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5605, 195 Atlantic Ave # 1, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

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REVIEWS OF Damascus Bread & Pastry Shop IN New York

Abrahm Magaña

Yuting Ding

Ok falafel sandwich. The portion is quite generous, but the falafels are kind of dry tough.

Robert N.

Sorry, no. Corners have been cut with all the baked goods here, to the point where they're not as tasty as they should be. Plus, the prices are high. Head a couple doors down to Sahadi instead.

Marwan Ahmad

Walked in with my family and the guy working there started passing sweets to everyone. I thought he is being generous. When I was paying for things I purchased he charged me for every piece he offer us. That was a cheap shot. Not to mention he over charged me for everything and we had to throw away all the baklawa because it tasted old.

Ben Einstein

Pat Rondon

Alexander Arce

We travel down to Damascus in Brooklyn, 70 miles, to pick up food about once a month. It's healthy, fresh and delicious. Love the falafel, spinish pies and vegetables. The owner and employees are so professional and pleasant. It's a pleasure to shop there.

Tammie Hilliard

Nice little bakery. They make their own pita and hummus among other nice cultural foods. I purchased hummus, olives, grape leaves and other nice foods they make in the bakery. They also offer pastries. If you like to cook, they have a large selection of spices and seasonings too.

Naftalie Wischenka

fresh fast and delicious

Mohammed Saadi

Te strange about this place is the owner. He lied to me about the Kinafa (كنافه). He said new and it was nasty and bad. I will never go there. I do not recommend this place.

David Gomez

Perfect place. If you like gold good and excelent hosting, you must go

Bernard K

This place is legit. I often find myself going here when Sahadi's is closed. They make the pita fresh in Dumbo. Can you believe that?! The desserts behind the counter are also exceptional. The place can get pretty crowded though.

Cruz Lydia

Everything for your appetites delight!

Joseph Sacco

In the early morning me and my brother use to shine shoes on court and Atlantic ave , Saturday n Sunday . The money we earned we buy Zatta , at Damascus bakery . That was from mid 1950's until 1962,, when we moved to cityline , Brooklyn.

Patrik Urban

Best baklava in Brooklyn

Michael Wheeler

Ellen Merchant

Very good selection of middle eastern pastries and sweets. They have excellent spreads and good falafal that you can have heated or in containers to take home. They stay fresh when frozen for a long, long, time. I shop there occasionally and no matter how long it's been the owner still remembers me. It's a very pleasant place to shop and I've never been disappointed by the quality. Prices are reasonable.

gloria rubin

Aaron Taylor

Having eaten my way through every major middle eastern city from Aleppo to Sana'a, I can honestly say with complete confidence their hattoush is the best hattoush on the planet. If you come here and don't get a hattoush you've missed out completely.

Deya Banisakher

Sean Vegezzi

Great place with knowledgeable staff and very affordable food.

Federico Petrelli


Terrible baklava. From the so called “pistachio” to walnut. He said he is giving me these extra two pieces for his grandfather’s birthday then ended up charging me for them, which btw were just as bad as the other baklava. Terrible baklava and crafty owner. Wouldn’t recommend to anyone.

Kevin Flynn

Avi Shaviv

Good products

Abdallah Moussa

Andres Dominguez

I can't help myself. Every time I'm walking in front of this place I buy some delicious baklava.

Nicole Alia

Great place to stock up on basics and also get items ready go like spinach pies and mammoul. Also they have a vegetarian kidbe and it’s delicious.

ileana narvaez

The man And woman working pressured me into buying one of each. I get home to try them and they were over baked and dry! Couldnt even eat them. Never again will I go here

cecilia Fanning Mitchell

Always a great experience. The food is delicious, the staff are always attentive. Owner is friendly and welcoming. Highly recommend:)

Bert Phillips

Really great stuff here for great prices. Big ol falafel wrap for $4

David Passiak

Katherine Toukatly

Bob Blumberg

Wonderful selection of middle eastern foods. The variety of salads, dips, soups, savory pastries and cakes is immense: shwarma is excellent and I found a great Lebanese extra virgin olive oil that is perfect to cook with.

Adam Bouyamourn

Great range of specialty Arab and middle eastern ingredients. Halloumi and foul!

Ashika Jain

Came in here for the baklava since the previous reviews boasted about it, and true to form, the baklava here may be the best I’ve had in the city so far. Can’t wait to go back and get some more.

Georgio Nicolas

richard barnett

Jonathan Jackson

I've been coming here since childhood and it's still the best! Incredibly delicious assortment of pastries and baked goods. The baklava is the best you're going to find anywhere! Lots of additional grocery items and the owner is so friendly you'll never want to leave. Always worth a special trip!

Benjamin Kahtan

Harry Lee-Rubin

Get the meat pies. Get the almond ring shaped things.


Abit $$, but nice edibles


Clean place and super tasty pastries. Just don’t drive there there is no parking.


Great pies and very pleasant owner -- amazing place!

Hominem Alas

Best falafel sandwiches in NY this is a must try place!

Joe Jaffe

Amazing baklava. And an extremely friendly staff. Don't go anywhere else for middle eastern pastries.

Gin Chen

I come once a week to pick up fresh selections of hummus, salads, dips and labneh. There’s a large selection of baked goods and sweets as well. Worth popping in just to get a meat or spinach feta pie.

Adam Rogal

Best pita and falafel in the area. For $4, you can't really do much better. Try some of their desserts and pies as well.

David Cabbad

Has everything an Arab would need to cook a wonderful Arabic meal for the family

Solo Flyer

Spinach Pies $2, Damn good & worth the price. That is all I am going say.

Mike De Lugo

Great for all Middle Eastern products.

Prakriti Shukla

Germaine Greci

John Dobis

i don't normally load up on carbs but when i do.

Blake Scott

Try the meat pie they have in the front case. It’s flavored with mint and is surprisingly good. Also the baklava is awesome and sticky af.

Moe Ali

This place nasty land the owner lying I don't like the food make me sick

Matthew Pozzebon

Great food, friendly service.

Rahma’s Playhouse

Edward Quinn Jr

Steven Schulberg

Liv Andersen

Quality is unwavering. Everything is always fresh and delicious, and it's the same friendly familar faces every time I visit. My parents would shop here when they lived in Carroll Gardens in the '80s, and now I do too. It's turned into a family tradition.

Raj Vinjamuri

More of a little market, I enjoyed the take out snacks I ordered. The stuffed grape leaves are delicious. The employees are very friendly, and the whole store is a feast for your eyes.

ej shortell

This middle eastern bakery has delicious bread and pastries. The staff is very helpful. The prices are very cheap.

Harvey Jones

Charles Liou

Jesse Soursourian

Erika Kuehn

Delicious laham ajeen, meat pies, spinach pies...everything! Not to mention my favorite baklava in all of Brooklyn. I recommend buying a small meal and eating it on the boardwalk overlooking the downtown skyline.

Sebastian Gampe

Jen Fraenkel

By far the best pre prepared hummous I've ever tasted. I've done the research! This place is amazing. The bread is supposed to be phenomenal as well, though I haven't tried it yet. The eggplant is amazing also. The guys behind the counter (at least one is an owner) are really friendly.

Mel Sabel

Great place. Lots of interesting food. Friendly staff.

Joshua Masia

Amazing family-run bakery. My family has been going there for 40 years. Best baklava in all of NYC!

James Trent

Nice lemony spinach feta pastries - the ones I loved in Turkey were creamier and less sour.

Eric Domb

I can't believe this place doesn't have more reviews! When I moved to Brooklyn Heights three years ago my mom was super excited to tell me about Damascus, which she described as an institution. Their selection of middle eastern pastries, snacks, condiments, and ingredients is great. Their hand pies (meat, spinach, and many other flavors and combinations) are cheap and delicious. It's a regular stop on my weekend shopping expeditions, and should be on yours too.

Uri Shusterman

Everything is good here. Prices are high though so you'll need to pick and choose what you invest your Dinars in...

David Mizrachi

The Best Pistachio lukum turquish Delight

Sydney Oh

Small Syrian bakery but vast selection of hummus, spreads, pastries, and more. Particularly love their Pistachio Knafeh.

Andrew Costaris

Andrew Ragland

I have found Paradise in the middle of Brooklyn. Hummus, fresh baked pitas, vegetable rolls, baklava, all the delicious carbs I could ever want. Serious respect for these folks, running a bakery that's open long hours seven days a week.

christina ziter

An experience for the eyes and the stomach! I was greeted with a smile from the gentleman behind the counter; amazing aroma and the sight of an assortment of desserts and spinach/meat pies displayed behind glass. The zaatar and ghraybeh (cookies) are delicious,, I opened immediately when I got on train. I look forward to the bread and other items I purchased. I will definitely return and recommend.

Michael Campo

I never leave Brooklyn without getting some Damascus Flatbread!

Jubi Kappil

Rasmus Brink

ali ali

very good estern products

Derek Saffe

Pei Las

This is a great shop with very nice staff working up front. Bottom line is that if you want some Mediterranean / Arab food products, you need to come to Damascus. There are freshly baked pitas and many different sides in the fridge. You can buy baklawah here. That is the filo dough filled desert. You can also get good olives. You can also get good spreads, including the olive tamponade. You can try matboucha. The pitas include whole wheat and regular variety. There is zaatar for purchase as well. The man up front will guide you as well. I find this place better than the perhaps more famous Sahadi’s next door.

I Amos

Josephine Esposito

Andrew Marks

This bakery is excellent. One of the best in New York! Everything you get there is super fresh and so tasty. If you're in the area it's a must stop! The Pita Bread they sell is a classic and baklavah, grape leaves, and hummus are unbelievable.

Martin Saposnick

Fresh and great selection of mid-eastern foods, dips, salads, hummas, Pita, halvah, and desserts.

Douglas Gutierrez

Sam Ahmad

I've been going to this place since I was a kid. Great bread and food.

Diana Veloia

Their white fish and salmon dips are the best. Nice selection of jams and halvas too.

Audrey Kirkland

Love these guys. Neighborhood jewel.

Pavel Push

Small Syrian bakery-shop offer different verity of food and salads. Worth to try chopped falafel sandwich but seriously Walnut Baklava is the real treasure. Certainly best in the town. Pin the address, that place in Brooklyn one of the most authentic and interesting on Atlantic avenue.

Mark Katz

Chicken pies are a staple in our house. We pick up a half dozen and are good for the week!

Robert Alvarez

This place has fantastic foods, and an excellent and broad selection of Middle Eastern spices and foods. I believe they also offer catering services, as well. The last time I was there, I purchased a sweet and savory pastry, filled with cheese, breaded, and lightly coated with honey. I was embarrassed to ask what it was called, as I had forgotten, but it was supremely delicious!

Dennis Halaby

Excellent and delicious

Arnie Schlissel

My "go to" place for all Mideastern or Mediterranean specialty foods. All the breads, spreads and salads are made in house, and delicious!

rebecca hochman

Hussain Rahim

Fred Sawabini

The best bread, spinach pies and dips you can buy in the NYC area, and the only place I've found to buy real, Middle Eastern stuffed grape leaves. Incredibly good!

Adam Downey

Ruxandra Vasilescu

I LOVE this pasty shop. I specifically go here to buy feta cheese, because this shop carries excellent brands and the prices are great. But you can find all kinds of prepared foods & spreads: tabouleh, beans, caviar, baba ganoush, etc. They also have halvah and it's delicious. And a turkish coffee that is very inexpensive and very good. You can also find here TONS of spices. A very friendly place. GO!

Aaron Plewke

Diana Gomez

Very cool place. Excellent pastries

Milford Plaines

Excellent Great place for Middle Eastern Food

Jeremy Yong

Just get any of the pies. They'll heat them for you. Very friendly folks. So, so good.

Malik Assafein

Theresa Wong

Great place with fresh pitas, labneh and pastries. I wished we lived closer and could come more frequently.


Don't buy the baklava. It's like something you might find in Oklahoma. I'm sure the rest of the store is okay.

Chad Rabinowitz

Great food!

Siva Muthiah

Great snacks and pastry. Love the meat pie and my favorite cheese puffs. Delicious!

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