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REVIEWS OF Bantam Bagels IN New York

Tyler Hilliard

Not all Shark Tank hyped it up to be, Pretty run-down shop

gal melcer

הרבה סוגים של לחמניות קטנות כאלו ממולאות בגבינה חמה ובכל מניי תוספות מעניינות. שווה בהחלט ללכת לשם

Stanley Schmidt

These bagel balls are a bit on the expensive side, especially if you have them shipped. That aside, they are very delicious when prepared the way they advise you. I really loved the pesto/tomato cream cheese bagel ball and the Hot Pretzel. I'd have to think a bit about ordering another shipment, but in the end I think I would, they are just too good and easy to prepare!

Donald T.

When you warm them up the filling / cream cheese dehydrates, you don’t get as much filling as the pictures show, also spent $9 on 2 boxes which is expensive, they taste better toasted than microwaved but there is not much cream cheese inside of them which ruins the whole thing.

Melissa Richiez

Those bagel bites are AMAZING

Julian Berman

These just aren't very tasty unfortunately. It's a slightly manufactured looking ball of bagel dough with the two fillings I tried not being that wonderful, and not that evenly reheated. It was edible, but would stick to just a normal bagel next time.

Paul Goldsmith

hardik gohil


Purchased from the store. $4.99 for 6 bagel balls. Combined they’re the size of a single bagel so extremely expensive. They’re dry and not very tasty.

Terri Endicott

Really? $6 for six tiny bagels with cream cheese? Plus you have to toast them in the toaster oven for them to really be toasted appropriately. Absolutely not worth it. I don't think Panera or Eintein's have anything to worry about.



Such a con! We waited in the queue as we were intrigued what they would taste like, they heat them up for you in the store, but ours were only half warm and the bagel was rubbish, we tried 2 flavours and they both tasted the same, avoid it, it's just a money trap and there are tons of better places to try, this place won't last.

Joyce Choi

Staff was super nice and informed us on how to properly eat the food. Price was little steep for the size but it's New York so that's a given. It's worth trying but not something I love.


Yummy and delicious go and eat there

Jaylynn Phillips

This was a very interesting place. A very good idea and fun to try but I wouldn't go back.

Suzzy McLean

I love the concept of Bantam bagels -- filling inside bagels is smart, however they are really small. It's a fun experience but not sure it'd be my go-to for a bagel and cream cheese.

Martin Feehan

This is one of my favorite places to stop when I'm in the neighborhood. The stuffed bagels are so soft and served warm. Great flavor combos. Awesome for little kids. They can dig in. I just wish the inside seated area was kept a little cleaner.

Diane Diaz

Saw them on Shark Tank and was eager to give them a try. Went into Starbucks yesterday morning to find Bantam Bagels in the pastry case and was super excited! They have a new happy customer because I am addicted!! Try the French Toast! So good!

BB Traveler

Ordered months ago and never received the product. When I call, they continue to place me on hold until I hang up....!!! In one case, I waited 45 minutes just to see how long I can wait. I don't care how good they are or what show they were on, if customers don't come first, it's not for me or my family. I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy!

Nicolas El-Hage

Novel idea, flavorless bagels

Pete Bekas

They are fun, but not something that I would go out of my way to get next time I'm back in town. Be sure to get their earlier, when I stopped by on a Wednesday around 2, they were already picked over.

Donna M

Tried the Shark Tank sampler bagels... just ok.. giving it 1 more try - just ordered the pancakes. They are very pricey for what you get and the shipping is outrageous.. $12! The pancakes will have to be awesome for me to go for a 3rd order.

Angie Bear

Ordered 3 cases and had high expectations, especially since for an Oprah favorite. Grandma JoJos were not tasty at all. Hot Pretzel would have been yummy if not for the overwhelming salt flavor! Don't waste your money!

Jeffery Sparks

I was walking by their shop and stopped in, all of the ones I tried tasted great. I could not tell which was which of the sweet ones but they were very good. It's a little too expensive to have everyday but as an infrequent treat it would be nice.

Allison Yu

The bagel balls are absurdly expensive. Fine, its NYC and everything is gimmicky and expensive and I am totally willing to put down money for some bomb food. But these bagel balls were hard and flavorless. I got the milk & cookies that was supposed to have chocolate chip cream cheese and the box lunch that was supposed to have pb&jelly inside. Both of them BARELY had any filling while my friend's were oozing with cream cheese so they were all really inconsistent. The toppings were bland and sparse. Would rather just get a real bagel instead.

Will Steidley

Would give zero stars if I could. They lie about their hours. I walked over a mile to get to their store around 9am (they supposedly open at 7am). No sign on door, just closed. As I was leaving a neighbor store owner said that it is typical for them to open around 10 or 10:30. Forget it!

Sheara J

Delicious! Loved the birthday, jalapeño, and hangover ones! Great concept and love that they serve them warm. Would have given it 5 stars, but the employee was downright unpleasant. Almost makes me not want to come back...

Rebecka Mendoza

carlos garcia

David Benner

amazing favors!

Kathleen Bortz

Bought a box of bantam bagels at grocery store. The cooking instructions leave much to be desired. Should simply state defrost prior to any heating. Dry in center and not very tasty.

Rosemary O'Brien

We just received our sample order after seeing you guys on Shark Tank. These are THE BEST! Next time we're in New York, we're taking a trip to your bagel store. What a find!

Debbie Sessions

I order the bagels online since I don't live in NYC. They are fabulous! I can't wait for them to go retail, hopefully near me. I am addicted to these little things. The bagel part has great simple flavor while the inside filling is tasty. My favorite is the everything bagel although all the flavors I have tried are delicious.

Go Places & Tries Things

I went here knowing that it was on Shark Tank and would be slightly over priced. The associate was very friendly and made small talk while our bagels were heated. As they are a small shop, they do close when they are out of fresh made bagels.

Amy Cannon Cooper

Extremely Dry on the inside. Definitely not enough cream cheese! We bought these at three different Starbucks locations and all were severely lacking inside. It’s too bad, they would be good if they fixed the lack of cream cheese on the inside!!! Tastes just like a frozen plain bagel now.

Carson Shore

Great service! The bagels are absolutely wonderful! This is a must-try place!


Awful just god awful EVERYTHING YOUVE HEARD OF THIS PRODUCT & THE WORDS been told ABOUT THESE PEOPLE ARE horribly incorrect


Paul Delcogliano

Anthony Toulon


Ellie Roseman

I got excited to try these when I saw them at Starbucks and they're good. They're a bit expensive realistically however a nice treat on the go.

jacob klein

My family and I absolutely love this place! However it is disappointing to walk in and be denied service because their check-out person didn’t show up for work... Bagels were made and prime for eating! They just didn’t have someone to sell them to us :/

Elizabeth Tam

Bantam Bagels is very tasty, I like that they have a variety of flavors. The place is small so you will have to get them to go.

Edwin Rashidian

Peter Waltman

This place sucks. Totally disorganized. I ordered from them over 3 weeks ago, and the order was never sent. I sent a follow-up email to find out what happened, but never heard from them, and when I called in, I was hung up on; and can't reach them. Unless you fee like giving them a free donation, I would suggest you don't order from them.

Laurel Bravman

Nehreen Chowdhury

Saw the pitch from the founders on Shark Tank, was in NY for vacation, had to stop in for a quick bite. Purchased the classic bagel, delicious! Wonderful customer service, Asha greeted and asked me if I had any questions before purchasing. Will definitely be back

Jeongwoon Eun

The best tasting Bagel balls that I ever tried. My favorite is Bleeker St. Make sure it is warm. You can choose for something savory or salty. It is a must for any New Yorker to taste a unique product. For 4 different balls its about $5 so the price is not too high.

Seth Galentine

Bite-sized balls of a wide variety of your favorite culinary taste blends! Warm and delicious!!

Brennan Fife

Nick Raucci

It was amazing

Brenda Reichert

I really wanted to like these. For 3.99 for 6 they should have been amazing. They were flavorless. Unfortunately, I will not repurchase.

Andrea Spetrini

Not worth the price and there's barely and cream cheese in the bagels.

El Guardian de La Ceja

Excelente idea, los felicito desde Colombia, adelante

Jeff Schendel

Watched Shark Tank last week and saw this creative little idea. Had to try them, got online and ordered they just came today to my house in Kansas. Wow they are just plain delicious. They came carefully packed in dry ice with a cooler box. Couldn't be more pleased. Great investment Lori, I am sure this will continue to be a hit. FYI-Ever thought of franchising in Kansas????

Alex Staunton


A really interesting concept (small bagel bites with different cream cheese fillings). A good on the go snack.

Andy Park

Website says open at 9am on weekend but it doesn't

Sarah P

After brunch, we walked past this bright clean small store and we saw a sign with "Bagels." We didn't know what "Bantam Bagels" means so we went in to find out. This place has bagel balls decorated with a variation of filling and toppings. My date had the Cookies & Milk. It's slightly sweetened but the cream filling is flavorless. He didn't like it. I had the French Toast. So hard and so small it rolled off my fingers when I'm about to take a bite. It landed on the floor but we picked it up and ate it cause it's $1.50 each! It's not cheap for a quarter-sized pastry so we shared. The cashier there noticed our commotion due to lost food and just walked right in to the kitchen and ignored us. As if she wanted us to be quiet and leave her alone. Sad experience for us. I didn't like it either. I guess I won't be coming back for the Shark Tank special!

Joaquin Maza

I saw it on shark tank too. When I saw it it looked so good!!!!!!!! :-)

David Barton

How Good Do Stuffed Bagels Sound Right Now? Gone are the days when you have to spend time using a knife to spread cream cheese on a bagel. Welcome mini stuffed bagel balls! Bantam Bagels are bite-sized wonders known as “Bantams,” filled instead of topped with various flavor combinations. Yes, there of course is the classic plain bagel filled with cream cheese, but there are also more innovative combinations – an everything bagel filled with freshly chopped vegetable cream cheese; a pretzel bagel topped with sea salt and filled with Dijon mustard and sharp cheddar cream cheese; an Italian spiced bagel filled with fresh basil pesto cream cheese; a brown sugar walnut bagel with a sweet chocolate chip cream cheese and a cinnamon nutmeg egg bagel filled with a buttery, maple syrup cream cheese.

Brent Thomas

Great product, the best all the way around!

Randi killmaier

They are INCREDIBLE. My new favorite thing! I didn’t heat the 1st one enough so I thought it was just alright but then I let the second one get toasty & melted & it was soooooooooo good. I made it for my son but I ate it instead ;)

Yassine Benjelloun

Delicious bagels

B Butler

Seems like this couple haven't learned anything from the poor reviewers where the comments are the same again and again. Poor quality, online orders never received, high price and poor service. Those of you who haven't received what you ordered, PLEASE dispute it with your credit card company so these so called business owners don't get to keep money for something they didn't provide.

Gabby Gustafsen


Matthew Ottomanelli

Sheridan Kates

Brilliant concept (how did no one think of this before...?) - balls made of bagel dough, and injected with delicious combinations of ingredients (spicy cheese, pizza-style pepperoni and mozzarella, pesto, etc). I recommend getting six for a good lunch portion, but they're good for a quick snack fix too.

beverly hinton

Just got the frozen ones delivered because I live on Long Island. Was a skeptic...It's a bagel after all, let's see what the big deal is. Put them in the microwave for 15 seconds and then in the toaster oven for 8 minutes per the directions. Doing THAT process made me even MORE skeptical. Oh my God SO DELICIOUS!!! Pretty expensive...$36 plus $12 for shipping for 6 six-packs of these little damn bagel balls, and I am now a customer for life. When I go to the city to visit GONNA LOAD UP.

Ceanne Brashear

I got my bagels from my local Starbucks and they were a bit hard and too tiny. I got 2 for $3.18. Next time I'll just get a regular menu item as they are just as easy to eat, taste better and there's more food for your $!

Fred Alluso

This is the original store for Bantam Bagels. They specialize in stuffed bagel balls. The offerings range from sweet to savory, so that they can cover breakfast and all other meals or snacks of the day. I wouldn't really go out of my way for it, but I can see it being a destination for buying something unique for a party or picnic. The shop itself is small, doesn't offer a restroom or any space (other than a two person counter and a bench outside) to really sit and enjoy your purchase. We tried a variety of flavors and were not disappointed with any of them. I would certainly consider these unique items as perfect for a picnic.

Patrick Madden

After going past this place every single day for ages on my way to work, I finally decided to stop in today. First observation; these are really really expensive! I mean, I could go two blocks down and get an entire bagel with cream cheese for $1.50! Anyway, I was curious to try them. I ordered two dozen to bring to the office and share with some co-workers. The classic bagels are decent, nice and doughy and sufficiently stuffed with tasty cream cheese. French toast bagel was odd, good tasting bagel but the cream cheese tasted like just maple syrup and was very liquid. Went everywhere. Birthday cake was my favorite because it had this extremely sweet cream cheese inside. Wouldn't go out of my way for these, but they're decent and I'll stop back from time to time.

Erica Stein

I have never dealt with a company like this. Placed an order, never arrived. Called after tracking notification came and was told my order would arrive for the 2nd time, still not received even after delivery notification was sent to me via ups. never arrived.called again, was given another arrival date and yet I still sit here, credit card charged, 24 days later, still no bagel balls. Given the runaround that i need to call their shipping department. Then needed to email them. Numerous calls to store management and yet again after all of this time spent, no delivery.

Eleni Efstratiades

I love the concept of Bantam Bagels. They are these little tiny balls filled with different types of cheese. After seeing them on 1st Look I really wanted to try them! Today I finally had the opportunity to do so. The place was really cute and small. The people working there were all really nice. In terms of the Bantam Bagels, the inside of the bagel ball is really good but there is not enough in there. The ball is a little too doughy. There should be less dough and more filling. I also expected the bagel ball to be nice and warm. But it was completely cold. I also thought there would be a larger verity of flavors. There were only a few really different once and the rest were kind of similar. The balls are super small. They are about the size of a munchkin. I think they should be a little bigger. Maybe it should be the size of your palm. Over all I thought this was a good place and a good concept but it can use some improvement.

Alex Takashima

I wanted to pick up a few dozen of these, spoke to a woman on the phone at 4pm who assured me they were open til 5 and informed me they were short on a few flavors but would still be able to accommodate my order. I got there at 4:45 and they had already closed. Took the train into the city on my day off for no reason and wasted $5.50 on my MetroCard doing so. That being said, I have had good experiences with them ordering online and shipping to family in other states. While not being excellent bagels, especially in a city famous for bagels, the stuffed bagel balls themselves taste fine and are a cute gimmick, which makes them good to bring to the office or other gathering.

Jie Xu

Stanley Johnson

Tanya Smith

They are amazing

tracy johnson

Purchased the "Everything " flavor at Target 2 boxes $7 which I thought was a reasonable price for 6 mini bagel balls. I recommend using the toaster oven for the perfect crispness. The veggie cream cheese could use a little bit more flavor but still decent. I like the bite size portions.

sam bonacci

Saw them on shark tank so I decided to order some (6 dozen) They arrived 2 weeks after the order was placed. THAWED OUT. When I contacted them by email (no phone number) they responded "as long as they were not room temperature they should be ok ". The packaging clearly states keep bagels frozen. I can not eat 6 dozen bagels in a week or two weeks. I sent another email stating that that response was unacceptable and they responded back that a new order would be shipped on Monday June 1. I contacted them again on Wednesday June 3 to get a tracking number or status update and the response given to me was "thanks for your patience" . Today is Friday June 5 I have not received any correspondence from Bantam Bagels since June 3rd I have canceled my credit card payment. and will not purchase any product from them again.

Lisa Caldwell


Shop has been a collection for a long time, but is the first time to start.

Marbely Hernandez

Stephanie Carino

As soon as I saw the articles about this place I had to try them and they delivered. Every combination I tried I loved, including the Buffalo one, which was able to fit the flavor of buffalo wings and bleu cheese in a ball! I definitely recommend it and will definitely be back!

Simone Denny

I saw the episode of Shark Tank when the owners "got a deal". I was excited when Starbucks started carrying them so I could finally get to try them. What a disappointment! While the bites are tasty, they aren't all they're advertised to be. First, there isn't as much cream cheese filling in each as is shown in the pictures online. Nowhere near as much. I'd say its about a third of what you see in the pictures. I've bought them three times at Starbucks hoping each time for a better experience. No luck. Every time I take the first bite, the cream cheese (what little there is) squirts out all over my hand or worse yet my shirt. Maybe its because they warm them so the cream cheese gets "runny". I don't know, but for the cost its not worth it. Back to traditional bagels and cream cheese for me.

Victoria Magdefrau

Ross Smith

Place was on shark tank. They do bagel balls with cream cheese.

Google User

Read the ingredients people! One of their key ingredients in most of their products is "tetrasodium pyrophosphate," also known as "sodium pyrophosphate," which a simple Google search will reveal is listed as a toxic substance by the CDC. (Source: National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health) Our FDA lets us ingest many substances that are not good for us. These entrepreneurs are profiting off an unhealthy food item.


Joshua Blum

sophia r

I think the price is absolutely ridiculous at Starbucks $1.75 for one 2.95 for two and 7.98 for six tiny bagel balls. As much as I love bagels and Shark Tank, and Lori who I wish could be my mentor. I refuse to buy it at that price #bantambagelripoff #sharktankripoff #sharktankbantambagelripoff #starbucksbantambagelripoff. You can buy full size bagels with cream cheese at that price. Cut a little piece of your bagel, put a hole on the side, and put some cream cheese inside, hey you got yourself almost a half a dozen of bantam bagel balls, just from 1 bagel. Also it's costs more then my venti size coffee. The only reason I even gave it two stars is because I love bagels

Alexandra Campuzano

Hannah B

The place is so and so. The service is terrible (lady looks like she couldn't give a rat's ass about serving customers). The place is tiny , maximum 6 people in there. No seeing are, must take to go. The bagels are good only on the spot. If it's cold outside, then forget about it. They get hard and don't taste as good. I went there several time, the bagels were not do fresh most times. Slow service. the location though is gorgeous! If you don't mind walking and stuffing bagels in your mouth, you're good to go. Small bench in front, always taken.

Bob Anderson

Great plus keeps you from jogging down a full bagel.

Angel A

Katie DeAngelis

I love these things. So many different flavors. Make sure they're fresh or ask staff to heat them up for you.

Brad McDonald

Cynthia Marino

Amazing bagels and the owners were super friendly!

Roger Bonneau

Not impressed at all, 1.50 for 1 little bagel ball that i could honestly make myself. Checked them out after shark tank a few months back and they got the money they wanted but haven't branched out at all sp im guessing a lot more people share my opinion when they say your business is local amd will forever stay local LMAO

Christine K

I saw them on Shark Tank and thought next time I had a party I was getting I did. They were a hit! Only downfall is that the insides stay much hotter than the outside and we had a few burned mouths... but aside from that, they are awesome!

Tyler Gold

Stefanie Wills

I was walking down the street in the west village the other day after brunch (of course) and recognized this name from Shark Tank. I was surprised that the owner Elyse was behind the counter. I actually forgot they got a deal with Laurie until she was talking to another customer about how Laurie was in the store last week and she talks to her like everyday and they're BFF. I didn't think these things would actually be this good, but they are! We got an assortment and I actually liked every one I tried. The sweeter ones I think are better as a snack or even a dessert. I would get these again. I also noticed how they lowered the price, so a dozen for $12 is not bad. Plus, I had these a few days later cold and they are still yummy. I had 3 this morning and was actually full.

Madison Miller

Miriam Soliman

I love these bad boys. The everything bagels is my favorite. The french toast is also delicious.

Molly Roberts

not happy.... placed my order on the 16th of May and as of 2 of June I have not received my order and they can't find it....

Thomas T.

Love this twist on a classic. Toasted perfectly and mess free!

Tanya W

Bethany Leddy


Easy to eat breakfast on the go and today I got some added shade showing just how awesome the staff is! (Thanks Asha!!)

Jess Martin

Sophia Pasqualetto

Hot pretzel and everything were good! (bought them online and had them shipped to my house in CA)

Nick Kurta


im sorry but $1.50 for a munchkin sized bagel ball? not enough filling and certainly not good for a meal especially when it will end up costing you an arm and a leg for nothing.. the concept is great but either lower your prices or make them bigger such a scam!! also this place is Brand Spankin New but was rated a B! I wanted to try this place out but now i feel even more cheated having to pay so much for nothing..

Abdul Salam

Catherine Mimey

Went in work out not enticing

Eric Montgomery

They idea is great, but how many bagels can you eat at one time? I didn't get any heating instructions for eating them later and every way I tried produced "not worth the calories" response from my body. I'll give them another shot and focus on enjoying them on the spot and not take any to go.

Joshua Simka

Soggy and tough these are not very good and the store is small and dirty but staff was friendly

Bobbyjoe Packard

Bernard Pollack

Entrepreneur Girl


Chris Gager

The bagel balls are really good and worth the trip finding the small shop but get there early because the most popular sell out fast. The hangover is really good.

Romana Ahmed

Jency John

What I Tried Bleecker St. Pizza dough bagel stuffed with marinara mozzarella cream cheese. The dough was exactly like a bagel, chewy on the inside. The salty filling went well with dough. The real winner was the pepperoni on top. Hot Pretzel This was my favorite one! It was a delicious salted pretzel bagel filled with cheddar dijon cream cheese. It felt like I was eating a pretzel at a game dipped in a cheese sauce. It also has salt sprinkled on top! Bagel VS Bantam Bagel They're smaller in size however a lot more expensive that your normal bagel. Also, since the cream cheese is on the inside, it has a different consistency, not as moist as normal spreadable cream cheese. What do I recommend? If I just had to choose one, the Hot Pretzel was my favorite! If I could have ordered an entire box, I would have. I would also suggest going earlier in the day to order the bagels. I went in the evening and you can only choose from whatever they have left. There's also a park in the neighborhood so grab some of those Bantam Bagels and enjoy the view!

Max Goodstein

Awful bagels. They have no bagel taste or texture. The filling in the middle is equally as bad. Not worth the price, calories or shlep over here. Please go to a real bagel shop if you are in this city. Move this store to Kansas city, far away where they won't insult NYC by calling this a bagel.

michael allen

Seen this on shark tank and just had to make a trip to the store.Its a nice change on the usually bagel instead of your spread being between two slices of bagels it's infused into the bagel itself like a Twinkie.The bagels taste amazing and fresh,They have a nice selection and the customer service is good.The prices are reasonable for the area i would definitely go again in the future

Samara Hill

Perfect chewy bite sized bagels

M. Adams

Love them, easy to bake at home. Yet, if the Lancaster Co. who bought Bantam, raises the prices, changes the name, or increases the prices to cover their purchase cost, I predict a slowing market for the little bagel bites and eventually they will be pulled. Current price is high at $5.99.

Carlos Nolasco

They are Amazing Love there bagels Wow ........ you need to try it to believe it.

Tony Khara

Nice bite sized bagels stuffed with different cream cheese flavors, but nothing really great

Ryan Eakin

Excellent find! This is a tiny, hole-in-the-walls shop (no indoor seating), but they sell amazing bagel balls. I've never had a bagel ball until my visit to Bantam, and I wish they were closer to me at home in DC! Essentially, it's stuffed bagel dough. Imagine a pizza bite, but made from many types of bagel dough, and then filled with the smear. They had 10-15 different varieties the day I visited, but the chef said they're always changing and trying new recipes.

John Foley

I had to travel with them,and when I tasted them, they all tasted the same. very little difference, sorry maybe if I had them at the shop it might have a difference well for $13 dollars they must do better

Lainie Ottley

Terrible! I just ate 2 of their overpriced pancakes and am totally disappointed. Dry and flavorless. I can't believe these are even a thing.

Kristen P

Thank you shark tank for airing this episode!! I live in FL and ordered the Shark Tank sampler and love it!! Will be ordering more for shipment!!

Christopher Ferraris

Saurabh Limaye

Worth trying! I had the "Everybody's Favorite": everything bagel ball stuffed with veggie cream cheese. There are savory and sweet options as well.

Linda S.

I got the Shark Tank assortment and they were shipped frozen to me. I have enjoyed every flavor and they taste very fresh. I wish I could get them frozen at my local grocery store in Chattanooga!

Diego Gonzalez

Brendan Miller

Delicious bagel bites filled with cream cheese!

Lynn Lane

I bought 2 frozen boxes at the grocery store. $4.99 for 6 balls. Everything with veggie. Mediocre. For the price, ridiculous. I'm a chef, I'll pay anything at all for something great, thus buying 2 boxes, I expected GREAT! Mediocre isn't worth buying again. I'd MUCH rather get a bagel at the bagel shop with cc. Super disappointed. Can't believe these are a thing OR that the business has done well. I think they're just ok and just ok doesn't get my return business. Don't waste your money! Much better things for snack or breakfast!

Dana T

The best customer service! I contacted them about an online order that I needed the following day and they responded right away and made it happen even though they don't typically ship overnight on that particular day. Professional, understanding customer service staff which is hard to come by nowadays. Also, the bagels were delicious! A big hit at a brunch party I hosted.

Abbie F

This review is based on the total illogical handling of orders on the company website. Product is baked at Bantam Bagels in NYC, frozen, and shipped to a warehouse in Memphis, TN. Due to an computer glitch the company did not ship out order for 4 days and neglected to tell customers. My 3 emails to them were ignored. My frozen bagels were shipped at 3:45 pm and are slated to arrive in Queens Co., NY Monday afternoon. Even with dry ice my order will be completely thawed and inedible by then. No customer service means no customer.

Kelsey VanRhee

Yummy Yummy Yummy! I bought the cinnamon filled bagels at the store and they are so yummy! I will be buying them again!

Cynthea Aynsley

Bought some at Starbucks and forgot about them till that night. My mom had died earlier that day and I was so sad but I made my cup of tea, warmed my bagel buddies and in my pjs my "buddies" gave me the hug I needed oh so much...... Thanks my forever friends!

Vamsi Krishna

Tyler Lund

A creative cross between do it holes and bagels, the bites here are quite tasty. Get in early as the popular flavors sell out fast and things get a bit stale toward the afternoon. The bites come in various flavors from bagel and lox to pepperoni with cheese and many are stuffed with cream cheese. Be careful with biting them as contents may be hot and explode out. The staff is also very friendly and gave is a few extras as they were running low at the end of the day. Great breakfast treat or small snack.

Michael Spence

Asha is a delight on my first each morning. And bagels are the choie of tge. Try one.

Danette Yost

Ordered from GMA deals! Almost a week and a half later and I still don’t have my order! Getting a hold of someone to find out where order is....ridiculous! I paid $12 to have ordered shipped and yet still don’t have it!!!!! I’ll never order again!!

Shatner Pierre


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Bakery - New York


Palermos Cafe & Bakery Union City
Palermos Cafe & Bakery Un...
Bakery - New York