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REVIEWS OF BJ's Wholesale IN New York

Jeffrey Diamond

Had a membership here for a year and did not renew. If the truth be told I rather travel a bit further and go to Costco because the product selection is better and have a much better return policy. This location is also rather small and can get cramped when extremely busy.

tariq bekka

Very nice thank you.

Ivan Roman

Not enough associated presence on the floor. And I saw a spill today that an associate left unattended, I grabbed a nearby cone to put on the spill. He did not return to clean it. Quick checkout, despite a long line. The store is well organized.

Deanna Lee

Had our vehicle broken in they charge you for membership and say they not responsible for your car. 2 cars broken in that day and one was stolen the week before they didnt even have a number for the security company that drives about they say look on the wall you will find the number or look out for them when they drive around all they care about is spend your money and leave

Mary Behrman

Shopping was nice but rather go alone and not with my daughter

Dash TW730

Great place to find all your needs overall

Gail Monso

Clean and well-stocked. Extra long lines.

Adam casey

Alex (female cashier) was very nice and awesome she def knows her job and helped us at the cashier she is great and she scans very quickly i would look into her for the future.

Yolanda Marin

Lines weren't that bad for midday

Joseph Swimmer

My experience shopping at,Bj's is always fulfilling ,the staff's are very courteous and most of all you can bet that you will find everything you're looking for.


Nice place but unfortunately they never ever have enough cashiers open to handle the customers.

Earth Tonz

There are many things that I like about this place and would definitely recommend it.

Raquilah Parris

Love the prices. Lines are a bit long on the weekends but well worth it.

Cheryl Ocampo

For a weekday around noon the crowd was not too bad. Normally this place is packed! This location is very clean and well stocked.

Miguel Jimenez

The prices are good. Employees are always unhelpful and with attitudes. It's best to try and figure thing out on your own.

Ramen Noodles

Every thing you need and more is at BJs. Be sure to clip your coupons. You can easily spend a lot here

Ryan Dixon

Long line but prices are good buying in quantity

Fedele Dattomo

Great place to shop. Everything you need is there, and I mean everything.

Morris Rogers

This location has everything. Early is a must to avoid crowds. Parking unlimited. Handicap accessible.

Yolanda Letford

The price is very good for the quantity and it's close to my home.

Wayne Roberts

I had no hassle. I was in and out like a breeze

Shazam Mohammed

You're the best we love BJ's

InsecureTurtleAlf Hernan

Has everything you need at low prices, monthly offers and great service. Overall a great place to shop.

CorreyHope Kustin

What a great place to go when you want to kill 3-4 hours on a rainy day. Grab a wagon and find everything and anything! Go hungry cause you can get cheap pizza and ice cream. Samples are given away in the food section. Play with toys. Seek new books. Discover new foods and clothes. It's all here! You wont find a cheaper tastier birthday cake. They will add anything to it! There is a membership fee- but they will give you a one day pass. Come check it out. free parking at the mall here.

Robin Campbell

Pleasant. I would love the old food court back.

Sheryl Edmonds

During the week, after work, especially, not as crazy crowded, the staff are nice, prices are just right & the cold cuts are less than outside businesses.

Eugenia Jones

Pretty well organized and the line went fast

Kissie Sheppard

They are having a problem with my renewal. I paid, they website say I paided, but when I'm in store they say my card has been cancelled due to non-payment.

Algie Hall

Great place to shop.

Daniel justiniano

The optical department is a mess under bj management.

Pat Smith

I like buying in wholesale so this is the place for me when I need big items. Wish the lines were shorter or moved faster.

Inez Brewer

One person for customer service ... unbelievable

Raúl Miguel Hidalgo Guzmán

The best, food, candy, bakey, tv and more!!!

Andrea Jones

It was horrible. Some of the sales clerks there are rude, loud and act like they talking to their friends on the street. Not good customer service. I only come there like 2 times a year. Bad behavior.

Christina Walker

Very good. My cashier was very professional and curtious

Alisa Mercado

Best shopping place hands down!

Judy Jack

I've been shopping at bjs for 15yrs,still doing so,Iove the wholesale prices and products.

Beatriz Luna

I think that it’s so crazy that you don’t accept dogs. This is the only bjs that doesn’t let dogs in. I think that now everywhere you go dogs are allowed. My dog was a puppy he was only 2 months and I had to leave him in my car where it was cold I had to leave my car on so he won’t be cold just so I can shop. I think that my puppy was not gonna hurt any one or use the bathroom in the facility. I think I would never go to this bjs ever again I would keep going to the one I always go to.

Keenina Gaines



Glad to finally see that the sale books are out in the open and not behing customer service desk and didn't have to stand in line. I was able to get what I wanted but the lines continue to be very long, I am patient for now.

Eva C.

The lines are always long. Waited 30 mins to check out. However, the prices are good.

Sonia Birthwright

Had Everything in one place,love that

Ray Dejesus

Everything can be find here all food and drink and meat everything if you can't find it you in the wrong place

Billie Samm

By far the worst bjs..... Sometimes it's ok the leave Brooklyn. I went on sat & sunday.... The store was fully stocked sat in went back Sundays & guess what everything was damn near gone.

khayah Yisrael

Ive been coming to this establishment for more than 12 yrs. I have always had good experiences with staff in customer service, bakery dept however today was exceptional. Stan senior manager was willing to accomodate my request for Cooper cheese dispite machines being preped for the night. Although I didnt put the employee through having to reclean the deli machine I was beyond grateful Stan was willing to go above and beyond. Why I will remain loyal to Gateway. Sorry Cosco

Anthony Beckles

This BJ'S is one of the originally branches in this neighborhood, so therfore they are more organized and have mostly everything in stock compared to the others in Brooklyn, and plus the workers are very professional

Ziomara Cardona

Love coming here! I have a big family so the deals here are great!

Paul Bessassar

They have great fruit, food, milk, water and lots more plus great costumes for Halloween, so come on down til you shop til you drop.

janine lilith

Bought online and pick up at the store. Waited 45mins to get our receipt for the items. They said it was a glitch in the system but they have no back up for this.

305 QueenBLuxx

Why do the Bakery department have a phone? They never answer it when I call SMDH

Norman Clarke

Very good experience very good service will shop anytime soon

Susan N. Fleary

Always bustling, but checkout is pretty quick.

Fabbeyond Jefe

Diverse products , decent prices , produce section is cool. Good bakers . It's a cool place . It can get very pack and busy on the weekends and in the beginning of the month .

Maciel Martinez

It's a little disorganised and they need more staff to help you find things. But it is ok.

Edna Parente

Was very nice the works are very helpful just not enough electric scooter s

M. Davis

This location is always crowded, and the lines don't move fast enough for me. Today I decided to do the pick up and pay, and was very disappointed with the process. First of all, one of my items wasn't there. You pick your food up at customer service, and I was told they only check you out, if you have 5 items or less (I had 9). I was shocked! What's the point in doing pick up and pay, if I still have to wait on a long line? I then spoke to a supervisor, who was so ghetto, I just couldn't believe it. Then I asked to speak to a manager, who said they can check me out as a ONE time courtesy. UNBELIEVABLE!!! This is by far, the worse Bjs I've ever been to. And of course, it's the one closest to my home (smh). One thing I must say though, the 1-800 number on the back of your bjs card... Now they are very nice & professional.. they will help you out, anyway they can. The pick up and pay feature is suppose to make your shopping experience at Bjs faster. I was in there longer than I would have been; if I had shopped around for the food myself. This location needs to DO BETTER!!! But Bjs as a business is very good. The fact that their prices are reasonable, and they take coupons, is GREAT for the customers who have large families. On that note, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. And keep the prices DOWN. But be mindful of who you hire to represent your establishment.

Rose Giammarino

The lines go fast the store is close by the only thing some not all of the cashiers do need to improve their personalities and put a smile on their face,other than that I like the place.

Renesha Westbrooks

Poor poor poor Services. Air is good thank God

Joey G

Convenient location , good prices , great produce, fully stocked most of the time , helpful staff , plenty of parking , handicap parking , pay lines maybe very long , self checkout is much faster , clean , unisex rest room, cash , credit card , ebt , debit cards , some items priced higher than other clubs

Carol Rutkowski

They have a lot of good prices. The only thing I wish is that they had more check out lanes.

robert RobertD

I've visited a number of BJ's in Brooklyn and NJ .They Are always clean and the staff are polite and professional.

Jennille M

It's bigger than the one in Canarsie.

sharilyn cumberbatch

The staff is organized also very helpful

Veronica Hayward

Normally when I go to BJ's it's a mad house today was good.

Cynthia Cardona

My first time here and it was great!!! Fresh vegetables, great prices on the different types of meat. They have everything you can think of from TV's to coats, bed linens and anything you can think of. Will be coming back. Staff was friendly.

Melina Laureano

Too overcrowded especially on the weekend. Was on the line to pay for almost an hour. Not enough registers open. Been to other BJs and this one was the worse. Other than that i found what i was looking for.

Betty Haynes

It is organized and now you can self check out ! You don't have to wait on long lines. Thank you BJ's. Bettie Haynes

Luis Rodriguez

No matter what time you go there are always long lines. Their express lines are 15 items or less, that isn't an express line. 15 items at BJ's will easily fill up your cart. I asked an employee about it and I was told that they use to have 8-10 or less, but people would just do separate transactions. I was there recently and the cashier started kicking people off the lines who had more than 15 items. Another time a cashier didn't allow separate transactions. They should definitely become more strict about those rules. Some cashiers are slow, but shouldn't get all the blame. The real issue is everyone takes their items out of their cart and puts them on the belt. It feels like it's everybody's first time at BJ's every time I go. Organize your cart with the barcodes up so they can be scanned with the gun! If you have a lot of items, organize your cart so only some have to go on the belt, not every single one. Have you BJ"s card out and be ready to pay.

Juan C De La Hoz

Unhelpful staff, self checkout is a nightmare, will not be coming back

Kim Franklin

Excellent!!!! Ann Marie in Member Services was extremely helpful.

Yvonne Semple

I love shopping at this location at Bjs It has most of everything I need at the right price! And I love how you get back monetary rewards and cost saving coupons! The staff is always helpful and pleasant at all times

Lilly Madrazzo

Quick lines ... Spacious isles Everything is Fresh & reasonable prices

Diamond D.

I can always find what I'm looking for at BJ's. And at a reasonable price.


Returns/exchanges were very easy but not enough personnel at Customer Service.

Sweetdelights Miller

This was my first time experiencing a disrespectful Manager at BJ at Gateway Mall Miguel P. was horrible.....they had the wrong price on Yellow Cheese at the Deli...and the worker charged me more than what was advertised.....I pointed it out to her.....she called for her Manager(Miguel P.) When he arrived he practically ripped down the sign and told me in a very nasty tone....that when I'm ready to check out they'll fix it....if I have a problem for me to tell them to call him!!!!!! Wow!!!! If he's the Manager why could he do it from the Deli......Just very nasty that early in the morning

shariz alamin

Move fast. No wait. You get what you want in big bulk.

Metro Pcs

Good product but the worst customer service..they only have two register open and 15 are close..even the line on the return take one hour to move...

Summer Rose

This store has everything. And it's got lots of wholesale deals. Very clean and well kept.

Lisbeth Rentzler

Great prices but the check out lines are slow, even self check

Ravi Jaikaran

Never order sandwiches or platters from the deli department at this place, they always forget to make your order and then ends up blaming everyone else. This is the second time I order food for a special event and they end up forgetting. Trust me just go to another BJ's who will get it right.

Larry Reed

The wife and I shop every month at BJ's and we enjoy the bulk items a lot. We have two little ones in school so it makes good sense to buy the goods like that to last for the entire month. Great place!!

Maria Soto

Great shopping for all your needs... Neatly stock & clean.

Wilma Morris

Very easy to shop today

Keshia L

It’s a great location and parking is a breeze. There’s also a few buses and taxi guys with their outrageous prices outside so you have many options. But my goodness the check out line is depressing. It’s so long and you would be standing in line for close to an hour waiting to cash out. I wish Bjs could do something to fix this or they would lose a lot of business to Costco who’s line goes really quick. On a positive I do get a lot of my organic items here though and most of the cashiers are mostly pleasant,although there’s a few grumpy ones. But Bjs needs to get that long lines moving faster. The parking lot is always full of stray carts which could dent people’s vehicles. The workers need to be more productive in rounding up the stray cart like Costco does.

Rai Lki

2 years ago I stopped shopping at this LOCATION! Reasons are, bad deli meat sold shinny rainbow on cornbeef. Cashiers DISHONESTY WHEN TALLYING ITEMS. OMG I just read that the other locations allows DOGS INTO THEIR STORES! HELL NO I AM NOT RENEWING MEMBERSHIP! I HAVE BAD ALLERGIES AND HOSPITALS AND NEEDLES FOR TREATMENTS NO WAY! THANKS TO AN INDIVIDUAL REVIEW I WOULDN'T GO TO OTHER LOCATIONS IN BROOKLYN NY! I would call the Cooperated offices to find out directly! I just spoke to someone from C.Office and they said service animals are allowed. PROBLEM is that they AREN'T AWARE ALL SERVICES ANIMALS WEAR VEST BASED ON INDIVIDUALS DISABILITIES. I THEREFORE WOULD NEVER RENEW MY MEMBERSHIP AND I WOULD THROW AWAY ALL MAIL FROM THIS COMPANY! I am ALLERGIC TO DOGS! I DON'T like needles and he'll no to HOSPITALS!

Doe Robles

I love going here. I buy my scott towels and toilet paper in bunk here. My ice cream and meat also. Always clean and always someone on the floor to help you.

Patricia Worthy

Wonderful. Plenty of cashiers, wait on lines were not long. pleasant cashiers.

Sharmilla singh

BJ's is awesome and the price is great spend less and get more for your money

Charlene Agosto

Needs better placement of supplies and price labels need to be in it's proper place to show the price of the item below it

Karen Cedillo

Very rude and unfriendly employees especially the cashiers. No patience and they make it completely obvious that they don't want to be there. Will definitely consider visiting a different location before I ever think about coming back here.

Dorothy Salmon

The prices are very reasonable

Barry Adams

The prices are good and there items are never old or pass dated

Sherrylyn Freeman

It was awesome and the workers are very professional and your have a variety of thing

Olivia Sinclair

Just love the ambiance. This is my "ME TIME" I get there early, and just take my time to exhale. Try it, good time to relax, and enjoy spending your money.

Nyjer Johnson

I've enjoyed shopping at this establishment 4 over the past 5 years. Employees always courteous helpful and knowledgeable or what in the store.

B. Goddess Isis Glo

Shopping during the rush hour rush doing a "quick" store run is very much to be expected to be crowded... Mornings are lovely and just b4 closing: all of the employees have been a great helping hand every time I requested their service... I walk in before closing and I am informed the closing time... During the morning I am greeted w/warm salutations... I assumed ValleyStream would always be My BJs nope Brooklyn's BJs has been an easy warm up... Great staff (awetaztik teamwork included), huge parking lot, plenty of carts (I miss them being by the restroom in case My little one need to stop there 1st), the aisles are well categorized so I get in and get out smoothly... They can work out all details for the rush hour lines to be reduced or at least move more swiftly... Optimism goes a long way while shopping alongside the rush hour rush to any store: people We are all human and want the same things... Be Kind To One Another: ask yourself, "What better options could I choose to make Mine & My fellow shoppers' have a better shopping experience!?" #PayItForward

C Brad

Nice very nice. The staff could smile once in a while. The check out associate at the door gave BJ a shine and the five. He made you feel like shopping there was appreciated.

hazel burke

I really like to shop at BUs you always have what i need.And the shopping experience is always a good one thank you.

M Forrester

It's a BJ's but the shopping experience at the College Point is much better. I have experienced a top notch shopping experience at Westbury, NY and Edison, NJ.

Benny Vincifora

Wide selection of goods groceries,clothes and furniture at good prices better than the one near me in canarse

Tesheca Rollins

I love to shop at bj's. My only problem is that the wait for to a member service is long because there is not enough workers or they on break all at once


Long long line. But its really good and fun

Carolyn Parks

I luv BJ'S everyone needs to go there..


You have to wait in 2 lines. First line to pay for the item and 2nd line is to exit the store. It's only 1 person who is checking receipts at the exit. Sometime you have to spend more time in line to exit after you already paid for everything .

Eric Booker

I know how to get around,so I’m like in and out .

Barbara Foster

Products were not too easy to find. The categories were a little scattered.

Tammy Burns



LOVE this place it has everything a family needs. The only thing that sucks is the long lines but that's expected.

Deborah Mason

It was all good.

Tony Abs

Keith from produce was so helpful. I really appreciated his assistance with finding my can goods. He was even on his break when he did it. God Bless him.

Ononna Toma

There is an employee name Onika or Monica as per other employee in the customer service. Well I wanted to go get a book for coupon so can save few bucks. She refuses to listen to me and goes to other employee and laughs about it, then they both looks at me and keep laughing and nodding to make fun of me! It was a very racist and humiliating behavior of both of them.

Di Ma

Good prices . Need a membership card

Joseph Marciano

I have always liked shopping at BJ'S. Problem is that I have been noticing that they aren't always carrying their own products anymore. They do carry them but it seems to be in lower amounts. They seem to be pushing the big name products which are more expensive than their own products. That is my biggest gripe about them.

Gus green

Good but very busy


Great place to buy things in bulk. But make sure you have enough space in your car to take all of that home.

Samuel S

God selection and sometimes it is not crowded in th early afternoon.

Elaine Douglas

Always crowded. Customer service is not very helpful.

Miguel Lopez

Awful customer service

Ataur Rahman

Looks like some of the item price little higher. But love to shop here.

Yesenia Diaz

Very good.. Check out time too long even for self checkout

Marilyn Shade

At bjs its easy to find what you are looking for but checking out is too slow the lines are long not enough cashers

John Mccadney

Very pleasant experience. The store eas pretty well stocked with the exception of some sale items, the store was under staffed with employee's

Ayashii Dove

Prices are what I need on a budget with me and my children. Always best to go on a weekday..less crowded

Wendy McClarin

I crashed the go cart a couple of times til I got the hang of it. What I didn't like was the wait all of the customers who were on same line as me had to wait for the person to respond to the flashing light. She walked over slower than a baby crawling


Everything you would normally find at your typical BJ's. Parking is easy to find. It's usually crowded in the afternoon. Best to go before 3pm

Edgardo Vias

It was empty and I was out quickly.

Emil Zerella

Always great prices

Joseph J Kramer

Horrible... The lines are practically out the door. There are over 16 registers that are closed... it's like this most of the time.

Joseph Baglivio

Good prices when buyiing in bulk.

Elisa G

Horrible experience in this location. Rude cashiers by the self check out. They have a scanner gun and seem angry when you ask for assistance. So if your elderly or have any type of disabilities go somewhere else. instead of just scanning the heavy items they just stand there with a mad look. Then the check out line is another problem. They stand around with store police and other employees chatting away so lines just to get out. I understand maybe I’m busy days but during the week and 2 people on line have to wait 20 mins to leave the store. Please get it together manager( A)Your employees need better customer service training. Us customers spend a lot of money and deserve assistance when needed. I wish i could of gave it no stars. Queens location way better.

Vaishnavi Amba

Middle village best one

gail branch

Quality food shopping at a reasonable wholesale price


Very big store as to be expected, great for buying in bulk, the monthly deals are very helpful. At times the lines are very long but it depends on when you go, weekends are very busy, definitely a great place to shop if your looking to ny bulk

Tony Dee

A large warehouse were u can by in bulk on most items. Along with clothing and food. I bought a tv there not to long a go. The price was good and no issues. Just as they say buyer beware.

Ahana Singh

Sushelia has been a wonderful person in helping me check my clothes out she has helped me to make sure all my item are check out even when one of my item barcode was giving problem and the self check out machine keep refushing my cash...she has went above and beyond and i think the manager should repapreciates her effort in promoting a better customer services...had a wonderful expriences

saintsrow champ

BJ's is a great place to shop for a large family and they always have Pampers and wipes and discount coupons to help out.

Linda Buis

Always a busy place and they don't always have what I need but they are convenient and I can buy in bulk. The only bad thing is when they rearrange merchandise (a ploy of all merchants yo get customers to walk around the store and buy more). This becomes problematic for those customers with mobility issues. Otherwise, I am very sayisfied.

Black Star

They never pick up their phone when the store just opens. Their hiring process takes forever and to be continue......

Davinder Pal Singh

This place is so conveniently located along with so many other stores that you don't have to plan a separate trip. Also the grocery items both fresh & frozen are as always of very good quality. Last and the best, you cannot escape the amazing bakery at BJ's

Joseph Sanchez

Unfortunately the lines were long and management should of opened up some more lines especially the line that we were in. There were two customers who had a lot of goods but had not enough money to pay. That was the big hold up.


This BJ's has ample, accessible parking. Like all of the others, they take all major credit cards and even manufacturers' coupons. The big drawback is understaffing at the registers! The wait can be ridiculous; in excess of a half hour. This is made more annoying by the fact that, usually, half of the registers are not open. After the long wait at the checkout, go to the pickup area to get those items that aren't on the shelf, like movie tickets. We waited over 15 minutes more to get these. I'm glad we didn't buy anything frozen! This is what you can expect about half of the time you go to this location. It's par for the course with this kind of business. It doesn't make it right, though.

Rehman Chaudhary

Its good alot of stuff is available at cheaper price, service is good and faster so it worth a visit.

Ashley Persaud

It was nice to shop at BJ's at gateway mall knowing that someone is looking out for you. I was buying groceries yesterday, and my husband was having chest pain, and I didn't even notice it. But the demo supervisor name Janelle saw him stand against the aisle holding his chest tightly, and she immediately saw him and brought a chair for him to sit on. Then she offered him some water. After that, she quickly alerted the general manager, where he checked if my husband was alright. I would like to thank both the demo supervisor Janelle and the general manager for coming to my husband's rescue.

Yessenia Diaz

There policy sucks Costco's is better u can return items no matter how long ago u bought it except for TVs which is ok BJ's only gives u 90 days for anything in the entire store that's why I would never buy anything electric from them I tried to return my ninja coffee machine they said no I bought a popcorn maker used twice went bad and I paid 149.00 dollars they said I couldn't return it I lost my money they suck just please be aware and buy these things in Costco where no questions ask they will take it back highly disappointed

Donna Rymes

It was great very special I love going to BJs

David W

Very good place to shop but the prices keep going up man.



L Villafana

Their deli meat quality is bad apples two rotten I would never buy from here! Items you previously buy are not always available at this store. I hope CARNATION vanilla breakfast and powdered milk in bag will be available next week when I stop by soon.

christopher Burkett

The price was excellent

Naomi's Life

This bjs is very easy to navigate and always have clipless coupons so even when you're not personally a member you get some member deals

Steven Pearson

Can always find what I need, staff is very helpful if you can find them. Managers very helpful as well they will walk you around and help.

Nicole Brown

It don't make no sense for lines to be that long and not moving at all!!! I hate this store.

Stuart Benitez

Really bad service all around, I was robbed out of my stuff from inside MY LOCKED CAR and the security guard said to be thankful that all I was robbed of was THE STUFF INSIDE MY CAR!!!!!!!! Like what?????? Do your job!!!!!!!! AVOID THIS BJ’s AT ALL COST!!!!!!!!

Joanne Sanchez

This BJ’s is horrible. Avoid at all costs. The employees are slow, lazy, inattentive and make it obvious that they do not want to work there. Do not expect smooth transactions or a pleasant customer experience. And to make your shopping trip even worse, how about having your CAR BROKEN INTO! My car was broken into and multiple items were stolen. There are no cameras and the “security guards” on duty are pretty much non-existent. I got back to my car and waited a half hour for a security guard to show up. After speaking to him, he made it clear that this wasn’t a rare occurrence but rather the norm in this POS shopping complex. Do not shop here!!!

Thomas Delancey

Great place friendly people and very helpful

New Nurse

I go just for the birthday cakes. My most recent membership ended in August 2015 and I've been just fine without it. My family has 6 members so buying bulk items is a necessity. But they don't have as much variety as I would like and the prices are NOT a bargain.

margaret Frazier

Great,found all that I needed plus more,atmosphere was nice,store very clean,cashier pleasant I'll b back

Chris Thomas

It's a beautiful thing to shop in the afternoon, less crowds!!

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