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REVIEWS OF Baked IN New York

Nikita Rao

The bagels melt in your mouth and are soooo buttery. I loved it! Quick service, great bread.

Giselle C

Too hip to be square..

Duy Tran

Haven't had anything here that was exceptional. one of the most average bakeries I've ever been to. better than magnolia though.

Gail Monso

Grea pastries

Harv Harvin


Chris Lattanzio

Yum! Baked is doing our wedding and we are really excited.


Hot pockets!

Rhys Daunic

Stump town coffee, sit and work, local vibe, great muffins, pastries, and small bites.

Beverly Shaw

Yumm I went to this bakery twice I love the double chocolate cupcakes And the salted Carmel cake

Lee Kalmus

Sweet & Salty cake was delicious!!!!!!!!! Great customer service.

Nahisha McCoy

Love it


Chocolate Cloud Cookie $2.25

Sam Rosenberg

Fantastic coffee and bakery items! Great place to spend a weekend morning reading the paper.

Shannon Harper

This place has really good coffee and I especially love the savory baked goods. Savory turnovers, biscuits and pockets are better than sweets in the morning for me. That didn't stop me from having a lemon bar and coffee one morning though. Totally worth it! They have a totally respectable selection of baked goods - way more to chose from than I expected. In the morning there's not as many confections out but judging by the full baking cart, I would guess that stuff comes out later.

Jennifer Holmstrom

Awesome, do not miss


Ils sont très propres et professionnels. Ils sont accueillants...

Viviana Taveras

I am Absolutely Obsessed with this place. Whom ever the baker is, seems to be an Angel that came down from heaven. They have the Best Chocolate chip Banana Bread. It litterally melts in your mouth. Thank you for such Deliciousness.


Bob Kay

Delicious baked goods for your sweet tooth!!!

Nicholas Garza

Delicious hot chocolate, some of best we ever had. Baked goods LOOK great, will have to test next time!

The Corcoran Group

Go for the Whoopie Pie and the Salted Chocolate Cupcake or the Sweet & Salty Brownie!

Nikki Flores

This place is fantastic. The baked good are delicious! The service was fantastic as well!

Meredith Rondash

the selection of baked goods was amazing and the staff was super nice

John Tao

After hearing all the hype I finally got to try baked and it lived up to its reputation. The lemon bar was pretty darn good, it actually tastes like fresh lemons in the best way possible. All the sweets and pastries look amazing, no time to try them all in one visit but I will get around to them all. It's also rather spacious inside with comfy seating, great for an afternoon cup of joe and a cookie/cake/brownie or bar!

Lina Lum

Delicious home made baked goods!

Desmond Chow

There is something for everyone at Baked. You can get cupcakes, bars, hot chocolate, coffee, tea, cookies, anything. But what you can't get is a seat or table. This place is so crowded I often wonder where everyone comes from. Baked has a a lot of regular customers. It's nice to see them doing well.

mary goldenheart

Great bakery but I had bought a cake and got it home and was still frozen, I ask but she told me cakes are frozen and taken out in morning. .. But cakes are great but need tell customers cake may still be frozen

Nicole Dufour DuRocher

Everything here is amazing ... they do things to chocolate that make life worth living! No wonder Martha Stewart loves the owners and wrote the forward to their 1st book!

Herline Rush

Good treats and desserts.


The baked goods here were amazing, really good coffee, homemade marshmallows, cute atmosphere. My only regret is not buying a bag of the coffee to take home!

Chantal E

One of the nicest cozy coffee shop I've been too.

Etan Eitches

Good seats with power plug ins and good baked goods, as the name would suggest.

Kortnie Coles

domingo morales

Amazing coffee.


Julia Prause

Juliana Muñoz Toro

Good vibes, good coffee, good treats

Andres Dominguez

Delicious desserts

Eric Watson

Great snacks!

Jim Freeman

Outstandingly good! Everything we had here was top notch!

Michael Rüfenacht

Magnifique boulangerie-pâtisserie

Karni S

Delicious cupcakes and pastries, nice service. A little on the pricey side.

Dustin Martin

Elliot Winard


Today August 28, 2016 I had the worst experience at this place, which is usually a very good place. Whoever the girl was behind the counter when I came in at 10am was one of the worst people I have met to date. Just nasty and had absolutely no interest in giving any kind of good service.

Emily Okey

Absolutely delicious baked goods and more than worth a trip down to Red Hook to visit this place. Highly recommend the whoopie pie - it's big so share if you go with someone! Finally figured out that they supply their delicious brownies to West Elm in DUMBO.

Jonathan V

Cori Andrade

Very disapointed. 230pm on a Saturday, and there were no brownies or much of anything in the bakery case. I wanted to at least buy a mix, and there wasn't any out. Will not go back.


Good coffee and treats. Service less than friendly.

Terrinina Miranda


Heather Cammarata-Seale

finally, i was able to make my pilgrimage to baked. i have been making recipes from the cookbooks for years and i have been dying to eat "the real thing," and they didn't disappoint. the pistachio cake was light and airy and delicious, the coconut cupcake was the perfect amount of richness, and the special apricot jam-earl grey cookie was amazing! the bakery itself is casual, hipster cool and worth the trip to red hook.

Laura Beth Giles

Very delicious and very friendly! Will curate a beautiful dozen cupcake selection. Well worth the trek to Red Hook.

Audrey Laudenbach

So I ordered 6 cupcakes a while back and never again will I in my life they were dry and there was no taste I didn’t even want the money back I was just disappointed in general and the prices of everything is a little to high

Mariel Henkoff

Truly excellent bake shop with unique baked goods. We tried the brownie cookie combination, and the mini focaccia, which was topped with olives, jalapeños, Parmesan, and pesto. It was all delicious!

Cristina Twigg

Everything this place makes is AMAZING. From cookies to wedding cakes, they're pros. The customer service is great, and their location is cute.

Rémi Fagnan

I love the place in general

Michael Rahimi

The people were very nice and the prices reasonable.

Julien Relmy

Jeffrey Yung

This place used to be so good but now the quality has gone down. The chocolate chip cookie is too sweet. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT order an iced mocha. Quite possibly the absolute worst beverage ever.

Gregor J. Rothfuss

Great cookies

Gregory Broderick

hiram santiago

Drove all the way from eastern Long Island. we saw this place advertised on the Kitchen at food network. a small place in Brooklyn. we had the pumpkin whoopie, chai latte, the raspberry chocolate cup cake and the zucchini loaf. very good

Omar Maagaard

High expectations, bad delivery... The cappuccinos we had were poorly made. Very bitter and the foam too stiff for a properly made cap. The cupcake, we had a cupcake with peanut butter and chocolate, was bone - dry and way too salty.

Ben Cohen

Great selection of baked goods with a laid back vibe.

Andress Barnes

Long time Baked patron. Sadly, I've decided to downgrade my rating based on the decline in quality of the coffee and service.

Alva Olsson

Amazing. Everything is just so tasty!

Alex Kalaf

Robby S

Food: LOVE LOVE LOVE. I had one of the peanut butter brownies and my god were the one of the best things I've had in a long time. They were simply amazing and to die for. Ambiance: Its a nice little bakery with a decent seating area. Nothing all that but then again it is a bakery. Cost: Very reasonably priced. I forgot how much the bill came out to but I think it was average price.. Would I go back: YES! I think I would probably drive to Red Hook just for them again.

gene berens

Great pastries that are not too sweet.

Andrew Betteridge

Diane Hanley

BAKED is my favorite local bakery in Brooklyn for so many reasons. Their cupcakes, cookies, cakes, croissants, cinnamon rolls, bars and brownies are all so unique and delicious. It’s definitely as affordable as it is delicious, which is a big deal for me! Also, if you’re looking for a few gifts to bring back to friends then you can find a range of their famous BAKED cookbooks and baked goods on sale that are already packaged. The bakery/cafe also has a bunch of long bench style tables to sit at, and so whether you’re on your own or with a group of friends there are usually enough seats to choose from. Located in Red Hook, BAKED is one of those spots you have to go check out on a day trip away from the busy city and even to get away from the rest of Brooklyn for a bit. The cafe has a warm and friendly feel to it and it will seem like you’re on vacation in a sleepy little quaint town once you get down on Van Brunt Street. Biking down to Red Hook is a great way to get around the area. Or if you need to rent a bike, you could use the Citi Bike share program and end up pretty close to Columbia Street to walk down to Van Brunt, or just take the subway and walk over. The hike is definitely worth it.

Hiliary Pownall

Wonderful cupcakes, nice variety of favors. Very moist, great frosting that isn't overly sweet. We liked the sweet n salty, red velvet, and espresso cupcakes.

byulaa yoo

Try Red Hook red hot cupcake and Salted Caramel

Michael Lagimodiere

Decent coffee, yummy baked goods.

Rebecca Cividanes

The staff are very helpful and friendly. The food is delicious.

Sarah Mathew

Srujan Kumar

This little Red Hook bake shop has made waves with its signature Sweet + Salty Brownie, which has earned high praise from the likes of Martha Stewart and the Food Network's The Best Thing I Ever Ate crew over the years. And though the aptly-named treat's well worth the media attention, it's not the only item worth scoping out. Check out their Chunkwiches—ice cream sandwiched between thick, homemade cookies—the thick, gooey cloud cookies and their Millionaire Bars, made with caramel, chocolate and short bread. If chocolate's not your thing (WHO ARE YOU?!), Baked also makes a killer key lime pie dubbed the "Lemonlime," with creamy custard layered on top of a crispy, golden crust.

Emily Hanhan

My all-around favorite bakery in New York. Impressive cupcakes, buttery apricot bars, brownie-like chocolate cookies, so-good-but-so-bad-for-you granola, Wifi, Stumptown coffee, sandwiches and salads by Luscious and a very friendly vibe draw people all the way to Red Hook. So worth the trip!

Dave Johnson

Outstanding bakery!

Michael E

Nice little spot to get some coffee and baked goods. Seats inside to sit and relax. Staff is friendly, food is good.

Andy Ng

Always a delight coming here!

Mary Woods

Red Velvet cake delicious and I love how the employees make you feel comfortable. Nice atmosphere also


Lisa Wernli

Francesco Milito

Elvis Jimenez

The best of the best in red Hook brooklyn


Best treats in Brooklyn.

Cooper Smith

A whoopee cake and a coffee are a perfect mid afternoon pick me up

Carlos Villavieja

Good coffee, nice place to work and superb muffins

Richard S

Litet, men ack så fantastiskt café/konditori i Red Hook, Brooklyn. Missa inte The Salted Caramel Bar (påminner om ett Twix)

Charles Liou

Simon Raymundo

Emma Gross

Overpriced and confusing but pretty tasty

Derric Ciccone

Great bakery in Red Hook. Cakes to order are expensive but amazing tasting and beautifully constructed. Cafe is great. Fantastic staff. Good coffee.

Andrew Guinan

Jennica Drice

The carrot cake is to die for!

Jen Chinskey

Great food but limited seating

Julia Seel

Great coffee, tasty treats. Ordered and got drink by the time the bus came.

Donna Bracco

Average coffee, tried the veg quiche on one occasion and on 3 other occasions tried their red velvet cupcake, brownie and I think salted caramel moon pie lemonade. The desserts were pretty average with the exception of the moonpie which was original and better than average. Lemonade was more impressive than the coffee. Every item was on the pricey side. Lines are long and move slow and although there's a good amount of seating it seems the " regular cliques" meet there and stay for well over an hour taking the most convenient seats and wall outlets as their party grows from one table to 2 or more. Impossible to get the comfy window seats every time I've been there due to regulars meeting and lingering endlessly to "catch up" and hang out long after their coffee is gone. Be prepared to take your order to go on the weekend.

Kathleen Dobrowsky

The mixed berry muffin was moist, delicious and full of berries. They have Saratoga water here. The service is great.

Grisha Levit

None Yahbizniz

Love it welcome everyone as you walk in to enjoy your coffee to start your day!

Luciano Cohen

My coffee was not good, totally burnt. If you are a hipster that somehow happens to like Dunkin Donuts coffee, but just looking for a cozier place, with also overly sweet pastries, and slow service, this is your place... nope, not Starbucks, but the same foam.

Douglas Park

Good spot, though I still haven't figured out where their trash can is

Bahaa Ezat

The cupcakes are on par. Moist cake, frosting not too sweet, full of great flavor. I had their vanilla cupcake and the Oreo cupcake.


Nice place. Good coffe.

Seth Guthartz

Went on a cold and rainy day after trekking around Brooklyn. Great cup of coffee, rich and delicious hot chocolate, and wonderful baked goods. The staff was amazingly gracious and wonderful to the 7 year old with us.

Victor Ridi

Beautiful cafe

Mac Carr

Typical Brooklyn hipster cafe. A good cafe, but a bit expensive for what you're getting, ah so be New York.

Aaron D

Very good cinnamon roll and coffee. Nice seats with power outlets and great decor.

Tony Treadaway

James Wade

The desserts here are spectacular, I don't even like lemon and the lemon bars were great. The pecan bars were delicious as well. Good coffee and friendly service to go with it. Plenty of seating inside and in a great neighborhood to explore.

Christian Lawson

All of it!

Ankur Kanungo

Thank you for your time and effort for my. Pastry

Jonathan Rose

A must-stop if anywhere near Red Hook (or their other location in TriBeCa) for their cakes/cupcakes, homemade Twix bars, cookie/brownie mashups, or any of their other sweet treats. Always a kind staff and a festive atmosphere.

Rachel Antonio

If you're doing a Red Hook food tour, Baked has got to be on the list. It's an absolutely charming bakery that's always packed and there is so much to choose from. I find their cupcakes just ok. Instead, I favor the hot chocolate. Their grasshopper bar is also interesting but frozen like a brick.

Jenn W

Everything here is TO DIE FOR. The first whoopie pie I ever had was here and I think about them ALL THE TIME. I love their chocolate ones with vanilla filling. Also, basically all of their bars are my favorite desserts in the world. And they also make a mean coffee and latte! I always have to make a stop here when I'm in NYC and it's one of the reasons I miss living in BK.

april cole

THE neighborhood hangout for artist, empty nestors, and families alike.

Horace Hamilton

Jeffrey Cohen


Kevin Chan

Probably the go to bakery in red hook as they make great cupcakes and cookies. Go for their caramel or red velvet cupcakes. Super moist and a buttery creamy icing. Eat them on premise though as they don't hold up outside and especially in the heat. You'll find your icing running off the cake. A great double chocolate chip cookie as well. A bit on the more crunchy side since i do prefer my cookies moist. Great place for a snack.

Noam Landor

This one star is being given as im waiting my order- I cant tell you about the food yet but I can tell you the two behind the front counter are SO unpleasant and rude that I don't even want to sit in here to eat. When asked for a recommendation of what baked good to get, the blonde asian woman behind the counter rolled her eyes and said aggitatedly "well, theyre baked goods, so whatever." My friend then politely asked "how are the eclairs?" to which she replied "i guess i heard theyre good" in a snobby manner. She seemed to feel we were wasting her time in an empty bake shop by asking for her opinion on their selections. Customer service here deserves less than a star.

Jose Santiago

Muffins, scones, cookies, croissants, there is not one thing here that will disappoint.

Ben Duchac

Zeynep E.

Guiselle Torres

Food was great! We sat in the outdoor area and it was really cute.


Used to order their birthday cakes but some reason the last one I ordered, the cake was dry and not tasty. Came here recently for coffee. Enough seating area and good selection of snacks too.

Jessy Yokole

I can only speak for the square lemon tart (see picture below) and it was really good. They have all sort of pastries so you should definitely be able to find one you like.

Jesse Moore Perrin

Because of weekly volunteering I lead out here, I happen to be at Baked at least once a week: if not twice. Each time I visit I'm reminded of why I love this place so much. The food is great, some of the best baked goods in the city and they have awesome Stumptown coffee; the vibe is awesome it just add to the overall enjoyment. But the best part is the staff, they are so friendly and really make a customer feel welcome. Thanks guys... keep up the good work.

Pavel Push

Very lovely place. Pretty local and with own charm. Coffee is 4.5, pastries - excellent, stuff is friendly and awesome. Must place to visit at Red Hook.

Leon M

Andrea Lee Roundfield

Sean Bushnell3rd

A marvelous, miracle of delectable confections. No more to say........

lior zichron


I spent 6 dollars on two nasty dry cupcakes. I am not impressed.

Koen van Erp

Ended up going to Baked a lot while in New York, did not disappoint and makes great things!

Evan Preuss

Good coffee

Andrew Alexandroff

It's alright coffee, interesting pastry, service from baristas is ok. Try flamingo coffee down the street

Hoover Tung

Devon Petley

Good coffee. Interesting takes on baked classics. Clean. Friendly. Good place to park up and work or read.

Mak Williams

This gem of a location has sweets for days & the cakes will send you to another world. I have a fond appetite for the Passion fruit cake. Chill atmosphere as well. Come on in

Dwight Simmons

Good cookies and great coffee ☕

Katie Devine

This place always has a great dessert selection. I’ve never seen the same things twice. I’m not a huge fan of their cupcakes but everything else has been amazing.

Aurora P

Jesi Mac Leod

Your mouth will start melting as you soon as you open the door. It smells as delicious as it tastes. The pent butter brownie is a must, but is also a bomb! very concentrated in fat and taste, you will feel satisfy for the rest of the day. That being said, try it! My fave was the butter pecan cake. The place is very relaxed and you can share stable with nice redhookers.

Rachel Patrick

Baked goods are tasty. Baristas pull their shots too fast and their americano is crazy watery. Little overpriced for the neighborhood.

Anatoly Goroshnik

Lots of choices. Great, tasty food and nice space.

Ada Ruiz

Cozy and deliciooouusss

Tal Z Kazaz

Awesome coffee! Delicious baked good relaxed vibe!

Emily Leon-Rodriguez

Great customer service and great desserts!

Jeff Yablon

Meh. Small selection, useless staff

Caitlin Heikkila

My favorite bakery in Brooklyn. Get the peanut butter banana cream pie. My boyfriend got one for me for my birthday, and it may be one of the best presents I've ever received.

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef

They make really, really good brownies and all sorts of pastries, pies, and cakes. It's great place to together with friends, have teas and coffees and eat lots of baked goods. Update: lemon squares with coconut crust = YUM!!!

Jennifer Seymour

OMG YUM! The best varieties of baked goods and treats! It was so hard to choose just one!

Neha Gautam

The wifi is awesomely strong! lol :)


The staff is very welcoming. All of their baked goods are a must try. The spot is cozy and always clean. It is a good place to do your work. They offer free wifi. This place is also pet friendly. They also make treats for holidays. Must visit this place!

V Ladeira

Yummy stuff

Andrew Bogart

Great bakery treats, staff sometimes put off from having to deal with customers

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