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REVIEWS OF Artopolis Bakery IN New York


Delicious food. Great service. Attentive

Theodore Kusulas

Go to bakery for Greek pasteries and the best coffee

Pablo Benavides

Summer hours


A really wonderful bakery hidden away in a plaza. They have wide selection of cakes and other fresh baked good. Truly a authentic Greek bakery with all the good stuff. Staff was friendly and provided great advice.

steve kamenis

The best!!!!

Fernando Ramos

The best !

Sam Meyer

Excellent baklava, and I got it in a lovely gift box which made it all the way to North Carolina and made a very nice hostess gift. The pastry was a hit – it's not cheap, but you really do get what you pay for.

Ron Lai

Artopolis Bakery is one of the best Greek bakeries I've ever been. Be prepared to be bombarded by the fantastic aroma of baked goods occupying every corner of the elegant store. Everything is fresh and there's also dessert pastries behind the glass display. Fancy a coffee drink? No problem. They've got you covered on that end too.


Favorite bakery in Astoria. Delicious frappes, coffees, pastries, breads, tarts, the list goes on

MyMoJo Yo

So you wanted "coffee" and you walk in and you now want a "dessert" even if you haven't had "dinner" - the display cases are just as great as the dessert and coffee they serve... you might just order seconds!

Penny Kapanika

Best Greek bakery in NYC

Minas Panagopoulos

Very nice and clean place excellent desserts and good service and high quality desserts and cakes and good coffee excellent period

Western industrial Service LLC

Fantastic bakery , any time I'm in Queens I have to drive over to Artopolis and grab some goodies to bring back to Philadelphia

George Gutierrez

Delicious pastries and there is a parking space.

Nellie Dorit

Fresh pastries, good service recommended love the place but I think its pricy

Carla Sabrina

I love all their baked goods. Not going to lie, i know its a greek bakery but the macaroons are my favorite.

Anthy Orphanou

The most delicious Greek desserts outside of Greece

Felipe Machado

Great bread and many options of Greek cookies pies and cakes. There are a few tables to dine inside and a few outside during summer.

Sisco Muniz

Amazing bakery. Everything looks so delicious. Very clean and neat displays. The staff is very helpful and friendly. Everything is fresh and baked right there. A real pleasure to shop here.

R Peet

This bakery has amazing desserts! Try the in the area.

Guillaume DAVID

Best pastries in the area ! :)

Mihai Preda

Great Greek coffee and desserts

National Painting Service LLC.

It’s happen I went with my family to visit in NYC and we come across this place. They are very welcoming the price was surprise for the quality of their desert. Thank you so much guys keep the excellent work!!

George Zikos

Good Greek pastries, not inexpensive.

Larry Nannery

YUM. YUM. This isn't a low end bakery, it is a high end special place which happens to sell some basics.

Richard Yau

Wonderful place for a whole assortment of greek pastries and cakes. Have tried a dozen different cakes and have not been disappointed.

ivette ortiz

Delish... bit pricey

Thanassi Karageorgiou

This has steadily become my go-to pastry shop for Greek sweets. The Galaktoboureiko is galactic! Their coffee is great. It's nice to sit inside or out with a friend. The staff is friendly. They are NOT cheap though.


Love their spinach pie

Vincent Laucella

Best Greek pastries in Astoria.


Over priced however good product

Maria Litardo

Loved the coffee and the cookies!


I've tasted everything Artopolis has to offer and I've never been disappointed. I've bought for business colleagues, friends and family all sharing positive feedback. The big test was daring to gift assorted traditional Greek baked goods to my 87 yr old mom (a Greek sampling of another Greek's "commercial" food...really?) YES! My mom looks forward to eating everything Artopolis offers & she has no problem telling me what her most favorites are and why and to make sure I tell "Regina" in person . She's also been there a few times with me. Let's not forget their jar preserves; free of high fructose, glucose, gluten. Ok there's my review. Doesn't get better than that. Love their place in SOHO too ( π ) pronounced "pie" . I can break down every item by ingredient, taste, & scent made from Artopolis artisans but that'll be a making of a book. Even their interior space is reminiscent of what bakeries look like in Greece. You can bet I'll be passing by there later today. V

Mahmoud Shaaban

This Greek bakery has excellent food. It is a little hidden under a building but pretty big deal other so many kinds of baked goods. The staff is very helpful and is quick. The only downside is the price on some of the deserts but with the amount of calories in the food I wouldn't overeat there anyways.

John Wojciechowski

I love Artopolis. Excellent service & food.

Sheva Millington

Delicious fresh food and great robust coffee

Jason F.

Saw Artopolis on food network show, Unique Sweets. I told owner I saw the show and she was happy, gave me a free cookie. Bought baklava and some tarts and they were delicious. Place is very good.

Daman Simantiris

Maria and Maria were as sweet as their desserts!


Both places Chicago and Astoria are great stores......

Jonathan Cooper

Great place for Greek Pastries.

Gary Garcia

AWESOME bakery. Great service .Great selection.

Diana Mohamed

Everything is good! Decadent.

Alexis Georgio


Amina R

Their pastries and cakes taste just like the ones I've had in Greece. Delicious. Drinking their frappe makes me feel like I'm back in Santorini *sigh*.

Marco Bonizzoni

Selection was a bit lacking. We got a selection of cookies to try out and were very surprised at the price. We ended up spending a bit more than $60 on two small boxes of cookies and six or seven pieces of small pastry. Overall the quality of the cookies was average.

Barbara Garay

Everything is delicious you don't want to leave the store

Cheron Francis

This bakery is the best!!! The atmosphere is very quant a d beautifully decorated. I sampled the cookies and other treats-DELICIOUS!!

cafe mocha

My favorite please

Derek k

You dont remember how good Greek sweets are, until you get really good ones. They have really good ones, and the store on the right has a huge selection of Greek wine, and the 1 to the left is a Greek butcher. Everything you need for a great dinner


Best Greek baked goods in Astoria!

Chrysis Savva

Artopolis is the best place in Astoria to enjoy fresh and tasty pastry and not only. They need to expand the sitting area

luca michelotto

Great selection of sweet and savory food!

Leo Vazquez

They do good cake

Ulises D albertini

Loe this place the girls were very friendly unlike the old lady up the street.

andrei pahomi

Delicious bakery products and sweets. You must try it at least once.

Gianna Hernandez

This place is an absolute (and incredibly delicious) gem in Astoria

Kyle J.

Excellent pastries from bite-size to serious portions. Coffee is good too. Indoor seating is sometimes limited. Worth checking out.

Kathy Dekis

Best bakery!!! Amazing deserts! Best galatomboureko

Georgina S

Genuine Greek bakery,try the Greek coffee and any of the delicious pastries they offer.

Andri Orphanides

They have great Greek desserts. The staff are friendly and helpful.

Vicky Nanas

Excellent bakery. Wonderful and friendly staff! This bakery has everything you are looking for! The owners are the nicest people I have ever met!

Rene Obando

Typical Balkans place amazing treats, excellent coffee, unique European style, with more than reasonable prices, great way to to start a busy day for a "bite & run", well done ARTOPOLIS Team!!!

lorraine torrella

Fabulous cornucopia of sweets, desserts and fresh baked assortment of cheese, meat and vegetable items

P Papagiannakis

This is a 5 star place on everything except service... While the employees are great, it is way understaffed for the number of customers it handles... So management, do your customers a favor, hire more delightful people. You are expensive enough to handle the proper service your customers deserve.

John smith

It's an amazing place with all of the best mideterenian good stuff from baked to specially made. The design is wonderful and there's sitting areas inside but also some outside and a big parking.

cynthia deligiannis

We drive from Albany to enjoy fresh baked goods and coffee best ever!

Gabrielle Calle

Wonderful mom and pop bakery, great coffee. As soon as you walk in it smells like you have entered heaven.

Svetlana Shammasova

Spinach pies are to die for =)

Arlyn Blake

Outstanding quality, beyond-delicious cookies/cakes/breaks and Greek Treats. The owner, fabulous, warm and wonderful Regina Kadopodis should be a 'national treasure'! x0x0x0 ab

James Xanthos

Artopolis is a great bakery and coffee shop. Always fresh and the women who work here are delightful.

Evelyn Vikelis


David E Vieser

Astoria brings us the best in Greek food in NYC, That in my humble opinion. Baklava was never a desert food I jumped at...but I had a sampling ... Coconut, custard, and most definitely my favorite chocolate. My friend who introduced me to Artopolis bakery was right.. this is a classic place with all kinds of Greek specialties.

Nigel P

Addictive... Everything thing they make is wow.

Elizabeth Garcia

Horrible service, waited to be helped for 15 min. And a young lady in the counter saw us and ignored us and then when other clients came in she helped them right away without hesitation. I do not recommend at all.

anthony digbasanis

I have a coffee , but is not fresh , maybe the pot stay for more than 1 hour . Waste the money

Dave Meketansky

Great selection and beautiful looking 'zerts but not the most delicious.

Levani Zazadze

No need to look elsewhere. This is where you need to go to get your desert for home or as a nice gift. It is wrapped in a fine box. Just delicious...

Jack Romashoff

Good desserts, helpful staff

Peter Joannidis

Great sweets across the board. Friendly service, too.

Spyro Papathanasiou

Best Greek pasteries around!

John Doyamis

Good but expensive sweets

Maria Kay

Very friendly and helpful staff. Great pastry selection. A bit expensive.

Charles Hammond

Great selection of pastries and desserts with friendly staff. Becoming one of my regular stops when it's my turn to grab a dessert. Haven't stayed in yet, but it's a cozy spot with tables--a good place to enjoy a hot beverage and a sweet treat.

Jonnie Marrero

Love Turkish coffee

Isabel Kamt

Really beautiful and nice place....lovely desserts

Chris Quartly

Not destination worthy but nice if you're around

Pano Cato


Nicole Monahan

If you're looking for a unique bakery come to Artopolis. They specialize in Greek pastries, cookies, and sweets. Grab a box, glove, and pick your own assortment. Especially Kourabiedes (butter cookies) and Melomakarona (honey cookies with walnuts). During "Greek Easter" they bake up Tsoureki bread for the occasion, which is always a nice surprise. It feels like you're getting a real taste of Greek culture here.

Gigi Belkhaouda

I ordered cup cake but no good at all taste so bad u feel the butter taste even the top cream my kids love cup cake when I brought them this cup cake they dont like it they started crying keep telling me Mami no not that one we want another one usually I buy them from Martha bakery the best! even the mini tarte and mini cookies no good PLUS THE SPANICH WORKERS ARE SO DURTY THEY DONT WERE GLOVES WHEN THEY SERVE U WHEN U ASK THEM TO DO SO SHE ANSWERED ME WE DONT HAVE TOO

Jose Carlos Cardenas

Worth a long trip.

Sara Alt

Oh... my... word... so yummy. As seen on the FOOD network.

Scha Sadozai

Place is over priced and service sucks. Dont understand how they charge $35 for a cake!

Erkan Onurlu

Great ambiance, lovely people

Gxbriellx lefuwx

So many good pastries and desserts in general. You have to go there and get something, it doesn’t matter what. Everything is good.

Brett Norton

There is no better place to get Greek cookies and baklava

Octavian Cioca

Love their fruit tarts, good coffee too

Philip Kontos

Great food good prices and very nice people

Premier Lines

Excellent service

Robert Hollis

Great spot for Greek Specialties. The person working there was super helpful and help guide us to some amazing selections. Will definitely be coming back!

John Papaioannou

A bit overpriced most desserts are good

raul rojas

It's one of the best bakeries in Astoria, so that makes it one of the best in NYC. Whether you know Greek pastries or not, you are sure to find something you like here. Excellent and attentive customer service will help you with all your questions. They have tasty breads there as well. Remember it's not polite to show up somewhere and not bring something for the host or to share. ;)

Matt Xenakis

Great Greek desserts and frappe!

Normy Cordoba

Great bakery located in Astoria, I tried the mini tart, Tres leches, almond cake and carrot cake, their stuff is amazing 100% recommend!!!!!

Prince Rayhan

Testy verity option good service clean family atmosphere. Good quality food.

Michelle DeVito

Delicious cookies!

Georgia Carreira

Amazing white chocolate and chocolate mousse came! Fabulous bakery, exceptional choices!

sadie siragusa

We had a really good cake there

Greg Rutz

Food was Amazing! Wish I lived closer

Luz Hanson

Love everything here!

Javier Martinez

Pastries that are fresh & delicious. Baked in the premises. .... JM.

Angelo Bovis

Excellent bakery. Selection not as big as others, but the quality and taste are unbeatable. Great selection of Greek baked goods.

Mariantuan Blanche

Great coffee & pastries. Good selection & ambiance, a must in the neighborhood

Timothy Hutto

Tucked away in a quiet part of Astora Artopolis is a hidden gem worth discoveing for yourself. Exquisite baked goods of all shapes and sizes await your taste buds. Make the trip today :)

Style N Craft Leathers Inc.

Great coffee and cookies. Expensive. A very nice layout. Friendly and courteous staff.

Gloria Herzog

It is a cute place with great food. Today, Edith, (I hope I got her name right) was my attendant. Very nice girl. She is polite and kind. I took one star out just because of the hostile/suspicious looks that I get from one of the other attendants. They make me feel uncomfortable every time I come here. And I can not guess the reason behind it.

Kenneth Kresowaty

Very large selection of baked goods

Randi Berry

We call this the heaven bakery. Beautiful cakes, pastries and breads. Specialize in Greek pastries (Spinach and Cheese pies). They have the most delicious mini tarts and great coffee.

Yohvanni A. Kathriner

Just Amazing. Olive and sunflower fingers are such savory treats. Whole grain seeded bread is unmatchable.

Vasiliki Torunidis

Love this place! I always stop here after grocery shopping at Titan for a frappe and a spinach pie for the ride home.

Bryan Field

This is a bakery/pastry shop in the corner of a shopping center in Astoria. I really like this place because the people are very friendly and I really like the pastries. The shop has a very open feel and a nice flow that makes it easy to find what you are looking for. They do not have a giant selection, but I find that all the treats they do prepare are done with care and are very well done. I have also tried the espresso and it is very good. I also have to recommend their bread which they bake on site. They have a large selection, but it seems that they don't make a huge number of each loaf because they sell out often but they have a nice selection if you get their early enough. They offer a small selection of indoor seating and more outside.

Matthew Schlameuss

Great Baklava.

Theodora Pantelatos

I feel like i take a trip to Greece every time i visit! Delicious sweets and beautiful decor!

Kostas Zambas

Good coffee. Easy going. Outdoor sitting

Theodora Tsilikopoulou

Good celection of Greek bakery goodies and coffee!

Arun Mathew

Authentic Greek pastries all around. Lots of great gift items as well, I liked the sweet pebbles that they had - chocolate covered fruits, exceptionally well made.

Nikhil Joshi

Excellent greek desserts. A must stop if you are in the area.

David Heller

Very friendly workers, everyone offered to help and answer any questions we had. There was a large diverse selection of items from cookies, chocolates, cakes, pastries and more. Also has a few tables to sit inside and enjoy your purchase while you relax. I thought it was all pretty well priced too.

Michael Schuman

Very good. Delicate. A bit pricey.

VortexPlays StarWars

Had great pastries and great service!

gökçe kartaler

Everything is so fresh! If you are a vegetarian they have nice options, they also have soy milk for your coffee. Great birthday cake options.

Shira Rachel Danan

I love this place. Everything is fresh and delicious, the staff are friendly. The best.

Johnny Ruff

Beautiful place with lovely treats

Law Tem

Great Greek pastries and coffee...ideal for an afternoon break enjoying friends and coffee and baklava!

jenna bae

My favorite bakery in my neighborhood! Not only they make delicious Greek dessert but also they make delicious macaroons and American style cakes and tarts!

Jose Torres

The best Greek desert place in New York city!!!!!

Sunshine NY

The place is nice and clean with good customer service. The place is a little bit small for a group of people but their bakery and coffee so delicious. Real Greek pastry.

Nicole Rodriguez

Worst place ever, ordered my wedding cake months in advance and the day of my wedding 8 hrs before my wedding I get a call to send a description of the cake I wanted. The flavor was awful and not what my husband and I sampled. I tried not to panic and as I arrived to our reception, the cake was slanted, fake flowers, the cake was cracked. Worst experience ever. Only reason I gave it even a star was because I got my refund. Highly do not recommend.

Stephanie V. Ayora

Great coffee

Beatrix Czagany

It's really lovely ,,high quality of baked goods and services is great.Also great coffe and tea selection.

Chris Gazza

Great variety of pastries and excellent service.

Christopher Walters

deliciousness in every bite, and a staff that is both delightful and helpful.

Nina Garcia

Friendly staff, delicious baked goods and pasteries...passing it by would be a sin

Michael Kornblatt

Best Greek bakery

Anne Marie Brako

Delicious cookies and coffee. Pricey, but you get what you pay for.

George Ryan


Ninette Martinez

Delicious stuff! So many different kinds of sweets.

Tom Pica

Like a neighborhood Athens bakery. Several kinds of baklava, breads, stuffed filo, cookies and of course Greek caffes and Nescafe frappes. Cafe seating inside and out. No table service but who cares.

Myryam Carayannis

Love this place I co.e from Manhattan!

Gabriel Walsh

$$$. If you like Greek baked goods (and some not Greek ones), this is BY FAR the best bakery in Astoria (they also used to make the best rugelach I've ever had, but dropped it from their offerings a few years ago). Most people buy to take home, but you can also sit and enjoy your baked goods with coffee drinks. Be prepared to spend though, this place is as expensive as it is good.

David Kokoros

Best Greek desserts in all of NYC

Margaret Robles

Delicious Greek pastries and cookies. A bit pricey. Small indoor and outdoor seating area. Limited free parking.

Varti Pomakian

Always the best!!!

linda silver

What a great bakery! Old fashioned cookies that melt in your mouth!! Fantastic coffee ( although i just left Dr. Mellos and shouldnt be drinking coffee! ;-( nevertheless a great bakery!!)

Alejandra Cardona

Love this bakery, everything has this fresh feeling, coffee, cookies, and everything is amazing. This place is more on the upscale side, but totally worth it

Susana Jerez

Always a treat to go there. Food and service are excellent

John S

4 1/2 stars. Great bakery.... Just go and get something yummy. You will not regret.

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