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418 NH-286, Seabrook, NH 03874, United States

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REVIEWS OF Tripoli Pizza & Bakery IN New Hampshire

Regan East

Best pizza I've ever eat'en

Joseph D.

This used to be my favorite gluten free pizza but now they use a crust that tastes like cardboard :( If your not gluten free though you will have amany options! Please go back to the gluten free crust that the Methuen location was using :)

Peter Sorrentino

Everything about this place is great. Great pastry and pizza. Great, friendly helpful staff. Great availability, open all year with good hours. Pick up some pizza and pastry when you're around. Top notch.

M.A. O'Brien

Excellent service. Best Beach Pizza plus they sell some of the best bakery items. A must visit for hungry beach goers. But I know the quality is equal at each location.

Katie Johnson Olmstead

Great pizza with a sweet sauce. Don't forget to go inside and check out their bakery while you're there! It's full of pastries and freshly baked bread, not to mention their freezer full of Italian goodies!

Ellie Augevich

I've gotten many people going to Tripolis in Lawrence and elsewhere over the years. Best pizza and bakery around.

Robert Therrien

Really good but sauce is kinda on the sweet side.

Reynard The Fox

Second best beach pizza

Brian Donahue

Awesome pizza!

Thomas Small

I will Never forget that windy snowy late night storm. They were just shutting lights off as I was pulling in. I caught the last Man out the door it was Freezing out. Dark and VERY cold. I asked the Man if I could buy 2 bags of frozen pizza for a late night party. I don't know if he recognized me as a regular or not. Maybe not because there were no lights on inside or out. He was very Polite and said 2 bags. I said yes without extra cheese. I could not believe it he unlocked the back door and went back in and got what I asked for. Believe me I tried to give him a nice tip but he wouldn't have any part of it. As he was licking the door he told me to have a Good Party. I will NOT get my pizza anywhere else and have not since then. Only when I'm on vacation somewhere. AND the pizza was only pizza where ever we went. Now Tripoli is the ONLY PLACE to get PIZZA. PERIOD.

Bryan Bartlett

The wait was worth it

Alexander Cordero

Tripoli's is such good pizza that I fall into a happy food coma everytime I pay them a visit. Their tomatoe sauce is sweet (+ a chewy crust), just the way I like it. Rate 10/5.

Teresa Frank

Great pizza , pastries and service!

Charley Docherty

Really unique pizza, super good

Brian Downing

Really good Pizza! Unlike anything else!

Marie Horning

Love the pizza!! It's our 1st stop when vacationing at Hampton Beach

Elizabeth Sandoval

Love the pizza

Dorothy Moschetto

Best pizza around.We go every week.

Rob Goff

Jason Klein

Awesome pizza! And awesome ice cream at dunlaps next door! Nothing better than pizza and ice cream!

Gary DiCenzo


Andrew B

mike Wilson

Place is the best in the business

Melissa Ashleigh

Too expensive

Mindaay Louise


Dawnmarie Greenman

Love everything here !!

Steven Arthur

Best beach pizza ever!!!!

Wayne Machado

Consistently good unlike Christys that seems to go down hill every year.

Jason Thomas

Love the sweet beach pizza sauce. .

J Mirro

Never ate the pizza, but we did hear great things about the pastries.. so that's why we went. Amazing!! You won't be disappointed. YUM! Worth the long trip. We are sending friends and we will be back.

Alexandria L

They obviously have the best beach pizza ever, their cannolis are fresh and crunchy! But most importantly their Scala bread is so fresh and amazing!!! It has the right amount of crunch on the outside and amazing soft inside!! If your a bread person definitely get a sliced seeded scala, you won’t be disappointed & it definitely won’t last the car ride home!

T Kerk


Eric Lawrence

Good crust but need to cook the ronis, got them raw.

Sal Demetrio

"Beach" Pizza!! We love Tripoli's. Our favorite! Box of 8 Extra provolone on top!

Wendi Drew


Shawnna DeMatos

I always love Tripoli, especially the pizza! Glad to see they have another location up the road in Seabrook! Thanks for the great pizza! ❤

Ramses Reyes

I drive to this location from Lowell just to get pizza and canoli's. I can't go to the beach without stopping here for food

Austin Grant

My favorite pizza place in all New England!

Tony Mango

always been my fav...

Carl Parisi

Dan P

This pizza is AMAZING! Extra cheese is the besst!! I LOVE TRIPOLIS!!

gl 500t

Félix Antoine Gélinas

Disappointing: not much toppings for the price, the cheese was scarce, and our order had not been started when we arrived to pick it up. I found the base sauce too sweet.

Jim Doughty

Some of the best pizza around. I have enjoyed Tripoli pizza for over 40 years.

David Rizzo

Shauna Michaud

Delicious pizza!

Lorie Spaulding

Flies were all over tge food

Booktolight 777

Didnt know, but they have gluten free pizza !

Lindsay Leclerc

Best pizza i have ever had in a life time

Nick Phelan

A nessisary part of a visit to the seacoast.

Lisa Coates

Best pizza ever

Brian Tarnowski

Best beach pizza!

Mike Kellett

The reason why I come to the beach. I will go with the intent of getting a couple slices, but end up getting half a sheet to a full sheet. Doesn't last the long after getting it home, usually a day or 2

Tina Sanchez

Asked for extra cheese and when I got my Pizza the cheese wasn't even melted.

Fernand Sutton

Laurie Cook

Bought several incredible pastries including their pumpkin cannoli's.

jason donnelly

Delicious! The best beach pizza there is!

Ruben Mendez

muy buena pizzas, y panaderia

Michelle Buffis


They pizza is sweet but also savory. Try it plz

Chris Naughton

Not my thing. Everything they make is far too sweet including the pizza.

Angelina Whitcomb

My all time favorite pizza and bakery! I come all the way from Maine every year Tripoli fix!

Ellen Holmes Steeves-LeBlanc


Janet DelMare

Lisa Roberts


Samuel Chu

Walk up spot to order pizza. Opened all year. Good thin slice square pizza. Sweet sauce which I'm getting more used to. All around good slice

Chris Fox

Overpriced beach pizza at its best. Worth a visit for a great canoli and sweet sauce pizza.

Jp habib

Simply, Delicious !!!

Briannaio99 Mazalewski

Best pizza i have ever had. The only pizza my daughter will eat. My mom and i have made it our traditional trip atleast once a week from fall to spring for the last 15 years. And now we do it with ny kids. Amazing baked goods and breads

Chuck Paone

It's Tripoli's, the best and only answer in the beach pizza story for best!

Richard Avila

Pizza is good. It needs more lighting near the picnic tables

William Alex

Pizza is always delicious at Tripoli's!

Mary LeMieux

I remember having this pizza in the tasted better back then... The good part was our order was quick. They were polite. Pizza, sauce was too sweet...small amt. of chz on top. Just okay.

Kristen Mashinsky

The pizza is like eating candy not pizza. Way to sweet.

Erik Lepito

Chris Peters


Irene Karantonis

So many deliciousness


Best pizza in the area !

Jason Worden

The guy gave me a thumbs up

jayne ercolini

They have great pizza . And they are a real Italy pastry shop loved it !!

Christine Brusco

Fast & friendly service. Our hot fudge sundaes with extra hot fudge was 'AWESOME' highly recommended 5 star

Jamie Roberts

Always a great slice of pizza, every time, unlike Christys where you never know if it will taste good or horrible .

Laura Johnson

Fantastic beach pizza. Also bought whoopi pie YUM and a slice of carrot cake. Omg. So much more to choose from all looking like they taste as delicious as they look. Carrot cake was one of the best EVER!

Ralph Morrow

I stop off at Tripol Pizza on my way home from Hampton Beach quite often, there pizza is awesome and the prices are very reasonable, plenty of parking and you can eat your pizza on there picnic benches and relax. If you enjoy Pizza and your in Seabrook N.H. This is the place to go.

Sean Stanton

Best Pizza on the beach hands down!!!!

Bob Goulet

We love Tripoli "beach" pizza. Food is great and the service quick and friendly. Don't forget to go next door for some great ice cream.

Sheila McHugh

Stopped here yesterday for pizza...DELICIOUS with the crispiest crust I've ever tasted. From MA and going back ASAP for more pizza AND some of those fabulous-looking pastries.

Douglas Hanson

Good yummy pizza. Was cheap once upon a time. That time has long been over. The price seems to increase daily. Still my go to first date dinner bc it’s cheap enough if the date blows at least I know the pizza was good.

David DuCharme

Always worth the drive!

Nathan Dallas

Spinach pie all day please

Berto Pagan

Food is amazing.. service was awful! I've been going here for years and this time was the worse service I've ever had!

Ken Henault

Classic beach pizza and yummy pastries

Billy Deveau

Hello Hello

Best pizza I’ve had... I dream Of this pizza

Mary Conant

Great Italian bread, pastries & pizza.

James Denoncourt

Great pizza ..great all around

Varnum Hoyt

Great pizza


The sauce is way too sweet and the crust hard like a cracker. They skimp on cheese, I guess so they can sell more with the “extra cheese” that’ll cost you more. Not the pizza experience I thought I’d get based on the reviews here.

Dianne Harrell

Love the pastries we got today. Cheesecake and Peanut butter cake..

Melissa Witt

Pizza is so good. There is always a line but it moves quickly. Highly recommend

Teri Halfmann

The sauce is this pizza was so sweet I couldn't eat it and my 2 year old granddaughter wouldn't eat it. We won't be trying Triploi again.

Benjamin Taylor

Great pizza and pastries

Lisa Samataro

Always delicious!

Rodrigo Da Silva

Great bakery, overrated pizza!

Mike P.

Kory Cranford

Our best beach pizza in New England. You have to like a sweet sauce though, this is the taste of growing up on the seacoast. Great Italian treats inside too.

Julie Bikos

Best pizza around

Ed Pollio

Sweet slices and dessert was amazing

Art Class

That is not pizza. It is hard crunchy bread with very sweet sauce and a laughable small amount of cheese, and the pepperoni is not cooked. If you are use to buffalo style, or New York style, I would stay away. Definitely not pizza. If I brought this back to Buffalo, I will be laughed at and ridiculed for probably the rest of my life. Eclairs not so great either.


Awesome bread and pastries, best cannoli that I have ever had. All bread and pastries fresh everyday. Lots of customers for their Pizza, it must be good!

David Dewhurst

The Bomb

Tom Flanagan

Best pizza ! On the beach.

Andre Gonthier

Beach pizza. Sheet of 20 with extra cheese, followed by box of 8 pepperoni. Added a box of Italian pastries for dessert. Hit of the party!

Don Greenwood

Thin crust, sweet sauce and provolone - Perfect beach pizza!

Steven Jopson

There is no pizza like Tripoli Pizza. Anytime you need a light snack a place to go a memory to established in the history of your life. Embark on a journey to Tripoli Pizza you will never be disappointed

Ron Varmette

There great

Matt Shaw

Ken Desilets

Asked how long it would take for a slice of pizza and was told 2 minutes. It took over 10 minutes. The server didn't even look at me when throwing the pizza slices at me.

Kate Orso

Great " school pizza"

Ferne Welton

I have Never Liked Pizza in my life and I had a piece of Tripoli Pizza the other day as my kids are always coming home with it and I LOVED It!!! It is Amazing!! Delicious sweet sauce, very thin crispy crust. Need to ask for Extra Cheese as they only put tiny flakes on otherwise, but with extra cheese it was Fantastic!!!! Tripoli has turned a hater of Pizza into a Pizza Lover!!! I can't wait to go by and check out their other baked goods.

David Silva

Best pizza around, and baked goods also!

Cheryl HB

Kathleen Fleming

Horrible absolutely horrible customer service It took 3 people to take my order due them horsing around and not understanding english I asked for 4 slices extra cheese and onion from a fresh pie now they gave me old burnt reheated pizza and when I ask to speak to a manager he barely spoke english so I asked when the owner would be in and he refused to tell me. So I not only paid for burnt old pizza they were disrespectful rude and obnoxious and thought it was funny that I was frustrated. I live year round on the beach for about 10 years now and this is by far the worst service I have had. The sauce was extremely salty and extremely sweet did not taste anything like the pizza I have got from Tripolis before. I will not be back to that one.

Gregory Jeanson

There is no other bakery...period.

Jennifer Avakian

My favorite pizza hand down!

Nathan Letourneau

Love their food and the staff is great. Much better than the competition down the street.

Kristopher Cook

The Best!!!

Dan Noonan

Victoria Patterson


Treva C

This is the best pizza on earth. Nothing compares to Tripoli. I hate all other pizzas. Please come to Southern NH Derry/Salem area. The closest to me is Howe St in Methuen.

Amy Alajajian

Greg Collum

Pizza was just ok, just too much oil in that sauce!

Julia Lopez DiVincenzo

A slice of the Merrimack Valley staple I know and love. This beach pizza is a cure for homesickness and a trip back memory lane. Eat a square with an extra slice of provolone cheese, it's hard to replicate the balance of sweet sauce with mild cheese. Crispy bottom, chewy crust and unbeatable service from experienced employees. Pastries and breads are fresh and delivered from the flagship bakery in Lawrence, MA.

Mike Russell

Sweet sauce and great cheese. This place never disappoints.

Colleen Mcdaniel

Clean good service.

Curtis Challenger

Glad they are opened year-round. Pizza is great and you can buy then frozen to go! Bakery has some great and memorable items as well. Worth the trip, worth a stop, worth the experience !

Leslie Thompson

Tripoli Pizza is the best pizza. Their sauce is delicious. The crust is perfect. We can't go to the beach without having Tripoli's Pizza. Delicious.

Will LaSala

Pizza is still the best beach pizza around.

Raymond Cootware

Food was alright. Sauce was very plain. Overall nothing special, but good location, easy to get.

pete laroche

Jeremy Ménard

Very good pizza, everytime we come down from Canada we have to get Tripoli!

Marc Fisher Jr.

Love this place. I am now gluten free and they offer a gf pizza so i was excited.

Rustam Isroilov

We were there just twice, but i can say its quite good choice for stopNeat place

Justin Cannatelli

Best place to eat Cannolis and the beach pizza is outta this world

SpirtualTactics 47

Dan Emond

Always have to get some Tripoli when around the area. Always great pizza and cannolis.

Luís De Luca

I totally recommend!

Craig Fountaine

Best pizza around.

Tim Foley

Best meat pie and beach pizza you can ask for

creepy chick

Steve Webster

Best crust in town

David Dubord

Buying a frozen pizza at the store would taste better then this sorry thing... it taste sweet and has a crunchy crust like its been cooked hours ago. I guess it's liked around here but I don't consider this pizza.

Carl Brogan

Great pizza and canolis

Michael Abernathy

This pizza is legendary but i will never go back to this location. One of the cooks was constantly eating things off his workspace and licking his fingers over and over again.... then handling mine and others food. Never washing hands not that it matters cuz the finger licking was disgusting enough. Unless you enjoy germs from cooks mouths i wouldn't ever go here

Randi Landers

Best Beach

David Rosado

The best pizza ever.

Lilly Stephan

Guy sneezed on the pizza 3 times while making it never covered his mouth or left his station. Also everyone behind the counter except the girl is hacking and coughing.

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