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1184 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11216, United States

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REVIEWS OF Abu's Homestyle Bakery IN New York

Fabienne Snowden

Abu's has always had delicious baked goods. Their Red Velvet Cake is the best in NY!!

Musa Abdullah

Greatest Red Velvet around! Mini pies are the best!

Earth to Samara Samara


Jeff Wallace


Aboubkar Baba

kassim alani

Dirty Souf Yankee

BEST BEAN PIE EVER! The cinnamon buns are also to die for

Wenyi Zhou

Wow wow wow, the bean pie and the pecan pie are seriously delicious. The crusts are crunchy and thick and the fillings are not too sweet and have the perfect amount of density. I’d definitely come back to try the other items on the menu. The customer service is very friendly and helpful as well. The mini pies are actually $2 each. In my opinion, this is a “$” place instead of a “$$$$” place. Google Maps needs to update the price range. Takeaway: Affordable southern bakery offering mouthwatering pies in an intimate setting. Highly recommend!

Alysha Lopac

Omg im druling just thinking about it...i walked passed yesterday wishing i had time to stop in again..i cant tell u how delicious their pies are...GO VISIT ...well worth it...the smell alone is veey inviting which is why is stopped in in the first place.

قناة أم ملاك للطبخ الوصفات

Travina Suzanne Alexia Quamina

Kr Pr

Birthday celebration with 4 different slices of cake. Pineapple coconut has layers of yellow cake with pineapple and coconut filling. Red velvet cake with layers of cream cheese frosting. Carrot cake also with cream cheese frosting. And finally double chocolate cake which speaks for itself. We liked them all!

lakeem muhammad

Nachman Pinter

Good food

Amiyah Young

Nykia Luckie

I love love love the cakes my mom always buying something from ABU

Danielle Granger

Very pleasant and great pies!

Desiree Nelson

Niya MGT

Tatiana Taylor

Gregory Highland

Excellent service and pastries

Omar P

American Fueling

Awesome customer service and I'd have to say the best pies and cakes I have ever tasted. A total treat to my taste buds!

Natalia Zamparini

Best bean pie! Great slices of cake. Very endearing owner.

Carmel N

Best Carrot Cake ever

stuart ehrenberg

Best red velvet cake ever!

William Hester

Marcelle McDonald

Actually I came here searching for Abu's Address. I was very lucky to have purchased a slice of Red Velvet Cake from their stall at the West Indian Day Parade this summer..


Great bread, good (Haitian) patties.

Knight NYC

The carrot cake is superb. Not hyping it up but all carrot I've tried in Brooklyn and Abu's is number one in carrot cake. Abu's bakery has the best carrot cake hands down!

DougEs Whurl

The bean pie is just like the one's they make for the Nation. Those other bean pies you see in supermarkets give bean pies a bad name. Thank you Abu for bringing back that fond memory.

Sheila Greene

Coconut custard pie was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. German chocolate cake was THE DRIEST CAKE ON THE PLANET! I'll be back solely for the coconut custard pie

William Fisher

Yehuda Farber

Ciji Rodriguez

I live in halem. I travel to brooklyn just for there bread pudding...only to be disappointed cause its always sold out....Abu's bread pudding is obviously Your number one hand choice pick its good business to keep in stock. I love i can find your pies in most deli grocerys near me uptown...but that Bread pudding is out of this WORLD

James Graham

jonjo raysor

I grew up eating bean pie and as an adult were I live I can't find them. And the last time I did I wasn't happy. But Abu's is now my spot. So if you never had one before try one from them, before you turn your face up to something new. Live in the moment and taste the world around you.

Irfaan Irfaan

Bakery with very small storefront. I went there for the bean, pecan, and coconut custard pies. They have mini pies, and six inch ones. Very tasty. Nice friendly and helpful young lady to assist you with your order. Prices are reasonable. Meter parking on street.

Sameer Shah

5 star for delicious food 1 star for cashiers attitude

spencer pittman

Good called

Khaalid Abdusshakur

Joe Stevens sr

I'm from New Jersey. This is a market in Teaneck call Better meats and products. That sells then cakes slices. The price is reasonable. The Carrot Cake 4 stars or better. Especially keeping the price reasonable. This week though disappointed. I brought a slice yesterday January 24. First I notice a cake was very dry. But still tastes good but still to dry. Then I notice the problem the cake was baked too long. The first layer cake was burnt the whole bottom was black.... I tried not to be disappointed. I'm sure this bakery is struggling trying to keep the prices reasonable.... Myself I think it's very important to keep your product tasting good. I know I went out my way to buy that carrot cake yesterday. After the snow storm. The carrot cake very good. I hope this bakery keep its reputation and in mind quality is very important. To keep that money circulating. You have two fine more stores to sell your product. In new stores you see that they only sell your best product. You want to bill a good reputation. Or you will not make it. I hope to hear from y'all on my email concerning my burn piece a cake. I like y'all's product especially the carrot cake. Tried to keep quality in mind I know it's hard and expensive.

Leontyne Anaqah Toure

Raymond Williams

ty king

Dominique Dowd

If you get nothing else, you have to get the bean pie!! Also, this is a very affordable bakery, more like $.

Geri Denis

Red Velvet and Vanilla cupcake were dry and tasted old. Not fresh. Frosting is what made them edible. I am very disappointed.

D.G. Mcknight

I always enjoyed they bean pies. I Recently try their pineapple coconut cake. It was very good. This is my Go to Bakery Hands down for any Occasion. .

Amaala Martinez

Been coming here for years. The very best cakes in Brooklyn besides Mrs. Maxwells which is no longer around. And, very reasonably priced. Also, OMG why do the cakes and cupcakes here always taste like they literally were just baked? Just the very best! You definitely will not be disappointed in any way. The red velvet everything. The chocolate and vanilla just delicious always !!!

Beatriz Beckford

Best cupcake and treats. Always delicious. Always great customer service

Mohamed El-Meghallawy

m v

Good beans...

Chris Peralta

Will Howard

You can't go wrong at Abu's, you really can't. It goes without saying that there are a lot of really top notch bakeries in New York, Brooklyn, and Bed-Stuy too. It will do you well to explore the many options at hand. But there's a reason I keep going back to Abu's. Several, actually. First off, what comes out of that kitchen is just really damn good. Flakey cinnamon rolls with just enough satisfying bite, spiced and frosted with the perfect balance. Destructive pies, covering coconut custard, pecan, sweet potato, and bean. If you're don't need a big one, they have small ones too. Sharing not necessary. Cookies, brownies, banana pudding, and possibly the best feature of the shop: Cake trimmings. $3 for a big container of exceptionally moist and pure cuts of cake, double chocolate, German chocolate, carrot, and an extraordinary red velvet. I have never been a fan of the ultimate flavor mentioned, but Abu's has a flavor so clean, a texture so tender, and sweetness just's pretty radical. The price, won't be bested by any other shop. What really counts though is that there are good people here. They care, and they bake with heart. Most of all, they share that love, and you can taste it. That's a good deal to me, and it's pretty tough not enjoy.

beryl benbow

I love their mini pecan pie - too bad I can't find it anymore. I use to get it at 320 Myrtle Ave. - Now they only deliver bean & sweet potato

Tyrell Charles

Matata Washington

Best bean pies.


David Robinson

Good Pies & Things

Muhammed Bayyan

the best bakery hands down even ask bloomberg !

Christianah Yemi

I had the carrot cake and it was absolutely YUMMY!!!! Just sweet enough and very moist.

Janice O'Kane

Deepak Kumar

Keyone' Swain

Tried it for the first time this weekend, and the cake was amazing! The owner is really nice also. Definitely will be back.

Jamillah Salahuddin


Umar Lee

This is a must in New York. A delicious taste of American-Muslim history.

Qamar D Smallwood

Tamara the Great

Waited more than an hour for my order from seamless. They never called but I got a text saying that it was delivered and it never was. If I didn't pick up the phone and called the restaurant, they would've just pocketed my money without me receiving their goods.

Julio Giron

Riquisimos los biscochos

Hannah Alsouqi

Oh my Allah!!!! The pies here are amazing! So so so good. Especially the bean pie

Nazif Ahmad

Tried their signature bean pie today. Also had the pineapple coconut slice cake after jummah prayer.

kevin Hull

pecan pie so good you can bite your finger off and you would not even pecan pie around hands down and i have had west coast pea can pie all the way up to canada..nothing compares to these guys pecan pie..all sort of other little goodies too. worth more than 5 stars. may they be blessed always.

Yasmin Ali-Reed

Bean pie of my dreams. Everyone I’ve ever brought here or shared with has become a fan

Ayoka Killings

The best Banana Nut loaf I like to eat EVER! I LOVE IT WITH SOME BUTTER PRCAN the best ever really A True fan of Abu ' s Bakery

Omar Aziz

Impressive. A pleasant surprise. A hidden gem. A simple storefront with complex and well balanced baked goods inside. If it was not recommended by friends I probably would have never stumbled upon this place on my own. Very flavorful pies with subtle unexpected flavors, like clove, cardamom, etc. A flavorful take on southern comfort foods, but not overly sweet, which is a perfect balance, because you get a hint of spice and a more complex flavor in the pies and batter. I prefer their Red Velvet Cake to the famous bake shop on Fulton that ONLY sells Red Velvet Cake. Definitely in my top 5 bakeries in the area. Not to mention the prices, damn, I thought they made a mistake at checkout. I wish them well, headed back today for some dessert.

Addie McKay

Unreliable on seamless

Evelyn. Evyn cols Coles. coles

Evelyn. Cols

Atiyah Conry

Dirty Rotten Apple

Excellent red velvet!! Family owned....great inspiration.

Ron P

It's absolutely the best bean pie in Brooklyn and the best pie I tasted in my travels. I shared pies with all my family and friends and they too agreed with my findings. Please let me know were you found your best tasting bean pie. Thanks for looking at my review.

Alexis Harrison

Amirah Narine


The best sweet potato pies ❕❕

Zakiyyah .B

Can't beat the sweet potato pie and bean pie at this bakery!

vishwa tej

Keisha Foster

First time I've ever had bean pie and I absolutely loved it

Kenneth Watta

Boubacar mombeya Diallo

Pee Bee

Jennifer White

YD Cee

Seems Abu would want to bring out their best at DanceAfrica Baazar, Memorial Day weekend. They were selling one layer cakes that were scorched. Icing hid the scorch on top. Otherwise, their cakes are simple and nothing special. Plain ingredients, plain old scorched cakes. Prices may be a bit lower but not Doc's bakery by any stretch.

Sam Metcalfe

Legendary NYC bakery, the best, get the bean pies or custom cake.

Khadijah Elgaili

William Brown

Always stop by and get a pie whenever I’m on Fulton. Sweet potato, bean, and pecan pies are sooo gooood

Adnan Waseem

Met current ownership, amazing ppl ma Sha Allah. May Allah bless the father that found this place. It is soooo good and so cheap. Seriously low prices

L. Harper

The cake and mini pie I brought home was delicious. I'm looking forward to the full cake and pie I ordered for the christmas eve party at my work place on Monday.

Jeremy Magno

I am a regular at this place for its bean pies, red velvet, and apple turnovers. They have the best bean pies I have ever had. I have yet to try their breakfast, but I hear it is amazing every time I walk in!

Megan Swanby

Grace Smith

Love this bakery even though I have gained several unwanted pounds since he opened the bakery. While I like all of his baked goods. I am especially fond of his apple turnovers,bean and sweet potato pies. Much to my surprise I even found his sweet potato pie in beloved Harlem. Keep those great baked goods coming.

Jewdyer Osborne

Some of the best baked goods in NYC.

jeffrey moore

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