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REVIEWS OF Albertsons Market IN New Mexico

alie Espinoza

After many unpleasant experiences, the last one was the straw that broke the camel's back. Customer service desk is a joke! They're bothered to do anything. After waiting in line for 10 minutes and watching the customer service attendants not make eye contact with anyone, one of them became available. I proceeded to get "help" ( what a joke)and she decided to answer the phone first, instead of taking care of me. When she hung up, she walked away! I had been waiting for 20 minutes or so. I couldn't believe it. I had to walk away. I was in line to return a package of rotten potatoes and exchange it. I left the potatoes on the counter and I walked away. 4 days prior to this time, ( I'd go there 3 times a week at least and spend between $250 to $300 a week) the cashier packaging my groceries seemed kinda outta of it put a fresh baked loaf of garlic bread in the bag and proceeded to throw a melon on top of it! I asked her to please not do that. Then she got an attitude and asked me about every single bag she packed..." is this ok"? I'd rather drive further to Walmart than go back there. There are some really nice employees there, but it's not enough to bring my business back.

Scott Lang

Were in the process of moving and still had a great selection of produce with great customer service from friendly people.

Robert Gilbert

Store was clean and help was readily available from both employees and management. Good selection of Salsa and hot sauce

Pat Love

Alwaus have plenty of employees

Kate Lewis

This is a busy store but the clerks are friendly and helpful. The produce and meat departments have good selections.

fernie renteria

Nice variety of produce. This is where we get our fresh ghost peppers from. Also has an ok selection of beer and liquor

heather lunsford

Love staff!!!! Helpful and friendly. I especially Love Mrs. Kay R!!!

julia wimberley

Super sweet staff, I'd much rather come here than walmart

Lisa Lopez

I always like going to Albertson but today was a not so good experience with some of your clerks there. Today an incident happened and one of your clerks was rambling on aboit what happen how it happen and who the indivuals were and i think that this is uncalled for as a customer service you shouldnt ve advertising what is happening in a store like this because you are getting customers involved and spreading gossip that is noones business. Your clerks need to learn to be better customer service representatives

Caleb Cunningham

Our local Albertsons is always a great choice when looking for a place for all your grocery needs. The have fresh produce and fruit, daily baked goods, ready to eat food. They also have a full beer/wine/liquor section, pharmacy, fresh flower section, arranged and mix and match, that are priced at a bargain. A definite place to go, especially for the annual green chile roasting!

Lisa Marie Hedrick

I love the meat dept. It is clean , well stock, the meat looks fresh and service has always been helpful and friendly. The vegetables/friut dept. , All departments are organized and clean workers helpful and curitous. Great sales too

Kristin Adams

Best place to grocery shop in town if your looking for fast, friendly service in a clean well maintained establishment. Prices are high if your not shopping the deals.

Carlo Green

Had what I needed. Pretty clean. Some aisles were a little congested because associates were stocking goods. Other than that everyone seems nice. First time at this location. I would definitely recommend to anyone doing grocery shopping in Carlsbad.

Jennette Duplissey

They're getting better with their situation since they've been turned over to new management or company lots more to choose from great staff and the prices are very reasonable I especially like their meat market and their produce

Ali Murray

The Customer Service is great! They also have a wide variety of produce.

Creig Wallace

Good service

Kenneth Kruse

Great selection, Nice workers, convenient.

Debbi Smith

Great selection. Great prices. Great service. Friendly checkers.


Horrible parking

Cheryl Hudgens

Fresh fruit and veggies all the time! Plus the staff is very helpful and so nice.

René Cabrera

I got everything I was looking for. Fajitas, roses, avocados, lemon cake. The checkout line was fast and the staff was friendly.

Rene Binkley

I love this store I work here It's the best.

Hannah Melendez

Fresh produce, and best meat market in town! We love the customer service! Shelves are well stocked, store is clean and staff is helpful and courteous!

Ann Atwood

We have a Great Albertsons, here in Carlsbad NM !! Great Choices, Great Meat Dept., Produce Dept., Dairy is Normally Stocked,but if you need something that isn't there, No Problem they will look in the back stock. The Cashiers are Friendly and usually remember you if your local. THANK YOU ALBERTSONS

Stephen Castrogiovanni

Great selection on just about everything. Prices are good and people were polite. At check out there was a senior in front of us having probems. The associate cashier was so patient with her as she and the manager helped her with her transaction. It was at least a 20 minute wait. Good place. We will go again.

Paula Flores

Everything is great

deanna proffitt

Stock is low, guess because of building new store

Mindy Trent

Little more pricey but produce and meat departments are great

kevin armour

Easy shopping.i like a person at register and a bag boy.great job

K Gee

Gross gross gross.....STALE OLD donuts! I bought these donuts for staff. But I should've known better. Last night I bought freshly cooked chicken tenders that reeked of STALE lique and cigarettes. I couldn't eat them at all!! I will never, ever eat here or buy anything here again.

Dan S

Great grocery store experience.

Kevin Phillips

Friendly and helpful staff. Great prices and selection on most everything!!!

Jean Moss

Like to do my grocery shopping here even though it is very crowded and busy.

Martinez Dominique

Fast service

Donna Wootten

Oh my gosh, I hate this store!!!! The rewards card is apparently made of GOLD because ive made 2 attempts to get one yet, I still don't have one . And no one will bother to explain the process of how to get one! 5 people standing behind the customer service countet and one working....I guess I'll go to Wal-Mart from,now on

Lisa Bilbrey

Nice clean store with great prices!

Susanne Nation

For the size of this store, there is a lot of selection. Except for the produce worker (whom never looked up), someone was available and asking if I found what I needed. We'll stocked throughout. Not tried the meat yet, but after reading these reviews, we will!

Vaiden Courtney

Fresh hot bread

Jody Williams

Used to be a really good, clean store. But, like every other place in this town, they've been completely overrun by the oilfield fiasco. Hoping the new store will get them back up to the quality they previously had.

Sherry Beachum

They have a lot of good sales

Big Papa

Good service

Cecil Henderson

Great produce and meat, while building the new store parking lot is hard to to get around!


Great store

Kristie Strieby

Great lay out for a store but with all the construction currently going in it's a hot mess right now. The lines are starting to get long but they pay attention to that and get more checkers when needed. They also still have assisted carry out service as needed for those who need help with their groceries. I also like how they play monopoly and have ways to get discounts on products

Robin Manzanares

OMG they have a great selection. I mostly go to check out the teased this place had an amazing selection of teas. Not to mention they had many selection of other items.

Monique Valenzuela

Great place for discounts and sales.

Diana Mastroianna

Holy moly Teresa is sooooo slow and unfriendly. Displays falling apart in the aisles. Shelves bare. Stockers refusing to move out of the way. Walmart here we come. Did I mention we hate Walmart?

Dale Sims

Same stuff as always

Nancy Acosta

As soon as I ask for help most of them get close to try to find what I was looking for nice people in there

Marci Strain

Great place alittle pricey but good food

J Medina

Very nice store, and prices aren't bad :)! I like the deals on meat and other foods :) !

Calvin Dabbs

Because the people are friendly and they will help you find anything you need and the prices are not in the different than Walmart in fact I get better deals at Albertson's that I do at Walmart

Jason Halstead

Much better quality than wally world...and they had more registers open.

Cynthia Henderson

Best produce and quality meats!

Walter W. Taylor

Great vegetables

Shannon Villegas

Parking is horrible and somethings are pretty pricey. They are usually busy but check outlines move pretty quick

Lindsay Wiles

Very few vegetarian/vegan options and vegetables items aren't always in stock when you want it. Not bad, but compared to the rest of the Albertsons we have been too it's not good at all.

Gary Landt

Has a wide selection of what you need from a grocery store.

donna transport

Good hot take-out food. Groceries are a little expensive, but they always have sales that make up for it. Big fresh meat selection

Lasi Leavy

Nice variety and selection of foods. I particularly appreciate the seafood section.

Heather R

This place is great! I came here from a larger city and I was surprised to see the wide variety of products they carry at this store. The staff are always very nice and can special order products and call you when they arrive.

Richard Duncan

Overall it's your basic grocery store. I mainly come here to use pharmacy. But things are laid out where you can see what you're looking for. People are friendly and helpful.

Cindy Brito

Good produce & meats, good sales, awesome cakes, but they no longer carry as much Oriental food as they previously did.

Rick Bridges

Very busy all of the time. Usually well stocked. They are building a new larger supermarket next door, but it won't be done for a long time. Meanwhile, there are far more people shopping here than it was ever designed to handle.

Evan Watson

A nice market close to my place. Glad they have brisket and specialized items that walmart doesn't have

Olivia Tellez

Love everything about it. Quality fruits and vegetables. Prices reasonable, great prices and awesome workers.


Good prices

Mike Jones

Very friendly environment. One of the managers was a huge help!!!

Jerry Anderson

Best place to shop in town always short lines always a register open unlike Walmart want you to be a checker for them

Jennifer Hedrick

Fresh meat and produce. What else could you ask for?!?!!

Ronny McNorton

Nice place shop

Hector Herrera

Love getting my fresh seafood and steaks here.

Lou Looff

Large variety of products and friendly staff very helpful in helping you locate items.

Brandon Rucker

Not so clean store and Im not sure the employees know that their customers exsist. Good prices though.

Teri Cunningham

Great food friendly staff

Todd Tindol

I frequent this establishment and is always a pleasant trip. They can be a bit more extensive than another big box place but I'd rather pay it that deal with Walmart!

Steve Harris

Wish this store was larger. Too small but produce is good

Nothin' Fancy Thompsons

Compared to everywhere else local, there is no comparison.

Jared R

Great staff and fresh produce. Great selection of beer. They try to get gluten free beer in, but they have a great local craft.

Tonia DiDonna

Always a great place to shop.

Anna Encinias

Produce is not fresh! The employer picked out the molded strawberries and through them in the trash in front of me and then handed me back the container. Management is rude and unprofessional. The store overall is just dirty and gross and needs to be updated. It's over crowded. Everything is overpriced.

Indra Dahal

Better than most bigger cities one's.

Sean Cleveland

Best wine and charcoal bought there

Marty Bravo

A bery nice place to buy a variety of delicious foods.

Klaus Priebe

Good store but a little more expensive than other grocery stores

Michelle Kesterson

Best produce in town. Killer lines after 3:00 p.m. Needs to go back to 24 hours. The deli is good, but I wish it had more variety.

Nipsey Massey

Awesome store freshest veggies and fruits around and the meat market is hard to beat BIG rib eyes and bigger t-bones. the meat market is the best in town and has fresh as could be sea food. pre made mac, potato and pasta salads. I recommend this place to any and everyone

Jennie Hedrick

It's a very good store people are great. Can't wait for the new store!

Samantha Kostedt

Albertsons is a great place to shop if you are wanting to avoid Walmart or if you are wanting to just not go all the way across town. Although, recently it has been more busy and there has not been much parking due to the construction of the new Albertsons that is being built right next to it. The new Albertsons is said to be much bigger and have a Starbucks coffee in it. It is said that they will be tearing down the old Albertsons when the new Albertsons is built therefore, there will be much more parking.


Here in Carlsbad you dont have very many choices. This is probably the best Grocery place. They have pretty good produce and some good employees. Management has not impressed me at all. They take more than 10 minutes to come fix customer issues. I have had one of the mangers walk away from me before I could finish my sentence. They "act" nice but truly dont care.

John Snider

This is a great location to pick up your grill supply,the water front park is 5 minutes away.Had plenty of grills and lots of Fun.3.2.1 Funnnnn

Jet Row

Its a better place than walmart when have buy one get on free meats all they are doing is raising the price of meat double buy people dont realize it all they see is buy one get one or 2 free. Overall need more handicapped spots and go carts. Bakery is very compated together lot a lot a room to get around to many displays in the way very close together

Robert Smith

Good place to shop. Its in Carlsbad so its usually packed. But all in all a very professional establishment.

Paul Baker

Clean and nice

Betsy Bergstrom

Love the fresh veggies and helpful people

Rebekah Boble

I love shopping at Albertsons, but the one in Hobbs stinks from time to time of fish, nasty when that happens!

Marshall McShan

Fresh food.

Frank Diesel

It's just ok, but the sales are a joke. Jack the price up triple and then put it on sale for BOGO. That seems to be their business model. Disappointing. I shop there for a few things, it's nice to get in and out fast.

Miss Jordan

There isn't much competition for Albertsons, but they could improve on having merchandise fully stocked for this busy town.

John Bradford

Like this store a lot meat counter is great, staff very friendly and helpful. The one problem is some aisles are very narrow and end caps make getting carts by each Other in several places.

Micheal Falter

Great service and always a lot of smiling faces.

andy ruiz

Under new management. Store looks way better but it's an old building but has everything you need. More healthier selections than local Wal-Mart does. If they don't have what you need health wise there's a store across the street with everything under the sun for you.

Daniel Vice

I prefer this market because Walmart sucks

Bill Greene

Great place..glad when the new one is built

Candy Candelaria

Clean, great meat and produce. Cashiers are quick.

aj fuentez

Groceries are expensive in that store

Steve Chavez

Kind of expensive and very busy

Quantrell Hearst

Always have fresh meat

Gabrielle Huestis

Love there high quality produce.

Paul Maxwell

Staff very helpful for those with special needs.

Rebecca Ingram

Great choices for items fast check out

Craig Lunsford

Great meat and seafood, highly recommended

Cory Strieby

I love shopping hear. I always look forward to outstanding customer service along with warm friendly faces. I find the lines move faster than other grocery stores in town. I also love there location. Out front they sell water that seems to be cheaper than other places. I can usually find free samples. I really enjoy these because I love to experience new things. Inside at there customer service desk is a convenient place to cash your paycheck. I definitely give Albertsons five out of five stars.


Like shopping at Albertsons there just isn't one closer to home.

Sandra Swisher

Went to get some deli Bacon, heck of a price and the best bacon!!! Meaty and thick. Well worth the 5.86 per Lb. Best Quality and buy in town. Lol.. I went to all 3 stores in town. By far the best deal ;-) Clerk was AWESOME, very helpful.

MJ Man

Best shopping experience in Carlsbad when you can beat the crowd. Good meat selection and friendly workers. Looking forward to being a little less crowded when the larger store is complete. Deli food is hit and miss.

Marci Fields

Of their meats

Chili Palmer

Higher prices and doing the best they can. Need a bigger store.

Jeff P.

If you're looking for something other than a Walmart, this is the place. Pretty much the same selections. Good selection on Bang energy drinks, which Walmart doesn't carry. And the meats are better.

Louvene Hale

I love the fresh vegatable section... and the fresh butcher section.. There is a pharmacy inside too. Cashiers are very nice. There is always an electric car too...

Thomas Avery

Getting ready to build a new bigger better store

Hannah Budy

Well my number love about this place is that me and my family are vegetarian and this place is the one place in town that has a LARGE selection of vegan and vegetarian foods for a good price. On top of that they have products I use everyday so it makes shopping there easy and convenient for everything. I mean and there wine OMG great , amazing selection of wine. It just makes an amazing one stop shop. There baby formula could be cheaper but what ever. I can stop at Walmart, I'm not that lazy. Plus there deli is pretty great.The cakes they sell are so yummy

Travis Scheirbeck

Good selection, nice produce aisle.

Kenneth Braud

Clean and well stocked.

Daniel R Munoz

Good deals on groceries friendly staff always willing to help you find wat u need

Jeff Campbell

Always good. Higher prices but usually good deals.

Jasey Courville

Good selection, high prices. $5 almond milk... C'mon.

Cipriano Griego

Great fruits

Lizzie Frakes

It is always hard to get out of Albertsons but the people are nice

Russell Kh

I like this store but unfortunately 5his is what happened. Ground beef that I got here looks like was food colored so it looks fresh, as you can see it was dark inside, who knows maybe it was also mixed with old meet as well. Stake meet that I got which wasn't cheep, had same thing coloured outside but dark like old inside... I honestly disapointed..... I hope they don't use meet glue here....

j lynne easterling

There are some things I can not find there that used to be there before. But it is a good store.

monica fuentez

The smell of roasting Chiles this time of the year is awesome

Max Felt

They always have good selections of produce. There are just never enough cashiers.

Paul Pittman

Store was laid out strangely and aisles seemed narrow. Could not find Starbucks via instant coffee.

Grady Ferguson

This the best grocery with the FRESHEST produce and the BEST people who work there. G.Ferguson

Denise Phillips

Love going to this store. Staff are super friendly and helpful. Store is nice and clean and well stocked. Prices are very reasonable.

Lisa Amaya

Great place. Best meat in town

Keith Vickers

Excellent do my grocery shopping there and is where I pick up my scrips

Richard Longoria

Good place good service

Michelle Harper


Michael Windham

Some of the employees need help with there manners. I shop here often and am tired of rude cashier's.

Michael Baker

Always a good experience! The produce and meat department are what keep me coming back.

Charmaine Funk

It's the night before Thanksgiving and the store was busy but it was obvious that they had all hands on deck and the employees had a great attitude. Rodney in the meat department was great! There was only 1 package of meat left of the cut we needed so he went to the back, packaged more for us and found us in the store to make sure we got it. That is the kind of service that keeps people coming back.

Don Hudgens

Great products but can get pretty busy. Needs to be bigger

Danny Easterling

The bathrooms are normally gross, the shelf tags are normally in the wrong place, not every item can be rung up. Most of the cashiers don't do their job well, by being slow and talking to baggers. Regardless of all that. I prefer Albertsons to any other store here in town.

Kerri Crawford

Always fresh produce & meat selection & service is gr8 .

Tara Amos

Dirty no selection not enough checkouts

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