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7559 31st Ave, East Elmhurst, NY 11370, United States Located in: Jackson Heights Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Cannelle Patisserie IN New York

ana elizabeth depablos

Great cheese danish

Lili in New York

A lovely french pastries

Ask Imee

This French bakery offers great selection of pastries. I tried their lemon squares and apple turn over and it was so tasty! This place is very spacious and has lots of parking space. Staff needs to be more friendly but other than that, I like the place .

Reasat Chowdhury

This is one of the best bakeries in Queens. They serve fresh and delicious foods. I would recommend their Almond croissant, tuna-guacamole sandwich, praline crunch pastry.

Miguel Franco

Nice, place every day.

Nina Gordon

A local friend took me here for lunch - what a treat! Mouth watering quiche and perfect cappucino, and the desserts are AMAZING - almost too beautiful to eat. ALMOST!!! Try the Paris Brest - or anything else, you won't be disappointed!

Kaitlin DAgostino

This is honestly one of the best little spots for a pastry or a coffee break in New York. Love their vanilla gelatin cake and when you go in, there are so many good options it will take you at least five minutes to pick. Convenient …

Candace Nunez

Great Food!

Michalina Woźnicka

Croissant with almonds is a work of art! I also recommend cake from the picture.

sinan erel

Everything is so fresh and delicious. Try here no matter what.

Marangelitza Rivera

My favorite cakes and pastries. Go for lunch and have a sandwich with an onion soup!

Quazi Bodiujjaman

It is a great place. Their Almond croissant is one of the best. Employees are very professional and friendly. I love to go there.

Pierre Debraine

Best croissants in town. All pastries are fresh and delicious. Service is efficient. Never tried coffee or sandwiches as this not the place for that. You buy your croissants, baguettes and go home enjoy it.


Although it is not cheap, the cakes prove that they are worth paying the price. Each cake is unique yet different from cakes you would find at other stores. The flavor, texture, sweetness, all are perfectly designed.

Sherley Chiu

Decilous American style cakes. Love the cheesecake.

Cellina Lee

Love love love their cakes!!!

Jessica Schnell

1 star off for plastic plates and utensils. You don't need a fork to eat a croissant. Also no WiFi.

Kaja M. Whitehouse

Don't let the fact that it's in a mini-mall near a Petco throw you. This place is curiously better than anything you could find in Manhattan. The pumpkin pie,especially, is delicate and divine. It's what pumpkin pie should be.

Scott Webber

Very good pastery bakery. There are a few better ones in queens but highly satisfying none the less.

Kattia Mendoza

Always fresh and their hot chocolate is the best!!

charlene perno

Great food

Stephen Sollecito

In my opinion one of the best french patisseries in NYC

Yira Mercedes

Amazing! My happy place

Justin Rodriguez

Best bakery in town. A must try and highly recommended.

Rodolfo Cautin

The almond croissant is absolutely delicious

Andrei Stefanica

awesome...Black Forest cake is insane

Pala Ali

This place is absolutely ridiculous. This is why I hate local shops. I went into the cafe and waited 10 mins in the line only to be turned away at the line because I'm supposedly on the wrong line and apparently there is a sign that no one can really see if many people are lined up. All I wanted was a hazelnut cappuccino and she implied I needed to go stand on the other line despite having waited 10 mins on this line. Its ridiculous. Never going back there and it sucks I live 5 mins away. But I rather go to Martha's Bakery where every staff treats every patron equally.

Abdullah Faruque

never been here lol, everyone says its a good place, so it probably is

R Dell

Best pastries in Queens, if you know your french pastries. I wish they had a bigger space to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee with pastries, but it gets crowded (I wonder why, wink, wink). They also have delicious cakes, worth their price. Absolutely the best Pattiserie in Queens, even in NYC.


Worth the trip

Razack Group

Amazing cakes and pastries, I absolutely recommend the cranberry almond croissant and the creole chocolate cake. Coming here for cakes have now become a family tradition.

Dennis Saxon

Good stuff . Tasty stuff

James M

Freaking amazing!

M Zechowski

Thank you for bringing the best of France to our front door. We are so grateful that you are here. Everything you produce is to perfection. From the croissants to the napoleons, the custom cakes for holidays and birthdays, incredible sandwiches on artisanal bread, especially the fig and hazelnut, and cannot leave without a bag of cookies or a box of macarons to go. Love it all!!! Merci beaucoup!

Cassandra W.

Best French bakery in queens, possibly NYC. Never had a pastry there that I didn't like.

Aileen M

I love everything they have! Just wish the prices were a little better

Dong Wook Won

Love this bakery.

Lukasz Gudewicz

Great pastries. Tasty sandwiches. Coffee could be stronger.

Nan Carde

I am a fan of the chocolate, pecan cookies but these tend to go fast. They're large and sinfully delicious. The sandwiches are tasty too. The coffee's so-so, nothing remarkable or terribly tasty. There are flavored teas available in the summer months. I am looking forward to trying the bread pudding - it looks good and only costs $1.50.

Mildred Cantillana

A treasured staple of Jackson Heights/E. Elmhurst.

Rakesh Talwar

Love this place for some nice breakfast, the almond crossiant was just brilliant.

Naji Khawaja

Always delicious whatever you get from this place tastes very good

Sophy W

Love pastrys, and service. Always very attentive and professional.


Ok... I love love love this place. The apple tarts, raspberry almond croissant, and coffee are all favorites of mine I real hidden gem in Queens you wouldn't think it but this place is top notch really... Love going here but there is almost always a line especially on a weekend, good luck finding a seat hahaha but well worth it!

Kimberly Brackett

I ordered cupcakes for a series of meetings today. Huge hit. I can honestly say, these are hands down the best cupcakes, and it's not even close.

Karina Gallego

The best bakery in Queens, hands down! Their almond croissant is an all time favorite! Everything on their menu is delicious! I usually order all birthday cakes from Cannelle. My favorites are the smoked salmon sandwich and the seasonal veggie sandwich is my favorite sandwich ever! Always fresh, high quality ingredients.

Daniel Donnelly

This store is SHEER DELIGHT to all senses! Wondrous display, fragrance, heavenly taste and texture of the pastries. Pricey but worth every penny! Seating available at smaller tables and two countertops. Free, fast wi-fi, and clean bathroom. Many options for beverages to accompany one’s pastries, including hot drinks like espressos and hot cocos. Parking abundant in the shopping plaza’s lot out front. Staff passably friendly and very efficient.

Susan Elliott

Unbelievably delicious.

Hemond Khavalier

Amazing pastries, sandwiches and a great Freindly staff.

Sanjar Hussain

I like the bakery. They have good cakes. They have good food selections like the almond croissant (A MUST TRY) and even their chocolate croissant is good too.

Magnus Andersson

Fantastic selection of very good pastries. Can be a little loud at times but not really a problem


Cakes are good.

Maricel Rojas

Delicious pastries

Kenia Cevallos

Love the black forest cake!

Sandra Langer

I love this place. One of the best. I get my walk to it in and then I can enjoy the delicious pastries and coffee guilt free. The eclairs are among my favorites but you can’t go wrong

Shawn Si

Good food and service. Great place to hangout with friends.

Eric Bran Rivera

Great pastries. Good coffee. Always packed. Expect to wait.

Spharion ****

This place is unique!.. the best pastry chef that the Waldorf Astoria ever had!.. he brought in a lost era of gilled tastes.. you got to taste to believe!.. Bravo!

Attilio Vassallo

If you're looking for fresh cakes and pastries, look no further! I've had a variety of items from them and everything has been delicious. You just can't go wrong here. My favorite cake has to be their chocolate Creole. I highly recommend it for any chocolate lover!

M. E. Pride- Thomas

Great stuff..... best palmiers ever....!!!

Ben D

Crossaints and napaleons are the highlight, amazing

Maria Gomes

Excellent taste

Joey Amedo

You don't need to travel anymore to Europe to savor these varieties of delightful pastries. Cannelle is the Paris in the Jackson Heights area. Freshly baked, full of flavours and good value for money. Will definetely recommend this place.

Anna J

I have gone here since they were still a new bakery. My siblings and I are addicted to this place. My go to is their hot chocolate. I love their hot chocolate. How could you not have their hot chocolate? Get the pastries as well. Chocolate mousse cake, mango kiwi, and quiche. Those are my favorites and hot chocolate.

Daniel Loretto

Came here again yesterday. Apple turnover is still excellent. We ordered the following: Apple Turnover - $2.75 - 5 stars Napoleon - $3.5 - 5 stars - flaky and creamy Chocolate Praline - $4 - 5 stars - interesting crunch Fudge Brownie - $2 - 4 stars - good value, smooth and not too sweet

Japneet Singh

I ordered hot chocolate.. it was very served well.. other thing they had one of the best cakes in the area.

Martin Anderson

This place has some of the very best pastries in the city. The cream puff is as good as you can dream of.

Rania G

Wow this place is amazing. This definitely isn’t your average bakery. You can’t find this selection of cakes anywhere else. Everything tastes amazing. The lines can be long sometimes. But definitely worth the wait in my opinion. The girls behind the counter are friendly and it’s located in a plaza so you don’t have to worry about parking.

Elisia Spivey

I work at LaGuardia Airport and I stumbled upon this place which is not too far from there and OMG the pastries are out of this world so moist and and just melt in your mouth and the atmosphere inside the place was very nice warm and inviting the only thing is the line is kind of long you will wait a little while for you to do take out I never sat inside and ate but I'm sure from the looks of it and the smells of the inside of them the coffee you definitely enjoy your brunch breakfast or lunch this place is really nice and very very reasonable

Ashiful Islam

best almond croissants! my go to place to buy cakes for get-togethers

Nathan Chang

In simple words, great quality and even better value. You get pastry with nice service, plus spacious parking lot. Baguette here taste better than most bakeries I had in the city. Crispy outside and soft inside.


I apologize for such a complaint, but I would not recommend “Canelle Patisserie,” for anybody looking for a nice bakery. I ordered coffee but the milk seemed and tasted expired. We ordered a brownie and passion fruit flan but neither of them tasted like their actual taste. I once again want to apologize for such a complaint and I hope to see better things from this French bakery in the future.

Fred Alluso

This place offers all manners of fresh French pastry specialties. Although small it is run efficiently and offers products for dining in or take away. I highly recommend the coffee and the European hot chocolate.

Shermin Ali Nahian

One of the best French bakeries in New York City with delicious options. Definitely try the tarts and cakes. I've heard the croissants are supposed to be great but haven't tried them. The choux chantilly, praline crunch, espresso 31 and red velvet cake are amazing.

Henry Cordero

Great pastries, awesome service, must try the St Honore cake

Una Butler

Bakery items are superb. Seating, should you wish to stay, is comfortable. Expresso is excellent. However when I got home I found the counter person had dumped my Praline Crunch upside down in the carton. I was both miffed and mystified by this! I am hoping this is a once off piece of carelessness.

Angela Cubilete

Cannot recommend!! The female staffers that run the counter are extremely rude and have a nasty attitude. They dont greet, they give you a nasty look and roll their eyes at people. I Went today for a simple cup of coffee and was treated like a 3rd class citizen. They have a Fast lane that supposedly takes orders - 1 cake or 3 items. I asked for coffee and was told that i needed to get into the longer line because my coffee was a latte. I obliged and waited on line. When it was my turn to submit my order, the same lady that told me about the fast lane, had the nerve to ask for the lady that was behind me for her order. The lady told her that i was next and i just told the lady that no one took my order. She gave me the only nasty attitude, rolling her eyes and behaved sarcastically and proceeded with my order. I dont know what their issue is but someone should educate them on better customer service and explain how rolling your eyes at people is extremely rude and unnecessary when you are there to work as a server! The only reason i gave a 1 star was because the coffee and pastry was good but nonetheless I WILL NEVER GO THERE OR RECOMMEND ANYONE THAT I WORK WITH TO GO THERE.

Lurock Garcia

Delicious pastries and cakes, excellent coffee as well. Love ordering cakes from them.

The One and only Pinky Pinky

Authentic French Pastries! I am not an expert on who has the "best" French pastries in NYC but i know they are Authentic!

Chris V

Pastries are great. I would try everything as that's what we've been doing. The cakes are great also. Service is good, there is always a line everytime but it is worth it.

Kelly Toro

Everything is delicious. Everything! My favorites are the almond croissants, hot chocolate, & strawberry cake.

Ariha Ariha

Love this place!!their almond crossiant.And the people are so nice and polite

Arooj Bano

Cool ambiance, great taste and fresh!


Wow the food is sooooooooo good! Prices are *fair* for the quality of the food ($3.50 for a large almond croissant) and the place has plenty of room to sit and eat. I can't wait to go back!

Guillermo Vargas

Excellent fine bakery. I went there by chance and how lucky i was. I had coffee and chocolate croissant. it was superb. my wife had a Napoleon which she did immensely enjoy. nice to find this spot.

Rana Elnatshe

Pastries are always delicious. But they need to work on staff customer service.

Ralph Nobell

Excellent baked goods, particularly good is there rustic Baggett. Staffing is well adjusted to store volume. If you are looking for extra fancy/tasty pastry, Cannelle is where to go!

Raphael Jean Bart

It was ok, no time to be kind. Very busy and noisy. Was not empress with the Baget bread or the oatmeal cookie. Two days ago I went to a Birthday party and tested their cake and it was very good and pricey. Could be more organized and cleaner

Rick Peng

Too good!

Michael Flamm

Gemstone in shopping mall hell. This French bakery/pastry shop is top notch. Pastries and desserts are very high quality. I will drive 6 miles from Brooklyn for their fare. The Black Forest cake is probably the best I’ve had. Their tartines are superb. They can make to order in various sizes. Very nice to have this place as a resource.

Caro _

Cheff Samba and his team made our wedding cake. It was delicious, beautiful, had great texture and just the right amount of sweet! (It was a variation of their strawberry short cake but with raspberries instead) After almost four weeks guessets still ask where we ordered the cake. I couldn't be more satisfied with their work!

Eileen C.

I've been buying deliciousness from Cannelle for quite some time now. It's located in a crappy strip mall in Queens and I always passed right by it. One day I decided to check it out and I've been a loyal customer ever since. Amazing cakes and pastries. Great coffee. And I love the staff -- all of them have been there forever and not only are they very nice, they handle the huge line efficiently and without breaking a sweat. I also love the clientele. Just like Queens and the rest of NYC it is full of people from everywhere.

Vernalie Panchame

Not your usual average pastry but be prepared to wait on a long and slow line. I haven't decided if it was worth the wait but people do rave about the pastries. I bought a mix as a gift so only tried cheese Danish which was very good.

Luz G

Pastries are absolutely delicious but they are getting pricey. I recommend the rasberry almond croissant and the regular almond croissant. My daughter also enjoyed the little cheesecake.

Ahmed Chelbi

Their products look ok , it’s busy place but i am giving them one star cause of the bad service they’ve offered to me , they let feel like they are doing favor for you , like they are offering u something no one else could provide it .specially with their 2 lines system i been waiting 15 min in the first line and by arriving to the cashier , this woman told me : i cannot give u cappuccino, read the sign ok the sign was there , but i think they should put it in the begging of the line , i answered to her . She was like : i am not gonna put signs everywhere.

Anson Cisternas

Delicious pasteries. Amazing sandwiches. There is always a line but that shows how good they are.

Frank S

Pastries are good But the staff is so disorganized and unhelpful. I don't know why they have express line while no one is helping you. Supervisor or manager needs to be on point if they have one.

Mayra Farfan

Everything in this bakery is delicious

Cynthia Diaz

I always liked how fast they are despite how busy it would get. Would visit again when I come back to New York

Angela Williams

Our daughter wanted to go to a bakery while visiting NYC and this place did not let her down. The strawberry mouse was so balanced and delish, service was fast and courteous and my daughter loved the experience.

fannie odoom

I really love this place the pastries are delish.


Good selection of pastries, but some basic items are subpar (e.g. plain croissant lacks buttery aroma and flaky texture). Avetage coffee. Cold but efficient cashiers. Store service staff started dusting the carpet while customers are still eating in store.

Karma W Lama

Best Bakery I have come across so far. Located at 77st and 30th Ave East Elmhurst, you won't miss it. There is huge shopping place, there are plenty parking available. They have all kinds of pastry, chocolate croissant Almond Croissant, cheese and ham you name it. I eat salmon cream cheese sesame bagel, it is my favourite. My wife likes their bagel butter with jam. So far anyone we bring here, they all love it and keep talking about when it comes to bakery and breakfast coffee. I haven't tried their cake yet but I see them through the glass, looks delicious. They don't offer table service but ladies at the counter are so nice, they smile and prepare happily. Place is clean and has restroom for the customer. If you are around this neighborhood I would definitely recommend you to try Cannelle Patisserie.

Hafsa Kamal

They have a wider selection as compared to the Long Island city branch but I found that the other branch has more fresh things. I have tried the Black Forest cake, brownie, chocolate mousse pastry and coconut cookie like thing- all of them lacked freshness, they felt a little old. I still like their pastries so I will visit the Long Island city branch. Overall the service was nice and the cashiers were friendly in explaining my questions.

Michael Shillingford

This is one of the best bakery. I have never had anything I didn't like. They are fresh delicious and mouth watering.

Erwin X

One of the best places to go for cake! I usually buy the cakes here for the birthday celebrants. Everyone enjoys it!


Fantastic pastries and cakes tucked away in Queens.

J Hernandez

Excellent everything! A little pricey but delish!

David Solis

Excellent food. Minus one star for the increasing prices and inefficient ordering and payment logistics that lead to unnecessarily long lines.

Ingrid Benites

Everything is just delicious! You can't go wrong with any pastry. You can see how delicately made they are. Staff is friendly and fast! Which is good because the line sometimes is long.

Martha Prada

Very good pastry..

Boris P.

It's a really great bakery, super good baked goods. We needed a cake for friends bday and they had a great selection. Had the red velvet and everyone raved about it and wanted to know where it was from. Ig you have a chance to come here, do. You will not be disappointed.

Bob Sparks

Perfect crispy croissants in the middle of a nondescript shopping center. Always a line - and worth the wait. Tables usually available.

Natalie Lopez

Overpriced and under stocked. They didn't not have what I ordered which was a buttered roll or bagel and they didn't not offered any alternatives. They just let a customer walk out of the store without buying anything. I don't mean that they have to push you into buying something but at least make an effort. Very unprofessional

Kathy Baker

The staff is amazingly helpful and cooperative.

Native Nyker

délicieux (delicious) pastries...this is an understatement! Very authentic, very French!

Munira Boltaeva

This bakery sells the most delicious cake in the world. Ever since I bought a cake from here, I started getting cake only from this bakery.

J Nti

The pastries are delicious the sandwiches cannot be beat

vennie Spetsieris

Place is always buzy because of the great pastries and sandwiches. I think it's the best in Astoria. And the service is always with a smile .just love it.

Elizabeth Mack

Delicious - try anything and you’ll be pleased with your choice. Excellent for a special treat.


Everything is delicious in this place. I cannot pass by Jackson Heights and not stop here for something if they are open. Egg sandwich for breakfast delicious, almond crosaint and chocolate cake mini muffin delicious. All pastries and cakes are absolutely delicious.. Won't regret coming will return & return.

R Koch

A little pricey but well worth the cost. Eclairs were perfection. Very busy on a Saturday near 10am.

marc fishman

Great pastries

Maureen McHale

This place was great! I walked down to it while my car was being serviced at Honda. I ordered the Monsieur Croquet and an iced latte. Sandwich was amazing and coffee was good! I would definitely come back here! It was affordable and the environment was clean!

Billy H

Looking for great pastries or cakes? Well, look no further cause this place is the best. Great friendly staff that works there. A lot of yummy treats to choose from. I absolutely love their carrot cake. It is not too sweet or too plain and …

Patrick White

Outstanding French pastry. Great for lunch also.


Their great love it :D

Regina Bryant

This place has the best cakes and pastries. Everything is light, airy and sweet but not too sweet. They have Red Velvet cakes, Black Forest, Tiramisu and other varieties!! Pastries, cookies and all good! Highly recommend!!


I just want to say this place is by far (lejos) the best coffee shop I can say I go to when I need to escape my crazy customers and co workers to chilax ( Yes, I said chilax

nic n

It is only my impression is the Paris-Brests are smaller than the last time I passed by? Excellent quality.


Best French pastries in New York City

Carlos Coronel

Best baguettes in Queens, excellent service, long line but it's worth it.

Michael Alejandro

Traditional French patisserie in the middle of a Queens strip mall. Good value. Get the napoleons (Mille-Feuie)

Monica Jimenez

Very good food, sandwiches

Beatrix Bong

Food is yummy. The latte we had was fantastic--one of the best I've had. I always enjoy their chocolate and almond croissants. If I lived in the area, I'd be in trouble. Lots of parking--strip mall style. Cakes, pastries, baguettes, sandwiches on French breads. Moderate seating. Gets crowded. Bathroom available.

Frederic Kamp

A true taste of France. Hands down the very best french pastries in the New York area. Great selection,reasonably priced. A neighborhood gem in Jackson heights, with adequate parking. A must visit. The staff is super.

George Estevez

The pastries are all GREAT ! Coffee also .

Rene Reyes

If I can give them 6 stars I would have my personal favorite is the almond croissant I haven't been able to find better and I have looked

Raul H

Yummy, yummy, yummy. Always packed but the service is speedy.

Sunshine NY

I love their pastries, their cakes, croissants all kinds. I love everything because I tried all their stuffs. If you like the real French bakery it's the place where to get it. It is free parking lot too.

Omar Hammad

Lines keep getting longer, but hopefully with the place next door opening up it will help with that. When it comes to pastries and cakes they are amazing! Some of the best quality pastries you can find.

Shelly Ann M.

This is the best bakery I have ever been to. I cannot say that one thing in particular is to be tried because everything is amazing.. so.. try everything.

Neil Ramchandani

I don't know where to start but this place is amazing! Every one of their menu items taste superb! My personal favorite is the Almond Croissant. I crave it on some mornings. I have it with their great tasting coffee or cappuccino to make it a dynamite pair. I like their egg and cheese on a croissant and bagel with lox along with many others. Even their cakes taste super delicious! The red velvet cake we bought for a friend's birthday tasted terrific. Usually we do not finish birthday cakes but we finished this within an hour. They have a large assortment of all kinds of pastries as well. The service is amazing and organized. There is an express line for a maximum of two items that do not require heating, preparation or making of any kind. This helps when the lines are long almost all the time. I am not surprised to see that their lines are long most of the time because they are that good! It is organized because they have a lot of staff and each staff member is dedicated to serving one customer and one customer only at a time. Please note that their is a $5 minimum for credit card purchases. It is a great place to just chill and relax to have breakfast or just a coffee. I am glad this place is very close to my house so its very convenient for me.

Atsuko Matsumoto

I had an almond croissant and coffee. Both of these were nice taste and price is reasonable. I'm happy to be able to find nice pastry shop in my neighborhood.

Esta Cositalinda

My favorite bakery since they opened. Everything is delicious and fresh.

Khalid Brown

Don't have to much to say. Came here based off the reviews. Brought some croissants for a party. Got chocolate, plain and almond. They were are delicious. Had someone at the party from France and she said they were legit. Will def be coming back.

Philippe Chahinian

Great baked this place

Danny Rodrigues

Great selection of sweets and coffee. Only a few sandwich options to choose from and they're not exactly made to order. Not a bad thing as they're pretty good. Very reasonably priced

Albana Zefi

Fresh pastry.

mark andrus

Great pastries

Michelle Dominguez

Salmon sandwich is oniony and delicious. [Sour] Cherry danish is perfect.

Mani Jay

Great coffee along with a wide selection of pastries , cakes, etc . Definitely recommended !!

Kuo Fung

Great place to get your Italian pastry fix.

Phillip Garner

Wonderful selection of baked Goods from Tarts and Danishes to Breads and Croissants! The high quality of baking makes this A must visit!

George Sierzputowski

Great chocolate cakes and viennoiserie pastry.

Jessi thi

I Love their Almond Croissant ❤❤❤

Gaurav Raje

Really fresh food. I had their eclair pastries. Really fresh bread and the cream was amazing. I ended up licking my fingers. The sandwiches looked amazing as well. I Definitely recommend. It is a little off the way. But has a huge parking lot for people who own a car

Carmen DelValle

Limited options. And staff was very abrupt.

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