one imitation at Paris Baguette which was very good.

Cro-Sim Boss Cross

Very good. High quality ingredients. But for the price and crowds not really worth it.

Allison Schreiber

This is a culinary experience! I am so glad we made it there on my last day in NYC. The kronut is divine. Every bite was better than the last. Everything we tried was amazing!

Colleen Zayas

Oooo the best! I cant even say what is best...the caramel crunch in the croissant or the milk cookie ! Nothing is a bad Choice. Usually a line but its quick and worth it.

Anuta Na

The pastry is good, we had pavlova dessert and their signature cronut it has very unique taste. The avocado toast and salmon toast were a branch perfect meals. We would definitely come beach more often if the line will be smaller.

Mullin Studio

Six interactions - zero thanks, zero eye contact. The food needs to be better (its good, not great) to have the license to express such tired attitudes - maybe the fault lies with the working conditions? Hard to say but people don't seem happy here. This place could be wonderful.

Will LaPlant

The flourless chocolate cookie was incredible. Thanks to Sandy for showing us the light

Karunya Rao

This is where the cronut was invented! I had heard a LOT about this place like most New Yorkers have but did not expect the crowd at an odd hour on a weekday! The options are way too tempting and if you don't leave the place without buying at least two items more than you hadn't planned for, you are officially a saint! The taste is if possible better than the look and you just cannot miss visiting especially if you are a local. Otherwise you may not have time to wait in the long queue!


Great food, interior decor is beautiful and friendly staff!


I am not much impressed. Not worth wait. I do not like crowded places. This outfit needs to expedite their operation. Slow and inefficient flow. Long line. I will go to Starbucks next time. NO THANKYOU!!!

That ERmurse

The cronut was amazing! Unfortunately they did not prepare my friends order for the Salman toast. He had to get back in line to ask for a refund. They did provide with free snacks but we are already satisfied with bakery. This is a really amazing bakery. Our experience wasn't the best. Great staff and manager.

Suk Hur

Staff are ridiculously rude even when they just opened. I would understand if it is busy. The owner has to educate the staff here how to customize their customer. Two pastry for $13, better to go other bakery. Nothing special.

Kimberly S

Beautiful cafe to chill on a weekday. Highly recommend getting the DKA ice cream sandwich over other items that they’re now known for.

Sarah Santiago

Very crowded and overpriced. Madelines were pretty good. Cookies ok. Can't get a Cronut unless you preorder the Monday of the week you want to pick up.

Dhara Mehta

Definitely an amazing selection of pastries and other baked treats. Waited in a line for easily 30 minutes which is fine considering its NYC and every place has a line in summer time. I had to remove a star due to lack of cleanliness as the tables were dirty and so was the bathroom.

Regina Alvarez

Visiting NYC, I had to go to the iconic bakery that created the "cronut", would have given 5 stars, but they were out. ☹️ The person behind the counter said you have to be here before 11 am because they always sell out before then. They have a cool windowed prep area, so my thought is why don't they make the cronut all day long for all the nerdy tourists like me?

Noam l

5 years after it exploded all over the social media, it still is an original and super tasty pastry invention.

Brian Batchelor

Good pastries and coffee. If you are eating in, there is a fantastic room and open area in the back which is not obvious from the front.

Neil Patel-Murray

Ran out of cronuts before 3pm and did not inform the long line. New York Slice dessert was meh and definitely not worth $10. The cookie shot cookie part was super dry and was also meh.

Swetha Srinivasan

Visited mid afternoon on a weekday and didn’t have a long wait for the Cronut. Be prepared for a cream filled donut experience on a flaky crust. The freshly baked/ made to order madeleines were DIVINE!!

Janine Schug

My first time here and I am in love!!! Cronuts are amazing and the DKAs are swoonworthy! Make sure go come early, it's busy! They have a beautiful garden space in the back that has outdoor and indoor seating

sindu Killamsetty

Great selection of desserts and delicious. But there are long lines often but worth it in my opinion.

Monica Guevara

Such a lovely and friendly staff. I had to get a few goodies together for a small last minute farewell gathering for a co-worker, and all their suggestions were delicious. Will definitely be coming back for more.

Ultron 917

Despite the long line of tourists,the service was very fast. The grilled cheese was the one of the best I ever had and the cronuts was pretty good too. The pavlova was pretty deliciously addicting considering I am not a huge fan of merengue.

Andrey Kirsonov

Employees are very rude. For such a long wait in a line, the pastries aren’t as great as they make them to be. I guess it’s just a huge hype over this place. There are tons of amazing bakeries that offer instant service with a smile! Tired of rude customer service- not only to us but to the other customers around us as well.

Hafsa Ors

Everything is delicious in this bakery. Always line for order, but go fast. Cookie shot is their signature. You must try it! Friendly staff. They also have backyard.

Curtty Sarkk

Around my delivery area... Looks great.

Francesca S.

Great pastries, friendly staff, and long lines! Dominique Ansel is amazing. He’s won my support in anything he does. He’s an outstanding pastry chef. His dedication to his craft and his creativity outshine many. His Cronuts are genius and delicious, as are many of his other creations! This place is an absolute MUST TRY for anyone visiting NYC.

Jordan Bennett

Cronuts are the best thing ever invented

Yat Hang Yu

Amazing decor. Great food. Be sure to order ahead if you want the cronuts

Nadav G.

Good bakery but not good treatment. We just arrived and waited 15 minutes to taste the famous "Cronat" and then they just said " we run out of Cronat" so we took some other stuff and at the cashier they said "only credit card" some kind of superior behavior. I will never come back again!that for sure.

Sue Hyland

Great, I ordered the cronut and timed getting it right. Bought an DKA and another treat. The croissant cronut and DKA were fantastic. Nice and crisp and soooooo good. Great service as well.

Erin Webber

The Cronut definitely lived up to all the hype! This was my first visit to New York since the Cronut came out, and I pre-ordered 2 so I didn't have to wait in line. Picking up my order was so easy and quick! I also go to order anything else I wanted right there at the register without waiting in line. The September flavor of red plum and almond was absolutely to die for. For later, I bought a Kouign Amann and Cannele, and they were both mouth-wateringly delicious too. There was a nice seating area out back with plenty of tables, even with so many people in the bakery and in line. Next time in am in New York I plan to come back and try the current Cronut flavor and some of their other pastries!!!

Nir Gazit

The cronut is way way way overrated. Too heavy, dry, and way too sweet. Not worth the ~1 hour wait (we came at 8:30am). Probably not worth even 5 min wait.

Ba Ga

The bakery which is known to have created the world known "Cronut". I had really high expectations of the cronut, but it wasn't really up to my expectations. The rest of their baked good are pretty great though. The coffee need to improve as it is now not up to a "coffee shop" standard. Also, I had the avocado toast which was great. Howver, I was told the avocado toast would be served to me at the table - it ended up with me waiting for 30 minutes and going back to the kitchen seeing it was waiting for me there. No one bothered to go out with it. Just a heads up that it would be great to keep communication clear as New Yorkers and tourists usually don't want to sit and wait for 30 minutes when they were promised 7 minutes.

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