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REVIEWS OF Betty Bakery IN New York

Cecil Neal

wayne pannabecker

Excellent bakery products and wedding cakes for all people no exceptions. About the pricing, when I do my own baking there is not much difference in what I spend for raw ingredients.

Shane Persad

Overpriced....Not worth it...

Subhankar Das

Nice looking bakery. But sadly the cake I bought was by far the worst cake I tasted in NYC. May be I chose the wrong one but either way, I'm not going to risk it again, given there are so many amazing bakeries in the area.

Duy Tran

Everything I've tried here has been amazing. Highly recommended.

masha masha

You fulfilled my last minute order of choclate cupcakes to match with my son's birthday cake. The result and your design of putting a blue C was amazing. The butter creme cake was delicious. The cake and cupcakes were all eaten within 10 min of cutting the cake. All the guests remarked that they were very delicious and not the ordinary run of the mill cakes. Thank you so much and you now have a life long customer... Me.

Joy R

Been going for a few years. Most recently bought a strawberry shortcake cake. DELICIOUS. Moist, great whip cream. No cake was left at the party

La Leona

Customer service was excellent! Everything looked delicious & tasted phenomenal! I really liked the fact that the employees knew their product & all baked goods are made on the premises. I will definitely be a repeat customer

Avala Maneeram

I miss living in Brooklyn for several reasons. One of the biggest is that I'm so far away from Betty's! I absolutely adore this little retro chic bakery with the pop art and even better baked goods. You can't go wrong with anything that you get there. My most favourite thing though is the coconut cream cake. Now you need to understand that I don't particularly like coconut, but this cake makes a believer out of you. I don't know what they put in it, but trust's magical. I've ordered several of them over the years for birthdays and parties etc and they never failed to be devoured, which is sad because that means that there are no leftovers for me :( Their cakes may seem a bit pricey, but they are so worth it when you try them!

nadeem iqbal

Coconut cake is really good.

junziel may tuyac

The cake I ordered was delicious.

Grace Cheng

Really love the red velvet cupcakes ! My favorite in NYC

Andrew Barrus

Fantastic atmosphere with delicious baked treats, coffee, and cakes.

Hasan Ashour

Nice Bakery

Archie Young

i'm always weary of pastries with specific signs like "dairy free" etc. i love my food buttered up, inorganic, meatful, and probably terrible for your health. I was skeptical seeing a dairy free apple pastry but was incredibly surprised at how soft and delicious it turned out to be! There is a good variety and i am definitely coming back for more!


Best Red velvet

karla pesantez

I just ordered my cake for my quinceanera, the shop looks super cute and the girls who worked there were very friendly they were patient with my order and even gave me advice for my cake decor. After ordering my cake i also bought a stawberry shortcake, chocolate cake and an iced coffee. Let me just say those were the best things i ever tasted, they combine the sweetness very well and the strawberries were fresh, i would really recommend this to any person who loves desserts. Overall i was really satified with everything and even if the price is a bit high let me just tell ya its worth it.

gayle e

The gluten free raspberry chocolate cake was delicious. Had to fight these two little girls for the last pink unicorn cupcake. No shame. Good stuff. Wish there were more gluten free options..

J La

Good cupcakes. Good combo of sweet icing and good cake

Jacob Day


Lenora Quirke

Great bakery, ordered a cake for my daughter in law baby shower for April. Beautiful & delicious!

Delilah Collington

Yum-Yum Delicious!

tania morales

The cake I purchased was small for the price I was quoted. Also the cake was hard as a rock. I was barely able to cut it. I was better off juat gettin something from wholefoods. I dont really recommend this bakery.

Christine Smith

This place have good deserts

Dave Smith

Great food and friendly staff. I even heard of some celebrity sightings there.

Natasha D

Lazaro Lugo

Very satisfied with the selection of creative and lively pastries. I can't stay away!

Jim Freund

Artisanal bakery -- lots of fine stuff ready made, but also able to fix up most anything in advance. The apple cake was fabulous. Also, handmade goodies for Passover and other holidays.

g man Bishop


Resheal M

I tried this place out randomly because I needed to buy desserts for a party and the tarts were amazing. Banana cream pie and Lemon tarts were to die for; everyone at the party was asking where i bought the tarts from. Must visit this place again!

Jason Labes

Always good. Selection has changed since my last visit. Probably should go more often.

Jenny Taylor

These cakes are dense and delicious.

Roland Bellwald

Nice, friendly, quick. The display looks very (!!!) Artificial though.

Cindy Zaz

Good cakes and location

Maria Gamez

The prices are to high


They don't make bakeries like these anymore. Charming and simple with friendly service. An absolute ray of sunshine. 100 stars if could! Everything we've ever had here was downright delicious

Edmond Marbury

Bettet to buy a whole cake

Laura Sanchez

Loved the Chocolate Walnut Cookie

Jeremy Watssman

Super friendly staff and great food, good coffee. One of the very few places you can get a UK-style meat pie in NYC and they are GOOD. Especially the steak and cheese. Better than most British pies I’ve had.

L Henry

The lemon curd tart was good. I also like the unicorn cupcakes...

April from Brooklyn

I was in a hurry to get a cake for my future sister in law's bachelorette. I paid $200 for a one layer cake with a beach theme. They covered it in blue fondant to resemble the ocean with brown sugar as the sand, beach towel, sandals and her name written across the cake. It was perfect for her beach theme. She loved the cake so much she wouldn't let anyone cut it and preserved it for her wedding two weeks later. That was fortunate because the groom's cake was ruined by a different baker and this cake had to stand in. I am so glad they decided to have mercy and rescue me at the last minute. The cake was delicious. The service is good but the women are not super effusive so I couldn't tell if they were taking me serious. But they are serious about baking!!

ICantWait ToEatIt

The best red velvet cake I have ever had hands down! Baked to perfection and very well portioned

Drew Davis

Talk about hidden gems! This is a tiny storefront on Atlantic Ave, and it hits above its weight! Probably the best pastries in the area, and the rugelach here are so dope. Service here is so friendly and quick. Highly recommend!

Jonathan V

best red velvet cupcakes in town. it's the pricey though, but still good.

Jonathan Shein

Have some really great baked goods there, counter people are very friendly. I had their version of the ring ding and was excellent.

Susan Shellogg

This bakery is way way overpriced... You can buy better baked goods at trader Joe's at a fraction of the price..

Kim Davidson

I visited this bakery on a whim and I'm glad I did. The apple pie was delicious but the lemon tart was amazing! I wiil definitely return and try the red velvet and carrot cakes and recommend this place to others.

Celia Bobadilla

Jessica Forrest-Dempster

My favorite Bakery

Florence Charles

Yummy cakes and desserts. I typically customize a cake with liquor for my husbands' birthday.

Evelin Castillo

Betty Bakery is one of my favorite bakeries at the moment. It is expensive, but that's all subjective. I am addicted to their coffee, hot or iced either goes. Most of the time I get a raspberry bar to go along with my cup of joe. Betty Bakery is a happy place for me. I enjoy sitting by the window, and people watch as I sip. I have not tried the cakes even though they look fantastic. They are $7.95 per slice, steep. That's not the reason why I won't eat a slice, though. My compulsiveness will get the best of me if I do... this I know for sure. So, I rather not even get into the cake game just yet. I will stick to the coconut cupcakes which I like a lot, and the coconut lemon bar too. The berry muffin is my all time favorite. I was a fan of their mummy Twinkies back in October. As far as coffee goes, I like them all. Straight black, latte and the Local Kobricks Coffee. Aside from all the above the place is spotless, and the ladies that work here are friendly. Treat yourself

cheryl harvin

Mmmmmmm the chocolate and the rainbow cake is soooo awesome and it's affordable

Deborah Richardson

best in the world

Maria Pickett

Their mixed berry muffin is delicious....still warm from the oven. Moist and light not too sweet and the strawberries and blueberries were fresh not packaged or frozen. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I am definitely going back.

Grace Vi

Yum! Love the twinkies especially. They’re all about nostalgia!

Robert Wright

A great place for the best homemade cakes of all kinds that suitable for your taste buds. Robert Wright/ The Salvation Army.

Jonathan Vazquez

Meat pie was old with freezer burn and rotten meat. Horrible, horrible place to eat

Chris Field

jeffrey rogers


Judy Johnson

My son brought a Greatness cake from them that tasted fabulous. Their customer service was great. We've refer people to them and we will buy again. This is our go to buy cake store for now on. They will not sale you a stale item. Thanks, Ms. BETTY...

Alexander Kontoleon

Fun little spot! This small bakery has a small selection but what they have is awfully tasty. I tried the Old Fashioned apple cake and the Carrot Cake, and they were both delicious. I will be going back to try the chocolate cake and I also saw some amazing peanut butter filled chocolate covered twinkie object that looked awesome.


excellent cakes perfectly executed.

Ko Nee

Very friendly owner and delicious cake! It's great to support local business!

Reynold Martin

Great service! Great menu with Vegan options. Perfect place to get a cake for any occasion.

Nicole Mandel

Jay Rob

Just DELICIOUS AND DELECTABLE!!!! Carrot cake, red velvet, vanilla.....hmm hmm, hmmmmmm. A bit pricey thou, so wanted to give 4.5 stars

Alex Dunn

Amazing service, staff couldn't be nicer when they took my order and everything arrived a few days later in Hong Kong in perfect condition. Will definitely use them again.

Robert Patrick

The nicest bakers you ever will meet.

Peaches Daughter

I will never go again Eileen customer service was horrible Thank Goodness NYC have other bakeries

Brandi McNeil

AMAZING red velvet cake. Hands down.the best I've ever had. Yum!

Nicole & Jason

Not only were the cupcakes delicious, they made our civil marriage ceremony that much more sweet. We ordered an assortment but had the chocolate/coconut. DELICIOUS!

Erika Taylor

Very expensive and OK goods. The consistency of the chocolate chip cookies are never the same. The vanilla cake is like cornbread with whipped butter but the shop is very CUTE!!

nelli latypova

Nice and stylish bakery not far away from Barclays avenue metro station. The venue is very tiny. There are only 3 seats. It’s nice to drop into the bakery to grab some pastry or any other sweet things to take away. However, if there is no one but you and your friend there, you may stay and have some coffee or tea there. I liked the ambience, but I was not amazed by their food so as to come back all the time I pass by. Overall, it’s a good place. Especially if you have a sweet tooth, because the pastry they sell is very sweet.

Cheryl Crouse

Michelle Zhang

great bakery

Ameet Mathew

Old fashioned apple pie, chocolate cake, and a variety of meat pies. This place has a wide variety of dishes and they're nearly all fantastic!


Great food...savory breakfast pies w/free coffee under $6!!

matthew harris

Alberto Grazi

Amazing cakes and great quality but for a steep price.

carlos rojas

Great European cakes

Pano Cato

Small town flavors

mekinee r

Had a chocolate cherry bomb. Overly sweet hardly any chocolate or cherry and mostly white cake filling.

Luis Cadmen


Isabella Burke

This is the best bakery ever!! My personal favorite bake good from Betty’s are the red velvet cupcakes. But anything you get there is incredible. The decor at Betty’s is adorable. This bakery is a hidden gem. I implore you to check out Betty’s the next time your in Brooklyn.

aaliyah delabanque


I'm convinced that this is the best bakery in all of Brooklyn. The pastries are delicious, the staff always curteous, and I've never liked mocha-lattes until I tried one there.

Dennis Carr

I can't remember

m c

I don't like red velvet cake but bettys is amazing

Novia Hsieh

very delicious! I bought strawberry chocolate cupcake, nutella ring ding, and many pies. All of them are pretty good!

Kevin Reste

Some on the greatest red velvet cake I've ever had

F Lacayo

Very meh and expensive for the quality. Had 3 different bite sized cookies (Lindsey tart, pb&j and chocolate chip). None of them was especially impressive. $3 for the 3 cookies which makes it $1 per cookie that was half the size of a thumb. Go to Mías bakery 5 blocks away, similar prices but MUCH better taste.


i did not like the red velvet cake at all the frosting around the cake was way too sugary and when i asked about them making me a strawberry shortcake they gave me the classic answer of strawberries are not in season well when i left their bakery i came across another called mias bakery and their bakery was amazing and full of display which betty bakery lacked good luck to anyone that orders anything from bakery

Kenil Bhatt

Cupcakes were great, but Nutella ding dong lacked Nutella

Hotel Los Laureles Luanco

Las mejores marañueles después de las que hay en Luanco

Tyler rules foreal

Cutest little treats. Kids paradise

Ellen Mishkin

The staff is knowledgeable and patient, which helps because there's so much delicious stuff to choose from. I bought the best chocolate cake I've ever eaten and a great lemon curd tart.

alison lincoln

Homemade Twinkies. Enough said!

Nika D.

This bakery has the BEST scones!!! The staff is very friendly and helpful. There are many desserts & coffee beverages to choose from & the staff are very knowledgeable about the different desserts. I had their Banana Cream Pie twice so far and it was divine and not overly sweet.


Always good. Ring dings are the best

andrea stewart

Excellent service. The red velvet cake & cupcake are fantastic!!!

Lindy Agron

David Blackman

They make these adorable little marzipan "lovebirds" that are so cute you might not want to eat them. All the baked goods are great. They sell sullivan st bread too.

Martin Saposnick

Consistent good quality. It's worth the visit & bring your "sweet tooth" along!

Jessie Hudson


Iss a Great PLace for baked Goods

Brian Layne

expensive for no reason ok taste

Cherishe Cumma

One day I was walking down Atlantic Avenue and I was stopped in my tracks by a beautiful window display. I just had to stop and admire the rare beauty of this little shop. As I entered the bakery, I was greeted warmly by the young lady at the cash register. Every pastry behind the counter looked absolutely delicious, and I was dealing with the horrible predicament of choosing one pastry. The young lady at the cash register was very patient with me until I made my choice. After a few minutes of contemplating, I choose a Lemon Tart with strawberries on top. I took my desert home with me so that I could enjoy it in the comfort of my own home. The pastry was amazing from start to finish, all the flavors blended perfectly together. I was completely satisfied and I felt that the tart was well worth price. Try the red velvet Halloween cupcakes !!

Hank Mitchell

Love this bakery!

Simcha Nath

Incredibly expensive but delicious and very aesthetically pleasing products

ann m

Betty's Bakery!

Singing Hub


Joseph Mancuso

Possibly the absolutely best carrot cake I have ever tasted.Only reason for 4 * instead of 5* is that the prices are quite high.Excellent baked goods!

Theophilus Obi Okpor

very delicious food

nicey Givens

I really enjoyed coming nostalgic feel field type of place

The Rainbow turned Galaxy!?

Walked in because my grandmother was also Betty (while waiting for a meeting a block over). Nice selection of savory and sweet though a bit pricey. Had a chocolate caramel tart. Caramel was good and gooey , crust flaky but chocolate tasted like a can of BETTY CROCKER frosting. Not bad but was expecting better.

Bill McBreen

Great cookies and hot chocolate. Tons of sweets and options here. Even meat pies!

Antonio Uceta

Excellent customer service, love the coffee and treats.

Beth H

We ordered a chocolate cake here with mocha filling for a grownup birthday party. It was absolutely fantastic. Everyone at the party raved about it. Expensive but worth it. It's hard for small bakeries to survive in Brooklyn these days. We've lost so many good ones. Let's support this one.

Jesse Moore Perrin

I started out having a nice interaction with this bakery, I was hosting a housewarming party and the one thing I wanted: unicorn cupcakes. The online ordering process and interaction via email was very easy and seamless. My only stipulation was I needed to pick these up around 10 AM Sunday. This was Sunday July 1st. When Sunday, the morning of my party rolled around – my husband and I went to Betty bakery to pick up our cupcakes. When we got inside, the gentleman Baker told us that there was a huge problem. Someone misread the order and instead of 25 unicorn cupcakes, there were 25 regular chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with plain frosting; with one unicorn cupcake. We were extremely disappointed but we were rushed with our party. The Baker unfortunately did not offer to reimburse us for the difference of plain cupcakes and unicorn, he said he could make the unicorn cupcakes... but by the time they would be done our party would be well in swing. He wasn’t rude, but he certainly didn’t offer an apology; and even after a phone call to the bakery the next day (no answer) we haven’t heard back from them. Be wary when using this bakery, you might not get what you paid for and you certainly won’t get reimbursed for the difference, it’s unfortunate because it’s a really cute setting, the cupcakes were good... BUT I expected much more from the customer service. Bummer... but the neighborhood has many other options; I would suggest you check them out first before Betty bakery.

Soan Vazquez

This place may be a bit pricey but it’s worth it! It’s so delicious!

Grisha Dolly

Chelsea Graham

Reyes Lolara

Best croissants period. I'd recommend the almond one. I got the almond chocolate one and it started off good, but you kind of get sick of it.

Ling Curtis

Delicious, moist carrot cake ordered for my husband’s birthday - everyone asked where I got it from! Picture of us demolishing it! Fully recommended!

Marvin Gonzalez

Everything looks delicious

Steven Y

Amazing little bakery. Only reason I'm not putting it at 5 stars is they coconut products in a lot of their stuff and I hate coconut.

Lee Weal

Cute little bakery. Nice place to stop for coffee or tea and a little treat. Most of the sweet treats are tasty and the savory pies are yummy. Two little quibbles: 1. They have 3 plastic stools to sit on but they're small and very slippery- not made for sisters with hips!

Louann Matheson

Javier Kohen

I tried the carrot cake and the chocolate cake. The carrot had a great texture and flavor, but the chocolate lacked the oomph I'd expect. It's kinda expensive, but there aren't many other good cake shops nearby.

Chrissy S

I love this place for cupcakes and cakes. Delicious. My daughter love coming here. When we do come here she like to get her cupcakes and cookies. Try the Ring Dings. The cookie monster one is excellent.

Kerry LaBotz

maritza ayala

We ordered our wedding cake from Betty's. It was delicious! We ordered chocolate raspberry with raspberry butter cream frosting. We kept it simple, naked style cake. We added the fresh flowers ourselves.

Necole Wickham-Maynard

These desserts are not to be missed.

Donald Edwards

Very good bakery. Very nice staff. Small, clean and cute!

Flora Roberto

Everything is delicious and beautiful, best bakery in the area!

Olenka Dubchak

Great selection of sweet treats and coffee. Unicorns!!!

J Knight

love their chocolate cupcakes

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef

What a fun bakery! They have lots of delicious temptations so enter with resolve or you may buy more than you wanted to... My brother loves their apple pie or is their chocolate cake. Or is it both?


Jennifer Jenkins

Hit or miss sometimes

Rahab Basher

Nice and friendly staff. Their red velvet cupcake is amazing.

Rob C

Phyllis A Sears

The Ring a Dings and the Twinks are amazingly delicious. Sorry Drakes Cakes and Hostess - you just lost my business.

Donella Held

Picked up a box of cookies and a small chocolate cake for a party. Didn't try the cookies myself but the cake was very good! I've had cupcakes from here previously and was not impressed so I'm glad the cake was a hit.

Leanne Wright

I love how light the frosting on their allspice cake is! While it is sweet, it isn't super sugary.

Attie C

The cookies are delicious.

Gumar Oz Dubar

All of the Products in this bakery is imported from another country. Which makes it stand out from the rest. And you get a more rich flavor from the different types of cakes. My kids and wife enjoy this place that's why we keep going back time and time again. PEACE AND BLESSINGS TO EVERYONE

James Hood

Great place to work and shop for all your sweet dreams.

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