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REVIEWS OF Tripoli Pizza & Bakery - Lawrence IN New Hampshire

J Morales

Best place for pizza and pastries best cakes. It's a diabetics dream. Candy land so i try not to be the one to go in. Best place for cakes.

Glenda Sanchez

They always got the best pastries, and the service is always good

Laura Michalski

The spinach pie and pizza are great. The bakery offers a huge selection. The prices are reasonable, and the staff are nice.

Jeremy Akroyd

Have not been here in years. Forgot how much better there pizza is above the rest. Pizza and a bakery. What else do you need to be happy. Meat pies are thw best anywhere.

Tiffany Heckenlively

They have the best pizza an old time Italian pastries. ❤❤❤


Tripoli's pizza is an old time Lawrence favorite..

jose ramos

Great place to go to get bread pastry and pizza awesome Pizza

Karina Heredia Rodriguez

Long time Love affair with this place. You can't go wrong with anything from here cause everything is amazing. I've been going to Tripoli's for over 30 years hope it's around forever.

Jorge J

Attentive staff and fresh bread when I need it

Carlos Gonzalez

Best bakery in Lawrence!!

Beau Haven

Absolutely fabulous tasty bakery treats. The cookies alone are well worth the trip. There's a reason this place is so popular, and their skill is it.

Paul Crimi

I had a meat pie that was out of this world awesome!

pete bernard

Dom always make the visit worth while. Fantastic pizza !

Donna Sarro

Great pizza.

Kathy Mosqus

Great Bread Pizza And all kinds of Goodies Friendly Service

Johanna Melendez

I love the Tripoli pizza is delicious.

Joan Finocchiaro

What's not to love?

Rob Machado

Best pizza ever travel 45miles just to enjoy I grew up in area an always enjoyed this place I remember as a child my dads father used to take us here every Sunday get all the goodies I still luv today could remember pappy bakery as well that fresh baked bread in the area but tripoli's is still there to keep those memories alive as my dad an grandfather look down at me wishing they can be here to still taste the best and will always be close to my heart as I share these memories with my children and grandchildren thank you trips my. Stepson came down from California last week and the first thing he said was he wanted Tripoli pizza 1 25 2019 he couldn't wait for it they don't have a place as great as this pizza another stop at trips on 2/15/19 for the best pizza going belly full haven't even left the parking lot before 3 slices in service the greatest around gotta luv it back again 4 13 gotta have the best worth the gas and traffic gotta luv it

Samantha Dacey

Very disappointed with the costs of the cakes , they could not accomadate the cake I wanted. I end up spending 105 dollars for 2 cakes, and this will be the last time ever. Even for my favorite cake the strawberry short cakes, I am now aware there are other places in the merrimack valley that have just as good strawberry short cake, and probably with more accomadating staff.

Shelly Hendrick

Best pizza !


Best pizza on the planet...

Heat Medina

Really good pizza and one of the best baguettes

David Sclamo

They have the best macaroons and all the pastries and bread are really good

Robert Shaw

Good as always, got a stick of bread and a slice of pizza

Mary Ann Rothgeb

I love this place. I have many wonderful childhood memories of going there with my grandmother.

Doc Holiday

Very friendly staff. Family atmosphere. Very good flavor, large portion size.


I have twin boys, one loves the square pizza, I find there pizza a bit sweet.

Jay Morel

Great pizza in town

Sandra Dufresne

Always superb!! Consistently amazing pastry

Mardalena Padro

I really love this place

Sal Mosto

Sheri is the best!! True authentic pastries!!

Mioxotiz Padilla

I love love love their pizza and let's not talk about their elephant ears


As a chef I understand the rigors of working in the hospitality industry. It isn’t always easy dealing with people, especially an influx during the Christmas season, but customer service is the backbone of any establishment. I cannot ever recall writing a google review but this experience with my family triggered this review. My 70 year old plus parents drive 30+ minutes to Tripoli’s from New Hampshire because they really like this place and have been doing so for at least 7 or 8 years. I don’t live in the area and understand it is a very popular place and I can see why as I do enjoy their baked goods whenever I visit my parents from out of town. My older brother and I ordered a $21.75 cake on Dec. 8th for pickup on Christmas Eve from the Lawrence location. My mom (who has stage 4 cancer) wanted to go with my 12 year old niece and spend time with her. My father joined them so they all went to go pick up the cake in our place. We forgot to give them the receipt nor did we realize how important the supposed cake number is as we figured the order would be in the bakery’s system regardless. On arrival they were asked to produced the cake number, but no one in my family can recall it nor was it written down on the receipt after they had called us to inquire about it. This is apparently right after a customer served in front of them also did not have a receipt nor an order number for their pie I think it was and was served promptly without question. It seemed the bakery didn’t have a cake for us nor could they do anything about it. After trying to get a resolution to the problem because all we wanted was a cake for Christmas dinner, there was an implication that we were trying to get a free cake from them. My niece said the employees were very rude, hostile, and mean to them (and this is coming from a 12 year old). Long story short, my parents ended up buying another cake because we wanted one and I told them to forget it becuase we wanted a cake for the holiday and a $20 cake wasn’t worth this much hassle. They bought a chocolate cake w/vanilla icing from the front counter and asked the staff if they could write ‘Merry Christmas’ on it. When we opened the cake there was chocolate icing meant to look like feces on top of the vanilla icing next to the written ‘Merry Christmas.’ This ruined the dessert portion of the night not because of the decoration, but what was implied by it as no one wanted to eat the cake because the integrity of the establishment was niw questioned. Who knows what else they did to the cake when they brought it out to the back. Did someone spit on it? We just didn’t want to take that chance. The funny thing is we were accused of trying to steal a cake yet we were the ones who paid almost $50 for 2 cakes that we weren’t able to eat. I find it appaling that my sick mother, my father, and my niece had to experience that on Christmas Eve no less. My brother and I do take blame for not having the receipt, but apparently that would not have done anything because there was no cake order number. But my family should not have gone through that nor should we have had our dinner ruined. I’ve seen far worse in the industry unfortunately, but this was a huge disappoint as elderly and children were involved in this. The employees dont’t seem to care that they could ruin other people’s holiday. This is a poor reflection on the owner of this establishment. Either the owner hired employees with this kind of disrespect towards their own establishment or it’s a systemic problem that is encouraged by management. I’m not the only person to complain about customer service judging from other numerous reviews. My father did complain, but all he got from the owner was basically “Sorry for your inconvenience.” I guess personally insulting the integrity of my family, making my niece and mother go through this, and ruining our dinner was an “inconvenience.” The place has good food. I’m not disputing that, but they have no integrity and respect for their products, establishment, and above all their loyal customers.

Erik Domingo

Outstanding food and service! The aroma alone is umbelievable ;-) Make sure to get pizza as well as baked goods!

Rigo Ortega

Awesome! Been coming here since I was a kid! One of kind pizza , bread, and so much more!!

Amanda Ciarla

Awesome bakery... Everything is ALWAYS delicious ... Pizza is great too... My family has been coming here for years. Great pastry and cakes . S cookies after one of my many favs from here....

Taylor Green

My family has always loved Tripoli for their sweets and their pizza. Having a square of cheese pizza with a slice of provolone on top will always strangely remind me of summer because we use to get it at the location near the beach growing up. When my uncle comes up from florida we almost always make a trip for pizza and desserts. This was a customized cake for my moms birthday we had made and it was perfect !

Bill Tobin

Excellent thin crust pizza with a unique sweet tomato sauce. All location are great. The best pistachio cannoli that I've ever had and a sample my fair share

Nicole Iaci

Been going here for years. The girls are friendly and I brought my kids for the first time.

Manuela Hidalgo

Great deserts and nice staff.

Frank B

The best square pizza get extra cheese y'all will thank me

Dave G

Best bread around

David Molbeck

I got a brownie there is kind of dry and also the prices are kind of high .A poem

Brianna Gallant

It was amazingly delicious per usual! My favorite pizza ever!

Joe Montgomery

Its like 50-50 whether or not my family is satisfied with the desserts. I hate to say this because Tripoli is a staple in the Merrimac valley. Im not a big fan of sweet tasting sauce, so the pizza has never been a big hit for me.

Lourdes Zuccarello

Tripolis has always been a great place. Their patries, pizzas are delicious. Fresh and hot bread all day...


Good merchandize


Always great place to go, it's a long time established favorite of the community. Fresh made pizza and Italian baked goods everyday. Not really meant to be a sit down place except for some stools inside. Food is delicious and filling for reasonable prices!

shawn watkins

Been coming here since the 70's. It's always the same. Went in for Snowflake Rolls, left with rolls, pizza, cake, and cookies.

missy saindon

Really do i have to say why they are so great? Get woke people!

Rozy Hamel

Excellent Italian bakery & pizza.

Lisa Romero

The BEST place w/in 20 miles for Italian bread, and pastry! I pick it up whenever I am in town. They even have tasty gluten free pizza.

Neysha Olivares

Tripoli's is always great!!

randy ibell

Great pizza and delicious bakery goods. Friendly people also.


Been coming here for almost 20 years. Pizza doesn’t get old! Way too good.

Maryan Picard

Whether you want fresh bread, amazing pastries or unbeatable pizza, you are in the right place. #doingitright

Ruben Melendez

Excellent bread. Staff is very friendly.

Jim Doughty

Best pizza in the us

Juan.Lozado Calderon

Very good bread and they have all kind of sweet italian-americans people and and the best bread in town

Joe G

Not to shade the bakery, which is great, but we go to Tripoli's specifically for the pizza. We get a full tray, eat two pieces on the way home, and freeze the rest for lunches or snacks. The sauce is unique, with a sweet tone that I can't find elsewhere.

Abdiel Perez

Love this place! The pizza is delicious!

Dale Baril

Everything thing here is great.

Garçon Voûte

The Absolute best pizza, in my opinion. Truley unmatched

Marilyn Garay

Its the bakery i grew up with worked at and enjoy!

Miosol Rodriguez

Best pizza ever. The dough and the sauce is made right there and freshly grated cheese to top it off. The bakery is also sooo good! Love this place!

Andrew Wallis

Always hits 5 stars. Bakery or pizza, both are awesome.

Danny Rodriguez

Good place for a slice of pizza and bread

Alex Santiago

I love this place! It's an iconic Lawrence establishment. It's also famously referred to as Beach Pizza. The food, and deserts are amazing!


I would like to give them a higher rating but all their cream filled products are not the same as they were 50 years ago. It is all fake.

Raul Diaz

Not only do they have great desserts. They're pizza is great.

Winston Reyes

Excellent place.

Dore Torrence

This is a landmark bakery where you can't go wrong. From cakes, cupcakes, Italian cookies, Italian pasties and bread, the selection is great and all are decadent. The cakes are homemade and delicious. You should call ahead of time to order a specific cake but some are ready to go in the cases. The cookies are the best in area. You pay according to weight. The bread is best in the area and they an assortment. There's also pizza, meat pies and calzons on the other side! Get a slice of pizza or get a box. The sauce is sweet and delicious every time!

Patty Lorenzo

Tripoli has always been a delicious stop for my sweet tooth but in today’s visit I overheard a male employee call a female employee a derogatory name (B*tch). I wasn’t sure who to tell about the incident but if management is currently reading this... manage your people. This was upsetting as a customer, I can’t imagine how the employee felt.

Eric Langlois

Amazing is All I have to say.

Amanda Kenney

Absolutely incredible my boyfriend James and I drive all the way from Attleboro ma just to get pizza


The lemon cupcakes are delicious

Nicole Rodriguez

Nice prices and exelent costumer services

Juan Diaz

Fresh hot bread and lots of goodies and pastries

Jessica Gonzalez

Fresh baking goods

anthony vitale

Tripoli is the best bakery in merrimack vally an pizza is sooooo soo good.

TJ Rollick

Best cannolis in New England. Cannolis filled fresh when ordered. Far better cannolis then Mikes pastry and even comes close to a Sicilian cannoli

Katy Boyer

The colored and tiramisu were really good, but the flan was only so so. Everything looks really good so maybe try those things and not the flan.


Got a wonderful cake here for my mom's birthday with real whipped cream, didn't want the frosting. Was wonderful.

Guneapig blogs Nina

We get our birthday cake done here every year and we never disappointed.

Denise Corey

Always great cakes! Love the Strawberry Shortcake

Pedro Calcano

Awesome unique flavored pizza and they make an amazing strawberry cheesecake. Love this place highly recommended.

victoria schrow

Everything is made fresh every day and the staff is so politely

love Jones-walker

Great pizza, great cake and need I mention the Italian sticks fresh out of the oven.. Do yourself a favor go..

Christine Travis

Everything is great i cant say one bad thing about it.

Audeliz Villegas

Great pastry in this place and pizza

Demani Swan

Amazing food, it is ready quick, but still quality food, the pizza is sweet

Laura Anne

Love Tripoli’s!!!! Amazing pastries & the home made bread

Glam by Jenny

Everytime Ive been to Tripoli's the service and pastries are amazing. The variety of choices is also a plus.


My favorite place to buy cakes

Cjneela I.

Their pizza is the best pizza I've ever had.

Miss Carrillo

I wish there was a tripolis everywhere I travel!! Tripolis is 2 hours away from home and I take the drive for your pizza

Jeff Todd

One of the best places to go in Lawrence whether you are looking for a traditional Italian bakery (breads, pastries, cakes) or pizza/calzones. Now the pizza is of the square variety and comes with just a bit of cheese on it or you can have pepperoni, provolone or American cheese added on top. I like buying some frozen and keeping them for a quick snack or dinner. The bakery is really good. One of my favorites is the strawberry whipped cream cake. Lots of cookies and pastry choices, premade round and sheet cakes, and different soft white breads round out the choices.

Alé Salas

The pizza there are my wife's fav, and they get it done in no time. Plenty of parking, always and service with a smile. A variety of pastries that always surprise me. One of the best cranberry muffins around.

Nicholas Mangiardi

A classic bakery style pizza, the cannolli's are better.

Jimmy Kunie

Really good pizza but very slow service

Jorge Velez

Sweet sauce! Fresh ingredients. Square shaped pizza. What's not to love? Awesome pastries and cakes. Family owned. Lengthy tradition. Awesome place to order cakes for birthdays and other occasions. Don't forget a stick of bread. It's the staff of life.

Lena Morgan

Yum! Great ingredients. Friendly staff. Pizza is the best!

meg miller

Amazing pizza and great pastries

Adara Dillabaugh

Possibly the best pizza I've ever had. I'm a new regular!

Mark LaVertue

Great pizza and pastries, serving the good folks of Lawrence and the surrounding communities for generations.

Maria Patera

Each time I visit Lawrence I must make a stop at Tripoli for fresh bread and cookies. The best!! Service is fast and cookies and bread are great. Will continue to come here when I'm in town

JoDenny Foster-Rodriguez

Love the pizza.. Love the fresh baked goodies. I get my entire family's birthday cakes from there

George manos

My son ordered a cake for Christmas, the staff could not locate it by name or by phone number. He paid cash but didn't have the receipt; though we have been customers for years the manager implied that I was trying to get the cake for free. We paid for another one and will try to track down the receipt. This is poor management and customer service. The manager, Matthew, I believe, told me he didn't care if I complained so, then, he shouldn't mind this review. To the owner: I read your reply which is similar to the apology you offered another disappointed customer, thanking us for the feedback, saying that you will look into the matter with your staff, and ending with wishing us to come back. What is missing is that, to show genuine concern, telling me that you will refund the cost of the extra cake. That will get us back.

Jess O'Brien

So yummy. One of my favorite places to get some pizza or pastry.

Walter Murray

The best bread and pastries around

Iakovos Neofotistos

Great bread and deserts lobster tail pastry !! And the pizza is really really good !! Square pan thin crust ! Sauce is on the sweet side but excellent!!!!

Anne Muriuki

Not impressed with the service. The cake looks good. Hope it tastes as good.

Josie Hatuey

Hands down one of the best, if not the best italian bread makers. The pizza is fantastic & delicious. I usually gets a few packs of frozen pizza slices to take home as they are THAT good. Fully enjoy & recommend this pizza/bakery.


The Best. My hometown is small. Lots of new warehouse developments. This pizzeria has been here for years.

Colleen Godfrey

Service in Salisbury is deplorable. These guys spend more time doing nothing and you wait an hour even when you call it in.

Lissette Caraballo

Best cheese cake ever

Peter Lacasse

Best pizza and bread around


Been going here for 40 years, great pizza slightly sweet sauce but not to sweet. Great pastry as well.

mala valentin

Had my cake tasting recently, decorator was professional and knowledgeable.

jonathan gotti

Loved it !!!. Great service and have a great selection to choose from the bakery.


ok the pizza here I've heard some people say it's like Beach Pizza but I'd have to say I disagree from all the beach pizza I've ever had. this is a very sweet sauce and extremely thin .. but I liked it a lot to know is extremely good the bakery has some good stuff too Strawberry Shortcake was good and Napoleon

Colleen Stanley

Beautiful cake made for baby shower.


Great beach pizza for not being at the beach! Same owners of the Tripoli at Salisbury Beach! They also have a bakery with great items including wonderful cannoli's and amazing carrot cake with cream cheese frosting! Highly suggest this location!

Danny Melendez

They have great deserts breads.cakes..but there pizza to me is too sweet..i dont like sugar on my

Jose Olivero

The best place for all ur baked goods 100% ,every time.


One of the best and most consistent Bakeries I have ever been in. They have been a neighborhood silver lining Lawrence institution for decades. They do everything great. Pizza, cakes, macaroons, fresh bread, you name it. My Father has been buying from tripolis as fat as my memory goes back. At every single family event we have Tripolis is right there with us. I went there for Thanksgiving to continue the tradition as my Father has been sick and in the hospital for 6 weeks and would be coming home for Thanksgiving for fhe Day. I asked him "what should I bring, what do you really want that you can think of?" He said "make sure you go to Tripoli! Grab a fresh stick, a seeded loaf, cookies, and macaroons". I have to say those are the best Macaroons I have ever tasted. They get better every time. I dont know how they keep doing it. Thaks guys from our family to yours.

Johnathan Brooks

I have been coming here for pizza since I was a kid. (Over 30 years).

Kathy Fitzgerald

It's the best!

Elizabeth Colon G

Great pizza and desserts friendly staff for the most part.

william medina sr

Best bakery in Lawrence and adjacent towns. Service is excellent .try it, you'll like it

Josephine glynn

Bought fresh Italian scali and it was just out of the oven. Yum

Bill Lorenz

Bread and pizza is really good but cookies that we bought we're very stale. Unfortunately we were disappointed. Maybe they were more than a few days old. They were very hard. After a few days Tripoli should give away to the homeless and make up fresh ones.

Kristen Brown

Yum! Their strawberry shortcake filling is the best! Went here for a wedding cake tasting. I actually got to see a beautiful 2 tier white cake decorated with succulents and twine. The woman that came in to pick it up raved about the bakery saying whatever you want they'll make it! She had printed a photo of a succulent cake and they made it exactly like the picture. Will definitely be getting my wedding cake made by them. Update: did have them make my wedding cake and it was great! They did a fabulous job at an affordable price. I was going to get charged double at other bakeries in the area for what I wanted.

Larry Settles

Love tripolis always delicious pizza and yummy bakery desserts. Tho one thing that annoyed me about the bakery is that they closed the door literally right when we where coming in. We were 2 minutes too late and it was my best friend bday. We legit wanted cake and the girl looked at us with a rude look when we knocked on the door. Kind of dissapointing especially since they literally just closedm

Robert Paradis

Always fresh bread plenty to chose from

Dave Abbott

Been eating goods from there for over 45 years....tastes as great now as it did then.

John Pastore

Food and service excellent

Yolanda Aponte

Love it all, grow up eating the bread n cakes.

Mitchelle Jones

I am so in love with the baked items


Great owners.....excellent products....highly recommended

Sabrina Costa

The best pizza and breads

Toorbo Max

A nice long history bakery.

Eta Poezi

Everything was so delicious.... loved it ... first time there... to bad I don't live in Boston

William Barabino

Love Tripoli pizza! Delicious beach pizza. Thin crust. Only pizza.

Marcus Ponce de Leon

A completely bewildering level of customer service over the phone, where the lady who answered apparently hung up mid call after speaking with me for a couple of minutes, and left work. Calling back to try and get her or at least some understanding as to what might have happened, the general vibe was "that's not important, what can I do for you?" The call was to place an order for a birthday cake. I spoke with Matt who also couldn't be concerned with the previous call or understanding what might have transpired. I can only speculate that they've reached a level of business where they're comfortable turning away new repeat clientele. I purchase 20+ cakes yearly at minimum for office parties, moving forward none will be from Tripoli.

Mimi Baez

Great pizza! behind the counter great people, cashiers not so much.

Eric Jalbert

Pest pizza in Massachusetts

S. T. Martin

What more can I say about the bakery, but OMG, Everything is Simply Delish!! For Those of Us Lucky Enough to Have Grown Up, In the Greater Lawrence, Mass. Area, and at Salisbury Beach, MA. (For Generations in the Summer, Tripoli Pizza Was Always a Treat!!! Tho I’ve Heard People, Who Have Not Grown Up Here the “Merrimack Valley” or Not VacationingI n Salisbury, (Basically), Say, “This is Just Sauce on Dough w/A Little Mozzarella!” But We Who Were Born Here, of Have Lived Here for These Many Generations, LOVE OUR Tripoli Pizza!! (

Fernando Anil

Very good

Joliet Funston

Really delicious bakery . This place is one of my favorites in Lawrence : First of all since is very convenient and second of all the taste is so unique and delicious.

Ivan Cora

Grow up eating assorted bakery goods and the pizza. Loyal customers!

Ramon Molina

Great pizza!

Denidza Saenz

I recently used this bakery for my nieces graduation party. I show them the picture of the cake that I wanted. When the Cake was given to me they did not decorate the cake as I requested. When I called them to complaint they admitted there error but When I claimed a reimbursement they only wanted to give $22 store credit. Worst experience I ever had. I Will never use this bakery again.

Nathan Therrien

Fresh baked bread and love the Washington square

Linda Pho

I've been going there for over 40 years and it never fails to make me happy. The bread is amazing, an Italian stick is gone before we get halfway home. Everything is delicious to taste and the recipes haven't changed in over 100 years. They have added a few new things but you can't beat tradition. The pizza is delicious. We take frozen pizza home with us to Texas to heat up over the next few months when we miss home. Sometimes the line goes out the door and it is worth the wait. The bakery will mail cookies and other Italian pastries all over the country.

Mabel G

People were rude last time I went to Tripoli in March. I was on the phone getting info on the cake I was going to order; when I asked for help they told me they would not help me until I was off the phone. They told me that was their new policy. There were no signs around stating the new policy and nobody told me as I was waiting to be assisted. Once I was off the phone they offered to help me while blaming me for the time I had to wait; even thought I had no way to know about the new policy and I was on the phone getting info on the cake I was there to buy. I did not get the cake and left!

Andrew Kalil

Olden time experience been around since I was a kid, of course a slice of pizza was a buck, now $1.85

Bianca Mercado

Great pastry and Bread

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