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2110 Louisiana Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110, United States

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REVIEWS OF la Madeleine French Bakery & Cafe Albuquerque IN New Mexico

Ashley N

Tried this place for the first time today. I had the parmesan beef and potatoes and it was delicious it's cooked in red wine and mushrooms and I loved it. Big portion--glad I split it. Also tried the lemon tart which was perfect. The mimosas are $5, the orange juice I'm pretty sure is freshly squeezed, and I got three servings out of it. This restaurant is a fave for sure.

Bella Arellano

I love this place it is very delicious. The pesto sauce is very well made and they give you very adequate portions. I definitely recommend this place for lunch or dinner. Your food comes out fresh, hot, and delicious!

Agnessa Goodson

Great food and good service. Everything we ordered was delicious.

Rebecca Lemmon

I really like the food here. It's fresh, tasty, and different from other quick service places in ABQ ( country French). The service is always questionable, though. Their ordering process depends on how many people are working and they seem impatient if you don't know the process of the day. Would go more often if staff were friendlier.

Brad Parker

Loved the food. Will not be back as a result of a very rude employee who worked the pastry counter. I don't come to restaurants to get attitude from workers.

Tanya Law

Food was really good. Service was nice I hope they don't follow suit with the rest of Albuquerque.


A big bowl of mushroom soup with plenty of fresh bread. Yum

Delbert Butcher

Great food and service.

Kristine Sanchez

The service and food is always amazing and on point. It's definitely my husband's favorite go to spot when it's his turn to pick!

Mark Burch

The food there was delicious, and they had a lot of things to get there from soups to salads to sandwiches. I ordered the French dip and it was very good.

Brittany Byerly

I just recently Catered from Madeline’s for my bridal shower and they were all pleasant the food was amazing it was done on time everything was up to standard I really appreciated all the effort that they did to help with this special day

Steven _________

Usually okay, just go before a rush.

Maggie Doyle

Yummy breakfast crepes, nice patio, and good service

Dawn Allynn

Some of the foods here are really good, if you're looking for traditional fridge Cafe treats many of them are here. The only downside is sometimes some of the food has set on the stove long enough to get dry or over-cooked, but I've found if I asked they frequently have fresher fair in the back. Always worth asking :-)

monica sandoval

Great food but the desserts are amazing

Jenni Walker

Great French food! Free bread, fast service, cute concept...not too expensive... Only one question, why isn't there one on the Westside or Rio Rancho!!!???

Shari Bradley

Las Madeleine is wonderful - I love it! Do yourself a favor and try their creme brulee!

Trey White

I have the Cordon Bleu pasta it was pretty good this place is a little weird if you've never been there before you can find your table if you wish but you have to go get in line to order your food and then they bring it to your table you pay in advance you can view the various pastries that they make when you're standing in line everything is self serve coffee tea Cokes there's not really a wait staff other than the people who bring your food to you. It was a little bit expensive but it was good

Marcus Romero

Good food options but can definitely get loud at times. It seems that either early in the morning or a late lunch are the best ways to avoid the crowds. The service is very quick, especially for specialty coffee orders.

Sheila Bragg

When we first walked in we were unsure how everything worked and the older white male ignored us three times and scowled at us the fourth we tried to get his attention when we asked for help. Once we figured out how it all worked the girl at the cafe register was friendly and helpful. The food was good and the timing of it was reasonable. After eating we bought some items from the bakery side and the girl there was professional and efficient but needed more help. We will be back but will avoid the old white male who nearly made us walk out the door with his overt rudeness. Between both places, the cafe side and the bakery side we spent just shy of $50 for two females buying lunch. I hope the old white male understands the patrons pay his paycheck when they dine there. If he runs them off, he loses his paycheck. In short, don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Janette Reger

Very yummy croissants!

MaryAnne Rizza

They didn't have plain old black tea/English breakfast tea. The waitress said, "oh, yah, that's our most popular". No kidding! Very disappointing! Went there for a morning cup of tea after church. Won't go there again.

Vladimir Goldin

Excellent quality food, reasonable prices and good service. Although we stayed in Old Town we drove there for breakfast and for lunch.

Ruth Graham

The food is always good and the service exceptional. I'll definitely keep going back.

Phillip Anderson

Not a bad bristro. Proper classics and well as a few new innovative dishes. Do not offer a croque madam witch is sad

Denise McCarthy

This place has a great atmosphere, wonderful service, delicious food and amazing desserts! I definitely recommend it.

Teri Mauldin

Great place to meet a friend for lunch or dessert and coffee or tea. Decadent pastries or healthy salad are both available all with a French flair. My children love the tomato soup.

Stan Harris

Great food and great service! Relaxed place to eat or meet someone!


Nice place for a very good coffee and some breakfast or lunch!! The food is really good and arrive quickly!! One of my favourite spots in Albuquerque

Yessica Frescas

It definitely looked way better than it tasted. I ordered coffee and it was luke warm at best. I don't believe I will be back.

animemangafreak96 .

With a lovely atmosphere, la Madeleine has cozy cafe vibes that make me want to curl up with a book in the corner and order pastries and coffee until I can't walk. The coconut cake is to die for. As is every other dessert I've tried thus far. To top it off, the food is delicious and while I had previously thought I couldn't enjoy french cuisine, this delightful cafe has changed my mind. I can barely pronounce and cannot spell my favorite dish but I will say it is my new favorite sandwich and it's not even the best dish. Plus the complimentary bread and jam is so tasty. At reasonable prices, with delicious food through and through, it's not hard to find oneself falling in love with this place. It's one of my favorite places to go.

beth flowers

Casual dining. Order at the counter and they bring food to your table. Ham and cheese sandwich was good, quiche Florentine pretty tasteless. Tomato basil soup was good. Ordered mimosa--orange juice was chilled but champagne was room temp. Can't tell why they were so busy except it was lunchtime on a Saturday.

Ness Medina

Simply delicious! Cute place, nice staff!

Tami Colon-Escobar

Out of this world pastries and sandwiches! Soup and salad are awesome too! Can't wait til next trip so we can try something new!

Sandie Loewenthal

I have eaten here before and was great, today was terrible. Took too long to get my sandwich and it was cold and overcooked.

cielos gallegos

The food was really good. I will definitely go back.

Brigitte Casaus

The atmosphere was great. They need more training in customer service. Prices were ok for the food. I joined the e-mail club and received a free soup or salad. When I tried to redeem I was told I had to print it out first. I was dispappointed. But overall it was a nice hangout with my daughter.

Tat S.

Super place. Super food. Perfect for breakfast. All the european breakfast options are there. Fast service.

cast d

Potato soup was awesome. Had the sour dough bread. But this place is pricey. I'll have to try something else next time. Not sure if they have daily specials but I wasn't told there were any. The staff were great! Clean ! Staff was very good about keeping tables cleared

Sandee McDaid

I thought I would get waited on like the nice one in Allen, Texas. Had quiche Lorraine. It was good. Nice experience.

Aud Nut

Cute atmosphere and delicious food! Having been to France personally, I can say that the food and coffee tasted very similar to France. So hard to find a good French bakery. I highly recommend it to anyone!

sergio canales

Nice place for a good meal. I had the beef stew with garlic mashed potatoes and it was good.

Gary Lucero

Great croissants! Good service too!

Mike Curtis

For their prices, I expected better taste...


I ordered the "French Dip" with a side of French Onion soup. The meal was excellent, everything was fresh. It was $15 per person for a filling meal. However it would be much cheaper for light foods. They have decent coffee, I would recommend the French dark roast as it is the best brewed. They also have interesting teas and an excellent variety of baugettes to go with coffee or tea. The service is very fast for the quality of food (about 10min).The atmosphere is relaxed .Perfect for everything from a lunch date to a get-together.

Isaac Rodriguez

It was delicious

James G

Great breakfast and lunch. Quick service and delicious deserts.

Ernest Culver

The bakery had different breads. The shandwick was very good as well as the mushroom soup. The decor was up lifting and relaxing. This was my first visit. I shall return to try other food options.

Ericka Contreras

Wonderful, delightful food. I didn't care for the self-serve, cafeteria style manner of ordering. It takes away from the atmosphere.

Ashwin Rishinaramangalam

The staff are very rude here. I'm pretty certain they carried Macaroons before, but our server started arguing with us claiming they were Italian. Anyhow, we had a terrible experience.

Luke Iben

The entire experience was "just ok". Most of the food wasn't hot, but it wasn't cold. The place looks nice, but not amazing. The food isn't bad, but it's not great either. Imagine a French restuarant/bakery/cafe and a fast food place had a baby. You seat yourself and order from a counter, but you have a hand held menu and they bring the food to you and it's the last you see of them.

Susan Boone

I have eaten there quite often, enjoying the good food. But yesterday, I went and ordered the Chicken parisean sandwich. I dont know what they did, but I was SICK ALL night with diarhhea. Whether the chicken was not properly cooked or stored, the cheese not properly stored. But it will be a long time before i eat there again. this is the 2nd time that I have gotten sick from the sandwich.

Robin Ridlon

Well when you first walk in you aren't greeted and there menu setting there and no one direct you were to order. Its looks like real nice place. You look at the menu then order, you pay at counter like fast food. They seem like they want you tip right away. And they bring out the food, and the silverware is not with them. It's by fountain drinks , but I didnt get fountain drink, I ordered coffee and they bring it out. The food looks real nice , but it's not cold but not warm either.

Anderson Barbosa

Great omelette options, and the best warm croissant I've ever had. Really enjoyed this place.

Katie T

Their croissants are really good and their cakes look yummy

Ruth Chacon

Great food and service. It's a good idea to download their app.

Christina Snow

Very dissatisfied with this one. I've eaten at the La Madeleine back in Dallas for decades . The soup was so salty I couldn't eat it and I had to send back my sandwich because the bread was so hard. May give it another try someday . May not.

Melina Riecke

I’ve tried to give this place chance after chance but they’ve failed to please... horrible customer service and stale food. - i’ve also been shorted on my change.

Rick Wilminko

When there for the first time and loved it. Great food, good prices.

L Staub

Good food. Definitely on the more expensive side

Little Biscuit

I've tried to enjoy this restaurant on multiple occasions. At first, I gave them the benefit of doubt due to them recently opening the Louisiana location. Now that it's been almost a year and the quality of service had only gotten worse and more inconsistent. Pros: The recipes offered are tasty. It's also nice to see a company calling themselves a bakery that actually makes loaves of bread. Good salads are hard to find in Albuquerque. They offer a couple interesting selections. Cons: Inconsistent. Occasionally I'm greeted with a smile right away, most of the time I wait without acknowledgement while several people stand with their backs to me even when there is no line. The quantity of food is different every time. Out of the last ten visits, I was satisfied with the serving size four of them. Paying 12+ dollars a salad is fine but sometimes it's only about one cup of greens. When I order to go, the container it's served in is always different even though I ordered the same exact meal. Once, when I got home, there was a big mess in the bag. Pasta sauce leaked everywhere. After I ate most of it, I noticed a hole was cut out of the bottom! The quality is usually good, but several times I had to throw away half the salad due to rot and what looks like freezer burn. I've also had my delicate pastries served on its side several times. Now I sit feeling like I've eaten week old fried carnival food when I should feel great and refreshed from my Caesar salad. These problems should have been remedied by now. I have given them a dozen or so chances and it's time for me to realize the hype of a 'French' bakery with prices high enough to compete in San Francisco is not what it claims.

Ashford Brunson

Pleasantly surprised. Very nice place and good food.

Rich Messineo

Excellent coffee and pastries. Will be back to try their breakfast and lunch items. Prices are reasonable.

Josh Walker

Wonderful and cozy place. Not that expensive and great service. The food is always perfectly prepared.

Brandon Be

This no server format only works when there is enough comfortable space for folks to review the menus up at the entrance. On Saturday mornings when you are busy have more than one person trying to help the packed doorway. We left, may go back. Does the management read these reviews? Just a few small changes and the experience could be amazing. Customer service

Evelyn Cavit

Food was great! Service was quick. Great atmosphere.

Dan Webster

Terrific eggs. Croissant was delicious. Great place for breakfast. Must come back for lunch and dinner. Visited their restaurant in Austin many times. This brought back many memories. I'll be seeing more of this place!

Rachel Keith-Smith

Everything is always great! Soooo delicious! Indulging in the pastries is a MUST! Happy and attentive staff. Great coffee too! Outdoor seating as well.

Molly Flotte

Wonderful Country French Breakfast!! And the Caramel Macchiato is dreamy!!

Mary Minton

the food was out of this world,wonderful bread,truly tasteful onion soup,to die for pastries,welcome to Albuquerque

Nancy Jessa

Best coconut cake ever. Yummy french menu with a tasty selection. Nice change from the every day restaurant.

Ky Riecke

As much as I love French food, after having 2 meals here I've found that this is the spot for delicious pastries and but the food not very appetizing.

Steve Shepherd

Good breakfast. Excellent croissant. Will go back to try lunch. Good place to hang out and have coffee and a croissant.

Guillermo Loubriel

This is the third time we go there, this time for breakfast. There were only 3 customers when we arrived at 9 am. We were disappointed with the food. Attached are photos of the menu, the place, and our food. The good news- the waffles themselves were crunchy good and the omelet was tasty. Also good is the bread and the pastries. The bad- the coffees were just warm, the syrup was not maple syrup, and the cream was not real whipped cream (vegetable cream). I agree with another review in that the onion soup is served and cheese/bread added but not baked. I also agree that the ordering system can result in long lines, needlessly.

David Casaus

Love this restaurant! One of favs and I am so glad it is finally in ABQ. Anything they make is delicious however, the portions are not very big so this is more of lighter meal kind of place. Besides you need save room for the all amazings desserts.

Michael Thompson

Nice place. The sweets look awsome, the coffe is good. Can be tricky to find with the gps navigation.

Red Drum

Their bakery selections are absolutely scrumptious. You can taste the freshness and quality ingredients in every bite. Just looking at them makes your mouth water in anticipation. Their savory choices are fresh, healthy, and you can see everything that is being served. There are choices for everyone no matter what sort of eating regime you follow. I had a personal size quiche florentine and a small fresh fruit salad. The quiche was creamy and delicious. It melted in my mouth. Their mango iced tea was brewed just right. They had a fresh french bread bar across from the drink station that had butter and two kinds of jam to go along with the two kinds of french bread. You can look at their menu online or look at their menu when you get there. The selection is great! This place is worth several visits to sample and enjoy every thing it has to offer. Great place for a meal or just coffee and dessert. Meet friends or go by yourself.

Ishtiaque Anwar

Quite good for French bakery items and mouth watering pastries. The food is not bad though

Janet Smith

The food and atmosphere were phenomenal! The young lady at the bakery check out counter was friendly and very customer oriented as was the young man directing people at the tray pickup. However, they were very understaffed for a weekday lunch hour. The person who was wearing a red shirt (I assume he was the manager) stayed behind the line and had no intention of helping anyone. We stood in line at the quiche bar for 10 minutes with no acknowledgement before being waited on. Meanwhile, the other patrons were pushing up against you wanting to be waited on. No personal space appreciation in this line! The lady at check out wouldn't look you in the eye. She was more focused on the dining room and we had to tell her 3 times that the ticket would be one, not separate.

Adiel Cantu

It was definitely a wonderful 1st time experience! The food was great and the server was amazing!

Rose R

Food was tasty; very rich. We give that four stars. The customer service left very much to be desired, however. We give that two stars... so the average is 3. Whenever we asked someone for something they very rudely said they were going on break. The boy at the cash register obviously does not like his job very much; not very friendly.

Courtney Cox

A quick little cafe with amazing service. Everything is laid out simply and beautifully. I came for breakfast so the atmosphere was calm and friendly, the place wasn't packed. Whether dining in or taking out it's a must stop.

John Nihart

Had a great French Breakfast this morning. Other four family members had various egg dishes, crepes, croissants, hot chocolate, coffees. Very good food! A bit pricey for the value on a few items. Pleasant environment. Self-serve refill for coffee. Third time for myself, some family members. We will go here again. Comfortable and varied seating arrangements available.

EHL Marquez

Really enjoyed the pastries and sandwiches.

Alice Fox

Came in on an evening. Not very busy, food was out in a reasonable time, but they made some food wrong. The staff were prompt to correct it, and the new food came out better than the first! It's like a French Panera. Similar menu, similar business model with self-service bread and drinks.

Tina Sutton

Dirty tables the whole time we were there. The bakery goods looked stale. Over rated! For the cost

Joe Kendrick

This place was great. It has a very welcoming feeling to it when you first come in, greeted by a large display of pastries and bread. The ordering process was a little funky, sort of like a buffet. You have your order taken at the front and then move to the register further down the cafe and pay. We didnt have the server there because he was taking a tub of dishes in the back, so the manager stepped up and got us taken care of. I got the croissant french toast and my wife got the chicken salad sandwich. The french toast was so rich and decadent, but light. The chicken salad had an amazing savory flavor with sweet walnuts (I think.) The entire experience was fantastic and I know I will be coming back. I also think i will go get bread from them for my next get together.

Verna Sokolowski

So, not so magnifique! French onion soup wasn't typical gruyere toasted over the top, and very cold, Applebee's is better. The opened faced roast beef sandwich was also cold. Food had to be returned twice, soup came back warmer, sandwich came back retoasted under the broiler, very dried out.

melissa king

I have always loved this place and the food. I am currently on the Keto diet. I did research before hand on what I could order and eat. The lady taking my order was rude and not accommodating for my nutritional needs. Once I mentioned I was trying to find something keto friend she then started to lecture me on why not to do keto. It was rude and made me feel terrible. My life and health, dont be critical. I am here to support your business stay out of mine.

Jennifer Brewer

The ham and cheese danish was delicious!


I love getting the 6 pack of croissants & a 1lb order of chicken salad for the fam. Vegan veggie soup for the vegan in the fam. They have a complementary bread bar so you can have some bread and preserves while you wait for your to-go order. Don't forget they have a rewards app!


Beautiful place, 4 stars for nice French cafe theme. Confusing ordering system since there's a paper menu but you need to order from a person standing at the entry with a touchpad, but pay the person at the counter. It was not a busy time, and no one else waiting to order, so I don't see the reason for this order method. The pastry case at the counter is beautiful & inviting, but the 3 items we purchased were not tasty. These pastries were only replicas of properly made French pastries. There were just two of us there for breakfast, but our hot meals were delivered 15 minutes apart. The hot breakfast egg and quiche entrees were good. Overall, it's hit & miss.

Brandy Morgan

Nobody has a better minced, creamy mushroom soup. The place has outstanding service, excellent food, can't wait to visit for dinner or, (we did lunch the day before Mother's day so did everyone else) yet as packed as it was, the service amd the food was never compromised. Free bread bar btw and though I'm on a diet, couldnt resist their sourdough baked each morning. Desserts quite good if you're a sweet tooth type too. Although this spot wasnt ranked in the top 3, its food and decor as well as the wonderful employees- much better than the others that are ranked higher. Outdoor sitting is nice as is an indoor takeout area, and fireplace. We really love it there and will visit within a few weeks for a great time again! Thanks so much!

Kathryn Alexander

Food fresh and reliably good. It's also a great place to meet up with friends for coffee and dessert. Their reward program gives monthly specials!

Carol Fox

The food and atmosphere were pretty decent.

z k

Had the chicken cordon bleu pasta and it was amazing, such vibrant, delicious flavor! Large serving, too. The accompanying roll was also very good, and there is a complementary bread station while you wait. Not that I really needed it, because service was very quick. Looking forward to coming back!

James Gibson

The food is outstanding the service is great. Try it you will like it.

karim Armazanduk

C'est magnifique! Nothing else to say...

Cade H

I really enjoyed the French onion soup! I took my family here when they came into town because I had to get some more soup! It has a nice atmosphere and displays. Food is priced on the high end of what you might expect.

Bill Brenn

You've got to order at the front before you sit down so it helps to study the menu before you go otherwise you'll be studying the menu when you get there. What I really liked is the dessert case, you can get exactly what you want. I didn't get dessert this time but the Fresh Fruit Tart looked really good. The atmosphere is relaxed and the staff is friendly. The seating area is open so it's not romantic but it wasn't crowded when i was there so it felt kind of private. All the selections looked delicious but i finally settled on the Chicken la Madeleine and I wasn't disappointed. I'm going to have to try something new next time I visit.

James Hruschka

Great! Top quality food. Very fast. Excellent for kids. Some low carb choices too, although there are many bread and dessert temptations.

Sophia Sandoval

Never a dull moment when I go. Always welcomed and the food is always consistent and delicious. Its become one of my very own special spots where I can enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

Diana Stauffer

What a disappointment. The soup was tepid, the salad dressing MIA, and the Turkey pastry with a cheese dipping sauce was burned on the bottom from obviously sitting around too long.

Cinthya Gomez

Took 30 minutes to order as the line was out the door. Only one register to order. The food taste great but our food was cold and we ordered dessert and coffee a second time. It took 25 minutes. With an empty restaurant it still took 25 to get a latte and a cappuccino. Not sure they’re trained to handle the crowd that’s coming here.

Andrea Acosta

Fast friendly service. GREAT place for lunch.

Diaz Sena

I got pastries from this location and they were absolutely delicious. I got the mini fresh fruit tart as a snack while shopping as well as the creme brûlée and the Sacher torte for my parents. The tart was the perfect refreshing dessert! The staff was incredibly nice as well and suggested some good options. I’ll definitely be coming back.

Luna Rain

Adorable place, foods amazing along with the service, I'd give 1k stars!

Linda Sampson

Wonderful Breakfast with Croissant and then an Eclair and smal fruit custard pastry I shared with my Son. Good coffe and free hommade breads and jam.

Vivian Ingersol

Went there for lunch. The ordering of the food is awkward and repetitive. The tomato soup was not hot, so we had to send it back. The chicken salad sandwich was so skimpy for the price, more tomato than chicken salad, very skimpy sandwich. The Coke machine was running carbonated liquid. But what really pissed me off was as I was leaving I decided to take home some pastries. When I got home, the raspberry cheese case croissant had a smearing of raspberry jam inside and no cheese cake. Had I not been all the way on the West side, I would have taken it back. We won't be going back.

Wolf XWK

This place is an amazing date spot. Great food, great coffee. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. The atmosphere was quite enjoyable. Would highly recommend.

Jonathan Miller

Delicious crepes. Friendly service.

Nickiel Patel

Rosemary was super helpful and very very nice. They seemed kinda of busy when j walked in. However, I placed a to go order and it was ready within 15 minutes. Super delicious food! Friendly staff, and quick. 2nd time coming here and not a single complaint. I will definitely be back!!

Leigh Mahnesmith

My Mom and I go here for our girls day out. Great selection of upscale brunch fare. Highly recommend.

Ariane Leclerc

La Madeleine has a great atmosphere and it's possible to find healthy options on the menu. My husband and I loved our quiche, mushroom soup and salad. The tomato soup was sadly a little too salty and too intense although the taste would have been great, had it been slightly more diluted. The young host was very helpful and gave us great service. Also, something that's not very important, but that I still have to mention "sandwich" is not spelled with an "e" in French!

Liz Cameron

Place was very clean. Atmosphere was laid back and relaxing. Food I had was excellent! Will definitely return to try something else on the menu.

Kirsten Hack

Terrible food. We tried a chocolate tart and a fruit tart, and they were stale. The few bites that my husband and I tried made us feel sick, and when we told the manager about it, he said that we had already eaten some so there was nothing they could do. Bad food and service, especially for the prices.

Patti Branan

Every item they offer is wonderful

Cathy Romero

This nice restaurant was sssooo clean, the Fresh pastry on the shelves temps your hunger! The menu is filled with DELICIOUS choices. There is a burning fireplace which warms the atmosphere. Truly a nice place to return. And, take some pastry home!!

Cris King

Ive eaten here a number of times, sometimes its good, others its not so. Never the same twice, and the orders are usually incorrect.

Emily Mayoral

I never in my life have heard of cold wet soggy French toast I was extremely disappointed with the borderline raw/burnt floppy crossiant that I was served, however the hot chocolate was good & the fruit was fresh & the service was fast.

Charles Patterson

Excellent food and service

Donna Hileman

They have the best quiche I have ever had, so smooth. Plus their dessert counter has the cutest sweet treats! Complimentary bread and delicious jams! Such a fun place to visit!

Tye Hardison

Great food. Deserts and atmosphere.

Tera Crayne

Just not my cup of tea! Staff is great. I've tried 3x and it just doesn't wow me. Expensive too!

Jenifer McIntosh

The ordering system is not that great. You can't see the food already prepared without getting out of line. I ordered a fresh cooked breakfast and it was okay. Some baked goods better than others, some very dry. The one in texas I went to war much better.

Jessica Philbrook

The food is great and the prices are better than other fast-casual chains. They face one major flaw...service. You order your food at a counter with a restaurant associate and an IPad but there isn't a large menu posted anywhere. So, people are looking through a paper menu with a line 10 people deep. Once you get through that line, you get the joy of waiting in another line to pay. The associates then bring your food to your table. The last three times I've been there, it's taken 20-30 minutes for my food to arrive at the table. Even though the wait has been long, the food doesn't disappoint for a "fast-casual" chain. The portions are a perfect size and the food always tastes great. The desserts are delicious if you want something to treat yourself!

Suhail Iqbal

Very rude waiters. Almost spilled coffee on my kids. Horrible service.

Natalie Boudrero

Leige waffles were amazing!!! :-) strawberries extremely sweet and fresh dot-dot-dot however I wouldn't say this soups are anything special... we stayed at the hotel across the street for a week wishing I had got to try a few more things... the chicken Madeline but pretty good too :-)

Jim Miller

Love the decor. Casual, great food and service

Sancho Guantanamo

Great little bakery and eatery. Similar to Mccalisters or Panera. Love the creme brulee.

Chris Pruitt

Awesome lunch.. sorry they took peas off the menu...

Buzz Gladstone

Good food and great service.

Melanie Cochran

Awesome pastry shop. Loved every single one I got. To bad it's in Albuquerque... Or should I say good thing, I would be there everyday.

Amara Cambridge

The bakery is delicious. The pasta I got was watery

Teak Borchardt

Their croissants are one level above a McDonald's croissant. I suspect they are not using genuine croissant dough. But rather some time saving recipe. Their flake pastry lacks the crisp, buttery taste and feel of real, fresh baked croissants. Lackluster. Other items are good, as well as the atmosphere. But since they are not getting one of the mainstays of a French bakery right, I won't be adding this place to my list of places to go.

Javier Cardenas

First time it was a great experience. Great service nice quiet breakfast.

Cecilia Rivera

Ugh rude.. we did not get greeted when we walked in. We had to cede ourselves go find menus wait for somebody to take our order. When they finally took her order it came back wrong. We didn't complain about our food and reorder because you know what happens when you send it back so we just left they did get our latte right though which was good.

Diane Temple

A must try it is so good!

Devd Roberts

I would say this is French themed... not really a French restaurant. Moderate prices. Good service. I like the free bread and jam while waiting for your order. You sort of walk the aisle cafeteria style to pick your food along with a cook to order menu. Over all a nice experience.

Ted A

Wonderful food. Nice bakery items.

Linda Waters

French onion soup was boring! I make better in my own kitchen- the cheese was not even baked. Poured broth in a cup with a slice of bread and cold cheese sprinkled on top. French Dip was put on a plain white plate with a 1/2 cup of broth, which was spilt on the plate. BORING! Presentation is 1/3 of an experience! There was none. This was the most boring lunch I’ve had. I was sad to have brought my girlfriend to this establishment. Skip this place- Relish- Fork and Fig are both a better choice and are close by.

andrew follis

Went with family for a birthday. There was a hefty wait at the door because of their strange ordering system. We gave our orders to a gentleman up front, but then we got in line and had to tell the kitchen staff the our orders, which we'd just placed. At the end of the line, we had to repeat the orders, again. One order was completed after going down the line, and we sat to wait for the other orders. When the food arrived, nearly every order was incorrect, incomplete, or missing entirely. After finally getting the correct orders, I really did enjoy the food, but it honestly wasn't worth the hassle of ordering. The manager did offer us free desserts and gave us some gift cards, but I dont see myself returning anytime soon.

antoinette garcia

Absolutely delicious food and you notch service.. Thank you Mathew!

Presten Vejil

The experience was spectacular. The manager and staff was extremely friendly and helpful with our group, from a retirement community. I’d 100% recommend this place for the food, prices, and service. Well done,

Scotty Leonard

They're very nice. It's sorta like a French Panera Bread


Mediocre food. Poor service/poor systems....although I understand this chain is really good in other stands to reason why it’s less then average here in NM!!!! "Every calculation based on experience elsewhere, fails in New Mexico." Major General Lew Wallace, Territorial Governor of New Mexico

Katy Walker

This place is adorable. We sat on the patio which was perfect in the cooler hours of the day. We opted to get pastries and coffee but we want to go back to try the actual breakfast meal options.

Kay Smittle

Would have loved to give them 5 stars again but it wasn't as good as it has been in the past. And the staff appears to be dysfunctional to say the least. When the manager has what appears to be a confrontational discussion with the assistant manager it's not a pleasant experience for patrons. And the food was just okay, not the really yummy food in the past.

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