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163 Howe St, Methuen, MA 01844, United States

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Where is Tripoli Pizza & Bakery - Methuen?

REVIEWS OF Tripoli Pizza & Bakery - Methuen IN New Hampshire

Peter Leak

Plenty of selections to choose from, staff is very nice and patient. Good experiences from other locations as well. Would visit again for some strawberry cheese cake!

krcullity .

Legitimately one of the best pizzas I've ever had. Has a huge dessert display as well.

Mary Surface

The bakery treats are Heavenly and the pizza are slices of Heaven! Love this place

Amanda L

Fast friendly service. Delicious sauce, been eating this pizza my whole life!

Laura Green

Not just Tripoli, but a convenience store, Dunkin Donuts, and a post office. You can get subs and salads there too. Very convenient!

Jarrod Pappalardo

I love this place..Always been a toss up between Tripoli's and Napoli's.....

Lina Theall

I like lots Tripoli pizza


I have been going to Tripoli's in Lawrence 40yrs.. My family has been going here since before i was born... They have always been the place to go for every Italian family in the area for pastry, bread and amazing pizza.. Now the one in Methuen!!!! Love it the same.. Thank you Tripoli Bakery for some of the most amazing memories i will always cherish...

David Miguel

great pizza

Rythm DaRypzta


Erik Clavette

The best Sicilian style pizza period!

Giuseppe Scarvaglieri

When you dont feel like driving into Lawrence, and you still want Tripolis.... this is the place! Same pizza and bakery as the original location. Without the drive Into Lawrence. The go to spot for the Italian Rum Cakes. Just make sure you give then at least 2 days to bake it. This is not a in stock item.

Melissa Chesley

Their take home pizza is hit or miss

rich s

Awesome as always

Joseph D.

The best gluten free pizza grazie !

noah rivera

love the pizza the store is packed though only thing tbat i dont like about it.

taffarel peixoto

Cheesecake here is amazing MUST HAVE!

Judy Powell

Always spectacular at this Methuen location. Sauce is a little sweet and not a lot of cheese but it's the perfect combination and you can't beat it when it's hot and right out of the oven.

Eddy Pena

Love the pizza but the wait was very long

Mike Carter

Good food at the sub shop and pizza is not too bad

Ana Reinoso

Amazing pizza

James Rivs

Best pizza ever

Andrew C

A nice addition to the Tripolis chain, grab a Dunkin coffee and some pastries or pizza, great to eat in or go

Anthony Bezeredy

I love Tripoli and this location is perfect. Eapecially if you don't want go all the way to the beach or Lawrence..... Plenty of parking also a Dunkin Donuts and convinence store with lottery and Italian ice.


Best pizza in Methuen, they have a great bakery goods.

Ann Thomson

This is my favorite pizza place in the entire world! The best pizza ever!

Austin Quartermain

The best pizza ever.

David Dortona

Just the best pizza anywhere

Dan P

This pizza is AMAZING! Extra cheese is the besst!! I LOVE TRIPOLIS!!

Taylor Mercier

Quick service

Julie/Rich Garcia

Can't go wrong with Tripoli pizza or pastries.

Paul Swart

I love the pizza.

Shawn Carr

Pizza is delicious and a great spot for baked goods.

Michael Beaudry

Great pizza and baked goods.

Tim Black

This once Tiny little convenience store has become quite the variety store / restaurant. I personally think that Tripoli's Pizza is probably the best around. The bakery products are incredible too. I started going to the original Tripoli's Bakery in Lawrence when I was a little kid in the late 1960's, early 70's and as far as I can remember. They've always been great !! This second Tripoli's follows suit..

Danielle A

Very nice store awesome bakery.

Taylor Guild

I could tell you how wonderful Tripoli's is, but you really have to go there to experience it for yourself! Let's just say I drool every time their name comes up mmmmm Tripoli's Pizza

sheena thompson

Awesome pizza. Plenty of room to sit down and eat. Multiple stores in one. Post office, liquor store. Keno convience and dunkins! Great place to go and just hang out for a bit.

george warner

Sauce taste different than the other stores

Taryn Altamura

Literally my favorite pizza in New England. Sweet sauce, semi thin square crust and provolone cheese. Delicious!

Larry Garneau

Great one stop shop

Mitchell Myers

Doesn't have the atmosphere or historic value as Tripi's in Lawrence or Salisbury but great pizza none the less

Evo Dalas

Their cheap on the cheese so they can make more when you order x cheese, really weird.

Luis Maisonet

Great Pizza. Can buy by the slice or can order for a family. Also sells pastries and cakes.

omayra santos

By far the worst location i have been too. I called in at 11:10am due to being in a hurry when i showed up at 11:36 i had to wiat an extra 20 mins which was very upsetting also very unorganized . will not return not convenient for my family an I. Order number 0019 6/12/2017

Erik Dansereau

Amazing pizza and pastries. The canolies are out of this world!

Joey Quiles


Kristin Keller

Delicious as always.. Althi there was sauce and cheese all over the bottom of box so I had to put the box on the floor in my car

GitanaTiger L

Great service from employees

Nancy Marrero

Bought pecan pie but it was old the lady was very nice but dessert was hard

Eamon Ryan

Amazing pizza, huge dessert selection

Seth Trudeau

Great food, fast service

Justin Gioia

Best pizza! Christy's has nothing on this square!!!

Cael S

Excellent pizza and bakery - very busy place!

Philly G

My first time and it was so yummy.

Irene Karantonis

Gotta Have It All the Time


Too much sugar in the pizza sauce. They use fake filling in their pastries that used to have real whipped cream in them.

Andy T

They make the elusive vanilla cannoli. Huge selection of pastries and both hot pizza, and their own frozen to bake at home. Part of a convenient store, so lottery tickets and booze.

bridget devine

Best beach pizza without the beach crowd.

Linda Blanchard

OMG I love this place so yummy can't get enough of there brownies

Ronnie Collins

The bakery is awesome. I'm not personally a fan of the pizza...but they deliver a quality pie. The buildings very convenient as well. With a Dunkin Donuts on site and well as a market. Would love to see a bit more baked items that are not as common but they are great.


Cute little store with everything you need. Play keno while you eat, mail a package. Etc.

Chris Block

So here is the scoop. Really weird location. And i mean weird. Either a convenience store made love to a pizza place and they had a post office as a love child OR the worlds smallest mall. Regardless. Its Tripoli. Best pizza around guys. There shouldn't be a review section at all. It's so native and engrained that i wouldn't be surprised if our founding fathers had Tripoli pizza while signing the declaration of Independence.

Adam McCraw

Best pizza in New England

Christopher Lei

A friend of mine who grew up in the area suggested I try out sweet pizza. Pizza itself was pretty good, as the tomato sauce is sweet based. I am guessing tomato sauce with a bunch of sugar added. The store itself is like a gas station mart with a dunkin donuts.

Amanda Brabant

Best canolis around. Not a fan of their pizza though

Ryleigh Snapausky

It's awesome I have it all the time getting some on Monday my two friends are coming up for lunch

Quake Rome

I’m so glad they made one here in methuen I hate the Lawrence one because of the location and the stupid pot holes and drivers. I’m glad I can wake up and just drive 5min to Tripoli.


Fast and friendly. Pizza was delicious and at a reasonable price.

Rick Lucas

One-stop shopping for pizza, Dunkin Donuts, Lotto, US Post Office, newspapers and various necessities. Pizza is very unique and take home bag of frozen pizza slices heat-and-serve in minutes. It's KILLER!

Anthony Gilmartin

The tomato sauce is too sweat but the pizza base is fabulous ....

Lorraine Lyons

Very nice and plenty of help. Not too fond for pizza but the pastry is great. Pleasant,friendly helpful workers.

Abbey Pardoen

If i could’ve given 0 stars, i would’ve. Ordered a GLUTEN FREE pizza and ended up with a regular pizza... found out the hard way when the person who we ordered it for ended up violently sick due to a severe allergy. After calling to let the manager know, the manager proceeded to then blame us for “not realizing that it was gluten free on our own” She automatically blamed us for not knowing the difference between their regular pizza and the gluten free pizza when we shouldn’t have had to worry about whether or not we got a gluten free pizza when THAT WAS WHAT WE ORDERED????? Terrible customer service, will not be returning.

Arianna Ruiz

Great pizza! Wish they had their own front. They share with another store.

Julia Holter

Tasty pastries. Wide selection at a decent price range

okevin boyle

Good convenience, coffee, post office, Tripoli bakery.

Michael Warford

Best Pizza ever

Devin Marie Marcinkevich

Beach pizza! You don't get this pizza anywhere else, so good!

Laureen K

What a find! Thought bakeries were extinct. Quality food with quality workers. It was fun to watch them take pride in their work. Honest. Clean. Great place. Will definitely be coming back!

Deborah Armstrong

great Italiano sandwiches and pizza with sweet sauce.

Denise Dufresne

I started gng.too Tripoli pizza wen I was a little girl I'm in my 40s now still luv there pizza French stick nice n warm wit butter it's the best pizza around the Merrimack valley

John Reese

I love Tripoli pizza, always hits the spot. I get pepperoni and extra cheese. Sauce is a little sweet and the dough is soft and tasty.

Evelyn Cox

The best pizza ever.

Martin Cilwik

Very good strawberry shortcake

Amanda DeAngelis

Best pizza

roz1er 1433978

The pizza and pastry tastes great

Sean Pento

Love there pizza

Linda Sirois

Very good like there pizza the best

See exDiane Kaufman

Delish pizza and pastry poillte friend ly

Randy Morse

Great food, horrible service. For the second time.... I called in a sheet of pizza and when I arrived 25 minutes later my pizza took an additional 25 minutes before it was finished.

John Earnshaw

Great pizza and pastries

Steve Bolton

Tripoli is my favorite pizza, there is nothing else like it. The base is thin and with just the right amount of crunch. The sauce is sweet with just a good amount of cheese. You can add extra provolone if you want. Pizza is to taste, some people like their pizza loaded with cheese so it overwhelmes the sauce. I prefer it the other way. I always have to get the box of 8, but then there are arguments over who is going to get the corner or side pieces with the crust.

dainton foster

Good place to have pizza

David San Antonio

The pizza is always delicious and the service is very friendly! You have to get the extra cheese on top!!!

John Mien

This is a 0 star for me first time trying to order a birthday cake that they advertise online and they say only Lawrence could do it and then you call Lawrence they say person is on vacation why would you advertise in all of your location and then not be able to make it also when you call person that help you are lost like they don't know what your talking about. Also will not let me post if i did not put 1 star.

Tonya Atkinson

For a place so packed and popular the service was quick!! The pastries were beautiful and quite a selection. We got the regular pizza, some people love it, but I should have gone with the extra cheese option. Warning to those who don't know, the regular cheese pizza has hardly ANY cheese on it

Toni Durfee

The very best bakery in Lawrence.

Alex Rivera

Great pizza by the by the slice great when on the go pastries are all delicious also

Gabriel Beltre

Very speedy and same quality as the one in Salisbury

Alishia Berg

Not only was the cake delicious but the decorations on the cake itself were more then I could ask for! My daughters first birthday was such a hit and the cake was the shall I say icing on the cake ♡ definitely will be ordering from here again!!!! More then impressed!

Bill Waring

Best pizza in the whole entire world. But b careful cause beach pizza is pretty close.

Lesley Cotter-Joseph

Extremely busy today and had to wait a half hour for a box of 8 for the first time. They had a lot of larger orders. The pizza was good but not hot like expected.

Nicholas Zweig

Amazing pizza, I even ate the crust! I never eat the crust!

Michael Teoli

Let's get this out of the way... the pizza and macaroons at Tripoli's is the best there is! The Macaroons are literally the best in the world (as far as I know). The food is a 5! But I'm not just rating the Tripoli brand (which gets a 5), but this location. My one complaint that costs this location a star is that my wife and I came to eat in a relax a little bit while my parents watched our toddler... getting a well deserved break. We played a game of rummy while we ate and as soon as we were done, a guy came out and asked us to put the cards away and leave. He said "the man upstairs" didn't like us playing cards. I'm sorry... are we in middle school here? We're not children gambling... we're a husband and wife trying to enjoy a moment away from our kid. It's not like we were taking up a table from other guests. We were literally the only people there and there were plenty of other tables! This is just a rude and out dated practice. I'd much prefer a place where we're welcome to sit back and relax. It reminded me of the episode of Portlandia where Roseanne becomes the mayor and says "Coffee shops are only for drinking coffee"!!!

Ryan 300

Best pizza ever!

Linda Buonanno

Great pizza and pastries.

tynesharh santiago

Employees seemed a little robotic and not happy to be working. Overall food was just ok. Tripoli's other location is definitely better

Patrick Walsh

Excellent pizza

David Morris

Have enjoyed Tripoli pizza and bakery for over 50 years always great the only thing missing is getting a BOTTLE of CocaCola for$.25 cents from the vending machine on Common Street (The good old days)

Ajay Kishna

Purchased a bday cake and it was awesome..... Loved it.

Caterina Damico

Excellent pizza. Nice people.

Tom Labatte

Brings back memories of the beach. Same sweet sauce taste. 1/2 extra cheese, 1/2 pepperoni. Great stuff.


Awesome beach pizza! Tastes just like their store at at the beach and bakery is very tasty too!

Sean Powell

Beach pizza in the valley. So good.

kenny hume

Good bakery &pizza as well

Bruce Short

THE best plain cheese pizza bar none, that I have had in the north east. Period. Now you can argue all you want about gourmet places. Mulitable topping pizza, but for a quick hand made square plain cheese and sauce. It's the best.

Patricia Deloge

Best pastry any where

Jared Gioia

This place makes my loins tingle in every way possible...from the sweet creamy the pizza that could make you cream your jeans on first impact with your teeth biting down into there famous sweet sauce provolone covered pizza.

Dodie Claar

Greatest fresh bread....

Megan S

Very saucey pizza. Good for a quick bite

Angella Cole

Fast and friendly

Dan Girard

Love the cannollis

Lucille Klien

Best pastries around without having to go to the north end


Love them would eat everyday if I could

Patricia Abreu

Alway good

Joe Shea

Best pizza on EARTH!

Matthew Bonanno

Always great pizza and deserts. Fantastic service. They can be very busy but it is definitely worth the wait.


Best pizza around.... squared lol.

Michael Williams

Tripoli is the best no matter the location

Eric Jalbert

The best

Michael Regis

Great beach pizza

Denise Klier

Excellent pizza and dessert

Jason McDuffee

Yuck. Didnt like it at all

Robin Hill

First time at this Tripoli's, I usually go to the one at Salisbury Beach. Got a box of 8 slices and it was delicious. I was also pleasanty surprised to see that they also have a bakery so we couldn't go home without getting goodies to go. We got a lobster tail, slice of a cheesecake with a strawberry on top and a lb of cookies. We will DEFINITELY be repeat customers.

Steve Paris

Best Beach Pizza and desserts around!

Stace Lunches

Always delish

Caterina D'Amico

Great pizza great pasterues

Melissa Crescente

Just moved to Methuen! My fiance and I absolutely love Tripoli's pizza with Provolone. The best ever....

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