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REVIEWS OF Duston's Market & Bakery IN New Hampshire

Amber Beames

Highly recommend Duston's Bakery. I recently asked them to make me a cake that looked like a pineapple for my daughters birthday and boy did they deliver!! Not only was the cake absolutely adorable it tasted just as amazing!!


Hands down best farm stand in southern Vermont

Ed Coughlin

Great service...fantastic deli..!!! I’ll be back!!

Mark Thibeault

Worth the stop for a great sandwich. Big selection.

Ryan Labbe

Amazing quality. Fast service.

Patricia Landry

Love the maple rounds.

Nike Sites

Nice pit stop, had a maple donut. What a great donut.

Keith Larochelle

Great pastries and a fair price.

Jacqueline Bostrom

Amazing bakery and awesome customer service!@

Crysta Abel

Exceptional Bakery selection, I've been coming back for almost 13 years.

Donna Hladik

Awesome cakes!!

Rebekah Kirsanov

I don't usually dare to try a new place's Rueben before I've tried other sandwiches they've made. Even good shops tend to screw up a Rueben. Duston's made it perfectly. As a very picky eater, I am seriously impressed.

Heidi Ogg

It's the place to buy almost any yummies whoopie pies , cakes , pastries , donuts ,pies hoogies hot lunch ,green mt coffee already made and sodas. If you are thinking about trying this place go . People from all over go here and buy goodies to bring home. Yummmm blueberry whoopie pies is one of my favorites.

Cody Bussiere

Yummy yummy food

Floyd Frost

Super awesome place to grab a bite when on the go

Honest Reviewer

Lethargic and Careless people Not sure why we cannot give a rating of no stars or less than a star. That is what Duston's deserves. We used to go here for a cake for a birthday in our family. It is disheartening to say that they lost our affection and we are not going back there anymore. As the previous reviewer said something happened with this bakery and they crushed my daughter’s dreams of having a good cake for her 9th birthday. We ordered a custom cake 3 days in advance for my daughter’s 9th birthday and when placing the order they said that they could do the design and colors we wanted. From the many designs we chose the least complicated one. Upon their request we also sent a picture with design of the cake to their email address. They promised that the decorator will call if there are any questions. All details were noted on their order sheet but we never received any call. We expected that they got everything in order including the picture sent in the email and we were expecting to get a beautiful cake. We called on the day of pickup and we were surprised that they were scrambling to find the order itself. Then the decorator takes the phone and says that she completed the cake that morning itself and it is ready for pickup. They actually screwed up the order. They made a cake with no design at all. They just took a round cake and added a very thin layer of frosting with the color we requested. When we asked what happened to the design we requested, they said they did not receive the email, which seemed a blunt lie. On the order sheet it was clearly written that a picture was emailed and to call the customer if there are any questions. They are so careless that they don’t bother to call if they had questions or concerns with the design. All they could do is give a $10 discount and wash off their screw-up. I can go on with my frustration but it was my daughter who was completely disappointed with this whole mess up that Duston's did. On humble request to Duston's. DON”T PLAY WITH A KIDS' EMOTIONS AND SCREW UP THEIR BIRTHDAY CAKES. EVERY KID DESERVES A BEAUTIFUL BIRTHDAY CAKE. BIRTHDAY CAKES FOR KIDS SHOULD BE MADE WITH A HEART.

Yoojin Choi

great treats, cakes, and pastries! And a comfy spot to sit!

Amy Paro

Great sandwich shop

Mike Williamson

Love there deli eat there as often as I can

Nathan Searles

Great food at a great price

Ima Fool

Outstanding Lemon cream cake!

Michael Little

Fresh baked goods! AWESOME !

Nancy Lamb

Great basket and sandwiches with Boar's Head meats!

Shawna Kozicki

Great place to get food. You can pretty much get whatever you want. And breakfast sandwiches all day ery day! They have great pastries too!

Izador Marenghi

Great food. Baked goods are delicious! Very friendly staff.

Samantha Arnold

Can't go wrong here! Every pastry is amazing. The wraps are delicious and they have a great selection of chips!

michael ridlon-gard

Always delicious food except today lol

Andrew Kraft

The whoopie pies are so thiccc! Whoopie!!

Lynn Renard

Great baked goods and employees are friendly, professional and helpful

Marcel Perreault

Good place for a sub

Joel Hysler

Get the Bismark! And dinner to take home for later. Great place to go grab a bite now or to bring home and cook later.

Josh Herring

Lots of good food and baked goods

Pat Glennon

Quite possibly the best donuts in Dover! A Sunday tradition. Decent beer selection as well. Friendly staff.

Albert Small

Wonderful breakfast sandwiches and cannolis

John Stacy

You have got to try the cream filled Maple rounds, absolutely delicious!

kiruthiga preethi

I ordered a 2 tier snow theme cake for my baby, both taste and decoration was so good. Would highly recommend.

Randi L

They were so helpful, great customer service, and did it on a time crunch which was my fault not theirs! They came out amazing! Thank you so very much!

Karen Larsen

Awesome food. Great people.

Scott Pinette

Everything you need and very fresh

cash powers

Great food, variety and ownership.

Dee Joyce

Love that they use Boars Head in the deli. It's a great bakery too. I have ordered cakes from there many times!

Justin Estes

A wide variety of baked goods, with hot food and subs made to order as well. Custom cakes and party platters, and super easy ordering! All around great!

Kayla Grenier

Very good bakery items and the deli sandwiches are delicious. I wish they had more gluten free options though!!

Myles Moriarty

Local standby for take away food, coffee, treats, corner specialty grocery, good beer and wine selection, 20years plus!

Charlie Countie

Staff is incredibly rude if you're not their "normal" clientele. Used to go in several times a week but couldn't take the "here we go again" and rude side-comments that I'd get whenever I ordered a sandwich.

Kevin Poole

Great bakery, good desserts and food

Tanya Leighton

Love there bakery


I use to like this place. I'm not exactly sure what happened. The past several times I've gone here (for different reasons) I experienced hastiness, and was not helped for several minutes. (I should note, that I'm a fairly patient person naturally) I waited about 8 or 9 min to be helped in the back of the store... and she only took half my order... then attended to something else, then back again... then during checkout... no one was at the register (she was cleaning the bathroom but visually saw a line at the register)... The lady in bakery noticed but didn't speak up... we all just waited there until she was finished! VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. To make matters worse, the food was old and dried out!!!! Like I said, I use to like this place but I will most likely be choosing to visit other establishments in the area from now on.

Chandler Scully

Awesome place to go and get a quick breakfast of a good pastry. Overall one of the best places around.

Eric Jumper

I use to work there in highschool, it's a great bakery-deli. Also bought my son's birthday cake there with just a weeks notice. So can't go wrong check them out.

Virginia Mantos

Amazing subs and great bakery

Kaitlyn Preston

Quick stop, good food, good service. Bakery is cute and delicious. Associates are friendly and helpful. Deli is amazing.

Justin St.Laurent

Great prices and selection of ready made meals. Amazing baked goods.

Jamal Woods

Best quick stop for food in the area... Hot and cold options quick amazingly friendly service !!! Great staff !!!! Definitely worth a stop by I was put on to this place by a friend and I would've never known about it

Paul Laurion

The bakery is wonderful!

Debi Prasad Rath

I ordered a cake for my Kid's first birthday. It was beautiful. I wanted a customized cake and they did it perfectly. Thank You...

Weezleface RatMantle Fury

Great fresh food and baked goods, in addition to what you would expect to find at any convenience store. Amazing veggie burgers as well.

chet sanders

Great food!.the only bad thing is the consistency of the sandwiches like barely any meat and a pound of brown lettuce one day and the opposite the next the women making the sandwiches should write down the orders every time I get the wrong order making sandwiches is the easiest job in the world keep it that way

WenJoe Simpson

Wonderful raspberry filled chocolate birthday cake! Thank you!

Margaret Poole

The best maple frosted doughnuts

Tf Kiv

Duston's is a place I sometimes stop at during travels for work. It's basically a convenience store, with sandwiches available, a variety of cooked dinner items, and then a bakery on top of it all.

IamGrooot87 Thorodenloki

Best sandwiches around! Friendly staff. They also Carry Bartlett milk!

Theresa Angell

Got a perfect Reuben sandwich

Joseph Tracey

Always good!

Michelle Tetreault

Really great pastries and great staff

Travis Bryant

Excellent home cooked food ready at lunch time. Bakery goods are fantastic too. A must try if in the area.

Ralph Gabarro

There is a good reason why they have been a successful business for so long. Excellent, address the board.

Jay Nelson

Been going here for a while. Friendly people, yummy pastries, and good coffee! (Not to mention very well priced!)

Tom J

Great variety of subs, bakery (they have non dairy apple pie!) coffee. What else do you need.

Ralph Wark

A nice store with nice people working there. They have a deli, an excellent selection of beer, and some excellent baked goods (try cinnamon raisu=in brioche).

D Saint

Love the whoopie pumpkin pies. Best around

Steven Sprague

The cake I ordered for my wedding is absolutely gorgeous!!! I wanted something very unique, and it came out exactly like I wanted it!! Duston's has a wonderful staff, that accommodates their customers. Thanks so much !!!!

Ryan A

Reasonable pricing for great quality food and baked goods.

Robyn Thomas

Great food. They make the best sandwiches and wraps. And everything in the bakery is delicious! Fair prices and friendly people

FreeLand Bear

Always have amazing pastries, fresh bread and rolls. Excellent subs and lunches. Highly recommended.

Nancy Kierstead

I will say they have some yummy desserts here! Don't walk in if you are on a diet that does not include yummy desserts! LOL. I had a cream horn with a chocolate stripe running down the length of it, Wicked yummy!


Great food,service and getting our food was quick. Great place!

Catherine Gray

Whoopi pie's are wonderful.

Bob Fabian

Great store to stop and grab lunch or baked goods very friendly staff with great food

Rick Carrico

Great cafe inside

Paul Doiron

Great locally owned grocery/cafe store. Good light breakfast and lunch fare . Good for people on the go just outside dover nh on the way to Maine

Dan Ingram

Dustin's rocks! Boars Head deli meats and cheeses, excellent homemade specials, and a great bakery! Not to mention the beer and non-alcoholic beverage selections.

Richard Metta

Dustin's has excellent food.

Jessica Moulton

Amazing bakery and equally amazing friendly service! I ordered basic assorted flavors cupcakes and a smash cake for my baby’s first birthday party and was very satisfied. Prior to calling Duston’s, I called multiple bakeries that are closer to where I live. I either didn’t hear back from them or thought the prices were outrageous. A couple friends recommended Duston’s and now I will be recommending to others as well! I called with not even a week’s notice and was able to get exactly what a wanted, when I wanted them, and at the right price! It was well worth the 30ish minute drive and while I was there, I ordered a bunch of assorted cookies ready to go (because they looked sooooo good!). I received multiple compliments on how delicious everything was and I will definitely go back again and again. Stay delicious and affordable Duston’s! :)

rhonda walmsley

Very helpful and friendly staff. The whoopie pie cakes I bought for a birthday were a big hit at my work and were delicious! The decorating was very well done!

Mary LaRusso

Just a quick in and out, I had never been and it was recommended for their bakery. Holy gawd the cupcakes I got were amazing. I can't wait to try more stuff. The young adults working were really nice too. A nice change of pace from other places.

Christinky Brownstuff

Very polite accommodating staff. Awesome bakery! Awesome deli!

Peter Kaszubski

Great breakfast and fresh coffee

Bruce Lee

Best steak bombs around !

Nicole Lydon

Best sandwiches and sweets!

Kaileigh T

The apple cider donuts are AMAZING

Bruce Tucker

Tasty coffee roll and green mountain coffee

Jeff Cloutier

Great bakery.

raymond sherman

Like the deli which uses boars head. Birthday cakes and treats from the bakery.

John Karlson

Was in Dover for hockey game; figured to try this place since it was across street. Ordered chicken salad on yuppie bread with onion and cheddar cheese. Deli guy asked if I wanted red onion - said no just regular onion - when I opened sandwich- no onion or cheese. Bread was good as was chicken salad - but was looking forward to the onion and cheese - plus lost hockey game big time. One (only) good thing was Gas was cheap at a no name station. Yeah I’m going back next time on Dover.

Tanner Herget

Subs are great. Great local bakery. It can get busy so don't expect to be in and out in 2 mins but well worth the wait

Clifford Sukeforth

Great deli and quick Mart. But if you go during lunch or dinner hours there will be a line. So don't be in a hurry. Also one of the best bakeries around!!


Best breakfast sandwiches in the area and the Mexicali wrap is my favorite for lunch! Great bakery and deli!

Cheryl Goudreault

I had chicken tenders and Mac and cheese. Very good. Friendly cashier and wait staff.

K Glennon

I love Dustin's! Great local bakery, best in Dover. We just had another birthday cake for my daughter, marble and as always it was delicious. No leftovers unfortunately

Mary Braiterman

Yummy cookies, fresh deli and hot foods. Do not leave without trying their filled maple round donut:-)

Na Bechard

Duston's' great bakery choices, salads & already prepared hot foods (like chicken fingers, potato wedges & fried chicken legs) make for great quick lunches, or combine some of these items with your favorite beverages & snacks, & bring them all with you for a picnic at the lake, ocean, or tailgating at the ski slopes or a game. Duston's' is easy to find ( right across the street from the indoor skating rink & outdoor pool on rt. 4). Very busy road, so please hold the kids' hands! I just bought a maple round (yum!); what are you going to get?

Kristin Wittner

Great place to get a quick, fresh sandwich or a delicious pastry

Pam Currie

Great place for lunch, delicious baked goods.

miranda mathews

Their subs are so delicious!

Julia Bousquet

I love this gem. Their specialty chicken wraps are to die for as well as their pastries.

Sherri V

Delicious hand made subs and to die for desserts. Get your sub made fresh in front of you with boars Head meats Then check out the dessert case you don't leave without one

Lee Gerheart

I can always find some good food here to eat, the earlier you come the better. They have awesome breakfast food, great lunches, and it's all food that's unique and kind of homemade quality. Their Bakery and desserts are fabulous! We recently came in and tried their teramusu, my wife said that she's tried several in the past but nobody compares to Dustin's Market! And she's been all over the world, Italy, France, etc. I sell computers locally online and this is a great place for people to meet up, THANKS!

Frank Couch

I have been enjoying the delicious, high quality food and great service here for close to 15 years. The owner is a great guy, and it shows that he's in almost every day. They have something for everyone here, and the food is absolutely fantastic without breaking the bank. Again, I've been a customer for 15 years, that should tell you all you need to know!

Max Boston

Always amazing. Does not matter if it's breakfast or lunch or dinner. It's a great place with great food

Samantha Runco

Awesome chicken salad with cucumbers on garlic and herb wrap.

Katherine Smith

This is my go to place for a bakery treat and cakes. The cakes are so yummy that I look for excuses to order one. Sandwiches and coffee are also delicious!

Dennis p

everything there is home made and amazing. they have bakery stuff, subs, dinners, all kinds of great food. stop there you'll be glad you did!

James Sheehan

Great selection of beer and awesome lunches, take out, take home sandwhiches, salads and pastries!!!

Don Baillargeon

Delicious desert.

Christopher Gudmundsson

My entire family loves this place ..every corner of this bakery deli and hot good spot is great. Its clean and on point everyday. These guys got it all ! 5 STAR

Alicia Grass

Everything was fine until we got outside and someone I know fell down their shifty stairs because the last step has no markings and isn't even an actual step. When I told the owner that he needs to pain that last step yellow he got offended and only wanted to give ice. Something needs to be done about that. Be careful when your walking in and out. Other than. That the rest of the staff was nice. But the owner seemed like he couldn't give a rats ass. He will when someone sues him

jessica erickson

Ordered a cake for a gender reveal and they did an amazing job. From the easyness of ordering the cake to the way it came out was great. The taste of the cake was the hit of the party. Great job and thank you !

Alan L

This place is amazing! Try the croissants.

nathan hoffman

Well known to locals as one of the best bakeries in the area. Don't hesitate to stop in for that and more.

Diane Tharp


Danny Wright

One of the best Bakery's in New England. ( New Hampshire ). For a Bakery & Deli Convenience Store. With their 47 years of experience and friendly employees it feels like one of them OleTown stores where you go in we can have a coffee and a conversation with a stranger and leave with a smile on your face and satisfied

Mike Siebach

Good subs, wraps, and finger food. They always have a couple good options for a warm lunch. Breakfast sandwiches are big and tasty. Lots of great treats and desserts at the bakery counter too. All the employees are nice. Can get very slow during busier times.

Nicole Currie

Best pie ever

diva downtown

Delicious homemade pastries! Also great place to get a bite to eat and they have tables inside to sit at. The outdoor pool is right across the street as well as the Dover ice arena.

Donna Egelston

They have great baked goods

Kevin Watson

Delicious pastry

Jenn Chase

Best place to get customized cakes.

Lorie Griffin

Awesome homemade goodies.

Jim Nealand

Had a wicked sweet tooth and tell in love at Dustin's. Wow. I've been by hundreds of times but never stopped. Now I'm a huge fan.

Mrs Pamela Green

So I must say that this place had the best Maple Donuts I've ever had in my entire life and the whoopie pies they had pumpkin whoopie pies and don't get me started on the taste OMG I want them all to myself

Allgood Computer Services

Tasty and hard to find lunch and dinner type foods. Delicious bakery goods also available!

Rose England

Love Duston's Always quality and friendly staff!

Ron Fousek

A Dover mainstay since 1972. Bob and his crew do a great job. Whether you need some fried chicken, a great lunch special, an item from the bakery or that special cake for that special occasion Duston's has what you are looking for. I cannot stress how much I like the bakery here! Give it a whirl.

Daniel Buchbinder

Nice place to have a snack and pastries

Teresa Mitchell

Best bakery in the area. Sandwiches and deli are top notch too.

Johnathan Hoogeveen

Best BLTs ever

Christine LeBrun

Donuts and turnovers are the best. Very pricey , but a good once in a while treat!

Dennis Thompson

More of a deli and bakery than a market, though they do sell the essentials. The bakery is amazing....and they have a great variety of all your sweet favorites...try the elephant ear!


Very good food to include pastries, pre cooked meals and baked goods. Staff is usually friendly.

Michael Sullivan

great place to stop, for a sandwich, soda, Whoopi, reg. stuffing, dbl stuffing!

Lance Thebodeau

Great donuts and coffee! Bread and breakfast sandwiches are pretty good too.

Lorraine Meyette

Yummy treats!

Stephanie Gladys

Sandwiches are always made with love. Great customer service!

K Naz

Bakery is 5 stars. Period.

W. Sprague


RMFD9498 RMFD9498

Went for one of their famous cheesesteak subs and was told that they had no steak. That’s like going to Dunkin and being told that they have no coffee. Get your act together.

Michael Edgerly

Out standing food and great service. ...very clean.......

Sharon Starkey

Great great great bakery

Steven LaMarco

Good food, good deals, great people.

Jackson RRXT

"You're really screwing me..." How is this clown still in business???

Michael Rippett

We were looking for a Dunkin and stumbled on this gem. Great coffee and donuts. Highly recommend.

Roja Rani

Good for cakes and bakery stuff

Justin Merithew

Great service, coffee, baked goods, and food. I stop here every chance I get!

Caroline Brewer

Best donuts in Dover!

William Hetticher

Always go there for a sandwich highly recommend the cranberry walnut chicken salad.

Frank Reynolds NH

Best home made food in town. With good prices

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