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REVIEWS OF B&W Bakery IN New Jersey

Nadelyn Pichardo

I have gone to this place a few different times and have gotten many different pastries. Is a huge disappointment when you buy a pastry that looks beautiful yet tastes either stale or it has that old fridge taste. I got a cake for my nephew for his birthday and it was simply not worth the money. I opted for having to run to the store to buy a new one because after one bite no one wanted any more of it. Moreover, it is a cash only place something I would be willing to let go if the pastries were worth it.

Osama Moshet

Crumb cake was OK, not impressed. Fast service though crowded over weekend. Street parking and next door lot of Target. Cash only!!! They charge for plastic bag!!!

Laura Della Mast

Legendary for their crumb cake

Robert Patterson

Best crumb cake ever

Josh Swarm

Excellent cakes, cupcakes, and coffee cakes. For as long as I can remember, any time there's a special occasion my family gets a cake from this Bakery. Not once has it been a disappointment. It can get pretty busy but it's worth the wait.

Bee Brac

The best whipped cream eclairs. I drive nearly 200 miles once a month to get them. They're also known for their crumb cake which is extremely delicious as well. I miss living only two blocks away.

Christopher Pancoast

The best bakery hands down. People it's the water and skills I think

John J

Over priced. Not into. Nothing for diabetics in the bakery gluten free but nothing diabetic.

Nancy Pellegrine

Out of this world!

Sharon Bardakjy

Delicious cheese twist and crumb cake!

Jeff Colón

Delicious pastries, decent prices. I usually get the french pastry (chocolate raspberry) almond ring & crumb cake they also make an apple filled crumb cake that's just as good. Check em out. great place.

Christopher Drummond

I have been here a million times and seems like the sweets get better and better each visit. There isn't anything in this bakery that you aren't going to like based on your choice of sweet bad behavior! The selection runs the gamut from pastries, cookies to delicious layer cakes and super tasty breads. That being said it is famous for it's crumb cake and if you are a crumb cake person then this will be your #1 spot hands down without question. The cake is tender and has the thickest layer of crumbs that I've ever seen with so much great cinnamon flavor bursting with each bite. This cake is available as a regular crumb cake or you can select ones with apples which are both great. What to know: 1. Cash only (No Debit/Credit Cards) 2. When crowded which is usually on weekend's you have to grab a ticket number to be served A good tip: Park in the Target lot next door because the spaces in front are usually taken and very limited which will force you drive all the way around.

Danny Albano

The best crumb cake!

Larry Sashin

I'm in a rut! I've been going to the B&W Bakery for years. Happy each time I leave with my incredibly delicious crumb cake in tow. As I drive home and I can't stop myself from reaching in the bag to grab a crumb or 2 and them I realize... there's a large variety of cakes, pies, cookies, etc that are baked there and I haven't tasted anything besides the crumb cake! Oh well, I'll worry about it the next time.

Nastacia Kelly

If funny how a place can still be so nostalgic and delicious! It has been at least several years since my last visit here, but it still tastes like the first bite. Thank you so much!

Denise Kramer

Best crumb cakes ever.

Fred Miller

Purchased a pre-made cake and it was very good. Staff was a little impatient and store was not willing to accommodate what I felt was a simple order for same day pick up with over 8 hour time frame.

Richard Tracy

A great bakery that has been there forever. All the pastry is good but there will always be a line out the door for their crumb cake. The BEST EVER.

Louann Strothmann

Best crumb cake in the world!

S Mira V

Been going here for about a year. their derby cake is to die for! It's not over sweet, and has a fresh whipped cream icing which is simply delicious.

Khalid Elachi

Small, home-town bakery known for their fresh crumb cakes. Definitely their top seller - the crumb cakes are constantly sold through out the day. Perfectly buttery and just the right touch of sweetness. Their fresh, home-made donuts are also classic and tasty. If you want to treat family or friends, buy one (or two) of their crumb cakes.

Martha Carrion

The paistries seem to be the same qualify so far but the owner or manager a korean man is nasty and makes you feel uncomfortable

China Girl

Have to get their Crumb/Coffee Cake! Every time I bring one to a gathering, everyone loves it. It's soft but firm and plenty of crumbles in every bite. People are disappointed when I don't bring the cake because it's sold out for the day. Then they try the fabulous cake I bring instead and end up loving it, especially the mocha cake. During holidays be prepared to wait in line and hope they don't run out! Oh it's cash only buy there is an ATM inside.

Karen Dow

Cake was moist not a huge selection however I did arrive at last minute. Will try again

Joey Wisco

By far, in the TOP 3 in JELLY DONUTS that I've ever had! I've been told that they're pretty famous locally for their crumb cake as well.

Ewa Krupinska

Please invest in a credit card reader. Crumb cake is best.

Nikki Spence

I called to make an order 4 times for a birthday cake order. The person hung up on me twice. The third and fourth time the person left the phone off the hook . I drove over to the shop and patiently waited in line for a number. When I was placing my order the worker, blond hair 5’4” told me I had to order a day or two in advance. I told her I called 4 times today which she could’ve told me over the phone. She said “I took the phone off the hook because we are too busy to take phone calls and this is our procedure to leave the phone off the hook to stop any phone orders”. How does that make sense!!! You have a business that requests you make orders in advance but your too busy to answer phone calls?!!! She wasn’t even a manager to authorize that move. It is terrible how one worker can make a business have horrible service because they don’t like to do their job. The bad service a business provides can leave an impression that will last a long time until it changes. I’m going to another bakery.

michael fiore

B&W one of the best Bakery around. Next time you’re visiting Hackensack stop and give your self a treat.

Marianne Mazzo

Get the crumb cake! Famous!

Kyle Sandford

Get the crumb cake. Awesome

Rus Rossini

Great selection and great taste. Long lines, don't worry... It moves quickly

Alma Wylie

Best crumb cake anywhere. Love their birthday cakes. Everything is always fresh. Don't forget to bring cash. Cash only.

jane lenner

Best bakery in this area. Known for their Crumb Cake for good reason. 7 layer cake is delish.cookies and cakes always fresh and never disappoints. My go to bakery.always!

Momof3 Scholars

First time here in 34 years, and it still has great crumb cake They serve up thousands each day. We enjoyed the apple crumb cake and Beehive cake as well as delicious donuts and fresh sourdough bread. We filled a cooler to take home to Virginia. We didn’t care for the cannolis which were very sweet and the shells were not crunchy. Everything is made fresh with no preservatives so eat the same day as purchased or freeze immediately. Wonderful staff! They only take cash but have an ATM in the store. Maybe that is how they keep their prices so reasonable.

Snitra Love

I was disappointed with taste and freshness on my crumb cake on this visit. I came almost 900 miles to visit family and this bakery has always had great quality items.

Donna Queli

Best crumb cake!

Michael Mchlb

Known for crumb cake, the almond ring is the true star! Great buttercream birthday cakes too.


This is my husband's favorite Bakery; however, I have never tasted anything from this bakery that I enjoyed. From the crumb cake to the cookies, I find it all to be a little on the horrible side.

Michael Riccardi

Best Bakery by far. As for the person who wrote the review about the wedding cake that was delivered late, you might want to do a spell check before posting especially if your writing one of your words in all CAPS. The correct word is UNACCEPTABLE. Check it out if you don't believe me. As for Mr. Moist, why don't you go to Carlo's in Hoboken after a good rain, I'm sure you'll find everything will be quite moist:-)

Manuel angel suquinagua

This place not accept credit cards only cash ,but they have ATM machine, but service excellent

The Romneyc

Good customer service and good selection of baked goods.

r sos

The best crumb cake anywhere.

Robert Ford

Everything in this bakery is fresh & delicious. Highly recommend...

Thomas Fitzpatrick

Awesome crumb cake.

Michael Chiocchi

Excellent crumb cake, cookies etc

Edward Draucik

Best to crumb cake this side of the Mississippi

Nina Barnes

I love this bakery. My favorite raising bread and cheese bun so light and delicious

Regina Foran

Great bakery the heavy crumb cakes especially the Apple is just fantastic

Goddess of Music

Friendly staff, and customers Wide variety of sweet and treats

Elizabeth Veronique Bubika Hoka

Great pastries and breads. Nice store.

raymond t abel

Great crumbcake

Winston Williams

Ok, dont want to take up too much space in this review but I must say that B ,& W is wonderful bakery. They have all the cakes and goodies a real bakery should have and they have desserts that are delicious for those that might have sugar concerns like diabetics. If you visit this place and have zero idea what you want, you must get the crumb cake. If you dont mind the extra calories and sugar, get the Apple Crumb Cake. Easily my favorite and I have jumped out of bed on a Sunday morning, just so I can pop in to B&W for a fresh cut of the Apple Crumb. The staff is always a pleasure to deal with and although it gets crowded in there, they keep the line moving along. Last note: it is a cash only business but they do have an ATM on the premises.

Ron Manderano

Great crumb cake and jelly donuts

bob Last

Best coffee cake ever

barry harbison

They have very good deserts.


Really awesome cakes!

Karen Berry

Best crumb cake EVER. New owners, same quality. Every December I travel 500 miles to see family and buy crumbcake and cookies

Walter.Review Writer

Best crumb cake

Laura Reeder

Whenever we are in North Jersey we always stop for crumb cake and Linzer Tarts! The absolute best

Olivia John

The manager there is very rude. If your line of questions doesn't involve buying right away he doesn't care what you have to say. The last time I went there I was asking one of the girls a few questions and ask for a business card he snatched it out of my hand and told her "we have paying customers over there forget about her". I was planning on getting cake as a surprise for my mother, needless to say I left and we'll never be going back there again.

Karl Lewis

Really nice cupcakes!

Michael Shinholster

I've been going there for years for all my pastry desires

George Roper

Best crumb cake

R David Koby

Totally delicious bakery and one of the few left these days. B&W has been here for years. Always a crowd on peak days and times. Lots of help and fast service. Fancy cakes, crumb cake and pies are great. Actually, so is everything else. Street parking is at a premium. Lots of people park in the Target lot which is just a few steps away. Cash only..

Brian Overton

Mmmm I went 120 miles to get stuff at this place yum

Hailey Watson

Great selection of cakes and breads. I love their breads taste was different delicious. Friendly staff and well mannered. I ended up get one of their famous cake. Thanks.

Jim C

Nothing has changed here since as long as I can remember. People in the back baking and boxes of amazing cookies and pastries flying off the shelves. If you like crumb cake I swear theirs is a food group. You will crave it with a nice cup of tea or coffee. This place is cash only no plastic.

Susan Conk

Best crumb cake ever. Family has been coming here for years and everything has always been great.

Douglas Taylor

Baked goods are great! But I'll never ever patronize that operation again because they don't accept credit cards; but they have an ATM unit in their bakery that charges you $1.50 to access your bank! If I got to pay taxes so should they! Just Sayin!

Michael Wolfe

The mother of all crumb cakes! This place is very well known for their crumb cake. Every time I bring this dessert to a dinner party people cannot stop eating this or picking at it when they say they shouldn't have any more.

Barry Wein

Best crumb cake in NJ,mostly delicious crumb on top of moist, buttery cake

John Ramirez

Best crumb cake hands down on the east coast

Nea; Watson

Great place

Andrea Baden

I haven't been here in over 20 years and the cakes are still delicious also for New Jersey the prices are good

Adam Herbst

A very nice bakery - some savory stuff, but really not a lot. They are know (rightfully so) for their astounding crumb cake. It is big and too much for one person. They make a smaller version which is good but will end up giving you a sugar high for the next 4 hours.

Betty Westhelle

My husband is from Maywood, NJ. We always love to eat the EXTRA HEAVY crumb cake. Yesterday we arrived home (in Florida) to a package from one of my husband’s high school friends. IT WAS EXTRA HEAVY CRUMB CAKE FROM B & W’s!!!!!!! AMAZING!!! If you haven’t tried it, you should. If you have, you know what I mean! Tom & Betty Westhelle Oviedo, FL

Dennis Redmond

Best crumb cake in Bergen county

Margaret Anne Waxmonsky-Ohanian

Their crumb is the bomb!

Bry Sramek

The best crumb cake!

Terry D.

Best crumb cake this side of Saturn!

Kevin Carpenter

Great bakery


Qualiry going diwn hill. Runs out early on their rolls on Sundays


Best crubcake around

AnnMarie Rogers

Always amazing bakery goods

Ken Chieco

The crumb cake is like the old fashioned crumb cake I used to have when I was a kid in College Point Queens from to little old German ladies it is just out of this world

Frank Alonso

Yummy everything

Don McPherson

B&W is the king of crumb cake! Just bought $50 worth...worth every penny. Just flew in from UT to visit grandma and mailed crumb cake to all the grandkids out west. You guys are blessed to have one the best bakeries in the whole country!!!!

A The man

Nothing based on the pastries or cakes This review is based only on themselves Took my wife to doctor and I had my 5 year old with me. She had to use the bathroom. I figured my wife likes this place I’ll go buy some pastries and ask if my child can use the bathroom. They sited some non existent bs about not being allowed. Thank you - she’s 5. Had I not already spent $20 out of courtesy for assuming they’d let her use the toilet I’d have left it on the counter. Bad review based on being absolute garbage as people

Judy Ciccone

My most favorite place to get pastries....The Crumb Cake is awesome.....

Victoria Sola

We use this bakery all the time. Outstanding, super delicious cakes! Orders are always ready on time, staff is courteous. We look forward to these experiences!

Rene Ruiz

Everything is fresh! I love the croissants

KrystalAnn Cherico

Best crumb cake ever!

James Garbutt

The best crumb cake you'll ever eat

Kim DeSimone

I've been going here over 20 years and I have never been let down either by the service or the quality of the baked goods - even the custom orders are fine but if you haven't tried the crumb cake please do it's one of my personal favorites - don't miss out on this jem of a bakery

Chante' Johnson

I have been eating out of this baker since I was three years old. That was an every Saturday treat for me. I remember the long lines, and there was this very nice lady who would always give me a butter cookie. When my kids were growing up I did the same for them. B&W Bakery was a Saturday trip for them as well. All of our family's cakes came from this Bakery. The Hungarian Cheese Cake is to die for, that was one of my many favorites. I love the cakes, cupcakes, cookies, bread, and must I go on. Every time I come home to visit, you can find me at the Bakery. I wish I could place an order and have it shipped to me. Glad they are still around. Such a great place. The staff is outstanding as well.

Brian Kohles

Best bakery in Bergen County

Alfredo Ballestas

Great place to shop for you cakes

Helen Stevenson

The BEST!!! The crumbcake is to die for and their cakes are sooo yummy. Just a quick's cash only

Bob Ryan

Best baked goods around !!!


A bit of a hassle to get to when it comes to parking, plus a cash-only place, what the best damn crumb cake that you will ever have. And I'm not even that into crumb cake, but this is an exceptional experience. Go there, get the crumb cake. Do not by any means get bread here. But crumb cake is absolutely something that you need to experience if you are anywhere within the area.

jan baginski

Good selection service is good. Drawbacks cash only.

Carla Whittington

Its been over 35 years since I've been here and the crumb cake is still as I remember it! Has to be the best EVER!!!

Catherine Hughes

Thank you so much for the delicious and beautiful cake. The birthday girl was thrilled as well as the guests. Will always be recommending b&w now for more than the crumb cake.


The best bakery I've ever been to

Terri Collins

One of the best bakeries in the area.

Dorothy Karcher

This is my brother- in-laws favorite bakery. He loves the crumb cake.

Mike DiPisa

Everything we've gotten so far is great. The crumb cake is unbelievable. Parking is a problem.

Michael Backo

Crumb cake, when I go to B&W I have to get the crumb cake. Don't get me wrong all the desserts are delicious but in my opinion the crumb cake is second to none.

Aylin Rich

Nice and friendly staff. They only take cash which is a bummer. The crumb cake is a must. Cannolis, eclairs, cookies, and pastries are all great! You won't leave with just one thing.

Jonathan Baker

Our family loves this bakery store! I have been coming here since we set up home in bergen county. I always came here for some treats for special occasions. and always very satisfied. My favorites are the crumb cake (obviously!), the cupcakes, the chocolate fudge cake, and the seven layer cake. Delicious as always. Bergen County's one of the best!

Kevin Borecki

Great local bakery with outstanding crumb cake and pastry rings!

Dana Vergollo

Just the best!! Everything is delicious!!

Arlena Jones

Forever my favorite place to find fresh, baked goods!

Victoria Stockdale

The best cinnamon rolls. My favorite is cinnamon raisin. The coconut is no comparison to the cinnamon raisin.

Brittany Meyer

Get the crumb cake, you will not be disappointed!

Mikea Anzo

No better then B&W

Kathleen Salafia-Betts

I have been coming here for decades. Pastries to wedding cakes to CRUMB CAKE and this is what this bakery is famous for...their CRUMB CAKE. More crumb than cake and that's good

Bill Schenk

Always stop here for their fantastic crumb cakes. Never get enough for our trip back to Nashville, TN.

Danielle Bush

Crumb. Cake. You don't need to know anything else.

Woody Blackwood

I love this place and has a lot of goodies. B&W Bakery has been around for so long and their pastries and cakes was absolutely delicious. I grew up a town away and I have seen lines outside the door and going around the corner.

Mike Guirguis

Best crumb cake on the planet. Not overly pricey either. Other bakery items are also great like the lobster tail and donuts. Other items are average to above average though so make sure you don't leave without crumb cake if you want to experience something at its best.

Sharon Gibson

Great fresh bakery large selections crumb cake is the best Bday cakes are great. Different sizes too choose from Also I like the 7layer cake. Parking plenty. The people working there are great people.

Claire Murdaco

Lovely bakery. Smells amazing the second you walk through the door! My mom LOVES their ice cream birthday cake. It's real cake with an ice cream layer in the center, which consists of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Although, I'm sure they would customize it if you ordered in advance! Definitely recommend, plus you've got to try their famous crumb cake!

Anthony Briguglio

When it comes to crumbcake, you either love the crumbs or you live the cake. If you love the crumbs, ain't no better crumbcake than B&W. It's worth the trip to Hackensack for those crumbs, and that includes the GWB toll. If you're a cake lover, just buy an Entenmann's.

Cathy Rispoli

Best bakery EVER! I work at Hackensack Medical Center and stop there to pick up 6 crumb cakes at a time to freeze or give to my friends. All their pastries are perfect, just like the ones I remember growing up in north jersey. You can’t go wrong buying your bakery items here, it’s like an old fashioned bakery, hard to find anymore!

Katherine S

Like many of the lower-rated reviews already posted, my rating reflects more the poor customer service and management than the baked goods, although I personally think the crumb cake is way overrated. This was my go-to place for birthday/custom cakes, but I will no longer give this bakery my business. I ordered a large sheet cake for my son’s birthday party and asked the girl taking down my order to leave space for a cake topper I had. She even drew out a diagram for the baker to follow. When I picked it up, they did not follow her instructions and I did not have room to put the topper on. I asked the girl at the counter to get a discount for THEIR mistake but the owner would’t give one and as compensation just gave me a dry serving of their crumb cake which would probably get thrown out at the end of the day anyway, so no money lost for them. Very telling how greedy and low priority customer satisfaction is to the owners. Buyer beware if you place a custom order and don’t get what you expect.

Isabel Nunez

One of the best bakeries in the area hands down!! Renowned for their crumb cake, but there is so much more!! Their pecan roll is to die for and so are the apricot linzer tarts. I cannot recommend this place enough!

carmen katz

I loved it. There are so many beautiful looking pastries it very difficult to choose just one. The help is very efficient and polite. I will definitely go back soon.

Patricia Potente

Great crumb cake and no waiting today

Noelle Frieson

I love that they have cream filled donuts, with no chocolate or powder on top

Lysette Morgan

Great place for cookies.

Brian Sinclair

Without a doubt, the best crumb cake you'll ever have. They only accept cash, but there is an ATM in the store.

Nancy J Tucci

B&W Bakery has been around for as long as I can remember. I grew up a town away and I have seen lines outside the door and going around the corner. Releatives that live in MA request, actually demand I bring up at least 10 to 15 CRUMB CAKES. That's how good they are. Your best bet would be to call and order as many CRUMB CAKES as you need to insure you get as many as you want. SERIOUSLY. THE BEST CRUMB CAKES IN THE UNITED STATES. Massively huge crumbs and very little cake. But the cake is also good.


Let me start by saying I live in Hackensack and I love this bakery and frequent it quite often to bring baked goods to my family, friends, and in to my office. The staff there is top notch. I always make sure to tip the kids behind the counter who work very hard and they are always very appreciative. However, I was there a week or so ago, and one of the staff asked me not to tip when I offered it to them. I was very confused and asked why, and was told that the owner is now keeping their tips, since NJ had raised the minimum wage from $8.60 to $10 an hour, and this was the owners way of not having to pay them any more. This place does an amazing business (all of it in cash by the way) and these kids probably made a good portion of their hard earned living with the addition of the tips people left them. I've checked online and it appears that this is not legal, and will be contacting NJ Dept of Labor about this, and unless the bakery changes this policy, I will no longer frequent it, and will tell those that I know that also go there, to not do so either.

Mary Raftery

Excellant known for their crumb cake must but 1/4 sheet. Worth the visit.


The Best!

MARGARET Fleischer

They have one of the best crumb cakes around. My husband also picked out almond horn pastry, which was also delicious. Some of the nicest people working there. Will be back there again soon.

Robert Hansen

The best crumb cake

VortexPlays StarWars

The pastries that are great!

thomas meicke

Best crumb cake I ever had but everything else is great

George Shelley

My great grandfather was the original owner.


Delicious Crumb Cake❤️


Crowded but line went fast! Only bought the crumb cake which is awesome.The best!!

Dione Brown

Grew up eating the crumb cake. OBVIOUSLY THE RECIPE HAS CHANGED AND NOT FOR THE BETTER..The Crumb cake always tastes stale. A NO HERE. FIX IT.

Anna Marasco

I went with a friend and he bought apple crumb cake and lintzar cookie

Lillian Cassarello

The best cheese strudels around and Crumb cake buy them all the time when we're going to visit friends

Jeff Carrion

The cakes and pastries are great. The young employees on this visit were also great. It seems the business has changed hands and the new owner came out from the back and began berating a couple of the young employees. I felt bad as they were doing a good job from what I could see. Either way the behavior in front of customers was very rude and unprofessional. The lower rating is based solely on rudeness and lack of professionalism. The product quality remains for the moment.

Sarah Pooley

Great selection and quality, but you definitely have to go early in the morning before items run out!

Karen Meicke

Best crumb cake on earth!!!!

Eddison Rosenkrans

Excellent baked goods. Everything I have purchased has been delicious. Very top notch.

Stefan Neustadter

Great traditional local bakery...wonderful raspberry cake/tart and crumb cake

Susan Mistretta

Best bakery ~ I grew up in Maywood as a child/ teenager. Now travel 1 hour to the Greatest bakery

Michelle Redmond

The crumb cake is a must! I love their donuts too. Everything in this place is delicious

Tyler Molnar

Great but they only accept cash although they have an atm on premises

David Shaffer

Best crumb cake in NJ

James Savas

Best crumb cake on the east coast

Chefler Foods

Best crumb cake ever!

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