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1000 Smithville Rd #5412, Eastampton Township, NJ 08060, United States

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REVIEWS OF The Olde World Bakery & Cafe IN New Jersey

Devon Duran

Olde world is my favorite place in this part of jersey. The brunch is amazing, lunch is so yummy and filling, and dinner is a party. I’ve never eaten anything here I didn’t love. I celebrate every birthday here and look forward to it. Everything tastes great and the service is fabulous

Jean Taylor

Friendly service. Delicious bakery items

Francis Tobin

Have not been disappointed yet

Derek Gieschen

Wonderful bakery and lunch menu is great also

Shirley Griffith

Kinda dark

Jennifer ritter

What a great place! Delicious food, great selection of baked goods!

Gregory Parker

Best bakery in this area! My favorite is the carrot cake!

Michael Ladd

Good food, good people, just a bit pricey.

Walter Greve

Nice bakery

Jim Ritzo,jr

We had gnocchi with shrimp in a pesto sauce. It was more like gnocchi pesto soup. Too much pesto entire meal was not good. I had a side order of sausage it was Italian sausage they call it. It was not good nor did it look like sausage. I got an Italian hoagie to go when I got home it looked like a salad on a role. Where's the meat. I will never make that mistake again

Zach Page

Love them carbs!

Lucy Sky


Guy Yasika

One of our favorite places to eat

Robert Goodman

I ordered a sandwich to go that was supposed to have honey mustard, but it didn’t. I also asked for no LTO and there was LT. No big deal but didn’t leave with a great impression.

A. Bailly

I've been looking for a local bakery for a while and finally found this one. WORTH IT! I couldn't help but have 1 of each of the following as the options seemed limitless: Peach turnover, brownie, almond horn, petit fours, coconut custard pie slice. Everything looked so good, I took a bite of each while in the parking lot. AMAZING! I wish I had ordered more, especially the turnover. The brownie was a bit dry but still very chocolaty. I found my bakery home!

cc gallagher

Brick oven pizza, tasty baked goods and outstanding deli.

david rylak

Great breads and other baked goods at great prices.

Brian Adkins

Excellent pies for the holiday

David Zeigler

I was underwhelmed with the amount of product they had for immediate purchase. The staff was very nice and attentive.

Brian Big

Very expensive. Won't be back.


I had a rude teenage girl my first trip there, but I didn't complain...because simply never argue with someone handling your food lol...I ordered chicken parmigiana and an Italian hoagie for my friend. We both tasted each other's food and me and her both enjoyed it! Italian hoagie is my favorite thing there now...especially with the sweet peppers lol...Also, if you're watching your lbs do not look at the pastry cake! There snowballs made with cake and a vanilla mousse coated with coconut is insane....happy eating

alison bunting

We love the brick oven Pizza. Always so fresh and delicious.

Dave Huttner

Looks nice just parked there to take a phone call....

Penelope Murphy

I was great it has changed alot since my last visit for the better

David Berkey

They use too many butter substitutes in their pastries they need to use real butter

Robert Auriemma

Front counter girl I had the displeasure to get was either horribly untrained, or or simply an ignorant b***h. I left empty handed because of her and I'll never go back.

Tara Davis

Tho6s bakery produces some awesome stuff. You must try the Egg Nog Coffee Cake. Purchased over the holidays with the intent to give it away but glad we opted not to. Warmed in microwave tasted just baked. Will definitely but again. Their brick oven margarita pizza is also amazing as is the chicken cheesesteaks on homemade rolls.

Danielle Bushelle

The. Best. Bakery.

Kimberly Adams

Bread! Soup! Sandwich! Delicious

Ryan Batdorf

Food and service is Amazing!! Awesome outside seating! Ask for Taylor!!

Fake Name

Well, just had lunch here for the first time here. Drove past it for years and figured I would try it. The sandwich was mediocre at best and for the price, it's really not worth it.

Gordon Corson

Love it. They made a half sheet cake of the Movie The Cars...came out AWESOME!!

Carpenter Cordero

Pass this bakery everyday from work finally stopped in and well lets just say my inner fat kid was clapping with anticipation.

Kristen Turner

Bread and pizza are delicious! My favorite are the petit fours!!

Doris Lang

Excellent pastries and great Sunday brunch.

Tanja J.E. Markgraf

Ever visit the columbus flea market?..we run a german polish deli and I buy there bread weekly... and wouldn't have it any other way..the food they have is amazing...fresh bagels..oven baked pizza...great sandwiches..the baked goods are amazing from European cakes and cookies..if your looking for a little piece of " the old world" you must stop by and give them a try..customer service is always great too!!

James Acker

Great people great food

Nicolas Rol

A very fine place for sandwiches also for Bakery excellent cheesecake and other pastries and don't forget the pizza

Judy Gauntt

Owners are Italian & from Queens, NY. YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT? Bakery is superb-light, buttery pastries, beautifully decorated AND tasty all-occasion cakes. Deli has yummy, fresh lunchmeat; sliced to order. Bread & pizza are brick oven grilled. Very reasonably priced. GO!

Gardiner Garrette

Great breakfast

Dan Silverstein

I guess for the area it the best. But I rather go to a WAWA or 7-11.

Michele Guinta

This is the BEST pizza I ever had!!! Its a little drive for us but definitely worth it.

Spence Miller

Fresh bread and local honey, plus tons of other great items to fill your belly with, what else do you need????

marcia odonnell

Good food...friendly service...

Sharai Hernandez

Our family has always loved this place...good food, the owners are nice people.

Sarah Gallagher

Wonderful food & desserts!

Robert Waggoner

I love this bakery. It has delicious desserts and the pizza is pretty good. Tends to attract the older crowds on the weekend but that's because they know where the good food is.

Michelle Martin

Gio makes the best pizza around

Peter Greene

My wife and I have been here for lunch twice now, and both times thoroughly enjoyed our sandwiches and baked goods. We were actually excited about stopping in the second time. The breads were excellent, and the sandwiches delicious. Today we ordered a cheesesteak to share. It was delicious, and they even brought it out on separate plates with two portions of chips & pickles - that's good customer service! We took home six doughnuts for $2.25, cheaper (and much tastier) than Dunkin Donuts. I think the staff's attitude problem others have reported is because they have to do two tasks - waitress & working the bakery. While attitude could improve, it did not offend me either time.

Catherine L

I'm disppointed in the hogie..the women got the order looked awlful.the bread was hard.. They. Closed early..the overwhelming..a bit..a lot going on..behind counter..look it bit cluttered.a.bit..and better. I think they need to retrain there employees.. and revamp there hogie And do better..I'm never going back..

J.D. Luke

I always enjoy a meal here. Their pizza is quite good and the newly introduced soups (I had the split pea with ham) are delicious. If it is a cold day and you can get the table by the big brick oven even the cold people can stay toasty.

Zach Potter

Great cakes

sue b

Great desserts!

Ghyslaine Gustave

I ordered mini cupcakes and a pumpkin roll the night before for a staff event and was totally embarrassed. All of it was stall, to the point is was hard and no one was able to enjoy it. That night I also ordered a sandwich with no onions. Thank God I'm not allergic becuase my second bite in... onions. The sandwich tasty, after I removed them. They have a wide selection and the customer service was good. I tried them becuase I've heard great things about them but was utterly DISAPPOINTED!!!!

Jill Crouse

Eclairs are filled with white donut cream...a little weird. But they have super fresh bread and cookies and food is delicious

Nat Markin

Nice country style bakery. Good variety of pastries. Nice atmosphere. Serve breakfast on Sunday mornings

Colin Lamas

Very bland food, random selection.

Stephanie Whitson

Great breakfast sandwich and coffee. Charming place with gracious staff.

Lisa Rose

Free sample-Count me in! Bought dessert for tonight and cake for a birthday tomorrow.

Nichole Long

Loved their chocolate cake!


We have been visiting the bakery for many years, ever since they used to have their bakery in Browns Mills. Their cakes and pastries are very good. Today we decided to try their pizza for the first time. Although the crust was nice and crisp the center of the pizza was a soggy mess. We ordered two pizzas one was a cheese pizza with olives. When we got home no olives on the pizza. We will continue to order pastries and cake but don't think we will try the pizza again.

Nawty Grl

They make everything fresh, I just love their bakery. But they also have a little cafe you can sit down & enjoy their breakfast too

Robert Woodhull

Great food great service!! Brick

Tammy Kratzer

GREAT cheese cakes, very helpful staff Cant wait to try the pizza

Christi Thies

Great service and desserts,coffee,too!

Terri Brown

For such a large building, I expected a larger selection. That said, what we purchased was delicious. I found the cake we bought a little dry, but it was tasty.

skye cox

I ordered themed cupcakes and a cake for my sons birthday. They turned out amazing!! This bakery takes their time and adds a personal touch. Thank you!!!!

Jamie Jon McAllister

Amazing brunch, (SUNDAYS). Super friendly staff.

Alex Burns

Food was ok. Service was very slow.

Andrea Schultz

Delicious specials, made fresh daily

Jeanmarie Protano

Great place. Good food

Clayton Shook

Great place for deserts

Travis Smith

The service was terribly slow. They had 6 people out front working the counter and serving tables but service was still slow. Nobody seemed to know what their roles and responsibilities were.

Monica Shampine

Always great!

Mikki Rains

Always a great experience. Food is good & everyone is very friendly. I absolutely love my son's birthday cake!

John Lapierre

We've been coming here for years. Food atmosphere and service are top notch. Family owned. The brick oven pizza is the best around. All the cakes and pastries are fresh and delicious. Give them a try. You won't be disappointed.

cynthia dawson


Phillip Marks

Always great to the local cycling clubs...croissants Bread Cinnamon rolls

Doug DeFord

Excellent food, warm friendly atmosphere, a little spendy

Kimberly Farrell

Such a friendly place. Great food, great prices and great service.

Andrew Mack

I've called twice in the last 10 days and asked them to please take the tattered and faded American flag down so they could replace it. Apparently that's too much to ask of a business and they'd rather display their disrespect for all to see.

Tinu Patel

Absolutely the best new York rye bread. Stays fresh in the fridge for months.

Val Hearney

This place used to be great but the quality has gone way downhill. Their breads have gone moldy rather quickly. Probably won't return.

Charlene Lewis

The cakes are simply out of this world. They are always friendly too!!

JD Webb

Always pleasant people and smell.

Christopher Miller

Great breads and pastries. Also, a nice place for pizza and other entrees. I would recommend this place highly.

Jacob Page

Found it in college thanks to a friend, and it became a staple meeting spot every Friday after work. Been going ever since, and it's still one of the best places around.

Michael DeLigny

The food at this place is just fantastic! The desserts are all baked on premises and of high quality. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, you can get any kind of food there even Boars Head meats for a sandwich or take some home. Don't forget to add that delicious French Cheesecake.

lisa bridgers

Bakery items are Delicious


Worth checking out. They have great Italian bread, and I ordered an anniversary cake and it was seriously the best cake I've ever had and was beautiful too! They have cookies and desserts, but for an Italian Bakery they lack Italian pastries! I hope one day they carry them then it would be perfect!

Anita K

An actual bakery, not a section in Shoprite. The baked goods are fantastic. But the big surprise is you can have lunch or dinner there, too, it's a restaurant! And, it gets even better, you can eat outside on the patio! The staff and owner are super helpful and friendly. Nice, nice place!

Ben Newman

Great little place with a friendly staff. The food is super good and reasonable prices. Fresh stuff highly recommend.

Casi King

Great bakery/cafe with lots of variety and a super-friendly staff.

a colangelo

Ordered a pumpkin pie with whipped cream for Thanksgiving. Tastes good, but it was more whipped cream than pumpkin pie, slightly disappointed. Less whipped cream and more pumpkin= more stars. See pic.

Dave H

Great food, especially the pizza. Friendly wait staff.

Freda Gorman

Hello! This place is AMAZING. In school, (3rd grade) im friends with one of the family members in the family business! Foods good, smh, everything is good! ▫▪▫▪▫▪Brianna ▫▪▫▪▫▪

Deanna Bredbenner

Awesome food. Love this place.

Brettsario Fowler

Best bakery in the area. Great bread, excellent baked goods, cake bombs are fantastic, cafe food and deli is excellent.

Chris Bitting

Desserts are great and so is dinner! Try it!

Xin Xin's Cookie Jar

I love Sunday Brunch!!! Everything on the menu is delicious... I love the Brunch Sampler.. and they have Turkey substitutions.. Trust me I tried everything except the crepes.. I'll try them next time I go.. Waffles are just mouth watering..

Frances Pooley

I've only stopped in here to pick up pastries on a couple of occasions. Always delicious, and the employees are friendly and helpful.

John Kurdes

Great food

Carol Williams

The pepperoni bread is absolutely delicious. Nice atmosphere and great service.

Susan Forte

Great bread.

Larry L

Great Bakery and Restaurant!

Carmella Gray

They offer seasonal specialty items, i went in spring looking for easter bread ands they had available, without having to order

Romaine Doohaluk

I only went in to pick up a quick desert before stopping by a friend's house, but i sure want to go back and sit down for a bite!! And btw the apple pie and Russian Tea cookies were delish!!

Karim Elgoneimy

Gives you a mom and pop bakery that has all their food served with love.

Jennifer Pacetti

So many fresh desserts!!! Lunch is always great.

Mark Swenson

Good food and good prices...good coffee too! Baked goods are outstanding. I think that these are probably some of the best pastries in the area. This location has wifi and it is a great environment to study...there aren't really any locations that have the same environment within easy driving distance of Fort Dix. If you need to study, I recommend stopping in here, stocking up on coffee and croissants and buckling down...there will be enough noise to keep you focused but not so much you get distracted. Truly a great place for a meal or just relaxing with a snack.

Darlene Lee

Family friendly, So clean & cute! Food is Amazing, especially Bakery items! Their menu is Huge now! You can even sit down & have waitress service too! If you haven't gone yet, you definitely HAVE to go, you will not be sorry!

Jorge Maldonado

I'm new to the area first visit here friendly people great pastries

Jessica Cosma Marie.

Wonderful birthday cake's!

Chris Benz

Food is great. Got a good price on a wedding cake also. Cake and fillings tasting amazing.

Christopher Raynor

Food was not worth the cost and wait. I waited 20 mins for a breaksfast sandwich and 30 mins for a cheese steak that was way overpriced for what i got. The worst part was the place wasnt even busy at both times i went.

St Millington

More than a bakery, they are open for Sunday brunch and brick oven thin crust pizza dinner Wed thru Sunday. Also Italian dishes. Can dine outside in nice weather and byob. Food is usually good and very palatable bakery choices from cupcakes to cannolis as well as fresh baked bread like boule and sourdough. The staff is friendly.

Ramon Melo

Excellent brick oven pizza. Good place for lunch and brunch.

Joe Lawrence

Real bread!

Mark Grundel

We stopped here during a bike ride to fuel up. Delicious fresh baked goods and will definitely stop here again on future rides.

Lisa Byham

Best Bakery

Eric Alexander

The place opens at 7 am but you cannot order breakfast sandwiches until 10. Don’t waste your time.

Timmy O

Great stop along the way.

Jamey Matthews

Good food and clean environment....

Patti Kirkpatrick

This place is fantastic! We used to live right down the road - but now we live almost 150 miles away. When we were in "the neighborhood", we grabbed the chance to pick up some delicious goodies.

Anna Gott

The only place I get fresh rolls, locally. Easily becoming my go to place for birthday cakes, hoagies and pepperoni bread as well.

Eschella Purvis

The owner and the staff and their pizza,amazing the pepperoni bread to die for The pastries are priced just right And their day old bread, are priced great some buy one get one. There everyday buying yes,dollar pastries for my sweetie ..

Big Bri Leconey


Taxpaying Citizen

Great bread especially their garlic bread.

Harry West

Great food

Ed Price

Awesome peperoni bread. And dark side of moon cake is chocolate lovers delight

Hugh Grose

Eggs Benedict Napolitano...Yum!

John s. Burdey

Delicious fresh baked goods as well as salads and sandwiches and do not forget breakfast.

Rosemary Whalen

The tip jar is ridiculous you don’t tip a gas station attendant in the pouring rain the freezing cold extreme heat to put gas in your car do you tip the grocery person at the food store for all the groceries they add up for you do you tip the pharmacist for every time they hand you a bag are you not embarrassed about having that tip jar there for what reason give me a reason why it’s there other than agree not to mention the cherry turnover I got was a joke I’ve could’ve made a better one out of the dust in my vacuum cleaner

Christopher Baker Ph.D.

Great bakery with freshly brewed coffee upon request. Staff was friendly.

gail hayes

The best cakes and pastries in this area OMG

Bill Howard

The baked goods here are great; especially the cakes. More than that, Olde World donated a great deal to a fundraiser held at the county animal shelter. This is a great place for food, and a big help to the community.

Karen Dalton Williams

I had given a surprise Birthday party for my husband and decided to make it a fishing theme. I needed a specialty cake to fit my theme, so I went toOld World Bakery, and spoke with the female who makes cakes and provided her with a picture I had found on Pinterest of a fish cake. (A cake that was made in a design of a fish) The head and tail were made from a round cake and in between were cup cakes. It was to my specifications completely. It was the most beautiful cake I had seen. Tasted good too. Our guests thoroughly enjoyed the cake. You'll always have my business. Thanks again.

Klare Andrichuk

Best bakery around. Love their bagels and pepperoni bread.

Pat Jackson

Wonderful baked goods.

Thom Mason

Tasty sandwiches, good bread, desserts are really good.

Kirsten Souder

I always stop on my way past which is not often. They have the best hot chocolate and all of there baked goods are great.

doris allen


Victoria Iagulli

The food and pastries are so good. You will walk in wanting one thing and end up buying a lot more.

Christi Lamberti

The best bread, pastries, and pizza. Also, a great place to have Sunday brunch. Remember to bring your champagne to make mimosas. Its a byob.

Daniel Murray

Nice place and food is good.

Larry Reese

Beautiful accommodations coupled with a very friendly and helpful Staff will draw you in. The quality of the food is incredible and will keep you coming back for more. Extremely delicious and with the feel of authentic Italian cuisine.

Ty Klyuch

Best cakes. Best desserts. Best pizza. Best cappuccinos. The end

Annette White

Yummy baked goods and excellent pizza! A hidden gem!

Madie Coleman

First time here and the food was super delicious and fresh. Ladies at the counter were all very friendly and helpful

Dawn Pondish

Picked up a delicious dessert, Orange Blossom Cheesecake

Madeline Milligan

More than a bakery! Good place for good food!

Bryan ONeill

Love this place. Very nice atmosphere and delicious food and desserts


Nice place to have lunch outside, great food!


Love their cheesecakes

chilly d

Excellent pizza for this BYOB. Best pizza within 20 miles.

Timothy Walker

Old school bakery. Everything they make is great especially the pizza.

Michelle Grabenstetter

A little cramped inside but food, service and atmosphere were great.

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