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REVIEWS OF Prato Bakery IN New Jersey

Dan Pieraccini

This is one of my favorite and most authentic Italian places in Hudson County. Simone and Teresa are fantastic hosts, straight from Tuscany, with a real penchant for procuring ingredients from the motherland and forming them into delicious traditional treats. Their Focaccia is as good as it gets, and they have been able to create a myriad of Sandwich options as well as a great variety of coffee drinks. If you want an authentic taste of Tuscany, they also offer food classes some evenings. Stop on by.

Talissa Bavaresco

Slightly pricey for a cafe but it is worth it - the food is fantastic. The staff, not so much... I went there twice and I was the only customer ordering and they kept me standing waiting for almost ten minutes until they were done cutting their meet to come take my order. Also I have never seen anyone that works there with a smile on their face, and last time I was there, the light in the bathroom was out and the staff didn't seam to care at all about it...

Marissa Plaza

I loove their food! I found this place because my friends lives in Jersey City. Every time I visit her we go there and enjoy their sandwiches and coffee! Nice atmosphere! Totally recommended!

Scott Aadal

Just visited Prato Bakery with my Friend Larry Buntin. What a great restaurant in Jersey city. The food is original italian and one of the best I've tasted in years. Keep up the hard work, will be back soon.

Michelle Kourakin

My favorite bakery ever!! A true Italian bakery!

silvio garola

The best Italian bakery in the town

yvette cid

Nice food


A true Italian cafe with excellent coffee and great snacks. Lots of space and kid friendly. Owner and staff have all been very nice and pleasant to speak with.

Leo Grimaldi

Nutella latte was delicious

Antonio Ferrari


AmyClare Gutowsky

Run don't walk! AMAZING coffee & assortment of baked goodness.

Joanne Lupinski

Lillian Fantasia

Authentic Italian bakery. Love the cantucci.

Jessica Pace

Great coffee. Yummy food. Reminds me of my visits to Tuscany.

Maria E Dezubiria

everything is delicious! And attention is very good!

Punit Shah

Super slow service, I guess that's what you get for a sleepy brunch spot. Foccacia wasn't to my personal taste, too hard, but the pastries where awesome!

Tanay Ved

Amazing Italian bakery

Neil Templeton

This place is amazing. Terrific place to do some work or have coffee with a friend. Try a cantucci with your coffee, you won't be disappointed.

Caroline B

Excellent customer service and delicious authentic Italian food. The focaccia and Nutella latte are divine! also very mom friendly with highchairs, place for strollers, and a playtent for kids. So happy I tried this place I will be back!


DISGUSTING! I came today (August 25, 2018 in the afternoon) for the first time to this bakery. I got off the yellow ferry from manhattan that lands on the NJ State Park and I had my bike with me. When I arrived I had a crave for coffee and baked goods. So I googled nearby bakery in the area and found this spot. I then used the GPS to drive my bike this place and arrived with the help of a resident that lives in this area. When I got here their were like two customers sitting on different tables and behind the counter their was a hispanic guy with a big fat head and a chubby hispanic woman behind the counter. I ordered a coffee and she proceeded to make the coffee. I then went to look at the display to pick a baked good to eat with my coffee and to my surprise and disgust I saw tiny flies INSIDE the food display walking on the baked goods! YUCK! I also saw 2 or 3 adult sized black house flies flying around in the area where the workers work. I noticed they sale the baked goods on the right side of the display and in the middle what appeared to be ham like sandwiches and on the left side pizzas. Because of the tiny flies walking on the food, I REFRAINED from ordering any food from pratos bakery...DISGUSTING! I was not sure if the tiny flies were fruit flies or baby house flies. GROSS!!! I thought this place was a decent place to eat and BOY was I wrong! They literally had the display cases open on their side and thats how the flies flew in and walking on the food! YUCK! I paid for my coffee which was like one dollar and ninety something change and left. The two staff there however were nice, but no matter how nice they are, this is a health violation and just disgusting for them to to run a bakery with flies walking on the food. So inconsiderate to the customer! I was disappointed as I wanted to eat baked goods with my coffee so I left prato's bakery and not knowing where I was going because my first time in this area....I walked further down a street and saw a place across the street called Gia Gelato & Cafe. It was nearby some Italian place. I crossed the street with my bike and saw they sale baked goods and as I proceeded to go into their location two women were walking out and I asked them if I can come in and buy and they said yes. I brought my bike inside and they were so nice an asian girl and an african american woman. I walked to their counter and saw that their food was COVERED and NO FLIES ANYWHERE!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ordered their last coffee cake and a croissant as their is a small minimum to use a credit card. I told the woman that I just came from pratos bakery and that they had tiny flies walking on their baked goods and I was upset because I wanted to drink my coffee with baked goods but did not order there as a result. The woman was nice and she gave me a cinnamon roll free of charge and heated it for me. I got lucky because they were going to close early to go to some nearby festival today that was nearby. So I paid the lady and thanked them and she told me to please come again at a later date. I was so happy and I went outside and ate my food with my coffee and ate the cinnamon roll she gave me and it was soooo good and gooey and the croissant was so delicious and moist! Yummy!!! The coffee cake I brought back with me because it was to much food to eat in one sitting so I will eat later. But as for Prato Bakery.....YOU SHOULD BE CLOSED!!!! As the workers allowing flies to come into contact with the peoples food is a health violation! If I ever go to jersey city again, NEVER AGAIN will I go to that disgusting place called PRATOS BAKERY. So all you people giving good reviews to this prato bakery, BEWARE because this incident happened to me today August 25, 2018 in the afternoon. Thank you Gia Gelato & Cafe fro coming to my rescue and having the courtesy to maintaining a CLEAN establishment for your workers! If I ever owned a bakery or cafe, I would ENSURE my eatery place is kept clean with no flies for my customers!

Phil DeHaven

anne pigeyre

Un vrai expresso !

David Scobar

Prato bakery is a great place for a morning coffee and a great sandwich with a authentic atmosphere of italy. There breakfast sandwichs are my personal favorite out slof all of them but they have a wide range of foods.

Robin Stevenson

Love this place. Great Tuscan bakery.

Alex R

The same 1 sandwich they make is very tasty. Wish they made more than same one sandwich. Cute place. Almond cookie is OK too. In need of ANY food selection.

Carlos Ozuna

My new favorite spot for coffee and pastries. Lavazza on deck and friendly customer service!

Antonio Peruch

(Translated by Google) A top Prato in New Jersey (Original) Un Pratese top nel New Jersey

Michael Irenski

Good bakery, coffee and sandwiche cafe. They recently relocated off Newark Avenue behind historical White Eagle Hall. WHAT HAPPENED?A MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT not with their cookies but, their new location. Parking is very hard to find. The inside tables were not clean and chairs scattered about. As for the outside with their tables and chairs, well judge for yourself. Not worth the view. The place was messy. The bread was hard as a rock but meat was good. I miss the old location. What a shame. Was told new ownership.

Dan Falcon

How many places have fresh squeezed orange juice? Less than 5 and PRATO has fresh squeezed orange juice!

Vincenzo Grasso

is real, è un posto italiano, veramente pratese. bravi

julie yao

Carl Riley

My favorite coffee shop with the most delicious Italian baked goods and friendliest people.

Grato de Cardenas

Great location downtown JC and really good food and biscotti

Michael Smith

This place is the BEST

Bill Burch

We love Prato! A friend gifted a box of Cantucci and we had to find it! Darling space, authentic staff, excellent coffee and pastries. It's our go to. Prato... you are amazing! Bill & Sharon Burch

ninad joshi

Nice little Italian/ Tuscan bakery selling small appetizers and Italian desserts. Their best offering is the Cantucci which are a type of cookie available in almond, prune, fig and of course chocolate flavor (this one is perfect). Their focaccia with toppings is also very good. They recently moved locations and are now closer to Grove street. A must try if you are in the vicinity.

Gabriel van Aalst

Delicious Italian bakery

Jane Jackson

A taste of Italy in downtown Jersey City, molto buona!

Krs P. Dior

The best

Pablo77 Papii


Pablo De Dominicis

Reinventing the term waste your time when ordering coffee. Seems like every time is the first time

David Caicedo

Great Italian bakery!

Francesco Montagnani

Real Italians goodies :)

Andy Dremeaux

Unbelievably delicious sandwiches, excellent coffee and cookies. The new location is a little out of the way but it's worth the schlep.

Hauke Vagts

Amazing, authentic italian sandwiches. Also try their sweet threats and bread. ...everything is really good. This place is a gem!

Jolene Wong

Great Italian flavors!

Pak Tew

Great sandwich and helpful staffs.

Yvo Sin

One word: cantucci. The sandwiches are delicious too

N Bach

The best , the friendliest

Wanda Ramos

The Best

Vincent Rivera

The best place

Jaclyn Isaac

What a fabulous little true Italian place place to get some amazing focaccia and dessert. A must try and much needed addition to the neighborhood.

Barbara Landrevie

Trop enfumé. Pas de ventilation.

Steven Kolombaris

Great local bakery

Thomas Haggerty

Sandwiches are nicely displayed in piles at the front counter. The cured meat and fresh bread of these sandwiches all look enticing, and the price appears modest considering the good quality. I also ate pork sandwich at the Prato Bakery booth during a Jersey City street fair, and was quite impressed. The store has some Italian imports for sale as well.

Alina Abazova

Great coffee!

Robert Vigar

Just the best. Authentic Tuscan food. The Brutti Buoni are my personal favorite sweet. The pork sandwich is absolute manna from heaven.

Kelly Willems

So stale. Tried on 3 or 4 occasions and have had the stalest focaccia sandwiches and Nutella pastries. Today it was almost teeth breaking hard. I threw it out. And I never waste food. When they heat up the sandwich it's like luke warm, cheese unmelted. It's very convenient for me on my way to work everyday but I give up with this place.

Jeremy Sahler

Very authentic. Great food, desserts, and coffee.


An authentic Italian bakery with baked breads and fresh sandwiches

Tobias M

The food is delicious, nice place and good service. It is always open! Very Italian, whatever you ask from the menu they will confirm it with the correct Italian pronunciation. Very enlightening :) BTW You got to try the cantuccis.

Daniel Leathers

Consistently awesome food. Equally consistently horrible service. Lines 30 min long for a basic pre-made sandwiches. The cashier is charged with: 1) taking orders, 2) making sandwiches that aren't ready pre-made, and 3) filling coffee orders. I just sat here and watched 4 customers walk out because of the line. I'd die to be able to buy out this place so I could institute proper management and turn 2x the customers with same staffing level. If the cashier did his/her sole job: being a cashier, and other staff staffed solely for filling coffee and/or food orders, this place would be so much more efficient, result in happier customers, and wouldn't have people walking out the door. A line of 5 people should not mean a 30 min wait. I wish them luck, but I won't be coming back until they understand the meaning of front house and back house.

Xavier Garcia

Calidad de alimentos, ubicacion

Esmerida Buron

I've only been here a couple of times and each time I was not disappointed. Any place that serves Nutella on something already has me. Especially when it's delicious

Andrea Ussia

Expensive. Terribile Coffee.

Voltron Gibson & Wolf

Have you ever heard people pay to share their coffee.

Kristina Fiore

Had a wonderful tomato and mozzarella sandwich on fresh, delicious focaccia. Loved the pancioc -- it will be hard to go back to a regular chocolate croissant now! Looking forward to the multigrain loaf, I have high hopes I won't have to buy supermarket bread ever again. Will be back here very often.

Jair T.

Great coffee, bread, and sweets.

Nicole Calegari

Eat here if you want authentic Italian panino or cantucci. Used to live around the block from the first location but it's worth walking the extra distance. I took home a crispy focaccia for my family and it was gone in minutes.

Alex Loewy

Not only does our whole family find a sandwich that pleases everyone's taste but the owners and staff are super friendly. One evening I was in a tight spot, since our fridge was empty, we stopped by Prato to grab some sandwiches for dinner. The sign at the door said 'private event in progress'. I was desperate. The owner understanding the situation, let me in and sold us a delicious dinner!

Gilbert Moore

If you are a pastry and finger food lover, as well as a coffee drinking and looking for a great spot to drink coffee and do some work. This bakery is the place to be. Great service and amazing Italian pastries.


The place is nice and clean, however there is a lack of sweet treats. They are more about savory than sweet tooth.

Fletcher Gensamer

Great sandwiches. So fresh. Yum.

Steve Cheung

The Porchetta sandwich here is really good. The combination of the porchetta, the tangy sweet potato sauce, the spicy arugula, and the fragrant olive oil just works. The only thing I would change is maybe toasting/grilling the focaccia. I'd come back just to eat that again. Lots of locals and families here on the weekend, very cool neighborhood spot.

Matt Joseph

Spotted Prato while walking around Jersey City. They have delicious cantuccini, as well as fantastic focaccia sandwiches.

Jim Morgan

Awesome, authentic Italian bakery. I stopped in here shortly after returning from Europe, and it felt like I was right back there. Great food. Great coffee.

Alexian Taymer

They have a specialty biscotti style of cookie that's not too sweet but very nice. We also tried a square of olive focaccia which was moist and chewy but too heavy.

Hannah Biocca

Yo. You hipster! You looking for real Italian bakery and meat. This is the place for it!!!! I mean Italian as in Italy, not Jersey. And the Italian lady owner, she is so friendly too!!! Wonderful. Ciao.

Nikhil Panchal

Nice little Italian cafe.... today somehow the latte was like warm (bordering on cold)

Brian Matsen

Excellent pastries and coffee!

Antonino Sinicropi

(Translated by Google) Excellent coffee and Italian pastry (Original) Ottimo caffè e pasticceria italiana

Ron Wen

Love the feel of this humble little Italian bakery! From the sandwiches to the pastries and coffee, it all feels so real and delicious. Tried the cantucci cookies, tomato focaccia and it was all fantastic. Can't get these authentic Italian pastries where I live in NC so it was awesome to have them while visiting. But definitely a hidden gem for this neighborhood and anywhere else, for that matter....

priyanka sastry

Love the bread...

Zdeněk Dostál

Thank You Very very very much. God bless you

Ayelen Malanga

I used to be a frequently customer and worked here and for that reason I assure that everything is fresh, homemade and unique. It was a pleasure to work in such a comfortable place feeling at home. Best JC + Hoboken Italian real coffee bakery

Sam Kopolovich

Great coffee, great desserts, and good bread! Nice place to grab a table and do some work if you want to work outside of the home.

Silvia Galarza

On the pricey end. Paid almost 30$ for some cantucci, secca bread and a Nutella stuffed croissant and a black coffee. Stuff is pretty tasty and the staff are polite but wouldn't come here on the regular when there are other equally as good bakeries around that offer more for less.

Mike Reid

Delicious pastries and great coffee

anto mahan

Prato in USA!! The food is wonderful!! Coffee and the best cappuccino!!!

Robert K

Good coffee and the cantucci is wonderful!

Marc Cordova

The food is great and reasonably priced, and the staff are very nice

Ryan Williams

extremely good. obsessed w it.


I have been coming here every week for the past couple months because my daughter has a class just next door and it's convenient for that purpose. The food is good but the service is unbelievably rude, specifically I'm referring to the guy with spiky hair and the Italian accent, who rolls his eyes and shakes his head at people if they don't order in the exact sequence he wants. Learn some basic courtesy or get out of this business.

Erin Carrather

Great spot for coffee, croissants, & sandwiches.

kiki mauricio

So delicious!

Joseph Vita

Quite simply the best bakery in downtown Jersey City. As an Italian, I love the Tuscan influence and availability of fresh food and goods. Highly recommend you try the Bruttiboni (ugly but good) cookies!

yaco avel


Steven Kravitsky

The staff is nice and helpful, the shop is cozy with people always sitting inside, and all of the food is absolutely incredible. It’s one of my go to places in the city to get any breads!

Christopher Koch

Awesome authentic Italian bakery. Really good focaccia

Panos Ioannou

We met in a Greenwich Village bookstore and went out a few times after. She just accepted a 2 year position in Florence and said to stop by if I was in the area. A few months later, I found myself in Milan on a layover to Athens. A 4 hour train ride was close enough to try. A two hour layover lasted 4 days. Have no idea where she is now- we both rubbed the Porcellino's head, ensuring a return to Florence, so the legend goes. Now, a visit to Prato brings me back every time.

Santy Olveira

Agent SkyHouse

Delicious food, good prices, amazing sandwiches, nutella latte is amazing

Syringa Ko

Best sandwiches

vanessa vega

Authentic Italian bakery. Wonderful sandwiches and delicious espresso drinks

Matt Michalowski

Very good

Byungjin So

This is a great place, in which all food is delicious with coffee. I want to recommend that You'd eat a cantuccini with coffee

Divya Dodhia

The food is fantastic.... Just make sure you have a lot of time to stand in line to get it.

Greg Stanley

Excellent, authentic Italian cafe. I love the double lattes!

Philip Had

Can’t make Italian coffee.

Isaias israel Alvarado

Food is great and delicious

Chris Moulin

The olive oil on their sandwiches puts them over the top. I have never had anything even average here - it's all top quality.

Jeffrey Bos

Nice bakery/cafe where there's enough space to sit to work as well. The seating is not that confertable if you stay longer than 15 min.

Josh Sauer

Authentic Italian experience in Jersey City with great coffee and baked goods.

Alexa Valentin

2nd time visiting Prato and I loved it yet again. Quaint Italian coffee shop with delicious offerings. Great place for a café or espresso.

Robin Muschiol

Excellent coffee, best what I had in North America so far! Authentic Italian! Good WiFi! Highly recommendable!

Kat A

Awesome foccaccia and tiramisu *-*

Natalie Pao

A wonderful addition to the neighborhood. As someone who likely could be tricked, it definitely seems very authentic. They bake their goods on site and my personal favorites are the Prato sandwich, focaccina con olive, cantucci, and ginseng coffee. One small ding is that they’re not staffed for the amount of traffic they get and it can take a while to get your order. Don’t go if you’re on a time constraint.

shahar keren

Great coffee


The food is great. However, the customer service this Friday morning was so so bad. The girl at the counter was on the phone, I think ordering supplies (and using her iPhone simultaneously), and did not acknowledge me while I stood there for at least a minute. Like, please, at least just hold up a finger and explain, I'll be with you in a moment. Then she really unpleasantly took my order, and it was really really slow because she was on the phone the whole time. While I ordered a sandwich and a cornet, I also ordered some cantucci -- and for that, she needs to ask what type I want. She never asked and so I had to stand there for a while longer. A guy was behind the counter, who appeared to be a cook or prep person and not someone who works the counter, but he did not say anything either. Recommendation: management should train the counter persons to at least acknowledge the customers. Three stars is the mix of customer service and food. The food gets a 5, service gets a 1. Total score = 3

Алена Сенных

Love that place!!! And Corneto salato

Zac Mendelson

Excellent all around. European feel

Simon Tsang

Lovely little cafe serving Italian coffee, pastries, sandwiches and treats in the village section of downtown Jersey City. Prices are reasonable, there's plenty of seating inside and outside. Atmosphere is relaxed with an eclectic clientele.

Aloys Garnier de Kermerc'hou

Very cozy ambiance, kids friendly, nice location in a quiet neighborhood. You will find Italian style pastries (both sweet and salty), coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Very nice staff and usually short wait.

Heather W

This place is heaven on earth. Beautiful shop with coffee and delicious Italian cookies and savories. Not a lot of seating but very lovely.

mami ma

Cozy place for good quality coffee and authentic Italian sandwiches. Staff memebers are kind and helpful.

David Parker

Good little bakery

Magna Gopal

Nice place to get some work done or some reading. Haven't tried any of their sandwiches but all the treats are great. They also serve fresh OJ and have free wifi. Stools aren't the most comfortable so you probably won't stay for hours on end. But it's a nice, spacious, and brightly lit cafe to enjoy alone or with company.

Wade Hindell

Great little bakery

Paul Marques

definite recommed

Petra Riviere

The baked goods are so delicious and fresh. The cappuccino never disappoints!

James Warner

Very good

Ann Christin

Extremely tasty panini sandwiches. Authentic taste and seemingly great fresh ingredients (ham, cheese,...)

Craig Hayes

Recently I returned from Italy and have been waking in needing of a fix. Prato is the perfect place. Tastes and smells are straight from Tuscany. Try a cornetto with prosciutto coto and cheese, or one with Nutella. Best of all sample cantucci with your macchiato. Highly recommended.

Elliot Crespo

Love this place

Kinh Burr

The sandwiches were great

Steven Eldridge

Great food and not what I expected when I walked in

Volodymyr Gogol

Authentic. Delicious. Amazing

Emily A

Sandwiches are delicious ! Service was fast and friendly!

Gabriela Fossati

I love their cremosa sandwich, and their almond biscotti. It's a perfect place to relax and enjoy your food as if you were in Italy

Ruben Moscoso

Excelent food authentic Italian

Katia Lampe

Great coffee, great ambiance and friendly staff. I used to live around the corner from this bakery and I surely put up a few pounds because of that... They don't have a big selection of food, but doesn't matter what you choose you can never go wrong. Anything and everything is delicious!

Greg Ellsworth

If there was an option for more stars, I'd give this place 10. The sandwiches are dead simple, but absolutely fantastic. The cookies (called cantucci) are so good that my family requests I bring them (all the way to Massachusetts) every time I go back. The coffee is great. The staff have always been wonderfully pleasant and welcoming. When you go you MUST get the doughnut!

Oleksandr Rivkind

Great porchetta and the best coffee in the area

j.p. connolly

One of the gems of downtown Jersey City. The owner is a baker's baker - their multigrain loaf makes the best soup companion or toast. Cantucci are dangerous and addictive. Coffee is great too!

A Petal To Peddle

Love this sweet downtown spot! My favs are their iced coffee and veggie brioche sandwich. It's always clean and welcoming and love that they have an Italian radio station playing.

Lorenzo Falciai

Delicious food, nice place and owners

Julie Capozzola

I love fresh bread so I was disappointed when I got tomato and mozzarella on a stale piece of bread. Another time I bought a loaf of ciabatta and it was also stale.

Kathy Antoniades

So fresh and amazing. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Daniel Vimont

Everything is wonderful here. We regularly go in the morning for a cappuccino and a Cornetto.

Philip Fusciello

Nice, yummy selections + the usually have a gluten free treat option.

Peter Gaudio

(Translated by Google) Great flat bread and cantucci (Original) Great focaccia schiacciata and cantucci

Uruyen Castillo

(Translated by Google) Brutally good (Original) Brutalmente bueno

Antonio Bussolati

Real Italian bakery!

Hector Leiva

Great hidden gem

Lydia Irving

The bread is worth a detour over here. Great coffee and sandwiches plus sweet treats. Lots of seating and family friendly.

Alejandro Giménez-Santana

Outstanding Italian bakery. If you are craving a good cornetto filled with Nutella, you can't miss this place! Great coffee as well!

Keith Win

Great bakery. Free and fast wifi. Plenty of space to sit down and do your work. Lots of outlets for your laptop.

Ivan J. Zapata-Rivera

Thank you Allison; your treatment was very kind and caring! The coffee was nice and aromatic ☕; the focaccia was delicious ❤️!

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