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REVIEWS OF Clemente Bakery IN New Jersey

Jim _

I love the bread..that's it. They started to skimp out on the fresh mozzarella cheese on their sandwiches, and their customer service needs some fixin'.

Mary Basta

Went there for breakfast sandwiches, so fresh and delicious. Bought bread too , it's not cheap , but you get what you pay for. This place makes everything so fresh and clean . Highly recommend. Definitely going back again

Michael Kil

Great sandwiches and cold cuts.

kk 99

Filled with excellent products from Italy, fresh baked breads, prepared foods, cold cuts, outrageous salads, pastries, espresso...I love this place!!

Fr. Paul

Great Italian delicacies. Too expensive

Paul Kushnir

Great Italian lunch. Very fresh and delicious food.

Keisa Batres

To expensive but the food was ok

Peter Zeccola

The service and the atmosphere is awesome. Prosciutto and mozzarella hero was awesome. I go there regularly. Highly recommend anything they preparer!

Alexander Hernandez

Great food and desserts

Steve Decker

For the best in true Italian specialties, there is no other place you need to go. Giant mortedella...yum!

Holly Frye

We bought pignoli cookies that are priced at a very high price and thanks be we only bought a quarter pound to try them. They were stale and horrible. Next we tried cookies dipped in chocolate and sprinkles and again they were horrible. One place I'll never go back to

ARK Global Consulting

Superior food and service!

Ryan Schwartz

Counter-serve deli with cold sandwiches and sides. Hot food like pizza and such (except on Sunday, I believe). Desserts and sodas and chips. Plus a grocery selection as well. Excellent bread, excellent meats. Know what you want before you step up to the counter though - they are efficient but not interested in conversation. *Edit* I've been coming here for over 12 years. I just love those sandwiches.

Wayne Brackett

Best place around . Great selection. And the focaccia the best

Carlos Fernandes

Great people and food. Especially the food. OMG

David Sheldon

Good sandwiches. Good bread. Price for cookies seems high.

Daniel LaFon

Great timely service and awesome prices. We asked the older gentleman behind the counter what was the best sandwich available and he made it for us. I don't even remember what he called it, but it was delicious. The grilled peppers are a must have addition on your sandwich though; the added flavor was awesome.

Rocco Santomenno

Great home made breads

Rj Rocco

Always great food and amazing staff

Neil Blake

Best Italian Deli & Bakery in Hackensack NJ.

Rick Modrzewski

The real deal. Been going for years

Drini Sema

Best bread and high quality products. Being from Europe myself, I feel home when consuming their products. Keep it up

Ann Marie Potter

Great food to eat in or take out

Joseph Sanzo III

Another excellent place, period

Sugey Galvagni

Top of the line quality, the closest to real Italian in New Jersey. The cheese is amazing, the bread out of the world, and the cleanliness back and front of the house is exceptional. But be careful with the costumer service, the one of the owner racially target me and my friend, just because she tough my friend did not pay for a simple water, that be previously paid. Horrible experience, I am a regular and my friend came from out of the country and I am recommend the place as one of the best. So sad the quality not always meet competency ,friendliness and costumer service. Clemente's

Marianne Mazzo

The best homemade fresh mozzarella and plenty other delicious Italian foods. Eat in or take out. Bring home for the family or special occasion! Don't forget the bread!!!

Tim Cloutier

Always good! Make sure to get roasted peppers on your sandwich

Alan Felicia

Outstanding service and the food are freshly made, delicious, top notch!

Richard Baglieri

Good all kind of food. Lunch

Herman Fernandes

This place is the real deal. Great service at the deli counter. Busy at lunch with local workers coming in for lunch. Prepared food was good, the actual service could use a little polish but overall a great place. They also have a selection of dry Italian goods in addition to the baked goods, prepared foods and deli counter.

E. K.

Great Italian deli with a lot of cold and hot selections

Robert Kuczkuda

Best sandwiches around

Alexander Magallon

Great place for lunch. They have a deli type section and a hot food type section. I usually order the Clemente special sandwich. Fresh baked goods, hot meals and Mozzarella. They also have imported Italian ingredients. There is seating, parking and bathrooms located here.

Christina Meyers

Love Clemente' owned and operated and the food is made with love. Clean and simple, old school Italian storefront serving great sandwiches (packed with meat and cheese) and delicious hot food. Always a line and never a disappointment. Try the cheesecake cone for dessert..its decadent and heavenly.


Went there today and had good food and at a good price . Staff friendly . Would use regular if I did not live in England!!

Len L

Simply awesome authentic Italian products.

thomas scialpi

Good food

jay opper

Great eggplant and fresh home bread and cheese

james mccabe

Top top top notch food. Excellent sandwiches

Andrew Meneilly

Great Italian sandwiches and pasta. Best fresh mozzarella and roasted pepper sandwich I've ever had, bread is incredible.

Joe G

Great place for breakfast or lunch. Sandwiches are big and fresh. Staff is very helpful as well.


Excellent edible experience

Ted Failla

The best sandwiches, cold cuts and Italian food.

Rob Ferretti

Hard not to like this place, some of the best Italian bakery/ deli food i've ever had. Good atmosphere and espresso as well.

Jack Whitaker

Excellent place for six foot subs for game day and parties. Friendly staff.

William Schievella

The absolute best in Bergen County

Harry Gates

Always a pleasure to have great food here what a wonderful BLT.

Lanfranko coro

I flew from Florida and my cousin told me you need to taste this sub...Being from NY I had to give it a try...Waoo!! Amazing Sub ...Spot on and the place is CLEAN! When I return to NJ this is a definite stop ! By the way Mozarrella is to die for

Evan Steiner

Great sandwiches, can get busy at lunch time so expect a wait

Cristina Conte

I don't know how anyone can give this place a bad review. I grew up going to Sicily every summer and I can genuinely say that this is as close as its going to get to an authentic Italian Bakery. Everything is fresh and homemade, it is delicious, some of the best bread I have ever had! Great food and family!

Ashley Huff

the food is delicious and the staffs are friendly. we once for a while had a friend gathering in this place. always happy about the food. Thanks!

Kate Oran

Always good selections.


Bakery pastries are old, 7 grain bread has a few seeds sprinkled on the top, plain bread on the inside....and expensive. Wont see me there again.

Jeff Naddy

great homemade options, pasta, cheese etc...

Felipe Parada

I'm actually very upset that at the fact that I never knew this place existed. I had a coworker take me there for lunch and I fell in love as soon as I walked in. Ordered a ham and cheese sandwich and had a food coma. Great food/Great service. Been going back ever since.

Peter Koulikourdis

Best bread & heroes in northern Jersey

J. F. H. J.

Excellent place and food. Top quality preparation of the selection.


First couple of times it was AMAZING. I am from Staten Island and ever since i moved out here ive been dying to find great Italian food..I thought i stumbled upon it however the last few times i went it has been awful. Chicken thick and under cooked.

John K

Great selection of deli, bakery and Italian specialties!

Chris Burford


Matthew B

Expensive but very good.

Tony Quats

Good food and sandwiches.

Peter Russo

high quality foods

Anton Mastrocco

Authentic Italian food with great service.

Joanne McLellan

Anything Italian, they make it. The best bread this side of the Hudson.

Daniel Glover

Yum. Wide selection of food, both sandwiches and hot food. Other specialty items to purchase as well.

Juan Perez-b

the best

Rocky LaBarbera

Used to be the to go place for great sandwiches, but no more. Got so popular they forgot how to make a good chicken cutlet sandwich, won't be going back. And not a fan of the deli man who not only seems to always be under the weather, but gives your sandwich some extra kick with a few sneezes while you're not looking. I wish I could say I'm joking but I'm not...

Patrizia Giassa

Real Italian salumeria. One of the last few left. Great service too

jude charles

always packed.

Daniel Topping

This place is a gem. Top quality, no nonsense place. Great for lunch or takeout.

Hermes Jimenez Jr

Great food and amazing subs!

Jesse DeLucca

The most Awesome place on earth

Jerry Ferderigos

Great Sandwiches, only downside is they're a little pricey, but once or twice a week it's worth it if it's within your budget

chris corbin

Excellent Turkey and cheese sandwich. The bread was perfect. And they had Diet Stewart's Root Beer

Zios Pizza

Great Bread! We order bread for our pizzeria from here. The bread is the best around and they provide great customer service. If you need bread for your business, just call them. You won’t regret it!!!

William Holencsak

Great meal. Chicken parm and ravioli tasted amazing. Highly recommend eating here.

Robin Samuel

The fresh mozzarella made there rosted peppers and balzamic with parma. That's what I always get and stuffed peppers and daily fresh made. Everything in that place is worth a trip.

Mike Marketti

Best salumi, best cheese, breads are

Phil Sz

Real Italian deli and bakery. You won't be disappointed.

Al Bracco

Seriously one of the best sandwiches I've ever had on freshly baked bread. Prosciutto, capacolla, fresh mozzarella and roasted peppers.

Russell Verducci

Best in the area

Justin Derevyanik

Good food but some of the people that work there have an attitude

Glenn Zabransky

Great local spot. Has everything you're looking for for lunch or otherwise. Deli (hot and cold sandwiches). Hot food (pasta, seafood) Pizza and bakery with the best bread around. A little pricey, but definitely great for a little treat now and then!

Russell Kaminsky

Always great!

Richard Weems

I get excited when I have a long enough lunch to run over here for a sandwich or an item from the hot bar. Absolutely delicious, fresh bread, baked on the premises I believe. Fridays are calamari days, and that’s when I really feel like I’m giving myself a treat.

Leonora Ragab

I thought I was in Heaven or at least Italy!!

Pete Caruso

Love this place. I remember them when they were in Union City. Great sandwiches and pizza!

Themendous Sales Dept.

My very first job was working for the Clemente family when they were known as Central Bakery in Union City NJ. I was 11 years old and wanted to work. I was already familiar with the bakery as my family had been buying bread from them since we came from Italy in ‘73. I was so sad when they shut their doors at Central Bakery and never knew why. This past week I was driving down a S.Hackensack street to visit a vendor.. there was street construction going on and I was re-directed. What a thrill it was to see the name Clemente bakery! I pulled in right away and got to meet Cosmo, who remembered me! I think I left with half the store!

Guy Cali

Great sandwiches, throw on the fresh mozzarella, can't beat it.

Alex G

My wife and I were looking for breakfast place and found Clemente. It was a surprise since the restaurant and deli is in an industrial area. I'll sum it up the bread was excellent and the sandwiches superb. The hot meals were great as well! Now I know where to get fresh bread.

Scott Budinich

My number one place for a great hero sandwich Great bread and pastries. Have yet to try the pizza but it looks awesome

Derek Crewe

5 Stars! Great food and service!

Dave Ruth

Great food.

Charles Harmon

Family owned incredible food!

Donna Defrangesco

Great place love it♥️

Christopher Thorpe

Great place for Italian sandwich

Arline Roman

This place is amazing!! The service, employees, the food, the coffee and their products are extremely out of this world. Coming back? INDEED! ☕


If you want truelly excellent ITALIAN cold cuts and condiments This is the store.

Stephen Barksdale

Best mozzarella around.Great bread.Good sandwiches and great assortment of hot dishes for lunch.

Paolo Pirani

Incredibly good. A gem!

Thomas Pizzute

Best bread.

patt lemonie

The place to go for fresh mozzarella, hot crusty Italian bread and all food for entertaining. Great family run salumeria

Steve Kein

Great experience great pizza nice selection of Italian goods !

Alex Castellano


Marianne Jackson

The fish, pasta and broccoli were incredible! And the selection of pastries were delicious.

Violin Panov

This place is great, so is the staff. I absolutely love to visit it.

Samer Abraham

One of the better deli's in the area. Awesome tomato pies that remind me of when I was a kid and Bergen County had a stronger Italian presence. They do a great prosciutto di Parma sandwich but do yourself a favor and don't put too much on it as it's pretty good quality meat.

Ricky Mondino


Euro Car Doctor

Great place for Italian food (great selection, daily specials) and desserts but be forewarned... it gets really busy (both take-out and eat-in) during lunch time. You can't go wrong with this place.

Nicholas J Ferraro

Great hot food Mon-Fri, amazing sandwiches (Clemente Special is #1), bread, Italian market, etc. Can't go wrong, ya welcome!

Joe Fort

Italian bakery and deli. Good food, good bread, entrees at lunch, olives, peppers etc. Sandwiches are great.

marian gordon

Always great food, dessert and good selections. They added tables a while ago so lunch is easy.

Frank Cardia

Best bread around......Period

Gene Rochat

Everything Looks So Delicious Incl. Lg. Deli & Prepared Food Selection. Small Eat In Area!

patri motola


kk s

The best

Muneca Rustica

Not bad. It's a deli n bakery. They have hot food during the week. Bet it's good but it's usually during work hours so i haven't tried there lunch. They have store items around, too. They get busy

Nelson Clark

Great service, food and atmosphere

Lee Weinstein

This is, by far, one of my favorite bakeries. Unlike some of the other fabulous bakeries around the area, this one has a bit of a twist. It has an abundance of your traditional Italian meats, cheeses, breads, and a superb deli. You also will not walk into this bakery and expext to find a slew of Italian cookies and desserts, save that for Palermo's or B&W, but you will find some of the best breads around. I highly recommend this place for a great lunch. Deli sandwiches, hot sandwiches, hot plates and cold salads, you cant go wrong.


All I can say is OMG for real Italian food and people this is a must stop

Christopher Locarno

Great food every time I go

Dan Thurston

Awesome Italian deli

Joshua Thal-Pruzan

Best local Italian sandwich joint, by far.

Starr Lite


Justin Stasiuk

Father used to order his bread from this spot when he had his catering business . The quality of ingredients here is phenomenal . A classic italian deli and bakery .

eli Dresler

Best Italian deli west of Bay Ridge Brooklyn

william barrios

awesome deli and bakery food is delicious

Hector Lebron

Clemente Bakery was clean, the food and pastry selection was amazing. This is the most authentic feeling bakery I have ever been too. I will definitely be visiting here again.

Ryan Ward

Seriously, best sandwich in my life

Yousssef Basta

Love there bread

Chris Kelley

Food is great! Don't expect service with a smile though.

Kenny Ritzer

A little advice, ask for the imported deli! Home baked breads are excellent. Love it

Jaime Cortez

The best sandwiches in NJ

Ryan Booth

Service is great. Everyone is very friendly. Very good gourmet deli with big sandwiches! The bread is fantastic!! Pastries and baked goods look very good too, I haven't tried any though.

Joe Zimmermann

An authentic southern Italian bakery and deli. Large selection of homecooked food like your nonna used to make. Highly variable pricing -- some items (like deli sandwiches) are very reasonable, while others have eye-opening price tags.

Michael DeSalvo

Awesome bread, great sandwiches, meats and cheeses.

Ricardo Maldonado

Good place to eat Italian foods

Leonora DiLauroRagab

Awesome! A little bit of Italy in NJ

Rhonda Hendrix

Great place to eat.

Rachel Cruz

My go to place for authentic Italian cuisine and goods!

Janice Carrero

Hidden gem. Well made subs on fresh bread and home made quality ingredients esp mozzarella. I love the red velvet cake.


This place is great!

Iamtpop Tpopiam

You have to get your sandwiches here, everything is great


Do NOT go there hungry! Everything looks so good you can easily eat your body weight worth! Hands down the best Italian Deli in the area!

Vincent Messina

Awesome staff and amazing Italian food

Ron Luchetti

This place has the best lunches and Italian goods...peeiod

marketing cibo italia

Authentic Italian food with great service and smiles!

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