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REVIEWS OF McMillan's Bakery IN New Jersey

Valencia Gomez

The granulated cream filled donut is my favorite!! I'd suggest calling ahead so they can put your order to the side. Otherwise, you may visit and be disappointed as they tend to sell out fast. The staff are quite friendly...Ms. Karen and Cindy know what I want when I arrive. Even the bakers in the back are friendly and oftentimes offer the kiddies a free, colorful shortbread cookie. It's a pleasure to visit each time but take your chances with the adjacent parking's quite tight to say the least.

Kelly Decker

The service was great, the treats are fantastic!! And the place is spotless. I highly recommend going there.

Dan Locke

The doughnuts and everything else that is sold at this bakery is absolutely amazing.

Kathleen Carroll

Our favorite place for birthday cakes! Always delicious and beautifully decorated.

Theresa Romans


Julia Ackley

Still the best donuts I've had. Been going to McMillan's since I was a kid.

Thomas P Smith

The BEST Bakery in the Delaware Valley. 5th generation bakeries. Donuts, pastries, cupcakes, cakes, breads and cookies, all baked on-site. All done the old fashion way; THAT'S THE BEST WAY!!!

C. H. Cohen

One of the best bakeries in South Jersey

David Miller

Cream donuts are the best.

Dani Gannon

Everything at 'so I'd fabulous. A baked goods culinary pleasure!

Philip Etienne

Best donuts anywhere in the world and I am very well traveled - the chocolate cruller is worth breaking any diet for

Samantha Truempy

Not sure whats going on with the carrot cake. Chunks of chocolate that were too big to bite into. Cake completely crumbled inside. Ladies inside never happy.

Nathan Squires

It is a must stop location if you are in South Jersey. The best doughnuts reside here. The rest of the pastries and breads are amazing too. The service is impeccable and most the employees have been there for years. Just the best!!

Jim Craig

I really DID like the pastries I ordered, but I'm not a fan of hydrogenated oils in the creams and many of their best-known pastries use those nasty oils. And it's too bad, too, because they could use non-hydrogenated oils and the pastries would come out JUST as good. (I say that only because I know Whole Foods and others have succeeded in this endeavor.) With that said, the service was EXCELLENT and the pastries I bought (chocolate-iced cupcakes, apple cider donut, chocolate-glazed krueller, etc.) were FANTASTIC. Please take away those oils and I'll be back!!!

Maggie K

McMillan's is a fantastic bakery, everything freshly made. Users below, if you opt for Krispy Kreme, know that what you're getting was frozen and then heated up. A family owned business serving South Jersey for more than fifty years, McMillan's is the best in baked goods

Andrea Still

Strawberry shortcake deluxe has been our traditional birthday cake for me, my children's and now my grandchildrens. Ordering my one and only granddaughter (3 yrs old) cake today online. Temptation arousing me tooo much if I go in and order!!!

Stephan Briggs

I love this bakery so much. The glazed donuts are incredible, and I’m beginning to pick up loaves of bread on a regular basis.

Bruce Mattson

NOBODY! Anywhere!! , makes Cream Filled donuts like McMillan's Bakery !!

Bruce Carty

I don't know how many year this bakery has been here but the quality of the baked goods have dropped considerably the key lime pie is really sour I purchased chocolate frosted chocolate cupcakes and they were very dry and the frosting was hard the service was fast and the servers were polite. Do yourself a favor if you decide to patronize this bakery the parking lot is very small so park on the street

Robert Wolick

Best bakery in South Jersey

Yahaira Ferreira

Awesome doughnuts and cupcakes! If you're grilling out, consider buying some of their snowflake rolls for your burgers.

pooneej s

Best donuts I've had but there's one old lday behind the counter that is just plain lousy mood.

Charles Trout

Donuts taste like Forrelli's Bakery Bakery back in the day

Nicole Goodson

Never again

Steven Daters

This is a great, old school bakery. I can only vouch for the cream filled donuts, but they're excellent. They're definitely over filled if that's your thing. They're also extremely sweet. One or two does it. Parking is limited, but I usually go early and get in and out without any issues. Staff are friendly - lot of repeat customers. Check it out if you're in the area.

Mary Righter

Great bakery in Westmont, NJ!

Tom babiasz


Margaret Lobley

I really wanted to leave good feedback for this bakery but.......WOW horrific customer service not once not twice about 4 different occasions did I try to order a nice piece of business for them, I wasnt there just to buy a cupcake, or creme filled doughnuts I was there to order, 2 shower cakes(60ppl), cupcakes etc!..A nightmare to get any info...and the times that I was there?..I felt like i was a bother!!!!.RUDE RUDE RUDE!!!! wont even mention names! NEVER again!!

Kelly Gigantone

Amazing bakery. Love the Apple cider donuts, love their cupcakes, everything is delicious!!


Best donuts around! The other pastries are good too of course.

Candace Copsetta

Best cream donuts in South Jersey. Super friendly sales staff!

Colleen Nawn

They made a BEAUTIFUL birthday cake for my niece. Real Rose's on top.

Bridget Y

I don't know if there is anything better than the glazed apple cider or powdered cream doughnut from here. This place is an absolute classic, and almost everything that comes out of here is delicious.

Bert Parks

One of the oldest family owned bakeries in the area, and also one of the Best... If you are missing those desserts you grew up with, chances are, they they are still making them... well worth a visit...

Sam Poat

So good! The donuts are to die for. I love the Bismarck donut. Of course they do tons of other cookies and cakes for all kinds of occasions. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Kimberly Bryson

I think this bakery is an all-time best. I went 4 weeks ago for my first visit to get my dad a rum cake for his birthday. EXCELLENT! Whole family said 5 stars. Back today for 3 pies for Thanksgiving. Must say that these bakers are wonderful and their pies are looking delicious with beautiful crumb finish and cut out crust shapes. Smells like a pumpkin pie is baking in my car. Can't wait!

Yoni Samuel-Siegel

Love this place! Always friendly service, great baked goods, and a staple of the area. I highly recommend the old fashioned orange cupcakes--heavily iced and so good.

Mary McGBenu

The baked goods here are excellent and beyond reproach. The service can be a little slow, and they're always packed so be sure to grab a number to avoid line jumpers. They have some savory goods as well as sweet. Best key lime pie you'll find outside of Key Lime!

Doug Taggart

Best Bakery in the area. Great selection of donuts, pastries, and cakes. They even have homemade dog biscuits. Their house special, the Bismarck, is amazing! Huge and loaded with flavor it’s hard to just eat one. Lines can get long around the holidays, so place a preorder.

Matthew flaharty

The best donuts & pies on earth!

Bradley Richards

Best pastries I've ever had.

Wicked Wahine

I recently visited the bakery after reading a post that they were rated #1 for their cream donuts in NJ and took the 2 hour drive being I was going to be in the area. The infamous "cream" donuts aren't filled with boston, bavarian or whipped cream as one would expect - they are filled with buttercream icing that you would get on a birthday cake. Absolutely DISGUSTING! Unfortunately, I purchased a dozen of them for $18 based on sight and review . . . big disappointment.


People love sweet .

Hector Reyes

This is 5 star ! You must try the (exploding donut) cream filled donut it's the best around

Barbara Day

Always the best!

Vincent C.

80 years of delivery quality baking, yum

Michael Rollison

No one makes a better powdered cream donut !!

Michele Howarth

Can drive by it with out getting cream donuts

Tasha Johnson

The cake was good. I just wished that it was pound cake

Jack Long Sr

Brownies were...... just ok. Vanilla cupcake with coconut was sub par. Must have ordered the wrong thing.

Wendy Adams

Love the tea biscuits, cookies, cinnamon buns, and donuts. Ok I love everything here! Yum!

Jennifer Ravelli

Best cream donuts hands down


They can get really crowded at times, but their baked goods are delicious!! Bought some cupcakes and a birthday cake!! The strawberry cupcakes tasted like they put bits of real strawberries in them!!

Johnnie Ogden

The greatest bakery in Westmont NJ


This joint got the NUTS tho, 5 star best donuts this side of the 'sip

Mary Hendry

REAL cream Cream Donuts. OMG...

Rick Purvis

One of the best bakeries in South Jersey. Their donuts are the best. Try the cream puffs. Decadent is an understatement, but every once in a while as a special treat.......

Grumpy Shitzu

Fruit tart yum yum in my tum tum


Rude waitress at the counter was pushy and dismissive after she repeatedly kept polling me to order even though I was not in line. I told her I would order when ready and she sasses back at me. I walked out. I can get this anywhere else.

Cindy Scotto

Old fashion bakery with delicious baked goods very fresh daily.

Chris Burnham

The best. No doubt.

David Keil

Very friendly..the variety is amazing! And it all tastes so good. From the doughnuts to the upside down cakes .I love it all!!!

Robert Pruitt

60yrs of being a customer.

Fernando Santiago

Best bakery ever

Rob Jones

This is one of the hidden gems of the area. This place is one of the finest examples of a classic, old fashioned bakery still around, and I'll give them my business every time I want a delicious pastry. Their creme filled donuts are the absolute best I've ever had, hands down. The other local donut shops are dead to me knowing that this place exists. If they're closed and I want a donut, I'll wait and come back tomorrow rather than support "that other" local, run of the mill corporate donut shop.

Maryann Carland

This bakery has changed. Stale cakes and pastries and cranky unhelpful staff.

Maurice Baker

I love the cake they made for my twins bday it was so good.

Cheryl Long

Best baked goods ever and any where. They shud be named number 1 in NJ at the very least.

Donald Maley

Moms fav Bakery donuts are delicious

Nancy Puche

Excellent!! Taking cream doughnuts to relatives in Virginia.

Susan West

The BEST cream donuts!

Latoya Knight

A co worker introduce me to McMillan's Bakery about two weeks ago and said that I should try the McMillan. Three words: Oh My God! That was the best tasting creme filled doughnut I've had in years. I definitely will be making numerous trip back to this establishment.

Vickie speech1 Miller

5 for baked goods but the staff aren't very friendly

Michael Ruberton

Great stick buns horrible Italian rum cake

Heather Leonberger


David Garduno

Top notch baked goods, you can taste the love in each morsel

Paul Long

Great cakes expensive but delicious

Teresa Maloney

This is my favorite bakery and has been for over 20 years.

Christina Miracle

McMillan's Bakery in Jersey has the best pastries, bar none. I've been all over Europe and there is still no comparison. So tasty!!! Everything they bake is phenomenal. I always stop by there when I'm in the area and buy WAY too much. So good.

Ms. Elizabeth O'Donnell

Cute, old school bakery, great for birthday cakes! Everything is good, reminds me of childhood.

Carol Harkins

Really a special bakery. When you need that special custom made cake for a graduation party, don't overlook McMillan's. My only disappointment was when they closed their Haddonfield location. The fact that there is often a line here is indicative of their quality.

Terri E

Their muffins and sugar cookies are excellent!

Mike Mcauliffe

This place has the best cream doughnuts you could imagine they are super sweet though. All of their baked items are so good

Mario Triboletti

I have to start off by saying the snowflake rolls are the best I have ever tasted, and freeze well, but a bakery is more than just rolls. The donuts are way overstuffed with too sweet cream, the scones and minni cinni buns are dry. The service is hit or miss, sometimes bordering on outright rude, and the prices on many items are too high for what you get. I visited multiple times to be fair with this review, but in the future will buy just the rolls, if I happen to be in the area. There are many other better options in the area.

franklin smith

Get there early. The good stuff goes first. I went mid afternoon on a Sunday and left with my third choice pie and second choice pastry. Still delicious!

Adalberto Moran

Sweet, sweet n good

Bernadette Sohn

As always, superior products were provided. I can't praise this store enough.

Colleen Wertz

Best donuts ever! Good old fashioned bakery

Ralph Calderone

Awesome bakery in business for decades. Next disappointed in any selection. Tea cookies are great for afternoon teas.

Vincent Maggi

Cookies and donuts are good but that doesn't matter when the employees are extremely rude. Lady never looked at me, talked to me like I was annoying her. and $8.00 for two donuts and a cookie is a RIPOFF!!!! You're not the only game in town ya know. Krispy Kreme is within walking distance and their employees are actually friendly. Wawa is even a better option. I actually prefer Italian bakeries anyway

Liz O

The best donuts HANDS DOWN. A must whenever I'm back in town.

John Hiltz

This place is awesome!

Evan Jackson

You can never go wrong with a cream donut from McMillan's. I live in Texas now and donuts simply aren't the same in the south. I miss this place; a cream donut from McMillan's is overflowing deliciousness.

Steven Poponi

Great tasting stuff but the prices are pretty outrageous to me. Got a handful of cookies (like 6 small coconut/raspberry cookies) and they were over $5. Mini sticky buns which are small were like $.90 a piece and they are single bite items! When i can justify the cost I always stop in.

Pol Cofer

In the good mood for a good cupcake? This is the place to get them! If, you happen to be in the area! McMillan's Bakery has been in business for a long time! I have been patronizing them for over 30+ years!

Glenn Springer

A family staple for as long as I can remember. Their goods are always fresh and made to perfection. The doughnuts are like no other, especially the cream; None of that poke a hole a squirt a teaspoon of cream in, no, they cut the doughnut in half and really give you a run for your money. The staff are always pleasant and go above and beyond to make your experience a very enjoyable one. This bakery is truly a place to visit and enjoy for any time or occasion.

Darcie Garcia

Crack donuts. Nothing else needs to be said.

Robert Carp

Simply put, the saying is if you don't bring something home from McMillan's, it's grounds for divorce!

Shelly Moniz

I have been going to McMillian’s since I was a little girl (50+) yrs when my Mom would go to pick up all the yummy pastries, donuts and cakes! I remember when they would wrap the boxes with the string that hung from the ceiling in that mechanisism (now it is a bit more automated). But the oh so good treats that come from within this bakery are still so good!! The eclairs are definitely one of my favorites!

Bradley Honsinger

Best donuts in the area. I'm shocked that a Krispy Kreme opened across the street. They got nothing on this place! Try the Apple Cider donuts, best treat for the fall.

Deb Blachly

Best cream donuts on the planet. No matter where I travel, everyone always asks me to bring a dozen of these donuts. Simply amazing.

Judy Edelman

Amazing baked goods. This was our first visit and we loved the angel food cake.

Amanda Stevenson

This bakery is amazing! Their cookies are delicious and donuts taste fresh. Prices are reasonable and their hours are really accommodating--they are opened pretty late for a bakery! Highly recommended

lisa lisa

Service is curt icing is like no other. Do try the cream donuts

Mendi's KraftyKreations

Best cream filled powdered donuts in the world!!

Michele Taylor

The absolute best powered cream filled donuts around!! Can not be beat! I travel from PA and it's worth it!

wayne schmidt

Don't know what happened to the cream in the cream doughnuts but they have changed in the last six months. it use to be light and fluffy and now it's wet and runny...

Michael N

Awesome bakery. Fantastic bread and donuts. The apple crisp is to die for. Place an order a few days ahead if you are looking for something specific around the holidays. The parking lot is pretty tight. You're better off parking in the street.

Deborah Deery

Best place in town to buy baked goods the best

Ken Krupinski

Excellent quality, old school true bakery

Ed C

Staple bakery that South Jersey is known for !!!

Honour Hilaire

Always helpful staff and their pastries are amazing!

Rolf Benninghoven

The absolute best local bakery! Everything is excellent! The creme donuts, glazed donuts, chocolate ganache, rolls, cookies, muffins, pastries and the list goes on.

Evelyn Baez

Italian rum cake, the flavor of rum is to overpowering. I will not recommend this cake.

Pol C.

Love to celebrate my birthdays with a cupcake, chocolate with chocolate icing!

Jessica Sant

Delicious apple crumb pie! There was barely a crumb left by the end of the night.

M McDermott

A delicious community bakery. Total treat for my kids, who finished their donuts before we got home.

Moses Gonzalez

Best bakery around. The Cheese Cake is awesome.

Greg Howard

The doughnuts are ok, but everyone that works here is so miserable and rude.

Robert Bennett

Love this place. Loved it for decades

Suzanne Smith

The donuts were good but the staff were unpleasant and unwelcoming.

Elizabeth Caruso

My parents used to go here before i was born&i just went and had my first donut from here!!! It was sooo stinking good just wish there were chocolate cream

Kelly Batchelor

Just went back haven’t been in a while love there stuff .. was greeted by a miserable woman.. never made eye contact.. I wanted to look and ask questions maybe order something for holidays .. but she was not personable or helpful .. sad but love there products

Anna Tafoya

Can be pricey, but it's worth it!

Heather A'say

Love their vanilla cream donuts!!!

empty tote

Same great cupcakes since I was a kid. Excellent service too.

Cecie Darrowby

My favorite bakery in this area - truly old school in all the right ways. Their cider donuts - three kinds -plain, sugared, glazed make life worth living. Their special cakes - like Blueberry Cream - which I haven’t seen anywhere else - was a big hit at our dinner party the other day. Cookies, cupcakes, snowflake rolls, a cream white loaf - and of course - their famous cream puffs. They get so busy around the holidays - it’s a heartwarming sight to see people ditching the supermarket for quality. Love McMillan’s so much!

Nick D

All you need to know is that with 4 bakeries within 5 minutes..the line is out the door on Saturday and Sunday Mornings! Every cookie has it's OWN recipe and you can taste that difference. I have been going for years and everything is great. Donuts are amazing as are fruit pies.

E Angehr

Donuts especially are a treat here - especially the Bismarck - chewy and crunchy and perfect levels of sweet. The other baked goods are decent, but it's the donuts that bring me back over and over. They are especially busy on weekends. I recommend parking on the street adjacent as their parking lot is a bit of a puzzle to get out of!

irish 0307

Best donuts anywhere. Always worth the price!

Chef Leeza

McMillan's has the best cupcakes, cakes and creme donuts in South Jersey!

Ben Kranefeld

This place has been around for years! Fantastic pastries, donuts, cakes, and the loose cookies are phenomenal!!

Ruby Andrescavage

Best bakery ever. The cream filled donuts are to die for, but you truly can't go wrong with anything.

Jeremiah Fleming

Outlandishly good donuts and treats . The cream donuts are outstanding. But the crullers is the dealbreaker . Only is them made one with out the vanilla or chocolate frosting. Owww

La Loma City

Awesome bakery. Customer service is excellent.

dennis kolecki

Wow, this bakery is amazing. Donuts are amazing along with everything else.

Mary Brown

Best pound cake around! If you're having a celebration, the prices are more reasonable than others.

Tiffany Wang

I love just about everything about this place, which actually is quite significant. The smell in here kind of is absolutely wonderful in a subtle way. The muffins and cakes definitely are wonderfully delicious enough to definitely justify the price, contrary to what one might react at first.

Tia Mayo

Whaaaaaat?! My daughter and I decided on a whim to get donuts and found this beautifully deliciousness on a Google search. Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Yes. Don't walk, run to this bakery for a tasty treat. Yum.

Nancy Perlman

Great selection of homemade cookies, cakes and breakfast treats. Kind helpful knowledgeable staff. You may order cakes, etc in advance to your specifications with their guidance and pick them up on the date needed

Rosalie Jones

The donuts here are amazing! The muffins and cupcakes are a bit dry...I always hope..maybe this time...but nope, still dry. I had the pepperoni and sausage bread..YUM! And I have purchased local honey here. This is a wonderful and worthy Go To Bakery!

Jacob Ellis

Amazing!!! I have been going here since I was a kid! The bake goods are out of this world!

helen ireland

Creme donuts the best

Raymond Moy

Carmel Apple Cake and cream cheese fruit muffins are excellent!

Ellen Hildenbrand

Staff is friendly and helpful - the baked goods are amazing!!!!!!!!


Best bakery in town

Big Massa


Jody Lee


Deanna Robinson

The donuts.

Rev.Theodore Flaherty

The best

kayla hill

I love love love their donuts. Especially the Packzi and the Apple donuts they were super yummy. I am going to have to keep coming back for more.

Joseph Mazurek

Nice bakery, strawberry shortcake is great,friendly staff.

David Morgan

Delicious. They're pretty much famous in the area. Donuts are some of the best I've ever had.

Maureen Power

Love their muffins

Joanne Olsen


Joe Bordonaro

Best bakery in South Jersey.

Peter Baczewski

Wonderful pastries great prices friendly staff

Amy Whilldin

There's simply nothing better than McMillan's - the cookies, doughnuts, cupcakes, danish, sticky buns and cakes are all amazing. I'm a loyal customer!

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