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4501 Juan Tabo Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111, United States

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REVIEWS OF Flying Star Cafe IN New Mexico

Christian Denny

The location is kinda tucked away off of Juan Taboo. There is extra parking in the back. Found that out when I was fighting for a spot in the front. I got a baked good and it was nice and sugary. It wasn't to busy in the late morning.

Todd Searle

Great place for food and one on one meetings. Not loud so you can have a conversation without yelling. Atmosphere is very unique and comfortable. Breakfast foods are all fantastic. Their desserts are unbelievable.

Christina Sedillo

This is a nice cafe that's kind of tucked away from loud traffic. Lots of dessert options. The server seemed a little rude at first but after a minute or two she was more friendly and talkative. The tables were mostly cleaned.

Monique Lucero

This place never disappoints! A bit pricey, but always worth it! Grilled Mac and cheese is pure heaven.

mohamed adawee

Best Mac&cheese in town

Howard Blake

$$$ - good food and coffee. Hipster Haven, good view of the mountains

Jeffery Baca

Great breakfast! Great place to hang out and catch up with friends and family

Jordan White

I love their dirty-chia!! Great desserts as well.

Corinna Trujillo

Best desserts and great food. Good place to pull out the laptop to study or work

Mark Burch

The food was great but the service was better, and they had lots of options.


The food was good but overpriced. The staff was friendly but no one offered to help me with my tray (I use a cane to walk). The tables were clean as was the cafe. It was disorganized as to where to go to order. We had a good time but I'll not be going back.

Seth Nichols

Amazing restaurant, form the workers in the back to the food that is brought to the front. The Chefs are well trained and fun people, the servers are sweet and will make sure your order is made perfectly and the bussers will clean your table better than a professional car wash.

Bram Hunt

Both the American and New Mexican fare taste wholesome and delicious. Atmosphere and outdoor seating are also very good.

Amy Renèe

The food was bland, under cooked and very overpriced! I will not be returning to place!!

Kathryn Decker

Food was good, service ordering was not ideal. Service after ordering was great.

Evangeline Elmendorf Greene

GTheir gluten-free carrot cake is so delicious I felt like I was eating Heaven in a cake! I had to order the Buddha bowl without the sauce because it is not gluten-free, so it was dry. Also, don't forget to ask what veggies are being added to your food if you have allergies. I ended up having to pick out the mushrooms and edamame. So I wish Flying Star clearly listed all of their ingredients for each dish so people with allergies could make more informed choices. I did however love the dog-friendly dining patio!

Carol Upham

Good food, lovely outside seating at night. But the line moved very slow tonight. Understaffed?

Alysa Fini

Love all the food options! And dessert is always amazing!

Chad Johnson

Great service. Great food and drinks. A relatively quiet cafe feel but with more consistency and quality than you get from a lot of local cafes. Pricing is close to that of Starbucks, so it's not cheap, but it's well worth it for the experience.

ray a.

Absolutely best place in Albuquerque for coffee, awesome made from scratch desserts & food!!

Katie Christenson

I was visiting Albuquerque and ate breakfast here. The food was reallly good, as well as my chai. The pastry case looked very good. Loved the atmosphere and the idea you can eat breakfast anytime with lots of goodies on the menu! Will definitely be going back.

Robert Babani

The ultimate best green chili cheeseburger and french fries in the whole United States of America

Erica Chase

Super great food and friendly staff

Daniela Perez

It was amazing. Did an online order and showed up 5 min before my pick up and it was already ready! I ordered a BLT with avocado and they sure dont skimp out on the bacon. Loved it. Everyone was nice and friendly!

Mark Dorman

Good food, deserts and art! Always friendly staff!

Ka'iulani Torres

What’s the point of tipping 20% when I have to get up every few seconds to ask for things that is a restaurants job when you go out to eat? I had to get up to ask for enough straws for our drinks that they forgot to provide. They gave me 1 straw and I had 3 drinks with lids that needed straws. Then I have to get up and ask for silverware after my food has already been given to me. On top of that I have to get up to ask for to go boxes because no one came to check on our table again. Seriously the worst experience ever. I had two young children with me and came here to try to enjoy a meal. Instead I’m having to get up every 5 minutes because they keep forgetting things which is why I came to a restaurant on the first place. I could of had a better experience at home, for a fraction of the cost, no tipping required. Usually come here pretty frequently but I definitely will not coming back here. Oh & they also changed their chicken tender breading recipe. I got more like a fish filet breading than their usual breaded chicken tender. Super lame, the icing on the cake of not coming back.

Andrew Walker

Great place to study. Plenty of seating. Coffee refills all day. Just go here.

matthew george

Watched an employee not wash his hands after using the bathroom. Cashier didn't give me back my change and the Americano taste like burnt popcorn.

Danny Lang

Friendly service, good food!

Dee W

I like how spacious this place is. I feel like I could get work done here better than other coffee spots. Their menu is awesome and the have vegan and vegetarian options. A very wide variety of teas.

Kirsten Norman

Food was good. My takeout fish and chips came without tartar sauce.

jennifer matera

IMHO..... Best coffee around!

ca carlig

I tried again... I will mention the positive first. Friendly staff, good location, and nice outdoor dining area this is consistent. My visit on 9/27/18 was not appealing and very costly for what I received. I met my wife and daughter there and ordered myself an omelet for breakfast. The restaurant was not busy at all. The few patrons who were there had been there for a while and no line for service. After leaving the order taker which was a pleasant experience I sat with my number and tray. 20 minutes later my omelet arrived which I would call maybe 4 small bites they might have used an egg and a half. The omelet had a piece of green chili turkey sausage which was slightly larger than the size of a quarter and bell pepper like a sprinkle of confetti flavorless. The omelet and sausage might have been 2 ounces at most. The 2 slices of toast was well over double the size of the meal and flat and dry plus undercooked cold french fries. I was served salsa which I put on part of the omelet. After one small bite which was about 1/3 of the omelet I noticed immediately a very strong effervescence which caused me to immediately search for a napkin to spit it out. I notified the staff immediately telling them what happened they thanked me and I was glad to be helpful in hopes that no other unsuspecting customer would deal with the same experience. The staff who were busy chatting behind the counter offered me some Tobasco and nothing more. I was hungry so I ate the few nibbles on my plate that the salsa hadn't touched and left. The remainder of the day I was sick. My experience at Flying Star was an outrageously tiny meal which was almost comical for the price paid would have been much more satisfied with half a cliff bar) plus food poisoning to top it off all for $15.21 ($13.21 for omelet and $2.00 tip paid in advance) I don't usually write reviews but couldn't let this one go it was absolutely flagrant. Good customer service to the customer should never feel self-serving in favor of the business.

Amanda Puccini

Love the food, great quality and they have healthy options. The desserts here are incredible and I love that they serve alcoholic beverages as well. Coffee/espresso is fantastic. You can even bring your pup!

Lightning 27

Awesome coffee, had a delicious mocha Latte

Carol K

You can always count on good food made from great ingredients. And the baked goods are soooo good!

Linz Howell

Great food options and a relaxing environment. Good coffee too!

Lyric Patzka

My favorite Flying Star. All the staff are immeasurably kind and considerate, to the point they have often memorized my partner and I's orders. Warm and welcome building, too.

Terri-Lyn Mick

It was ok this time, my so got scrambled eggs instead of over easy

Stan Harris

Great food and a nice relaxed atmosphere.

Jessica C

Always great food and atmosphere.

kenste1949 .

Good food and service. Had the Southwest Bennie, just right amount of spicy, was delicious. Wife enjoyed the Ranch Breakfast. The have outside seating so can take your dog. Order inside and they deliver to table.

Chris Osgood

Food was good and customer service was solid. Gotta get there early or you wait in a long line. Takes a while to get your food. I got there around Noon on a Sunday and the wait was horrendous. As I said, the food and people were nice so it was almost worth the wait. Next time I'll get there early and I'm sure they'll be worthy of 5 stars then!

Gregory Dopulos

Food was great and it was quite enough to talk at a normal voice even though most of the tables were full

Terry Teller

Best place to have dessert!

John Smith

LOOKING OLD AND RUN DOWN. This location is looking Run Down. Scratched walls and tables, dirty carpet, dirty bathrooms, dirty tables, and poorly upholstered booths are to blame to this aging restaurant. This restaurant used to be a crown jewel of the North East heights. But it has lost its shimmer. I used to be okay paying for the highly marked up delicious food due to the great atmosphere. But now it doesn’t seem deserving of the value.

bodie tree

Good deserts. A little pricy. One brownie, 1 basic cookie, and a cup of coffee was 10 bucks. Small portions, but an overall nice place for dessert.

Peggy Crespin

The chili was unlike any we've tasted, not native NM chili, so because we are native NM, we are spoiled and will go to our favorite NM authentic chili restaurants. We see newer restaurants using recipes from other locales and this chili might appeal to a different group of people, we just prefer authentic NM chili.

Andrew Steele

Way too pricy for what you get! The food nor the coffee are even that good!

Arnold Engstrom

Service extremely slow and then my son's burrito wasn't correct.

Howard DeLaCruz-Bancroft

A little expensive but worth it. My kids enjoy their time there.


Over cooked and over priced! Terrible food! Add insult to injury, guy next to us ordered same thing, cooked perfect! I do not recommend this place. Hit or Miss not worth the try!

Lupe Gomez

Healthy selections galore, just about everything here is great. My favorite is the Southwest Bennie anytime!!! I would give them 5 stars, but they no longer have the Garden Harvest :(

Jennifer Buntz

Good food! We were happily full when we left.

Wesley J. Landaker

The best Cobb Salad in town.

Yuliya Sofronova

Sweet and cozy local restaurant chain with the best desserts ever!

La'ne' Sa'an Moonwalker

Exceptional food, service and beverages. Great desserts. Wonderful decore.

Alicia G

Yummy food. Nice ppl.

Margarite Davis

Convenient. Just up the street. Great place to gather!

Michele Hernlund

Very pleasant. Inside is a bit noisy (poor acoustics) so we sat outside.

Christopher Chavez

Good food ...but service is always

Jennifer Corbeau

Consistently good and friendly! Has been my top choice for meeting up with people for over 20 years.

Tanya Lovato

Awesome pie!

Maureen Machon

Always friendly, good food and wifi!

Roxy Beaudet

Poor value. Dishes are expensive, but offer little in terms of flavor. My husband could not even finish his egg salad sandwich, he said it was pretty bland. Service was extremely slow. Must have been waiting for almost 20 minutes for some sandwiches and a salad.

Joe Carolan

Great spot for coffee or lunch. Great selection, lots of seating including patio. Nice looking place.

Jeannine Cde Baca

Disappointed with the strawberry rhubarb pie Crust was mushy and tasteless You were always my go to place for rhubarb pie - not anymore I

Diana Northup

Great food, friendly staff!

Sean McMurray

If you want good service, don't go here. The poor cashier's were running around like chickens with their heads cut off and I overheard the manager telling them to pick it up.

Kathleen Pitt

Great low carb/keto breakfast

James Cardwell

Excellent food! Hidden treasure. Must checkout if in Albuquerque. The food is very fresh and not processed. You will not be disappointed.

Charles Garner

Going To The Dogs In the past my wife and I have enjoyed dining on the large patio on the north side at the Flying Star restaurant at Montgomery and Juan Tabo. Unfortunately, both patios now allow non-service dogs. Flying Star has always had a pet-friendly policy. Nothing wrong with this until the number of dogs has begun to equal or exceed the number of humans who do not own dogs. My wife is very allergic to dogs, and further we do not wish to dine with dogs at our feet or twining around our legs. I even spotted a dog in the owner's lap and forepaws on the table. When we complained about this situation to the manager we were told that encouraging dog owners to dine is company policy which has now been extended to allowing non-service dogs inside as well. It seems that Flying Star is more concerned over catering to the wishes of dog owners than anyone else. If you wish to dine without the presence of animals it looks like this Flying Star is no longer an option. We suggest allowing dogs on one patio and leaving a pet-free patio for humans who prefer dining without pets. Please consider this option so that we can return to one of the best casual restaurants in ABQ.

Nadine Nagamatsu

Great bustling atmosphere, lots of indoor & outdoor seating and consistent food & beverage service

Regina Davis

Great food, great service!! Tried their homemade green chile turkey sausage, was off the hook!

Meagan May

This is an awesome place to go! It's a great hang out or study place! They have a couple vegan options available which I really appreciate. They also have allergy friendly options as well if you ask. It's a good place!

John Marrs

I've been here several times and am disappointed often. Things that should he hot that aren't, stale bread, bitter salad dressings. The desserts ARE good though, but pricey.

Cathy Carrillo

Great service - thanks Lulu! I enjoy the differences in atmosphere at each Flying Star location. Power Hash is a great start to my day & the $3.50 slice was a bonus!

evan dority

Great tasting food. Quick and friendly staff. Rise and shine breakfast sandwich tasted great. Desserts looked delicious and smelled even better.

Pedro Hernandez

Pretty good food, not an outstanding value.

David McElvain

A little pricey but good service and high quality


Great food. Amazing desserts. As a visitor to the area, it was a good way to begin and end our visit.

Ma Sing

At the Juan Tabo location, I went with friends to get a bite to eat, as flying star was a place that accommodated my dietary needs. I ordered a side of rice and a side of quinoa. My quinoa came out very salty and buttery, and so I told the server I wanted both sides plain. He took both the rice and quinoa, to be safe, and came back less than five minutes later saying they remade a new batch of quinoa with water not butter. I tasted it, and it tasted the same; buttery and salty. I had a friend taste as well to be sure and they confirmed it tasted buttery, and not at all like plain quinoa. I just gave it back to the server. I tasted the rice, and it was very dry and cold; seemed to me like they gave me the same exact rice and quinoa as the first time. I asked for a refund on my sides. The manager came out with a receipt, did not look at me, and said they refunded our whole check. The manager DID NOT apologize, and did not care I left hungry which ruined my night with friends. I have had similar issues with the Nob Hill location where I had to send back a plain buddha bowl three times! The tofu burnt, rice undercooked, and terrible. The manager did apologize, but the cook had an attitude and acted like the food was perfect. (The rice even hurt my jaw it was so undercooked). I've had similar experiences at the menaul location as well. Tonight takes the cake with that manager's attitude. I stated out loud tonight at the Juan Tabo location after I sent back my food that Flying Star had been going downhill. And another customer turned and agreed with me! Stating that they had to send back their food and so did another table. I used to love Flying Star. But now I cringe at what might be next anytime anyone mentions going to Flying Star, and I no longer promote the restaurant to people that live here or visitors. I say it is now a waste of time and money. I did contact flying star directly weeks ago and have yet to receive a response.

John McCullough

Too pricey, noisy, self service for refills

Paula Gonzales

Consistently good food made fresh. I just wish it was a little cheaper so I could go there more often.

C&E 0

Good food. But as soon as you walk in it smells horrible like sewer water?

Roberta No

Always great service and even better food. Highly recommend the flap jacks.

Jacki Farrell

Fabulous food and atmosphere.

Valentine Lebeau

Had a pleasant breakfast with my father. My pancakes were delicious and my orange juice was fresh and sweet. The service was adequate but not outstanding. It was overall a good experience for me and I'd come to this location again for breakfast.

Leonardo Granados

Service is great here even during lunch time. Definitely bring your dog to hang out with you. They have water bowls for pets. They also have a couple of vegetarian choices in case you need that. Great mix of foods including Mexican, desserts, or a casual coffee.

Marie Barraza

Fabulous yummy!fresh tea.home made pancakes fresh blue berrys.

Linda Foy

Good fish tacos. Nice GM. 1st Thursday discount desserts


I got the chicken salad sandwich. The bread was hard and the soup was ok. The problem I have is the price. 1/2 sandwich and cup of soup for almost $10. My friend got a cup of soup and a very small salad. That was almost $10. Their desserts are great but the food could be alot better.

Pamela Jackson

Friendly casual, good food, counter service

Carolyn Goff

Love the Personal customer service!

Melissa Alexander

Wonderful place to get delightful breakfasts and lunches as well as cookies and pastries. Several locations around town. The coffee is fantastic and plentiful and they have free Wi-Fi and magazines to browse. The service was spectacular and very friendly.

PJ Hill

Friendly staff, good atmosphere however a bit pricey for the food they offer. A $13.00 Cheese burger should stand out instead of mediocre at best.

Dan Quist

Outrageously friendly staff and delicious treats/drinks. Didn't try their food so I can't speak to that.

Tanya Barrett

Food always good ....really liked being checked on to see if I was doing good !

Iris Lopez

First time here, food is good and the ambient is peaceful. Perfect for the whole family, definitely will be returning. :) PS. Blueberry pancakes are amazing!

Lynn Hudson

I love this place. Awesome ambiance, captivating coffee, fabulous food, stupendous staff, terrific tea, and so much more. Very much worth a visit (or ten).

Lauren Clements

Matt Mercado was so helpful the other day :)

Andrew Bennett

Had the strawberry rhubarb pie and the blt. Delicious.

Michael Blaisdell

Get a Buddah bowl so delicious

Erik Official Email

VEGAN the best

Laura Rummler

We went late and had a lovely dinner (I got the Mac-n-Cheese and it was soooo good!) plus dessert. It was quiet, clean, affordable and the staff was very nice. We will be back.

Marcela Afonso

I don't eat meat, so this is a great place to grab some good food with meat-eaters, because the menu has many options for both, along with some gluten free and vegan choices. They don't use disposables to serve food, except for the straws - but still extra points for avoiding plastic. I ordered: * The Impossible Burger: 4 1/2 stars, it would be 5 if it had some cheese slices * Homemade BBQ chips (side choice): 1 star cause I couldn't eat, they were too salty and greasy * Turtle Blondie Sundae: 4 stars, very good * Chocolate and strawberry milkshake: 4 1/2 stars, really delicious Extra points for the laid-back atmosphere and nice decoration.

Karl Sabo

Good coffee. Lots of outlets for laptops. Decent wifi

louis kloepper

Green Chile sausage patty very raw and chewy. Staff is busier talking to each other than the customer.

Ed Kowalczyk

Good food & friendly staff but slow service.

kaz man

Two dog friendly patios with the leash anchors to pillars, shade, water bowls, and some treats (self service station). Ohh and the food is really good. Would prefer the power hash didnt have ghost broccoli but it was great nonetheless.

Jason W

Food was good. Wanted pumpkin pie but a fly was walking all over it on the open display table. I'll stick to the pastries in the glass display case.

Allen sawyer

smothered burritos are a fan tastic

Mike McCabe

Hospitality was shown when cashier offered to take my order to my table for me noticing my broken ankle.

Zanette Easton

Many vegetarian offerings but also has meat and seafood menu items which I greatly enjoy. It is really good to eat clean, healthy food that I feel no guilt about consuming. Can have breakfast all day. Deserts are abundant, varied and rich. Some feel the prices are on the higher end, but I believe eating better quality is worth the pricing.

Keith Craine

Love the baked goods and awesome coffee drinks. The staff at this flying start is the best in town!

Jack Freed

Great New year's Day brunch! Excellent food and service! Shout out to the red headed busboy!! Great job young man!!

Waun M

Great looking location

Leah Youngquist

Very cozy cafe with yummy food! The breakfast burrito is huge and delicious and the coffee is to die for!

Victoria Love

The food is pretty good. It always looks good anyway. I think it has lost some of it's quality with the change in ownership. Customer service is tolerable. It's nice they have one dessert consistently for gf people. It's no longer my sure thing go to spot and I miss the old familiar community feel.

Steven Exelby

Pastries looked awesome though i did not have that. I had a Cobb salad cuz i needed to eat light before flying. Still i WILL be back for some of the yummy looking stuff. My son had breakfast which he liked a lot

Jaeus 360

Always great for a cafe! Free WiFi, nice employees. There's plenty of parking behind the building and there's even an outdoor seating area, which is really nice and feels like a mini Celtic garden in a way. The cakes and pies are really good, but be prepared to pay around $7 for a little slice. Still good to try them out. It's a great place for students to work on some assignments and relax with some coffee. I was only a little disappointed when I went this one time because I asked for a Pumpkin Spice Latte and I didn't get that, but it still tasted really good so I'm not complaining too much. And everyone was really nice about explaining the different types of coffee that they have. It's overall a great place to hang out in.

Hans Moon

I ordered a lackluster rice bowl covered in a generic asian-fusion sauce. My hot latte was served in a large water glass with no handle too hot to touch causing me to have to drink it luke-warm. I would return just to read and try a desert as I do like the layout of the place, however, due to the fact that they keep the air-con at full blast even after sundown and I needed a jacket, I may never return after all.

Douglas Fields

The food is good, but don't warrant the prices. I just got a $3 lemonade full of ice.

Mark Harris

The Juan Tabo Flying Star is an attractive place with great food. I appreciate the bar being at a perfect height for working or reading while standing or seated. The breakfasts are excellent, as are the other meals. There are many vegetarian and humanely-farmed chicken options. WiFi and plenty of outlets.

Ryan Kalmoe

Their blueberry pancakes are to die for. Very good service, very good good. A little pricey, but in this case you get what you pay for. I highly recommend this ABQ staple.

John Cosentino

Nice environment,great coffee and heavenly cheesecake

linda hranburg

Its my "go to" food choice. Foid is always good and pastry is great. LH

Mandy M

The last few times I went my order was wrong. Last time the manager remade it and it was worse than the first one. I don't know how you screw up a turkey sandwich. The manager was very polite though so I didn't complain about the remake. I just feel like the quality of the food here had gone downhill in recent years. When I'm paying ten dollars for a sandwich I feel like it should be consistently outstanding. It's a disappointment. I've loved the restaurant since I worked there many years ago back when it was still Double Rainbow. I'll probably give it another try at a different location.

Tristan Powell

The best server I have ever came across was here and his name was Angelo!!

Travis Beeley

The staff is amazing. Food is even better. My son loves the blue berry pancakes. I get the southwest benie. I go for my cheat days on my diet. The selection of sweets is amazing. The mud pie is I must have for just about everyone. It's a great place for sitting and talking for everyone. So please try out this Albuquerque favorite.

Patti Branan

Decaf coffee was the worst I have ever had. Could not drink it after trying to fix it with milk and sugar. The poached eggs and food were perfect. Overall the bakery and food are great


It's a very good place eat. The food is delicious, a little on the pricey side but nonetheless very good food! Probably make this a once a month outing.


amazing food and the desert is to die for it is a bit up in price its a friendly place to go

William Eaton

Great place to eat and get online. I had the "power hash" which was all organic with two poached eggs on top. There are other selections that sounded great. You order at the counter, get a number and take a table. Good coffee too. Cool place !

Susan Schriever

Great atmosphere - Great food!

Roger A. Gloddy

Great place. Not inexpensive but we'll worth it. The food is remarkable especially desert. Service is also quite good. Very comfortable seating. Gotta go at least once!

Nickolas Rodrigez

This place has a great atmosphere. It's good for work or business and even for the family. I also love their Menu everything tastes delicious.

Margie Espe

Excellent food and service. A bit pricey, but worth it

cecilia russo

Great place to visit with family! Love the desserts!

Joseph Bishop

Tasty food, great drinks, and even tastier desserts! The price could be a little more friendly, but isn't or of line for the quality

Rich Angel

Food is good but a little pricey.

Theresa Gorduyn

Great food and atmosphere. Love the outside space to bring the dogs.

Juerray Grant

A little pricey customer service is awesome and coffee is pretty good. Very spacious

Lori Taylor

Delicious food, comfortable seating for single diners and free WiFi - what's not to love?

Ashley Nix

Stopped in late on a Saturday to grab dessert and coffee. Had the pecan cheesecake and husband had the chocolate raspberry cake. Both were delicious. It's always hard to chose because they have such a wide variety to choose from and each one looks amazing.

Jason Hopkins

Good food and decent prices and we loved the outside seating coupled with dog friendly restaurant...recommended!

Howard Morgenstern

Great food, great service, good place to sit for a bit and do some work.

Dani Vierra

This cafe is an Albuquerque staple. Their pastries are delicious. If you get a chance try the "Red Stuff" (a signature drink) definitely do! You can also swing by Satellite Coffee Shop which is under the same ownership and a good place for a quick Flying Star Experience!

Mark Smith

Great desserts and very kind, professional service.

Valerie Cruz

Ordered via grubhub, they forgot my fries (only reason why it’s 4 stars and not 5). I called to let them know and wow, EXCELLENT customer service. Very nice, polite and apologetic.

Emily Donahue

Flying Star is an Albuquerque staple. Their desserts are delicious and coffee drinks are superb. They have ample seating and wifi, making it a popular place for university students. Outlets are scarce so make sure your laptop is charged!

Teresa Trujillo

Great food, prices and staff

Don Lyons

Relatively high-priced, but you pay for the consistency. All my meals here have been great. Coffee is quite good too, fantastic spot for a breakfast or brunch. in the spring and summer the patio is a really good atmosphere as well. We've taken our dog here multiple times.

Tanya Deets

Very bad sewer smell when I walked in the door will not be coming back.

Matthew Walstrom

Best place for pets! Bit pricey. red chili not that good

David Greif

Foods good. Pricing is expensive

Katie Fitter

I have such an ambivalent relationship with Flying Star. I want it to be good so badly, and I keep trying. The ambiance and coffee are always great. The food is never what I want it to be, and it's overpriced. Today my "over medium" eggs were cold and the whites weren't cooked. I mean, Denny's can cook an over medium egg without issue. Flip it and wait a couple seconds, this isn't a Le Cordon Bleu graduate order, c'mon guys. It's such a bummer because this place could be good, and it's just not. They've had 30+ years to get it right and still, underwhelming.

Heike Rice

Great selection of baked goods and amazing service.

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