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REVIEWS OF Swiss Alps Bakery IN New Mexico

Richard Probst

The almond roll is amazing. The turnovers are great. Nice place to stop for coffee with friends

Riain Gardiner

Had the Almond horn which was so amazing and the seasonal white chocolate lavender mocha. Great environment, friendly people. I will be coming back. Often.

Brian Yapko

Gorgeous, delicious bread, superior canoli, excellent pastries. Will definitely be back for more!

Oscar Lucero

Hard food

Rebecca Licalsi

Thank you for putting together fantastic gift boxes full of tasty cookies for my meetings today!

Brittany Morrow

We ordered 36 brownies for a party and they were fantastic. Unfortunately, when we came to pick up the brownies we also wanted to grab lunch. We ordered a slice of quiche, a bowl of soup and half grilled cheese sandwich. It took 30 minutes to get our food... which was already made except the sandwich. Seriously? The food tasted great, but pre-cooked food is NEVER worth a 30 minute wait.

Lisa Sena

Food is always amazing!! The helper was a bit rude. She was yawning while speaking to me. I had to repeat myself. Other than that was a good meal


Friendly staff, tasty baked goods

Jaime Pardo

Yes, they can be kinda "doy". We have bought bread here for years but it used to be Much better. We still go here because we still haven't found the hard rolls we really want. They stopped making them hard and crusty enough, and when we ask why they just don't even seem to care. Also they only make five dozen PERIOD. So we have to call and go early because they always run out. If they're out they offer you something that you didn't ask for and when you suggest that they make enough they just seem perplexed. They always have some other bread (I can't remember which) that they never sell out of but they won't make more "hard" rolls. As soon as we find a good hard roll, we will have no reason to return.

Macennia Marks

Cute little cafe, the Mediterranean Panini was amazing. Definetly want to go back and check out the pastries

Monica Stracuzzi

Everything looked wonderful and very tasty. I wouldn't have cared if I was offered a taste of several of their goodies.

Dustin Fleming

Great little cafe and lunch spot. Excellent customer service.

Loc Do

The fresh bread is excellent!

Christa Benavidez

Very kind & caring. Willing to place order & suggestions when out of products.


Really wanted to like this place, but didn't. Seating was uncomfortable and the framed art behind my head was hung too low so I couldn't sit back or it would fall off the wall and onto my head. The quiche was okay, but the five pieces of wilted lettuce they gave me as a side were kind of pathetic. Only offer styrofoam cups for the complementary water which is tragic in this day and age of climate crisis. The nice girl behind the counter did give me a plastic cup instead. My friend got a pastry which I tried and regretted- so dry and flavorless. Don't think I'll be back.

Cameron Hocker

Swiss Alps has great baked goods and pastries at great prices. The green chile cream cheese roll is by far the best thing they have, but they also make great Berliners, turnovers, croissants, and elephant ears. Amazing place when you have a craving for delicious flaky pastries and other baked goods, both sweet and savory.

Jessi Lee Mraz

They have the best treats!

Kristin Andraka

Cute and cozy. Their sandwiches are surprisingly amazing (try the pesto panini, with the poblano soup. Holy moly) and their coffee is good. Huge selection of sweets and bread as well

Diana Williams

Excellent! Quiche and latte were both wonderful

Devin Myers

One of the best bakerys in New Mexico- official Austrian style bakery- Rumballs-Linzerr tortes- Bread- sandwiches- salads- and the secret Potato Salad that is not even on the menu(get a pint of that to go) -awesome staff- I'm a once a weeker here- a must have

Mallory Martinez

Everything is great and the staff are wonderful!

brie likethecheese

Very good pastries and Pretzels, a little pricey though.

Ryan Schmitt

A great local spot. They bake all sorts of beautiful loaves of bread. They have basics like White, wheat, and sourdough. And also more exotic ones like marbled rye and desert loaves. They also function as a deli serving Boars Head meat on their fresh bread, it's a great combo. Also tasty soups and deserts. Good staff and owners I definitely recommend.


Delicious. So many choices. Customer service was very good. First time there and will definitely go again.

Jay Biggums

Great food, great breads you can’t find anywhere else, fair pricing, helpful and nice staff.

Trevor Ivy

A New Mexico favorite!

Chad Werenko

Delicious sandwiches!! Cute little deli and super friendly staff. Don't miss out on the specials.

Jenna Viscaya

Great sandwiches, good baked goods (some diabetic-friendly) very nice staff since combining with Three Little Birds. Same owners. Good place, small, can get crowded ar lunch.

Scott Lewis

Great bakery, nice staff

Jenni Mo

Since the day they opened, they have always had the best quality ingredients for the the best quality product. We have never been disappointed. Literally everything here is amazing! My husband's favorites are the Rum balls and the Nut pockets. My favorite is their out of this world tiramisu and stuffed crescents.

Jeanne Pahls

Good food, nice place, something of a best kept secret in Albuquerque

Alexander Price

Food is good. Cashiers can be a little bit and miss

Desiree Mcgraw

This place is gone down hill for the last 2 years I just purchased a simple Apple Danish for $3 it was so stale and made with such low grade ingredients they should be ashamed of themselves. I don't even think they used real butter. so I give this a major thumbs down, never going back again.

Martin Barber

Food quality is fantastic. My sandwich was phenomenal! . Very nice staff. Extremely clean both inside and outside. Busy when we were there but fast service

Jeff Cornelius

Yummy food, love it. Soup portions a bit on the small side, otherwise perfect!

Nicholas Hopkins

The people are really nice and the food is amazing!

Jonathan Desoto

Fresh coconut macaroons on fridays. Scratch that, it's hit or miss but when you hit, they're the single best thing there. The paninis (namely the cuban) is tops, too.

Alexander Harrison

Good food. Great place for a good sandwich. If you are looking for fresh baked good, this the place.

Bonnie Cate

Paid $22 for a Stollen, worst one we have ever had, did not taste anything like it should have. Will not go back.

Peter Kempert

Tasty, good stuff. The stuffed lunch croissants are delicious. They have a few diabetic friendly items as well.

Jamie Douglas

Friendly and delicious, as always. Daughter's favorite "treat place."

Ingrid Love

Great pastries, coffee, and service.

Celia Einhorn

Savory! Sweet! Drinks!

Andrew M

Great local bakery

deanna darlin

Fantastic local spot! We love the breakfast sandwiches and free flowing STRONG coffee! Little ones love the variety of pastries, always fresh and delicious .

Jerri Pohl

Delectible pastries, so light and airy.

Peggy Crespin

sinfully delicious!! wide selection, hard to choose. also make pastries for diabetics. great menu for all meals - enjoy

Caleb Heffenger

It's unfair to give them a lower review as I only tried two of their products, but the brownie was about the same quality as a "cosmic brownie" you might get in a convenience store and the texture if their raspberry tort was like old refrigerated carryout cake that had failed to rise during baking, their savory selection may be far better but I'd recommend other options for sweet baked goods.

Kyandra May

Ordered my son's first birthday cake and could not be more pleased. I told Jessica what I wanted and she surpassed my expectations in both presentation and deliciousness! I've never had a more pleasant experience than I've had at Swiss Alps.

Ashleigh.G.S. Polaco

Me and my grandma saw a van with Swiss Alps logo on it and I absolutely love going around finding little places and exploring little bakeries or just little stores..and we decided to try it.. Walked in & was simple but relaxing. We order soup in a bread bowl - soup of the day was mushroom.. My goodness was absolutely delicious, I have fallen in love with this bakery! My parents are visiting from South Africa and I will be taking them there! You have to try their deserts as well beyong amazing :)

Frank Walsh

Great lite lunches, danishes, breads, other assorted baked goods

D. M Romero

Must get the lavender honey iced latte!!!

Elizabeth Ojeda

Tried this place via doordash and wonderful food

Rachel Dworkin

Very good at what they do. Original pasteries - unlike anywhere else. Breada are great.

phyllis riddle


Joe Montoya

Good food and fast and friendly service

Matt Higgins

Awesome bakery, great food menu, a real hidden gem. Wish I'd known about it sooner!

Frank Gutierrez

Really great breads, desserts, cakes. Glad I was told about it. Great find. Nice folks.

Amanda Zinser

Delicious, fresh food. They rotate their selection and it's always fun to see what the daily special will be. Service is great as well.

Daniele Wiley

This place is a hidden GEM! Thank goodness they don't serve all day, or I may just have a serious addiction problem with their food and coffees. I've tried about every panini on their menu and each time they're crafted beautifully and have consistent delicious flavor. Worried about which side to choose? Don't be! They are both absolutely yummy! All in all, I wish I would have found this place years ago, but now that I'm a customer there, I won't go elsewhere for morning coffee, chai, and paninis! Thank you Swiss Alps Bakery!

Jerald Groner

Best rye breads in NM! Chewy and rustic.

Rhiannon La Valley

I love their tomato soup

RonnieSherri Sangchan

This has become one of our favorite eats! Friendly staff and excellent food! We love it and highly recommend it!

Laurie Estes

Good food. Fast but not friendly staff. Expensive prices.

RickD Bear

Friendly service, goods were decent and I will try something else next time

Hannah Spiceland

Never too crowded and the drinks are always delicious! Desserts are so rich!!

Valere Colon

Very nice bakery, cafe, coffee shop! Pleasant visit.

Joshua Gutierrez

I love this place!

brett penfold

The sandwiches we had were delicious and the staff was extremely polite, helpful and happy. It's really a 4 1/2 star rating. Good food, good people and best of all, its local.


The Irish cream coffee didn't taste like anything and the coffee was very bitter. The two bakery items I tried were surprisingly dry. I love their pretzel rolls, but as a second visit, I was a bit disappointed with the service and baked items. It was very busy. Tables and floor were dirty and it was mid morning. Maybe an off day?

Dorinda Sickenger

Great place for coffee, tea, pastries and lunch. Good customer service too!

Laura Allen

Great coffee and pastries. The almond horns are the best!

Leesa Trapp

Yummy desserts and good sandwiches

Gottfried Kibelka

Good bread, delicious pastry, and patient service.

Sharon Tuite

A nice lunch, fresh everything. Bread so good. Great service personable staff.

Ilie Spilca

Great place... yummy bread and pastries

Dyan Wilson

Never eaten any real food here but Do Not care for their baked goods

Aloysius Muscella

What a great place!!! Very personable and friendly folks and the food is outstanding, not to mention the coffee. Would definitely recommend if you're in Albuquerque NM find Swiss Alps Bakery and Cafe and enjoy it!!!

Laura Devitt

I was going to post a picture of the ham and cheese, but it was so good we ate it before I could. We have been here 3 times and it never disappoints. The only thing I wish was different are the hours. I would love if they were open until 6pm. Their meringues are the best I have ever had.


Have not had a chance to make it to the business, did have some food delivered thru door dash. Food was Awesome! If the food is that good when delivered, cant wait to come inside to eat it when it is freshly prepared.

Kelsey Luna

Great customer service! Myself and my mom went there because of one thing, Brotchen. In the end we went home with a dozen brotchen rolls, four chocolate truffles, a chocolate croissant, and a whole lot of cookies and pastries! The atmosphere is great and they have a lot of seating room! They have stuff like breads and rolls to delicious pastries. They also do have a place inside called Three Little Birds Cafe and Co. that serves amazingly good food! I am definitely going again when I’m in Albuquerque!

Shea Sizemore

The food and pastries were absolutely phenomenal while the staff was friendly and efficient among a sudden rush of customers.

Funmungus Sugnumnuf

Coffee good. Pastries good.

Gunther Wilkinson

Wonderful food!

Adric M

Very good little bakery and cafe

Richard Moffett II

We came here after sushi on a whim, and wow we're we blown away! We bought a slice of carrot cake and canolli. Both are THE best we've ever had. We will definitely frequent this place, but we will have to pace ourselves. DO NOT pass up this place!

April Ortiz

Pastries look tasty. I have only shopped here for the fresh bread.

Caroline Keller

Great, friendly service and amazing bread and pastries!

SEA Adams2


Joshua Shores

Ummm... yes!!!! Great desserts and great employees! Will definitely be back!

Zachary Jones

Try the soup, any of them. Thank me later.

Jenn Romano

Swiss Alps Bakery is consistently superb in quality and service. The broccoli and cheddar quiche is my new favorite but there isn't anything on the menu crafted without major skill. Also recommended: Going early for a fresh danish or pretzel before they sell-out!

Rick Young

This was listed as German food???? Ya I think there was like one thing that might be considered German food. But the price is right and the food was good. Just bummed about the listing...

Pascal Schläpfer

Had a filled croissant. There was carrotcake that looked delicious... Coffee was really good.

Victoria Fosnaugh

The food portions are worth the price. Great service and clean bathrooms.

Melissa Alexander

Delicious sandwiches for breakfast and lunch with fresh made soups and btead bowls and specialty coffees. They also feature fresh made breads, cakes, brownies and pies as well as other pastries. You won't regret closing here for breakfast and lunch or to puck up some fresh pastries and breads.

Laura Costa

Decently good bakery with good prices.

Naomi Kissane

The staff is friendly & food was delicious!

Kenny Dillingham

I enjoyed my treats from the store, but my wife did not. I like the mini selection they had. some of the staff are very nice and some of them are very standoffish but that's okay. The store was clean. The prices are very expensive but I kind of expected that at a place like this. On par for other places in the genre of restaurants.


Good portions and there is something for everybody! Sweet and savory choices galore.

Julie Brown

My husband and I went there for breakfast this morning on a date. It was great! The food and coffee is delicious. We shared a build your own breakfast roll, a pumpkin turnover and bear claw-- all fresh and generously portioned. The German Stollen latte was a nice treat, something I've never had. We even bought items off the day old rack for the weekend. I talked to the owner to tell her what a pleasure it was-- she was very kind and appreciative. I highly recommend this local bakery. We'll be going back for sure! --Julie

Lady Crickett

Amazing paninis and so many scones and treats to choose from!

Sharel Cooper

First time trying this place. Was super excited since i follow them on instagram. I love love the sandwhich but OMG the potato salad was disgusting. Like bottom of the barrel,in the dirt, disgusting. I would not recommend trying it at freaking all.

Erin Acosta

My hubby and I went there for a sweet treat after lunch. There are many different baked goods choices. Very tasty and priced great!

Ana Clepper

I enjoy coming here for lunch and especially to pickup baked goods. If your looking for freshly made breads, baked goods and lunch, you need to stop here. They have a lot of sandwich options, served with a lot of food. They used to offer half orders, but not anymore. So come with a big appetite. They also have coffee and teas. It's a great place to grab a baked good & a drink & hang out with a couple of friends.

Cesar Arias mendoza

My mommy works here.

Clan Of Kiriyaka

I'm a regular. Hot water for tea is free and I drink tea every morning. They are very cordial and have helped me with their less fresh food in times of need. Need to try out Their New Nob hill Three Birds Cafe

Jared McDonald

Great place for coffee and brunch. Staff is incredible

Thais Gardner

Super friendly staff! And the tastiest baked goods and Italian sodas! We will definitely be back for some monte Cristo sandwiches.

Joe Sposato

Very impressed with. The sandwiches

Jerry Rinehold

Great food great service could use a good cleaning outside where you eat

Dalton Tallent

Got a German chocolate cake and the bottom cake layer was burned, it lacked coconut flavor, and had what seemed like sweetened butter on top. The unburned cake tasted great and the later of cream tasted great. Wife and I stuck around for lunch and both our sandwiches we're good and could just use some personal preference changes. We'd go back for lunch, but probably not a cake. Lunch 4 stars, cake 2 stars.

carol walker

Very dry pastry. Definitely not fresh. Quiche crust hard to cut. Quiche itself okay. Large drinks not large.

Christine Smith

Great bakery and good coffee


Yum!! Great Danish, dinner rolls, etc.

Daniel Burnham

This place has really good baked goods ,empenadas are actually larger than most in town, I usually buy 3,or turnovers. The bread buns for some sloppy joe action is plate worthy, only thing,6 am is better for breakfast, 7am is for retirement folks. The business is open at 7am.

Martha Gross

The soft roll breakfast sandwich is simple and perfect

Shaolin Soul

Delicious, kind, and hospitable.

Michael Giambra

Great atmosphere, friendly staff, good coffee and bakery.

Lindsey T

My husband got me the Fruit Cake (white cake with cream in the middle, fruit on top, and almonds around the edges) for my birthday celebration and it was OUTSTANDING!! It was a huge hit because of flavor and beautiful look of the cake! Thanks Swiss Alps!

Jenna Eddy

A couple months ago I got a birthday cake for my husband. I thought we would support a local business... everything was done on time but the quality was horrible. I was honestly embarrassed to present the ugly cake to him. It was extra dry and when cut fell apart due to the sever dryness. I was extremely bummed out and will not purchase from them in the future!

Sharon Probst

Very friendly and helpful staff. Great place to meet friends and have a delicious bite to eat.

Joseph Chavez

Never had a bad meal and amazing service.


Friendly and knowledgeable staff! The food was delicious, we went with a couple picks from an employee and all 3 choices were absolutely delicious. We also left with some of the amazing desserts they had to offer, who knew so many to pick from.. Wonderful experience, delicious food, and friendly staff, we'll definitely be back!

P Smith

These pastries are made the right way. The custard is real, cream filled pastries are made with real cream and not oil. The croissant sandwiches are filled well. My only problem is picking just one

Jacqui Wise

The New Mexican panini was excellent and the cappuccino was pretty good. The waffle also looked delicious.

Mati Heck

Coffee and breakfast sandwich best ever!!!! Pecan pie home made heaven♡ I also buy my bread at Swiss Alps ... fresh and wonderful♡♡♡♡♡♤♤♤♤♤ love their sour dough♡

Shannon Caraveo

Received a German Chocolate cake from here. It was awesome

Mark Seare

Very authentic apfelstrudel! The best I've tasted in the states. Be prepared for a less sugary treat as Germans don't use a lot of sugar in their recipes.

Elise Zamora

I always look forward to being there on Saturdays. Everything is amazing and the service is great as well.

Brandon Perrin

We were here twice after morning Balloon Fiesta sessions. The quiche was incredibly flavorful (both kinds we tried), strudel and danish were excellent, and the latte was great. Bread loaves looked beautiful, but didn't try. Wish we were locals so we could try more options.

Hannah Floyd

Great turnovers and cannoli. Several other desserts were to doughy. My mom from Hungary made a better Nut Roll. A chunk in the middle of the dough left the rest of the dough, dough.

Knightly Productions

Swiss Alps is a very cozy and comfortable little place with delicious food. I highlt recommend that others stop in to grab a fresh, handmade treat.

Jennifer Parton

Best Bread and Delicious Treats!!! Reminds me of Germany every time I visit. People working here are super friendly!

Norvin Luna

Lovely bakery with a large variety of goods. They also serve breakfast and lunch. You gotta try the Cuban but all the sweets and pastries are fantastic, Get you some of there great pretzel rolls for hamburgers at home.

Ximena Bonilla

Tasty bread and delicious coffee. Every time I've gotten croissants or pain au chocolat though, they have had a stale consistency. I guess there is less demand on those? Still, no excuse for a bakery!

Jeannette Stahn

Great coffee and morning danishes. The NM quiche is delish! Fresh breads (i.e. cinnamon loaf) pastries prepared daily.

Hayley McBee

This place is one of my favorites. Fantastic lunch and pastries and always the nicest staff.


Great bakery. Only place in town that has diabetic pastries. They also serve lunch.

Kaylie Mackenroth

They're sandwiches have delicious fresh baked bread but seem over priced compared to their underwhelming fillings. Good green chile though and great baked goods!

trystin otero

Decided to try something new today and I was super impressed. I had one of their build your own soft rolls and a strawberry turnover. I definitely liked the turnover more, but they were both delicious. I'll have to go again and try something else because everything looked so good.

Jennie O Sturm

A great little bakery with a wonderful selection of full loaves of bread and pastries. Also worth stopping in for breakfast or lunch (both wonderful). One of our favorite bakeries in town!

David Martinez

Three words of praise: delicious, delicious, delicious!

Keith Murphy

Let me be clear that this isn't about the product they provide but the customer experience. I went to visit their store at San Pedro and Candelaria with my 2 year old son. We had walked down to say hi to the owner of the barber shop and upon returning one of their van delivery drivers had parked between our vehicle and their second delivery van. Had they actually been loading or unloading product I wouldn't have been as cross about it but they weren't. They were standing in the door of the bakery laughing about their parking job. They had parked so close to my vehicle they had to fold my mirror and their mirror in to squeeze through and couldn't even open their front vehicle doors to exit or enter the van. They had to climb in their rear doors to move the van after I went up front to ask them to do so. They scratched the driver's side of my vehicle with something black they were wearing in the process. It's not worth filing an insurance claim but I will darn sure spread the word about your delivery driver and my experience. Glad you thought it was funny. I'm glad we hadn't bought anything before it happened.

brian tresick

Not vety impressed with the baked goods. Very dry and not very tasty. Bread was good. Grew up with Danish bakeries so maybe my standatds are too high. Might go back to try their monte cristo and lunch menu.


Every once in a while you stumble across a really spectacular restaurant. This bakery rocks. Go on Saturday for special treats and don’t forget that you can call in and ask to have custom items made! Pie isn’t on the menu but having them make one for you is done at a very reasonable price. I am a pie guy all the way. The Ruben was good but I’ll need to try it with different meats. If you don’t go, you made a mistake


Totally amazing. I was spoiled for choice and just ordered way too much and took some home. Quiche was amazing as was the green chili muffins and nut rolls, and chicken salad sandwich and the mushroom soup. I will come back soon for sure.

Caitlin McGuire

This place has a great menu and well balanced dishes. The staff is very friendly and the atmosphere is cozy. Also, Choice brand tea is a major plus.

John Corcoran

Love the coffee and all the food. Service is Speedy!

Britney Milmore

Swiss Alps has a nice and quaint atmosphere. They have a large selection of pastries and a great ruben sandwich. The service was fast and friendly.

Bryan MacCosbe

Really delicious food! Ordered through Uber eats, the order took a bit long but everything was hot and fresh when it arrived 10/10

Gena Robertson

I love going to Swiss Alps on Saturdays to get their delicious pretzel rolls. I've never had anything from this bakery that I didn't like. From the quiches to the tiramisu, it's all pretty amazing, and the staff is always friendly and helpful.

Syko Suzi

Friendly staff, awesome baked goods. Really loved the chocolate chip scones.

Val Edwards

Friendly service, good food

James Meassick

Great German and European bread


We had two different quiches. The quiches were ok. The coffees (Lattes) were good. The service was poor.

Marilyn Fayne

Great food, latte and bakery items. The fresh bread is always my favorite.

Bettyrose Garcia

The people are friendly. The variety of goodies wow, the fresh breads and not to mention coffee. I will be going back often. Trying the sandwiches next.

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