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REVIEWS OF Baked Downtown Cafe & Bakery IN New Hampshire

Sarah Leshay

We love Baked! Staff is super friendly, food is delicious and smoothies are delightful. Thumbs up from us.

Susan Longchamps

Great place had lunch butternut squash soup was delicious & 1/2 grilled cheese and bacon cooked just the way I liked it for a grilled sandwich. Will definitely return again. Affordable.

Robin Gustafson

Gregory Adams

Great food and overall ok hot chocolate, but simply the staff was overwhelmed with customers. Dissapointed in the management to not staff up the cafe when they have a cafe. Took nearly 20 minutes to get my drinks. Again staff was great at the level that they could handle the load of people.

Etta Hyde

Kevin Shepard

Wayne Joseph

Josh Johnston

If you haven't had the PB and J panini, can you really say you've experienced true happiness?

Sarah Kossayda

Robert Brown

A very good place, with terrific food for a very reasonable price. But the service suffers when the manager isn't there. The counter staff needs to focus on serving customers first and doing other tasks after. It might be unfortunate to lose count on a drawer, but better to have money in the drawer to count.

Jacqueline Gilman

This place has good prices on breakfast. I occasionally get hot coffee here, and without fail there's always loads of coffee grounds at the bottom EVERY TIME. Gross. Iced coffee hasn't had that issue. The food is good though, and it's a great place to get a quick breakfast. The desserts look delicious, but I haven't tried them yet. Lots of options for food!

Chuck Fairfield

John Van Walsum

Their whoopie pie was a HUGE!!!, did I say HUGE?? I meant HUGE!!! disappointment . It was the driest, most arid chocolate cake I've ever had. The first bite sucked all the saliva from my mouth, I couldn't even swallow it, i nearly spilled my cookies over it. DON"T under any circumstance buy the whoopie pie!!!

Daniel Chang

I ordered a few pastries to go at the counter. The service person was very nice and quick to help. The pastries were delicious.

Papa Knuckles

Food and service impeccable

Zachary Allen

Awesome service, excellent grilled blueberry muffin, with butter and iced coffee! Modern and cozy feel, with clean and comforable seats and tables!

Emily Bradford

Good bakery, nice environment for studying. 4 starts just because it doesn't beat Buckleys in price or quality for pastries, but like that there are gluten free options!

Jose Velez

Terianne McKeon

Justine G

Visiting Baked was absolutely one of the best decisions I have made. I stopped by soon after beginning my first semester at Plymouth State University and it quickly became my go-to place for great coffee, company, and food. The self serve design for hot and iced coffee is really effective in ensuring that your coffee will be made the way you want, and it tastes great. I was never really a coffee person until I started coming here and now I go almost every day. The staff make the experience especially great with their enthusiasm and friendly attitudes. I have never had a bad experience with any of them. Their passionate personalities make it so easy to connect with them on a personal level, which makes you feel like more than just a customer but more like a friend. When they say "welcome to Baked," they mean it. The atmosphere is extremely pleasant, with beautiful paintings on the wall and a nice music playlist. It is always clean and inviting-a place you will want to sit and stay awhile. The food is fantastic and boasts homemade flavor, not to mention the fact that it is farm to table as much as possible for a reasonable price. The Breakin Wind Burrito is one of my personal favorites for breakfast. The pastries are very impressive, especially the peanut butter stuffed chocolate cupcake. With all of this said, I would highly recommend stopping into this cafe for a wonderful experience with great people.

Alex Yoder

Alex Peacock

Well, I'm not sure what all the bad reviews are about, this place was awesome! I had a $25 gift card to this bakery, and when I gave it to the cashier, it didn't work for some reason. The cashier was very polite, and got it straitened very quickly. Then, when my food got to me (it didn't take very long considering I was ordering for five people) they apologized and gave me five free cookies claiming that the food had taken too long to get out to me. The customer service was excellent, and the food was very good.

Jacob Potvin

Good soup bad bread bowls. Way to small for even a cup of soup they should call it the bread shot glass it's pathetic. Great sandys tho and homemade potato chips that are Poppin fresh.

Anthony Adamsky

They have the friendliest staff! They even customize their food to make it vegetarian for us. The coffee is a good and it's very affordable, especially if you get one of their reusable mugs. I highly recommend it!

Peter Uliano

Coffee shop that caters to the starbucks type crowd. Great bakery and ok service. I hate that they do not put skim milk out only half and half and whole milk, you have to ask for skik milk.

Black Lantern Snowman

I had the pork smoker and I could have the sauce with just there home made potato chips it was so good its crazy good :)

Nicholas Schirmer

Best breakfast sandwiches around

Miaka Kirino

Great food & drinks. Lots of gluten-free options.

Austin Rush

Nothing great, service was good but the coffee and pastries were lackluster at best. I was hoping that this would be much better then Dunkin Donuts and have been disappointed.

Kevin Anctil

Awesome, everything is fresh. Great prices too

James T


Luigi Hann

Dennis G

Love stopping in for a quick, friendly and always tasty! Amazing salads and nice coffee selection! Definitely recommend.

Veronica Taylor

Parikshit ..

Theresa Savoy

Great service. I bought pumpkin, vanilla, and peanut butter whoopie pies and the filling was so disappointing. It's definitely not the real deal.

Taylor Novia

Nice setting

Sandip Pawar

I must say that the servers at this bakery on Saturday night was excellent and she took care of all the needs during our visit. It was the first time we visited this bakery (I purchased a livingsocial voucher for it) and for the voucher price we got good food. The bakery has very good ambience. They mistakely redeemed my voucher even before my first visit but took of it without any issue during the visit. I feel bad that by mistake I had very small change to leave as tip (I would have given definitely more) after I paid for the food with voucher, sorry but hope to visit soon for even better experience!

Michael Young

Adriana Fernandez Neret

Good food

Meredith Whitaker

Baked Cafe catered one of my organization's event and did an AMAZING JOB! Their delivery driver came in early to work just so we would have our food on time. Will, one of the employees, made sure I was quoted the most reasonable price for their products. They made it so easy and arrived with the food right on time! Food was great, too!

Olivia Mohr

Mic Davis

I used to work there.. Excellent staff.. Great food and awesome coffee. Must see to believe

Brian Cofer

I came in to buy muffins and there was a long line. I went to use the restroom and the staff was rude, indicating that I was not permitted to use the restroom without buying something first. Very rude staff!

Loly Mireles

The breakfast sandwich was good. We ate outside it was a beautiful day.

Cierra Sipley

Tons of seating, I've never had something I didn't like. Great pains soup and baked goods. Good for a quick lunch

Jay Gardner

Excellent Lunch!

Derek Wilkins

Samantha Colby

I love eating at Baked! I discovered this restaurant shortly after I moved to Manchester, when my mom and I went out for lunch, and it has been one of my Manchester favorites ever since. I love the atmosphere, it is an upbeat, yet comfortable environment that is great for catching up with friends over coffee and pastries, or a nice meal. I am extremely pleased with any menu item that I try here, but I especially love the tomato soup, the grilled gooey, and the salted caramel bars are to die for!!!!! You really can't beat food that is made from scratch with fresh ingredients, and you can see the careful attention the staff pays to making sure everything comes out just right. Most of all, I love the service with a smile. Every time you walk through the door, you are greeted with an employee saying "Hi, welcome to Baked!". It really encourages me to want to sit down and relax as opposed to many other Elm St restaurants or Dunkin Donuts that want to get you in and out the door as fast as possible. The staff really goes above and beyond to make my experience consistently amazing! If you are looking for a spot in Manchester, I highly recommend Baked!

David Oles

Jacqueline Moreau

Tom Martel

Amazing food and great service!

Wayne Clark

Casey Reynolds

Good Coffee, great GF chocolate choices, and very GF friendly. However, I would love to see more GF choices for breakfast/dessert other than just the cake, almond roll, and the brownie. Other than that, the service is great and the people are friendly :D.

Nicole Lessard

I live above Baked, and even though it is more then convenient when I need coffee or a quick bite to eat, I avoid stopping in as much as possible. Its sad too, because I feel there is great potential that is not being met. The employees are all very nice, but I can feel their nervousness, and I do not think it is brought on by customers. They are ALWAYS hiring so it makes me wonder.The coffee is mediocre to say the least, I could get a better cup at Dunkies for about the same price if not less. The food is also just mediocre, and you wait an EXTREMELY long time for it. Sometimes I will get just a bagel with cream cheese, and it will take up to 10 minutes AND I have to spread my own cream cheese (the tiny amount they give). What was taking so long then? I started taking the bagel home to toast myself if I go there. The rest of their offerings are nothing better then I can make at home myself. I got a muffin just this morning and it by far is nothing special. I hope someone from Baked reads these reviews and uses them as an opportunity to make some revisions for the better. The customer is never wrong, and their opinion is what matters most!

Richard Goulette

Their coffee and tea are not exceptional, but good. I was very happy to find that they had decaf iced tea. A lot of places don't. The blueberry muffin I had yesterday was very good. Fresh and they didn't skimp on the blueberries. The only other muffin that I've had there before wasn't very good. Their prices seem to be on par with the other downtown eateries. They have a selection of other baked goods, and some sandwiches and paninis; I didnt notice what else. The staff has been hot and cold in the past, the ones yesterday they were very friendly and efficient. The atmosphere is nice, good selection of tables, easy chairs, and bar-style seating. With the hardwood, it can get loud if it's crowded, or if the music is a bit too loud. I really like the place.

Nathan Bilbao

Baked is a cafe store with an identity crisis. It has the energy to be a really comfortable coffee shop to where people can study, do homework, have meetings, as well as enjoy a good meal. BUT it is lacking some very key elements. For students, it has a good energy but Baked only has one power outlet, which is by the bar. It also stays open longer than its competitors, Finesse Pastry and Bridge Cafe. What always throws me off is it has two front doors. One channels you to the cash register, the other dumps you in the middle of the sitting area. It is a really awkward experience that could have been executed better from a first customer experience perspective. Other aspects I liked about Baked was they did have Gluten Free dessert options but they did not provide any other gluten free alternatives on their menu.

Brian Caruso

Most of the dessert case was empty; there were only about 4 things to choose from. The atmosphere is cold and the espresso drink was not good at all. Move on.

Rakkasans JMPI

You can get baked rain or shine. Seriously this place is awesome

Emma Sarette

Jefferson Kimball

I love the coffee and food. However they charged me for extra green cheese. So I give them 4 stars.

Phillip Williams

Place was gr8 and the staff was gr8

Sylvie Latour

Kelly Iocco

Very cute cafe. Food and drinks were great

Trifon Athnos

Shane Crawford

Emily Drouin

Sandra LaRose


Great variety of flavored teas!

Joseph Lenhardt

Melissa Birch

Very yummy smoothie - just wish the service was a little faster and the menu was easier to read.

Daniel Houle

Spacious, clean, has outdoor seating. Breakfast panini was good. Only negative was that music was too loud

Krystina Gibbons

Caitlin Dudley

I have never been disappointed by Baked! I love their soups and sandwiches. I typically get The Gobbler or Smoked Chipotle and go halfsies with the Chicken Coop Tortilla soup, all of which I highly recommend. I suggest getting the chips as a side because they are delicious! I also love getting a smoothie, specifically the Peach Vanilla Strawberry. The smoothies are sweet and I love the consistency. I've also tried espresso drinks, tea (hot and iced), and hot chocolate and I've loved them all. I'll occasionally get a baked good as well and love the whoopie pies.


So I went here recently and got the ham-up sandwich and a chocolate PB brownie. The big thing is that everything was stale and hard. I asked for no pickle and I got a pickle. My sandwich tasted really bad and it had no sauce. The chips tasted like cardboard.

Just Saying

There are many gluten free options and they have few desserts, I wish they could make more. A great place to eat!

Sonia Ramos

I work downtown and they are nearby so I stop in once in a while but leave absolutely annoyed EVERY SINGLE TIME. It's not worth the hassle anymore. They have so much potential! The food is decent. The chocolate cake and whoopie pies are the best in town. It's hard to appreciate the food when the customer service is absolutely terrible! You wait forever, there are always employees standing around while you are waiting in line at the counter. You order food one place and then they tell you to pick it up at another counter.

Kayla Calabro

I was happy to hear that they came to Manchester! I only popped in for pickup, but it looks like a really chill place to sit down for lunch/to study.

Denise Cyr

What a nice place to have lunch! Creative homemade soups and generous salads. Delicious sandwiches. Fine selection of coffees, hot or iced.


The staff are really nice, but the cupcakes (my experience) are a bit of a disaster: dry with icing that I couldn’t get my fork into. They did microwave my cupcake, it remained inedible. We came due to good reviews, so this was unexpected.

Domenick Romano

A trained professional Baker and pastry chef concede When people's true passions showing their work and their customer service and they're beautiful business the pleasure was all mine and my wife's weather beautiful place in the products of superior thank you so much

Ryan Logan

Nice coffee shop redhead barista was very kind and friendly made me feel very welcome

Ryan Clark-Manseau

Very middle of the road place, nice if you're looking for a change of pace.

Christie Sillars

Jeremy Pollay

Christopher Davies

Best BLT I've ever had. Amazing

Alexandra Briefs

Not the best ambiance, but they had 32 flavors of tea so no complaints from me

Marissa Volpe

The food is ok, but the menu gets boring quickly. Also, they’re not open on Sundays.

David Nash

Slooow service in plymouth

Neil Schelly

Jeremy Hunter

Sukeerth Reddy

Danijel Danicic

I got an espresso and I think McDonalds regular coffee is stronger. We were also served in paper cuts. I wanted to sit down and enjoy the new place, I don't like being given "to go" service when I tell the staff I'll be staying in. To sum it up the coffee is weak, the prices high, and the servers don't pay attention but are very friendly.

Sammi Johnston

Good food, staff is very friendly. I'm there once or twice a week. Love it.

Melinda LaMontagne

Allyssa Gilbert

Food was good, service is painfully slow and seemingly unaware of customers.

Sharon Anthony

Best carrot cake EVER!

Richard Barber

Great cafe and great food. The staff is excellent and the food is great. Nice selection of sandwiches, desserts , drinks and soups. A definite must

James Fradette

Victor Peterson

Overall: took a couple slices to go and It was pretty good. A lot of selection here so I was only able to get two of them! The extended review... Cake: Raspberry lemon cake - the cake was very moist and pretty good flavor was pretty good. The raspberry jam definitely was more prevalent in this particular cake. Cookies and cream - the chocolate cake layers were very moist. Good frosting flavor though it seemed to be not as creamy as it was stiff. Service: the waitstaff was ok. Perhaps it was because it was closer to closing tim that they were not quite as attentive and they were focused more on cleaning and getting out of there. Ambiance: a cute place to chit chat and have a sweet treat.

Brighton Dowell

Every afternoon I stop by on my way to work. Gotta get my large black iced. The coffee and staff are fantastic.

Samantha Stein

Isis Latham

Ann Delaney

What a great surprise on Elm St. Menu service and staff were amazing. Will be back

Robert Helfrich

Consistently great food and tea, and their staff is always friendly and helpful.

Chris Upham

Frickin yummy!

Abbi Strong

The food was very yummy! It was fresh and tasteful. Counter service was quick and friendly. You can sit and relax, stay awhile and work on a "project" or eat and go. Didn't have the bakery treats so I'll be going back to try those!

Kris tin

Joel Kaplan

Virginia Bottino

Just had the gobbler pannini, the turkey looked like the crumbs you sweep up off the counter after you carve the bird. There was not 1 whole piece of turkey! The stuffing was sparse as well. Not impressed, would have taken it back but would have to find parking on Elm.

diego ortega

i went there with my 10 year old girl and we got two cupcakes and we tried mine and it tasted stale so we tried my girls to see if that one was fine it was as hard as a rock and tasted discusting i will not be going back

Mogli Torres

Great place of business to eat. Great food there and staff as well.

Daniel Griffiths

rachel tether

Service was amazing and relaxing atmosphere.

Katelyn Hughes

Absolutely adorable snack spot with awesome staff and great options for coffee, bakery treats and tasty lunch! Had a great nerdy chat that really cemented this place as one of my new favorites. Their coffees and teas are organic and fair trade too so it satisfies your green itch too

Ernesto Lopez

Kathy McMahon

Great coffee, croissants and breakfast sandwiches at reasonable prices.

Nick Pappas

Great place for coffee and meetings

Kendra McLaren

I love these people they're great and friendly there's a great bunch of girls working there it's very clean and upscale restaurant or breakfast place the food is very good and very tasteful

Hannah Drouin

Really delicious food and variety of drinks. This place is cozy and welcoming. They have fresh foods and yummy drinks that will warm you right up. Baked is a great place to meet up with friends or grab a nice lunch.

Sam Brown

Great place to grab a bite on lunch break if you work at one of the many businesses around

Hari Rao

I ordered smoked Chipotle and it really tastes good. And the service was excellent.

Rob M

I love Baked, eat here as go to lunch place when I take a lunch

Amy Keast

Nice relaxing dining room and the food is great!

Free Spirit

This is a great place for lunch. They remembered who I was on my second visit there. It's a pretty place and very inviting.

Kevin Dolley

Jess Ryan

Work off of Elm St & found this place one day on a group food order for lunch. I will always go back! This place has the absolute BEST whoopie pies I have ever had, as well as delicious choices as far as soups & sandwiches. Perfect portions and delicious sides as well. I am pretty sure we order at least once a week, and that is not going to stop any time soon. One of the best!

mj anctil

I had an egg sandwich on a sesame bagel. The bagel was so good and fresh.

Brendon Morris

Love this spot!!!

Jeanine Baberadt

This cafe is a jewel in the center of downtown Manchester. There is always something new to try. I had their squash soup which was delicious! The ambiance is so warm and inviting.

Taylor Maine

I went to the cafe in Plymouth NH that just opened. I was very impressed!! First off, the food was delicious. It didn't have the salty aftertaste most restaurant food leaves you with. Second, the employees were very helpful and tended to any need I had. They were very positive and pleasant to talk to. All in all, this was a great experience, and I know I will back many more times for the wonderful food!

Bryan DeAngelo

They were having trouble with the cappuccino machine, and my drink came out poorly because of it. I left unhappily, planning to buy a coffee elsewhere, until Ben at the counter came running outside and found me halfway down the street to offer a complementary replacement. The drink came out perfect the second time. A1 customer service. Most places don't staff enough people like Ben.

Thuany Olinger

When they first opened the quality of the food and time of service was really good! But they took a sharp decline and now I would not even consider going there, and also have friends who feel the same way. Plus they are closed Sundays which to me is another downside since most people have Saturday and Sunday off and look for places to eat out at.

Brenda Z.

Just to let you know because there seems to be no page on FB for the Manchester Cafe! My friend and I just walked out of that Cafe in Manchester because of the Most RUDEST Bar Tender I have ever come across! She didnt know how to make our Drinks and stood there forever and when you pay $11.00 for a Drink you want it made Right! My Friend said to her if you dont know how to make them thats ok we will just move along and she said in a snotty tone!!! We are discontinuing our Bar and We have run out of Alcohol so I was trying to find substitutes and we said Okay! Then she said OUT LOUD to us ! WAY TO BE RUDE! so we left! you might want to rethink who you hire !! It was sooooo disrespectful of her and her attitude was HORRIFIC !!!

Bai M

Super helpful & friendly staff. Quick & clean service. Thank you for my tea!

Javier Yangali

Nice and quite place

steve tobia


Gabrielle Miranda

Christopher Kurth

everything is 3$ to much .... bagels suck and they are like 4$ coffee is like 5$...and weak if u want to waste your $$$ go to Baked !

Margot Schrader

Massive amounts of food when you order the "Halfsies", easily two meals. The baked goods are fresh and decadent. The cashiers/baristas are quick courteous and seem happy. Lunch time is very busy, but if you order ahead you should be all set. Only negative is there is no line ordering (other than non food items) and it can be tricky to make a large order with separate payments. They deliver and the manager personally walked our food order to our office when we expressed the needed to eat at a specific time.

Steven Anella

Brendan Fallon

I really enjoy this place because it's a simple meal that is simply delicious!

Alex Locatelli

Sara Buckley

Margo Pendlebury

I was waiting around for another appointment and popped into Baked. There is a surprisingly small amount of baked goods. I ordered a breakfast sandwich which was one of the best ones I have had. The butter, yes, actual butter could be tasted, the egg cooked to perfection, for a breakfast sandwich, the bacon was actually cooked unlike so many places. It was a lovely sandwich to begin my day.

Shawn McGowan

I really want to like this location but the food, pace, music selection and coffee quality have left me disappointed after multiple attempts.

Greg Sowa

Their sandwiches are good, bakery items tasty, but I wouldn't recommend their coffee (it's generally not hot enough, nor fresh).

Rick Castillo

I really needed a cup of coffee and Baked was the most convenient place to go at the time. The coffee I purchased was not hot; it was warm at best. I returned the cup of coffee to the counter and told the server it was not hot. She took my cup and disappeared into the kitchen for quite some time. When she returned she said something like "This should be fine now". I asked her what she did and she replied "I heated it up". I asked her how she did that and she replied "I microwaved it". I said NO! that is not acceptable. The manager on duty came over and offered me a cookie. I asked for my money back instead. I didn't go to Baked for a cookie I went there for a cup of fresh hot coffee but apparently that is not one of their specialties.

Brian Stisser

John Hamrick

As another reviewer so aptly put, the best BLT in existence. You must also try the chips (I know, apples are better for you). Nice environment and super friendly staff. A great experience.

Matt Cupan

Horrible coffee. Food is OK. Service is slow.

Robert V

Nice selection of baked items, friendly service, and about average price you would expect


Melissa Cardin

Todd Kyle

Cute little cafe with friendly service

Chris Giguere

Food all tastes old n slow service but the food just all doesnt seem fresh like a bakery should..think the owner is a little slow

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