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REVIEWS OF The Works Café IN New Hampshire

Sarah Harkness

I LOOOOVE the works. Everything is sourced local and organic and delicious. I love the sunrise burrito on a sweet potato wrap! Hard to find parking / usually a long line because it’s so good, call ahead and you avoid both! ☺️

Willie Colon

Great, popular spot in Concord for a quick, healthy bite. I have yet to be disappointed. Their breakfast sandwiches are very tasty!

edmund demers

Very good tasting food but extremely busy

Caleb Hooker

Bagels, sandwiches, soup and salads made from local sources

Joel Pelletier

Fresh bread and fresh ingredients make for great flavor. This is my favorite place on main street to get a sandwich.

Janine Tadakowsky

I love the Vermont Cobb salad! Also ordered hit chocolate for my son and they were really nice in giving us a small cup of milk on the side so he wouldn't burn his tongue.


Great food and coffee!

William (JR) Lacey IV

Food was great and staff was helpful when we asked about food options. Food tasted great! It was busy but a few more smiles in the place from employees and would be five stars.

Mark Hoban

The bagels and coffee are great, the updated menu (especially the breakfast burritos) is fantastic, and the staff has always been incredibly friendly -- even during the busiest breakfast/lunch rush.

Sonika Schroeder

Great rustic place with brick walls, cow hide farm fresh vibe. Fabulous fresh foods and great atmosphere in this small Concord Main Street gem. Highly recommended.

Maya Snyder

Fast, friendly service. Good food!

Natalie Koffarnus

Healthy food for comparable prices. I had the small Mac and cheese and the lentil soup. The soup was excellent

Jennifer Schelly

Awesome cafe! Lots of local and organic options. Iced tea and iced coffee available too.

Paul Beaudoin

Great breakfast wrap.

Scott Roy

Cool atmosphere and great range of both healthy and indulgent breakfast choices. The service was very helpful and friendly; but unfortunately they did get my order slightly wrong. Breakfast burrito was good and bagels were very fresh.


Best everything bagels I've ever had. Pretty busy so don't expect to be in and out but the food and coffee is delicious.

Sujan Niraula

Loved the decor and the food...the hot sauce can be hotter though.


Look at this picture. This is a DOUBLE order of chicken. I actually paid for this. My only hope is that these people read this post and stop screwing their loyal customers. I give three stars bc they food is quality, but you guys lost me as a patron.

Lisa Chomack

We really enjoy this place. Good coffee, we buy their multigrain bread they make daily. Go early enough and it is still warm. Great bagels. Now serving noodle bowls which are nutritious and good. Delicious looking fruit cups which we have never tried because the berries don't state organic. Very busy, casual, and fun place for breakfast or lunch. Popular local cafe.

Jessamyn Farrell

Great egg and cheese sandwich. The cinnamon bagel could have been a little stronger in flavor and the iced chai latte I got was a big watered down/weak. This place can get very busy so be prepared that you might not get a table.

Peter Osiecki

Great bagels...comfy atmosphere!

George Duke


M Smith

Bagels are always yummy. Really surprised w/the menu/clientele they seem to be targeting, that they don't offer egg whites. Remodel looks great, BUT bring back the art of the local artists.

Mary Newcomb

Awesome place

Clare Vezina

I love this spot, great bagels and nice outdoor space to hang out downtown

Katherine Ryan

Delicious, healthy lunch.

Tom Rymes

The works is great, as always. Tasty bagels, and excellent sandwiches - the coffee is quite good, too. Some additional options for bagel flavors would be appreciated: Pumpernickel, Tomato-Basil, and Cajun would make great (re)additions to the menu. Try the Fresh Mozzarella sandwich or the Super Chicken, hard to go wrong with either. Unfortunately, the recent remodel seems to have resulted in longer waits and more confusion as the line for pickup jams up with the line for ordering - the old system was better, and I know more than one person who has stopped going because the only artificial sweetener offered since the remodel is Stevia, there's no Sweet-and-Low and no Equal.

Elizabeth Seymour

the food has a weird texture, chicken there creeps me out and the egg look's fake. It's over priced too. Pass.

Elizabeth Hodges

Helpful and good products there!

Mario Capozzoli

NEW REVIEW: I gave this place another chance, after its interior re-designs. Even though the place looks better, I can't give them any more stars because the customer service lacks BIG TIME. No smiles. Poor attitudes. Why can't these guys be happy? Or at least fake it. No amount of decent food can compensate for piss-poor customer service. OLD REVIEW: If I could give them zero, I would. Terrible downtown parking, of course. Concord is messed up that way. But when I asked for extra cream cheese on my bagel, the guy smirked, huffed, puffed (literally), rolled his eyes, got upset, told his colleague that I’m dumb because I’ll ruin my bagel, and basically was a jerk to me. Other customers noticed. The owner was oblivious to it all. It was an embarrassing moment. I’ll never go here again! (And I frequented the place for years.). Imagine the loss of the lifetime value of a customer!?!

V Outsider

Great coffee, nice people

John O'Keefe

Before departing Concord we stopped in for breakfast and coffee. This was a nice little café in downtown Concord. Staff were very pleasant and some were pretty funny. It was a nice relaxed place. Coffee was wicked good kid. I opted for the Dagwood sandwich instead of a breakfast sandwich, it was yummy. I also opted for a smoothie, 'Another Day in Paradise' was delicious. The atmosphere was nice and had a warmth to it.

N. M.

Good food. Bland smoothies. More often than not incredibly rude staff.

Ben Kane

I had excellent food even though the portions were a bit small. However, the owner overshadowed this and was a jerk to my family and I. For instance, many unnecessary sarcastic remarks at simple questions we asked. Hopefully this guy will learn customer service!

Aime Nadeau

Great food and service also in Portsmouth.Wish they would open one in Nashua!

Kathleen Vidaver

Great service, fresh food ♡

Jon Ward

"Real" "good" breakfast or anytime food prepared after you order. I got a grilled breakfast burrito which was really good and I wanted it to be bigger. I also got a smoothie in which I could taste the "real fruit" used in the drink not a mix. Opens early for breakfast and would definitely try this place again.

James Andrus

Definitely the best bagels in Concord and a very nice restaurant atmosphere

David Singer

Food and coffee was very good but server had bad attitude. You could tell he didn’t want to be there and didn’t bother to listen to my order and messed it up. After being corrected he disappeared for a few minutes while he went to get supplies to make someone else’s coffee. My food was ready before my coffee.

Timothy Neil

Good coffee, good place to get work done. Enjoyed my stop!

Lou Silverblank

I ordered three dozen bagels, various spreads, fruit salad to be delivered early Sunday morning. They got there a few minutes before expected. Everything was great! The bagels were still warm! Being born in Brooklyn, I know from bagels.

Gabe Geller

According to my father, this place has some of the best coffee money can buy. I'll take his word because I'd say the same about the sandwiches.

Coleen Sivo

Delicious food, cashier very helpful with the many questions and changes needef.

Jeff Levesque

It is just a nice place in the center of the action.


Good food... Needs better customer service, maybe he was having a bad day... Give it a shot..

Ty Brinkley

For Concord NH it's hard to do better than The Works if your looking a bagel or quick breakfast spot. Recently remodeled, menu is on point. Definitely recommend.

Eric Blais

I asked for an egg and cheese on a croissant and the clerk replied in a condescending manner, "this is a bagel shop not Dunkin Donuts." Since then, I have read other people's review and unsurprisingly found similar examples of my own experience. Idk, maybe the guy was having a bad day or what but that was enough for me to not want to go there again.

Elaine Newfield

Nice pleasant atmosphere. They are open until 8 pm now. Customers appreciate The Works staying open later for their customers.

rishi lad

cozy ambience of this restaurant is very popular locally. Food was delicious as well as healthy. I would prefer to go for quick tasty food.

Caroline Menard

Love the renovation! Comfortable booths, wonderful service and delicious food as always!

Michael Officer

Great place for a quick stop for lunch. Love the rustic atmosphere.

Kristin Gadbois

A wide selection of healthy innovative options, friendly staff and a fun atmosphere. Several sidewalk tables with umbrellas. You could eat lunch there for weeks and not repeat a meal!

Ann Delaney

Great menu. Food choices delicious and very comfortable. Looking forward to next visit

Alex Keane

Great atmosphere and great service combined with fresh and local ingredients.


Very friendly staff, delicious food, and great atmosphere!

Nick M.

Went downtown during a snowstorm to grab a bite to eat. Unfortunately, a lot of places were closed. When I approached the works, I read a sign on the door that mentioned they were closed due to inclement weather (understandable due to the conditions). To our surprise, a gentlemen (assuming he’s the owner/manager), called us over from the store-front as we were walking away. He offered us a whole bag of bagels because he “appreciated us coming down!” He let us in and gave us half a dozen bagels to-go and wouldn’t take my money!! Im literally writing my first review ever as this gesture was much appreciated! Bagels were great when we got home. Highly recommend this place as you don’t witness this kind of kindness everyday! Thanks again to the works cafe!

mike tompkins

Great food and service

Brittney Briggs

Came here to met some friends for coffee like two months ago. I had hoped they had a egg bagels but they do not. So jokingly I told the guy taking my order id leave a bad review and he replied "try any of our bagels and I promise you won't leave a bad review" so he wins! Lol Go here! Eat the bagels and cream cheese!! Drink the coffee!

Joe Sweeney

My girlfriend and I have very different taste in foods. We stopped here on our way home to Albany NY from Maine. The atmosphere is very cozy. The menu variety is amazing, the food is fantastic, and the staff is very friendly. We plan to make this a regular stop when we visit Maine.

Austin Hinton

Great food and great prices

Karyl Davenport

Delicious and unique. Excellent food!

David Masson

The food was really good but there was no nutritional information. Definitely would go back.

Corey Green

Great interior and atmosphere been going here for years.

Brittany Bechtel

Mac and cheese was amazing!

Hannah Drouin

This is my absolute favorite place to eat! Their menu ranges from sandwiches, soups, salads, bowls, breakfast, coffees, teas, smoothies and more. They use local farmed foods and have fresh baked break daily. The food here makes you feel good and you know you are eating well. The staff is nice and willing to help as much as they are needed. They have recently upgraded this store so it has a fresh new modern look. Seating is available inside and outside.

Travis Abbott

If you are strolling downtown and looking for a nice local hipster place to grab some breakfast, this is the spot. The Works (everything) bagel and the super cinnamon crunch bagel are amazing.They do breakfast sandwiches and lunch items as well. They have a variety of coffee and drinks. By far the best bagel around in the area.

Ron Aur Hod

Great place for a coffee, bagel, sandwiches and soups. Locally and ethically sourced food and beverages, fresh and tasty. Efficient service. Think a better version of Panera. For my taste much better. Good place to meet friends and have a bite.

Linda Snow

This place is truly a gem, located on Main St, in Concord, NH. I stopped in yesterday and had what I have to say was one of the best avocado, turkey and bacon on sourdough bread ever. Really great

noreen kirby

Excellent coffee. Quint, cozy atmosphere

Donald Tongue

Great spot to hang out and talk.

Laurie Storey-Manseau

Excellent bagels and food. Service is so-so.

Patrick S

Decent coffee at this coffee shop. It seems as though most people go here for the food. When I went here the restaurant (and it is more of a restaurant than a coffee shop) was packed with tourists and locals alike lined up to get late breakfast or early lunch. It was so noisy that i couldnt concentrate on the work that i came to accomplish even with noise canceling headphones. The workers are loud. Slamming cabinets, banging stuff together, yelling over the din... This is not the space for a peaceful cup of coffee or a lunch date. The sandwich I ordered was quite tasty, but the coffee was old and served in self-service carafes on the counter. My light roast carafe didn't have enough to fill my large cup, so I had to mix with a dark roast. Parking was also an issue, since I had to pay for the metered street parking out front. Overall, The Works Cafe offers a hip environment, decent coffee, above average food, and tight seating.

Chelsea Drew

I like the vibe and atmosphere. Food is excellent and fresh.

Doug Glaze

Good food, fast service. We liked it so much we went there twice during our visit to Concord.


Went on a Tuesday mid day and the place was very busy. My boyfriend and I ordered lattes (almond milk for me because I can’t have dairy) and he got one with regular milk. When they called out our orders, we went to grab the lattes. Neither were marked, so we had no clue which had almond or dairy I can’t just “guess” as I will get seriously ill. We asked the person at the counter which was which and she rudely told us to open up the cups and the “darker” one was obviously the almond milk. We did what she said— they were the same color. She made no effort to figure out which was which or even offer to remake one for me. My boyfriend had to drink both the lattes and I got a latte down the street at a different location instead. Like I said, I can’t play the guessing game. She should have known which was which, or offered to make me another. The positive: they have dairy free cream cheese. Tried it on a rosemary bagel and it was delicious. I will return at a later date and see if it was just that particular staff member that was rude. I’m hoping she was just a bad seed. We will see.

Gary Pellerin

Great food and drinks, staff is awesome. People tend to be extremely rude with stealing seats you've been waiting for, a lot of people also sit for 2 hours with their laptops and such, its almost impossible to sit down and eat.


Love this place always very welcoming and the coffee is great!

Tyler Simonds

I went about a month ago and loved it. (Only been once so far.) good vegan options. I recommend the sweet potato curry—quinoa bowl. (Approximate name.) Hopefully soon they will expand the hours a bit. (To 6:30 or 7pm?) looking forward to my next visit.

Holger Schoel

good food, very good bread. Toilets very dirty. A lot of plastic waste is produced here. Too bad, hurts the idea.

TK Trudel

They recently renovated the restaurant as well as the menu. One day I could not find my debit or credit card and the cashier let me take the water and chips with no payment. Great customer service. I found my debit card and I went back to pay and she said not to worry about it. That particular day I was feeling very nauseous from the heat and I would have not been ok if she did not offer me the chips and water. Much appreciated

Simon Wright

Really good sandwiches and portions not too big and not too small. Great coffee too.

Tricia Baker Schmitt

Ok. Had a BLT. Not toasted. Had to search to find bacon. Super big chunks of carrot in smoothie. Pretty expensive. This was my 2nd time, prior visit had a quinoa bowl that was excellent.

David Maura

The Works is a busy place. Maybe because the tea, coffee, bagels, croissants, are all fesh and tasty. Maybe because it sits in the near center of Main Streets shopping stroll. Maybe because they have a good sized bistro presence out front of the shop. Maybe because all the offerings, including many traditional breakfast entrees as well as some very interesting house versions of old favorites are well prepared. No matter what the reason(s), we often stop when on Main St. If you sit inside & watch the trade, it's very busy but very organized. Vegan choices abound! Nice interior.

Leanne Arvila

Hoppin breakfast spot but our bagels were out in a snap and we loved seeing where the ingredients come from. Left with full happy bellies

Richard Watkins

Quick service, good menu variety, well portioned serving size ( just enough, not oversized) for a lunch.

Nikki Trebuchon

Great coffee, cozy atmosphere

Chandler Barnard

Clean, great food, reasonably priced, and healthy. They made a mistake on my order, the owner was there and not only corrected it, but made an extra effort to make sure I left satisfied. Really appreciated that

David Lipsy

Best bagel shop around love their assortment of sandwiches as well.

Pandemonium Massage Therapy

I love this place!!! Been coming here for years. Wonderful place. Great coffee and great food!!! Tom's a great guy!!! Try the Dagwood!!!

A Druke

Best Bagels.... plus so much more!

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