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REVIEWS OF Great Harvest Bread Co. IN New Hampshire

Victor Fosser

The All-In is amazing. Blueberry muffins are also great!!!!

ttcmzx .

This place is amazing, everything from the food to the service to the general vibe. The owner is awesome, talked to him before because I actually applied there a while back. Everyone is friendly, their fresh made bread is unbeatable and everything I’ve tried on the menu has been amazing. Also doordash and grubhub orders are ALWAYS ready when I get there even if the order came in just 2 minutes before!! I wish everywhere was this great!!

Lillie James

Their bread is the best. I drive to get it and freeze it. Also scccooooones!

Jennifer Leang

James Bennett

let me save you the trip, bread = stale, contents of "sandwich" 2 pieces of cheese, 2 pieces of bacon, 2 hair thin slices of tomato, cost nearly 5 bucks. don't even waste your time. If i could give less than a star, i would.

D Toomas

Been coming here since Jeremy opened. Best bakery around. And he is a great spokesperson for his place. Everytime I go and he's there, he's always ineracting with his customers. You can tell how much he enjoys his job and how much he wants to make his customers feel welcome. Oh...and all the food is delish! From the muffins to the salads and the sandwiches and the best chicken salad sandwich around. Also, the great selection of coffees and teas and lattes and such - hot and cold. This place has it all.

Jerry Harrow

Best bread you can buy. Amazingly all of the whole wheat loaves (honey, Dakota, high 5) we've had has never molded. Often grocery store bakery loaves seem to mold quickly - especially in the summer. The staff suggested that the honey they use is a natural preservative.

Larry K

High quality, fresh ingredients. Delicious baked goods. Service can be slow at lunch, but worth it

Lenny G

This place is like Panera on steroids, seriously the best

Gary M

Matthew Bossi

Incredible bread and pastries. Slightly expensive but worth the price. Cinnamon buns are delicious as is there cheddar and garlic loaf.

Susan Parran

Love their breads. Clean kitchen and awesome staff.


Madeline Alt

I love that they let you nibble on your choosing of a sample while you wait for your drink/meal! The bread is delicious. I ordered a salad once and the croutons were huge and so tasty. I love coming here!

bryan mulcahy

Mollie Wing

First time visiting & i was blown away immediately by everything! There is something here for EVERYONE. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful and even offered free tastings of anything! I ordered a breakfast sandwich on their garlic cheddar bread which was by far the best breakfast I've had in a long time. And a small cup of tomato cheddar soup to warm up. I will definitely be back & even bought a Gift card to share this wonderful discovery with friends !

catherine webb

Nice people good food and great bread

Brianna Giguere

Great hidden gem!

Amber Dawn Steeves

Incredible food made fresh every day, refreshing drinks, cozy atmosphere, and wonderful service! Love this place and very grateful to have it in the community.

gimdo se

Natalie Koffarnus

Yummy bread and sandwiches, coffee and things like muffins, scones, brownies etc. A bit pricey but great quality.

Terrie H

Yum! Great service!

James Nichols

Jennifer Schelly

Outstanding bread and sandwiches.

Michael Conley

Amazing bread company. From the Irish soda bread to blueberry muffins, this place is phenomenal. Some vegan options for those with some allergies. Friendly staff. Warning, you cannot buy just one muffin - they are so good you must buy at least four. You know, to "share".

Heather Palermo

Great bread and coffee. Friendly staff!

Bonnie Kothari

Fresh baked goods. Good sandwiches. Great service.

Marie-Catherine O'Malley

The soups are delicious - paired with bread of course

Michael Garcia

One of my favorite places for organic, wholesome sandwiches, salads, and desserts. This place offers much more and is a must go to -

Michelle Giroux

Good food and nice people



Sarah Cuozzo

I have supported Great Harvest since they first opened. Have a Cheesy's named after my daughter. She takes hers with bacon. :)

Robert Desrosiers

Great baking products, especially the whole wheat bread...

Michael Philbrook

Phenomenal breads, desserts, pastries, soups and sandwiches. Great coffee. Nice, clean place with comfy atmosphere. Great service. Scones are especially good. The High 5 bread is a favorite.

Andy Westwood

Wholesome and super-tasty bread and pastries and now Peet's coffee as well. The breads are a great value because each loaf is 2X-3X the weight of grocery-store breads, and with real whole-grains and oats. Somehow they get it to rise just right so it is firm but never dense. Every bread type is great toasted, I can make a whole meal from 2 slices and cream-cheese or peanut butter. I simply do not buy store-bread anymore. Pastries are like home-made by somebody's grandmother, you have to try at least 2 before you go home. They will let you try a little of anything in the store X-D I get sandwiches in the morning on the way to work, they open early.

JoAnn Milani

I am so fortunate to live within walking distance of this great bakery! Excellent sandwiches, soups, salads and of course breads and bagels!! The staff is always super friendly and attentive when I come in! I highly recommend it!

Eloise Fleming

Their bakery is open is visible to the customers, which is really fun to see. I love their coffee and pastry selections. They even let you sample the pastries! My favorite time to visit is during the fall, as their pumpkin scones are delicious! They also have lots of fresh bread that you can buy to take home, all different types. I have yet to try their sandwiches, but I hear they are also great. Definitely recommend this cafe!

Bacon Dew

Fresh bread, pastries and drinks are amazing, the staff is super kind and all their products taste delicious, I recommend the Gorilla!

Doug Larter

Got the Itailian and salad, bread it very good.

Petrochem Pros

The tuna sandwich was awesome along with the espressos

Dane Robberson

Kevin Bujno

Great Harvest has a top-notch selection of delicious sandwiches made on the spot with their home-baked bread. They also server fresh soup daily and salads, as well as some mouth-watering sweets. Don't forget to wet your throat with their superb tea and soft drinks!

Sascha Potzka

I love the food and the bread here, I just feel like their prices are a bit high for what you get. I would come here a lot more often if the prices were more reasonable.

Jason Coutermarsh

Great sandwiches!

Emma Klapka

I love this place! They have great coffee and have vegan and vegetarian options. They have great muffins and bread. Very kid friendly.

Erika Q Stokes

While I've never made it into the actual store myself, friends and colleagues have bought me sandwiches and a delicious treat called a Savannah bar. I work on Amherst Street, and Great Harvest is always on our "where should we get lunch" list.

tom P

You won't regret spending the extra money on their sandwiches.

Brenda Barry

sue cros

Gordon Othot

Melissa Nelson

DO NOT GO to this location if you have food allergies or if you want your order correct. Went at 2 PM on a Friday and explained to the person that I had a nut allergy. They explained they can’t guarantee the potential for cross contamination, but would be careful. I said as long as there no nuts physically in my sandwich I’d be fine as I’ve eaten at other locations before and never had an issue. NOT THE CASE here. There was no one else waiting on an order or behind me in line. I ordered a Cobb sandwich to go, and in my car had a big bite only to discover they’d made me the wrong sandwich LOADED FULL of pecans. This negligence borders on reckless endangerment. My allergy is fairly severe especially if I consume a nut directly, so I instantly started to have a reaction. I went back in and the girl who took my order asked if they could make me a new sandwich. NO I explained, as I now needed to run to the store to buy myself Benadryl. I would have been on my way to the hospital if I had eaten more than 1 bite. I will never, ever go back to this location or possibly any Great Harvest ever again. **Update - in response to the owners reply: thank you for clearly not reading my full review. If you had, you would have realized that it was NOT cross contamination, the employee who served me made me the WRONG sandwich - I asked for chicken Cobb and they made me chicken salad which comes with pecans. I had told them I had a nut allergy, and they took NO precautions to ensure my safety and instead served me a sandwich not with 1 pecan, but LOADED FULL of them. I will never return to Great Harvest and will warn any family and friends with food allergies to avoid them at all costs.

Felicia Byrne

Borrowed Bliss


Best sliced bread sandwiches ive ever had apple Jewish bread is out of this planet

Steve Lionel

My wife and I often have lunch at Great Harvest - the bread and sandwiches are delicious and the service is friendly. At peak times it can be difficult to find a table, but this happens rarely to us.

Steve Rooney

jane gauthier

Eric Roberts

Chimichuri breakfast sandwich is amazing!

Jeff MacDonald

The Cinnamon BUNS!!!

Ian Dalton

My favorite lunch spot. The sandwiches are unbelievable and all the bread and baked goods are amazing. Good coffee too

Douglas McQuaid

Lauren Cunningham

So good every single time! Love the stuffing bread and the gorilla (Elvis style of course) is always my go to. Highly recommend!!

Ann Mclaughlin

R Houseman

Tomato soup tastes good but was weirdly grainy. The potatoe and white bread on our sandwiches was very dense. There was only one other table occupied, three emplyees standing around and no one working the tables and floor needed cleaning. Very off putting to eat in a dirty place.

Kelly Smith

Awesome place full of great people! My girlfriends and I came for the first time to do a bread making class. So. Much. Fun. Jeremy (owner) is amazing and did a great job with giving narratives on the business, their culture and how he became involved in bread. Everything we sampled was so delicious and Jeremy was so patient helping rookies. Check them out, they're amazing!

Michelle Court

Fantastic fresh baked breads and sandwiches

Dennis Masella

Delicious bread for my tuna sandwich. Service people are very friendly. They sell Peets coffee, a huge plus!

Elizabeth Morris

These people have a lock on flavor. I'm pretty picky when it comes to sammiches and I haven't been disappointed here once. Also, the coffee is spot on. If you like tasty, take the time to swing in here.

Steve Gosselin

Celeste Dunn

Love the sandwiches and Peet's coffee. And they have a great selection of fresh breads.

Tim McNeill

patrick dehertogh


Leah Dumais

A homey place to eat. Love their chicken salad sandwich, I get it every time. Yummy fresh bread too!

Maggie Caton

First time ever trying this place out. Got a California cobb sandwich and a Greek salad and I am so happy! These were two of the most satisfying things I could eat! They do fantastic here! Their croutons in the salad too really bring out amazing flavors and deliciousness! I am going to be so screwed and totally spend waaaay too much money getting lunch here always now :)

Diana Rideout

Franklin Johnston

Sandra Musson

Amy Foley

You cannot find more amazing rolls than the Virginia rolls from Great Harvest!

Patricia Terrell-Holt

Great bread and soups

Jordan Vachon

Sam Sibulkin

Good coffee and pastries! Check them out for an alternative for dunkins.

michelle gregory

Chris Barry

Could be 5 stars if I harvested my own bread. Jk it's good af.

Paul Morris

Douglas Williamson

Excellent food, polite and efficient service.

Steven Boisvert

Great place scones around.....good prices

Wayne Lockhart

Clean place. Friendly staff, and excellent food

randy otte

Great sandwiches and coffees

Bronwen Pritchard

The breads and sweet scones, breads etc, are all wonderful, exception in taste and freshness. You may try any item on their display board so you know what you are getting. I absolutely guarantee you will not be disappointed. The High 5 whole wheat grain bread has become a favorite of my 12 year old grandson who usually is picky with sandwich bread. The scones are phenomenal; Not to mention the sandwiches which are freshly made as you watch, and you can eat them in a cosy atmosphere, covered with the wonderful smells, and happy conversation; staff is considerate and happy, ready to please - an all around wonderful experience.

Bryan Seablom

Great food, friendly staff, but a bit pricey

Alexis Hill

The staff is super nice. Always clean place with clean bathrooms. There is also parking which is nice. If you like cheese, try the cheddar garlic bread. It is like cheesy sponge cake. I promise it is delicious. We have been to this place a solid 30 times and we will come back again and again.

Deb Vaughn

Awesome tuna salad sandwich today- perfect! Thanks!

Jason Zhang

Their bread is the best

Whitney Morin

Walked in and was looked at by the staff and completely ignored. Not even a hi or welcome and continued to ignore us for 5 min while laughing and talking to each other. We walked out and will not return.

jeff pearson

Great bagels and coffee in the morning, would probably buy bread here if I was staying longer.

Stephanie Baldwin

Ordered food online when they were closed, never received, and three weeks later still have not received my money back.

Clifford Mcfarland

traci Lee

Great sandwiches. Always fresh.

Elliott Brigida

I always order the chicken salad. Bomb every single time. Which is something that is very important to me. I want it to taste the same as if it were the first time I had tried it (7 or so years ago LoL). I generally get it with whatever cheddar bread they have. Soooo yum! The young lady that helped me was very genuine too! Which is another thing I appreciate. No fake (I really don't want to be here) greeting. Thanks again GHB!! I'll always be back!

Corinne Page

Love this place so delicious

NE Potomus

Brownies are really for two. Get the chocolate bread, only offered twice a year I think. Valentine's day and more

Terri Cozzaglio

Yummy! Enough said.

Thomas H

John Haugner

Really good sandwiches and breads. Seating area is small but highchairs are available. Changing tables in both bathrooms was a welcome surprise for such a small location.


Their garlic cheese bread is amazing! They gave my husband a taste sample (slathered in butter) and he couldn't stop talking about it. We ended up going again this weekend and buying a loaf. We will be going back again (especially when they come out with bagels). Their mocha was also pretty good! I love that they had almond milk as a choice.

Amber Fox McNeil

Really fresh and healthy, great tasting food. Costs a little more than fast food, but tastes many times better!

Gregory Estevez

great place and great staff

Steve Stark

Great food, great drinks, great atmosphere and great people

Karen Newman

Love their chicken salad!

Oasis HotTub

Special thanks to Great Harvest for providing awesome pizza dough, gourmet burger buns and their giant signature chocolate chip cookies. The pizza dough is made with natural wheat flour an herbs to add a great flavor to any pizza topping. The buns make an ordinary burger extraordinary. These lightly seasoned buns would be great with any meats, grilled fish or salmon burgers. Highly recommended by our staff and guest at our recent Big Green Egg Grilling demo.

Judy Loftus

Some o the breads were not freshly baked today, which one would expect at a stand alone bakery. I enjoyed my sandwich and soup

Daniel DeNinno

The food is absolutely delicious and the coffee is Peets and they do a great job which keeps me coming back. Great bread, cool assortments of mustards or spreads for sale, delish free samples, etc. But their line management is really poor, it feels like no one knows where to go since orders are taken at the counter on the right but there is a register in the center. Lines form in multiple places and people don't know where to go, especially when the employees are needed in the back so there won't be anyone manning the register for awhile. Half the people will have not paid and be confused, standing around randomly and causing a clustertruck. In my opinion, they should work the register into the counter on the right, and use the center counter to place finished orders and call out names. It would be much easier if people could pay when they order, even if it's a little slower to get orders in. It's REALLY frustrating when I use Google pay and literally just need to step up, give my name and touch my phone and I'm done, and there's a massive line of people trying to fumble with cards and cash that I'm forced to stand in. Love this place otherwise though!

Franklin Tejeda

Harvest has Great choices on bread's.

Aaron G

Amazing place. Very modern business, with Door Dash Delivery. Very friendly staff and Award winning food.


Excellent coffee and the sandwiches are even better. The employees are nice and give good recommendations.

Nancy Klarman

Always fresh bread and great food with friendly people.

Brianne Weiss

Lizzy DiLorenzo

Sweet employees offering samples of the baked goods. Prompt service and deliciously fresh sandwiches and bread. Since recently going gluten free I have been disappointed with little to no option other than salads but I still love them.

Sarah Fay Holden

Omg, love the staff, love the samples cutting board, loooove all the scones, muffins parties & coffees... and their breakfast & lunch options are so delicious!!! Thanks for brightening up north Nashua!

Karen Boisvert

John Shipulski

Great healthy options!

Aaron Reagan

Absolutely delicious place for lunch

Tao Wang

Wonderful food, with great ingredients and creative ideas. Loved it! Will definitely go there again!!!

vinny joy

Every time we stop here we are delighted with our lunch or snack. The food is delicious and fresh. The breads and sweets are amazing and the service is very friendly and efficient.

Richard Thall

Wonderful breads and sandwiches.

Matt Neithercott

Renee Bouthillier

Wow, great sandwich.

Sammy Antinoro

Dangerously delicious. All of their bread is amazing and their sandwiches have quality ingredients. They also serve Peet's coffee

Jane Wilkins

The best chicken salad ever!

Jack Jablonski


Steve Long

Excellent lunch options and fresh baked goods. Service is generally good though sometimes busy so at peak lunchtime parking is inadequate. Delicious tea & coffee options as well.

Christos Maninos

Delicious and unique sandwiches and lots of fresh baked goods

Melissa Farmer

Wonderful food! Sometimes long lines but it's worth the wait

Jon Freeman

Glen Fergo

Amazing!! Everything is fresh. Everything is delicious. They put a lot of care and attention into the breads & muffins they bake ... And it shows!! - Whole Wheat - Vegan - Made with Honey - Local ingredients - Fresh fruits Nice selection of flavored coffees. Nice selection of cold beverages also. The Vermont Cheddar Garlic bread ... WOW!! Indoor seating for about 24 plus outdoor seating (Adirondack chairs). TRY IT!!! :-)

Victor Lusardi

I deliver through Doordash and I come to this location pretty often, no issues normally. Today I walk in and the owner I believe? (Older, grey hair, bandana on) ASKS ME the name of the order I'm waiting for..I start to tell her when the woman next to me rudely interrupts and starts with " I've been here for 20 minutes, yada yada" in a very rude tone to try and cut me off which is completely fine if she was still waiting to place an order which I didn't even know, there is no line and people just standing around, so all I said was " ok, I'm just picking up an order, the LADY ASKED ME. No need to be rude about it" w -Which is fine until the owner (I believe??) Comes to the register after dealing with the other woman first ",don't call my customers rude" I explain how the woman was rude and she goes " I don't care, you're a doordasher not a customer. Do not call my customers rude" so what am I garbage?? Sorry but if someone is rude to me, I'm saying they're rude. Idc if I was in the queens castle. If someone is rude to me, they're being called rude. "ou're not a customer you're a doordasher" who says something like that? I actually am picking up food for a customer, so yes I am. Horrible

Jesse V

NE Performance Mustang


Kelly Flanagan

Richard Coddington

Tanya Stanfield

John Griffin

Awesome! We visited this area for a while and couldn't get enough of the garlic, cheddar bread. Kept going back for more. All the employees were helpful and everything else we got (scones, cinnamon rolls, etc) were delicious.

Peter Powell

Mark fournier

Tiffany Sylvester

Love, Great Harvest Bread Company. The atmosphere inside is cozy and laid back. The service is awesome, friendly, and accommodating. Their chimichurri sauce is amazing and I would buy it by the bucket if they sold it that way! Their breakfast sandwiches are delicious, and a perfect portion size. They also have some delicious breakfast goodies like muffins, cinnamon rolls, and scones. I tried a new bread there recently, Spinach Feta, it was amazing, and their sandwiches are also delicious. You can customize them and use any of the breads that they have, my favorite combo is the roast beef chimichurri on the spinach and feta. You really can't go wrong with anything here, it's all delicious, oh and they have flavored coffee, with plenty of different milk and creamer options like almond milk (which you should definitely try in your coffee).

Steph Chaca

Friendly staff and fresh homemade bread. Interesting menu items primarily of sandwiches with a great variety to them. And a coffee bar! Definitely a good lunch stop.

Johnathan Vail

Great bread, choices, sandwiches, and music!

Susan Miller

Ryan Ryan

Andrew Nunes

Michelle Larter

Delicious sandwiches. Friendly staff.

Statam Boisvert

Love this place. Homemade breads, great coffees, and delicious,sandwiches and soups. Whenever I'm in the area I always pop by for a quick bite and coffee.


Love this place! The bread is homemade and delicious (though expensive because it's organic), the sandwiches (made with their homemade bread) are very tasty and the sweet treats are one better than the other! Coffee drinks (Peet's) are good and the staff is always friendly. They even give samples!

Evan Turner

David DeNinno

When I say the food is always fresh, it is FRESH! Everything about a typical cold cut sandwich is just refreshing. They really stack the meats and toppings on there and have some really great unique sandwich choices. You also can of course buy their breads to take home! They have seasonal selections as well.

Sean Hogan

Justin Kates

Richard John

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