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370 Miracle Mile, West Lebanon, NH 03784, United States

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REVIEWS OF Price Chopper IN New Hampshire

Bill Dalrymple

Good store but charging $ to wdraw money is greedy.That should be something nice to do for your customers instead of making money off them.And why can't there at least be 1 self checkout open all night?Came in tonight and was a nightmare.1 reg open and the customer actually left TWICE to get more items while she was being checked out!If you left just 1 self out lane open the normal people would be able to come in anytime and not deal with idiots.


Normal grocery store with good sales.

Marlene Jordan

First time stopping there. Friendly workers from finding an item to the cashier and bag person. Will shop there again and again.

Lisa Pillsbury

Roberta Roberts


Gerald Posanka

Good company to shop from. Bring your own bags and get 3 cents for each one they use.

Jay Petro

Good prices and good location.

Rebekah Potter

Good variety


The self check out is a joke out of date the scale is small and u got to see an attendant for your change

Nancy Bemis

Good experience

Bonnie Nutting

I would rather go to the pharmacy at the price chopper near Wal-Mart because the customer service at the pharmacy on the miracle mile isn't that great.

Elton Kainu

Wont go there again

Karl Wordelmann


Tonya Morse

Their deli lady was awsome


Everything I needed

Shawn Hutchins

Some good prices, if you catch the deals. Mussels were very high compared to other places.

Ashley Raymond

Always very friendly environment and the staff is always willing to go out of their way to make sure you get what you want.

Nikhil Karkare

Nice store to buy your groceries. Open 24 hrs.

Tiasa Thornton

Tammie Morrison

Small store. Lots of food on the small place.

John Delbert Edwards

Great service really nice people

Sudarshan Magadi

Diana Farnham

They won't allow my service dog, because he is small and won't walk amongst the shopping carts.

Bev Owen

It's got everything I need. Cashiers are accommodating to my needs. Being open 24 hours is so convenient. No crowds after 10pm. Friendly staff. Clean store with occasional stock in the aisles when they need to restock the shelves. Prices are reasonable and competitive with Shaw's and Hannaford. Their savings card also has advantages. 7/7/19 - Downgraded from 5 to 3 stars. I loved coming here but the past few months have gone downhill in my estimation. They are constantly out of stock on a lot of items. They have replaced tried and true frozen meals with ones I have tried and do not care for. I will be doing my main shopping at Hannafords from here on. This will only be used for picking up of quick items such as milk, etc., but even tonight the milk was all gone. Not impressed lately. Still love the friendly staff, but it's not enough to rate it any higher than a 3.

Eugenia Leonard

Was surprised at their high prices and lack of variety in their meat department

Pauline Watson

Prices are different from other stores.

Bryan Conlin

Good small grocery store. Gets the job done.

Richard Henderson

Great place to shop

Benjamin Ferguson

Great deals on great food, great service, AND they are always open!

Scott Hepler

Nice selection, good produce. Checkout a little slow on my line, but normally fine.

Nanci Stone

Mr Jiggles

Kaleena Smith

Great prices good sales

Louise Rinaldi


debra drake

TouchBySofie Green

I can get some carribean food in there so yeah i love it..and it opens 24 hours..

Gary Coolidge

Great customer service, quality meat room

Leona Geer

Good place

francis harlow

Great place to shop every one is so helpful Makes me feel at home

Wendy Jane Sichel

Good market! Easy to find what I need.

Tab Putnam

Love this store great customer service very clean store

Mark Farnham

Their pharmacy is efficient and they are polite and helpful.

Noël Figart

Good basic grocery store. The produce section does seem to be shrinking, though, and it is disturbing.

Kao San

The people and employees are always nice to us here. It's friendly and clean environment.

Lyndsy Jelly

It was wonderful. So friendly and such a pleasant store! I'll be back!

Stephen Angell

This one has everything I need. I love their bread!

Faith Peterson

It's a grate store

Michelle Husband

My favorite store to shop

Merle Quiet

Very good

Richard Leshner

Good price and selection

Robin Frye

Very few organic items or even gluten free.

barb stevens

Good food

Keeping it Real

Lenora J Webber Towery

Very fast very polite and very helpful.

Ryan McMaster

Convenient for quick runs to get a few grocery items. Awesome fried chicken. Not great produce.

Colin McDougall

Large supermarket, above average variety. Produce ok. Bagels are fresh, sushi made on site. Pizza and sandwich prepared foods counter for quick lunches is above average. Good selection meats, good fresh fish counter. Bakery makes party cakes and cheesecake, otherwise selection is below average.

Mark Dwyer

Good prices and good service.

Andrew Langley

Basic box grocery store nothing particularly special best deals if you have their customer card although they will use a store card if you ask.

Ryan Nicholson

Solid supermarket

Adria S. Belin

Remodeling is improving the shopping experience.

Robert Murphy

KAthy Pierce

On the Miracle Mile is my supermarket

Elissa Brown

Open 24hr good sale prices

Ann Fielder

I don't shop anywhere else, not worth it. Price maybe better elsewhere but not as good quality. What I need is always in stock and management is awesome!

Jerome Arpana

Lady was on something all drugged up doesn't offer or give me receipt. I kindly ask for her and older lady if she could give it to me in between orders. She keeps going completely ignoring lady old enough to be her grand mother and acts snotty when she has to dig in n trash for my receipt. Out ragious prices! I will buy canned hotdogs at Family Dollar before I shop there ever again!

Angela Belen

Confusing parking lot and store layout. Prices are higher than some of the other grocery stores in town. It is nice that they have self-checkout stands though.

James Watson

Great friendly staff

Briana Smith

I do all my shopping between this store and shaws. Price chopper has the best quality produce in the area, and at a reasonable cost. The coop had great produce but they're too expensive. This is the place to go for fresh quality produce at the best possible price.

Jeremy McWhorter

Good for groceries

Jordan French

It's amazing

Shannon Hilder

Great little grocery store for necessities. Only grocery store in Windsor, VT

Reverand Eagle

Price Chopper is a very nice place to shop. The employees are helpful and friendly, prices are very reasonable. I would recommend PC to anyone to shop at. Reverand Eagle

Cliff Desrosiers

I did the ribbon cutting when the store opened, I've been shopping there since. All is good

Drew Bradley

it was a relief to walk In to this market and find all the product I needed late at night

Karen Wright

Good sales some days

Mike Swiger

Well stocked clean and the staff is always helpful

paulo eduardo ungaratti

Otimo super market..

Pepita Mora

Carrie Thorpe

This is a 24-hour supermarket, which in my opinion is a godsend in this area! Of course, don't expect deli and meat departments to be open all night, but it is nice to be able to grab something if you get out of work late or have a kid that isn't feeling well. I would say that the selection has improved recently and they try to cater to a wide audience. I wish they had more vegetarian and vegan options but it is not terrible compared to some.


Much better than the West Leb one, the staff are much friendlier at this one.

ronald aupperlee

Shopping ....duh !!!

Deborah Klingaman

I love the availability of Instacart.

Michelle Lemay

Cashier didn't even know what draw was her cashier draw...i had to show her. Then check was not right and had to go back the next day to fix it...i live over an hour away, Also at service desk ...had to find the little bell they want you to ring for help..(a cashier found it for me behind the counter) and still no help till other employees went looking for me. Thank you to the couple off employees that were there for me!!

Leslie Barrow

I enjoy shopping here; staff are very helpful, courteous and friendly.

Leland Emmons

It's a great place : if the miles were Right! !! It sides it's 14.8 miles from my place and I live in Washington state


Friendly staff. Limited handicap parking without convenient cart returns. Dairy is hidden on far left side of store. Prices are a bit high if not a member.

Lexi Reynolds

Has most unusual produce to rival specialty stores.

Suzanne RandomWord

This is the best Price Chopper -- bright and clean, well laid out, great produce. Really like this location!

April Smith

I love that they are now open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Good selection, though this store has fewer gluten free and other alternative dietary options than the West Lebanon Price Chopper.

Raynell White

Always super nice and good place to get groceries or flowers

Teresa Volta

Clean, courteous, from the basics -- soup to nuts. Pharmacy, too.

Daniel Cushman

Casual Pixel

Can always find deals for things you need.

Kris Brown

Wide variety of products at a decent price. Wish they had a wider variety of organic food.

Frank Harlow

Friendly good place to shop

Rodney Young

PC is to me always a good place to shop for groceries.

samuel leblanc

love customer service and prices

Amanda Potter

Good service and produce. Watch out when getting strawberries, bag pics are hidden well

Ken Lary

They often don't have what I'm looking for

Joyce Cioffi

Love this supermarket, great bakery and lots of specials to help with your budget

Elizabeth Angulo

To expensive

Mary Lambert

Huge shopping center.

Desiree Mccrorey

Clean, bright, fresh atmosphere. Products were well organized and nicely display. It was a pleasure.

Christian Foster

Fast easy shopping, accessible for every one.

Lori Maville

Great prices coupons monthly by mail daily inshore coupons pharmacy

Deidre Rivard

Nice store. Friendly cashiers

David Marcillo

Great Super market

Morgan Fray

Great produce

Vaughan Davis


Daniel Coit

Nice Price Chopper

Dale Hall

Love price chopper

Jeovane Cruz

Great customer service

Brenda Moser Creasey

Price Chopper is a great Grocery Store!!

Scott P Anderson

Great sale right now till Sunday 12/9

Laurie Martin

Great produce a nice bakery and deli very convenient while in Lebanon

TopDad 21

This is a decent store. Has everything you need and not as busy as west Lebanon. Just wish price chopper would lower their prices and I’d shop here all the time. But this store is always clean, stocked well and you don’t have the long lines at checkout. So for some, that can be worth paying more.

Persia Nelson

Great workers very good customer service.

Rhonda Jenkins

In general the store is great but the sea food dept falls way short. Today was the 4th time Ive gone to get the fried seafood dinner and once again no one is working in seafood, the meat dept is covering but they dont make the dinners. Its a shame they dont have the dept civered at peak times. They should train the meat person on the fryer.

Ralph Horak

Good supermarket

andrew grace

Big basic grocery store . It's got what you need, unless what you need is lemongrass ... I can live with that!

Mary Cain

I came for the soup station - 4 varieties located at the back right corner of the store. First I asked about soup starter in produce. The clerk seemed confused. I said it's usually bundled vegetables. I went to another clerk and they both tried to help. We found something with carrots, turnip, celery, onion. I found another that was more suitable. I stopped and chatted with the floral staff. They were friendly. Check out was another matter. Clerks at stations not ready to work. Several were closed. I finally set my things down after waiting a while. Check out was ok. Nothing really special.

peter haskins

Prices are some high and low it's ok

Lila Leonard

Nice store. Great dollar deals.

Suzanne Thompson

Love price chopper


This is another convenient location if you leave in the overall area and it's open 24 hours so you can always pick up your grocery essentials. May not be the cleanest or have everything you can think of, but it does the job.

Roberta Mason

Jason Place

I've found Price Chopper offers better deals day in and day out. Their deli meats and cheeses are on average $1 per pound cheaper.

Danny Davis jr

Great place to work

Ruth Heselton

Best bagels anywhere... Very firm and chewy and tons of choices

Jerome Kessler

Small but we'll kept.

Amin Plaisted

On average seems the best bang-for-the-buck supermarket in the area.

Susan Anderson

Great prices.

Megan Mattern

I use the pharmacy here.they have a store savings card that saves me over $75 each week on my prescription.

Flanders Academy

Always neat...Always well stocked... Price Choppers has a good variety of Kosher foods and snack items as well as fruits and vegetables. This makes it so convenient for me to entertain my grandkids. Thanks

Anthony Jones xPxYxTxHxOxNx

Remptye location, but useful. Good service great prices

Barbara sweet

My favorite place. I have my favorites in just about every department.

The Ward

Great selection, good prices, cheerful staff.

Matt Madison

The Staff appear to try to do their best at the store .Im sure they look stressed. Must be management not doing their part to keep emplyees from leaving. Seems like new people. all the time.

Christopher nonya

Very AWESOME, very friendly cashier lady gave my 4 kids stickers to behave lol. Cute idea, thank you hun

Cyndi Lou Hobbs

Shop here often but they keep discontinuing items that I need or want. Do most of my shopping now at other supermarkets.

Rebecca Schneider

VERY poor selection of meat. No ham steaks, stew beef or chuck. Maybe 6 steaks . Crappy cuts.. round etc. No rib eye ... A Tuesday evening at 6...

Deb Hathoot

Lucas Rifkin

This selection, organization, and service is inferior to the other price chopper nearby in the same lot as the Walmart. It’s fine I guess.

kimber Lambert

Reasonable pricing! Good store

Jessica Hohlbein

Great place for steaks

BigzigFitness Soboleski

Very clean. Lots of variety. Great staff!

Tyler Prentice

Fast and efficient

Lewis Tessier

Vicky Sousa

Large variety of food!

Niecy Kiss

Shopping here has been pleasant. They have gluten free item's, they're a little pricey but I'm glad they have them.

1BoardwalkAngel Forever

Nice grocery store with a good selection for basic grocery shopping needs.

Carmen Champney

I use price for regularly. Good service, clean store, decent prices. Friendly staff usually.

kim young


Lee Works

Best fish in town.

Leah Greenberg

First time at a price chopper and I loved it!! The fresh breads are great, we got srirachi/cheddar and jalapeno cheddar. They cakes are amazing, got my birthday cake there and it was beautiful and delicious. Excellent selection of deli meats and cheeses too. Lots of fresh produce and prices arr low.

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