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REVIEWS OF J B Bakery ~ It's Always Just Baked IN New Jersey

Brandon Aaronson

Burlington's best bakery! I love their cake slices, I can never just pick one! The staff is so friendly and helpful. Thank you guys for all you do!

Sylvette Frempong

Terrible service - never returning.

Mrs. Davis

The best bakery in town!

lor leen

I went in with my daughter to see if they were able to bake a cake for me but there were flies in the inside of their glass shelves eating up the donuts

Sandra Lewis

Aaron Levitt

Jarod C

Good stuff.

Scott Haskell

Always fresh and tasty. We get all of our cakes for birthdays and other celebrations there. They also have great donuts!

Jerry Gervasio Jerry

Milton Scales III

They are courteous and EVERYTHING IS DELICIOUS!!

Megan Weisbrod

Great prices and Great food

Kenny Donnelly


Dennis Green

Ordered a spiderman cake for a party and had a printed disc on it for $40. Was told "take it or leave it"....left it and haven't gone back since

Sheila Woods

Friendly service and plenty of baked goods on hand especially special eclipse designed desserts. I went for the eclipse cupcakes, you get a cupcake and a pair of eclipse glasses (the paper ones) for $12 each. I will revise my review once I try the cupcakes to tell you how they taste. I would've rated it 4 stars but $12 is ALOT for 1 cupcake and a pair of paper glasses. I will say they really did a beautiful job on the design and even the intergalactic donuts were cute. Revision: Although the cupcakes were cute they didn't come through in taste. The icing was very heavy and all sugar, both cakes the chocolate and vanilla were moist but lacked much flavor. They were definitely way overpriced even for the eclipse.

Deborah Wills

Packed with cakes & cookies. Very nice staff and loved that they sell individual cake slices. The cake slices were so fresh and tasted great. Loved the cookies we bought as well. Will be back

Kim Rodriguez

Consistently delicious cakes! I don't go anywhere else!

Lani Satalof

Great service but quality is basic and was lacking flavor. The gentlmen who helped us was kind enough to look in the back and see if they had any breakfast sandwiches left and they did...however, it looked and tasted like they have been slapped toegther like a cold cut sandwich and maybe microwaved for 15 seconds but it still didnt do the job heating it up and it felt room temperature and fridgerator temperature in the middle. I am not sure i will go back.

Ryan Rodriguez

Great bakery. Great people.

Meredith Orlow

Donna Mercantini

Mike Capsso

Great pastries

James Berry

They have the BEST cream filled doughnuts here!!!!!

rich campbell

Sarah Platt

Pastries, cookies and bread are very delicious! Our family will return!

George Stuffer

Yummy doughnuts best I've had in years

Raeleen Dera

Crystal Heron

Love, love the food! We went there at 5:30 and they still had plenty to choose from, I will definitely be going back.

Gee Spot

Worst experience EVER!! I was sold pies that turned to mold in two days! I purchased four pies a Sm cheesecake, four cookies and two brownies from J&B on Tuesday 11/22/16 late afternoon. Cost $82.79 . Within two days ( stored in refrigerator of course!!!) the pies were covered in mold!!! Unnoticed accidentally My eldest son ate pie from J&B for dessert on Thanksgiving and became ill that evening! We couldn't understand why as no one else was ill that attended dinner! WELL, we certainly found out the mystery!! Only having pies in my refrigerator for 2 days they were completely covered in MOLD!! I called store and spoke to girl who said "sometimes they are made ahead of time and having moisture in box may have done the trick"! I was put on hold to have manager take call and insinuate that I did not refrigerate the pies, he said his pies have no preservatives and only have two days to be consumed from date purchased! I sent manager pictures of MOLDY PIES three days after purchase at his request and explained that I was out of town for holiday and would return on Monday with pies for refund! (Clearly principal of matter) I return on Monday with really bad looking pies only to be insulted with offer of a $25.00 gift certificate! When purchase cost $82.79. That's REALLY BAD BUSINESS! I was insulted by manager continuously in our conversation suggesting that my son was sickened by something else as he was sick for a week himself, and that I didn't care for pies properly therefore they turned to mold in 2 days! Also suggesting that I had these pies for a week and want to return them now because they are spoiled! I reminded him of the pies being spoiled after speaking to him only three days after having purchased these pies!! I told him I would be more comfortable with getting a refund for the spoiled food and he told me that was not possible !!! Therefore I just want to put it out there for all of you in the area to avoid this place if you do not plan on entirely consuming what you purchase from J& B Bakery within 24 hours!!! Disgraceful! I did not except his $25 gift certificate offer as I do not plan to ever visit J&B again!!

Roberta K

JB Bakery lives up to the term "Just Baked". I have had many things from here and have never been underwhelmed. Their butter and sugar cookies are a personal favorite of mine. Not only does this bakery offer a huge variety of delicious baked goods for any occasion, they also have different kinds of breads, pepperoni bread, pizza, and even quiches for your weekend gatherings. The staff is very attentive and friendly making this your hometown bakery. I highly recommend JB bakery for anything, you won't be disappointed!

Clyde P Riddlesbrood

Our family loves this bakery. Although for us it's called the 'whale cookie store'. They sell these cute little blue whale cookies that we have been buying for our kids since they were little. And now we cannot go by Burlington without picking up a few. Thanks for the memories folks.

Jake Jones

Everything here is amazing. Donuts, cake, bread.. whatever you're looking for you won't find better in the area. Reasonably priced as well.

Phillip Marks

Pizza... Bread.. Pepperoni Bread Cheese Danish... Cinnamon Coffee rolls ...Louisiana Bread Pudding Donuts take your pick ALL GREAT!

Tommy Lee


Alisha Glover

Everything is not just beautiful, is also delicious. It has to be BOTH!

Sam Musgrave

David Wurzburg

An ABSOLUTE MUST VISIT!!! Then you'll find yourself returning, cause "YES" there that Good...

Cephas Milbourne

Charlotte Blackshear

All the cookies and cake taste like grease No flavor I bought the coconut cake and pistachio cake was the same yellow cake no flavor at all . A waste of$18 . Not going back.

Clarence Cooper

Ken Harris

Craig C

To me it's convenient is fresh and the prices are right

bill levering

Great, Best baked goods. A Must try!

Jorge Vergara

Friendly and delicious!!!

Charlyne Gerald

La Chae' W

Glenn Adams

Suz Q

They have bugs and hair on their food. And, when you address them about it they give a smart ass answer and tell you it's a special add on. Seriously?? GO TO L&M BAKERY IN DELRAN !!!

The nev avery and shay show

John Hansen

Fantastic. They were patient and helpful and have a great selection. Everything tastes great.

lucian palasanu

michelle defreitas

Absolutely love their cheesecake!!!! They make some of the most delicious creations your sweet tooth could ever be bakery in the Burlington area..

epifania González

Mui buen pan es delicioso

Sean Chaney

A must stop whenever I come to the Burlington area.

Iggy Nelix

Howard N. Wilkins

Annie Walderrama

Excellent. Had my wedding cake here and they are so creative!!!

High Quality

Great spot..The owner is very nice and helpful..Thank you! Jay

April Morales

Matthew Johnston

The staff were very nice, my wife loved their donut and we got some local honey in an awesome jar.

Jennifer Giberson

We ordered cupcakes from J&B for my daughter's 2nd birthday! They were amazing, everyone loved them, they were the best cupcakes we have ever ordered!!!! I was so impressed :) Wanted to be able to share that with someone, they were super fresh and decorated to perfection with little Dora edible images- only thing, I ordered the Smasher cupcake for the birthday girl and there was not an image on her cupcake which was just the whoel reason for me going with the theme because she loved Dora! So we had to rush to Party City for a Dora pick ;) Easy fix but just a little annoying. Overall, just amazing service and baked goods :)

Rory Goldman

Great old fashioned family bakery. Fresh breads, pies, pastries and donuts. The spot on the weekend mornings. I drive from Philadelphia to buy there if that is any indication.

Beth Hummel

I love this Bakery!

Cindy D

Ordered a cake for my sons graduation. I received a cake I literally could have made my self with some box mix and grocery store sprinkles. The cake had plastic fixtures and non edible stickers on the side . I have bought better cakes at the grocery store. I was highly disappointed.

Mark Pryor

Very nice people and of course everything is good!

seantel benjamin

Richard Rivera

Eddie Landeros


Heriberto Ramos

I have been buying cakes and pastries here for years. Always been very good and fresh. They do an excellent job.

mr lee

Have not had the pleasure, my loss

Edward Jaslow

Love this place YUMMY.

Edward Canivan


Tasya Gonzalez-Beck

Preparing for our Bring Your Child to Work Day and J B Bakery prepared delicious mini muffins, assorted danish and granola bars for the kids who are attending! Thank You JB Bakery

Carmella Gray

Have had a few items here, cookies are good

Edgar Mendez

Great local bakery. Anything bought there is delicious and the staff is always very friendly!

Gary DiCamillo

Great doughnuts and cakes. Its been a while since I was there but, I always go there for my donuts...YUM!!!

Eric McWhite

The best bakery in Burlington county

Ada Mendez

I am sorry to say that I just had a bed experience with them, I have been going to this bakery for about 20 years, today my husband when and bought Italian bread, when he got home I open the bag the bread did not smell fresh and when I cut it did not feel fresh, I call the bakery and they give me hard time, I when hooping they will change the bread for fresh ones but never offer to do it and give me a hard time about it. When I ask to get my money back, because my husband had paid with a credit card the $4.65 they made my husband drive there to see his license to give the credit to the credit card even though I give them my license with the same last name and they have see me coming there for the last 20 years by myself and with my husband too. I am sorry to find out they don't care about there customers.

Robert L Ware Jr

Mauro Fernandez

Very friendly staff and environment

Fiona Galvin

Really nice set up with wonderful customer service.

Pete Walton

They brewed fresh coffee on request. Incredible selection of fresh baked goods. Can't wait for the next trip to Burlington!

Thomas Osgood

One of great businesses in Burlington County NJ! This bakery is very courteous and the baked goods, there is always something to one's liking! Thank you Steve!

Evan Walsh

Only had a cup of ice coffee today was kinda pressed for time , however I love that place ! Definitely recommend it !!!

Carolyn Cummings

Jacek Wisniewski

Super Bakery szef wspanialy i caly zespol

althomson 1

Robbie Ligon

Excellent bakery, they have everything for that sweet carving you desire.

Michael Fitzpatrick

Josette Garrett

Amazing job...specialty cake was just like I asked and it taste delicious thanks for making my celebration complete

Neal West

Excellent cookies and free samples!

Rich Lewis

We have been using JB Bakery for years and have always enjoyed their baked goods. Mostly we have purchased cakes for birthdays and other family events and have never been disappointed with the product or the service.

mg7 photo

Amazing place! Amazing boss!


My fave bakery, from Italian pastries, doughnuts to cookies, ALL fantastic!

Joann Sykes

They use to taste good not any more it's like the donuts are so hard i was to far away to bring back

Barkbusters Stump Grinding Tri-State Area

Went into the store this morning and pie. Was told by the person on duty that it was the sweetest version. I found it not to be sweet and was disappointed.. I called and asked the other clerk about it and told her I was disappointed and asked if I special-ordered it could it be made sweeter. .. she was really unsure but said I could put it down and try. I think if you have clerks on duty they should have more knowledge of the products and procedures of the bakery. You may want to try another bakery whose clerks have better knowledge of products/procedures to receive better customer service.

joe gattone

Ordered a Yule log and specific cupcakes from the holiday menu. When i arrived, they could only find the Yule log. They could not find the cupcakes that i ordered. They provided me cupcakes with the character rings. This is what i have to take to my inlaws. i could have picked these up at a food store. very disappointed. I feel i did not get what i paid for. The young lady said i could stop back if there was a problem. The issue is, I live in PA. I came to this bakery because I have some nice experiences here when we stopped to get pastries for visits to my Grandmom in NJ. Very disappointed with the experience.


Love this place especially the fresh bread

Skyler Dyer

I was very surprised at how good the pies were that I got from here. Greasy and very tasty. Have a very home made feel to them. I have been back several time and always look forward to tasty treats from this bakery.

mary l. hugel

A little expensive but they have a large variety and everything was really good that we bought the only problem is it's in New Jersey and I live in Pennsylvania just lever the bridge


I tried to place an order for a birthday cake a week in advance and they would not make it. I didn't make any outlandish requests, it was truly baffling. Looks like they don't need customers. Never going back.

chrislg 11

Shawn Oliver

Love this place, one of the best bakeries I've yet to visit, and be satisfied with the deserts, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

Patricia Pabon

I have never been In J and b Bakery

Kevin Kulesza

Try the donuts. The one I had was so fresh and delicious, I would have been satisfied with it if it was just a regular frosted donut. It was, however, eggnog filled, and the filling was amazing. These guys put Dunkin and YumYum to shame. Also, I recommend the peanut butter cookies

chris brown

Amazing sticky buns, friendly faces, and super fast service team up to create this one of a kind bakery. Definitely go here immediately.

Charlotte Sparks

Melissa Andrews

The most amazing bakery ever. Service is impeccable and pastries are phenomenal! We love it!

Will Estelow

I couldnt ask for more. This is the best bakery ive EVER been to, and ive been to many many many. Pastries, cookies, cakes, coffee, and especially donuts, the donuts are AMAZING! The staff is very nice and professional, very clean, like i said i couldnt possibly ask for more in a bakery.

Kena Aaron

Very pleasant place! Good choices!

,Dina Leach


Tia Refait

mileslie gonzalez

Mariana Burachok

Kimmy Jackson

Gail Jones

Aaron Yanuzzi

I do t like donuts but man I couldn't stop eating theirs

Jay Esau

Friendly and courteous staff. Baked product is great.

Ron Brand

Excellent, their people are great

Caleb MCGlassion

James Elston

They're always Pleasant polite and quick to respond very fresh donuts.

Thomas G Townsend

Excellent amazing the proprietor very phenomenal young man. The staff is second to none!!!!

Dave Rosario

Brian F.

I've been going to this bakery since my childhood (I'm currently 58 years old), and the quality has never changed!

Chas Whalen


Larry Shervington

Juan Ortiz

Everything in the bakery has been great especially the bread. The coffee and donut bundle is a guilty pleasure when I come here. The staff is usually kind and it’s nice they have their own parking lot.

Sue DiMoia

Abony Thompson Stewart

Not.a fan

Michael DelRossi

JB Bakery is the best in Burlington, N.J. for their gingerbread cake and crumb buns! Outstanding Strawberry Shortcake it's an all time favorite, Durch Apple is another classic! All the breads/rolls, cakes, cookies & pies you must come in an try!

Tanisha Poindexter

Carla Mclaurin

Susan Thomason

The Self-Love Journey

The best choice of cakes around.

Lighting Engineer

Great pastries a Little pricey

Karey Velez

Love love love

Takirra Richardson

I had the worst experience at this place went to this bakery about 2 weeks in advance before I actually needed my birthday cake so I placed the order that day I came in. So the cake decorator ask me when will I need this cake told her I will need this June 8, she ask me what time on June 8 told her at 9am I will pick this cake up. So I go there today to pick up my cake and the employees are looking around for my cake so then they came and told me that we don't see your cake here, so I said maybe the cake decorating have the cake with her, so they go to text and call her to see where the cake is, so the cake designer never answered the phone nor text, so I'm waiting about another 5 to 10 mins just to see if she would call back or text. So she finally text one of the employees back and said I'm on my way to the bakery shop. So I said to the employee what did she say about my cake she told the employee that the cake was not done yet it was not decorated yet. So I'm like are you serious? This is unprofessional i most definitely would not recommend this bakery. So now I left without a cake for my party how upsetting is this?? And you would of thought that the owner would of called and said I'm sorry for the inconvenience or something but did not even call to apologize.

Michele Mcvicker

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