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2740 Wyoming Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111, United States Located in: Fidelity Square Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Sergio's Bakery & Cafe IN New Mexico

Jason Vaillancourt

The best donuts in town! And if you've never had a meal there, give them a shot, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Jordan Meadows

Went several times a week when I worked nearby. Friendly staff and excellent food and pastries

Dirk Diggler

Love their pastries and bread.

Kat .

I come here for the weekly specials of Navajo tacos. They are good, but admittedly taste like the oil in their fry machine needs to be changed out. Today, as in the past we ordered donuts for after our meal. They did not taste fresh at all! When I commented to the older lady behind the counter asking if they were made today of course she said they were, and even stated "I don't know what you got because our doughnuts were made fresh today". I reassured her that they did not taste very well at all, but she did nothing to offer a replacement or refund. I told her I would not order donuts from them again, and this did not seem to bother her one bit. The food is OK, but I don't recommend this shop because their customer service is poor.

Michele Adams

Qtip Thompson

Diego Aragon

Best bakery in town.

Katie Kat

This place was terrible! Never ever gping back there! 1) the place was absolutely FILTHY!! 2) The lady at the counter was rude! She couldn't even say "welcome" or "hello" she just looked at me and walked in the other direction. Then i tried ordering and she was very curt and very inpatient and rolled her eyes at me! While she continued smacking her gum. She talked to me like I was stupid! 3) It took forever!! I dont undertsnd why she was so inpatient with me while I was standing there for 40 minutes! Waiting for my food. And very 10 minutes she said "it'll be 2 more minutes". I had places to be and I wanted a nice quick breakfast. 4) Im prettu sure she was prejudice because she was so unfriendly and short tempered with me! But when "white" customers walked in she was so friendly and had a giant smile on her face. Then another "colored" person walked in and that smile vanished in a second, then she was very rude to them as well. WORST PLACE IVE BEEN TO. NEVER EVER GOING BACK!

Clara Artiaga

Bailey Keller


I really like the pies here. It is a pleasant place with nice people.

James Crespin

Lela Lueras

Ryan Saucedo

Traditional bakery with loads of baked goods. Love that it's family owned and ran. You dont see much of that anymore. We got green chili cheeseburgers and they were delicious just a little sloppy. I would have cut up the green chili to make it easier to eat. The meat you could tell was fresh and not frozen. Yes the place is a little run down but still nice and not dirty like some of the other posts from people who are too high class to eat at an old Itallian bakery. The lady up front was nice and a really old lady with flower on her apron kept popping in and out. Oh yeah forgot the price of the 2 cheeseburgers, 2 fries and 2 drinks= $10.50. Can't go wrong with that. ****

Marilyn Longoria

Rico pan y delisiosos pasteles y son mui amables cuando teatienden. Los dueños y trabagadores grasias por tanrico pan

Carlos Armijo

Like bakeries? Go here. Great breakfast, doughnuts, pies, and everything you expect from a great bakery!

Chris Romero


Kathryn VanPelt

In regards to the review left by DJ Reeves. I am one of the owners of Sergio's Bakery and Cafe and would like to address his incredibly rude and unnecessary comments about my employee. Mr. Reeves, thank you so much for showing my family and I your true colors prior to us ever getting the chance to extend to you the opportunity to work in our family business. Thank you for letting us witness your abusive, out of control behavior before we gave you the opportunity to not only be around our customers but our children who run around and play at the bakery. Not only did you come in and verbally abuse one of our employees but you you then decided to bash her on the internet. I am going to leave you with one piece of advice that I hope you take to heart, "Take responsibility for your actions. You only look like a fool when trying to blame other people for your behavior." I wish you all the best in your future employment endeavors and feel free to list us as a reference.

Darwin Stender

Good bakery

Beverly T

Have yummy inexpensive lunch specials. The baked goods are topd

Sharron Madison

Every time I call they never have what I need

Justin Cram

t e Thompson

Their breakfast food is terrible. Had to ask for a fork. Couldn't believe it. Counter help is rude and the place is filthy, tables and floor included. Hope their baked goods are better. Had one bite of my huevos rancheros and just left everything. Won't be back to try it again, not after the service and lack of cleanliness. You've been warned!

Ness Medina

Old time bakery!

Sol Manzanares


Gail Capson

Was very disappointed

Thomas P

So fresh and awesome service!

Burton Rominger

Good food. Friendly staff. However tend to let things go as day goes on, like wiping tables and counters.


Navajo tacos are good here. Diverse menu from bakery items to sandwich and hamburgers. Nice contemporary dining area. Located in a strip mall in corner.

Charlie Cuaron

This place not only produces amazing pastries and breads, they also serve amazing food at an extremely reasonable price. YES PLEASE!

Matthew Morrow

I had there breakfast it was great, I will definitely be going back.


Awesomeness on all levels

William Ross

Connie Heidelberg

Very slow service today when we were in a hurry. Looks like they are doing remodeling so everything was dishevaled.

Nora Skjold

The counter person was rude, bacon was burnt black and the tables and floor were filthy. We will NEVER return to this place again.

jason ward

I been going to this bakery for years and I can say it's the best in town. Everything is made fresh daily and taste delicious! My family and I eat here a lot and it's always tasty.

Aaron Sanchez

Love the food love the doughnuts

Danny Manweller

Great breakfast burritos at a really nice price!

Randy Martin

Great food, fast and cheap! Try the breakfast burrito! Just wish that they were open more often (including during their posted buisness hours).

Dwight Newell

These people are never getting my business! The delivery driver is rude and disrespectful! Should not be driving! Has road rage and flips people off from his vehicle. Won't let you in when using your turn signal. Because of him they never will have my business. It is a sad representation of the company!

Patrick Logan

Great cakes and they only need a few days notice. Great raised donuts. My favorite is the orange iced.

willow woods

Absolutely great pastries...breakfast burritos are great too.

Jerelynn Newcomb

Sergio's is always a good place to buy Italian bakery goods.

Patricia Linam

Glinda Lewis

Great bakery!

Philip Chavez

Valentine Lebeau

Laura Costa

Best Indian Tacos.

Karl F. Kalm

Breakfast burritos are great. Donuts and coffee are perfect. It's a local place, so don't expect a sterile franchise experience.... Expect an authentic, old school New Mexico bakery... I love it.

Roger Coburn

Navajo tacos are awesome.

Amy Brooker

The folks putting in good reviews of this place have definitely visited a different place than I did! I started out to work ahead of schedule, so decided to pop in to grab a breakfast burrito (since I had time...or so I thought...), and ended up being late to work! It took 20 min to get my burrito!!! Not one other customer in the place! I had to wait several minutes just for someone to come to the counter, then it took a full 3 min just to get my order taken because the young lady at the counter decided to clean the counter instead of actually taking my order. Then it took 15 min for them to make my burrito! I was told the burrito was carne most certainly was NOT carne adovada, it was only carnitas (if you are going to serve "New Mexican" food, you should probably learn what our foods are first...). The CARNITAS was fairly good, but not what I wanted or expected. Their donut was in the okay was soft, but that is about all it had going for it. There are many other places to get better donuts with substantially quicker service. Bottom is great that this place is so inexpensive, but you will have to decide if that makes it worth the mediocre food and absolutely terrible service.

Pierre Zeman

Alex Hutton

Ronald Romo

Great customer service You have to try the pastrys

Jason Russell

Calm and great place to have a meal.

Jovonna Rainey

Debra Hedgecoke

Excellent service... Best pizza....

Ken Langley

Love the bakery and the burritos

supa hot fiya

Bad service from the moment I walked in, lady is rude and came in for just a soda. Couldn't even pay with a 20, or my card unless I bought a couple more items. I just wanted a root beer.

Kalani Hawn

I'm not a fan for reviewing business but here goes. Not being from Albuquerque I wanted to find Bible Plus bookstore to purchase some cards. Hungry and in need of quiet time to sip on coffee, eat and write a few cards I noticed Sergio's Bakery & Cafe to be conveniently located next door to the bookstore. I walked into a huge room with tables along side the walls, a tv on the wall and tables in the middle of the room. In the center a bakery table with lots of fresh baked pastries packaged in 3's various other baked goods looking very delicious and affordable. I felt like I walked into a bakery in Hawaii today. Why do I say that?.... I say this because a lot of the food businesses in Hawaii are family owned and operated and many of them have that down home feeling. Kind of ma & pa feeling. Not fancy but homey. That's what I felt walking into Sergio's. I order 2 eggs over easy, beans and toast. Everything about it was fresh and so tasty, I loved it!. Usually I like butter on my bread, you didn't need butter on this toast. The toast complimented the runny egg yolk that I love to eat with bread. On my way out I ordered 1 dozen donuts for $3.99 + tax. Okay, where today can you find donuts that taste better then Krispy Kremes, Dunkin Donuts or Whoo's Donuts. Well right here at Sergio's Bakery and Care. Honestly it's been 24 hours since I bought these donuts and they taste so fresh! I highly recommend this bakery and cafe. Check it out Albuquerque. I'm impressed, you will be too!

Ryan Ayd

I’ve worked next door for years. I spend many lunch breaks at Sergio’s! The food is always made fresh and the staff is always friendly!

Robert Lybrook

Andy Garcia

Just pickup 580 pies. There the best bakery I've found

Matty Matt

Chrissy Stoltenberg

Nicole Fitzgerald

No regrets! There products were really good! I recommend this place to anyone looking for something unique and delicious to do. Relaxing environment and great customer service. I highly recommend to anyone! Check it out!

Dawn P.

My mother had called Sergio's to ask about having them make desserts for my wedding. I went in to check out the desserts and some of the ones that I was looking at in the case had mold on them. The woman helping me did not notice the mold until I pointed it out (she actually tried to sell me the moldy cheesecake). When I asked for a cannoli to try, she did not use gloves when pulling it out of the case or when she put the cream on the inside of the cannoli shell. She got some cream on her hands and wiped it on her apron... didn't even wash her hands! I'm usually pretty patient with people, but I would not eat anything here. This has to be a health code violation, right?!

Isaiah Otero

@Dj Reeves Last time I checked it's not rude for someone to ask for a job but from what I know it is rude to think you can get a job when you treat people without respect and just because you are a person of color. A business is a business, not some place where you can tell your life problems and think it's based only your skin color, they look at how you represent yourself and how you treat them and how you speak. Playing the race card won't get you anywhere and especially with the way you think. You are not back when people of color are oppressed from the white man. You are grown man throwing around words without any facts, no one would hire someone so disrespectful who calls the place where he might have worked "fat". Its disgusting on where your mindset is at for a grown man. "I'm black and want to provide for my kid" THEN ACT LIKE IT! No business looks at that. You are applying for the job, not your ethnic background and your problems at home. It's your fault that you are in that position.

Valerie Gonzales

The worst breakfast ever for the price of 7.99, along with plastic forks, ordered more red chili, extra. 75 cents, it was kind of dirty. People hello don't order breakfast!! The worst.

Mandy M

I've passed by this little strip mall countless times but I didn't know this place was hidden back in the corner until I saw their sign advertising breakfast burritos. Upon walking toward the door, the smell of freshly baked bread was very inviting. However, when we walked in there was an older man sitting behind the counter on his laptop who didn't even so much as look up and acknowledge we were standing there. After a couple minutes a friendly lady came to take our order. I decided on the breakfast burrito with bacon. For 3 bucks I'm pretty happy. Tasted very fresh. One thing I didn't like was that I asked for Christmas (red and green Chile) on the side, and she mixed them in one container which wasn't enough for the burrito. The reason I get both on the side is so I can decide which I like better for a particular restaurant. It was still tasty nonetheless. I'm going to give the pizza a try. The grumpy guy was my first impression and I was seconds away from leaving and heading to Golden pride. He should either say hello or some sort of greeting or stay in the back away from customers. First impressions make a difference. I love this hidden treasure. Very best baked goods. Best breakfast and lunch. Kianna is sweet and Helpful! You have to try everything they have to offer. So Breakfast lunch, pizza, yummmm,!

Larry Langford

Best Indian taco in Albuquerque.

Dori Graves

Juan Valenzuela

Best jelly donuts in town, you must try the JELLYS

danielle Avila


Rosie Burke

Great doughnuts

Heather Casalino

Fabiola Lavin

Sharon White

It was delicious.

Krystal Holladay

Great food!!! The owner is awesome!!

Jocelyn Carmona

I ordered 100 cake pops for a wedding and they came out AMAZING! Not only were they amazing but they came at a great deal. I came early for them the day of the wedding and even though they were not ready. I wasnt turned away the nice young lady at the register offered me a drink free of charge and asked me to take a seat. I really appreciated the hospitality of this bakery! I recomend this bakery to everyone now! Keep up the great work!

John Wilbanks

Not bad

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