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63 Butler St, Trenton, NJ 08611, United States

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REVIEWS OF Italian Peoples Bakery IN New Jersey

Benson Michaud

Excellent service. Very popular locally. Their baked goods are amazing and the sandwiches are delicious. I got mozzarella balls to make a salad with and they were amazing.

Antonio T

My family has been coming for their freshly baked rolls literally for DECADES, no Walmart, ShopRight nope, Italians people bakery.

Brian Stout

The best Bakery in the area. The rolls are excellent. The staff is polite and professional.

Ayshya Balkcom

Everytine I come here its an amazing experience. The sandwiches are to die for, and the cookies/cakes are so tasty. 2 for 1 stop it's always a win for the patron!

Anthony Fioravanti

Best deli in trenton

Dan Dittmar

Really glad this biz is in Trenton! Great rolls, subs, cookies...

Wilfred Robles


Nicole Williams

It’s really sad that I’m writing this because I used to love it here however, it is just not the same. The cakes are frozen and taste freezer burnt. The rainbow cookies were hard as rocks and stale! So so gross. Good memories of what it used to be but we won’t be going back.

Angelina Johnson

Love them, there in the neighborhood. The cakes are so delish

Leonard Rose

Great bakery in Trenton excellent jelly donuts, all Mtl. Preservatives. Very clean and the people who work there are very friendly.

Shon Brown

Sandwiches Hoagies cakes cookies and fresh baked bread. Whats not to love about this place. Great staff n service.

Humberto Solis Jr.

Place has been around since I was a child. God I love the hoagies!

Carol Farina

Best rolls anywhere.

Rickie Still

The best bread in NJ. The best hoagies in town. Don't leave without getting a cake donut.

Zac Burkhalter

Fantastic bakery with the best rolls and my favorite Italian cookies! I also recently started going here for their deli sandwiches and they are delicious, they definitely won't disappoint (again because of the great bread). If you haven't been here I would highly recommend going.

Anthony DeSantis

Excellent pastries, doughnuts and rolls. Always fresh!

Valerie Williams

My family's choice for Italian Rum Cakes for 50 years. Changed with the neighborhood, but baked goods still fabulous. Person behind bakery counter not helpful.

Jason Smoot

Best rolls and desserts around

Juan Mercado

Great bread

Susan Pfeiffer-Debiec

This is still the place to go!!! Thanks IPB for remaining a constant place to get baked goids and deli items , youre worth the trip into "Chambersburg"!

Carolina J Quero

Best cheesecake ever!!

Yocelyn Gonzalez

Eat at this place a lot real italian desserts!

Gato Sequeira

Excellent storage to buy fresh bread everyday..

Jane Pauling

One of the last Italian businesses still standing in Chambersburg. Great hoagies, cannolis. Some of the cookies and baked goods remind me of what my grandmother used to serve.

Urban Diva

Sandwiches here are stellar. Dont be fooled, a small is like a half and a medium is like a whole. The large is enough for at least 2-3 people to share. Fresh, filling, affordable and nice sandwich makers. Dont be afraid to "Have It Your Way" and be specific with your toppings. I took one star off for the wait but they do have at least 3 people making sandwiches when it gets busy, but I just get really annoyed by the and the parking is hit or miss with many people just double parking and running in. They also have cakes, pastries and cookies but I haven't tried any of them yet.

the best gamer1894 Uzumaki

They have the best home made sweets in the whole mercer county area!

H. T. Scaccetti

A Chambersburg landmark...been at this location forever or so it seems. They make the absolutely best bread and rolls along with a litany of other fresh baked products...doesn't get any better. The only downside is trying to find a parking spot but that's beyond anything they can do. Still a great place to get your Italian goodies.

Liz Szabo

Love peoples. Mmmmm. Super fresh

Trentoncoffeehouse Androaster

They are the best! Trenton Coffee House loves the corn rye!

Renee Staton

Love there sub made with bread straight from the oven my go to spot when I want a sub

brandon chiappetta

Hands down amazing

Jeremy Hurley

The way ot used to be .. Almost! Lol

Stephanie Baker


Monique C

Very consistent with getting my orders correct & customer service is usually good which is very important to me

Michelle Canty

Stopped in for a vanilla cupcake. Their food baked goods are always on point. And they do amazing specialty items.

Elaine Parish

This is always a good place to go for hoagies, cakes, and baked goods. They have been here for many years. Their reputation is like none other in the area. Yes, you may have to wait, but it is worth it. Fresh food has always been their moto. It is located on a one way street. Parking has always been a issue so people double park. I have never seen any issues with customers when they are blocked because the other customer comes out shortly. I have had to wait for a parking spot before, but I know it is worth the wait. No handicap parking..... SORRY!!!

Daryn Bogart

IPB on Butler in The Burg is the original and has always been the best.

She's Learning

Good sandwiches but I dont like that every add-on is an additional charge-including pickles.

Jerry Palmisano

Loved it ,a diamond in this area

Sarah Quill

Love their doughnuts.

Ruben Marquez

Awsome place great selection

Argo Cesareo

The subs are out of this world

Ruth Washington

The best place to eat from

Tim Atwood

Best Italian hoagies ever. I've been going there since I was a kid.

Melanie Bajek

I love love love Italian Peoples Bakery!

Toccaria Johnson

Long wait time and the girl who was serving people tried to skip me because me because people that she knew came in and she wanted to help them. BUT the cupcakes were awesome

Pamela Ward

The best bakery ever I love this place

Tae Evans

Delicious food & Pleasant workers

Natasha Brown

They have the best hoagies in the world.

Mis Undastood1020

Cakes and hoagies are always fresh!

J Cuso

The best place to get rolls Canoli and any other Italian dessert.

Wilfredo Otero

Delicious hoagie

Jose' Acosta

Traditional Italian bread and other items made fresh . Surely service

Pria Green

The best cake, donuts and sandwiches by far.... I still haven’t found a bakery that can outdo them yet!

Lynnette Morales 77

Even though I have moved away. I wish there was an Italuan people's bakery were I live. The best bread EVER!!

Music Is Love

Love there hoagies and cheesecakes

Rebeca Rivera-Asencio


mystic prince

Very nice and old school

William Utley

Just the smell you get when you walk in you can tell everything's pretty fresh. Great pastry

Mitch Larmore

The baked goods are fresh and is very convenient love this deli

John Fielek

The Italian bread here is the best I have ever tasted from coast to coast. Your business will be thriving for many years to come. Keep it simple and keep it good.

Ken M

The creme sticks are the best. Just as I remember over 20 years ago.

J Palmer

Make sure you tell the extra meat on your subs...

La-Shanna Jones

Dessert & dessert

Angela Eulo

The have always had the best bread. I grew up right around the corner and I still stop there to pick up bread for every family gathering.

Amarilis Gerena

Who doesnt love this place?? Best donuts ever!!

Jim Burrows

Great bakery to get anything . For easter Christmas or any Baker food.

Jaguar Paw

They do such wonderful work and maintain their orders accordingly

Robert Phillips

The best fresh rolls.

Charles Osofsky

They just keep doing what they do best

Richard Winters


Dawn Carlin

Have always loved their bread and rolls, but today tried the deli sandwiches, was not disappointed! Great deli sandwiches and a good value! Will certainly eat here more often!

Felix Sanchez

Best bread

Christy Louis

One of my biggest pet peeves, which I find that mostly grown and old adults do is when you're calling out to them, either to ask a question or to speak to them, they know they hear you, you know they hear you, and they PURPOSELY IGNORE YOU. Came here to pick up a Grubhub order, said to the woman behind the counter "excuse me" because I needed to know where the order was to pick up, and she PURPOSELY IGNORED ME. What the hell?! Called out to her again, and she just kept on ignoring. I really dont ubderstand why adults do this. I was very tempted to call Grubhub right in front of her face and inform her that the restaurant employee did not want to give me the food because I literally did not know what else to do. I had to do my job! I called out to her twice, maybe three times and she ignored me some more, making me look like a fool and embarrassing me in front of the other customers there. That is not the way to treat a person. It's extremely rude. I don't care how stressed you are. You don't take out your frustration on other people by being rude. I'll have to ask Grubhub to block this restaurant from my radar so I never have to recieve orders from this ridiculous place, and drivers beware! You might get treated the same way.

Crystal Jackson

Wish they had more cream donuts in the afternoon but they are still the best

Denise Rodriguez

Love this place very kind energetic vibe and very friendly

Maria Martin

Parking difficult, street only. Pastries excellent and their hoagies ate the best, they accept all forms of payment. Only bakery I visit.

Alfred Swain

The food is delicious, and great service

Christopher Hall

amazing food and few cuties as well

Dave Eshoo

very good service

Maria Fryar

Wonderful service and baked goods! Everyone I come back to NJ I come here.

Iris Simmons

It's a shame I went to the bakery with my husband. I stayed in the car. He went in he purchased a dozen torpedoes rooms. Went to the cashier handed her a 20.00 dollar bill. He spent 6.37. She gave him two five dollar bills 3 ones and some change. We left your establishment and went straight to Food Bazaar down the street. Which happens to be not to far from your place of business. Market located on Clinton Ave. He went there to purchase some things. The cashier at that particular store stated that the five dollars that my husband handed her was fake. Shame on you for asking for proof when he got the fake money from your place of business. If your employees don't know the difference between real money or fake money they shouldn't be working there. Trying to make a person feel bad by asking for proof. We will never step foot in your establishment ever again. How can you go from being so nice to being so untrustworthy.

LeRoy Bonaparte

The best bread, subs,cookies, cakes and too many more things to eat around

Erik Smith

This is very clean place and very friendly go there you love it

Luis Meza

Love their coffee and bread specially the bagels with cream cheese

John Zucchetti

This has been a family favorite bakery for many years. Delicious breads, donuts that not only top all the other bakeries in their delicious taste, but so very attractive that you could see them in a magazine. Always fresh deli, sandwiches, salads, Italian specialties! All in all, a top quality establishment!


Friendly staff. Excellent desserts. Good prices. Large selection. One of the top bakeries in NJ. Favorites are the rainbow cookies and mini canolis. Have a variety of specialty cupcakes like Oreo. Have the best eclairs and famous cream puff donut

Tyerra Aiken

Great service great food

Luis Diaz the 1st

Grate sandwiches. Beautiful women

Larry Kelley

My Elder of my life introduced me to deliciousness authentic Italian goods WOW! Ma-ma Mia

Rachelle R

The food is good but the employees are TERRIBLE , attitude is out of this world and it's no longer a family business , they are unprofessional, inpatient, and just lack respect for the customers. A can see a future lawsuit headed that way towards the business. Only gave a two stars because of how tasty the sandwich are. I can simply take my money and head to a local subway if this continues.

Fredy Tay Red

If you like sweet Italian pastries this is your place. They also sell great Italian subs


best sub great bread

Allahs MGT

Great deli sandwiches, italian baked goods and friendly staff.

Careema Bell

Best bread and donuts in Trenton.

jeff trayner

Every holiday is a must here

alex lopez

love the donuts! super fresh!

Mike Santiago

Best bakery ever known....the best as I was a kid...

Barbara Marinelli-Freund

Food and bakery is absolutely AMAZING! I won't ever go anywhere else now. This was my first visit and i couldn't be happier i chose to stop there!

OG Bobby Johnson

A landmark in Trenton, I especially like the hoagies and donuts!!! All of their baked goods are excellent, if the parking was better it would get that other star.

Lidia Valle

Best bakery in trenton long sesame hot stick bread .good with puerto rican cafe..

Ben Whitt

Great food. Love the deli in the back. Hoagies off the hook!

Richie M

Sorta went down hill from previous years. I always loved coming here for some good and fresh bakery rolls, but lately the rolls have been hard and flaky. I'm not really impressed with the looks or some staff of this place! Some ghetto caucasian girl gives you about 4 difference prices on the rolls when she bags them, but other than that they have very good hoagies when the bread isn't hard.

Miles Whittinggriffin

Great place delicious cakes and they take the time to make sure you get exactly what you want! Overall Great people, great service, great cakes! Thank you!

Renee Smith

Never disappointed anytime I go here.

Judyann Tomko

Love this place n all the good food they make!!!!

Dan Pennacchio

Great sandwiches


Good fresh bread, great turkey hoagies!!!

Kamarco Burrell

It's a taste of love

Elybbs Bbs

The best bakery in Trenton nj

Azzuri Feliciano

Very good bakery. Everything is always fresh. Staff is very friendly and professional.

Shoji Shuma

Great place love the hoggies here the cakes and cookies are great as well

Diamond N D'Rough

The desserts are amazing!

Theresa Lee

They did an excellent job the baby shower cake and in efficient time..

Tywonna Hallett

They make some good heroes

David Ponton

If you want good rolls that are fresh this is where you can go

Gilbert Nickens

hoagies are pretty good


5 ☆☆☆☆☆stars for Great hoagies and baked good (0) no stars for the ladies in there have no sense of humor and are very rude. Not friendly at all. Not a great experience at all sorry but not sorry you need new employees.

Willie Hazel

I like the pastries

Sabrina Donaldson

Everything is always good and fresh

dorothy gibbs

My order was done and ready for pick up i had a very nice TP officer help me with my order.

Tishan Harris

Amazing bakery. Makes the best cakes and sandwiches. Staff is vey friendly and helpful. They will customize your cake to however you wish it to be. And they are really fast about it. I get birthday cakes here every year.

Marc Leckington

Hands down the best quality and value sandwich in Trenton.

Monique Brown

Best cooled cuts every

Lori Cheffar

Oh the many childhood traditions. We always got treats as a kid here. Can't beat the hoagies and breads but for me the Italian cookies speak my language. They are happy to help you customize any order from big to small.

Susan V

I ordered a large Italian. It was very filling. The bread was amazing.

Maria Reyes

I just pass by Italian Bakery it was closed they do on Sunday. The place I went was San Joaquin Catholic Church I went to 5 pm mass, Every one is welcomed to assist to mass services . It is just across the street._. Ma.A.R. "CHURCH" 5 stars"

Tammy Burrows

I travel 65 miles just to come here. They have the best pastries, bread and cakes ever!

Matthew Eckel

Best rolls on the planet, bar none! Little Matt is always a pleasure and is such a nice boy!

Larry Powers

The best store Italian people

david hopkins

Got a dozen of the greatest donuts on earth and the best danish I've ever eaten. Also bought a few chocolate cannolis, heaven.

Annis Wheeler

Love there bread and there hoagies. They make the bread on the premises. #THEBEST

Sol Pacheco

My favorite bakery. Love their bread and pastries.

Chaquana James

Lisa is the best. She's always professional and friendly. We love your food. I wish you had a location in Quakertown, Pa. I am soo tired of Wawa. Thanks Guys!!

Kisha Crockett

Love it after all these years their still rated number 1

Delores Whyte

No matter where I live in this world, no one bread bakery or subs will ever compare to the IPB. I travel 830 miles just for there food. I love these people

Curtis Dubbeld

Dont go to the one in hamilton... This location in Trenton has the best service and best quality rolls around. Would have been nice to get a break if you buy so many dozen, but supply and demand.

Will Cooper-Daub

Great donuts, pastries, and cakes. Open 365 days a year!! I also love that I can pick up frozen pizza dough, fresh mozzarella, and real ricotta here. Never tried the sandwiches, but they look good. I only wish they had a wider selection of bread that isn't white or rye.

Dani Patrone

It is a delicious site for the eyes wonderful pastries and cakes all homemade and amazingly fresh

Tee Wilkins

The food is always good but this time we went at like 3pm n the rolls was hard on the top when we got hoagies but that was the first time...

Ashley Martinez

Clean everyone is nice and friendly they make good subs

Tyrell Ballard

The best bread everrrrrrrrrrrrrr..... for years!!!!!

Ray Forte

Great food, great people, great prices. Check out their breakfast sandwiches and their deli lunches ; it's not just a bakery.

Mo Villanueva

best bakery in the area

Anna Martinez

Best bread/rolls ever tasted.. N best donuts in town.. Staff is great n helpfull

Gary Thacker Gary

All good food, service. Parking is miserable so be prepared to drive around looking for a spot to park

Larry V

Awesome assortment of goodies, cookies and pastry! Fresh baked rolls & loaves. Hoagies are pretty damn good too! A+

Gio mald

Everything is good, clean and nice place to get any pastry here I I wish they have more choices than milk like cream flavors

Four Legged Fun Dog training

Love their cannoli's!

Min Alvon L.D. Cruse

The Best for Hogies!!!

Jim Bates

Great place to get your rolls and pastry

Clint Riley

The food is good, prices are fair. No complaints

Creative Harris

Good Turkey hoagies

Edwin Cardona

Great bread

Tommy Andrews

Great bakery in Trenton excellent jelly donuts, all Mtl.

Karen Worthen

Very good food

Todd Poole

Get the Cuban! Quite tasty and for the price, you can't beat it.

Valerie Rucinski

Was a Stephanie Plum fan visiting- enjoyed the donuts and roast beef sandwich!

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