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REVIEWS OF Budapest cafe IN New York

Allie King

Bad service. Didn’t have most items on the menu. Pastries tasted very old. Ordered dip that didn’t even come with bread

Stefano Maggio

Authentic Hungarian food with a wide variety of entrees and desserts. Don't forget to get a glass of Ekri Bakaver, Hungary's best dry red.


Veal goulash was delicious and so was the mushroom palacsinta, the cutest little old lady bustles about serving customers in this tiny wood decorated restaurant. And the range of pastries is amazing

K. Buvar-Toth

Good Hungarian dishes and excellent pastry & cappucino.

Arlez Castillo

Great food and excellent service. The crepes are to die for.


I would have given 5 out of 5 but I felt there was a little judgemental undertone in the voice of the old lady who was serving on the counter . The other server was reallly polite and I should obviously mention one of the customers who suggested what we should try . None the less the cookies were really great as my wife said "Box full of Happiness" and I might be totally mistaken on the judgemental undertone part but I genuinely felt it . Not sure what she was judging us for , might be our brown skin color or our un-ability to know what cookies to buy ?

Joanne Jahr

Terrific Hungarian pastries!

Kathleen Andrews

Ruglach was amazing. Apple pie and apple strudel were below average and I wouldn't order again. Service was slow and not very attentive. I would not go out of my way to return.

Madeline Gunther

Real Hungarian food, excellent pastries. Hamantaschen cookies AND sweet rolls in season! And proper strudel, various fillings.

James Grant-Rosenhead

Delicious huge strudel portions

Nathan K

Ordered the lunch special since it was very attractive price wise. I have to say it was quite low quality. The meat wasn't great and wasn't adequately prepared. The service wasn't too fantastic and the pastries didn't have as large of a selection as advertised. Wouldn't come here again, not a very well run restaurant.

David Rosensaft

Excellent pastries. Old World style strudels and other delights.

Marco Roca

Authentic Hungarian fare in a cozy space. What’s not to love?

John Mangione

If you like frozen mediocre hungarian pastries and dining with cockroaches and mice, then ok go here. The head chef is not Hungarian and has never even been to Hungary or tried real Hungarian cuisine. I lived in Budapest for three years and this place is a disgrace to all that is Hungarian, I'm sorry. Try the Hungarian Pastry Shop on Amsterdam avenue, much, much better place. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Ana Gallego

I visited the place a year ago and thought that the food was good. I returned with friends recently, and we didn't even get to try the food. The customer service was very poor.

Leonardo Devai

Best hungarian experience I had outside hungary. Amazing food and pastries

Lucas Ford

The owner is Hungarian and the food is authentic. I heard several local Hungarians come by while eating there so that says a lot too. Wonderful owner, very friendly good food, good service and next time I am back in NYC, I will return for sure!

Charles Denholm

Simple cooking at a fine cooking price.

Julie Milhofer

This place was great when it was Andre's Cafe and I'm glad they changed the name so people know it's Hungarian. The food has always been great, service is attentive and cordial.

Irene Juhasz

A little biased because I love this cuisine. The pastries are pricey but seriously worth it. Now, besides sweet choices there are lunch and dinner Hungarian specialties. The service was very good.

Chelsea Grafe

My husband and I dropped into this place while we were on our way to pizza—delicious! Customer service was amazing, the nice lady was extremely patient with my inquisition of her goods (I wanted to try them all) and told me she’d fedex any future orders to Idaho!

Norbert Peti

Home away from home

Cairo Stafford

I constantly stop by purchasing some food in this place. I enjoyed the prompt customer service and well cooked food. Highly recommended.

Lewis Lynch

I really liked their food and service, excellent area to where I live. The employees are always very kind. Will come back again.

Cory Bond

A quaint little European bakery & restaurant that has a lot of great pastries though I found the dinner options here to be a bit expensive.

Todd Friedman

I have been to Budapest a couple times and love the city and the complex, flavorful food. Hungarian restaurants don't exist in my hometown of Boston, Ma. So during my last trip to NYC I made a point to check out Andre's. Went for the 3 course lunch, had a bowl of chicken soup which was great for my cough and just as good as Mom's. Main course was chicken paprikas which was excellent! Great flavor. Finished off the meal with a raspberry palacsinta (crepe) which was also tasty. Washed down with a coke for all under $20 in Manhattan. Brilliant! Köszönöm

David S Mandel

Delicious strudel and other Hungarian pastries make this one of my favorite stops for dessert.

Thomas Wirtz

Good place, pretty authentic Hungarian food, very good service, quite a gem

Laszlo Keszthelyi

Small but cozy with great authentic Hungarian food. Good portions.

Matthew Karl Grünewald

Awesome place, great food and very authentic!

Aaron Frank

Have been twice in for months. Delicious and very good value both times. I will be back.

paul gonick

classic Hungarian and excellent baked goods

Matthew Dowell

Try the poppy seed strudel


Good Food the way I like

Enrique Cortes

Not a good customer service. Waitress mixed the orders and served my food to other tables but when I finally got my order... the waitress wrote it all wrong. if you want a better service you should order to go on the counter.

Kathi G

Second time here. Absolutely love this place. Food is delicious. Lunch special is a great deal.

Dan Curry

The chicken paprikash crepe is delicious! Staff is slow and waitress not as responsive as she should be, but food and atmosphere are excellent. We will be back!

Tamara Toth

Been here last year and forgot to write a review although I was very pleased with the experience. The lady behind the counter was extremely nice, chatty and helpful, the pastries were pretty good, I left with a warm heart and a pocket full with little treats from the shop! Thank you! Köszönöm!

hillel spinner

Great Cappuccino and Cakes

Mark McDonald

Good food and great hospitality.

Aviv Hassid

Great desserts and coffee

Lilith Yuan

You can buy directly from the bakery to go. Their poppyseed beigli is quite good and travels well as long as you don't slice it

Arnold S

My family and I went to this restaurant for lunch and it was a disappointment. First of all, there was only one waitress present. As soon as we walked in, she seemed frustrated as if she did not want us to be there. She did not greet us and she was not welcoming nor attentive as waitresses should be. The only option of soft drinks was cola. The waitress kept mixing up the orders, she took the wrong food to the wrong tables. When we asked for bread, she threw her arms to her sides and groaned. I understand that it was not her fault that she was the only waitress at the time, but that does not justify her actions. On top of the horrible service, our food was cold and it was not authentic. We were born and raised in Hungary so we know what authentic Hungarian food looks and tastes like. I do not recommend this restaurant.

Valentina B.

Highly recommended cherry pie and cheese cake!

Zoltan Dorogi

Everything made fresh. I had a cappuccino and a chestnut rólád. My son eat a traditional. Krémes. Interior is clean. Great selection if hungarian scones. Everything priced to the quality of the food and location. Great for take-out too.

Rutas Afa

Good hungarian place. Dessert is a must. A bit pricey

Mo Nazam

The best beigli in NYC!!!


The service was fantastic. The food mediocre. There are very few authentic Hungarian restaurants left. It's not bad. I miss Mocha.

Tim Thompson

My first time for Hungarian food, but I really enjoyed the food! The lady who served us was very nice!

Maíra Saul

Cozy hole in the wall with exquisite hungarian food, great staff. A neighborhood gem.

Salim Erdem

The goulash soup, schnitzel was extraorinary; but the “saher” cake was definity better than the original cake served in Vienna at Saher...

Jenna Weiner

Great little spot, tasty treats, considerate service. Nice spot to take a beak from the summer heat while touring NY.

Ilona Kiss

This place is an gem. As a Hungarian who's spent most of my life in the U.S., I'm always on the hunt for authentic Hungarian eateries. This place fits the bill perfectly. As you walk in there will be a small dessert bar for purchasing desserts to-go. If you would like to eat in the restaurant simply walk further in and seat yourself at any available table. Hungarian music is always playing over the speakers and the front-facing staff are all native Hungarians as far as I can tell (all were able to converse with me in flawless Hungarian). This is a casual dining establishment, and casual Hungarian dining is indeed quite casual, so expect to wait a bit for the server to come to take your order, to bring you your food, and to bring you your check. If you are using your phone or nursing a drink they will simply leave you to sit so you will need to flag them down for more prompt service. Again, this is what is expected of casual dining service in Hungary, so if you view this as bad service, it's simply because you came in with false expectations. As for the food, it's excellent. The food is authentic Hungarian comfort-food, and tastes just as it should. The food is rich and should appeal to an American palate. The prices are very reasonable. Just don't come here with a party larger than 4 or if you're in a rush, and you'll have a great dining experience.

Ariel Szekely

Nice traditional Hungarian restaurant

Nick Legrady

Had the chicken paprikás and törtölt káposzta and they were absolutely delicious and very authentic. Just like my mom's. Had some of the cheese puffs pastries (pogácsa) as well and was very impressed.


On my way to visit a friend, I spot these delicious-looking baked good in the window. Naturally, I stop in my tracks, check out the menu displayed outside. Stuffed peppers: $22.50. Veal goulash: $23.50. Oh la la. But what do I know? The fact that I ate this sort of things at least once a week when I was a child doesn't make me an expert in pricetagging Mitteleuropean dishes. Anyway, I'm not here to talk about my mother, I'm here to tell you that I decided to surprise my friend with a piece of yummy apple strudel ("$9 a piece - enough for two", said the menu), and that the girl behind the counter ended up selling me a small piece for $7. I tried to grill her about this, but she seemed short of English and I was short of time, so I paid up, took my little box and left without a major grumble. Up to this point, there was not going to be a review. But then I tried the strudel, and realised it was all wrong. The large cubes of apple, which should be melt in the mouth, lemony and/or cinnamoney, were hard and tasteless. The thin pastry was made by someone who knows their stuff for sure; nevertheless, 80% of the strudel was deemed inedible and ended up in the bin. I don't mind paying over the odds now and again, when time is of essence and home far away. I do very much mind paying over the odds for something that takes your money willy-nilly, then doesn't deliver, doesn't even try.

Larsen Vojnić Zelić

Authentic :)

Vincent Paul Gáspár

Being that I am half Hungarian, this is the most authentic Hungarian restaurant in New York City, and probably the last. The waitress is very friendly. The food quality is superb. I had veal goulash with nokedli and it was amazing. I also had cherry soup as an appetizer and it was delicious. For desert I was given an apple torte. It's only $19.99 for lunch plus tax. Very reasonable. It may be hard to notice this place because it is very small, but if you do stroll by it, check out the food. It is finom!

Larry Hale

The customer service is regularly rapid, lovely mood, very welcoming staff members. I will return again when I get in the area.

Bridget Wszolek

Great food!

Diana Chesk

the price to high for this desert. On Manhattan there are plenty of bakeries where normal price where you can try the most delicious sweets. They write that without sugar but in the end it is not so. Staff not very friendly.

Michael Shimizu

Great selection of Hungarian dishes and various European pastries. The lunch hour special is worth its value and great service since not too many people dine in and eat.

Heather Anvik

Adorable cafe with amazing dinner menu. Definitely a hidden gem! You can stop by for a traditional Hungarian pastry to go, or sit down for a full meal. The hardest part is choosing just one dessert!

Margarita Surikova

Gulyash is not good even though they recommend it as the most popular dish- meat has no taste at all... They have only one waitress who can barely manage all the customers. The food is below average and the service as bad as food. I do not recommend this place to anyone.

Tere GB

Such a homey place. It’s a small inviting cafe with lots of treats. I came here for a traditional Hungarian strudel. It was good. The lady who worked at the counter was nice and explained the different types of pastries. I’d come back again for a treat.

Mai Erne

Delicious desserts

Dan Marcik

Good food, good pastry

Maria Gofshteyn

Food is not fresh.

Alex Rasmussen

The food isn't perfect, but it's as good or better than plenty of restaurants I've been to in Budapest. More importantly, they have practically every major Hungarian entree, beverage, or dessert that you could want. Egri bikavér, tokaji, túró, gulyás, chicken paprikás, hortobágyi palacsinta, dobos torta, etc. What I had was very authentic and satisfying. I was especially excited to see that they had túró on the menu - I haven't seen it anywhere else, and I wasn't expecting it. It certainly left me feeling very nostalgic.

Ivan Kovalev

Molded bread, precooked noodles and chicken dry at the sides say all about this place.

Allan Mueller

I come here for all the wrong reasons, but I still come here, and that’s what counts

János Szablya

Best Hungarian food on the Seattle area

Caleb Henion

Food and service were both very good. Their desserts are many and very delicious. Having a Hungarian exchange student made it even more special because he was actually able to talk with the watress in his native tounge. It was a great place and I would highly recommend.

John Wilson

The Hortobagyi palacsinta was delicious! Small restaurant with a nice warm atmosphere.

Julie H

The only Hungarian restaurant left in the area. It's tiny but authentic. The dinner portions can be large so you might want to share. Lunch is a good deal and you'll still have room for palacscinta (Hungarian crepes). Yes, the service is unbearably slow and the servers can be very uninterested but it's worth it. I even like the atmosphere.

Chad Brooker

I am heading to Budapest in a few months so I went to try out Hungarian food. However, I was very very disappointed. First, their menu online is not correct. The lunch special is only thru Thursday. Also, the entrees no longer include a dessert. I ordered the chicken paprikash and the chicken was cold with a hot sauce poured over it. The chicken had almost no flavor. The sauce tasted like a mixture of butter and paprika....that's it. The noodles we're very bad. First they tasted very much like flour. They were dense and the texture was grainy. It was almost like a very bad spaetzl. For what I got, I'm not sure it was worth even half the price. I didn't try any desserts so they may be good at those, but for food..... avoid.

Moshe Henderson

Deliciously flaky and lightly enough sweet. The apple strudel.

Abhishek Vishnu

Awesome strudels and pastries. Nice place to take a coffee break if you are in this area

Jordan Jitzchaki

Delicious food and friendly service

Ken Cullen

The chicken paprikash crepes were sensational,followed by one of their incredible pastries and a great cup of coffee. Yum!

William Szabo Verzoc

Visited Andre's today. Ignoring the fact that someone else's used butter container was in my breadbasket (not very appealing to say the least - and the waitress was not apologizing even when I mentioned it to her), the meal was relatively satisfying. Was it AS good as Budapest? No. But was it a reasonable facsimile for North America? Yes. I order two entrees, one to take with me: the gulyas (goulash for the uninformed) and a Weinerschnitzel (pounded, breaded veal cutlet). The gulyas was tasty albeit a little fatty considering it was veal - the Nokedli dumplings were a bit too small and fragmentary. The schnitzel was typical, nicely breaded but not overly so, well cooked and not greasy; it came with some krumpli (potatoes) which was a bit overdone in places, and not as well seasoned as I would have liked. A side of uborkasalata (cucumber salad) would have been appropriate but it was not included and isn't actually listed on their menu. Sadly, the "Sacher" torte (torta) was a mockery of what an actual Sacher torta should have been; it was cut into square slices instead of from a round tort and was so dry, it was very fragmentary. No legit Sacher emblems to be seen, just some drawing of "Sacher" on each of the pieces. This was definitely the least authentic aspect of the entire meal; did I mention that the whipping cream was fake? For an $8 dessert, this was unacceptable. Service was slow, considering that initially I was the only one there at 230pm, the two girls at the front were a bit too busy on their cell phones to be proper hosts, and none came over to ask how the meal was. After all was said and done, $50 for myself with a beverage, the two entrees and the piece of 'tort'.

Kathryn Kathryn

Had a great experience in here with my kid. The food came rapidly and the service is just excellent. Prices are reasonable.

Kristi K

The pogácsa is amazing, they're cheesy mini breads. It's a small space to sit but it's cozy.

Jonathan Feldman

Excellent chocolate kugelhopf (similar to babka) and raspberry linzer cookies. The apricot linzer cookies were good too but I preferred the raspberry ones. The store personnel were friendly - I called in my kugelhopf order and they offered to call me back when the kugelhopf arrived in store (and the promised call was made to me later that morning).

Mea Takacs

It is advertised they’re open until 10pm. Well, that is not true at all. Arrived around 9pm and the kitchen was already closed, the lady was not very nice about it either. If you close at 9pm, do not advertise it as 10pm.

Andre Barrett

This spot is worth trying. They serve big portions for reasonable rates. Consistently neat and with excellent mood. I highly recommend this place.

Taisiia Solodovnikova

I tried it twice and never got a chance to get it. Do they have a no kids policy? First time they told me they can't seat me just yet and it was early in the morning, I was with kids and they were starving. Today they told me only by reservation, and there is no sign anywhere like how am I supposed to know it? Horrible. My kids and I were very upset.

István Cseh jr.

This is the one and only real Hungarian Place in NYC. Try the 3 Course Menü for 15 Usd Hang around and Listen to good öle Yorkville Stories.

Louis Hodges

The food was great , the service and attention was unprecedented. I felt like at home. I even got the best present... thanks

Csaba Harmath

Nice Hungarian cafe with authentic food. The warmed up strudel / rétes is really good with ice cream.

Michael Cooper

Best Strudel in the city


Only the strudel, apple and cabbage, were good. The goulash and spetzel were not good at all, soggy and not made the traditional way that they were made all over Hungry when we visited. There wasnt any potatoe in the goulash, just reheated beef. Based on the table bread not being baked in-house and the poor quality of the food, we suspect the delicious strudel dough must have been bought elsewhere. After all, you would imagine a place that calls itself a bakery would bake their own bread for their dinner entrees, so who is to say they don't buy their dough elsewhere too... We'll return for the strudel until we find a better Hungarian spot in NYC. Brooklyn Beet Company in Brooklyn is supposed to be a good spot for Goulash.

Riley Cook

Really good, authentic Hungarian food. The price is reasonable too. The Chicken Paprikas is excellent.

Wontae Kim

My friends love the pastries here. I think they're just ok.

Vladimir Chalyshev

The apple strudel was nice, but goulash was mediocre.

Ádám Papp

Amazing people, amazing food :)

Hainal Tamasi

They dont have any competition here so they dont try I guess. Food was below average. Not good at all, pastries old. My husband wanted to eat hungarian food. This one is not a good example of what Hungarian food really is like

Camilla S

Food it pretty good. Waitstaff is a bit surly. I'm glad there IS a Hungarian place left in New York, but I really want there to be more places, and better Hungarian places. Would some Hungarians PLEASE open some more restaurants? Hungarian food is delicious.

Donna Lewan

Home style food! So satisfying.

Kyle Maloof

great stuffed cabbage!

Dennis Makowski

Our type of place, excellect food and service.

Ildiko P

Terrible experience . At arrival to the caffeine we choose to slice of cakes,(priced $6.00). Headed to a table at the back where we intended to enjoy it with a cup of coffee. When the waitress came over and rater loudly said ,well you know if you sit down it will cost you $10.00. All the eyes from on us from the other tables. Felt really humiliated. Wouldn't mind to spend ,but minded the treatment and the never herd such thing either.We decided to take the slices to go,when a group of men arrived. The waitress did not have any issues seating them. On the top on that it took a long,I mean looooong time to process my card. Must say the lady at the counter was trying to aid the situation. Regardless never ever will return.

Donna Zabo

Amazing food! My only complaint is that I don't live close enough to this place.

Uri Shusterman

Service was very much not friendly and slow. Food not good. Had high expectations after visiting Hungary last year. Don't waste your time here. The 2 stars are only for the schtrudel which is good

Ruth Moros

Outstanding authentic Hungarian food.

Matthias Gattermeier

I love this place for it's authenticity. Unpretentious, honest Hungarian food & atmosphere.

Aarav Herring

Tried this spot already with a friend and I am addicted ever since. I like the excellent mood and fresh food and drinks. I recommend this place.

Hal Blackburn

Had a nice cafe and coffee here. Staff are friendly, but inattentive. Waited about 10 minutes after finishing my food and in the end had to pay at the counter as i left. None of the cakes and pastries are labeled, and the staff weren't great at explaining what was what when I asked for a recommendation (which is important because they have a large range of stuff that most people won't be familiar with). I felt to cake I had was overpriced at $8, twice what it would be at most other NY bakeries. Especially as it didn't seem that fresh. I suspect this is why they don't label the produce.

James Agay

I went here last night for dinner and loved it. My father was Hungarian, I grew up with Hungarian food and have had none for the past 15 years living on the west coast so eating here was a treat. The lady who runs the place is awesome, I cannot say enough good things about her. She saw how much I loved the place and she made my wife and I feel very welcome. If you are on the fence, do go here, it's entirely worth it. Oh, and the desserts will blow you away. This is food you just cannot find at all in many states, you will love it!

kyle paseka

Delicious! Chicken paprikash just like my Hungarian grandma made! Love their cookies & pastries too Amazing

Jennifer Holloway

Fantastic food, service and prices!

Alex Langer

Fantastic dining experience. I grew up in a Hungarian family and can attest that this one of the last true Hungarian restaurants left in NY. The food, service and atmosphere are worth going out of your way to visit. Come hungry, the portions are large and desserts are super fresh. Everyone around us was also loving the food and service. The lovely woman Enikő that runs the restaurant and serves the dishes along with her lovely daughter running the bakery make this a memorable family business experience. Thank you Enikő!


Great food

Lyudmila Kopa

Yummy desserts, cosy place.

Lola Saiz Santos

If you feel homesick and you're Hungarian, this is your place. If you want to try real Hungarian food, this is also your place!

Michael Varga

Food is good, pastries are great.

montserrat hernandez

A romantic bakery of Budapest in the upper east side of New York. Delicious desserts. Great coffee. A cozy place to enjoy a friendly conversation. Love my City!

agnes mcCraven

Nice ambiance and service, large portions of tasty authentic food and pastry, delicious!

David Sweeney

Great, cozy spot for some authentic Hungarian food. The food is hearty and quite good. The service is casually good. Maybe not the most attentive, but not in a bad way.

Kamden Henson

Great spot to grab some food when in a hurry. The service is efficient, pricing is fair, excellent atmosphere. I highly recommend this place

Michelle Kocses

Great service and tasty food. I got the veal goulash, which I absolutely loved. They definitely take pride in their cooking.

Jus tin

The strüdel is pretty good. The körözött is also good with or without bread.

Lisa Wanderman

Homey cafe for all things Hungarian. Full dinner menu plus great pastries.

Joseph NewYork

Great baked goods and desserts. Hot food is hearty and tasty too.

Abell Kendrix

Had a excellent experience in this place with my wife. The food came quick and the customer service is just good. Prices are affordable.

Varga Katalin

Cosy place, delicious food and nice service

Asher Howard

Had a great experience here with my daughter. The food arrives quickly and the customer service is just fantastic. Prices are convenient.

Joe Luongo

Kind of a pricey place for the atmosphere. They were out of several desserts but the ones we had were good. They wanted to close 1/2 hour earlier than posted. That really made us feel they were in a hurry to close. The attitude of the people working here is kind of abrupt. Any dessert is pretty much $9 with a few at $8 and anything less was sold out. The prices are quite high for the atmosphere. Plus it’s waitress service so the costs do add up here.

Ann Mezzacapo

So glad we found this Hungarian Cafe. Love it

Gerald Krichevsky

Great Hungarian food. Large portions. Food sticks to your ribs. Also many desert options.

Zuxian Shi

A little expensive

Jonathan Metcalf

Wonderful pain au chocolat

Merlin David

Marvelous authentic Hungarian food. Found it by accident on a recent trip to NYC.

Anke Kessler

Excellent chicken soup and authentic European pastries.

Andres Rivas Pardo

It is a small place, that is practically hard to notice from the street. However, the food is fantastic. Very nice place not only for breakfast, also good for lunch and tea time in the evening. I recommend the apple strudel.

Danny Carter

Best pastries on the UES. Best with a group of friends over a number of small plates and wine. You can also just come in to take pastries to go.

graham dale

We were so excited to eat legitimate Hungarian food while visiting NYC and Budapest cafe did not disappoint! Ate a light lunch and got some amazing apricot and raspberry butter cookies. Friendly and fast service, we will be back next trip! Thank you!

Peter Wong

Maybe its a product of the time of day. I showed up at 9:30 PM, and the place is an embarrassment. I got the Apple Strudel, which was 7 bucks for a quarter of it, which I can make the argument will be worth it if its good. I would have settled for mediocore. The lady took the strudel out and I instantly knew it was a mistake. The color was grey and the pastry was limp. This may have been a good strudel six days ago. She threw it in the microwave, it came out still lukewarm, and my knife had trouble cutting into it. I ate one bite and that was enough. I'll pay my seven bucks to learn my lesson. Disgusting. This is the first review I've written in a year probably. That's how bad this is, it made me log into my account and write a research paper on how i felt. How do you run a business in New York City with that kind of garbage? are you insane? Jesus christ.

Carolina Miranda Cavalcanti

Tasty strudels

Doug McMasters

Excellent veal goulash. A cozy place to enjoy.

Kelly Chiu

Cozy place and wonderful authentic food. Everything was delicious, from the goulash soup to the mushroom crepes and cucumber salad to the biscuits and chestnut puree. Our waitress was great and super accommodating. Will be back!

Ronnie Wachsler

Great soup (goulash) great place to have a strudel

Yoav Glidai

Service is not polite or welcoming at all. The cake was so so. Coming from a Hungarian family I know my food. Disappointing.

Balazs Kollar

Chichen with paprika, palacsinta (thin Hungarian pancake) are great. Portions are huge, ideal to share for two.

alan lane

One of the last Hungarian places left in a neighborhood which had a dozen really great ones. Food is 3 1/2 * bakery is 4 1/2 * so I gave them an average score of 4*. Service is spotty depending on which waitress is on at the time. Lunch and dinner specials include soup or salad and dessert choices of the day and are a good deal.

Krisztina Szabo

About these reviews. People use this site for personal vendetta. It is a shame that for any reasons people feel obligated to share their frustration in a form of leaving bad feedbacks for this place. This site should be used to rate services and the quality of food. And in both cases this caffee is very good, moreover, the food is excellent. I read a review saying that the cook is not Hungarian. To be honest I do born in Hungary and I can care less who makes the food when its resemble the authentic taste of typical hungarien foods. In anotherone reviewer saying the waitress told the client the prices aren't the same when you would like to have a seat or to take out. They do have a table service meaning people would be served by a person. It's not like a Starbucks that you get your coffee and serve yourselves, and with that the price increases indeed. Just like anywhere else. The place is small and cozy. The food is very good and the pastries are all homemade. This country has freedom but don't use it to damage a business because personal hate. After all we are all in the same shoes and if this little place would go out of business a lots of people will miss it and we will all loose. We will all loose a little taste of Hungary.

Vladimir Jovanovic

This is the Hungarian restaurant to go to if you want a taste of Hungarian cuisine. Their strudels are really authentic. Just the way they suppose to be and out of this world tasty. You can choose between poppyseed, apple sauce, blubbery and cheese or sour cherry. Won't go wrong with any. Chestnut puree is also great. There is also a lunch menu with traditional Hungarian dishes like goulash or cabbage rolls. Staff is professional and attentive. They'll also gladly explain every menu item down to every detail to make it clear for people who are not that familiar with Hungarian cuisine. The spot itself is small and cute with authentic interior. Even if you go there for lunch, I dare you not to try any of the sweets with them being perfectly displayed when you go in.

Denver Macdonald

This spot simply knows how to take care of their clients. Consistently with a very nice attitude. The food is conveniently priced, always tasty and clean.

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