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REVIEWS OF Love + Flour Bakery IN New Hampshire

Adria Avery

Worst customer service! The owner is your typical millennial who whines and cries over every thing on social media and acts like she is above the people who have given her much success....the customers. She is not a friendly person. If you want a pretty looking cake that is dry and flavorless, this is your place. If you’d like a moist flavorful cake and decent customer service, stay far away and save your money.

Auri Rodriguez

The made my daughter’s birthday cake and it was beautiful and such a great price!

Annalisa Smeltzer

abby eisenhaure

I went into the store to place a cake order for my daughters graduation party and first off I only got a list of few flavors to pick from. My daughter chose her designs and was promised them on the 3 tier cake.The day of the graduation party my sister picked it up and brought it to the house and there were no designs on it that we chose but yet only colors. The top tier was suppose to be a graduation cap and all they did was put a piece of red PAPER on the cake. Nothing we had told them to put on it was on it. The cake itself was dry and crumbly and the buttercream was completely hard even after sitting out for 5 hours. The flavor Carmel was just in clumps and the key lime had no flavor you would’nt of even of known it was key lime. And for how much I paid it was a complete disappointment.

Amanda Toland

Wicked friendly staff. Sleek and stylish bakery. Food is amazing and the macarons are to die for! They definitely just got a customer for life!

Julie Stewart

Jon Talbot

Francis Wolf

Jessica Grava

Terrible response times. Just wanted to place a cake order for my daughters birthday but I’m not going to chase them for my business.

Ariana Mackey

The macarons were amazing, I had planned on only getting a couple but I left with six because they were so delicious! I had a serious craving and searched all around for a bakery that makes macarons and I am so happy that Love & Flour was where I put my hopes in. Definitely will be returning!

Leah Whitney

We had the absolute best time! We visited recently for the Harry Potter event!. What a gorgeous turnout and the majority of the people in line with us were happy and so excited to get to the front. I cannot say enough good things about it- and all the staff we ran into. I particularly loved that we were given updates in line. It was helpful and super appreciated and certainly not every business checks in with customers while they are in line. I will be back, and I look forward to upping my macaron game the next time they host a class.

Emily Morimoto

I have been enjoys this bakeries vegan delights since my work friends have been bringing them in! The cookies and cupcakes I have tasted were great! The chocolate chip caramel cookies are addictive! I cant wait to try the cinnamon rolls i hear they are phenomenal from my Vegan friends!

Stephanie Proposki

Creativity A+ some of the flavors and mash ups are awesome. Maple Pecan and Peanut Butter and Jelly Macarons. Amazing. Cupcakes the ones I tryed at least were a little to rich for my liking but great flavors. Alot to choose from!

Mark Stern


Bakery has very limited selection in their one case....although very visually appealing ...lacks flavor and moistness, usually associated with bakery items....Cupcakes toppings are extremely thick and dense ..while cupcakes themselves are extremely small .....price point is higher than expected....very dissappointed...will continue my business with Tripolis.....

jason dailey

Excellent boutique bakery

Darreck Reisinger

When my daughters birthday party moved up a week I was worried I would not be able to get the right cake for her. I figured that I would have to settle for one of those Market Basket cakes that turn your mouth blue and taste so sickeningly sweet you end up throwing it all out. So I called Love + Flour to see if there was a chance a cake could be made in a few days. I spoke with the proprietor and she informed me it would be no problem. We texted back and forth a bit and I learned she was just arriving in town from a vacation. Her bakery was closed for the week but she took he order anyway. My daughter is really into Big Bird right now so I figured that would be the right cake. She said no problem and said I could pick it up whenever I wanted on that Saturday. It snowed heavily that day and I asked to pick it up earlier due to he weather. No problem she said. I arrive sand saw the cake and my expectations were blown away. What a perfect Big Bird cake for my daughter. My daughter lived the cake and everyone at the party was commenting about how delicious the cake was. It was real buttercream frosting with a perfectly moist marble cake center. And our mouths stayed their normal color. I'm happy to offer my daughter real food that I know where it's from. Thanks Love + Flour. I'll be back again.

Carrie Reeves

Atomatic Games

Have been trying for almost 2 weeks now to put an order in for a birthday cake. I Originally called, they told me i had to send an email instead to place the order. Okay....Sent an email, got no answer for 5 days. So i went in person and was told they would check the emails and call me back. Never got a call, so i called back and they told me they would look right now and call me back with a quote or email it. Confirmed my email and phone number. Never called back and again no email. This is obviously a common issue because many others had the same exact issue with her not getting back to them. It's like she doesn't want the business or doesn't have someone to keep track of a calendar/bookings. Really bummed out, my wife really wanted a cake from here but now i have to go elsewhere.

Kyle Pedrick

My fiancé and I sat down for a cake tasting because we’ve had their treats before and really enjoyed this bakery and wanted them to make our wedding cake. They told us they’d be 6 weeks out with a quote and now more than 6 months later still nothing. I’ve emailed Jamie multiple times and haven’t gotten any response back. Luckily, we have enough time to get another bakery to do our cake, but it seems like I am not the other person that this has happened too.

Tammy Fuller

Ashley Mitchell

They have good cupcakes but communication is terrible when trying to place a custom birthday order. Not very professional .

D Sh

Pretty cool bakery with good choices. The hours Google displays is wrong but we did make it on time! The lady there was very friendly and took her time to explain different flavors of cupcakes, how they also have gluten free and vegan options as well as how custom ordering works! The cupcakes we picked were very flavorful and the frosting just delicious. We'll definitely be going back here soon.

Mary Kate Vigneau

Delicious cupcakes and macarons

phacy sem

Alicia Cable

Kelley Lasonde

Omg. The cupcakes are to die for. ❤️


Excellent desserts!

Ruthieann Manning

Is really good but the hours are not so good. syopped by at 11 to bring cupcakes to work for a b'day to have for lunch, but they don't open until 12..also closed on Sun, Mon Tues... Hope no one has bdays on those days.

Hien Nguyen

We went there for wedding cake tasting on Saturday 1 month ago. They charge us $30. Spent like 30 minutes for consultation and they said they will send us the quote the coming Monday. We wait for 2 weeks, no email. We called and they said they will call back. No phone call. We stopped by the shop to asked, they said the ladies who make the cake wasn't in and told us to wait until next Monday for email. It's been a month now and got nothing, no phone call no email. We basically got rip. What a waste of $30. Their cakes look pretty but horrible customer service. I would not consider them for big event, will just make all the bride out there stress out more.


Their pastry is very good, but I find the staff can be a bit rude and snappy.

Loanmi Restituyo

Excellent service; delicious cakes with art like no other local bakery.

Lymary Howard

Andy Brown

Everything tasted the same. Cloyingly sweet and priced on the high end for smaller cupcakes. Macarons are difficult to do right and I'll give them credit for trying, but they were flavorless and kind of gummy.


This shop is fabulous! Ordered special cookies as favors for a baby shower. They tasted wonderful and looked incredible!

Sara Dejesus

Ayla Mirolo

Always had great experiences here! The cupcakes are fantastic - not overly sugary so I don't feel sick after eating a full cupcake! Which is a plus in my books because I I feel like a lot of places load it with sugar. They're always really well decorated too and the flavours are always great! They have a rewards programme and you can get free cupcakes and stuff which is amazing to me. They make great, cute little macaroons and do other desserts too. I've never bought a custom cake so I can't attest to the flavour but they look amazingly professional. The store also looks very professional and cute. They do specials too, like decorated sugar cookies for teacher appreciation day and HARRY POTTER DAY. Everyone who I've encountered working there is helpful and friendly, and any time I've contacted the shop via social media or another communication outlet I've always gotten a prompt response, even on the days that the shop itself isn't open. There's a lot of love and pride in this place and it comes through. Definitely a favourite local bakery.

Dana Kramer

I'm so glad I got to work with Love + Flour on a styled wedding shoot this past weekend because they DELIVERED! The cake they hand-crafted fit the exact vision I had. It was stunning and tasted amazing. They were kind and professional during our entire experience working together. 10/10 would recommend!


Do not give this bakery your business!! If it was possible to give zero stars I would. I will never purchase another cake from this bakery!! This was the 3rd cake I ordered and by far the worst. The 1st cake was not what I ordered (totally different from picture on their website) but it was edible, despite the fact that the person it was for couldn’t eat it because I was told it was vegan when I ordered, but when I picked it up was told it was not vegan. Second cake seemed ok. I was extremely specific on the design of this cake for my daughter’s baby shower, and even selected a photo from their own gallery. I didn’t ask for anything that they themselves did not advertise. The fondant topper which was the entire theme of the baby shower completely fell apart despite me doing everything she told me to do. I tried to contact Ashley by phone, but no one answers the phone and no one listens to, or clears messages on their machine, so I couldn’t leave a message. I sent an email explaining this situation and still have yet to receive any response from Ashley. Myself and the event coordinator had to do our best to piece this mess together with toothpicks but it was painfully obvious it was in pieces. The event coordinator was appalled at the situation and more so at the complete lack of response from Ashely. There will be no recommendations for love and flour bakery from this venue, that’s for sure! Now for the cake itself—hands down the driest, clumpiest cake with no flavor I have ever eaten. One guest compared it to the consistency of dried out oatmeal. I’m convinced that one if not more ingredients had to have been missed when preparing this cake. I can’t express enough how dissatisfied I am and embarrassed that our guests not only saw the condition of the fondant topper, but not one single guest finished their piece of cake. Thankfully we had the smarts enough to order pastries and cookies from our local bakery to offset this cake mess. In case you’re wondering—all the pastries and cookies were eaten. Most, if not all, of the slices of cake were thrown out. I wish I took pictures of the mess we had to deal with but I was in damage control mode and spent my time contacting and going to our local baker to save us. Kudos go out to Tripoli Bakery for saving the day!!!! 9/10/19 : still no communication from love and flour bakery. She clearly has no regard for her customers. The quality of her product is equal to the customer service—HORRIBLE!! Hands down the worst $250.00 I have ever spent in my life. I’m sure this establishment will be out of business real soon, and rightfully so. If you want the most amazing cakes and/or pastries go to Jacques Pastry Shop in Pembroke NH. You will not be disappointed! Shame on me for opting to use a local bakery. Lesson learned.


HEAVEN!!! Even just walking in you want to live there!!! I can't wait to taste more of the AMAZING cupcakes and macarons! Along with that the customer service is top notch! Love this bakery!

Tara Lira


Erica Martinez

My husband and I googled a cupcake place and we found this gem! Very clean, and lively inside and the cupcake exceeded my expectations. We will definitely be back and I told my entire school about this place.

The Nerd Chronicles

Longest wait I've ever had in any establishment. I waited 3 hours. However, the people are kind and cupcakes are to die for.

Melanie Murray

Pat Good

Diane Simmers

Nothing special... High prices

Casey Leigh

Beautiful interior, very well decorated, and products displayed well. There are other products displayed on the wall directly in front of you as you walk in, while cake, cupcakes, and macarons are displayed to your left in their case. Some of the absolute best macarons I've ever had the pleasure of tasting! Highly recommend!

Nadia Sinclair

Ayeshah Malhi

Julissa Jerez

The macaroons are delicious, I picked up two dozen in a variety of flavors and they were all equally delicious! Their price for cakes are very reasonable and look and taste beautiful.

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