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REVIEWS OF Carlo's Bakery IN New York

Makan Dey

The food and staff here are amazing! Would definitely recommend.

J Green

Visited Carlos on my last visit to NYC, was very excited to try their baked goods as I was a fan of the show and love pastries, however when getting a sample of many popular items on the menu my group was disappointed in the taste. Everything looked pretty, however tasted very bland and all pastries had similar taste of floured pastry and bland custard fillings. They could learn from the Nutty Greek Bake shop in Ottawa, which I had shortly after on a excursion to to that city, where I had to stop myself from going back as everything there was intensely good.

Giovani Rodriguez

I came here with high expectations because of the show but was disappointed. I got a cannoli and an italian cheesecake. The cannoli was good but does not live up to the hype and the italian cheesecake tasted a tad funky. It's pretty busy and noisy and everything is overpriced. Overall it's an OK place.

S Haddougui

Great service from staff we did not realize some of the pastries were cooked in animal based products. We appreciated their understanding and patience The new order taking system is great lineups go faster. Pastry is good for the price its downtown after all.

Salah Berdouk

Once more, an overpriced bakery... The cakes are ok. However, you post proper New York prices there.

Michele Brennan

Perfect dessert after a long day of walking in the city!! Lobster claws never dissappoint...

Chanel Owens

The pastries looked delicious. The cupcakes were not good. I expected so much more from the Cake Boss. Very disappointing.

perla valadez

A little bit busy but i loved the caramel latte they serve! Fast and friendly staff.

Skye Longhurst

Delicious Oreo Cheesecake & Lobster Tails, very quick service!

Brian Zabela

High expectations, deserts were good but not "I gotta get that again"

Diana Martinez

Love the food and portion . Although alot sweet options to choose from -Price is alright but hey its manhattan


I really thought this place would be all hype. Couldn't be more wrong. The lobster tail and chocolate cheesecake pastry were the best I have ever had. Considering the location, price wasn't terrible.


This location is well situated in Manhattan. I went there because I was fascinated by the TV show cake boss. I bought the chocolate cake as shown in the photo. To my surprise, it wasn't overly priced for the amount of the cake it offered. Also to my surprise, it was not overly sweet. I was very satisfied. I shared the large cake with several of my colleagues. They all liked it.

RC3 Yank

Everything was amazing as always. We stop by every time we come to NYC and never disappointed

Manny R.

I've waited a long time to visit and so glad I finally did! Red velvet and cheesecake were amazing, however cookies too sweet and cupcakes were worst than a grocery store. However, I'm still so happy and would definitely go back! My only complaint is the prices! This place is so overpriced, but I guess they know they can charge whatever they want. They messed up my order and the guy at the cash was so friendly about it, I was really impressed by him. The portions are very tiny, especially for the price you pay. But, I still would go back, just cause there were other things which looked so good!

Natasha Pippen

Exactly what you would imagine. I was dragged here and m so happy they did!

Kat Bernier

The service was great, fast and very friendly, especially for such a busy place. The carrot cake was my favorite, however everything we tried was yummy.

Arkeitha Prince

Delicious my family and I watched Cake Boss for years I could not wait to taste met my expectations and some

Subash K

Good bakery with wide varieties of cakes and pastries but not with the most courteous staff.


They really do make spectacular baked goods. They were out of the double chocolate cookies when I was there and the snickerdoodles were a bit bland. But the cheesecakes and the chocolate mousse cake were totally yummy. I could eat those every day

April Carlos

First time something is not overrated when it comes to a celebrity location. The lobster tails are bomb. The coffee is a little watery, but the pasteries make up for it.

Kristy Houser Stoner

Long lines. Extremely expensive because of the name only, not quality. Any other top end New York bakery would be a better pick. The cakes definitely are baked and prepackaged in abundance. They were stale, dry and crumbly. Cheesecake is certainly not New York style and the cookies were not soft either. For the price you would be much more pleased to just pick a different shop.

hazim kudaih

If u see the cake boss show on fatafeet or food network , u definitly know buddy and this bake shop. Everything is serving there taste amazing from all kinds and cakes and pastries. They have great coffee too U must try it indeed

Ernesto Perez

Extremely and not justified high prices. No croissants available at 9 am! Cheese Cake 10.95$. Everything is sugar in bulk, nutritionally awful. It doesn't give the value for the money.


Crazy good desserts, a bit pricey, but worth it as an experience.

Susan Christopher

This place is Times Square and offers huge lines, huge prices and middle of the road baked goods. There's so many delightful little bakeries in the area that I wonder why it's such a huge draw. I think it's because it's the Cake Boss. My cake was on the drier side and frankly I didn't even finish it. It's a tourist trap and I will avoid it next time.

Damian Sweeney

In the heart of the city on West 42nd Street Friendly attentive staff take your orders on tablets as they work the queue, leaving you simply to collect and pay as you reach the counter Wheelchair accessible A compete root of colour of cakes and sponges Small seating area to sit and consume your purchases (this is why a dropped a star as it's difficult to get a seat) Great presentation of purchases once boxed up for you Open late each night so you can always satisfy your yearning for cake

Jose Santiago

My wife and daughter loved their desert and were left asking for more. Thanks for the great experience for three great fans.


Disappointing. Not what I expected from the TV show. The Place was packed, couldn't find anywhere to sit, high prices for mediocre products.

Mico Popovic

Famous chef and all his famous products, tasty cookies & pastries , hard to say No while in NYC ! Brownies are another level !! With the family, friends , loved ones or by yourself you got to make a stop in here and get that sweet rush

kristina budimir

I was totally disappointed, the cakes and cookies taste was miles apart of what we were hoping for. Waiting rows (artificially created) as a marketing trick to seem as that's something valuable waiting for. We have tried 4 cakes / cookies, I do not remember honestly the names, I tried to forget them as soon as possible. The chocolate cake I tried was dry, too sweet, in one word inedible. Then those plastic forks, the lack of tables to sit, the price ... I do not recommend. Staff OK, I have no objections.

Zizhao Wang

Too sweet for me, can’t finish the sponge cake and thrown it away. The moose is good but too sweet after a few scoops

Mayelin Rondon

Very fast service base on the hour. The cupcake was ok, very nice staff

Dakota's D&D

EXPENSIVE!!!! NOT WHAT I EXPECTED. SECOND VISIT. THE PASTRY WAS BETTER ON MY FIRST VISIT. ♡♡♡♡I GOT A FREE APRON ♡♡♡♡ I ended up tossing mys sons expensive chocolate cake.


Black & White's could have been a bit bigger as I have seen in other bakeries(for being able to share!) but were good. Raspberry tartlets are yum! Very busy but the employees run smoothly.

Magda Dzwonkowska

You can get a variety of cakes, merchandise and DVDs in the store. The long line seemed very tempting as it usually reflects on the product quality and how much sought after it is by consumers. There are some of most traditional Italian cakes and a range of colourful items suited to the tasted of local market. Being a cake lover I am, I bought 3 different cakes to try and only really liked one. Just not the genuine home made taste that I was expecting. It's a cool thing to say that you have had cake from the Cake Boss shop, but if you just got paid, do not leave your entire wage slip there.


Yummy - must have experience in NYC. This place is right outside Port Authority.

Sabrina Lamour

Had the red velvet cake for my sister birthday and it was so good. The cream cheese was on point. Trying the salted caramel next....will update soon. I was never a fan of the salted sweet taste however caramel is my favorite topping so I was a little skeptical on trying. Let me just say it exceeded my expectations. The cake was so moist and rich there was not a salted taste at all. Should rename the cake. Looking forward to trying the others.

Ira Galiuk

If you wonna enjoy your desert don't come here - fast food atmospere. If you wonna buy it to go be aware, they gonna wrap it in tonn of plastic. I come from the country where having a desert is like a ceromony, where sweet helps to better enjoy the moment. Here I got a bit of sugar (not the best of my taste) for an expensive price.

Andrew Cross

A lot of hype but the cake was honestly stale and not up to standard. Stale and overly crunchy products included the Italian cheesecake and the Lobster tail. If you want fresh cheesecake in New York try Juniors.

Yajaira Marmolejo

I thought this location would be bigger. It's way to small. Couldn't even sit to enjoy my dessert. It's way to crowded. Also, the baking is not as good as the one at Vegas. A little disappointed.

Julissa Gomez

Lines are a little bit long but worth it hehe... Besides, service is very organized and quick. Deserts are delicious. Loved the rainbow cake

Kerry O'connor

After watching Cake Boss for many years, i always said if i was lucky enough to get the chance to go to America i'd visit one of Buddy's cake shops. Wow! What can i say?! I wasn't disappointed! i had a white chocolate mousse cake and it was like heaven in a cake!! On each cake you can see how much detail and time goes into each cake. I would definitely visit again :)!

Roberta Peixoto

Good but I had high expectations due to TV show, I was waiting more.

Michelle G

Great service, average baked goods. Costco's is actually better. But great atmosphere.

Rhys Taylor

Cakes where good but lines where long. They did try to streamline their service which is a plus. Bit pricey but it is Times Square and also a big name so that was to be expected. Overall good experience

Sarah O'Neill

Was very excited to try there cakes as i am a big fan of the show, however i was not a big fan of the taste. Not very many seats in the store. But it was nice to get a picture and be able to say you were there.

Syldan T.Ferrand

Canollis, lobster tails!!! Just drop in choose your favorite and enjoy. Always fresh and sooooo good :)

Keith Stevens

My granddaughter wants to be a cake boss now! Awesome place.

Jeff B

A bit touristy, and I didn't like the lobster claw (too dry), or the cheesecake (too wet), but the best hot chocolate I've had (could have been hotter)

Brenda Reyes

I couldn't be more happy visiting this place. If you're a fan of Carlo's Bakery, you have to try one of the delicious desserts.

Kathi Whitehurst

After all the hype about this place we had to come. Got croissant, eclair, chocolate cake, rainbow cake, chocolate covered strawberries and a shirt. Was not impressed with the taste of the food, the eclair it was ok, not impressive, the croissant was not a flaky and buttery i’ve had better from Starbucks. The chocolate cake was OK I’ve had better. The rainbow cake was for my kid - said it was good. But we were disappointed in the experience. Especially for the price we paid. Oh and they have a T-shirt on display as you come in. And I wanted to buy one, but they didn’t have it. That’s the shirt there, the black one with the red sparkly stuff on it that says Carlos.. That’s kind of ridiculous! If you really want to come in and see it you do that but I would save your money on the food.

Sidney Cline

Not worth the hype or money truly disappointed in the dryness and lack of flavor in the black and white cookie. And I bought a cheese cake slice that tasted like It would if I bought it from a grocery store. Remember if your such a big name in baking maybe make sure all your shops hit the marks.

Nicole Theriault

I'm a big fan of cake boss and this was my first time to one of the bakery locations. It was disappointing. I had a cannoli it was bland. And their cannoli shells are not homemade! They sell mostly cakes and cake slices. The staff were very friendly which is good! Would not go again though.

Ayantu Gamtessaa

Awesome little spot. Be quick to know what you want though!

Taryn Moodley

Amazing bakery. Delicious treats. Open till late. Friendly staff

michelle antoinette

Stunning cakes that melt in your mouth. My family loves to visit this place and indulge in sweets.

Brinnlee Sweet

Carlo's Bakery has been a delight both times that I have visited NYC! Must stop for future visits as well.

tejaswini somasundaram

The cakes were just ok. Long lines. Not worth the time and money. The service could be improved.

William Godfrey

Delicious pastries and cakes. If you want quality this is your place!

S.H Genin Media

Great staff and service. The selection was ok maybe overated a good tourist destination

Heather Holm

I've sat and watched cake boss since I was 10 years old. I sat and spent all of my earned money on things to decorate cakes and made cakes at any chance I could, because of him. All I've wanted since then was to be able to go and see the bake shop. I finally had an opportunity, and it was the biggest let down I've ever experienced. I expected to be treated like family, and this was nothing close. The guy taking the orders was barely coherent, and seemed like he was high after offering me alcohol. The food was ok at best and did not meet any of my expectations. Overall this was a huge waste of my money and time, and I'm disappointed that Buddy hasn't taken the time to ensure that his restaurants are all up to standards that could at least make his customers happy. This experience ruined a little girls dream.

Jr Whisman

Not really big on sweets. Wife wanted to go but glad she did. Tried strawberry cheesecake looked good taste great

Mia Renee Mccorkle

I like the atmosphere and honestly that was the only thing I liked. I ordered a couple of sliced cakes and a “red velvet” cheesecake. I was more upset with the fact that is was a regular cheesecake just dipped in chocolate just covered with red velvet cake crumb. Please explain to me how that’s “red velvet” so disappointed then I had the sliced rainbow cake and it was unbelievable DRY! I’m so disappointed!

Freddy F

One of my favorite bakeries in all of NYC! Loved the show on TLC so I naturally loved the desserts from the store as well. I've actually seen family members at this location from the show. If you're in NYC for a visit, do not miss your opportunity to go and try their treats! Highly recommended for all ages.


I didn’t know this bakery belonged to Carlos featured on the show Cake Boss until I went in and saw his face everywhere. I just knew I saw a bakery and wanted some cake. And I wasn’t impressed. The presentation of the desserts was nice but the cake is pre-sliced, packaged, refrigerated and over priced. I understand that process saves time when you have a lot of customers but is the cake really that fresh? How long has it been in the fridge? I tried the vanilla cake with vanilla icing which was good once it was room temperature. But the strawberry shortcake

Henry Favor

Line moved is excellent...wish there was more seating.

Michael Solomon

Good desserts, limited seating space. It's a space you should check out.

Marianna Soffer

The line was long, but it passed very quickly. The employees were helpful in explaining what everything was and suggesting what to get. Also the rainbow cake and the coffee were very good!

Debbie Spencer

Over here visiting from Liverpool England, amazing, well worth a visit! We went at 1pm, walked straight in, no queues. Great staff, great prices, great food

Julia Zygadlo

The bakery had a unique system of having multiple staff try to take orders in line. And the staff in general were very helpful and welcoming. But what I really want to review is this god sent heaven tiramisu❤️. If you want something fluffy I mean clouds fluffy then this is for you, I would honestly consider just layers of this tiramisu for my wedding cake. It’s incredible, small downside is the expression not being as prominent but I didn’t even care cause the creame was that good!!!!

Hilani H

The cakes were too sweet and the staff wasn't friendly até all

Jennifer Kline

The service was not to greatest. Not what I was expecting at all. You wait in line (to be expected) when it’s your turn someone shows you items off a tablet. You can see some items in the bakery windows. Younger crew, most seemed less then excited to be there. We got slices of cake and cookies. We were excepting a wow moment when we tasted our treat and we were slightly disappointed. The cakes had little to no flavor. The butter creams and chocolate frosting were the best part.

gianluca pitucco

It's not a italian place... Very beautiful the logo stop in you are famiglia!!! But for a 4 people family it's an expensive place!!


Tasty treats galore at this iconic Times Square bakery. We tried both the classic and chocolate Cannoli and both were exquisite, rich and filling enough to share with someone you love. Fast and attentive service as a staff member guides you through the ordering process. Highly recommended!

Raj S

Too crowded and OK service.. quality of pastries were good though.. we had few as shown in the photos, and tasted good.. price goes with the brand name and location ! overall satisfactory... kids liked it.. for us it was ok..

Yashaswi P

Awesome, colorful moist cakes. Their lobster tail is too good. It just melts in mouth. Crunchy on outside n cream filling on inside. So far I have tried red velvet slice, chocolate fudge, lobster tail and m&m cookie. I have enjoyed each one. Many more to try. I am sure, anyone will love it..

Lily X

Great Cannolis with tasty cream. Strawberry Eclair and lobster tail are also good.

Sofía C.E

Very nice place, but I felt very disappointed about the flavor. I ordered "Napoleon" and it was nothing special. I think that there is no good value for money. The place has very good marketing and I do not complain about the image of the products, but I expect much more

Jeanie Griffin

The only way to place an order with is with a person with a tablet. We got to the register after deciding what we wanted and were told that we could not order from the register. We had been skipped over by the girl with the tablet. We waited about 10 mins for her to return, but she never did. She just kept helping more and more people behind us. Other employees who were doing nothing saw what was happening and did not offer any help at all. I've wanted to try a cannoli from here for forever. Unfortunately, that did not happen.

shelb reyes

Very fast and friendly staff ... best bakery shop!!

Alexander Rizsk

Not good. Very bland and very commercial style dessert.

Lindsy Ponsiano

Line was long but moved fast. When in New York can't pass up getting a cannoli

Rodrigo Duarte

Good coffee, nice looking cakes (but the rainbow fudge cake tasted slightly weird - should be ganache instead of the fudge cream)

Scarlett Villar

Costumer service is the best! Thanks for your help! And the cakes are awesome!

nekia gager

I went to this location on labor day.i order a specific cheese cake. When I got home later in the evening to enjoy my snack. I open the box and it was not what I order. Unfortunately I don't live close by so I can't bring the item back. I call the location and try to let them know what happen i could not reach anyone at the store. I'm so upset right now. I spend 50.00 and to get home and feel disappointed. You guys owe me a refund or the item that I actually order your prices are already over price and for your staff to mess up it really ridiculous.

Jennifer Keyes

This place definitely lives up to the hype!! Walking in there was a very long line. But we were there and decided to wait. But surprisingly, that line kept moving. Their system is very efficient and was an amazing experience! And sooooo worth the wait, the best dessert around!!

Erica Fetty

Nice enough. Pretty food. It was an experience and kind of cool to say you've been there but... Not the best bakery I've ever had. The food was not worth the cost.


The pastries were delicious and service was fast and friendly even though the place was packed.

Rick Brown

The chocolate mousse was the best. Loved it. Had to fight of my wife to get my fare share .


Service is polite, quick, and delish. Definitely looking to go back. LOVE U CARLOS. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK MY "SWEETNESS".

Alexsius Jackson

Customer Service is horrible. Second time I’ve been there and they failed to pack my order in its entirety. We’re extremely rude when I called to inform them and quite honestly they’re baked goods are mediocre. Several other bakeries in the city that are 10 times better with better service.

mariana aigner

I literally never tried something so good in my entire life! One of the best experience, if you're going to NY you must certainly go to Carlos bakery! All the staff are pretty nice too. The only problem is that there's not a lot of seats but you can figure it out!

Nikki R

Not exactly what I have expected. The Times Square location was empty when I visited. I always watched Cake Boss on TV and wanted to try it out for myself. I had a vanilla cupcake and it was so dry. I was very disappointed I will definitely not be returning to this location. I hope the Hoboken location is better.


I would like to thank Carlos bakery. It is my husbands birthday and I ordered a confetti vanilla cake to be delivered to our home and when my husband seen the box and opened it...he lite right up with joy!! He was extremely happy! Plus, the cake was boxed very nicely and arrived beautifully. Most importantly, it was DELICIOUS! Thanks Carlos bakery so much. You put yummy in my husbands tummy! :)

Caro Barb

Wanted to go to the NJ location but was in town here and thought we'd stop see what all of the hype was all about. My 12 yo is a HUGE fan of Cakeboss so this stop was a must. Very organized system to ordering even though overcrowded. Okay selection of baked goods but expected more variety. Got a small cheesecake, multi-colored piece of cake, chocolate chip cannolis and of course an I ❤NY cupcake. Disappointed. I've had better elsewhere. Cupcake tasted like a stick of butter and the icing melted as we were walking outside:/ This is what happens when you get too big. Quality gets missed. Got the kids shirts and earned a free mug. Nice to see what it's all about but wouldn't go out of your way.

Mazal Candlecare Sella

Delicious cakes. Very efficient service. Must try it.

Sharon Bluntson

I loved it!!! Only person missing was the man himself. Nice and friendly staff.

Ana C

Overrated and expensive. The ambiance is friendly. Desserts too sugary.

Julie L

My husband and I are in NYC for the first time ever and this store was on our must try list. We got a slice each of the confetti and the chocolate fudge cake. I am so sad to say that it was some of the worst cake we have had in a very long time! It was extremely dry and definitely not worth the money they charged! Just a very disappointed fan now..... :-(

Dani- Lee

Good for what I wanted but mildly generic. I've had better. Except the lobster tail. That was bomb

Savannah Weitzel

I've been wanting to go here for awhile!! I watch Cake Boss. I had a canoli and an eclair and they were amazing!! Luke a little bit of heaven

Lakeyia Graham

my family went while visiting NY Broadway. it was fast service, nice atmosphere, nice employees, but our desserts were the least desirable. We had strawberry cheesecake, choc covered cheesecake, cannoli, brownie, and cookies and cream choc cake. weve had better at a local grocery store and cheesecake factory. i wouldnt call it the worst but I wouldnt recommend or go again. the textures were not smooth nor sweet to my family. We paid $45 I do not feel it was worth it. But the bakery had lots of business so they do have some that love the place.

Andrew Faircloth

Crowded, but with non foodie people. There was a baby shower in here. Whoa..... Not a seat in the house for chefs who wish to buy and try the food being prepared. This place was a true joke. Just a money making machine who uses tv and advertising to sell very very inferior food and desserts. A really bad experience.....

Ms Lisa

I have to go here when I go to New York. Please bring back Red Velvet Cupcakes.

catherine bernardo

I got this amazing cannoli with my mom. It was so different than any cannoli I ever had. But it was delicious and awesome. Also inside had a great atmosphere + relaxing too.

Nara B

WOW! I had the New York style Cheesecake while at Carlo’s Bakery and it was delightful! Hands down one of the best cheesecakes I’ve had in nyc. I would recommend this place to anyone with a sweet tooth, all though prices are crazy it’s honestly worth every penny. The flavors that you get from the baked goods here are an experience of their own. Carlo is the man! The only reason I didn’t give this 5 stars is because when the line gets too long it is hard to get out of this place, i feel as if they should come up with a better way to get people in and out without causing inconveniences to customers.

Jeky Villa

Classic location where all the tourists get ripped off. Red velvet cake was non edible,the cream cheese was literally just butter and cheese , all of it so sweet that I'm consider myself a survivor as I did not have an heart attack due the amount of calories in it. Please as Italian I say "STAY AWAY" from this chain. Thanks Jack

Bryan Pariente

Flew from California to get the chance to meet with Buddy's sister who helped us ordering pastries and kindly accepted to take a selfie with us. Overall since watching their show it was a glorious start of our day.

Helen Kalde

This is a perfect example of "blank cakes". Sponge cakes with different frostings, many colours and decorations, but everything tastes the same. This place us popular because Carlo's name sells. And you know it sells, because everything is quite overpriced and the other side of the shop is full of merch items.

Santiago Martinez Gonzalez

Their baked good are not worth the hype. The line was long and overcrowded. You will have better pastries and baked goods for the same price at Magnolia or Lady M.

Nate Miskimens

Waiting in a line for cake... let’s say I wasn’t too fond of the idea when my fiancé said this is where she wanted to go. But I gotta say, that’s some really good cake. At least the one I got was. I got tres leches and I recommend it if you’re a fan of that cake because it blew me away. It was delicious. I’d definitely get it again, even if that means I have to wait in line for a slice of cake.

bret delano

the show hypes it up more then it is. Not bad but definitely not great. It use to be better but once buddy blew up so did his bakery unfortunately

Jessi Miller

Got a slice of confetti cake and an m&m cookie. Cake was better once it came to room temperature. Cookie was nice and chewy.

Barbara Avery

Everything was great. Frist time ever eatting here, can't wait to go back.

Hafsa Mahmood

The atmosphere was fantastic but not many things suitable for vegetarians, I got some cupcakes which were ok but no wow factor. I'm visiting from United Kingdom and Carlos was a must visit on my list.

Raphael Stafrace

Kannolo are filled with custer cream not real rikotta

margaret niblock

Absolutely loved this place couldn't get enough of the buns and cakes.

Myriam hernandez

Nice place but $150 for 2 dozen of cannolis felt a little over price

Natalia Mahdee

Always love Carlos. I have always went to the Hoboken shop, but the one in midtown is just as good. I would recommend to anyone that watches cake boss to visit here at least once.

Eileen Armet

Good eats. Clean and friendly


Staff was awesome, very friendly and helpful! The red velvet cheesecake was excellent. The cannoli on the hand... was really not.

Tempest Slade

I got a slice of red velvet and my boyfriend got carrot cake, so delicious!

Felipe Amarante

Had the rainbow cake, it was good but definitely not worthy 9 dollars. It was well balanced, not super sweet or aggressive. However after having a lot of sugar, I really needed one thing. And this thing was water. I was disappointed because no water taps were available to help me to get rid of that terrible quench and had to face the 97f times square.

Helena Siregar

Good taste.. Especially pastry.. Some cakes has good price


Clean, bright and colorful shop. Purchased a box of Italian butter cookies and a small cherry topped cheesecake. WAY overpriced. The desserts were tasty but nothing special. I guess it might be a thrill for a tourist or fan of the show... I am neither of those so once was enough for me.

Emelyn Matos

What can I say except “who wants to eat some cake” love this place.

Joel Yip

Superbly made cakes and pastries as you would expect from an establishment named after a famed tv personality chef. Highly recommend the incredibly crispy lobster tail pastry that comes various cream fillings, I enjoyed the hazelnut chocolate a lot. The strawberry cheesecake is delectable and rich, though pricey. This place offers souvenirs too for those looking for a gift or two.

Adam Hai

Since when did Carlos Bakery's lobster tail get so bad. I bought the caramel lobster tail around 12:30am prior to closing at 1am. It was hard and chewy. Not crispy and flakey like I've previously had. They should at least discount it prior to store closing if they're no longer the quality that one would expect from Carlos Bakery.

Sabby Gakhal

Had blueberry cheesecake, nothing special but it was a pricey piece of cheesecake. You pay more because of name.

Brandi Michelle

The bakery items were delicious but overpriced for the tourist. This is a busy Times Squares location. Suggests visiting the flagship location.

Hugh Smyth

Ok if you like your buns from uk and ireland try here so fresh tasty and yes nice tea or coffee on.the go stop by see what yiu think

Anna Kassymova

Heard of it a lot, that it is one of the best bakeries and worth to visit it. What to say, pastry’s assortment is not that wide, mostly cakes, and everything looks similar. I took a ricotto cheesecake, paid $11! for a piece (you can buy whole cake at $20 at Wholefoods which is quite good) and it was nothing special. Does not worth this money. Too expensive fancy place. Don’t recommend.

Jose Wade

My wife love the cannoli, after seeing the show on tv and being dragged to Carlo's Bake Shop, I was disappointed on the cheesecake. Sad to say I had better cheesecake on base, Carlo's you probably won't see this message but I expected better. By the way I love the show.

tove-Kristin smøraas

Staff was very kind and effective. I found the cupcakes were way overpriced and way to sweet. I also tried the lobster tail with salted caramel filling, unfortunately this was also a letdown. I felt that the taste was quite blend. It might be that my expectations were to high.

Moon Child

Was my daughter's birthday..being South African and it was her first time visiting NYC..took her through to try out the cakes..requested a little candle to make it extra special..was rudely told there was no candles....cashier was extremely rude and unapproachable...on the positive side..the cakes were delicious!!!..

Mindy Espinoza

Everyone should visit, food is wonderful just wish we could meet Buddy


I went there tonight after seeing a play, wonderful place to stop and have a evening snack and everything is delicious! Make sure you try the chocolate dipped cannoli or the cheesecake. There really is no wrong choice when it comes to this bakery! Fantastic.

Joanne Agresta

Love their cannolis. Butter cream rainbow cake slice is awesome

Asmau Jibril

Just wow. The tastiest cakes ever.

Cortland Bunyan

Amazing pastries and deserts! 100% worth it! Cheese cake ♥️♥️

Fernando Brooks

Good cake but too expense

Monique Nally

Desserts were no better than any other bakery. Very expensive! Purchased 5 small desserts ( 4 cannoli and 2 mini cheesecakes) it cost 46.00. I purchased the same thing at another bakery and paid less than 20.00. you are paying for the name and location. Quality is no better than any other bakery in New York.

Rebecca Blake

Fan of the show but this was not worth it at all. Service was appalling - server was letting people skip the queue, cashier did not smile once in the 25 minutes we spent here and in general, a very underwhelming atmosphere. There was a total of 10 seats in the place resulting in many people having to get take out or trying to stand (juggling their coffee and cake). The floor and tables were filthy. The cupcake was nice and nice to say you have been but will not go again.

Melanie Hines

I was very disappointed. I watch Cake Boss and was really looking forward to coming in, looking at the pastries, and selecting my choice. The young lady was very rude. She rushed me through the line, kept asking me what I wanted, and did not give me a chance to look at the display. I was so excited to come in and it was such a let down! I still LOVE buddy and family....I KNOW they would not have been happy with the this service!

Jenn Gray

Amazing place , great people and food! Came all the way from Michigan to have a cannoli, it was well worth it!

McKell Swain

Buddy's cakes are even more amazing than they look! One of the most delicious things I've ever eaten in my life. Definitely worth waiting in the long line for.

coach_ Sarah. p

Always watched the Cake Boss show. It was amazing to walk into this bakery and see all of the amazing goodies they offer. It's a must go to place of your visiting. You won't be disappointed.

Leisa Lowery

Supposed to be the best in the world. But the flavors were limited and its insanely busy and hyped up. Not bad but not worth the craziness either.

Janis S

Delicious bakery treats by Buddy, everyone's favourite Cake Boss. Best value for the $ are the pastry Lobster Tails filled with pastry cream. Limited seating inside shop but lots of windows to people watch Times Square action outside. Open late, perfect for after-theater snacks.

Abby Prince

As expected Carlo's Bakery was awesome. Yummy cakes and treats. So happy we went!

Anders Weiss

Carlo's is terrible. The kids that work at the place do not know what they are doing, They completely messed up my order and I will never visit them again. Stay away from this business.

Abiah Patterson

I loved how they only let a few people at the counter at a time and 2 employees took the orders on iPads. The next group could not go up until the first was finished and you didn't have to wait too long after paying to get your order.

Swathi Nayak

Love the cupcakes. Everything here is amazing. Was beyond my expectations. Love love love

Pigin Pooh

too much tv not enough taste. sadly disappointed.

Ahdel Candelaria

Very friendly, super clean, and staff was amazing. In addition, the lobster tail treats were super delicious and amazing.

Carissa White

After hearing great reviews of this bakery, we decided to visit. The service was great, but the food was mediocre. The food was on par with a grocery store bakery, and it was nothing special. It was not the worst food I've ever had, but it was no where near the top. After hearing all the great reviews, we expected good food. If you like overpriced, mediocre desserts, than come here.

DeathBy ThousandCutscenes

Didn't go in, but google asked me how it was so here I am. It had a nice sign.

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