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REVIEWS OF The Great American Bagel Bakery IN Nevada

Rich Ball

A good spot for a bagel or sandwich while waiting in the airport. There are a variety of menu items and the quality of the food is reasonable. The bagels aren't as good as those you would find in a local NJ or NY shop but there are okay. The line can be long but moves fast. Service is good.

Maryssa Santiago

Saddest bagel I've ever had in my life. Definitely not "toasted" Luke warm at the very best


Lovely workers, Yummy bagels!

Stephen Logsdon

Taste great


Michael Rosner

Terrible. I ordered a bagel with egg and avocado. The wgg was pre cooked and there was an avocado spread that barely covered the bagel almost non existent and certainly not worth $2.79 extra #notavocado. Go anywhere else.

Michael Cash

Better than normal airport food... Pricey of course though.

Michelle Maloy

Very fresh and tasty sandwich shop located in D Terminal of the airport. I had the turkey sandwich on the Asiago bagel toasted. Lettuce tomato and onions were crispy and fresh. Had all sorts of bagels to choose from to create your own perfect sandwich. Was super happy they have early hours because they were open at 5 am when most places in the airport were not. Service was good and they made my food quickly. The only negative thing I can say is that the prices are a little higher but exactly what you would expect for airport food... everything at the airport will cost you a few dollars more. Follow me @sweet_maloy on Instagram. Bottom line is I would definitely return to eat here again.

Kirk Price

Ordered Supreme bagel, tasted like old microwaved egg and meat, did not cut in half as requested, then I was overcharged a dollar. Lol it smells good walking by but don't be fooled

Samantha Cronin

I should have listen to the bad reviews but instead I thought “how could a bagel sandwich be bad?” It’s bad. Also the coffee is burnt and I got it first thing in the morning. Not worth the risk.

Cody Firestone

I would not call what they serve as a bagel a bagel I would call it some weird baked good. It tasted like sawdust.

Anthony Rahayel

A. R

Enrique H.

Super fast service, my llc has a decent sound of salmon!

Evelyn Pleus

The chicken Cesar Sandwhich didn’t seem to have fully cooked (or warmed up) chicken and the cinnamon crunch bagel was also not really toasted, even though they asked me if I wanted it to be - 3 times. I normally wouldn’t take the time to write a review but because of the rude employees I decided to say something. I was first in line and was openly ignored, money in hand 3 times. I watched 3 people behind me in line get asked what they wanted before I was asked even once. It was weird to the point of my friend also noticing. I’m fact, they took her order before mine and when I approached the register, the lady literally looked at me and said “wait one moment” And asked my friend (who just ordered) and asked if she was ready to order, and my friend gave her a look like “wtf, you just took my order less than 3 minutes ago?” And told her that she was now waiting for me to have my order taken. Then she hopped to it. Idk why that lady and the others in the kitchen felt the need to ignore me, but it was about 10:30 pm and the airport was very slow. I’ve learned to ignore this kind of stuff but this blatant disregard for certain paying customers is ugly. The subpar food (which I believe gave me stomach pains) in conjunction with the weird treatment lets me know I will NEVER return here. I’d definitely spend my money in the airport elsewhere!

Miles Fore

Two stars instead of one because it was edible. Was a mad house in the kitchen with a whopping 3 people in line around us. When we got our Bagel sandwich it didn't have cream cheese on it, and the egg was a egg like hockey puck. Air Port food always costs more, but it was still about $7 too much for this egg bagel sandwich. You're better off going to the Starbucks stand for your morning Bagel, and you can get coffee there too. Kind of sad when a coffee stand does a better job for less than your store.

Sarah M.

First, major props to the employees who handled the rush incredibly well. They were ON IT, taking orders and getting people through the line quickly. Totally respect that, as it's stressful and hard to do. But the food itself... I got a bagel sandwich, and when I opened it on the plane, I just stared at it for a second in disbelief. I will say that airport food tends to be pretty disappointing, but this just kind of takes the cake. The bagel is huge, but the tiny little egg and sausage inside was laughable. For the price they charge, they can at least try not to hide the meat deep within all that bread. I'll probably pass this place by in the future unless I absolutely have no other choices.

Andrew Fritz

Worst bagel I’ve ever had...

Ryan Gaddy

Really good everything bagel. Its made in that new york style where its a bit chewy. They pack on the cream cheese. Absolutely delicious. Priced is a bit high but it is at an airport so expect everything to be inflated.

Aaron Wrasman

Austin Henry

Burnt grilled cheese over priced

Eric Lenarz

Grading on a curve I give it a 3 star rating as I don't expect much out of airport food. That said these look like tasty bagels but are blah tasting with poor bagel texture. Similar to a Lender's Bagel from the grocery store. Good variety and good service, but just not great bagels. Likely won't go again.

Alexander Vonk

Weston Fischer

This place is trash. I tried the Supreme Sunrise bagel sandwich and it was impressively bad. The egg tasted and looked like rubber. It looked like a frozen premadr egg patty. I've never had an egg this bad. The bacon and sausage tasted fake. Super disappointed in this "sandwich".

Nikki Sperry

Matt Feinberg

Wax paper cooked onto the bread, glad I saw it before taking a bite.

Daniel Vivanco

Fast service and delicious.

Marc Hone

Awful yesterdays coffee. Asked bagel be toasted 2x the thing wasn’t even warm. And they did NOT offer to refund the 8 bucks. KEEP IT. Great visit and food in Las Vegas, until this debacle. Very disappointing. Is there a way to give 0 stars.

Shravani PL

Veggie supreme with tomazzo was really great!


The grilled cheese panini was a sad undercooked bun served with some hot melted substance that even didn't resemble cheese. Stay away!

Erika Johnson

I can’t stop thinking about it’s Asiago bagels (toasted of course). They are the best that I have every had and don’t come close to any other bagel shops!

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