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REVIEWS OF Taskin Bakery & Cafe IN New Jersey

Nicole Aguasvivas

This place is a hidden gem in Paterson! So many choices of desserts, it’s so hard to choose because they all look so good but the staff is beyond helpful and offered their knowledge in helping select the perfect dessert and coffee combination. I had baklava and the Turkish coffee, it was fantastic! I will definitely be back!

Kathleen Aristizabal

Delicious high quality fresh breads. Very nice cafe feel. Staff is friendly. Restaurant is clean. Parking can sometimes be an issue but if there isn’t parking in the lot you can park across the street.

Anas Al

Very clean and nice place. Relaxing and good services offered.


Beautiful, clean, delicious handbaked goods.

israfil D.

My favorite bakery. Nice place and friendly staff

Deniz Appelbaum

Outstanding Turkish breads and sweets!


It is a wonderful place for having delicious Turkish bakeries. Many varieties being prepared just infront of you.

Faiq Hashmi

Halal. Wonderful baked goods. Great atmosphere

Sakeena El Filali

Cheap,24 hour place that has a variety of Turkish bread, sweet and savory pastries/food. It even has a cute cafe area! Nice place to study or meet up with friends.

Mommy T.

Great pastries all the time, specially simit

Edith Rojas

It is a nice place.

Dominique's World

I love this place. Bread is amazing. Stay away if you are doing KETO... this place is not for you.

Ilhan uzel

Excellent Turkish bakery with a wide variety of selection. Everything fresh and homemade/ from scratch. The cafe is beautifully decorated, a great spot for a Sunday breakfast. Highly recommend , everything here is delicious.

Mani Memari

This is the best place ever!!! we stop by once a week to restock on barbari bread and Simit. all the bread are always fresh and super tasty. Warm simit out of the oven is to die for.

Howard rothbein

The staff is rude unless you speak turkish

nikola georgiev

Not a place to come on weekend people are cutting the line like other people do not exist for them i only stop by here during the week.

Yassine Elkarmoudi

Great employees and food, but owner keeps changing WiFi password. So come here to eat, but not to work.

Moaz Youssef

Fantastic place plus it's 24/7

Mary Basta

Top turkish bakery , must try. They have a lot of varieties. Vegan options available. Open 24/7 . They have front and rear parking . Staff are very friendly. Super clean bathrooms. Cozy seating area . Love the vibes . They have turkish coffee . Was back there bakery shopping in less than a week . Baklava is delicious. Fair prices . Highly recommend .

Ahmad Amin

Great bakery, friendly staff and beautiful environment.

Yakup Baris

It is a nice place you can go enjoy with your family. But if you criticize the all over the foods, it is 3 starts. First we tried some dark eclairs and they were not fresh and taste was different. Potato filling was not good as well. Also grand beef filling has a different taste that I can’t explain. But they have very nice bagels and simit.

Selcuk Sica

Fresh baked bread and baked goods. All kinds of different Turkish delight! And now a sit-down cafe. I remember when this was just a place to run in and get fresh bread from. Amazing place. Definitely a go to place!

ameen jeb

Recently renovated the place looks very modern, nice (unusual for a Paterson coffe shop) and also very spacious ... However the food is average ... I just think they could do much better in terms of the variety and quality of the pastries offered.

Kemal Bulut

Great Turkish pastries at a reasonable price.

Aubrey Garrison

Great place; great food; great service!

mohammad abugharbieh

Just what you need... Every single time

Eric Werner

World class bakery open 24/7. Sweet and savory options equally amazing. Be here now!!

Yojin Chung

Freshly baked breads and great-tasting simit. I make the trip here just for the simit, which is ring-shaped with a crusty exterior of nutty sesame seeds and a soft interior. People compare it to bagels but that's only because of the shape, not the taste or texture. Must try!


They changed the recipe for some of their bakery items ... using less flour, less oil, and so less tasty. Less variety also. Prices are a bit high for me. Nice environment.

Javed Iqbal Memon

Great bakery foods, breads, cookies...

Frank Portelli

They have the best baklava by far also I like their bread but their pastries are also the best made in Turkish style. I like the tea and with meat or spinach or cheese b or ek. They have a seating area so you can unwind with the best like I do. Awesome.

H. M.

Amazing place. Grant selection and everthing they got is mouth watering. I wish they had other locations, preferable one near to me. Coming to this place since 18 years. We German are picky with bread and pastry. Love the new look and cozy ambiente. Thanks.

Pedro Ortega

Excellent food Service polite courteous recommend anybody in the area or traveling through stop by and enjoy

Anastassiya Bochkova

Good place if you are missing Turkey. To drink tea or coffee, to meet with friends.

Sanan Ramadan

By far the best place to buy fresh bread! The staff are so friendly and always smiling. The place is clean and the wait time is very little. Definitely recommend this place to everyone and anyone.

Jax Spider

Amazing bakery with a wide selection of goods and sweets. Only negative is the lack of parking space.

Kimberly DeBoer

Good bakery but parking is a nightmare and there’s always a rude guy telling people to go away while standing in the parking lot.

Jeff Russo

Wonderful bakery. So many delicious things to choose. Nice place to sit and eat too.

Mersid Huseinovic

Amazing turkish bakery. Met the owner and was pleasently greeted. The bread is something to die for. I drove 3 hours just to buy their bread, it is super fresh and so good.

Sss Sss

Great bread and Baklava

Birbeniho Ronaldinhos son

The wait was so slow my bread got molded

Mohamed Shams

A real, 24/7 quality Turkish bakery. The baklavah is to die for; freshly out on trays before your eyes. And I've had it around the world, including Turkey. A great find if you live nearby.

Fernando B

Excellent Baklava’s but way too expensive

Erkan Ozdemir

Socak simit is the best

Rueben Ramirez

Excellent bakery

Mustafa Gerdan

I went there and got some stuff to eat. Then I sat and opened my laptop. The wifi password was changed again. I asked the password to the guy at the cashier and he said he doesn't know the password. He was nice and went to the back office and came back. He said they don't know the wifi password either. There were almost 10 employees when I went there and none of them knew the wifi password. Their food is also average, not great but it's one of few Turkish cafes in the area making Turkish bakery.

osman aksak

as a customer more than 5 years i have not understand why this place does not share wifi. you dont want customer to hangout here, you just want to us buy something. Why you put chair, table or something.... THANK YOU!

Abdyrahman Shagylyjov

Perfect. Absolutely nothing to complain. Taste, price, staff and the place is really, really good

Adil Murathan

I liked their Turkish simit and tea!

Raffi Garabedian

Great Turkish pastry, don't buy Tirkish coffee. Twice spotted my shirts - coffee cups have flaus.

Kelly Erazo

I found a cacaracha on one of the loaf.

Sals Painting Carpentry

The place greater good bakeries

Sounds4u Official

This place is very excellent and they always have fresh things, glad to come, will come again with my family

Tanja Cebic

Wonderful and friendly stuff and great food and service. I greatly recommend this place


Very nice place. Clean and such great tasting food. The ambiance is so good, high ceilings, natural lighting and seating. Theres fresh bread and pastries. Prices are good and affordable. Its is just so good to mingle and sip turkish tea. Definitely recommended.

R Toh

Stopped by for some bread and desserts. Wonderful selections. High quality bakery goods.

Korkmaz H

Perfect environment. Delicious food.

Jamse Granados

The food was delicious and the quality shows. The atmosphere was very pleasing.

Fatih Atci

As a Turk, Taskin bakery is one of your best options for turkish bread and pastries around Paterson , NJ area. Especially I suggest you to try simit, Turkish bagel, it tastes just like in Turkey. Now, they have a small Cafe inside so you can sit down and enjoy your food there or hang out with your friends.

alvaro gomez

Fresh bread . I love it .

Ayşe Sultan Güneroğlu

Reminds me of home, except no view of the Bosphorous. Great atmosphere and interior design. Usually quite clean. Friendly people, fresh tea and the smell of baked goods makes me glad I don't live close by to come more often. Turkish pastries every day paired with the American lifestyle of car based mobility would easily result in unhealthy weight gain I imagine!

sultan sultan

Best Turkish sweet and pasty ever

Guillermo Escarfulleri

Open 24h, great! Fancy and beautiful

Robert Rossi

Excellent Food,Friendly Stuff,more then Fair Price On all of the Food selections! Best Tea and Caffe here !

kathy martinez

Great bakery, fresh and delicious

Mustafa Đerahović

Nice place but should be a little cleaner.

AAmir Mansuri

One of the best bakery

John Karanikolas

Fresh Sokak simit.. Yummy!

Guillermo Saravia

Very good food

Kimya Ciyim

There are many turkish bakery tastes that you like them.

Musa kamalı

colddd,i said please warm up. i came to my house and all was cold


The product is delicious and the people are beautiful I am not Syrian I'm 100% Italian and there's no bakery I enjoyed going more to than Taskin


Great bakery but they become really expensive after remodeling, one piece of gozleme sold for $6 tiny bagel sold for $1 which is just one bite size. Hopefully they will re consider their prices

Mehmet Ali Seker

If you over the phone you are in trouble. If you have guests at home and order to pick up in the morning. They don’t prepare it nor didn’t inform. Totally mismanagement. What to say.

muhlis eren

Best place, clean, broad and fairky, excekent for eat something, nice people.

N di G

Çok lezzetli! Absolutely the best Turkish bread, best simit you can find! Lovely sales ladies happy to help you choose.

Aytül Gök Ergin

the variety of bakery products, clean and spacious


Fresh pastries, clean bakery, nice costumer service :) like it a lot!

Tohme Abounader

Very high quality food that sets it above other Turkish bakeries by a far margin.

Bram van der Veen

Great selection of traditional handmade Turkish breads and pastries. Friendly service. Nice seating area with fireplace. Plenty of parking. Highly recommend Taskin Bakery & Cafe.

Deniz Macleod

The food is good. The service is slow. First you wait to place your order and then you wait even more to pay for it. I understand that it is a busy place but checking out needs to be faster. I waited more than 35 minutes to pay for my order.

Frank Speer

Great!! Need some more pastries with CREAM in THEM.

Zahra Hussain

Modern cafe with a cozy Turkish flair. Serves traditional Turkish and popular baked goods. The breads are delicious and worth the price. A lot of variety. Cute place to hang out.

Magdy Mahmoud

The updated store is pleasant and cheering. So many varieties of bakery and sweet products. Staff is very nice and helpful.

Elihú Campos Ramírez

As mexican I was aiming to try something different. This place did not disappoint. The place is nicely decorated, the atmosphere is comfortable and cozy for enjoying a coffee or breakfast. The food selection is good, tasty and prices are good. You can find fresh bread, sandwiches or pastries in other coffee shops but normally overpriced. The good balance of high quality food, nice atmosphere and good prices will definitely make me come back sooner than later.


We tried their ‘street simit’ and tea and loved them. We’ll be going back to get more and try different things. Amazing place. It’s very big and have a great variety of Turkish pastries.

Suat Uysal

You have got to teach that morroccan lady to how to speak with a consumer. She didn’t get what I want and made a mistake because her limited english ability, then she has been offensive while preparing my order. What I mean is she was almost going to throw my package to my face. She shouldn’t act like that. Your products might be okay but your customer service was awful. I hope you guys get better.

Carlos Gonzalez

This place used to be about a 4/4.5 , After the remodel the prices seemed to have at least doubled. I used to go in with $10 and come out with a bagful of various baked goods, but everything got so expensive. Been going here since early 2000s and never once got treated rudely, always felt like family, but my very first time coming since the remodel the young girl behind the counter was CRAZY rude and unfriendly, i almost felt like I was offending her or something by saying "2 semit". She was super short and nasty with me until my girlfriend asked her in turkish if she was ok. Very odd and then the little cheese breads AND semit was SUPER dry and completely sucked the moisture out of my mouth. I'm sorry to say but I dont see myself ever coming back here which is a shame, it used to be my favorite spot to take out of towners for a quick snack, give it a try if you MUST but there are dozens of bakeries in the area.

Toomi Baker

Nice place with good food but you need to pay for small amount of tea with no refill

Emre Aksakal

I would highly recommend for breakfast. They have tasty and fresh products. This place really has ambience.

Nathaly C

I love everything so far

Cihat Kansay

So nice setup, fresh and good price. Tasty pastries, great lunchtime pastries.

soner bulut

Worst Turkish food. Bad reputation for Turkish kitchen. Serves stale bakery with high price. Don’t go...

Ashley Garner

Love this bakery, but it was more affordable before the remodel. I used to feel like the card minimum ($15) was way too high and impossible to spend at a bakery, but now you'll hit $15 before you know it with the price hikes, which isn't a good thing. Still, if you can resist the temptation of all the freshly baked breads and sweets and order one or two things only then it's worth it!

ahmad turk

Would say 3.5 to 4 starts. One of the only turkish bakeries in new jersey. Descent options offered throughout the day. Everything looks great, but the taste does not match the looks. I feel that seasoning is lacking, and if they work on this then food will taste better. They do get busy, you can sit and eat inside and you can do carry out. Otherwise clean and elegant. Prices are reasonable for what they offer. Parking free on site is available. They have both sweets and savory.

Gizem Asker

I love here and usually, everything is fresh. But last time I tried profiteroles and bazlama and they were awful. Even though the production day was the day before I bought, the profiteroles were totally stale. And bazlama was so greasy.

Mohamed Allan

The best and the freshest bread, Been going for 10 years now

Harish Peereddygari

Great place for all authentic Turkish deserts,bread and finger food.Love their gozlome specially !

Nurhan Hattatoglu

awesome ,fresh ,vale,friendly good price,

Mehdi Mortazavi

OMG! What can I say about this awesome place. Barbary breads are awesome, other products are also great. I love this bakery.

Deniz Kalelioğlu

Very nice bakery, variety of choice, nice people... 10 small 1 big table and a couch, nice ambiance ;)

Omer kalafatoglu

Their pide is the best!

charles royal

Great food, atmosphere and place to relax

Shirley Farber

Good food nice atmosphere, clean and friendly service

Necmi Biyikli

Place to go for Turkish bakery and pastry.. delicious Turkish bagels (simit).. strongly recommended..

Suzana Davitkova

cold burek -i don't recommend this place


Pastries/desserts are pretty good. The place is a bit confusing. We had no idea where to stand to get service and people who came in after us were jumping in right ahead of us. They should do a line or have a machine with tickets to pass out so people are served in order that they came as that would be more fair.

hassanin74 Alkhafagy

A traditional Turkish style

Oscar Ata

Staff was very helpful and friendly. Products were fresh and delicious

Yousssef Basta

Great food great service

Gokhan Oz

3 separate occasions, last one on Friday, where the associate informed me the simit was “fresh”. Hours later, in the evening at iftar, it was embarrassing having to explain to others why the baked good was stale. The bread was fine but the simit should’ve been donated to a shelter rather than sold at full price as “fresh” to customers. Seems like this establishment lost its touch contrary to its humble beginnings.

Marianne Asonto

This bakery is open 24 hours! How awesome is that. Their Pistachio baklava is delicious and a must try.

Elena Antimova

Originally we were blown away by this place. The tolumba and baklava are amazing. The simit is fresh and so tender. The gozleme and borek were just amazingly delicious. Even the ambiance is so nice since they renovated the space. Here comes the big "but" .BUT, they use MARGARINE!! :/ once i ran into the owner and respectfuly mentioned this is a big health issue. He's done nothing about it. I really hope more people complain about this as i really think there are better oils to be used in baking that aren't as unhealthy. PLEASE STOP USING MARGARINE!

Maaza Ishaq

I love this place! Wide variety of Turkisk pastries, always fresh. Cosy and family friendly.

Mily Alvarez

This places looks very nice but the bread and sweets are ok

Yalcin Aslan

One of my secret spot.I do enjoy going there and having breakfast.They did a good job to change it to their new concept.well done !! You can find all the good Turkish pastry.clean,inexpensive and excellent atmosphere.

Nihal M. Alaluf

Nice Turkish bakery, you can find delicious Turkish bakery products, they are open 24 hours, parking and wheel chair entry are available

Ali Montana

Most scrumptious bakery of all

Tugba Ayker

This place gets over hyped just because of a bread, the rest sucks. Literally came here last week, and the boss was yelling at some customer because they were playing Uno in the Cafe... So disrespectful.

Emre O

Good bread. Traditional

bayram ozcan

Today my friend wanted to join wi fi in taskin bakery but they don’t share internet with customers.


Nice place to have a tea and sweets


This place is great! Amazing bakery goods. Very fresh and delicious. The Turkish coffee was excellent and served beautifully. Will be coming back for sure. Also open 24 hours!

Reza Jalili

Very high quality and authentic Turkish pastry

Raheel Hassan

We had 15 people ordering dozens of desserts and had a small birthday cake but the staff didn’t let us cut a cake for a kid. Never coming back

Waqas Q

THE BEST BAKERY IN NJ! Have been going here for over 20 years. All their breads, biscuits, bagels, etc are made fresh every hour. The new redesigned bakery is just extravagant inside, perfect place to relax and enjoy your food. Staff is very friendly. Only downside is that the PARKING IS A HASSLE!

Karina Vega

Highly recommend! Beautiful spacious interior. Delicious pastries both sweet and savory.

Orhan Baba

A traditional Turkish Bakery and great place!...

maniah t

Pretty good breads!

uzzul hussain

Niceee place, but idk about the food


Turkish Bakery nice but not enough

Bondo Zafa

First time here and it won't be my last. Excellent coffee, cookies and baked items. Nice aroma walking in front door, definitely makes you hungry. Very friendly workers and a nice atmosphere. A clean and well organized bakery. Large sitting area to sit, eat and relax. I will definitely visit again soon. Parking in front a little tight but additional parking is available. Thank you for making my first visit an exceptional one.

gürkan gürkan

Bakery’s aint fresh and also high price. Not recommended!

Cristian Garcia

Such a relaxing atmosphere. I love their baklava and the Turkish tea. For those of you who don't know, they have additional parking spaces in the back, on the next street over. Just be aware that this additional small parking lot isn't handicap accessible. This adds to the convenience of this place since it's in such a crowded area.

aa C

I had a chance to try simit...I recoomend people try to eat bakery one. It is so delicious...

mike samo

Great bakery wide selection moatly middle eastern style bread and pastries

Samiye Has

Such a lovely place to have breakfast! The food was awesome, the staff was helpful. I sure will be coming here the next time I visit NJ. I 100% recommend this place.

M Rashid

This place is great, their dessert and bread is always fresh!

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