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715 Douglas Ave, Las Vegas, NM 87701, United States

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REVIEWS OF Charlie's Spic & Span Bakery & Café IN New Mexico

Kelsey Frye

You can't go wrong at Charlie's. Everything is delicious! My favorite is the roast beef tacos and my husband loves the carne tacos. We are New Mexicans now living in Colorado, so each time we're in NM we get tortillas to take home. Last time we bought 12 dozen! There's nowhere that makes better tortillas than Charlie's.

Joshua Scott Hotchkin

The best combination of food and service in Las Vegas. No spiteful staff or wavering quality, just all of the best every hour of operation. And their bakery is perfection.

Zach North

My Biscochito was out of this world

Levonia Mikkelson


Kay Rice

Food was good. Servicer was not interested in her job. Food was slow, couldn't get to go box or check. Restaurant was not busy as we were there for late lunch. Hadn't been there in a while and won't go back.

Marsha Kern

Wonderful, abundant Mexican food! Charlie's is a must anytime we are near.

Olivia Nevarez

Our absolute favorite for donuts the size of your head!!

John Buckley

Some of the best green Chile I've had in new Mexico. The stuffed sopapilla was delicious and the service was quick and friendly.

Crystal Goff

Absolutely Amazing as always!! The Crispy Cheese Tacos are a must try!!!

Chris Romero

Ok food, if you enjoy seating your self and enjoy waiting hours for an order, then this is the place for you. The donuts and coffee are good and the tortillas but the service was horrible.

John Wilson

The best food in the world

Melanie Archuleta

The event room is great. Food was very good too.

Amanda Martin

Get the key lime! So happy this place is still around. Haven't been here in about 18 years. Wonderful green chili! They even have it in jars to take with you.

Julee Vigil

This was a cute little delicious bakery/resturaunt I loved the food and the wonderful bakery goods I took home afterwards. Will be coming back next time I'm in town. The waitress was awesome too. Loved to whole experience. Glad to come from Colorado and find such an awesome place.

Vivian Williams

Outstanding! A place for breakfast, lunch and dinner


I’ve been coming here since I was little and the food has never disappointed. But this go around, the wait staff was extremely unsatisfactory. There was little to no attention paid to me and my family who are normally great tippers. The waitress rarely came around and we waited 45 minutes for the food and the drink orders were incorrect. I know this place was once a frequently visited eatery by my entire family. I think next time we might skip and go down the street. We can do better. Wait staff needs to get it together.

Ron Schorr

Great food here. Service is well fair at best, I'm a very good tipper when server takes good care of us. I'm from Las Vegas and stop here everytime we are going through. Excellent breakfast, and lunch. Homemade tortillas are the best.they make them right there on site. Very good Mexican food as well. If your in town or passing through it's worth the stop.

Antonio Gonzales

Good food and good service

Preray Raypre

Rude wait staff .takes forever for someone to acknowledge that you exist waited 17 min before someone asked us what we wanted to drink Food is fair at best. This place is definitely overrated. Tourist trap


The Doc and Span Restaurant was one great place to eat at during the 4th of July . It's a restaurant that I've come to eat at since my Father brought me to Las Vegas to visit 30 years ago . We come from Santa Fe to enjoy Las Vegas during their wonderful fiestas

Kent Morrill

Great regional flavors. Breakfast served all day. Very generous portions. To go boxes are common. Great bakery pies and pastries in addition to the breakfast and sandwich/burger menu. I can see how service might be spotty, but I was here on Saturday of a holiday weekend, and had great attention although the restaurant was very busy. I added this place to my favorites.

Johnny Ibarra

Charlies was great! Visited while in town on business, they provided, quick and accurate service. The food tasted amazing too! I had the chicken sandwich with green Chile and cheese and it was delicious! Their young staff was very friendly and welcoming and provided a great experience, I'll definitely be back!!

Drew Michels

Good for breakfast! Coffee was simple but delicious. Had the Spanish skillet which was very good with perfectly made over easy eggs. Vibe was like an old diner. Paying for the bill was inefficient, had to wait in a long line at the bakery.

Ralph Davis

The holy grail of cinnamon rolls. Donuts the way donuts are supposed to be. Food was good, green chile was NOT hot, warm, good flavor.

Artie Martinez

Love the food, but the waitress, who was very friendly, never checked if my coffee needed refill, the order took forever, but was very good. But the lack,of service was not good.

Julie T

Cinnamon rolls are oh so yummm, and the entire bakery looks glorious!! Breakfast was wonderful, we’ll be back next time through!

Andrew Osborn

Been coming here thru from the slopes back home every year.. never fails sending breakfast, even better pastries!

Margaret Surrock

Charlie's is an authentic diner with a hometown feel. Very good New Mexican food plus many other choices. Yummy desserts too! Traveling past Las Vegas, NM on I-25. Good place to stop.

Raz & Imbri P

We now understand why the whole town of Las Vegas appears to have rolled-up sidewalks on Sunday mornings, the entire town is at Charlie's. We had a breakfast we weren't enthused by up in Colorado, and decided to try a stop in Las Vegas for some pastries or drinks. A quick search before we reached the exits brought up Charlie's. When we found parking quickly, though the street and much of the lot across from the restaurant were packed. We were undecided about whether we should dine in or just order from the bakery to go. We opted for the latter, as the restaurant was seriously hopping, but the line at the bakery counter was pretty short, and it was a wonderful day for eating outside. We ordered one of everything from the half of the bakery cabinet closer to the register, and the server chuckled, telling us that she hears that very often. We expressed understanding, looking at the delectable tarts and Cream Puffs, and assured her we were serious. She packed all the bars, tarts, and the Long John in one box, and gave a separate box for the Cream Puff because it was of astounding proportions. We went to the plaza and tucked into the Cream Puff right away, and Wow! the pastry portions were light and flaky, and the cream was a departure from the traditional super-sweet pastry creme. It was pretty much the texture and flavor of the most perfect marshmallow fluff, only slightly less sticky and better at holding its shape. It's lucky there were two of us, neither of us could have finished that gargantuan dessert on our own! We kept the rest of the pastries for the road, and broke into them when we arrived in Albuquerque. That's when we discovered than unlike every other doughnut shop or bakery we have ever encountered, Charlie's does not skimp on the custard filling. The Long John had been injected from both ends, and the creamy, custard center was a thick band all the way through the delightfully fluffy pastry. Total win, I'm not sure I will order custard-filled anything anywhere else now that I've had this one! Our other selections included Apple, Peach, Cherry, and Prune tarts, and the Lemon and Key Lime bars. Every single one of these were of the finest quality, and big enough for 2-4 people to split as a standard dessert. I have been eating the tarts for breakfast for the last several days, and while they are absolutely the best when fresh, the flavor and texture holds up to refrigeration and reheating quite nicely. Most remarkable from the rest of these is the Prune tart, which has a crust that tastes like biscochitos, and the richest plum butter I've ever tasted inside. Also notable is the Key Lime bar, which has been getting steadily better each time I have some as a midnight snack!

Ray A. Garley

Staff always display professional demeanor making the customer feel welcomed and that they belong there. Their products are always fresh and desirable making you desire your next visit. Trust me it's a great place.

willow lyall

Awful experience! Found a large piece of clear sharp plastic in my vegetarian tacos. We told our server about this foreign object, and they didn't seemed surprised at all. Like it must happen often? They didn't offer to remake the dish or comp the meal... Upon further inspection of the same veggie tacos, we found a piece of fried chicken stuck in the melted cheese of the veggie taco. It seems they made chicken tacos first then realize they were supposed to be veggie. They tried to remove the chicken from the VEGETARIAN tacos without anyone noticing but failed. We notified the management of this second mishap with the veggie tacos, and only then they offered to comp the veggie taco meal. I would definitely not recommend this establishment to vegetarians or anyone that cares about proper food handling. The bathroom was very dirty and the staff was very rude to us when we exposed the problems with our meal. Avoid this dirty tourist trap!

Earl Tarble

Huge servings. Chips with guacamole was almost a meal by itself. They close early when it is slow, so don't wait until just before closing because they may have already locked the door. Best known for breakfast and Bakery items. We were there at 5:20 PM. No beer served then because they closed at 5:30. Went back the next day to get donuts as we were told they were the best in Las Vegas. BEST DONUTS EVER. Key lime pie was Meh.

Samantha Saiz

The food was delicious, the service was great.. The hostess Liz and our waitress Samm, (I hope I got the names correct) you girls have great customer service.. keep up the good work.. Thank you

Em Jacobs

We stumbled upon Charlie's Spic and Span completely by accident. What wasn't an accident was how we ate there three times in a four day visit to the area. Its got an iconic diner vibe, friendly staff, and food so good I still dream about it. Make sure you order something that comes with a fresh tortilla!

Sam D

Portions were humongous and most importantly the food was delicious. First time we've ever not to have had requested extra gravy for the chicken fried steak from the restaurant. Charlie's had that bad boy smothered. The green chile stew burrito was awesome. The cinnamon roll is more like a cinnamon loaf it was so big. The waitress warmed it up for us with extra butter. Amazing. Though not as buttery as frontier but still good. The best part was that our drinks were never empty. They provided little pitchers for each drink so we could refill our cups ourselves. Awesome experience. Would definitely come back again. We travel to Colorado often so this may be our new pit stop when we need to stretch and take a break.

Erin Baca

Nicely remodeled, good food!

Tony Ross

Great food, very family oriented. Don't forget to take a pastry or a few home for later! A favorite of mine in Las Vegas, NM.

Theo Chavez

Food was good, coffee was great! Wonderful place to meet with family and friends

Justin Metcalfe

My family eats at this place once a year before we head up to the mountains for Christmas. The moment we leave the restaurant I eagerly anticipate eating there again in 365 days.

Sean Gannon

Great food, spicy chile, tasty pastries, pleasant staff. This is the second time we've been here for breakfast - a must have when visiting Las Vegas. Retro styling makes the inside charming and unique, but the food is what really matters - I'd eat the steak skillet in a 130 degree porta-potty in Afghanistan if able. Budget enough time to wait in the bakery line and get some treats to take with you!

Bob Patterson

Great lunch spot

Al Johnson

It was wonderful as always - food very good and service excellent. Bakery goods are delicious! We always stop there when we travel I 25.

Sydney Shew

Great food, staff, and beautiful deserts!

K Rose

Had a wonderful breakfast at Charlie's. Food served fast and hot. Very good. Sat across from the bakery so had a long opportunity to view their beautiful desserts. And forgot to say, the tortillas are fantastic. I bypassed the ginormous cream puff and that was hard. But opted for the apple fritter. I highly recommend. Will be back again.

Christoph Lujan

Good food and excellent service. Just don’t sit by the neon light signs cause they can get annoying

Dino D'Innocenzo

I cant say enough about Charlie's, we dri e 5 hours just to get fresh tortillas and the food is always amazing. Their menu is not for the peckish as the portions are amazing. Both the green and red chili will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy every time. We will gladly make the 5 hour drive just to visit again and again.

Sonja Chavez

It's always great......the food,the service & the atmosphere!! Thank you all for always being on point! No complaints ever☺

Erica Cummings

Tacos, burritos and more soooo good. Excellent chile!! The service is usually very good but on Sunday our server only came to our table three times, once to bring our beverages, once to take our order and then to bring our food never checked on us again.

Victoria Boynton

Rivals the very best Mexican food we've had in 15 years of NM living and exploring. Excellent and fun decor. Such nice staff too. Got to see the cream puffs and the tortillas making machine.

Jaime Flores

We had such a great experience at this gem of a restaurant today. We were traveling from AngelFire NM back home to TX & saw this place. Our waitress was attentive and the food was delicious. We shared how much we loved this visit with our waitress after having a terrible experience at a place in AF on a our vacation and when we were done our waitress bought and gave us cookies from the Bakery to make up for a bad experience in a whole different city. What an excellent and thoughtful thing to do! We will def. be back next trip. Thanks Charlie’s!

Kim Roberts

Used to be great..... not sure what's happened. Service was incredibly slow. Taquitos were cold with a pile of unmelted cheese on top and were so burned the meat was black and unidentifiable. The waiter's response? "Oh. Sorry." And walked off. Rice and beans are bland.

Tauni Wells

Good food ... awesome homemade tortillas! And don't forget a chocolate eclair to go!

Charlie Johnson

Good portions and nice service.

Ron Sedillo

Luv this restaurant has great food.....

Bob Jackson

Great food and service.

Aaron Eldridge

Amazing place, great service and awesome food!

Wally Larsen

If you are in Las Vegas NM, do not miss this. Wonderful food, large portions, amazing pastries. Highly recommend it.

Kathy Lovato-Gallegos

Great food! Great bakery! Fresh tortillas! Super busy so the service was a bit slower and tables were left unbussed.

Manuel Talamantes

Great employees, true new Mexican food

Lee Yardman

Very good food, all kinds of American food, but most of all you have got to try their Apple Fritters they are to die for

jonathan vigil

The bomb! It was good when I was a kid and better now! A staple of Las Vegas, I go there anytime I'm in town.

Marc Willson

Wow, really good breakfast, service and atmosphere!

Ernie G.

Love the 60's atmosphere, food very tasty and reasonably priced.

Glynda Newton

Love the ambience, the coffee, very clean establishment, pastries and food are excellent! The staff are very warm and friendly, family atmosphere.

Chris Cordes

Really good diner in Las Vegas! They might have some of the best tortillas ever. They were so good. Everything we had exceeded expectations. Highly recommend if you are going through or in Las Vegas, stop and eat here! You will not regret it!

Chris Hawk

Super delish dishes...

James Garvin

The potatoes and beans are amazing here. Everything is just the bes. Don't forget to get a cream puff from the bakery, the best in the Southwest.

E Lujan

This place has been a favorite for many years. Lately we have been disappointed with the service from the waitresses. We always tip 20% or more. We were there recently & got bad service again. Plus as a group of four we were charged gratuity without us knowing. WTH! If you dont give good service, then why should you determine how much we tip you?

Geno Mathis

Great food, but the service can suffer at times, which is mainly due to the high volume of clientele.

joe sand

Good food nice selection of desserts

America Balzano

Always delicious superb help a definite stop by for anything from latte to the worlds largest and best cupcakes to cimmamon buns as big as your head and don't forget the Chile.

High Country Loco

We've been coming to Charlie's for years and years and love it! They have the best glazed donuts in the world. Two requests, por favor? The art is fantastic but please consider ditching the painting of the bride covered in...whipped cream? It doesn't exactly inspire hunger and well, even my young grandson and his friends giggle over it. Also, the floors are incredibly slippery and feel greasy when going to the restrooms. An accident waiting for old folks, like me.

Klaus Priebe

My stuffed soppapilla was good but the salad had very old cabbage that was terrible. Told the waiter and lady at the cash register and the could have cared less. Very disappointing

GIlbert Aragon

Great food great service homemade tortillas made every day

Brenda Randell

The food was amazing and you got a lot. The place was busy and once we got our food, we understood why. Waiter was very patient and really good. We will definitely be back.

Dan Cook

Very good food and great service will be there any time when I can

George Smith

Best place in town to eat breakfast. Great food options and service. Large place with plenty of room, so little wait if any. The fresh tortillas and sweets are fabulous.

Melissa Jacobsen

First time eating at Charlie's and it was absolutely delicious! I ordered flautas and was shocked when I was served 4 of the largest ones I've ever seen. The crust was light and fluffy and the roast beef was moist . The desserts are baked fresh and it was difficult to chose just one but we settled for the Bavarian cream filled long john and to say it melts in your mouth is an understatement! The ambiance is fun and staff is friendly. Highly recommend if you stop or are passing through Las Vegas, NM!

Essie Lownsbery

Great food! Awesome customer service!!! Clean!!!

Savannah Higgins

We have always come here for the hash browns which were the best in town, especially with our favorite dish which consists of hashbrowns topped with chile, cheese and eggs but we heard today that Charlie will no longer be serving hashbrowns. My plate was mediocre at best with papitas and we are very disappointed. We don't be returning.

Erin Armijo

Foods pretty good but a bit pricey, service is ok. Took forever to get our food..seemed like the server had a huge section...make sure you have plenty of time to spare.

Ashley Marsh

I've only been here a couple of times and have been completely satisfied with the service, food and baked goods. I had breakfast the first visit (yummmmm they serve breakfast all day) and a salad the second visit (also delicious). This is a great local spot in LV and you'll run into lots of locals dining here. Dont forget a baked goody or some tortillas to take with you when you leave.


Delightful bakery and great prices too. A deffinate place to stop at.

Jackie Cromer

Huge yummy pastries and Starbucks coffee!!! Worth the visit.

D. Kay Dorman

Such a treat for spring break brunch. Highly recommend the Rellenos and eggs. Don't miss the tortilla.

Jason Eckert

The food is great and you get a lot of it for the price.


Very pleasant eating. You have to eat the fajitas. They are awesome!

LInda Seckar

Fabulous food, service and bakery! Go there anytime I'm passing through.

Michael St. John

This is a great place, the food was great, the restaurant was packed and the food took a few minutes to get to us but it was still hot which I am looking for. So it did not disappoint there, the staff was friendly and paid attention and ensured I am not running dry or missing any additional items.

Daniel Abeyta

Tha caliente burger is really good good service

Bob LaFrance

Best food and absolutely the best tortillas anywhere. Great place to stop on the way to ALB.

Andy Vigil

We love the food and service we always receive. I wish we had one in Santa fe.

LUCky13 Romero

Yummy, Halloween cookies my favorite.

Jean Romero

Charlie has brought this building A LONG WAY!! It used to be the little spic and span bakery, owned by the CDe Bacas. It always did well, but now, it is THRIVING! With a tortilla factory, where locals always pick up our tortillas, good Starbucks coffee, and authentic NM foods, it's become a local hub of activity, and a go-to meeting place for families.

Deborah Minor

Awesome atmosphere, food AND sweets.

Taylor Donahue

Came for the silly name and the light up cream puff sign. Didn't eat a cream puff. What we found was that there's something called a "Stuffie" that can substitute for a burrito, stuffed sopapilla it turns out. Also, wait for it... Rellenos and eggs! Which I think was the star of the show. I had a real solid, real enormous green chili cheeseburger, all flavors were incredible. Also portions. Still working on those leftovers, and they kept the coffee coming (even at dinner, oops, lost some sleep over that one!) But there is a reason the walls are covered in art depicting dessert items. We tried a fair spread of them, all direct hits. Not a single miss.

V Ring

A great place!!!! Totally unexpected!!! And it's easy to tell it's a local favorite too!!!

Lynn Wood

What a delicious treat. Just pray they keep up their wonderful quality and friendly spirit.

Jennifer Brewer

Food is always delicious, chile has just the right heat. The servers are friendly even when they are packed.

Mel Rodriguez

The first stop when I get into Vegas from Colorado and I always have me the red carne adovada burrito never disappoint!!!

Jennifer Taton

Posted hours say they close at 6pm. Showed up at 530pm and they are closed. Called and they state they close when they "feel like it". Drove a long way and had several orders for tortillas...guess we will do business elsewhere.

Alanda Baldwin

It doesn't get much better than this for a great breakfast place! Ambiance is comfortable, happy but not loud and the food and service are excellent.

Brian Miller

Great place to eat! Very reasonable prices and great food. The BEST flour tortillas in New Mexico! I eat there every time I'm in Las Vegas and ALWAYS pick up several dozen flour tortillas.

Michael/Danielle Gipson

I was so sad today because the tortilla machine was down!

Christine Urioste

Awesome food.friendly helpful servers.a really nice place.has been for many years!!!

Mario Rael

Staff was friendly. The restaurant was clean and the food was good.

Julie Decker

Holy crap! Why don't we have a place this good in Albuquerque? Best apple fritter ever and the long John's.... So long and full of cream!

shane orr

Fun local hangout. I had the green chili stew smothered burrito. Yummy. Good service too. Bakery looks amazing as well. I'll come back.

Eddie Mirabal

Awesome experience great green chili cheese burger out of this world pasetry and excellent service

frances holton

Great food and Service they have extra large pan cakes

Jennifer Holdcroft

Food is amazing! Get some tortillas to go and their bakery is amazing, ginormous cream puffs! Real new Mexican cooking at best.

leo mazon

Staff and crew are great! But what brought down my review is the flavor and price of the food. It’s a great place to pass the time but if your looking for quality of food at a great price, that it is not . But plenty of room for improvement.

Sam68 Bass

Been here twice. Food is in great quantities and waitresses are mostly friendly. But the deserts, they are the main attraction!! Phenomenal!

Ross Brannan

We had a good meal, in a bustling place. Service was good,not great, but they were very busy. Food was really good.

B Pina

The. Burger was over cooked. The rice was overcooked. I liked the green chili but hubby did not. Lots of flour in the red chili. Service was great. We gave 3 stars only because the bakery was excellent. Will pass on the food.

Carole Schmitz

Great place. Good food,have to try their Creampuffs or Eclairs.

Bianca Rodriguez

I'm from out of town and this is definitely a spot you need to try! Fresh bread and tortillas. Great service. Old school diner atmosphere. Great prices, excellent food!

Chuck Brannan

This place is so charming! Food is wonderful and everyone is so friendly. This could be the centerpiece of any small town. Sit down, enjoy a cup of coffee, journal and soak in the space.

Faye B

The eclair was good, but really just a very long Boston Cream donut. I wish they had told me that so I could have had another flavor. All 3 of us ordered one and all too 1/2 home. The donuts were big and looked very good. The cream puffs are very tall with cream filling. I wish there had been a smaller one or an option with ice cream.

Nancy Neal

I come back here every time I come back to New Mexico. Loved it in the 60’s and it is still great, even greater

Eric Jaramillo

Large portions of great tasting food, with a great selection of pastry and other baked goods.

Nicholas Ansloan

The go-to restaurant for Las Vegas, NM. Absolutely great, authentic New Mexican food. They have the best tortillas I’ve ever tasted! Some truly incredible pastries too. I’m tempted to drive back there every so often but they’re a bit too far from Albuquerque for that!!!

Jeanne Reutner

It was great food and great company for the RHS 69 group.

Joshua Lewis

Can't say how much we enjoyed this place on the way home from vacation. Our waitress was awesome, the food was great, portions were huge.

Irene Rael

Great, pastries, tortillas and service.

Karen Mestas

Great food great service. It was worth the drive

Penn Philips

We always come to Charlie's when we are in town. Everything we have ordered has been great. Fast & friendly service. Love the dessert

Elizabeth Hall

It was too busy to get a table so we just picked up a couple of things from the bakery and went on our way. Since they were so busy I assume the food is great. The empanadas and donuts we got were the bomb!

Thomas Sandoval

Best doughnuts! I'm from Santa Fe and were willing to take a special trip to get these if we don't know someone coming up to beg they bring us some.

Kathy Grant

This place had really good food and the service was great. The décor is just fun

Judy Phelps

As usual, excellent food & service!

Nathan Reed

Great place in Las Vegas, NM for breakfast and lunch. Delicious NM Cuisine, and plenty of sweet treats in their display case (I can recommend the lemon bars, but skip the key lime-not tart enough). When they are busy it can be slow, but everyone hustled.

Elvis Flores

Best in las vegas i know people from afar that come for the food and settings of this place

Karla Rael

Went in to eat a meal and didn't expect to wear it. If plate is too hot the first time you try to serve it, what would make you think that by putting it on another table would cool it down. Sad part is that owner didn't care because he never came to table to see if everything was alright. Food also tasted different this time around.

John Vigil

Amazing service and good deals the food was great

Michelle Merritt

The food is great and the waitstaff very friendly. Plan on stopping in again on our way home.

Broderick Etsitty

Great service and delicious food.

Jason Spaulding

cut the steak with the steak knife was so hard. Server was absent most of the meal man out of ice tea before the meal started never got a refill. Wait for the food was too long. Burger raw.

JT Salas

Delicious food, many menu options to choose from. Fresh tortillas and bakery goods. The art on the wall is funky and fun. Always busy and obviously a local hang-out. I recommend.

Elizabeth Siler

Yes awesome. Did a light breakfast of coffee- excellent well brewed Starbucks blend - Earl Grey tea - also excellent - and three of the best and biggest donuts ever. Maple donuts to die for. All this came to ten bucks. And they filled our to go cups! Great friendly service. Will return. Yes awesome. A must visit!

Kay Hammock

Great place for lunch. I had a Patty Melt and it was the perfect amount of food. Although I didn't have any pastries they looked amazing. Would highly recommend.

David Leong

Had the Crispy Cheese Tacos and they did not disappoint! The flour tortillas were made fresh in house. Delicious!

Vincent Maes

Awesome place. Awesome staff.

david martinez

M! good, watch tortillas being made, then eat the

Elgin Carr

Affordable huge servings of authentic New Mexico breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The service is friendly and quick. The female staff are so attractive.

Steve Sisk

This is an amazing stop. Don't go by. Our waiter was most courteous and attentive, the food was excellent and well displayed, I recommend the onion rings. Was driving through so stopped here since the parking lot was full of locals. Will remember Charlies when we drive back through. Thank you, and the bakery food is delicious.

Crystal Waters Whitehawk

Yummy..great food .love this place..also eat here when going to Colorado.

Janice Levering

Bigger is better sometimes

Whatsis Incognito

Stop here! … Discovered this place online on our way to Santa Fe. We wanted somewhere local and interesting. It was a good decision. The cuisine is different, but not strange or anything to scare you off. It seems to be the place to be for the locals. Décor is not run-of-the-mill. Many choices. Enjoyed local, egg-type breakfast entrees and some stuff from the bakery. They close early at night, so when we tried to stop again on the way home they were locking the doors on us. Bummer.


Wonderful food and baked goods.

Jessie Dewey

On our way to Colorado, stopped to eat at Charlie's, ordered the taco plate. Three of us shared this plate, great homemade taste. Did not taste any of their pastry but it looked amazing, super sized. I totally recommend! Great service.

Twilight Fairlight

Found this place when driving through nearby I-25 on my way to Denver from Santa Fe. I needed a strong cup of coffee and searched Starbucks. I was delighted and intrigued to stumble across “Charlie’s Spic and Span Bakery & Cafe”. I love to find unique places and things to do and this place is definitely unique with a hugely pleasing decor. Great find. Super service, really tummy, tasty food. Awesome young staff who were attentive, polite, and quick with well prepared, delicious lunch of burritos with the fixings. My travelling partner had a well made, tasty hamburger lunch. We took our Starbucks coffee and homemade donuts and hit the road. I very much recommend Charlie’s Spic and Span Bakery & Cafe”.

Janet Iacobelli

Great green chile stew!

Hannah Andrews

We were visiting family in Las Vegas and heard rave reviews about Charlie’s. There were 6 of us and our server Samantha G was horrible. She did not refill our drinks, never gave us our check, the food took over 30 minutes. We had to ask for extra plates and the tortillas that were supposed to be included in our meal. I am a restaurant manager and would be horrified if my employees gave such service. On top of it all we had to tip her 18% bc the gratuity has to be added with parties of 6. She did not wait on us at all bc she knew she would get a tip regardless. I will not recommend this restaurant to anyone based off of the service we received.

Kimmy Lee

Had a half order but was charged for a full order. Cashier asked someone and said we had to be charged full price. I thought that was pretty greedy. I was actually going to use this place desserts to market my business in Abq metro. I think if this is the way they do business I’ll take mine elsewhere. I thought this was unfair. I hate greed. I won’t return.

adam eberl

Best Apple Fritter I have ever had. Plus they’ve got a retro interior with a killer tin roof.

Sean Gonzales

Breakfast was fabulous, donuts are made fresh daily, good coffee hot spot for travel.

Anne Hermes

Great food and baked goods. The service is wonderful. Do not miss this place.

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