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REVIEWS OF City Cakes IN New York

Sara Lowe

Delcious cupcakes. In honor of my job celebrating 2 years in business, they treated us with cupcakes from Brown Sugar Bakery. I had my very first caramel cupcake and it was pure joy. The cake was very moist and delcious and the caramel frosting was so decadent. They have won me over.

Erin Cooper

Oh em gee! After seeing a friend post about these cookies on Instagram, I could not WAIT to try them. We were on a trip to NYC, and I made it a point to stop by the shop and grab some cookies. First off, they are HEAVY. I got a sugar doodle, stuffed red velvet, chocolate chip, and Reese’s pieces. LOVED ALL OF THEM! They are soft, very tasty, and totally share-able since they’re so massive

John Stellrecht

Delicious cookies and had an anniversary cake that was incredible. Staff is wonderful and cookies shipped from website make great gifts.

kyra ross

If I could give zero stars...I would. Chef Benny is an unapologetic, unprofessional "business" man. I went to this bakery several weeks ago to speak to someone about creating a cake for my sons first birthday. I end up speaking to the unenthusiastic baker who, acts like it is more of a nuisances than anything else for me to be there asking questions. Days later, I finally receive the rendition of what the cake/cupcake display would look like, Im not impressed. I ask for the cake to be more along the lines of the inspiration I provided. We go back and forth a few times, each time with me asking each time to set up a tasting, and Benny ignoring most of my questions in the email. The last email I received from Benny was to confirm the order and I promptly responded "yes" (although I was already under the assumption that we were confirmed). 12 hours later I get an email stating that he will no long be filling my order because of "last min orders"... This has been weeks in the works and last min orders are taking priority? This confuses me.

Michael Byrnes

By far, the best cookies I’ve had! The sugar doodle and the hearty oatmeal raisin are my favorites but they’re all amazing, and it doesn’t hurt that the owner is an awesome guy! I love supporting businesses run by good people!!!

Thomas Ng

Cup cakes and 1/2 lb cookies are good.

Amber J

I ordered cookies on Monday and they were delivered on Wednesday just like their website said They were for my husband’s birthday who works in NY and was away from home on his birthday! He loved them and said he could barely finish ONE! These are seriously what I would call New York style cookies! Big and delicious!

Rosie’s World!!

This bakery is amazing, I love all th flavors and plus the cupcakes! It’s also so convenient being close and being able to order so def try you won’t be disappointed!

Josefina Adkins

I love her caramel cake! The best caramel I've had on a cake since my mom. Brown sugar is the place to go if you want a REAL CARAMEL cake or just good sweets.

Maggie Randles

Un-freaking-real. I think these cookies might have actually inspired the song This Is What Dreams Are Made Of from the Lizzie McGuire movie. Perfectly soft but not falling apart. If you're constantly in a state of "treat yo self" this should be your next endeavor.

Carlye Fenner

For my Sister's Birthday, I ordered 8 Cookies from City Cakes. Hands down, THE BEST flipping Cookies EVER!!!! I've had a lot of Cookies in my life & NONE can match City Cakes. Your Cookies rock & I'll be ordering more soon! YUM!!

Thomas Gaglio

The most amazing and elaborate birthday cake I’ve ever received came from City Cakes ( a very realistic rendering of the Daft Punk robots!)— check out their Instagram for some truly impressive creations! If you’re not in the market for an insane cake I also highly recommended their half pound cookies - I consume an embarrassing amount of these in the winter.

Mubushar Raza

The cookies were amazing!!! Highly recommended place and will def satisfy your sweet tooth!!!

Carlie McLaughlin

I absolutely love City Cakes. For sure one of my favorite cookies out there. You can never go wrong with the Macamochip Nutella - my personal favorite. The flavor never disappoints. Others of my favorites that I've tried are the pink velvet, Reese's, and oatmeal raisin. But to be honest, you can't go wrong with any of the cookies here. The staff is always so kind, welcoming and quick. Online orders are easy and simple. I love City Cakes and it's always my top suggestion for dessert for any visitors to the city!

David Blaut

Love the red velvet cookie. It's big and the filling is addictive. Yummy!!!


Always good!

Anna Zhuk

I come to this small but mighty bakery every few weeks because I’m hopelessly addicted to each and every one of their always on-point cookies

Marek Fam

A must stop when you are in NYC! The half pound cookies are famous! I am from the west coast and got a bunch as stocking stuffers for Christmas and they where a hit!

Katelyn Lacy

City Cakes has the most amazing cookies. Their little shop is below ground, so you might miss it, but keep your eye out because it will change your life. I am a cookie fanatic. I have tried most cookie places in NYC, but City Cakes it different than most. It feels like a home. You can feel the love that goes into each product. The sugardoodle is amazing!!!! It is perfectly gooey and flavorful at the same time baked to absolute perfection. I would recommend this place to anyone, and have brought several of my friends here because it’s just so amazing.

Melissa Castor

Absolutely delicious baked goods! Their cookies are HUGE but SOOOO good and so fresh! I really recommend anything and everything here.

Ilana Nikravesh

INCREDIBLE! The only way to describe City Cakes! Their cookies are the ABSOLUTE BEST in NYC and their cakes are DELICIOUS!!! The staff is also amazing and goes above and beyond to make my orders special. I consistently get delivery from them and the orders are always complete and on time!! CITY CAKES IS A MUST TRY!

Kristen Adaway

I actually stopped by City Cakes during the summer of 2018 on a visit to New York. I got two of the red velvet cookies and I’m extremely picky when it comes to red velvet anything so I was hoping they wouldn’t taste just like a glorified chocolate cookie with food coloring. They did not! These cookies were so fresh. They were chewy and moist on the inside but the outside had a nice crunch to it. I was full off of half of just ONE. The next time I visit the city I will definitely stop by again.

Elizabeth Morton

I was here last week to order my engagement cake, and had Armen helping me. He was so knowledgeable, creative, and professional. We sat down for an hour to draw out the custom design I wanted; his creativity helped me come to a final decision. He was very patient and helped me visualize exactly what it would look like. He also gave me advice on how to set up my desert table. My event is in March and will be posting up their beautiful work. They also let me taste samples and it was delicious. To all the brides, make sure to come here for your event. It will be the least stressful, fastest, and easiest experience.

Mark Farewell

Chef Benny and his team were absolutely fantastic. What initially drew us to City Cakes NY was the cake itself: it tasted incredible when we went for a consultation. We had a very specific request for our cake design and Benny did an amazing job of replicating a very specific Korean flower. When I arrived at our wedding venue, I couldn't believe how beautiful the cake was. The flowers were made of sugar but incredibly realistic. I was totally blown away. I highly recommend City Cakes NY and would definitely use them again for another event!

Alexis Yount

Excellent cookies, great texture and flavor. Ginger cookies were my favorite.

Susanna Porte

Omg. Best-kept secret in NYC. Hole-in-the-wall on lower level w/ scrumptious double-chocolate cupcakes with almond extract in the frosting (among other offerings). At 3 bucks a pop, it’s a steal.

Jill Cuellar

Best cookies ever! I ordered these online after hearing so many wonderful things about them. They were all true. The cookies are huge and delicious. I ordered 2 packs of them. They came so quickly and the customer service was super friendly. I've already eaten a few and froze the rest. So excited to order more!

Trevor McCollum

OUTSTANDING!! Moist, fresh and heavenly! I shared it with my co-workers and they share my sentiments! Keep doing what you're doing City Cakes!

Jillian Leibovitch

City Cakes has the most amazing cookies. Their little shop is below ground, so you might miss it, but keep your eye out because it will change your life. I am a cookie fanatic. I have tried most cookie places in NYC, but City Cakes it different than most. It feels like a home. You can feel the love that goes into each product. The sugardoodle is amazing!!!! It is perfectly gooey and flavorful at the same time baked to absolute perfection. I would recommend this place to anyone, and have brought several of my friends here because it’s just so amazing.

K Richardson

This was an unexpected find! And well worth the calories. Amazing peanut butter cookie.

Jessica Lowe

The best cookies ever! The seasonal Pumpkindoodle are out of this world. The best year round is the macochip, followed closely by red velvet. The cookies freeze incredibly well and are AMAZING heated up. Order now!

Erin Hagemann

The best cookies I have ever had!! I ordered the most popular 4 pack and they were amazing. They freeze incredibly well and were delicious after just a quick minute in the microwave! Ordering again!

Lesley Cordero

Very good cupcakes, but nothing out of this world? I was looking forward to the nutella cupcake, but there was barely any nutella, so I was incredibly disappointed. The chocolate cupcake I had, again, was very good, but nothing out of the ordinary. Not sure what the hype is all about.


The best red velvet cookie I have ever had... period. I've been to many other places in L.A., Chicago, and NY but City Cakes makes the very best stuff

V V a l

Yummy 1/2 lb Chocolate chip cookie!

Brittany Lett

I came across City Cakes when planning a birthday for two of my closest friends. I was in search of an amazing bakery that could great delicious beautiful cakes and I must say, City Cakes hit the nail on the head. I contacted Chef Buddy and only had a 4 day window to create a custom cake for 15 people that I had mocked up. I ordered a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting and a design on the top that included a 3d flower. When I went to pick up the cake, I was amazed. It was beautiful and the flower looked so real. Even better, when the birthday girls saw the cake, they had tears and still haven't stopped talking about it. The cake was definitely one of the party highlights and people couldn't stop commenting on how delicious it was. I highly recommend Chef Buddy and City Cakes for any of your cake needs! Bonus: I arrived at the bakery with a handful of balloons and the staff was so accommodating. They walked me to the car and helped me not ruin the cake or lose the balloons!

Johnny Lee

Awesome experience with this company. My cake was out of this world.. better than anything I could have asked for. The guys who run the operation are cordial, lovely, and completely out to make sure that you have exactly the type of cake you are looking for. I will never use any other cake designer in the city. If you're looking for a cake... use these guys- you won't be disappointed.

Hailey MicheleHailey

First, I want to say that not only did Robina cake produce the dopest looking cake that is also the most amazing tasting cake I've ever had, but Armen worked with my last minute request for the cake, and by that I mean I asked them to produce this cake less than a week before my event!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!


great cakes

Hasam Silva

Lovely jubbily cookie.


If God wanted to order dessert, this is where he'd call. Because it's heavenly. If you don't like this place, there is something wrong with you.

Lee Alman

This place is *amazing* -- apart from keeping things fresh with new cookie and cupcake flavors, their custom cakes are truly one-of-a-kind, and as delicious as they are beautiful. We're using them for our wedding this Spring and know our guests will be as impressed as we are!

Sankofa Tafari NYC

If you’re riding or driving past this place you could easily miss it. Thus you’ll be missing out on some of NYC’s greatest baked goodies. And she’s such a nice person with a easy smile. Schedule some gym time in and enjoy.


I’ve been kinda obsessed with City Cakes since I first tried them almost a year ago. Everything is such good quality and so delicious! The red velvet and sugar doodle HALF-POUND (yes you read that right) cookies are my favorite but I’ve branched out to trying and loving the cupcakes too. Next are the cakes! If you feel like treating yourself get the cookie cake with 3 cookies and icing in between each layer and on top, which is HEAVEN!

Eli Galloway

Best bakery in NYC!!! All there bake goods are amazing and bursting with flavor...

Esther Bristol

It is a beautiful store. With excellent customer service. The cake was very taste. Also, the owner pays very close attention to detail. You are ensured the best service.

Tanya Chandra

Maybe they were having an off day but the red velvet wasn't as good as expected. The chocolate cupcake was good

James Khoury

Great cup cakes! Thinking of going back tonight from NJ just to get another cup cake! Very nice people too!

Nikki S

I ordered cookies for a friend's birthday, and he loved them! I've heard a lot about City Cakes and finally decided to give it a try.. Now I have to order some for myself ;) & oh they're a pound each of droolsome goodness!!

Edgardo V.

Very large, underwhelming cookies. Quantity beats quality in this case.

Stacie Houlker

I ordered a cake for a business anniversary party, the cake looked amazing but the inside of the cake was a little bit dry.

Cotu & Ney

Amazing dough cookies

Kay Shelley

Oh mahhh gawwwwd! Y’all!!! The stuffed cookies are orgasmic!! Be sure to try the *LIMITED EDITION* PumpkinDoodle ! And a portion of proceeds fo to help Puerto Rico relief efforts!!! Amazing, high quality ingredients mixed into sweet, sultry, satisfying, heavenly batches of half pound perfection.

Laura Allen

Amazing cookies!!!! Soft and moist even after shipping!!!! Follow them on Instagram to see new flavors and sales!

Abhishek Singh Rathore

Great cupcakes. Buy three for 2.50 get one free.

Jamie Madill

Amazing cookies.

Christine Kim

This is my favorite place for a sweet cookie treat. The cookies are half a pound and worth every bite and calorie. My favorite is the red velvet. It had a lovely cream cheese filling and is incredible when you catch a fresh warm batch. The red velvet is usually the first to sell out, so beware.

Kelsey D

Easily some of the best cookies I've ever had. Don't let the price scare you away, the size of these things is truly worth it. I tried the chocolate chip, Reese's, and snickerdoodle. They were all amazing but I think the classic chocolate chip was my favorite. This place is on my must go list every time I'm in NYC.

Ramiro Muniz

I've ordered from City Cakes in the past and boy are these cookies great! Doesn't get any better than half pound red velvet and macamochip giants! Perfect if you want to give as a gift for that foodie in your life. And very reasonable prices as well! Highly recommend!

Vivienne Van Do

This place is a baker’s paradise. They even have baked goods for you to try. Atmosphere: colorful, happy, at your own pace, a lot of space. It’s attractive with many things to look at and discover. Supplies: they have almost everything you can imagine minus spices. They have premise frosting, batters, pans, sprinkles of all types, cutters of all types, decorations, premise sugar florals. It’s amazing. Staff: so friendly. They’re really helpful if you need anything. They probably get visited with many busy bakers and businesses. If you’re a novice baker, don’t be intimidated by their attention. Desserts: they have some vegan options! As well as normal baked goods. I think what sets their bakery apart from other bakeries is that their bakery is for samples of what you can buy or what they can provide you for your special occasion. They bake foods with traditional methods: cream, oil, flour, sugar. Don’t expect a cake made of sweet potato or brownies made of black beans or psyllium husk or date sugar. I like how clean this place is. When you visit, you can smell the sweetness in the air to inspire or lure you deeper into the store.

Melissa Paris

The cookies here are worth a visit alone. Massive is an understatement.

Ralph Dawson

Best Darn Cookie I ever had, smell brought me into the bakeshop and activated my sweet tooth, I opted for the 1/2 lb Snicker doodle which had the perfect texture, crunch on the outside super soft in the middle, I would describe the taste as a cinnamon buttery explosion, cant wait to try the rest.


Slightly hidden baking wonder of NYC

Scott Keller

OMG: these 1/2 pound cookies are so delicious, especially with the optional frosting on top. Loved the snickerdoodle.

Jaylene Murillo

Red velvet cookie was one of the best cookies I've ever had. It was also the size of my face 10/10

Melissa Hornik

I cannot say enough wonderful things about City Cakes. First of all, I need to rave about their customer service because, in all honesty, I have NEVER been treated so well by a business. I needed to rush an order and they went to such extensive measures to make sure my delivery arrived on time. They went above and beyond to fulfill the order and even took it upon themselves to personally follow up with my brother, who I delivered a package of cookies to. I am blown away by how special they make their customers feel, which in itself is a reason to go there! As for the treats, their cookies are unparalleled! They are high quality, tasty, and HUGE, so it’s a great bang for your buck. I honestly can’t decide which flavor I like best because each one that I’ve tried has been so delicious. You need to make sure you stop by this amazing place and get some half pound goodness in your life!

Quincy charles

Cake was fantastic. Thank you so so much!! Everyone commented on how good the cake looks and tasted- compliments all round. Like no other birthday cake they have tasted - rich, moist etc. They love it! It is the only cake I have ever tasted and I thought it was fantastic. I will certainly recommend your cakes to others Thanks

Joseph NewYork

Only good if you enjoy overly-thick and overly-sized chewy cookies and cupcakes. Share one with four friends, otherwise, stay away and stay healthy.

Jenn Vélez

Love this hidden jewel! They have the most amazing cookies, well the one and only HALF POUND cookies! I have tried them ALL and they are perfectly delicious, there's no way I can describe how good they are, just go and give it a try and thank me later because, I can tell you right now... You're Welcome! Also, for the holidays I was looking for the perfect sweet something for my coworkers and I went to City Cakes asked for individual wrapped cookies and it was the bomb; everyone loved them! The cupcakes are pretty amazing too they are moist and rich in flavor! Overall, I love everything about this place and I'll give them 10 stars if possible! Great and helpful staff!

Doris Ponce-Rondon

The most amazing cake my son has ever had! He wanted a special airplane cake and sent a picture to Chef Benny (City Cakes). He did the most outstanding replica, even the airplane windows. This cake had the Wao factor and we will treasure our son excitement and happy face forever. Obviously, the cake was delicious. If I could give them 6 stars review I will.

Rachel Jaros

Chef Benny created our gorgeous wedding cake! We have received several comments that it was the best wedding cake some folks have ever had!!! We went with the chef's recommendation of Amaretto Cake with original butter cream. It was amazing!!!!! Plus City Cakes is wonderful to work with :)

Fatima Shaw

Stopped by here on the way back from the farmers market. Simple selection of criossant pastries and scones. Ordered the almond croissant from the window and it was still warm. Perfectly crispy outside with the super soft and warm inside one of the best almond croissants in memory!!

Tiffany Jensen

Literally the best cookies... ever. They are soft baked and HUGE! I have heard so many great things I had to try them for myself. I bought the assorted stack and I absolutely loved every flavor! My personal favorite was the red velvet - it even has filling! I will most definitely be ordering again soon. These make great gifts and decadent treats for parties!

Kara Johnson

Favorite bakery in NYC you can’t go wrong with anything you order!!

Emily Franklin

Half-pound cookies and assorted cupcakes. Nothing vegan, and no seating, but hands down the best cookies I've ever had. I like the spiced chocolate the best so far, then chocolate chip and snickerdoodle. They have punch card business cards so you get the tenth cookie free. They usually have a couple special flavor cookies that are a dollar more. I've only had one cupcake, and it was terrific too. I recommend taking home the cookie and warming it up in the microwave, since they don't warm them up. Also note that they don't give you the cookies on display - they get them from the back - but if I remember correctly they gave us the cupcakes on display.

Tara Griffin

Their snickerdoodle was amazing!!!

Betsy Morgan

You will never have a better—or bigger— cookie. They make great hostess gifts.

Nandini Naik

Wow! The cake was a huge hit and everyone loved it! Thank you so much for creating this beautiful and whimisical cake for our daughters first. Many cheers, Chef Benny & and your team.

Vanessa Scott Abbadessa

YUM. This place rocks. Chef Benny is so kind and prompt in responding for custom items. Those cookies....dangerous!

Jed Hamer-thomas

Try not to walk past it! You would miss out on some of the tastiest cookies in nyc

Chad D

Wow unbelievable filled cookies. Small shop downstairs and worth going with friends so you can all order different flavors and try various flavors. The clerk was very helpful and friendly.


I ordered the four pack of the chocolate lovers cookies online. I received them very quickly and they taste amazing! They are still incredibly fresh and soft. Definitely worth the money.

Brittany King

These are the best chocolate chip cookies I've ever had! I visited NYC twice and couldn't make it to the bakery, so when I saw that they delivered across the country I was so excited! My cookies got to my house SO quick and they were in perfect condition (which is not common--coming from someone who orders food online often). City Cakes staff was also very helpful when it came to answering all my questions quickly enough to make the right shipping decision. I will definitely be ordering another batch of their half pound deliciousness.

Michael Henderson

I would give 10 stars if I could!!! You won't find cookies like this anywhere else on the planet. Their service is par none; they went above and beyond the call of duty on my recent purchase. Personal interaction via e-mail + genuine care and concern about my order sets them above the rest. Give them a shot; you won't be disappointed. Thank you City Cakes! You have my future business!


I frequent this place for the cookies and quite enjoy that it's a bit hidden, makes for a yummy detour

Peter Heidrich

Best cake place my office has found for birthdays. We won't be going anywhere else.

Lexie Judd

Semi hidden bakery with amazing half pound cookies

Jo-Ann Leamon

Love sweets, then you'll love all City Cakes has to offer. It's the best of the best.

Brock Kirby

The cookies are incredible and the customer service was perfect. I will make it a point to visit City Cakes every time I’m in NYC. 10/10 experience

Kelly Keck

My husband got my 30th birthday cake from city cakes. The customer service was amazing and they stayed open a little later so my husband could pick it up. He told me the price was reasonable. The cake was so SO delicious. We've gotten so many compliments and questions about the cake. Thank you!

Mike Gentile

Hands down... one of the most creative/delish bakeries In the city. My order was beyond expectations.

Ashley Hawes

I’ve always loved city cakes and usually go to the physical store. The cookies are always delicious. Recently tried their delivery service and was disappointed to see that they stick to their “please no substitutions” rule even for a peanut allergy. Had to throw out an entire box of cookies.

Joseph Stein

Absolutely delicious baked goods! Their cookies are HUGE but SOOOO good and so fresh! I really recommend anything and everything here. Some of the other baked goods are pricey but its worth it. I love eating here. Prices are reasonable. Feels similar to a cafe in Chicago I loved. I bought some for my family members too and they praised about its freshness and crunch. City Cakes is best cookie shop in New York City.

Jamie Woodard

They were still warm, they also partner with Amorino to have gelato as a cookie sandwich! The cookie was the size of my FACE! Yum.

Jennifer Espinal

Simply amazing and to think the owner is one of the nicest guys I've ever met!!! And the cupcakes are to die for.

Helene Mayer

Delicious half pound cookies, cupcakes and spectacular cakes. You have to follow them on Instagram. Cakes are objects of art.

Kathleen Embury

The best cookies I've had in my life. This place is honestly 90% of the reason I want to move to NYC. They were so good, I ate one in a single sitting (would not recommend because they are gigantic, but if you have low restraint when it comes to baked goods like me, be warned because these are to die for!!!!) I went several times while living in NYC and tried the sugardoodle (which I got twice because it's my favorite, expecially frosted with almond buttercream), the macamochip, the stuffed red velvet, the chocolate chip, the Reeses, and the triple chocolate spiced (which was surprisingly amazing, my second favorite). The sugardoodle is a must try!! I didn't even think I liked snickerdoodles before I tried this piece of heaven. The cookies are the perfect texture, almost fudge-brownie like all the way through, but with the structure of a good chocolate chip cookie. Once you go here, no other cookie will compare.

Priscilla Knowles

HUGE cookies and super soft and delicious! Need a huge glass of milk I can eat a box ful!

Amoy Christian

While I am disappointed that I did not have the chance to experience one of Chef Benny's works of art for my parents 70th birthday, unfortunately I could not give them my business after one of his staff members was completely rude over the phone. Customers Service is key. When ordering a custom cake from out of state for a special event you expect good service. My sister and I were highly disappointed after thinking that our cake plans were squared away with City Cakes and now we have to find another bakery.

Theodore Chang

Amazing cookies! If you are in a mood to really indulge in sweet, definitely come check this place out. Lots of flavors and I've tried the Chocolate Chip and the Sugardoodle, which is like a snicker doodle. Each are truly half a pound and each bite is chewy and moist. If you do not like chewy cookies, these are probably not for you. They also have cupcakes but I have not tried one yet. I think next time I want to try their ice cream sandwiches...but one a day when I feel like I can afford the amount of calories it has to offer...haha. Or maybe when I really want to treat myself. Everything looks so good! The place is a little hidden, so look out for their sign on 18th St. It's in the basement of the building.

Henrik de Gyor

Largest cookies I have ever seen. Half a pound each. And flavorful, not bland. They can be stacked with stuff in between. Some already have filling inside of each cookie. Wow! what a find.

Vandy Richards

These are the best cookies I’ve ever bought. I had the Pumpkindoodles last year for Christmas. They’re ginormously amazing. I can’t wait to order some more this weekend.

Kelly Buss

I ordered 8 cookies for my post cheat meal after my first bikini competition. Everything I have ever heard about City Cakes cookies was all true! I just warmed them up in the microwave and they tasted like they were just baked! So fresh and ooey, and gooey. The BEST cookies I have EVER had! They made my first competition that much sweeter ;) will definitely be ordering again very soon for my next competition!

Michael Diaz

The BEST cookies I ever had!!!! Excellent customer service!!!! My favorite....Red Velvet!!!! My family and friends have enyojed the cookies and the cakes so much! Thank you Benny Rivera

Tessa White

Love City Cakes!! Defiantly my favorite place for cookies in the city. They are perfectly cooked around the edges and squishy in the middle!! XO-NYCsauceGirl

Mario T Lopes

Best cookie I've had in a while.

Chris Gonz

The smell make you want to buy everything and the size of there cookies are like you face.

Dr. Renee Norris-Jones

I eat cake. I do not, I repeat, I do not eat cupcakes. These are the best cupcakes ever. Key Lime filled cupcake ~OMG DELICIOUS

Clarice Honigsberg

Hidden Gem!!!! Hands down the best cupcakes in Manhattan ( and I've tried them all). If I could give them 10 stars I would.

Tom Schupper

At the 25th October i was in your Paradise and bought a cookie, i don’t know the name. I had an special request (light one) and the Girl who served me said “you like it a little uncooked” an gave me a wonderful bright cookie. That was really something special. I’m a confectioner (I no longer work in this profession)and I can say that was one of the best (maybe the very best) cookie in my live. At my next visit in ny I will come to you again at any rate (hope that are the right words).

Arlene Clark

I ordered a dozen cupcakes as a surprise for my son's birthday. While the initial delivery could not be made due to a bad address, this company went above and beyond to have the cakes redelivered at their cost, I will definitely use again. And my son said they were delicious and very fresh.

Toms FoodTour

In the early weeks of Tom's Food Tour, we were out searching for City Cakes, home of the brightly red colored, sugar topped, cream cheese frosting filled, half pound Red Velvet cookies we had seen in so many enticing Instagram posts. On our first trip down 18th street, we humorously walked right by the location. We were on the opposite side of the street and a car was parked obstructing the subterranean storefront. After doubling back, we found what would soon become our favorite bakeshop. After a few steps down into the basement we met Candy and Sarah who graciously agreed to show us the many cookies, cupcakes, and cakes City Cakes has to offer. On first bite, the Red Velvet Cookie was one of those tastes that will be forever etched on my taste buds. It was firm on the sugary exterior yet soft once you bit into the soft chewy interior with its surprise cream cheese center. This is the cookie. This is the spot. Others may try to duplicate it, but there is only one City Cakes Red Velvet Cookie. A cool option at City Cakes is to have the Frost and Sprink treatment on top of your cookie. As I say, you can really never have too much icing. Make sure you try their latest invention, the Macamochip Cookie, which combines milk chocolate chips, Rice Krispies, Nutella, & Macadamia nuts. Oh did I mention, this is an amazing tasting cookie and....gluten free! The cupcakes are fresh, tender, and have just the right amount of icing. Flavors don't get stale at City Cakes and every month there are limited edition cupcake creations to try. If you need a cake for your special occasion look no further than artist Chef Benny Rivera. His cakes look more like museum pieces than edible confections (check out his award winning 9/11 firefighter). Marc, Benny, & Sarah lead a team that combines top products with first class service. Everybody at the shop is so friendly & accommodating, especially dealing with the little ones!!! New York is a city with endless culinary options. If you wanted to, you could go years without returning to the same bakery. However there is one bakeshop I will visit whenever I'm in town, City Cakes!

Paulina Ruiz Moreno

Best cookies I have ever tasted in the city! Absolutely obsessed

Casey Matheny

YESSSSS! I dream about the chocolate chip cookie. I can honestly say it's my favorite in the city (and over the last 7 years, I have made it my sole responsibility to try them all).

Lillian Mills

City cakes is one of the best in the city. Always fresh and delicious

Rob Caldwell

The best cookies in the world — and I’ve looked all over!

Michael Barker

The day I ate cookies from this place, I fell in love with their taste. I bought some for my family members too and they praised about its freshness and crunch.

Jamien Ayala

An assortment of cupcakes, giant, half pound cookies and nice cakes

Kurt Hildebrandt

Cookies are good. Recommend for birthdays and business gifts!

Kevin Chan

Small bakery shop in chelsea with a entrance below ground level. Come here for the cupcakes as they are moist and full of flavor. My favorites are the red velvet and double chocolate. The iceing really stands out to me and is a great snack or dessert. The tiramisu is full of rum flavor. You can really get drunk to this cupcake. Another favorte is the caramel. Nice sweet buttery flavor that matches well with the vanilla cake.

Heather Rush

The BEST COOKIE in NYC! Pure ingredients and lots of love in some of the best tasting cookies. The staff is also the friendliest and most accommodating. We visit NYC every year and this is always part of our trip, visiting at least a few times and always taking cookies home with us.

Zhao Jing

I like to see this cookie store running by good people I met the owner this afternoon by chance , he came out of a narrow corner of this store in a magic way

Jessy Yokole

I had the red velvet half pound cookie. It was delicious. There really is a large choice for such a tiny place. However, it is so easy to miss, a pity.

Aika Nguyen

Very delicious cake

Tracy Schultz

I placed an order on Sept 24 and paid for UPS second day air delivery The cookies were delivered on Oct 10. I want to let everyone know that City Cakes did reply quickly and graciously to resolve the issue. I appreciate their response to satisfy the customer, me :), even though shipping is outside their direct control. This is called outstanding customer service!

new york eats

We LOVE city cakes. such good vibes and the cookies are the most perfectly cooked gooey goodness half pound perfection. bonus for having a buy 10 get one free

Carl Lauro

I ordered a cake for my partner's 50th birthday and couldn't have been happier! From the beginning when we ordered the cake to when we wrapped up the left over to freeze (YUM!), the experience was more than pleasant! Benny and his team were professional, courteous and accommodating. The process was enjoyable every step of the way! EVERYONE remarked on how beautiful and delicious the cake was. I highly recommend City Cakes, Benny and co. will not disappoint!

Ant McCaffrey

From the the very beginning of the order process, to the day of delivery, I found Chef Benny to be a consummate professional! Not only was the cake a work of art, as promised, but it was delicious! I look forward to doing business with City Cakes in the future!

LaiElle Whitaker

Absolutely delicious!! The only cake shop ill treck all the way to 18th st from the bronx just for a box of cupcakes!! Moist, sweet and the frostings are to kill for. My favorite is Chocolate Decadence ♡♡♡

Michelle Scott

Okay, so I've never had a cake here, but I have had the cookies. And the cookies are STELLAR. I've had a ton of cookies from all over the city, and these half pound monstrosities are still my favorites. Obviously huge portions, but not too crazy expensive. You'd never see the shop unless you were looking for it, so go look for it!

Mario Cuevas

I love eating here. Prices are reasonable. Feels similar to a cafe in Chicago I loved.

Emma Sweet

I live right near City Cakes, and it’s one of my absolute go-to spots in Chelsea. Their half-pound cookies are just what you want: flavorful, decadent, crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside. Topped with frosting (original or vanilla) plus sprinkles, and you have a beautiful and delicious dessert. My favorite cookies are chocolate chunk and Macamochip, which has macadamia nuts, puffed rice, chocolate chunks, and nutella. Go for the cookies, but also don’t miss their cupcakes; they’re equally delicious!

Ryan Madison

The half pound cookies are so incredible! I don't know how they manage to make such a large cookie remain so soft through the whole thing. YUM!

Mark Armanious

Awesome food! Wish they had a bigger location but they said they where moving to a bigger place so can't wait to go again!

Sweet Husbands

Truly amazing! Great customer service, too. We recommend sharing because the cookies are huge! We especially loved the Macamochip Cookie and Salted Caramel Cupcake.

Jessicca Bush

Ordered a custom cake for my son's birthday party, it was a fun ranch cake, it turned out exactly how my son described it and it exceeded my expectations. The cake became the highlight of the party and everyone admired the cake, but most of all, it was priceless to see my son beaming with pride. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job!

stan stan

Big and good cakes

Janis S

Omg, the Half-pound cookies are the best! We tried four different flavours & bought more for my coworkers. Everyone loved them. They are soft, stuffed with chocolate or cream cheese or Nutella. Very filling but very delicious. Will be back to try the other flavours soon. Lots of cute cupcakes also available, as well as custom cakes designed by the legendary cake designer Benny Rivera. A must-visit shop on NYC.

Yolanda Windschitl

the cake is so delicious :) Love it!

Léo Vilela

The best cookie of Ny!

Won Lim

Such a hidden gem. Great cookies and cupcakes.

Ann Casella

Your magnificent cake left everyone speechless! The bride works in the art world and her favorite artist is Mondrian. What a cake and what a magical wedding. Please know that your Mondrian-inspired cake was a central element to the vision we were hoping to create. Chef Benny, when the cake was sliced and plated, it still looked like a piece of art, a tiny Mondrian painting. Thank you and your team. You made all of our dreams come true! Working with you and your team was a dream. You told us to trust you and we did and you wildly surpassed any expectations we had!! With much appreciation, Ann and Mark Casella

Hannah Blanton

I really like this neighborhood bakery. $2 happy hour really good deal. Some of the other baked goods are pricey but its worth it.

Corin Anderson

The cookies weigh in at one-third of a pound. Baked just to be crunchy yet still a little underbaked and gooey in the center. I could eat only a fraction of my snickerdoodle -- the rest will be breakfast. City Cakes isn't at street level. Look for stairs down into their tiny shop.

Trevor Enberg

Oh so good. Soft and flavourful. Worth the search and the price.


City Cakes went above and beyond my expectations in every aspect! They were extremely prompt for starters. I was trying to surprise a good friend of mine for his birthday so attempted to place an order online and then called because I had a very short window to work with (15 minutes). Was shocked to receive a text within minutes of leaving a voicemail (with a loud screaming baby in the background). I honestly didn’t even expect a return call. Then I was contacted about the delivery specifics which were quite difficult as I was trying to surprise someone on the go in NYC which is hard! The address wouldn’t come up on google maps or in their system but after multiple text messages back and forth, they made it happen. If you’re looking for a place that goes above and beyond for their customers, call them! You will not be disappointed. I couldn’t have asked for a better turnout. Thank you City Cakes for making this special day happen! ❤️❤️

Rachel Englander

We worked with Chef Benny for our wedding cake last month and we were SO happy! The cake tasted amazing and looked so beautiful. It was beyond our expectations. Chef Benny was so nice and very easy to work with during the whole process. I have to say that we picked City Cakes both because of the flavor of the cakes (the chocolate ganache and hazelnutella buttercream are phenomenal) as well as Chef Benny. He really loves what he does and it shows in his work. We will recommend Chef Benny over and over for any wedding or special occasion cake... or even just for his delicious baked goods! Thank you Chef Benny and City Cakes team for making my favorite part of any wedding (the cake!) a grand slam success!


Milk chocolate cookies are the best. Tried others — sugar, Reeses Pieces etc — but nothing beats them. The cupcakes are also nice.

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