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Where is Zadies Kosher Bake Shop?

REVIEWS OF Zadies Kosher Bake Shop IN New Jersey

Bryan Zwahlen

The place hasn't changed since I first visited as a kid in the 70s. They still have the same bread slicing machines. Absolute best chocolate babka and Jewish rye bread.

Janice Rojas

You can tell everything here is fresh because of the quality and taste. I will definitely be coming back for more! The challah is great on its own but even better for homemade French toast.

df gm

products are absolutely the most delicious! it's always a special treat to make the trip to Zadie's!

Alexander Kazinets

The food was great!

Bonnie Bornstein Fertel

Always Fabulous!

Robert Brodka

This bakery has really good cookies. Place is great for those who have nut allergies. Great kosher bakery

Krzysztof Kurnat

They have best danish donuts!!!

Mary Fisher

Was going to a Shiva and wanted something to bring. Everything was delicious and the owner helped me pick everything out (and gave me samples as she did). I will definitely be going back.

Jonathan Stieglitz

Great bakery!

anthony marascio

Good job

Ari Wartelsky

Still open post accident

Suzanne Gluck

Best Kosher bakery Ever wouldn't go anywhere else

Mickey M Mouse

Best bakery hands down

JH Wieder

Probably one of the best kosher bakeries in the tri-state area. Everything is delicious and fresh. And as an added benefit for those who are nut free this bakery is totally nut free.

Steven Kraus


Paul S

Excellent bakery!!

DarkCraft Games

I have been a customer for a long time , last week I was given $50 short of my change either by mistake or on purpose! Did not count my money since she gave me the cookies and bread all together. Talked to the owner he promised to check the security camera , called again he said he didn't have time !! Stopped by today and he said he hasn't seen anything which means I am lying. Not going back to that store anymore, no customer service! I am sure the girl who pocketed my money will make a mistake one day and she will be caught .

Alex Hessami

Chocolate Bobka Is Amazing!

Joshua Mann

Best challah around. No contest.

Dan Kaplan

Chocolate Bells (High Hats) are phenomenal!

bereny diaz

They open really early,there bread and cakes are to die for and their prices are the best

marc springer

Great cakes and friendly service.

Sam Jacks

Best jewish bakery in the world no questions.

Evan Marcus

Simply the best bakery anywhere. It's all amazing!

s. goldman

Amazing and all nut free

David S Mandel

The "real thing" for great Kosher bakery. The challahs are delicious.

rachael landau

Stir your childhood memories with nutfree kosher pastry delights like rugelah, mundlebread, buttercream cakes, rye bread, challah, dairy specialties, etc., boxed and tied with the classic red and white string. Comfortingly like your Bubbe's, bless her memory. Worth waiting-in-the-line, which may extend outside. Excellent braided challot: soft and slightly sweet. The Lemon Merengue pie was perfect in presentation and prep: the crumb crust wasn't soggy and the balance between sweet topping and tart filling was just right. We have sampled just about everything made here: unequivocally Zadies pleases everyone in our family across all generations.

Yair Silbermintz

Always nice & always delicious

orel cohen

Sooo tasty!

Emmanuel Sanders

Dairy products

Dave Stark

The best challah!

Manju Varghese

Delicious meltaway cake. Not too long of a wait


Cakes, cookies, and or breads are always fresh and the service is quick and friendly

Scott Wisotsky

A true Fair Lawn legend. A must. Some of the best pastries in the tri state area. Even their challah tastes like cake

Kenneth Moskowitz

"The Best!!!"

Eduard Tamarov

Paul Taylor

Who loves Zadies?!!!

Cesar H Monzon

There's nothing I can write that would do this place justice all I can say is that I have driven almost 2 hrs to get Hala bread and Cheese danish. If you never been here what are you waiting for.

Janet Hod

Outstanding baked goods.....I have many local bakeries but I choose to travel to Zadies because it is so good!!!!

Jay Olarsch

Yummm can not wait to eat my chocolate treasure.

Yehoshua Gold

Outstanding baked goods!!

N Steinberg

Great Challahs ! Great cakes ! Favorites are the onion rolls out of the oven and the chocolate/ inside vanilla creme seven layer cake !!

Raquel Goncalves

2 words...Chocolate Babka

Robert Gimbel

Nicole Salgado

I first discovered this bakery when I Googled “Nut free, dairy free bakery, Bergen county.” I visited it and ordered a full sheet cake because I trusted the reviews. From the cakes presentation to the taste, it was pure perfection! I ordered another cake yesterday and it was yet another success! Thank you Zadies for making such amazing goods!

Tunde Nagy

Very nice bakery. Everyone is very friendly. The pastries are all delicious! Stop by and give it a try.

Sem Bogdanov

Ernie Strauss

Outstanding. Best challahs on the planet. Also the best Black and White cookies in the galaxy.

Sid Gold

Absolutely the best challah and strudel on the East Coast this from a 71 year old maven...Bronx and NYC expert.

Ed Abramovitz

Worth the trip everytime.

parvs kaur

The cakes are amazing!!!! I bought a chocolate cake from them recently for my boss birthday and it was so good. Everyone loved it. It was just the perfect sweet. Recently check them out.

Daniel Langer

Most delicious challah and pastries.

Bret Harmen

Great pastries and challah!

richard landau

Great Bakery, good friendly service

Greg M.

Best challah bread in north Jersey!

r sos

Love it one of the best bakery.

Richard Zak

They have an awesome chocolate melt cake.

Rachel Romano

delicious desserts. quality service

Avi Cohen

Zadies whole wheat challah is famous! It's mandelbrot is delicious. So it's its marble cake. So is its cheese Danish. So is.... Oh go find out for yourself!

Ariel Shiloh

Great kosher and nut free options, but cakes are expensive.

Elizabeth Veronique Bubika Hoka

The desserts are amazing. I highly recommend this place. ❤

David Reingold

A wonderland of Cakes, Breads, Cookies and more

Zehra Tariq-Shuaib

They make some really good cakes, and cookies. They also take some strange request to put on your cake.

Queen Canty

The pastries are delicious but the fact that they are kid friendly is even better. You can definitely over indulge yourself!

Alan Furst

Great tasting polite and friendly

Stephanie Corredor

The girls here are so sweet!! Tara and jahaira are funny and gave me Great service. They made my morning!! Great customer Service!! Also the cookies are AMAZING!!!!!!!

Alex Garcia

Great pastries

Adem Vinca

Bread was old... tasted like cardboard

Faigy Gilder

I love their baked goods and warm customer service. A real gem.

Alex Gitlin

Cheese danishes are my guilty pleasure

Dawn Michelle

Best seeded rye and chocolate chip scones and I can go on, not a bad thing in this bakery, rather what do yo like more and what are you in the mood for....also great service and friendly staff!!!!


Love it.

Janet Shapiro

the best challah in the world !!!

Henry London

Kosher, delicious, fresh, friendly, Kosher

Ministry Souls on Fire Praise Dance

Very good bakery and their cookies are delicious. :) It is a nuts free bakery.

sherry solomov

Love this place! They make the most delicious cakes and did such an amazing job on my daughter's 3rd birthday cake! 8/1/17 zadies does it again. My son's 2nd birthday cake was just spectacular. Everyone was loving it and thought I paid a fortune for it. Great job again guys

El Living VR

The Best Challah bread.

Lijuan Cheng

(Translated by Google) Dessert, good looks! (Original) 甜点,面色都好吃!

Fran London

Love the bakery and everything it has to offer. When we go in it is hard to pick one or even two items to purchase

Dmitry Kreslavskiy

Zadie's is always a nice place to visit. Good cakes and pastries of various sorts, tried some new things and the extra-polite lady at the counter even offered some free sweet munchies :) Kids love coming here.

FatmaGUL madenci

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy

Kevin Marc

Great. Almost every week we are there

rocky jackson

There isn't better Chalah ...

Onasis Perez

Best whole wheat challah out there!!!

Kriszti Totyik

The best challah bread I've ever had!

Lora Mezhiborsky

Great place. No one can beat their challah!!!

Alina M.

This little bake shop has definitely perfected the art of non-dairy baked goods. Now, that being said, some things here are a little dry since there is no butter/milk/etc in them but I'm sure that for the people that keep kosher, it's not really an issue. We've ordered birthday cakes from here several times and they do a very good job with them. My favorite is the strawberry shortcake. I think that because the frosting is non-dairy it has a much lighter feel to it unlike a cake that you would get from ShopRite/Costco/etc. If you're going to get any one thing from here, it has the be the blondies. Those are absolutely amazing, you will not regret it. I highly recommend popping a piece in the microwave for 5 seconds. This is the one item I prefer to get from here than from any other bake shop because there is nothing out there than compares. Everything is made fresh in the store and you can definitely taste the difference between this and store bought. Their challah is pretty good as well, I really like the onion and raisin ones. Oh and they also have eclairs and cream puffs that taste so authentic you won't believe they're non-dairy!

Morris Isaacson

Just the smell is heaven

Eileen Lapides

Great food

Karen Botkin

Heaven on Earth.

Gene Laks

"Off the chartz!"

Eugina Gaston,williams

Excellent Patriots excellent cookies it's just delicious

Paul Beck

Shlomo Landau

Great baked goods!

brian donow

I was up in Jersey for Rosh Hashanah, to spend the holiday visiting familyand to go to my father, grandmother and uncles unveiling of their headstones. The trip was filled with mixed emotions. But the one constant comforting fact about the trip was zadies. I lived off their challa bread and chocolate rugelach for that week. It wasn't the only thing I ate but by far my favorite thing. The challa so moist and fresh and the rugelach so sweet and flakey both beyond comparison. When in Jersey there is no question, don't even ask just go to zadies.

Simon Levin

If you come with a little kid at the end of the day, your kid may get lucky and score some free cookies.

Barbara Epsaro

Best bakers ever

Johnathan Boev

Very good bakery, customer service is too slow

Christopher Karlecke

The poppy seed strudel is where it's at folks!! Sweet. It can convert anyone to a fan.


We were looking for a Kosher bakery in the area so that our order could accommodate everybody at an event. Well, everybody was happy. Very yummy stuff, good prices, and friendly helpful service.

Cheryl Fothergill

The BEST challah, chocolate melt away, and rugulah!! There is usually a line, but it's worth the wait.

Stuart Freedman

The premier kosher bakery in NJ.

Thomas Bongiorno

Delicious chocolate melt away

Lori Lazan

Kosher or not.....( and I’m not)... Hands down the best bakery around.. Discovered this place years ago when I had to bring something kosher to pay a shiva call. While I was there I decided to also buy some items to my own home. .... my family loved every bit. I have now been going to this place for years!!! Always fresh and delicious. Funny.... I discovered that a college friend who is orthodox and lives in Brooklyn takes a drive up here just for Zadies bake shop just before every holiday to get her goodies!

Thomas D

Great bakery happens to be Kosher

Rabbi Randy Mark

Great bakery, good service even when their are lines

Dave Katz

Go just for the potatonik. Only place anywhere near here that still makes it.

abigail bacon

We love Zaides' challah and breads!

Evgeny Kiselev

Very good bakery. Always you can find fresh bakery.

Patrick Meagher

Basic traditional kosher, parve baked goods. Great staff lovely, kind, accomdating people , cant say that about most of the customers though.

Debra Kapnick

Best bakery ever....lovely helpful staff and the most delicious rugelach and cakes. Even better...raisin pumpernickel bread which is delicious alone or topped with anything! Be sure to buy your favorite challah and cakes...the best!! So glad they have reopened in time for the holidays!!

Sigal Miller

Love this bakery! They have some desserts that are dairy, but the rest is Parve (might be vegan? Depends on whether or not they used eggs).

Eli Greenbaum

They just started carrying a cookie with the chocolate chips on top! Heaven.

Cherie Fletcher

I have tried a few things and they have all been delicious so far. Everything is fresh all the time. It reminds me of a Carribean bakery. Not exactly the most friendliest but they are efficient. Don't be fooled by the little old lady behind the counter...she is faster than the young men that work with her.

Chris Davidson

Always a line, but that's because the baked goods are excellent.

Mr. Bubbsy

one of the best bakeries anywhere. challah bread alone is worth a trip . all the sweet confections delicious. i have tried almost everything they offer and have never been disappointed. i love the cheese danish and the raspberry sticks w a nice cup of coffee!

M Hirschman

The best bakery. Just the best. I recommend in particular their cheese danishes (especially chocolate cheese!), 7layer cakes, bell cakes (get a personal one so you don't have to share) and, of course, their babkas and meltaway cakes.

Jeff Vilinsky


Kathleen Taylor

When I first discovered Zadies I thought I had died and gone to heaven! I had been looking for years for Bells and when I walked in and saw they had them I almost fainted. I live 40 minutes away and the trip is well worth it. The Bells are fantastic as is the Bell cake. I love their layer cakes and every bread or roll I have purchased has been great. Keep up the great work!

Brian Buchmann

The chocolate Belles are by far the best cake they sell next to the chocolate babka!

Violeta Good

The bread is so good. Pastries were fresh.

Shirley Farber

Great food, freshly made. Usually buy meat and chicken

Sahakanunsh Khachatryan

אלי מגן

Very good.

Ethan Zamonski

Very good bakery for babka and challah.

Joshua Lewissohn

Great fresh baked goods

Daniel Praschnik

Great place, to get the fresh, bread, cake , etc.

Sharon kramer

The owners are incredibly nice and helpful the melt away is the best cake I've ever had I have never had a bad experience

Tristan MacCunomori

Wonderful pastries, friendly staff, large selection

Edward Gasiorowski

Loved it!

Moshe Lehmann

They make excellent cake and pastries. They're meltaway cake is the best I've ever tasted.

Patsy Charles

Good stuff staff very friendly and helpful

Ask Olsun Hayatimiz

Excellent cakes and pastries

Michele O'Brien

Amazing nut free bakery!!

Eliezer Rabinovich

This is the best bakery ever, best service delicious food, you just made my morning thanks

Sumera Ahmed

Love their challa rolls, whole wheat and regular, lemon sponge cake and marble sponge cake, among other things, they are nut-free which is a plus!

Sharlene Cobin

The orders have to be taken better

Alex Gefter

Danielle Brooks

Their chocolate hamentash is amazing!

Rena Steinberg

Amazing bakery

Jimbo G

The chala bread was good, but the cashier seemed to discriminate against my Korean friend by inventional messing up her order after aue clarified three times what she wanted.

Ely Shestack

This bakery is a Fair lawn highlight! Everything is really good, but definitely try the cinnamon roll; with a cup of coffee it's heavenly.

Hadley Levat

The smell when you walk in is just incredible. The chocolate meltaway is dangerously good.

Johnny Mpoutsis

Absolutely The Best!

Aly Kamel Younes

Great place to shop all berky needs

sarina reiss

The most delicious baked goods this side of the river

David Blustein

We buy our Challah at Koogle's in Framingham, MA. Eventhough we live in Quaker Hill CT; Golda insist that we go up to treat ourselves to the wonderful texture and taste of Zadie's dedication to a delicious challah. This is what I remember challah tasting like, when I was a child. Other challahs look good, but on first bite my high standard for challah set by Zadies is never met by the other challahs. Zaddies challah looks good and tastes wonderful, you will certainly enjoy it.


Love it !

Marlene Siegel

the best!!! My daughter lives in Washington DC and she asks me to send the challah bread by UPS nothing better than Zadies according to her opinion and I agree too.

Larry Denburg

Their baked goods are GREAT! Everything they sell is tasty.

Melanie K

Once Zadies came to town, I put my baking supplies away. Zadies baked goods are always fresh, and always delicious. Their challah is probably the best on the east coast. I take it with me when I visit people outside the area, and they are always jealous. Personnel are friendly and efficient. I love going in there with my grandchildren; they get to pick out a cookie and the staff presents it with a smile.

Gary Novack

Live in Rochester, NY now but when I come back to visit and I'm with in 50 miles of Fair Lawn Asides is a must go!

Millie Hayes

The whole wheat pull - apart challah is the stuff of dreams.

Scott Parente

There is nothing in this place that isn't delicious. Their challah is flat out amazing.

Yocheved Kaniel

Baked good are amazing!

Margaret Santangelo

Their black and white cookies and marble mandel bread with chocolate icing are so delicious!!

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