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REVIEWS OF Hannaford Supermarket IN New Hampshire

Vishal Ghorband

Fresh produce of groceries. A little more expensive than nearby Wal-Mart but definitely a better quality products. Freshly cut meat, fish, chicken are great. Seafood is always fresh and is resources locally from Maine. Overall good store.

Robert De Gange

Pricey, but worth it. Quality meats and vegetables.

kathy wolfford

Very nice remodeling. The new prepared hot food area looks great. I passed on trying it. $7.99 a lb no matter what you get. French fries $7.99 a pound? They need to visit other stores to do shopping comparisons.

Robert Burnett-Kurie

Fresh, clean, well-stocked. Would get I give star rating if overall prices were lower.

Yasser Hammami

Andrew at the store fry station it was so excellent great customer service thank you

Lucas Mruk

You guys are bots.

leah sky

The food is fresh and the employees are super nice

Orlando Farias

I Always have a good experience a love the store...!!!

Jose Casco

Easy to get what I need to.

Jack Beatty

Very clean, modern, and well staffed. Prices are a little higher than other grocery stores in town but the deli counter is top notch and the produce is always fresh. Check out the new take-out/hot sandwich bar by the main entrance.

Lindsey Paglieroni

Fresh meat send Bedford veggies

Billy Stevens

Always so friendly and helpful. The only place I'll be shopping around here.

Chris Shearer

Great grocery store. We used to have these in the South, so it was great finding this one. Really wide selection of ready made and made to order food. Tacos, pizza, sushi. Wide selection of groceries including lots of gluten free options.

Ravin LeSassier

I have only been in NH for a year and have tried numerous grocery places and Hannaford, by far is the best. I love the quality, the friendly staff, the freshness of fruits and produce, the best part is they are the only ones who have an organic section and an amazing selection of organics at that and the prices and reasonable compared to other organic type stores. They say you get what you pay for and well.... enough said. This store is the equivalent to the store I used to shop back home and I love it!

Kristen Canty

I went to use my rewards from the Hannaford's app and the cashier told me you have to activate them 2 hours prior to shopping? That's the silliest thing I've ever heard. Also I had emails for coupons that didn't show up in my clipped coupons on the app and the cashier told me that she has no idea about the app itself.

JP Seabury

All three kids have worked here, all three love their jobs and serving the people of Manchester. Hannaford has been a great employer for them.

Linda Griffin

Great store

penny robie

Has everything I need.

Leopaul Champagne

excellent service. I have no complaints.

robert sanchez

Staff was very friendly and helpful. Everyone that I encounter had a smile on their face and knew which aisle things were in. I really liked the store, very clean. Will shop there again.


Excellent place they just remodeled it too and it looks awesome. I have noticed an increase in price since the remodeling but that's expected. Meats are great here

Steve Cole

Very nice layout. Plenty of parking, and full handicap access.

Mark Mooers

A little bit pricey than Market Basket. But overall not too bad.

Leah Cintron

Very nice supermarket. Everything is fresh. The employees treat the customers like family

Jacob Potvin

Overpriced soup a super slow coin star and the location completely blows. My closest grocery store is a lot better layout wise I can't understand the door going into the produce section. In the summer when it's 95 it probably ruins the fruit and none of that stuff belongs at the bottom of your cart. Stupid setup aside 7 bucks a pound for chili is ridiculous do they think they're some kinda 5 star raunt cause sorry "Hannaford" ya ain't.

Brian Blanton

Go-to grocery store

Steven Perreault

I only go here when I am close by and don't feel like going across town. Also when its to pick up something I really need. This is only due to their higher prices. I can buy almost double the merchandise elsewhere tjan I can here. Otherwise the store is clean, the isles are a little tight but the staff seems to be very friendly and happy to be there.

Miaka Kirino

This will go up to 5 stars when the remodeling is done and things get less confusing. Staff is very nice & happy to be there & to help. Good prices, good selection, usually easy to find what you want, though the remodeling is kinda messing with that a bit right now. Gluten-free things are mostly shelved in the same area, except for a few items shelved with the non-GF versions, so it's relatively simple to find what you want.

Shyanne Pouliot

..Meh. It's alright. Pricey.

Jean Labrie

Had a gift certificate from Christmas, bought a ton of food, good food,nice store, clean store...

Terrence Randall

Clean and reasonable pricing.

David Andrus

It's a smaller one but maybe less busy because of it. Has everything including new food stations


Really beautiful market, complete with a sushi bar, kitchen, bakery, and self serve coffee/soda/tea. It's more expensive than Walmart/market basket, but you're also paying for a better environment. Really nice.

Stephen Bradley

I’m normally a Market Basket guy, but this Hannaford is really nice after its remodel. Excellent selection, staff seems nice, plenty of registers open at the times I’ve been there. Good prepared food selection, making it a nice stop for lunch.

Squid Billy

It's a hannaford.

Lynn Curry


Lin Moisan

Nice and clean ,but they need to hire some help always short handed.

A. M.

Best grocery store and pharmacy in town! Don't shop anywhere else!

Ken Ross

Great food selection

Jason Bailey

An average grocery store. Has almost everything you need. Hot stuff food section need improvement. They need to be warm.

Jennifer Siik

We always have a positive experience at Hannaford. Employees are always in a good mood. It's obvious they have good management. Prices are not the cheapest but they have a lot of good sales. Just plan your trips accordingly.

Chris Biron

Hannaford to-go is great. Super convenient

Kenrick Fruzen

Really love the new layouts of the Hannaford stores. It's like going into a restaurant and getting great food to go. Also still a supermarket all in one.

Dumitrita Arion

Relatively expensive but offering better quality and more items than other stores.

Keith Manheck

overall I do a lot of shopping there for smaller items for our business lot of the food product their prices I will have to say our rather high I mean I've seen the times where the lobster is $2 more a pound then rival market basket but other than that I go there frequently simply because it's right down the street from where our company is but if I need to shop and buy quite a bit extra stuff I will stop over at market basket simply because I can save substantial money but I'll give a Hannaford credit they got an extremely clean store they got great employees and like I said it's a little more expensive but I still do a lot of shopping there.

Preston Moulton

Nice layout. Staff is great at pointing out items.

Brian M

Has long since been my favorite place Seafood. Always the best

Mike Gioia

Hannorific experience. The kitchen Manager lady is super super helpful! She is very good at her job. Thabk you!

joseph underwood

The service desk is always extremely slow. One person at the register trying to do money orders and ring out customers. Really? You can't hire somebody else for the service desk with the prices you charge on food. Give me a break.

Roberta Sloat Bonney

Very clean and a wonderful variety of fresh groceries !

Joseph Vasconcelos

Good selection clean and fresh products

Tory Stoddard

Great fresh selection. Fresh produce

Lily Poulicakos

Really nice renovations in this store. A place to shop for your food. Also a place to grab a bite to eat as well

Trevor Sandholm

Clean. Good produce and meats. Just tried the to-go shopping and you don't even need to get out of the car. Pretty sweet.


Always love the assortments of wines and on the go meals available. Great local supermarket.

Elk D

This place is expensive for most people but if you go there just to get the deals they have some great deals and you can save a lot but you got to actually look at what you're buying cuz the other stores in the area of way cheaper but the quality of the food very good I highly recommended

kevin fields

So many hot chicks shop here

David Vasquez

Good selection. friendly staff

Kelley Maginnis

Everything was easy to find, and the associates were very helpful.

Sean Gatchell

This is my Favorite grocery store! Management is awesome, Mike Sealy knows every item and it's place. The Rotisserie Chickens are awesome! Thanks Mike.

Camille Niquette

At the check out I noticed that the chicken I bought had leaked all over my other items. I told the cashier I'd still buy the chicken but I wanted new crackers because they were covered in raw chicken slime. He has a manager come over she asks ME what isle they came from and then returned 5 min later with the wrong crackers. I wasn't about to make the people behind me wait any longer so I was forced to buy the soggy salmonella covered boxes. Thanks for nothing. This store used to be awesome, I'll shop at the Londonderry location from now on.

Kathy Stroh

Hannaford has decent prices and a good selection. The store is very clean and welcoming.

James Comrie

A bit pricey, but a nice store. I like that they have hot meals available for purchase.

Crystal Wiltshire

Clean..smartly set up..fresh and value all in one place. Love Hannafords!

jamie scott

Good prices, great meats!!

Steven Ackerman

Nice store always clean orderly and well stocked. They make a lot of precooked foods and the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. They also now offer curbside pickup if you like that service.

Joyce Baker

Favorite grocery store - always shop there.

Thea T

Layout is great Fresh food bar was delicious.

Donna King

The team in the bakery did an amazing job on our baby shower Cupcake cake. It was a big hit. Thank you so much!

Paul T

I went in wanting something made fresh. Not something made this morning. When I asked about a grinder, the guy said, as long as he had the stuff, but when I asked about the bread for my grinder, he said ask he had was sandwich bread. Chipotle's Mexican Grill to the rescue!

ricky a

Its hannaford always good grocery shopping

Katie Bond

Employees where kind and thoughtful and store was clean. Food is always so fresh at Hannaford

Glenn Curtis

Not an enjoyable experience having to dodge and shop around all the employees in the aisles.

Elizabeth McGill

Delightful! Very clean and tidy.

James Allard

Went to the John Devine drive location.wish I hadnt.went for sandwich meat there was nothing in the case but meat wrapped up in plastic prices on anything.guy behind the counter asked what I was looking for I said sandwich meat.he said what kind I said whatever looks appealing.i asked him to see some roast beef because I like it rare and he said he didn't feel like unwrapping them.i said this is why I shop at market basket.

Chris Oen

Working out of state, first time at a hannaford. Everything was cool, went to checkout. The woman who checked us out asked us what we do for a living. We informed her, she proceeded to inform us how we were destroying "the secnery" and proclaimed we were "terrible people." I said "excuse me?" She wouldn't even acknowledge we were still staying there. Decided better to leave then cause a fuss. Look I don't like my job either, you nasty drone of a woman with that wart in the center of your mustache, but learn what it means to be a professional and hold your rudeness while your are working.

Eric Esposito

Hannaford is great overall, but the layout in this store, like Bedford is confusing. The one on the Hooksett line feels better organized.

Twila Cote

Excellent service and staff.

Fuzzy Blouin

Decent store, staff is generally friendly.

Michael J. Burglund

Cafe-style atmosphere for casual meals in-store. Fairly new location, very clean, and organized. A little crowded at times.

Cheryl Taylor

Helpful curtious employees lots if sales

Gerrit Alofs

Being that this is the closest grocery store to me, it's almost a given that I go here. I have yet to try their online ordering system, but it seems like a great idea. They are completing a remodel right now so it's kind of in a bit of dissaray but the parts that are done look good. The prices are slightly higher than market basket but for the convenience and atmosphere, One can expect that.


Been shopping here for the past 18 years now. This store is nice,clean, and has a very nice staff.

Linda Woods

Over all nice, kinda expensive on prices.

Tammy Roy

Great afternoon lunch place. Fresh made!

Jim Lamothe

All Hannaford stores appear to be good, always plenty of parking for the stores I have gone in products easy to find and I've never had an issue finding someone to help most times they even walk you to where the item is

David Ferrand

Not from the local area, but like to visit this supermarket when I'm here. Decent supermarket, it has lots of good stuff, had all the basics, as well as some higher end products (but without them trying to be a Whole Foods...). Decent craft beer selection. It's pretty easy to navigate through the store and get out.

Leona Whitney

I do my shopping here. Produce, meats and bakery can't be beat!

Sylvie Webb

Produce here is the best

j r

Hannaford is a great place to stop for lunch. fresh stir fry, is excellent..

eric jones

Nice store. Very good selection. Friendly staff. Clean. Definitely will shop there again.

David DuCharme

Had to come in for products that were not at market basket. Well lit, but same old same old. People feel that they are there just for the paycheck. Make no extra effort.. I guess this is what it comes down to at these supermarkets. Why should Hannafords be any different.

pricilla vachon

Great place to shop since the remodel. Lots of new foods and very helpful associates.

Autumn Williams

Hannafords is just amazing. Their customer service and fresh veggies and fruit is always worth it

mike ginnow

We are regulars.

Timothy Koukos

Why do they always stop carrying food that you like?

Elaine Perusse

Stopped in quick to deli . Great cold cyts.

Ty Brinkley

Better selection than all other grocery stores in the city, although prices are a little high.

edward wachenfeld

Love. The new renovation. And fesh food bars a must ses for all


Register employees do a great job

Gordon Armstromg

Nice supermarket fruits and vegetables at great prices fish at great prices meats a little pricey

Kristen Johnson

I've always liked hannafords ever since I was a young child

nathan cronin

I stop in here multiple times per week, always have a great experience

Michael Pinard Sr.

In and out quickly with everything we needed. Great customer service!

James Mandeville

This is a very high-quality grocery store where the enormous footprint for Hannaford's.

Patricia Stokes

To expensive

Olivia Patsfield

I like this one cuz they have a nicer layout than the others

Claribel Kean

Good variety.

Ben Leblanc

Clean, love the self check out. Little more expensive theb narket basket, but in towns like manchester its worth it.

thomas defosses

Great selection and quality, even on this busy weekend. There are plenty of organic options as well as local farm products. Hannaford is my preferred grocery store.

Bradford Hazen

Good deals and great selection of beer.

White Maxx

The only reason this supermarket doesn't get 5 stars from me is that you pay through the nose for the quality, cleanliness, and service. All of Hannaford's stores in our area are nice, but this store in particular is IMMACULATE and very friendly. It's beautifully laid out, the signage is clear and easy to use, and the quality and selection are both excellent. The prepared foods area offers a wide variety of fresh selections to order and the sushi is good as well. But keeping up a store to this level is labor intensive, and it shows in the prices.

michael ferrazzani

Ya mammas pasta sauce co in nh, local, veagan friendly, sea salt

William Gaudreau

Usually have good service with Hannaford on the go but this time was not that great. Our order had quite a few substitutions and all the items they substituted with were much more expensive.

Kathy Simard

Very clean! Employees helpful!

Yusuf Memon

Nice supermarket with plenty of options and choices. Clean layout and friendly staff. I went to pickup some medicine for my wife and asked the pharmacist for help. She was kind enough to step out an show me the best options for her specific sypmtoms which I found to be very kind of her. Additionally the cashier was very polite and the store was well light and lively

Hilt Riggers

Hannaford Supermarket, has okay products , but what I like the most is the staff , they are super helpful and they are extra kind. To be honest is hard to find this kind of customer service in a grocery store.

Andrew Seeley

You guys need to do some updates to your self checkouts. They shouldn't be lagging and freezing like they do. Also, your lottery machines regularly eat my money which makes have to awkwardly stand around and wait for a manager to come by.

Brookie Leach

New, modern , beautiful place to grab a bite to eat if your in a rush or prevent you grocery shopping hungry

Jennifer LaMesa

Great customer service, the employees are very nice as well. Hannaford in general is too expensive though, Market Basket sells the same products for almost half the price. A gallon of milk is about $1.50-$2 more at Hannaford than Market basket.

Jessica Whiting

Love the freebies

Pat Miller

I had a good experience. Found everything I needed. The farm fresh local produce was great. The corn was delicious. I always seek fresh fruits and veggies. I also bought local blueberries and they taste fresh. I like this store.

Danielle Ocker

First time using the Hannaford To Go option. Wonderful quick service. They picked the best produce. They even substituted an item when the expiration date on the one I ordered was a couple days away. Everything was packed neatly in brown bags with handles for easy carry, and they put them in my car. I'm not sure I can go back to the old way of shopping ever again!

Claudette Adams

It was great the only thing they didn't have were loose yellow onions they only had bags I only needed 2 to 3 another person said the same thing so she opened a bag and I was able to take my 3 onions

George Lincoln

Good selection and pricing

Free Spirit

Well lit, gives welcoming feeling. Fruit, veggie displays are neat and show off produce to good effect. Employees are helpful & friendly.

Dawn Colburn

The seafood department is all I could smell the whole time I was in the store. Not cool dude.

Don King

Clean store with great produce and helpful associates!

Davis Dodge

Great staff, great selections. Specialty items can be a little expensive.

James McCormack

Although. Hannaford may a be a bit more expensive. The local is perfect for me and shopping experience is always a pleasure. ..

Anne Leroux

Love the Bedford Hannaford!

Chris O'Neilll

Good place to go grocery shopping prices are about average maybe a little higher than Market Basket the meat department there is pretty good the deli is great and the bakery is good it is accessible to handicapped people with a good size parking lot and they do have public restrooms

Sue Bachta

One of my go to grocery stores. Clean and lots of great produce. Good sales too.

Sherry D

Clean well maintained store. Pleasent associates. Quick checkout.

Sean Wilson

I love this Hannafords! Always a great experience when I go there.

Alexia Evans

Excellent supermarket. This one has the best produce.

Tom Doyon

Newly renovated and very clean. You can get fresh made food here like sushi, stir fry bowl, and pizza!

Brandon Ouellette

Although small and sometimes missing specific items you may be looking for, this is a very clean store with friendly staff. It is never overly busy and makes for quick, stress-free shopping.

Heather G

Very clean, good selection, fresh produce

peggie mccarthy

Excellent staff extremely helpful pleasant.meat selection great. Pharmacy fantastic. This is number one for all kinds of food selections

Michael Brennan-White

Very good experience. I ordered a poke salad with tuna that was a great treat from the Hannaford to Go. I will order from there again

Michelle Montemorra

Good when things are on sale, but I like the seafood selections. Pretty good locations.

Christina Levitan

Renovations coming along well. Still very easy to shop through the store. Love the self checkout options so I can be in and out! Plenty of staff to help people find what they are looking for. Can't wait to see how it looks when they finish remodeling the pharmacy area.

Derek Richard

Great competitive prices. Employees are always friendly.

Barbara Mulroy

This is only the second time using Hannaford to go. Had some problems with the computer program but all worked out beautifully thanks to the employees handling this program. Fortunately one of the staff found my order had been duplicated which would have cost me almost $300!! She left me a vmail but continued getting orders ready so when I called her back everything was straightened out thankfully!! Her name is Michelle. Very pleasant and polite. The young men that took care of payment carside and loading the groceries were also accommodating and pleasant even tho they are out in the elements all day. It was a good experience.


The store is currently under renovations. The food quality is good, the prices feel a bit high. That's the trade off. Clean and excellent service.

Stephen Skellchock

Don't get stuck at a self checkout when the machine freezes you'll wait more than awhile

James Maxson

Store is clean and staff is friendly and helpful. When I got home yesterday to make Thanksgiving dinner, I noticed that some of the items I had purchased were missing so called the store. They told me to come back and pick up the items then come to the customer service counter where they verified my transaction and sent me on my way. Thanks Hannaford!

Devin Monahan

Tried to come here but got screamed at by drugged out people in the parking lot

Virginia Davis

I like their emphasis on showcasing local produce. And their quick food choices are good. When I forget lunch it's close to work.

Mick McIntyre

Nice products nice prices in many aspects a few on the high side that's the price of business. Staff members hard to find help but when you do find him the very friendly.

Olga McSorley

Prices are always fair and their produce is great - love how they feature locally sourced items. Pharmacy staff are top notch - they know our family by sight and name. All other employees also friendly and helpful. This was our go-to grocery store even before renovations!

Jeremy Ledoux

Hot Food Bar could use some work. Quality is poor

Mandy Dow

Love this place! Only grocery store around whose staff bags groceries correctly!

Dusty Barbarian

Managers at most of these stores are complete asses being a vendor for them in the pest control industry I serviced over a half dozen of them across southern NH. Most don't care about the cleanliness of the back of the house the meat cutting areas as well as under and in the meat cases are dirty managers are rude to the vendors that find issues with there stores. The dumpster areas inside and out are VERY DIRTY! Flies get in the stores with ease. I also would NEVER buy pre cut ANYTHING the knifes and cutting boards are nasty at best! They also roll out old produce with fresh stuff sitting on racks outback. Always ask for the fresh from outback.

Angel Lebron

Market basket is better

Stephen Platkin

Everything was in stock that I came there to get

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