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11200 Montgomery Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111, United States Located in: El Dorado Square Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Great Harvest Bread Co. IN New Mexico

Cheryl Cuoco

The flavor and quality of the breads are out of this world. Getting pointed at in line not so much. I get that I was next but maybe just can I help you might work better. Will be back and just expect the New York atmosphere inside the store next time .

Damon Brink

A utilitarian bakery, come get your delicious bread, grab a coffee and see you next time. But that's ok because not everyone wants to be a coffee shop. They give away free samples of their bread, like flights of beer, you can choose, taste and buy and I bought the cinnamon loaf and I think it's gotten better since I bought it home. Go get some bread.

Bernie Lies

Stop in often to get goodies, their cinnamon bread is the best only wish they could slice it, but would ruin their slicer & crush the bread. Chocolate chip cookies are huge, love the texture, my favorite !!! They have an assortment of these large cookies, buy individually or in a pkg.

Rachael Bucholz

Tried for the first time last night. Bread is so good and so fresh with only 5 ingredients. Tried the apple chip, it is dangerously good. Got a loaf of the premium white, made sandwiches, hands down best sandwiches, the bread really did make that big a difference. It's a little spendier, but worth it for healthier yummier bread. I am going to try to only buy from them.

Jordan Olson

If you haven't been here, you should go immediately this place is awesome! The wide selection of breads, Jams, Granola, and everything else is amazing. The excellent staff give you fresh samples, and The oatmeal Raisin cookies are to die for. This is a phenomenal place!!!!!!! The Dachotah break is delicious! They all are, but if your looking for a great sandwich bread try the Dacohtah. Hope you enjoy.

Suzanne Hall

I rarely leave a review anywhere, but I absolutely had to for this company. In a world where fake food is the status quo Great Harvest Bread Co is a breath of fresh air. Not only can you see that they put their hearts and souls into the food they make when you walk through the door, you can taste their dedication in the wholesomeness of their products. Everything I have had from this company has been incredible. Thank you so much!

Jake LaCross

All of their breads and pastries are excellent! I haven’t had anything I don’t like here, and the staff are always so friendly and helpful! I need more cinnamon swirl(my favorite)

Heidi Olson

Lovingly made bread by lovely people. The Goulda Stout is my new favorite!

Dakota Darci

Love the low carb options. My dad is type II, and he can still get some tasty bread!

William Wallace

Jan Andreas

Bread is always fresh and delicious!!!

Gabriello Lewis


I have been dying to try this place out. I had no idea there was one within a few hours of us here in ABQ. When I found out, my next trip found me here twice in two days. Each day has a different specialty item but their main breads stay the same. Picked up some amazing bread and HUGE samples. Also try the scones they are delicious.

Heather Abeyta

Y.U.M. 'Nuff said

Sasha Finnell

Andrew Templeton

Do you love bread? Because it is absolutely one of my favorite foods. A great loaf of bread should be made from scratched, crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, and perfect with just a slab of butter. Great Harvest in Albuquerque does bread like this. I am going to admit that it is hard to find good artisanal bread here in Albuquerque, but this place serves it. They make 15-20 different loaves daily after having ground the flour in house. They do European style hard crusted breads in a steam injected oven as well as American style softer loaves. A few of my favorite loaves are raisin cinnamon walnut (think peanut butter banana and honey on top), cinnamon swirl (best french toast), and sourdough (all around good for everything). So now that you know how good it is, go!! And they even give you a free slice just for visiting.

Tom Olien

John Getko

Tasty sandwiches. Catering service was relatively smooth and everything was ready as requested

Marian Licata

Great breakfast sandwiches. Samples given upon walking in. Portion sizes were huge. Lots of goodies to buy to take home.

Tanya Law

Great bread just a bit pricy

William (JR) Lacey IV

Aubree Baca

We buy bread here weekly. Great selection of samples at the counter. Honey whole wheat unsliced loaves is our go-to, we slice it thick for toast with butter...yum!

Patrick Maher

Fresh always plus a good gluten free selection of treats. Reasonably priced for the quality this is a Montana based chain.

Stephanie LaPell

Great place to go for lunch! Blt panini is awesome. Bread is amazing. Would highly recommend.

Iris Crisman

Great bakery goods, terrible service by young man who won't serve me.

Thomas McHugh

Greatest freshly baked bread around of several varieties sliced or unsliced to take home. Also great place for lunch with a variety of sandwiches and salads.

Aaron G

Uninspired. Many better bakeries in Burlington. We have one of the best bread scenes in the country and this place isn't it.

Leeanne Moffatt

Walking in this bakery and smelling the bread baking is divine!

Joanne Davidman

Free samples and great bread what more can you ask for

Christine Ashton

Jane Day

Three customers lots of employees and only one person waiting on customers. We left without buying anything.

Simon Brewer

Laura Bataille

This place goes out of their way pretending to be “local” when in reality they are a massive chain. Don’t be fooled! They are Panera Bread in disguise. A snake in the grass.

Mike Maneely

Ryan Houck

D Lansdell

I've been a customer of Great Harvest for over 30 years, and they have delicious, fresh-baked goods that have been consistent in quality ever single time and never disappoint! I used to bake, but that was when I had time. Now, I rely on Great Harvest to give my family fresh baked goods and quality accompaniments (jams and butters). I'm sure once you try them, you'll be hooked and making repetitive trips, too!

Dianne Barnes

There's no place like Great Harvest. The bread is amazing and there are so many different varieties. Great bakery treats, too. I wish I could come by more often.

Laura Donnelly

Dustin West

Fantastic bread and good service

Willem Hillier

No grounded outlets for plugging in laptops. Otherwise it's pretty good.

Katie S

Fantastic staff and owners, always friendly and helpful. And the sandwiches are so good!

Deb Shepherd

Loved it

Matthew C

Great bread and food. Outstanding service

Margaret Allen

This is the best place to purchase sourdough bread!!! The owners are wonderful, the employees are awesome too!!!

Gaëtan Trellu

Linda Puzak

Always good. Gluten free breads are delicious.

Cathy C

So many kinds of bread, plus muffins and bars. My favorites are the challah, the honey wheat and the green Chile cheese bread. Great cinnamon rolls, too. The customer service is excellent. There are new owners, and they've made some good updates, like putting the rewards program in the computer. They even have sandwiches and do catering now. One of my favorite stores.

Roy Harmon


John Paul Dow

Great place great atmosphere friendly staff

Alexander Perez

Wonderful place to get a wide selection of amazing homemade bread

Pamela Monniere

Terrible I had my mom with her cane and we were harrassed for parking in the handicap spot. We have a handicap sticker. We went to walk over around the corner and the gardener was pacing around my car with a shovel. He verbally confronted my mom. We had to leave before getting bread. Totally bummed but never going back

Ginger Howard just can't beat the wonderful aroma of freshly baked bread when you enter. If you go slightly to your left and back to the counter there are a variety of sample breads from which you can choose for a liberal sample.. butter, jam, honey etc are often handy. We have tried one if their sandwiches. It looked as good as it tasted. Our favorite is the sourdough loaf, but everything we have tried is delicious. They are even open on Sunday.

Michael Servilla

Great little bread company. Nice people.

An Iz


Great variety of phenomenal fresh bread every day. Great people working there. I always enjoy stopping there.

Stephany Wilson

Sherri Kutch

Great place to get a quick, fresh lunch. You can choose salad, sandwiches or soup. They bake their own bread... Smells incredible and tastes even better.

brandon banas

Service and bread are the best you can find any where

Blair Wolston

This bakery/cafe embedded in the Arts District has great coffee, delicious fresh bread, a unique breakfast sandwich as well as muffins and cinnamon buns. There's parking, it's accessible, and the bakers are super friendly! Add it to your list. Will be back for sure.

Betsy Bahrenburg

Amazing. Healthy. Delicious. Highest Quality. Friendly. Love it!!!

Tallal Ibad

Delicious bread and great customer service

Sally Holland

Milli Miller

Absolutely incredible Place! Everything fresh, variety, excellent customer service!

Glenn Medeiros

Do yourself a favor and visit Great Harvest Bread Company. 5 stars and then some.

Ashley Herr

Elizabeth Proie

Nice selection of gluten free bread and sweets!

Hollie Berry Elizondo

I love to bake, and my best efforts haven't come near the quality of every item I've tried here. They grind their flour fresh each day, and they alternate specialties each day of the week. You may want to schedule your visit for brownie bread day....

Jeffrey Napier

Bread lover @ heart so this place is Nirvana!

Brian George

Great baked goods! A bit pricey for lunch but certainly worth it. Samples are insanely sized sometimes and can add some real value. Perfect spot for breakfast or a treat for your office.

killerdan chef

Bradley Day

Melissa Gilbert

Orion Talley

One of the best breakfast sandwiches I've ever had, great coffee and incredibly friendly staff. To top it off the gave me a free slice of fresh bread while I was waiting for my sandwich.

Christian Bulling

Wonderful bakery. Gluten free and low carb options. Dessert loads and jams. Free samples one every visit

Rebekah Lee

missie franek

Lori Hungate

I have yet to get anything from there that I didn't love. Their green chile cheese bread is to die for. I absolutely love all their gluten free food as well, it's really delicious!

Casey Shea

Earl Tarble

Love the bread from this place. We like heavy, flavorful multigrain bread. Our favorites are Honey Whole Wheat, Montana Crunch and Nine Grain Whole Wheat. They serve various muffins depending on the day. Our favorite muffin is the Hummingbird on Monday and Thursday. They also have gluten free breads and biscotti. Their sandwiches at lunchtime are delicious and available on their bread. They do have a public toilet available . They have a loyalty program that rewards shoppers with free cookies, sandwiches or loaves.

Anon Ymous

We love going here on weekends for their deli sandwiches. Always very delicious and conveniently located near many of the places where we do our weekend grocery shopping!

K Rose

Wonderful wonderful bread. Great variety. Always friendly customer service. And awesome fresh made sandwiches. But the bread and the rolls. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Also a delightful sample offered. Can't pass that up!!!!

Crystal Bales

I used to go to the Great Harvest in Colorado Springs and lemme tell you, the nostalgia hit hard. The honey wheat bread with some honey and butter on it took me right back to the cold wintery days I'd walk through their doors anticipating a delicious, warm slice of bread. This was no different. Took me back.

Toni Grabinger

Best bread in Fargo. Just love the cinnamon chip bread. They always give samples of bread that they have baked that day.

Austin Caldwell

Erik Rasmussen

Great bakery and their sandwiches are amazing!

Jen Woodring

Freshness, good attention to holiday baking traditions, reliable and friendly. And the free samples are, of course, a total treat.

Moses Allen

Very nice staff! Bread is delicious here! Also try the spreads. I had a vegetable one that my girlfriend chose and it was incredible!

Danielle Rose

Love their bread choices. Also good place to get kitchen gifts and soup mixes.

Kara Roberts

Awesome bread and great service!!!

Fiona Pinkney

This bread is mediocre at best! Very Impatient customer service.Was looking for rustic bread for Avocado toast. Was told they only have rye, wheat, sour dough ,white. So I bought a loaf of sourdough. The price was supposed to be $3.50 ! But she rang up $5.75 !! $3.50 is high enough!! I'll stick to sprouts or whole foods. If I'm going to pay a lot for some bread I want it at least be tasty , And have a variety to choose from. I'm very disappointed.

Terri Wilson

Fresh and delicious. Enjoyed soup and parmesian rolls.

Josiahs Demingo

You can't do wrong picking this place. Very good experience.

Carolyn Crawford

Good, delicious bread.

Ranota Banks

I'm loving the gluten free options! The folks here are friendly and helpful! Each person that I interacted with was pleasant and a wealth of information. The store was clean, tidy, and functional although I did not check out the restrooms. The smell was nothing short of fantastic and the decor was bright and pleasing. The gluten free options that I tried were delicious. I will absolutely return to try other items, but in the meantime, I'm going to enjoy the loaf of gluten free/dairy free banana bread.

Michael Torres

Steven Halonen

Hakim Bellamy

Six words. Gluten Free Green Chile Cheese Bread #YourWelcome

Charles Hostetler

As good as any on the state. Excellent Green Chili cheese bread

Tom Lee

Johnny Blaze

High prices, sandwiches only have a tiny bit of meat and a sh*t ton of bread and lettuce. The Keto Bread was horrible. When i refrigerated it as per the label, the next day it was mushy AF, broke apart and taste horrible (i almost threw up). It was like $11 for a tiny loaf and my hand is almost twice as big as the slice.


Melba Dyer White

Best place to score sourdough in ABQ! Staff is always helpful. You definitely walk out with more than you intended to!

J Henzo

Y'all. The new Cubano is the stuff dreams are made of! I've been thinking about that sandwich all week, so another trip to Great Harvest is in order. We also bought a lemon loaf (amazing) & green chile cheese rolls (scrumptious) our last visit. The only thing that would make this store better is more seating room, but the food & the staff are both fantastic!

Anita Ybarra

Great sandwich every time.

Genoveva Muniz

I love that they cook all gluten free foods on one day. No flying wheat!

Don Gadomski

Great place for bread. Their green chile bread as well as their sourdough is out of this world.

Jessica Turner

I didnt know you could smell heaven here on earth.. Just open the door an you'll know what I mean!!! not just bread an pastries...Lunch is soooooo good here. Fresh sanwich that has you licking your fingers...

Carol DelGaudio

Joann Crosby

Great bread makes awesome sandwiches. Free slice of bread to decide which one you want. Try this place out, you won't be disappointed.

Nick MacKenzie

Pretty great, although busy. Might want to just take your sandwich and go if it looks full. Had a great BLT pannini although I don't usually go for that, but they put the greens on after cooking the sandwich to cut down on the wilt. Major props for that detail. Free bread slice was great and the loaves look and taste great, but definitely more of a "treat yourself" kind of deal instead of your everyday bread unless you have a money tree in your living room like apparently the rest of Burlington does.

k h

Amazingly awesome bread place! A friend told me about it and now everytime I'm in Fargo I WILL be stopping here to get something. A loaf of bread isn't cheap, for most I think. Most 6.95/loaf. But it's totally worth it. Especially if it's feeding maybe one or two people. They slice it up for you and you get a lot of slices, so will last longer I think. Love the Dakota, Potato Dill, and Mushroom & Swiss bread. All I've tried so far. They give you a sample so you can try before you buy. Also a punch card that never expires. If you are looking for a cute new place to try to get something special, definitely go here!

Sterling Magera

Joanne Casale

Dale Lammi

Best breads and chocolate chip cookies in Fargo! Breads too. Ok, and lunches!

Raven Grey

anita martinez

Always kind and helpful! And I love the free the samples of yummy bread!

Rachel Montgomery

The baked goods are amazing

Rex Schaffner

Awesome rye bread!


Great Breads, sandwiches, and Service

Jack Carter

Lee Mittelstaedt

Fantastic food and service. My faves-cinnamon swirl and spinach feta!

Mona Karel

Mmmmmmm Bread

Bev B

Fantastic bread, they let you sample a slice when you walk in the door. Great panini too!

Sarah H


Dan Permoda

Helpful staff and great products!! Give then a try!


May Bennett

Wonderfully tasty treats! Friendly service. Prices are a bit more than expected, but it's a treat so it was ok. But my oh my the cherry bread is amazing! Thank you for making my visit in Albuquerque a little more tasty!

Conni Brooks

Love this place

Shay Manning

sandwiches are the best

Alex Germek

John Minigan

Service was slow. It was practically dinner time by the time we got our sandwiches. The person at the table next to us, most likely due to his extreme hunger, lost track of time and almost missed an important meeting. I got the curry chicken salad sandwich which was ok, with a bag of chips and a tea it ran me about $13, which was a bit overpriced given the quality/service. Oh... and my co-worker got the buffalo chicken and was quite sick shortly thereafter... so there's that too...

elizabeth nunez

Yummy bread, yummy food! It's cute and local minus the owner, Jim, who seems to have lost his passion for the store as he is always grumpy. Every time I order either as a walk in or as a telephone order he's rude with a nasty frowny face. For instance, I ordered in a telephone call and I said "hi I would like to make an order to go please." He was like "what do you mean?? An ORDER TO GO?" I said "I mean an order for pick up." So he's grumpy in that way. Take a chill pill Jim. It makes me not want to go in but I sacrifice the fact that I'll see his face because the sandwiches are good and it's in a convenient location.

Janeth Nunez-del-Prado

Wonderful bread and yummy samples!

Jacob Messer

Everyone was nice enough but prices seemed a tad high and options on the menu were less than thrilling. I would try it again, but it really just seemed like a Panera Bread.

Marco López de Carrizosa Finat

I doesn't get any better! Awesome bread and friendly staff

Meagan Bemis

Good coffee, nice little spot for a morning meeting!

Denise Jenkins

Nick Schaffer


Always love visiting. Had to try the Pumpkin N Cream Cheese bread

Jacob Wheeler

Delicious bread and soup

I'm Smart

Just the best bread from the nicest people. We adore the pumpernickel, sourdough, and honey white. Biscotti amazing, rhubarb/strawberry scone is my favorite sweet. Their green Chile cheddar bread is wonderful and seasonal loaves are lots of fun. Family loves their sandwiches for dinner. Veggie sandwich is my favourite.

Holly Bodensteiner

Hands down the best place to get fresh bread and baked goods. I don't go anywhere else.

Jeannette Johnston

The bread I bought didn't seem very fresh. It was on the dry side. Service was very friendly.

Felix Ortiz

WoW, this place is truly a gem. Their amazing breads and sandwiches are only bested by their amazing custumer service. I recommend the green chili and cheese bread.

Matthew Glasier

Expensive, but, high quality. They give samples.

Alan O'Neil


Rachel Valliere

Brian Wood

Awesome bread and great sandwiches. I wish this place was local to me.

Nadeth Fitzgerald

Nyssa Bryant

Martha Jensen

This Great Harvest Bread Co. is a nice place. Awesome breads and coffee.

Matt Dull

Always consistently good. Scones are really good and the cinnamon rolls are awesome

Laura Loveland

Great and tasty bread!

John Dow

Gilbert Reyes

I like this place, they have some cool breads and a lot more. The staff is great and helpful, the vibe you get from here is awesome.

charles dowdy

Love the bread staff is excellent

Cynthia Gray

Love the variety of breads. The pumpkin chocolate chip muffins are excellent as are the cinnamon rolls.

Yeonsoo lee

Natasha Hitchrick

Satyan Patel

Awesome sandwiches, awesome bread. Oh and they are super friendly, which is rare these days it seems.


Great green chile & Montana crunch breads.

Bianca Valencia

Beyond loved! Great! Too far from my home tho

Summer Crawley

Everyone here is so friendly! I’m pretty sure every worker asked if we needed help. Plus they let you sample a slice while you figure out what to buy! You can’t beat the customer service here!


Awesome customer service. Welcoming atmosphere. Will shop here again.

rodney blaydes

Very nice bread slightly to sweet for an English pallet.

Gabe the sand man Sands

Best place , free bread every time!

John Marrs

Good quality bread and desserts. Good sandwiches too.

Antonio Murgia


OMG! Just love this place. Hands down the best place to buy the most amazing breads in Albuquerque!! Fresh, delicious and they also have a large amount of accompaniments - jams, jellies, honeys, etc. Have food items, make super delicious sandwiches. A must stop for all!

Cynthia Cooper Jones

Delicious unique breads. Lunch menu also is good. Original and often organic. Not cheap! But worth it.

Fr. Kurtis Gunwall

Great breads.

Daniel Garcia

Great place for bread and sandwiches! Really freindly staff and I love their samples! Only complaint is that they stop serving sandwiches an hour before closing.

Barbara Tenney

Great breads and generous samples.

Jake Angelastro

Cinnamon swirl bread is the bomb. Friendly staff. Will be back!

Sean Knodel

Dyan Wilson

This place is usually very good but the day I was there to get sandwiches for my daughters surprise birthday lunch-one of the sandwiches had some sort of plastic in it.

Patrick Joiner

Crave the bread here. Its kinda expensive but also worth it. Its the only bread my family eats up before it can get hard or go bad.

Jeffrey Lu

You won’t find croissants here, but there is a nice selection of mostly American-style loaves (farmer’s white, honey wheat, etc). Bread was tasty, and the staff here are generous with bread samples. Cozy and relaxed space.

Cortney Smart

Very friendly and helpful staff. Great Harvest's bread is excellent quality. I love their whole wheat breads, pumpkin chocolate chip bread (seasonal), and their brownies. I have get to be disappointed by something I've bought here.

joseph flora

Recently a employee left a response alluding that I am bananas. Fact is a few years ago I was forced to leave, minus th bread, coffee, breakfast, too be left on the table, with no compensation. Now you know, think back. I strongly belief my skin color was a factor, I was surprised when three angry faces demanded I leave, and ignored my entries for a bag or box to carry my items. So what's there to talk about. You people hurt my feelings. It's all about feed back.

Tim Wills

Great bread... amzing free samples. Love this place.

Kati Owen

Great local bread company. Lots of options for sweet and savory, as well as gluten free. Highly recommend their specials - the red Chile cheddar sourdough is worth following them on Facebook for so you know when they'll be having it.

Cassidy Peck

What’s not to love; free samples, delicious baked goods, and friendly staff! Highly recommend the cinnamon rolls and brownie bread. Honestly you can get anything there and you won’t be disappointed!

Tim Bauer

Wide selection of baked items from single serve to loaves. Friendly staff. Soup + sandwiches (limited selection daily) are available during lunch hours. Cookies, caramel rolls, and dessert breads are also available.

Kate Kinney

Love eating here! Always surprisingly flavorful and delicious! Need to figure out a way to bring the store home with me! Yum!

Suzanne Palmieri

Love coming here whenever in Burlington. Had the Appleachian salad. Awesome blend of apples, bacon, gorgonzola cheese, pesto and salad greens. Picked up several loaves of Cinnamon Swirl bread, along with Dakota seeded , and Sourdough breads. And a bag full of chocolate chip oatmeal raisin cookies

Susan Sewell

Great bread. Wonderful gift basket things. Good service. Love this bakery

Jim Warner

If you like fresh bread this is a good choice. They print a weekly schedule of what kinds they'll be baking. They have a small lunch operation for sandwiches also.

Kayla Howard

Patrick Woods

One of the better sandwich places in Burlington. Plus free samples!

Patrick Turney

Excellent bread, darn good sandwiches, and a great staff! Be sure to sample a slice when you're there!

Cheri Lenhert

Just love this place. I tried a BLT and it was so good! The bread I love..especially the honey white. I'd buy their butter too. That is really good!

Ishmael Ahmed

David McElvain

Amazing tasting gluten free choc biscotti

Keely Sir-Potato

Huge samples of bread. Friendly staff too.

Amanda LaCasse

Too many yummy things to choose from!

Lia Lloyd

I love their wide variety of breads and their super-helpful labels on each of their items that make dealing with food allergies a ton easier. They have a large selection of gluten free goodies as well.

Paula Gonzales


Gary Herrmann

Jim was extremely helpful and patient as i fumbled thru the Durango honeys to pick 12 to take to Switzerland, Liz helped sesl the deal by helping on the biz end. Wonderful people and service, and of courseu

Richard LePage

Pete V

Ernest Pierce

So good love the free samples and green chilie jelly.

Nona Lane

The veggie sandwich was delicious

Misty Williams

Porfie Martinez


Linda Foy


Donna Schedinger

Incredible breads!

Xena Aguilar

My brother and I loved it here. It was delicious and so quick. They offer lots of fresh baked goods, jellies, and preserves. Everyone was super friendly. We are happy to live just up the street and will be returning again.

Jeff Margolis

Sandwich is small, tasteless, and has no lettuce, tomato, onion... nothing. Bologna on Wonder bread has it all over this $8 "Noreaster" turkey sandwich. Awful.

Ellen Algava

Best bread. Very hearty and the aroma was wonderful.

Janie Long

Cheryl Brubaker

Always wonderful

Pam Peltz

Need more staff but good!

Pete Bruhn

Amazing breads & baked goods. They also have great lunch sandwiches and coffee drinks.

Deanna M

Amy Bu

They gave us free bread and butter upon entering.

Bernardo J

Quality bakery, nice people.

Todd LaMothe

Cadence Fowler

Jennifer Cook

My favorite bread store. I love the cinnamon rolls!

Kathryn Hilliard

Outstanding food and service!

Cheryl Kreisher

Love the place. The bread not matter what kind is great. Eat lunch there when I can.

Emily Sorensen

I am so happy to find this place in Vermont! We went a lot while living in Utah. Yum!!

JoAnn Hauger

Appreciate samples before purchasing

Fred Garcia

Excellent breads. Excellent staff who are always cheerful & helpful. They are so generous with their free, large samples.

Ali Clemenson

Amazing!!! Fresh baked too!!

My Name

Excellent breads and service. Great value with wholesome freshly milled quality ingredients. Cinnamon buns, dinner buns, cookies, and other delicious items.

Andy Rossmeissl

Jonathan Craig

Great Harvest has amazing bread and sandwiches. Love the quality and taste of the food. The staff is usually pretty awesome too! Only reason I did such a low star rating is the owner is usually pretty horrible. She is not a nice person and yells at the staff in front of customers.

Andrew Swift

Bakeries abound in Burlington. But, this location is great as an eatery and as a place to grab a flavorful loaf of unique bread for dinner and/or a special occasion or holiday. The staff is very helpful -- as are the samples! Parking is there but crowded. The selection and variety of baked goods makes this place attractive. Recommended!

Annette Strong

I come here with students. The staff is very receptive......

Amanda Ottesen

The lunch here is amazing and very affordable!!!

George King

Very clean great challah

Betsy Bourdon

Lady Crickett

Lots of variety in breads daily!

Klym Schneider

Aimee Thapa

Daryl Larson

Great place, service good.

Adam S

Derek Wheeler

Parker Hoblin

Great baked goods and sandwiches. Make this your lunch spot! Easy walking distance in the south end.

Jack Ewing

Christopher Shepherd

Free slice of bread Yummm!

Colee Belzer

Best bakery ever. Friendly staff!!

Richard Adams

Great local bakery. They give you free samples. Fresh bread abounds.. If you're a bakery fan, this is place to go for your bread needs.

krispy dolla

James is the rudest man I've ever encountered. This guy needs a 101 course on how to interact with people. I don't care how good the food is, I won't support this guy.

Eric LaMontagne

Ronjo C.

Amazing bread and baked goodies. Great sandwiches too! Service is A+ minus the owner who shouldn't be permitted in any kitchen. Loses a star for the owner's poor service and yelling at employees in front of guests.

Brian Miller

Excellent selection of breads baked daily! Our favorite place for breads!


I love the way the new owners are running things. Best breakfast sandwich in town. Fun atmosphere, clean and delicious.

Elliot Schneider

Derek. A. T.

Best bread.and sandwiches. Super friendly staff. Stop there for free bread Samples.

Crystal Otero

People are so friendly and helpful here. The blackberry and peach scones are amazing.

Matt Bearce

Awesome place for bread. Good ingredients, tastes amazing. Very knowledgeable staff

Linda Joyce

LOVE their bread and baked goods. Had a lovely sit down lunch as well! Excellent gluten-free selection. Delicious!

Deadwood Reporter

I love bread and this is where I buy it. Sourdough, nine grain, garlic parmesan breadsticks, cinnamon goes on. All good.

Richard Romick

Sheridan Ward

Always quality, yummy baked goods!

Laura Johnson

I wish we had a Great Harvest closer to us. Love this place and their yummy breads!

Rosemarie Sprick

Always friendly, helpful, and enjoy the breads, and baked goods.

Dick Mozzer

Best Harvest I've been too. Excellent customer service and wide Selection of products

Sue Cullen

The homemade breads are full-bodied deliciousness!

Bethyl Lueck

Durgesh Sukhtankar

Ross Lauver

James Farrell

A long-time establishment in Albuquerque, Great Harvest is, from the moment you first open the door, a sensory love affair with all that bread can be. From the welcoming warmth that flows from the ovens, to the complex smells that promise a cornucopia of baked delights, you will be surrounded by the simple joys of the harvest. Also they do free samples.

Andrew S. Griego

Good but $$$

Carmen Helgeson

Bought three different breads. One if the loaves was underbaked, the other two were amazingly delicious. Haven't contacted them but I'm sure they will stand behind there product. Will definitely visit there again when I'm the area.

Kelli Woodfin

First time here, absolutely loved it! Got the chicken salad sandwich it was the best one I've ever had! I recommend the Montana Crunch bread. I am planning on getting my Christmas gifts here this year, so many great gift ideas for the foodies on my list! Plus customer service was top notch, what a great find!

Albert Orbinati

Always love Great Harvest. Some of the best baked goods you'll find! Smells awesome in there too...

JoAnn L

The best fresh baked goods in town! The gluten friendly breads are DELICIOUS!!!


GREAT HARVEST BREAD, FARGO, ND: We live 50 miles SE in Minnesota but regularly spend time in Fargo-Moorhead. This is one of my FAVORITE places to shop!!

Dan Rio

So good

Stephen S. Baca

Delicious products!

sally jablonski

Best bread evet

Connie Diallesandro


Joseph Gonzales

Excellent service. Good King Cakes for Mardi Gras. Really good 9 grain bread (still warm)!

Nick Knudsen

Miguel Jaime

Best bread in the whole city! The staff is so friendly and helpful.

Rebecca Broughton

The BEST deli sandwiches!!!

Ryan Kalmoe

Really great bakery items. Second to none in ABQ. Their sandwiches are great, their sweet treats doubly so. Stop by if you get a chance, you won't be disappointed

Judie Glaser

The new owner, Chris, was great and took the time to let us sample coffees. New look is great. Delicious food and coffee.

Brittney Harston

Customer service is absolutely fantastic, everyone there makes you feel like your home. Prices are very good for the outstanding quality they offer.

maryam counter

We love their breads and soups and everything else that they serve!

Addie Chris

So kind! Thank you for the incredible service!


Great experience! Greeted by a female employee soon after I walked in and Cashier Jacob had my order ready and was very helpful and got me in n out quick

Danielle Swanson

Awesome service!!! Went in asking for pies and left with a huge sample size of their delicious caramel bread and bought a scone! Best scone I have ever had!!! Melt in your mouth :)

Duane Dunston

Great food and friendly staff. I love getting bread samples.

Jamie Thayer

A free slice of bread is offered from a friendly server when you walk in! A healthy, reasonably priced loaf of bread for when you leave.

Al A

Gotta Try Them ALL!!! And they will let you. :D Hands down one of the friendliest establishments in Burlington. Sample their breads - they give you chunks! These are not cheap quality baked goods, the variation of tea breads, they have are divine. Do keep in mind that they have a posted schedule of what breads are made per day, which means they do not carry the same bread everyday!

Ma7777 Hughes

Always something good

Dan Kronstadt

First visit to one of these franchises - excellent fresh bread in a variety of grains, added ingredients, etc - as well as cookies, scones, and muffins. Sandwiches made to order from a somewhat limited menu, but very tasty. Free samples of the breads happily provided. Seasonal flavorings, too. Worth a visit.

Ben Genka

Great selection of fresh baked bread.

Biljana Nelica

Jon Cordova

Good sandwich

ronald shibata

Great products and great service

Marylene Lasri

Boulangerie super appétissante. Tout semble bon. Le personnel est attentionné et l'endroit est vraiment agréable. Moderne et responsable tout ce que j'aime.

Bill Kinnear

Amazing baked goods Great People!

Jonathan Haraden

We've been coming here since,it opened, Owners as well as staff are amazing, the bread and treats are so good. We use the frequent buyer card to get a free loaf. Don't forget the free slice.

Michelle Swift

The sample board looks like they dumped the old stale bread crusts out of the garbage What we did sample was about size of your thumb. The girl apologized and said we put it out in the morning and we never replace the bread or treats the rest of the day. Brand new to town and we will never be back. As fans of great harvest from the Utah taylorsville store we will never go to this store! Take lessons owners .....poor poor store would not even give them one star!

Anne Conway

Richard Abel


Stephen McElroy

Awesome bread, great service.

José Santiago

Very friendly service n delicious variety of Breads.

shalyce oney

Explained everything. Everything is natural, and you can get samples of whatever you want to try before you buy!

Penelope Carlisle

Mary Geiger


Deblyn McCaughin

We went for lunch and shared a turkey and swiss on sour dough bread. It was wonderful. Just enough for a light lunch. We will return.

Peiwen Lee

sean guerin

love it great town

Reuben Merchant

I absolutely love the bread here. Having a free slice wwith coffee is so enjoyable. The sandwiches are amazing too, they have a panini press.

Allan Bursaw

Breads are great and the service is good, but it can get expensive with some items. I would recommend the cinnamon bread for French toast.

Jake Cohen

Karin Ward

Great bread! Great variety!

Rebecca Myer

Bread is soft and delicious. Love that you get to taste test. A little pricey.

Chris Reed

Lorie Cich

Dana Weiskopf

Faye Romero

Very good bread

Dana Standifer

So many choices of breads, rolls and soup mixes. Quite busy. I felt a little rushed by the cashier but they probably were just tired. Customer service could be a little more friendly and smile more!

Rolanda Mahoney

The bread was amazing.. the cookies i had.. were out of this world.. and the are you still in business giving samples that size..??? The samples were huge... I love that every day they have different breads coming out.. definitely a must visit when you are in town

b dunn

Their bread is the best. Wish they would loose the parking lot speed bumps. I visit them less because of those humps.

ronilynn shrout

The food was good. But I feel I could have spent less for better and more food else where.

Greta Irwin

Breads are too dense and "wet." No differentiation between the crust and the bread itself. Many different varieties, yet they all taste very similar to one and other. Yeast flavor is too forward.

Reuben James

Not bad, a little rich for my wallet

Mark Chisholm

Best bread one can buy! I've been a loyal customer for about 30 years! And now you can get a delicious homemade sandwich, served on your choice of bread. Highly recommended.

Eli Gordon

Fadia Bascom

I love your bread!! Thank you for supplying Albuquerque with incredible quality baked goods. Abq is lucky to have you.

Meredith Wilder

Great Harvest is such a fun place to be! There's always a happy face ready to slice, wrap, answer a question, or just simply say hello. The bread is delicious-- homestyle, artisan, sweets, low carb, gluten free! And to think, it's all supporting local business! A must-see in Albuquerque.

Heather Alexander

very friendly

James Aragon

I'm off carbs but had to try there low carb bread. Is great.

barbara charley

l Love the variity of fresh bakeds and pastries. Mom's Favorite

Joyce Rollins

Fantastic baked goods.


Good place to go for fresh breads

Gordon zhang

Free slice bread yammm

Travis Huber

Amazing bread. Also have a punch card for a free loaf of bread.

Betty Gage

This is SUCH a great bread store - the green chile cheese bread and challah will knock your socks off. For an extra decadent treat, use the challah for eggnog french toast this season. Great breakfast in bed surprise, or a Thanksgiving brunch meal. Nothing in the store disappoints, and the samples are a great way to try out new things. Give them a go - you won't be sorry!

Doug Shaw

Very nice. Wonderful atmosphere.


Great fresh bread! Always friendly

Kirsten Meyer

Great Harvest makes the best sandwiches! I went in the other day to get my usual Duke City Turkey (with bacon, Green Chili, avocado, pepper jack cheese, etc. on Green Chile Cheese bread). BUT they had a seasonal special sandwich that featured heirloom tomatoes and a herb spread on fresh bread- I think Spinach + Feta maybe. All I know is it was delicious! Fresh, light, and flavorful...perfect for summer. Can't wait till my next visit. Highly recommend!

Kevin Thorley

Charles Keeler

Delicious bread and a great lunch!

The Cycling Custodian - Joshua Cales

Good bread, steep prices.

Robyn Richards

This is the best bread in Albuquerque. Fresh daily, a ton of different types, rotating by day and by season. Also, pastries, sandwiches, a decent selection of Gluten free items, especially early in the day. Also artisan jams, jellies, preserves, syrups, sauces, condiments....and other things! I've been going here for 20 years and it just keeps getting better.

Jaymie Killsfirst

Delicious sandwiches and cookies! I would highly recommend.

Robert Moya

Great bread and artisan jams jellies and honey. Honeyville honey. Great place to pick up rolls for the holidays. Great fresh sandwiches too.

C Stueber

Love the people who work there and the breads are absolutely amazing. The husband and I drive across town every week to buy bread and goodies.


Fresh made bread,good price,nice people.I bought the Green Chile Cheese bread and Red Chile Cheese bread loafs during the Albuquerque Balloon Festival in October.Both were made fresh and very delicious.Their hours are okay I wish they were open a bit later but it was alright.A good place to stop and try some local business fare,worth the trip.

Matthew Fioti

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