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70 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States Located in: One Metrotech LLC

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REVIEWS OF Au Bon Pain IN New York

George G


Olga N

Duy Tran

Nothing life changing, but the pastries are always fresh and pretty good.

notabout theclicks

Some review this one under par but neglect to realize this chain is running in BROOKLYN. Despite the recent renovation, for the most part the customer service critiques remain accurate. The menu items here are just as good as the other Manhattan locations to eat, drink and enjoy one's first world problems.

Drew Hinds

On one occasion they were out of corn muffin at 10am, then on another out of corn muffin at 4:30pm. How's that possible.

Mellie Mel

Unprofessional and rude. The place is unsanitary, the floor plan is a hazard for spills of hot coffee on others, the staff are not helpful, the register worker's seem to be exceptionally rude. And there is never anything you need, butter, cream cheese etc...

Lisa Reyes

I gave one star the food is good but based on my visit at this location yesterday at opening hours the Workers are very unprofessional the cashiers speak about their personal lives while eating food on register the cashier Jennifer spoke about her personal relationship to cashier Gloria I find this very unprofessional while cashing out valuable customers I spoke with manager Carlotta who was rude as well I visit this location everyday you’ll think things will improve ..

Ana Ayala

Love it

Michelle Alvarez

I mainly come here for the soup, and the occasional toffee cookie (Yum!) the coffee doesn't really call my name at Au Bon Pain.

Manoftheyear 2019

I'm a employee at this company

robert grafton

No one was happy to be at work. The moment we walked in the door we felt the tension from how the employees glanced at us.

Selina Robinson

Oksik Crav.

Jo Neg

Sam Christie

The queuing system drives me insane- the layout is the worst - and every time I pay for a coffee the machine asks if I want to pay for it all the same- do they really think I’ll pay for half my coffee by cash and the other half on two different credit cards?

Haze P

Winie Dantus

Mario Augusto

Variedades de sopas.

Daniela Gutierrez

Karl Ivan San Luis

Service is bad. I visited on February 23, 3:00pm. Place is dirty too.

John Abraham

Went here twice maybe. I love the salad here.

Christal J.-S.

Good food, fast lines, but a little expensive.

Faye O

Good bakery. Good food.

Raymond Cobb

The customer service is regularly fast, good ambience, kind staff members. Will visit again when I arrive in town.

Anish K Pillai

Samantha K Belfon

Mithun Mishu

Little expensive but tastes great and Ofc healthy

Laurent Poultier

Avis au français nous sommes loin de la boulangerie mais bon cafe bon pain l idée du croissant jambon fromage sympa grand choix de viennoiserie on y trouve aussi salade de fruit ou composée sandwich jus de fruits bref pour partir sur une longe journée de marche ou au bureau c est une belle adresse

Mr. Turnbull

Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports

I am giving this Au Bon Palin 5 Stars SPECIFICALLY because they have sweet cheese buns. There aren’t many other Au Bon Pain around and many of them DON’T HAVE SWEET CHEESE BUNS. These things taste better that cocaine frosted opioids.

Anna Schermerhorn-Collins

Shawn Nguyen

These workers need to do their jobs. Countless times have I gone here and be the only one, but for some reason they take 20 minutes to make a simple cheese sandwich. They instead want to make themselves food, talk to each other instead of doing their job. I was able to go to wendies, papa johns, that had lines may I add, and then back to ABP and they just finally finished my order.

m iq

fresh food

Pavel Asanov

Nice coffee and pastries, large enough indoor sitting area and lots of outdoor public sitting space (for sunny days)

100 k

young lady victoria was very kind and helpful . young man took my order for a salad and left me standing there ,Victoria came an retook my order ,made my salad and apologized for the young mans behavior . I will defiantly come back for another salad. Thanks

shana brannigan

Dee Dee

I love here

Jason Hung

bodna miah

great latte. there is seating but everything is to-go. pastries, coffee, salad, sandwich, soup, cold drinks available.

k. victor

Shariar Joy

It's ok.

Mei Tam

The coffee is good. The danishes are delicious. There cookies are great for an afternoon snack. They have soups, salads and sandwiches made to order. You can use your app or one of the machines in the shop to order your food. Seating available

Iri Hox


eric nowacki

Une bonne soupe, un peu de légumes à New York ! Un petit peu de France en voyage

Luscious mind Phillips


Decent selection, lots of pastries. I tried their turtle latte and I did not like it. there was so much syrup and sugar. I would not recommend it.

Timothy Speaks

sharice holley

It's only convenient because i work near by. The cashiers move to got damn slow. The smoothies are delicious

R Cabreezy

They have wifi, best ice coffee I've had, cheap too

Beshram Persaud

Elena Díaz Arizmendi

Aayushi Acharya

Amazing bakery, very good variety of things available. Absolutely love the coffee, after 7pm everyday the bakery section is at 50% discount!!

Ekaterina Trukhanova

Samantha Gonzalez

The food is great. There was one handome worker named michael whom customized an amazing Newport turkey sandwich, which I highly recommend. He was attentive quick paced and very friendly, which is more than I can say about the rest of their staff. They need more workers like him.

Dror Layzer

Alexandros Lotsos

Morgan Kaschak

Eliezer Colon II

Terrible service and it was filthy! I was there for 15 minutes waiting as they spoke to each other while "cleaning". Never going back!

Edmund Leblanc

Ordered Chicken cobb salad. Among other items this salad was supposed to have egg in it. While watching the preparation , I noticed no egg was added. When I asked the preparer about the egg he said it was in the salad. Thinking I may have missed him putting in the egg I did not challenge. After getting to the table, the salad did indeed not have egg. My colleague ordered a chicken salad sandwich, they did not have all the ingredients. As I was eating one of the workers emptied the garbage and did not place and empty bag. . Then turned around the garbage container so it could not be used. I assumed there was another container. Upon leaving and looking to dispose of garbage, not other container. Left garbage on counter. Some staff pleasant others rude. Will not return. Cannot imagine this place surviving. Chipotle next door is great.

Ali DeCesare

Staff is quick and accommodating. Food is good, normally pretty busy. A lot of the cashiers are normally on their phones which bothers me when I'm trying to check out.

Chelsia Tam

Nothing extraordinary but a great place to grab breakfast, lunch and snacks. Pastry, soup and oven hot sandwiches are great and my favorites. However, the salads are so so. Most of the staff are nice and helpful.

Sagrey Turjo

The environment is so great. The employees are very friendly .The snacks are fresh and Good. Ice coffees are the best feature. Many kinds of coffees and a lots of choices. Price is affordable for everyone.

Jared Suresky

Cashier attendants are highly unprofessional. This place has very poor service due to the fact employees are either on their phones texting, or eating while at the register on their shift.

Haotian Cai

Anaya Jordan

Ahmed Chabani

Big thanks to Tricia she is respectful ,polite and very welcoming worker

Robert Mastrolembo

Soyini Morle

Great coffee. Not the best in the morning though bring extra time and patience. Often things are not ready even after 8am such as oatmeal and ordering a sandwich or speciality coffee is another challenge. If you can get all you desire, you will be happy with the food more often than not.

Artur Chodor

Disgusting, health inspector should shut this place down. Bugs crawling all over the food and bread, just look before they take it out!! Nobody cares either, it's like they don't want to be working. Took a video of the flies but Google will not let me upload it.

Austin Meyer

Useless slow employees who make about 1 sandwich per every 20 minutes. Don't go here unless you're planning to make it a day trip.

Retr0Domin0 .

Legendary Realness

Veronika Kropotova

Juan Supelano

Big and clean. One of the very best.

frank santiago

Great variations and options for breakfast/lunch but not medium priced.

Khaled Jamal

Maybe the cashiers aren't as quick as professional soldiers but the croissants and bagels are still pretty good. They donate what baked stuff they don't sell at the end of day!

Kelly Vallladares

Really impressed with this place , food is amazing and I dont have to wait that long to get it, I actually stopped going to Starbucks around the corner because they take too long compared to this place and it's also cheaper here! Definitely recommend going here if you're in a rush

Meng Na


yum yum.

monette bovell

Today was it. I tried to have the patience with this location there is NEVER any milk and/or creamers out (let’s not forget this is a busy area so coffee is a must) and the people who work here are so unprofessional. For crying out loud a good morning wouldn’t do any harm! I’m so upset but instead of me requesting a refund I simply paid for my items but I will NEVER spend my money here again!

Tahir Khan

Nilesh Samanta

Usually busy. Good place to grab a coffee and a sandwich.

Dan Hassler

Stephaine Cooke

Victoria and Shanty i believe her name was , they were very professional but the young lady sarah was Very Rude and Unprofessional . Sarah made my sandwich wrong and got very upset and frowned her face up when i told her it was wrong . Victoria quickly came over apologized for her behavior and askec shanty to please fix and quick while she attended to the others waiting on their orders . Great team work and attitudes from the other 2 young ladies and my sandwich was great by the way

Kady Traore

Mamuka Rogava

Great place

Danny V.

Bad service. Bad food... your better off going to a street cart... getting the same thing and paying way less... i tried the some of there soup... fake soup... how you sell fake soup.. it has a "i was frozen before" taste to it.. its convenient because i work in a hospital and there in basically most hospitals... but outside of work i would never step at an au bon...


Sometimes they have nice soups.

Andrew Gordon

Always too crowded at lunch

Michael Ortiz

they best

Kathy Ching

Scherece O


Public restrooms! Good smoothie.

Joseph Nava

Expense. A long wait for order. If you want coffee and a piece of cake alittle less of a wait. Now I remember why I stopped going there. Sad.

Nick Daniel

I love Au Bon Pain, but this one is way below par. They are out of everything and the staff are not friendly or helpful.

Jarixza Buendia

Mildred Ferrufino

I love it here. Ate this for lunch almost everyday. Try the thai wrap.

Vanessa Williams-Baptiste

Awesome!! They have the best pastries. Yummy!

Fanny Cye

Extremely rude and unbearable work attitude and service by their African-America waitresses. What is wrong with them?????????

hiker ponc

The lines are long. Super crowded at lunchtime. The food is okay.

Shalina N

Waited 25 min for my sandwich, was not even asked what was my order since they saw me waiting for so long. Also my sandwich was cold!

Zamy Escalona

They nickle and dime you with their sandwich toppings + they give you an attitude if you say something and they do not follow their schedule went there @ 7:50am and was told we are not open yet... really?

Sylvia JZ

I come to this location because it's only a block away from my job. I like their coffee and bagels, but i abhor the service. The employees at the counter are very slow, the lines are always long as well as the wait to get your food and pay. The employees look unhappy therefore making it bad for the customers. They are not friendly at all, during the morning or afternoon.

Lani Shepard

Ryan Handrahan

Cherishe Cumma

The food is always fresh and the lines are always long .

Yalta Zhu

Had a sweet-ass pound cake and salty soup, won’t go again.

Fabricio PH

Larisa Skripka

Yuschana Cole

Jessica Fields

Great food and also fresh food. I go here often to get cookies bagels and sandwiches. The prices are fare and lines are always swift

Jose Luis Aviles

I like this place. I like their low fat chicken noodle soup. I mainly come here for some soup but some days I’ll try something else.


Very good service and great food.

Johanny Santos

I come here often to get my power breakfast sandwich and caramel Machiatto. Super busy in the mornings but the lines move quick

Drea Kreth

Good food, high in calories though

Eliana Santana

Nice store and wonderful desserts.

michael powers

Fresh bagels. Staff is very friendly. Great place to stop for morning coffee.


Great place for a quick bite before work or school!

Bear Family

Racially derogatory black female employees were talking about their personal lives... something about what "that white man did" and loud enough for the customers to hear while they were trying to pay these people money. Now, I'm not black or white - but regardless it was offensive to hear people speaking that way in a place where people are just trying to get some food and drink. The strawberry lemonade tasted like kool-aid. For a place offering "healthy" choices, drinking a 64oz cup of sugar water with lemons is Not healthy.

Razv Shakya

Diane Noel

Dolores Roldan

Una cafeteria con menú muy accesible y pan rico, excelente opción para dezayunar y/o comer con un presupuesto corto!

Nigel F Smith

Great place

Jackie Lora

A little crowded during lunch hours but oh what a great soup broccoli chedder soup.

Queen Bee

Variety of bakery stuff, cashiers need to move faster....people preparing coffee and cold drinks need to move like they have life in their body...tooo slow

wanda king

Glo Alicea

Ashton G

Maks Legkodukh

Washington Chavez

dupe thejob

It's pretty good. In terms of au bon pains it is better than most of the Manhattan ones.

Ken Walton

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