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Where is Cafe La Nueva?

REVIEWS OF Cafe La Nueva IN New York

Oscar Gonzalez


Maria Piana

(Translated by Google) Very rich everything (Original) Muy rico todo

Fito Lopez

Very good restaurant

alex chalco

Amazing cake incredible

Melissa V

Good pastries, breads and variety of juices to choose from. Place is super busy everytime I go.

Uruguayo A

Where is my food, waiting for more the half hour for a parrilla WTF !!!?

Gustavo A Paredes R

Excelente lugar 100% recomendado muy buen lugar para comer algo

Jose Fabara

Excellent empanadas and pastry. Service is cordial and fast, and prices are modest. They have tables and a musician on weekends--guitar-playing and singing Spanish oldies.

alejandra F

Pastries are Not all that... The service is ok. The Bathroom clean.

Baris Yagci

Great Uruguayan bakery. Baked empanadas are one of the best.

Aldo Lauria Santiago

Love this local bakery cafe. Empanadas. Dozens of different baked good and desserts. Breads. Good coffee. Yerba mate. Frozen pastas and empanada tops. Not Colombian. Uruguay owners. Pan Latin American flair.

Luciana Britos

Always a stop spot when in ny

Usman Farooq

So far everything I tried here has been delicious. Staff has been very nice and patient with me since I don't know Spanish. Coffee has been great.


Great food but specialty desserts. Great friendly staff.

Edu Agui

(Translated by Google) The most fart! Attention was horrible, those who attend leave what to desire and the manager does not exist Everything cold and without taste! You can tell they do not have anything from Uruguay !!! Nothing is the same as before (Original) Lo más pedorro!! Al atención fue horrible las q atienden dejan q desear y el manager no existe Todo frío y sin gusto !! Se nota q ya no tienen nada de Uruguay!!! Nada ya está igual que antes

Yanina Paola White

Los sándwiches de miga son hechos con pan latal. Pedi 3 dz de facturas de crema pastelera, dulce de leche y membrillo cuando llegue a casa despues de dos hrs ya q vivo en CT me di cuenta q entre ellas me dieron facturas sin relleno y cuernitos de grasa nada q ver. Le compre a mi esposo matambre para q probara y estaba mas desabrido. No vale la pena.

Larry Rivero

Great place for desserts, cappuccinos but don't forget the empanadas

Rob Ger' Dagu

La Nueva es un café panadería Uruguaya dónde venden una empanadas muy ricas y postres.

julian medina



Coffe is really awful i dont know what these people are talking about ... With sugar any coffe taste good but the real quality is bold sugarless coffe and this taste like gardbidge to me ..the bodega makes beta cofee advice stay away from their coffee everything se is good to eat .

Martha Coronel

Good pastries and baked empanadas.

Miguel Garcia

Very nice and temting here lol

Javier Baldo

Good traditional Argentine pastries, expensive in my opinion but tasty. Russian potato is on point. Tea Sammie, Milanesa and Matambre always tasty. For Xmas and NYE they do the roast suckling pig, I would pass in future, overpriced and not tasty.

Juana Cintron

Very good


Very good

Mumtaz Hussain

Awesome cake

Fernando Rivero

(Translated by Google) All rich (Original) Todo rico

Allen Serrano

Worst customer service ever. The dependants are rude to customers and always seem to be bothered if ask for something. Not to mention they only accept cash payments.

Fayyadh Yusuf

Our favorite bakery in Queens. El pastel de coco tres leches es el mejor!


Best oven made empendas this side of 37th ave.

Letty Contreras

Buenos lis sandwuich

Sarita Thombs

(Translated by Google) Very rich cupcakes, a place not very comfortable for wheelchairs. (Original) Muy ricos pastelitos,un lugar no muy cómodo para sillas de rueda.

Maria Gutierrez

Love there pastries and the coffee is great here. Love love the empanadas they sell here like the chicken, cheese and spinach. Nice cafe to sit with your family. It does get extremely busy on sundays. So be prepared for a long line.

Esteban O

Great cafe. Coffee is decent and prices are very reasonable. If you have a sweet tooth get the dulce de leche flan

Bru S

Good place good service

Melissa A. Ventura, MS Ed

Best churros and desserts with dulce de leche! To die for!

Nick Kozanitis

Great bakery

Nina Mary

Good empanadas

Richard F

A little pricey and not the cleanest bakery we've been to.

Nan Carde

I come here for the empanadas - there's a decent variety and they don't sell out like the place up the block. My favorites are the empandas de carne y pasas - I love the bits of beef, green olive, egg, and raisins. They're $1.50 apiece and you'll be asked if you'd like them heated - say yes. A minute in the microwave gives you a fragrant, highly edible hand-warmer. My family is fond of the cellophane-wrapped sandwich blocks (white bread sans crust, with thinly sliced cold cuts, and cheese). Coffee is something I no longer order here - I end up with a cup of steamed milk with a dash of coffee. The buñuelos can be a bit dry - opt for the pan de bono instead.

Alfredo Arroyo

Awesome empanadas! Love this place!

Rob Myles

Went here for the first time since I moved to Jackson Heights in January. I had so much trouble choosing what I was going to have. Everything looks amazing. In the end I went with a Beef and a Spinach Empanada which I read so much about. They were both awesome. Very generous with the filling and there was no grease at all on the crust. Both were very tasteful and price was right. Empanada this good for $2 each. Can't beat it!!!! I will certainly be back for Empanadas and more.

Ronald Cordova

(Translated by Google) Good (Original) Buena Bruja

Great place for traditional food

Brian Mesa

Been coming here since I was a child. Have never been disappointed everything is just right.

Albert Nino

Love this bakery so many choices.

Maxine Casimir

Great the spinach. It's all so good


Since the new administration takes over is not the same. Not Wi-Fi conecction Not a good food any more Notcredits or debt card can be use here. Not a good temperature inside the place Anyway not good plece to stay and have coffee or sweeting any more.I don't recommend this place.

Maria Cocco

Delicious empanadas and friendly service

Cecilia Iglesias

Delicious Uruguayan food!

Laura Wilson

(Translated by Google) Very rich everything. (Original) Muy rico todo.

Jessica C

Good coffee and desserts. Diverse crowd. It's Jackson Heights.

Sandra Molin

(Translated by Google) Very very Good

Enrique Sanchez

Love it


Everything I have had from here is excellent

Alex V

Fresh food always

Jorge Luis G.M.

Must eat here

juliana muñoz

(Translated by Google) Delicious all their products, I love this place. Excellent attention. (Original) Deliciosos todos sus productos, me encanta este lugar. Excelente atención.

Deseo Nyc

Coffee is great! Seating awful but good during early morning hours. Pastries are okay but cakes are definitely dry and not worth purchasing. I mainly go for a good, hot coffee and small sandwich :)

Valentina Paiva Acosta

This is my favorite bakery in NYC. Both the sweet and savory items are winners. Some things I've tried which I've loved include: biscochitos of diff varieties, empanadas, biscotti, their sandwiches de miga, masitas, cheesecake, alfajores, etc. They also have hard to find Uruguayan food products that I stock on when I go there. They are reasonably priced but be warned, it's cash only. If you're going there to buy food or pastries for Christmas, you will be waiting a long time in a room absolutely packed with people. For meats by the pound and large desserts, people reserve in advance. They had a man playing the guitar and singing there last Christmas' Eve to make the wait more pleasant.

Marcos Pin

Mas o menos la comida. Cada quien juzga por su propio paladar. Pero trataré de ir nuevamente a probar diferentes platos.

Miro Aguirre

Loved breakfast here...

Karen Martinez

Its been making me get a little belly though, but it keeps me happy.This bread has a lot of bread options and sweets. I have guave bread or flan somdedays, other days i choose something simple. But their coffee is completely satisfying. They accept cash only and they do have an ATM i side.

Maynul Islam

Everything good expect service need to improve

Beatriz Sawh

Cash only! What kind of establishment in this day and age does not take cards for payments? A business that is evading taxes! Went in for pastries and they were disgusting! Old, dry and just disgusting. Had to throw out!

Carmen Rosario


Alexandra Giacchino

A bustling Uruguayan neighborhood cafe with tables to sit at. The line goes quickly. There was a man playing acoustic guitar when we went. The churros filled with dulce de leche were delicious; I only wish they had been warmer and softer. My friends ordered cappuccinos and they looked and tasted more like cafe con leche.

Luciano Miranda

Nice Latin bakery.

José Desiervo

(Translated by Google) Very good, croissants as well at very good prices (Original) Muy bueno, medialunas milanes as a precios muy buenos

Diana Duran

Love the empanadas. They have the best recipe

Luz Thalassinos

Delicious Colombian and Argentine Bakery

Luis Gaona

Good attention and delicious bakery

Daniel Pino

Muy buena cafetería y panaderia

Victor Bulich

Horrible experiencia soy uruguayo y me senti extranjero, nunca mas

Irma Aguilar

Very nice place, great service

J.L.H. JMalatesta



It's a good spot, the price is ok and the facturas could be better. However, you will find a lot Uruguayan/ Argentine goods in this place.

Tania Damiano

Love it! Best comfort food and snacks in the area, but it has outgrown its space, so it can get very packed.

Melissa Morales

Very good bakery, uruguaya bakery, nice and courteous customer service. Love the spinach empanada. The only thing I didn't like that it's hard to park there, a lot traffic and police waiting to give you a ticket.

Jorge Rodriguez

Todo de este lugar me encanta. Ir a sentarme y tomar un capuchino con el bizcocho de coco. Woau! Lugar super agradable y atención excelente

Andrés Sicachá

Thank you for being around, great place to have something sweet and for a chilled and relaxed time with friends.

Domingo Everth Fersaca

Empanadas are yummy

Ezequiel camerini

Excellent food

Dennis Toral

I love this bakery! I've been coming here for years and the quality of the food and service has never let me down. I love caramel and thankfully so do they! if you're on the fence about what to try the churros with caramel or the alfajor a grunted wins!

Elizabeth chavez

Great customer service

Pato Alarcon

El pandebono es bueno ,mejor que en las panaderias colombianas pero el lugar esta muy deteriorado le falta renovarse. Todo lo que vende es rico y fresco.

Mr. J

Wish they had a store in NJ. Love their Pan de Bono!

Ivana Herrera

Best cakes ever!!! Every i go for my daughter's birthday cake for 9 years they rocked out with my gender reveal cake and baby shower cake!!!! Love them all. Special thank you to Marcelo and the owners Son very kind amd friendly!!!!

Luz Beczy Ibarguen

Muy atenta la empleada compré raviolis, me recomendo la salsa vocka y los Gnocchi di patate me gusto si atencion.

Wilma M Ibarra C

Sus empanadas muy ricas.y los panificados excelentes .lo unico que noto es que es muy sucio el.lugar y es donde uno se va a comer algo .compartir y beber un cafe.deberia cuidar mas el la limpieza..los baños tambien y oler a limpio

Alberto Sanchez

Great chicken empanadas and coffee!!!

Andrea malpud

Los meseros muy buena la atencion, pero el aire acondicionado lo comparten con la panaderia de enseguida, por favor Sean consientes q el sitio es grande y no rinde el aire, la respuesta es q enseguida tambien tienen calor.. que cada negocio tenga su aire asi Sean del mismo Dueño...

Andrea Wu

Delicious empanadas! I got the jalapeno and beef one, along with some hot sauce. It was great! Meat was quite flavorful and I love the hot sauce. Empanada was warm and pretty soft, though I wish it were crunchy outside. There's plenty of seating inside but it's not the cleanest feeling. Lots and lots of baked goods though! And cheap, $2 per (big) empanada!

jorge cuacuamoxtla


Pol Llinas

(Translated by Google) great food, cheap (Original) comida buenísima, barata

Elena Quito

They have different things to eat

Pacha Mama

Food is great

Tiffaniie Santana

La Nueva Has been in my neighborhood for years , they have tasteful treats and amazing finger foods, my go to items are the sandwhich de milanesa, the empanadas and the Straberry cheesecakes If your in the neighborhood definetly one of the stops u have to make

Nestor Gomez Saravia

Primera vez que entro a este lugar. Me sorprendio en forma desagradable ver quien cortaba carne sobre una mesa, con guantes descartables; en un momento esta persona ( con una gorra que decía "Uruguay"") se chupo los dedos y siguió tocando los alimentos como si nada. I won't come back

Matthew Weismann

South American baked goods and products. Staff is friendly and bi-lingual. If you know what you want it's better, always fairly busy. Line moves quickly. Sad that medialunas dulces are not available daily, they have vigilantes all the time though. Wish they were closer to where I live. One of my favorite places in the whole city.


Incredible!!! Todo mi pais en una sola tienda...mucha nostalgia y muchas cosas deliciosas.

Jorge Melo

Delicious food and very fresh.

christian noel sosa

I can say that is my second home, I am a customer more than 10 years, obviously there are quieter days and days that is crazy of the number of people going, I have read constructive reviews and I have read nonsense reviews There are days that exceeds the number of people but in Occasion, happens when Tourist Guide As I go to the bakery and carry buses and lower 60 people and we are 3 or 4 Tourist guides 240 people beat anyone, but always serve you in the best way. All the products they have in the bakery are fresh and just excellent, we as Latinos if we go to a place in Manhattan and we have to line up we don't say anything, but if it's in our Latin sites if we defenestration them. Keep in mind that if you go full it is why the product the attention and the place is good.

Gabriela Mendez

Service is ok, clean & fresh baked products

Elizabeth Rossi

deliciosos cafes,pastelillos diferentes pastas para preparar en sus casas,muy buenas

Alicia Bianco

Compro mis sándwiches de miga,qué son mi debilidad,además de otras cosas

Liliana Vinueza

Excellent chocolate cakes

Guido Derlly

Great Argentinean pastries!

naticutepie girl

Omg the bread here is delicious

Cecilia Ponte

Great traditional bakery, known for everything Uruguayan and Argentinian (Uruguayan owners). Cash only. Best place to get the ready made empanada dough.

United New York

(Translated by Google) The best bakery in the world (Original) El mejor bakery en el mundo

Rene Palaguachi

I asked if I could speak with a manager. The girl at the counter told me he was in the back to give him a few minutes. The girl went and told the manger someone wanted to speak with him. I waited over 40 minutes to speak to the manger who felt it was more important to speak with his friend about soccer than it was to assist a customer that needed the assistance of a manger. In the end I never spoke with him. I couldn't wait anymore. I honestly wish I was exadrating when I say over 40 but they have cameras that can show just how long I sat waiting. Needless to say my issues was never resolved.

Leonel Hartmann


Kathleen Sardou


Astou T

Like it

manuel flores

(Translated by Google) Delicious snacks and bread for all tastes (Original) Deliciosos bocaditos y pan para todos los gustos

Joyce Meng

Our favorite neighborhood bakery. We love the trees leches cake, tiramisu, and the pan de queso. Great coffee with milk in the morning as well.


Always crowd, nice place for buy and go. Has tables but too tight...

Alfredo Estrella

Service, attention and friendly at all times.

Victor H Jachero

the best place for years that always my family that we take our coffee and bread and sándwiches

Adrian Torres

Good service good food nice people


pricy, old good. won't go back

vidd luvv

Love the argentinan food here!


Excellent food. We always order ahead of time because sometimes what you want is already gone!! The only thing I don’t like is that they don’t take credit cards. (And that it is one hour away from my house!!!) UPDATE. Went again with big order, and nothing was the same. Apparently under new management, its not bad, but just ok.

juan pablo

The bread is fresh

Manuela Alzate

(Translated by Google) The most delicious are the Saladitos, I love the New Bakery ♥ (Original) Lo mas delicioso son los Saladitos, me encanta la Nueva Bakery ♥

Jessica Toth

Best empanadas... spinaca sooo amazing! Great hot sauce

Maria Laura

Very nice place. Food is delicious.

Vlad D

Best empanadas in Queens . !!! A must try

carolina Aquino

Great place. Delicious food and great customer service. If you want to try food from another country you should go to this place.

Javier Martinez

Delicious desserts, great hot coffee & pretty servers. Prices are reasonable. .... JM.

Yira Ramirez

La Nueva is a beautiful space which invites everyone to sit to sip a cup of coffee and eat a piece of fresh pastry. It also provides a space for people in the community to socialize and mingle. I sit at the bakery for hours and I am never looked at in unwelcoming ways.

Rosa Espinoza

Exellent service, kindness, good prices, tasty food and the best 24 hours.

Yukinari M

I can never get enough of their pastries and food! This food here is so delicious!

Maria Arizaga

Great little coffee spot

Alejo Lopez

I grew up with there empanadas

Asiris Francisco

Me encantó, los postres son frescos y riquísimos.

Nubia Marquez

Deliciosa Comida Latina...

Genaro Hernandez

They have amazing desserts (like uruguayan chaja and tortilla española!)

Cris AM

Best empanadas ever!!!

Marco Fidel Murcia

Buena atención y variada de productos rico el café

Ángel Rodríguez

It a very busy place

María Costa

Lo mejor de n York !!!!

Michelle Lettieri

Love their cheese empanadas

Benny De Jesus

Don’t go. Go to LA GRAN URUGUAYAN instead. Ordered chicken empanadas and got beef. When we returned they refused to exchange them. I had to fight for my money back. Poor service and practically kicked me out of the place. Rude. Entitled.

Fifi Ramirez Santana

Delicious whole wheat baked spinach empanadas. Always fresh and they'll warm it up for you. Reasonably priced.

Carlos Luis

The best bakery in the city. Really fresh and tasty sweets and much more.

Marcos Ladino

Very authentic! Good prices!

Jorge F Barreto Andrade

Make me crazy, some many delicious things to degustar

Andrea Mateluna

(Translated by Google) Delicious.... (Original) Delicioso....

Ceci Butler

The best Uruguayan and Argentine food!

Gabriela Maciel

Love this place. Best bakery around.

Francisco Salas

Great food

Lorenzo C

Best empanadas in town.

MagdaLena Voźniak

We was 2 year ago with my boyfriend. And I'm bought cake strawberry . It was old!! he get tiramisu ... next time seller give me cake with no fresh fruits! manager didn't see a problem , no return or change money. lack of knowledge of good English.

Ana Milena Piedrahita

Food is always fresh ... service is always excellent

enio segovia

Good stuff, coffee, mate cocido, facturas frescas and more...

Eduardo Alfaro

Best uruguayan bakery in NY.

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