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4600 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89102, United States

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REVIEWS OF Ronald's Donuts IN Nevada

Paul Villamor

Meh. The place is hopelessly outdated and the donuts were only so so. Not worth the trip and it’s dicey trying to deal with traffic on Spring Mountain Rd pulling in and out of that crummy parking lot

B Bombey

Nice assortment, reasonably priced, friendly service. Be sure to carry cash, they don't accept plastic. Although their donuts were light & tasty, I too am skeptical of them being 100% Vegan.

Irko Abdo

I love how original the shop is and YESSS it’s Vegan Friendly. Be advised the vegan pastries are the top 2 rows only. And they offer soy, almond, and I think coconut milk. Lastly the owners always get there really early to make fresh amazing donuts and they’re affordable to anyone that is looking for a quick bite. Also thanks and I hope you guys enjoy


This place isn't much on the decor, but the donuts are TERRIFIC. They know what they are doing, and give you plenty for your money. Small mom & pop place with excellent donuts, and good coffee. I will be back.

Julianne Vermeend

We caught a bus especially to visit Ronald's Donuts & he didn't disappoint! We unanimously agreed that Ronald has the BEST donuts, vegan or otherwise, we have ever had the pleasure of tasting! Great prices, great food, we wish Ronald would move to Melbourne, Australia!!

eric kurth

Really great donuts and fast service. A dozen costs $10, which seems like a better price than the big name places. This is just a small local shop that provides a great value. One thing to be aware of, they only accept cash. So hit an ATM before going.

Huyen N. MacMichael

Absolutely delicious donuts and so unbelievably inexpensive (donut holes $1.20/dozen)! Top shelf + are delightfully vegan, lots to choose from, owners are super nice filling up our water bottles, and we went back multiple times in our 4 day visit. Open 4am-4pm

Old men rule racing

For $10 per doz, they are good, but I perchaced three doz with one doz 'fancy'... Price $43... I don't mind, really, but some were just too dry. All in all, good enough... Stick with the regular ones.

Devin Lindsay

Donuts are mediocre. A supermarket donut would be nearly as good. When you look at the price, they are a terrible value. I bought a dozen and apparently some of the donuts were "fancy" so they charged me $6 extra then a $1 for a credit card transaction. Ended up being $17. Then when I didn't leave a tip during the credit card transaction, the lady gave me the stink eye. Not sure why my coworkers were saying these were the best in the US. They aren't. Not by a long shot.

Andrew Bair

Ronald's is awesome! I try donuts in every city I go to and this place is in my top 5. I was worried about their donuts being vegan but I really didn't need to. The dough is light and fluffy and their icings are great. The apple burrito was unique and the closest thing to portable apple pie I have ever had. Their apple fritters are a big standout as well. They are crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside.

Lily McGee

I'm a huge donut fan and usually track down the best donut joints when in a new city. Ronald's is located on the best food street in Vegas and the donuts were great. I had a chocolate glaze and butter twist, both were excellent as was the coffee. I think my total order cost $3.50, a bargain. Service was great and friendly as well.

Matt Janes

Vegan donuts, that's all you need to know!


Vegan donut heaven. More vegan varieties than non-vegan. Awesome!


Ok... lady inside was friendly.

Brandon Kane

Good old fashion donuts

Yvette Nohrden

Vegan, lots of vegan donuts. Friendly service. Cash only! Classic donut style at good price.

Meagan Landa

Absolutely the best donuts in Las Vegas. They have so many vegan options. The staff is always friendly. The place is clean. I'm always satisfied when I leave this place.

Naztlan Villanueva

Love the donuts they are amazing very kind staff and good prices

Pamela Rutledge

OMGosh such delicious vegan donuts. The drive and search was so worth it. You cant miss this place.


THE BEST VEGAN DONUTS EVER. unassuming little donut shop with the nicest of owners. Always the best.

Silvia Capelli

Best vegan donuts in town! You have to come and try them if you are not from Vegas as if you are you are going to be addicted as all of us. Most donuts are vegan and the price is just... Well, come and see. Come to stay. Take cash as it's the only payment accepted.

Cynthia T

Had the Apple bear claw. So fresh. Fiancé had the cinnamon bun with nuts. Awesome flavors. Disappointed no knife available to cut them in half so we could share. Yummy breakfast choice! No place to wash our hands.

Emily R.

Amazingly delicious donuts with tons of vegan options! Definately the best vegan donuts I have ever tried & one of the best places for ANY kind of donut your heart could desire! Just moved back to town and am so excited to eat there again!

Jacqueline Tisbe

They are super nice here and I love that the first two shelves of donuts are supposed to be vegan (have no fear--they taste like the non-vegan versions). The atmosphere is laid back and has that quintessential donut shop feel. Dozens get packaged in classic pink boxes. We occasionally bring donuts from here for the office and they are always a hit.

Debra Dahane

Love their donuts

Thomas Corrado

Vegan doughnuts in an unassuming shop. Would've missed it without a heads up. If I'm ever back in Vegas I will definitely be back to Ronald's. Cash only.

Bouncin' Brandon

I went vegan a few months back and had begun exploring new and exciting options to be able to still enjoy comfort food and sweets while avoiding meat/meat byproducts. After some searching I came across Ronald's Donuts, which had apparently sold vegan donuts!!! Best news I had read that day, so I headed right over there after work and ordered a dozen, and the lady was so nice she gave me an extra chocolate donut and some donut-holes for the road! Excellent service and amazing donuts, can't even tell the difference! Definitely gonna be my main go to for donuts haha, if you're vegan the top two shelves of donuts are vegan ;D

Antoinette Vigil

I'm a huge donut fan and usually track down the best donut joints when in a new city. Ronald's is located on the best food street in Vegas and the donuts were great. I had a chocolate glaze and butter twist, both were excellent as was the coffee. I think my total order cost $3.50, a bargain. Service was great and friendly as well.

Frank E

Some of the freshest donuts I've ever had. Make sure you go early!

Brittany Black

Cash only place. Small donut shop with top two rows vegan friendly and delicious! My family usually gets at least a dozen and then some donut holes.

A Wessely

If your Vegan and love doughnuts this is a must hit spot. Not too much variety on the doughnuts for Vegans thus the -1 star. What I mean is most of the doughnut will have some variation of apple or cinnamon in them if you don’t take the regular ones. Like pizza it all comes down to the dough. Vegan or non vegan the dough is just the way a doughnut should be. Main issue with this place is the cash only but I guess the old fashion owner doesn’t want to deal with technology or pay credit card fees. Unfortunately I’m hooked so I try not to be in the area or I will have an excuse of why I need to get some

Kristal Powell

This place has amazing donuts I had never tried vegan anything before my friend kept telling me about this place and I finally tried it today OMG THEY ARE GOOD!

Helen Garza

the staff was friendly and observant. it has a good interior. feels like a cafe in phoenix that i enjoyed visiting.

natalie douglas

Vegan donuts! They are absolutely amazing and I will visit them again very soon. Great variety as well

Joanna Dean

What’s better then vegan donuts? Affordable vegan donuts! Went here two days in a row when visiting Vegas. The apple fritters were literally the size of my infants head and so delicious. I highly recommend everyone makes it part of their trip!

s p

Great simple donuts at great prices. I try to keep cash in my wallet in case I get a craving

Thomas Cunningham

I have been getting my Donuts at Ronald's for the past 20 years. They are the best in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Timothy Rafalski

What can I say that hasn't already been said. Top two rows are vegan and yummy! No bad choices. Employees are nice and helpful.

Cherylynne Carlson

Hands Down the BEST donuts in town

Karrie Wood

The donuts were ok. However the basket they put my donut in was dirty.

Rebel Reed

Wow. Just...WOW. I am sooooo happy to have found this magical place! I say "magical" because they have a HUGE variety of VEGAN (YES, VEGAN) DONUTS!!! I felt like a kid in a VEGAN candy store. Lol I still cant believe the donuts I chose were actually vegan!! I kept thinking I was being I can actually walk to "donut bar" on Carson ave, but ever since I discovered ronald's - I don't mind to drive the 15 minutes cause it is soooo much better! I like my donuts simple though, so if you like yours packed with cereal, pop tarts, peanut butter, & all that ridiculousness - then ronald's probably isn't for you.

Bon Bon

Good vegan donuts! Just be careful when the younger girl is working. She is either bad at math or quick yo way over charge? Cause it's much more expensive when she is working. But otherwise I love this place. Always good donuts and a good variety. And vegan! Or not for some

Nikki Hoover

This is the best donut shop in Vegas, hands down. Old school donuts at a great price. Cash only so come prepared!

alejandra estrada

Amazing donuts, many vegan options. Just make sure to bring cash, it is cash only! Also if you plan on sitting inside and enjoying your donut just know there is limited seating when busy.

Em Cory

Is this what they would call a hole in the wall? I do not know. What I do know is that these are the best donuts that I have eaten. Even better than Krispy Kreme donuts and healthier for you. They are always very friendly and very helpful. I recommend this place hands down.

Rhonda Emerson

Amazing and even Vegan options Who knew? Apparently lots of people as the place is packed! Even non-vegans because the flavor is so GOOD!! Gotta go Check it out

Domino D

Wow. Just...WOW. I am sooooo happy to have found this magical place! I say "magical" because they have a HUGE variety of VEGAN (YES, VEGAN) DONUTS!!! I felt like a kid in a VEGAN candy store. Lol I still cant believe the donuts I chose were actually vegan!! I kept thinking I was being I can actually walk to "donut bar" on Carson ave, but ever since I discovered ronald's - I don't mind to drive the 15 minutes cause it is soooo much better! I like my donuts simple though, so if you like yours packed with cereal, pop tarts, peanut butter, & all that ridiculousness - then ronald's probably isn't for you.

Steve Cominski

Nice selection of tasty donuts. I would go back a second time!

Iola Key

Since living a life style of a true Vegan, it is difficult to find sweets that are made for vegan eaters. I couldn't believe that I found this jewel in Las Vegas, NV. I am from Boston so we have loads of places to eat as a vegan. Finding this place has been a delight, the selection was amazing even though I came in later in the day, usually at a bakery it's best to go earlier versus going later in the day but surprise, surprise they had an amazing selection. I surprised my son who is not a vegan and he couldn't tell the difference. LOL so you must stop in and give them a try. Please bring cash.....At least $20 cause you will want a variety. I hope you enjoy...

ricky stansbury

I'm not vegan, so I was surprised when I had their vegan donuts and found they taste as good or better than a "normal" donut! Really great prices for some great donuts.

Paul Krawczyk

Great variety of fresh donuts, however they only except cash

Ally Abe

The very plain building will deceive anyone driving by but the simple looking donuts are made to perfection. Glazed donuts were pillowy soft and the old fashioned donut was crispy on the edges and moist on the inside. Try the delicious apple fritter too! Bring cash no credit accepted.

Donald Lenz

Wooooo love these donuts, if you're ever in Vegas I highly recommend making the journey here

Rian Weaver

We drive from Salt Lake for these donuts. Best I've ever had.

Lan Tran

First time here, alot of good vegan donuts options 2 top shelves were vegan. All very tasty. Although I would give 5 star if only the service was better. Very bad attitude from the young girl behind the counter (sorry we were there to bother you and give you business)

Adriana Rivera

The donuts speak for themselves. Simple and delicious is the best way for me to sum it up! Truly one of the best donuts ive ever had. Sad that they close at 4 but i guess its a good thing since id be there late everyday !

Tiffany Bell

The best damn donuts I've ever had in my life

Justin Holdstock

Incredibly friendly. The best sour cream donut I've ever had (and I've had a lot). Make sure to try all the donuts on the top two shelves, they're all vegan and you won't know the difference. I'd say they're even better than regular donuts. 10/10

Ashley Grover

Such a good cheap donut! Heads up they only take cash

Matthew Alvarez

Great selection of vegan donuts available. It's a small location with a cafe atmosphere. Just a few miles off the Las Vegas strip. Ronald's Donuts made breakfast enjoyable by providing 2 whole shelves of vegan donut options. The prices aren't bad considering food costs on the strip.

Jake Braughton

Love the fact that they have vegan donuts with great prices, they don't gouge you just because you are vegan. They have a great selection even mid-day, with all the classics plus some unique ones. The dough through and through is very consistent, doughy yet light and soft like a pillow to make sweet love to. Overall it's a great place just remember to bring at least 20 bucks with you to get a dozen if you want a good mix of basic and upgraded or premium donuts. Because cash is king at this place, and they dont take any other form of payment.

Andrew Chance

I have sampled every old fashioned donut in the Las Vegas Valley. This is where I keep returning for more.

Michelle Diaz

Delicious vegan donuts at a reasonable price. Need I say more?


Delicious vegan doughnuts.

Juce Beris

Excellent vegan donuts. Large selection. The specialty ones are only $2.

Jenny Cohen

Amazing as always!! This is an absolute yes EVERY time we are in Las Vegas on our way between SLC & Ca. Ronald's Donuts are THE BEST in taste & price we have found from east to west coast. (We moved west from NY 4 year ago)

Marius Smith

Best place ever to get vegan sweet and so cheap. Got even some extra stuff for free, because they were nearly closing. Love it!

Cooper's Automotive

Great donuts. Get away from the strip and get more bang for your buck. Love the Vegan donuts . Can't tell a difference at all.

Bri Bri

Amazing vegan Donut's!!! First top two rows are always Vegan ! And you must try their vegan ice cream and cones as well! I also bought an awesome Ronald's t-shirt and hat!

Elliot Wade

Awesome donuts. The owners are there every time i have been (I have lived here 10 years). The apple fritter and the old fashioned sourdough bar are my go to choices. My wife loved the cinnamon roll. Cash only.

Alpha Aina

Nice clean, fresh place. Owners friendly, good conversation. Fresh donuts, soft and cooked well..not over or under cooked. No bugs.

Spencer Sams

The gold standard for traditional vegan donuts. I have no idea who figured out they even had vegan options, but that hero needs to be known. Every time I visit Las Vegas I make sure to stop by Ronald's and get a few!

Angel Sanchez

Cash only transactions are the worst.

Rob Iverson

Plant based/Vegan options(non-dairy) that are delicious

Mr&Mrs Davis

My husband and I just left Ronald's doughnuts, i got the vegan tiger tale and he got the vegan apple fritter amazing!! I recommend coming here 100%.

Evangelos Koletsis

The best donuts in town .

Sarah Acosta

Came here because they offer vegan donuts and was not disappointed. They taste great and a good price.

Eric Tartaro

Best vegan donuts on Earth. (Not everything is vegan) No Vegas trip is complete without at least on Ronald's run

Jessi Bee

The doughnuts are pretty good here and my family prefers this over other places. Plus, a lot of what they offer is vegan.

Ivy Eve

They’re donuts. They’re vegan. Their prices are great. 10/10 will sad eat another dozen by myself again.


The most amazing little donut place in Vegas. A ton of delicious vegan options and super nice staff. We bought a box and recieved an extra (very large!) pastry to try :)

Ryan Gruesbeck

Amazing. I hope they use organic sugar so that it is not dyed with bone char. But i have no idea. Either eay i still gk back weekly for myself and work friends

Beatrice Wong

Cozy, down to earth donut place. Quality donuts (esp the glazed donut) at great prices. $1 for a regular donut, $10 for a dozen. Take away dozen packed in a bright pink box. Offers coffee and green tea as well. Friendly staffs, fast service.

Criselda Macauley

Their vegan Donuts are like no other. I also love how they are constantly adding new vegan Donuts to their menu. They even have a vegan maple bacon donut. This is my favorite spot in China town. They offer vegan ice cream as well! I love the ube flavor, it reminds me of my childhood.

Xavier de la torre

Best vegan Donuts in Las Vegas

Devil Smile

Best Vegan Donuts I ever had!!!

Mistress Mizery

A-May-ZING.. cash only cheap but fresh donut hard not to get one of everything a #VegasMustHave #OnyaCox

Eric Hamilton

Decent enough donuts but a little on the pricey side for what you get.

Michael Gayle

The doughnuts here are so good! Friendly staff. Great ootions and great for vegans and non vegans. There dough is vegan so most of their doughnuts are vegan. So good. Will for sure be back.

Alyssa Marie

Amazing vegan donuts! So many flavors and options to choose from; there are also cinnamon rolls, fritters, and cream-filled, aside from the regular donuts. The owners are really friendly too. We've made our way here almost every time we go to or through Vegas. Definitely recommend!!

A Silva

Despite what some of the other reviews report Ronald’s does not have any gluten free donuts. Rather disappointing since we had made a special trip just for the gluten free donuts. They didn’t have any vegan donuts either. The donuts overall were not anything to write home about. Perhaps it was because we went towards the end of the day. The donut holes were ok. Old fashion glazed was dry and overly sweet for my taste. Service was mediocre. Overall, ok donut shop, but would return to try some of the vegan options. I prefer the donuts from another well known local donut place.

Brian Ives

Great place for Vegan donuts very delicious

Shawn Murphy

It's a donut place. About what you'd expect. Worth a trip if you like fried dough with sugary frosting!

Matthew Holland

Awesome vegan donuts.

Corinne Dela Cruz

If they started serving boba I would absolutely lose it. I love Ronald's and all the vegan options they have, yes including the ice cream!


I can't recommend this place enough. Delicious classic style vegan donut options!!! I go every time I go to Vegas.

Noah Zwillinger

Hands down the best vegan doughnuts I've ever had and possibly the best of any. So many vegan options, all delicious. Fair prices and kind owner as well.

Cody Jordan

A humble shop that offers simple but delicious donuts-- most of which also happen to be vegan. I've paid $3-4 for donuts that aren't as good as Ronald's $1 donuts.

Victor Robinson


Christopher Hisch

Delicious doughnuts. Cash only and a dozen was about $20. I liked the variety and tried about 6 different ones but it's a toss up between the cream filled or the apple fritters for my favorite.

Wendi Mar

Wonderful people fresh donuts. Donut shop has a wonderful ambiance, small town feeling in a too busy world.


Quick and kind service, plus there's vegan options which makes this an absolute 5/5 rating. The donuts are fantastic, I'd highly recommend Ronald's Donuts if you're a local or a tourist. Must-stop!

P Brown

#letsguide This my favorite place for donuts. One of Vegas #best. Fresh clean and friendly.

Jonathan Black

Affordable vegan donuts. Nothing fancy. Nothing over the top. It's perfect. They're regular donuts but vegan (top 2 shelves) including the donut holes. I have been coming here for over 2 years now and have never been disappointed.

Cheri Johnson

Discovered this place in 2003. Very sweet owners and super tasty donuts. Moved away and came back 10 years later and they remembered us!! Recently told I have a wheat allergy so I have to stay away myself but most of my family loves it and still enjoys having a delicious donut. Really like the new paint. Looks brighter :)

Heather Zepeda

First time trying vegan donuts- very tasty. Would like to show up earlier next time to get fresher donuts, also would like to try their selection of vegan ice cream (not a vegan, just like to try new things). Service was friendly and fast.

Alex Tushinsky

Great vegan options

Reut Tamir

I went there, most of the donuts there are vegan. That’s what they say! I took 4 different donuts and they were amazing! Soft and the filling was really good. The one with the jam wasn’t really good. But the other were really great! I will sure go there again! Didn’t took a picture coz it was to good.

dietrick holliday

best donuts ever

Michael Cappello

Best Donuts in Vegas.. Absolutely love these mum and pop stores that make food with love. Tyvm


If you love donuts, you have got to visit Ronald's Donuts at least once when you go to Vegas. The top row of donuts is completely vegan, too, which makes the trip even more special for that great vegan in your life.

ashley dammeyer

This place makes amazing donut holes!

Tommy Lee

Best donut around

abdullah chaudhry

Amazing donuts, they are nice and big, and are not heavy at all. They also have Vegan Donuts too!!!!

Kenya Johnson

These are THEE BEST. Nothing better.

Juan Nunez

This spot is amazing from Chicago

Adrian Lopez

Tried to call to ask a question. I had asked if they had vegan donuts and the lady said yes most are vegan okay bye and hung up on me. I did have another question I wanted to ask and I was going to go buy some donuts but wont be anymore. Plain rude.


Excellent donuts and tons of vegan options!

Robin Martindale

We love Ronald’s! We stop by every time we are in town. Highly recommend and bring cash.

Gary Cooper

Since we are now eating a vegetarian diet 80% of the time I find myself enjoying the change my queen has taken for us so I have given up most of my food vices. But the few food vices I do enjoy are Ronald's Donuts and do not intend on EVER GIVING THEM UP....EVER. That's why we enjoy eating the fantastic donuts without any reservations of guilt. So I highly recommend that you treat yourself to pure decadent joy. You should prepare yourself for the seductive taste of the beautiful tender flavor and a gentle sweetness but not over powering with sugar. Enjoy

Amber Nicely

Best vegan donuts ever. I love this place so hard. I've had fancy $6 vegan donuts that just didn't hit the spot like Ronald's. Simple, elegant, and imho far better than any regular donut. If you are vegan and in Vegas and need a donut (or a dozen or two) then you must come here.

Jessica DeVries

Did not disappoint! Cozy hole in the wall type place with Super sweet owner and the donuts are amazing. Most are vegan but they taste like normal, big name brand donuts. Highly recommend the chocolate glazed custard filled. Even if you aren’t vegan, you NEED TO TRY THIS PLACE.


the only place i know of in vegas that has vegan donuts. very cheap prices, and it tastes exactly like what i remember!

Sam Nang

OMG. Their donuts are freakin delicious! So fresh! They have vegan options too.

Chris Blatchley

If you have a dairy allergy, 2/3rds of the donuts are available to you! They were really good

Jon L

Lord have mercy. This place takes my love for doughnuts to new heights.

Icaro Mardones

Every time I pass through or come to Vegas I have to come here. They have the best donuts I've had whether they are vegan or not! As a vegan I have missed donuts, until I found this place. The donuts that I come across that are vegan are usually more 'cakey'. But bot here... these are some raised donuts that will blow your mind! Heard of Voodoo donuts? You will forget about them if you come here. I spend about $15 each time and I eat donuts for about 3 days at least. This place is a donut must!

Andrew Kennelly

Hands down the best donuts I have ever had. Can't believe they are vegan friendly!!!!

Shashank Josyula

This is a cash only place. We came here at 5 am just as they opened their doors. We got one of each donut to go. Ate a few in the car and the rest at home. The donuts are amazing, soft and crunchy. Very tasty and just the right amount of sweetness. My favourite were the donut holes, perfectly bite sized and very fluffy. I would recommend anyone who would want to try this place to go here early and get the donuts while they are hot/warm. The owner is friendly.

Adam Beckman

Amazing donuts with a great variety of Vegan options!

Wesley Morgan

Best in Las Vegas! Get there early they sell out quick! Cash only!

Etenesh Deneke

They have a Vegan option and everyone is friendly

Cheryllyn Longoria

Scrumptious vegan donuts at a great price! Check them out! You won't be sorry!


The best, I'm sure of it. Pleasant service and old fashioned atmosphere, with a nice selection of vegan delights. Unfortunately I was too excited I had missed to see if they wheelchair accessible.

Teiste Brito

Some of the best donuts I have try in US and Imnot exaggerating.Their apple turnovers and bear claws are brilliant as well as their regular donuts.These guys know to to make pastries and Vegas locals are very lucky to have them.Ill recommend you to get there earlier because if you arrive after 12 pm , good luck finding any of their pastries.

Chris Mee

After 18 months of being vegan, this is quite possibly the best donut I've ever eaten. Had a regular donut and a jelly filled one.... if you're a vegan in Sin City get over here and eat some amazing donuts for practically nothing! 3 donuts and 2 coffees was $6!

Ay Jay

Great prices! I rode a scooter from the other side of the Vegas Strip just to get there and they did not disappoint. The whole top 2 rows are vegan! I enjoyed a chocolate frosted that was not too sweet but delictably soft. The cinnabun was pretty sweet but moist and delish. I had to get 2 dozen of the 10cent donut holes to take back to my family in the hotel room. Plenty of seating inside. Its located in a plaza so there is ample parking. When in town be sure to patronize this business for non dairy delicious donuts/fritters.

scott cornford

Nice to have vegan doughnuts, but glad they are not close to home.

Chelsea Hazel

Best VEGAN apple fritters ive had in my life! Huge vegan section and creat prices and service! Cash ONLY place

Kristy Swanson

Donuts are amazing and not like any you have ever tasted fresh all day long but the family that works there should be friendly to all their customers not just the elderly or those of their same nationality...

Pumpkin V

I love this little donut place so much. I have been here about three times over the last three years and the quality has always been amazing. So many tasty vegan donuts that taste exactly like the non vegan ones we are all so used to. The prices are cheap and usually the first 2 rows are vegan, be sure to ask!

nina jackson

Omg amazing donuts! And great customer service! So amazed that these are vegan

Chandra The Vegan Blogger

Lots of yummy vegan donuts

James Tribett

Great as always.

Katie Whalon

Top two shelves are vegan. They also have icecream!!

Sahara O.

The owners are incredibly kind and very sweet. The vegan doughnuts are out of this world!

Sharon Barren

Really good vegan donuts and great customer service.

John Butler

This place is an institution. Best donuts in Vegas. Vegan to shelf donuts. I am not vegan but the donuts are amazing

Kirk Myers

We've been buying from Ron's Dognuts for over 14 years and without a doubt the make the best donuts we've ever tasted. Make sure you bring cash because they don't except credit cards.

Ashley Yuill

Best vegan donuts I've ever had. Hands down. These are actually among the best donuts (vegan or not) I've ever tried. Stuffing my face with donuts from Ron's is always the highlight of my time in Vegas. The donuts are cheap, delicious, and it's hard to believe they're actually vegan. Bring cash and go early in the day so you don't miss out on any donuts!

DMoreya woods


Aaron Feld

Vegan Donuts? I’m still trying to understand how they made these that delicious. The top two rows, which is most of their product is all Vegan! I’ve passed this place a thousand times but never noticed it. I searched for something a little different at 4:30am & bam!!! Ronald’s pops up. 4am-4pm & the freshest, dense, yet somehow still extremely light & fluffy, & incredibly delicious. I did get one non vegan donut (it was an orangey flavored kind of donut) & as delicious as it was it still was not as amazing as the vegan ones. Plain, Custard (my ultimate favorite), orange, & an apple empanada (also extremely tasty) were the several that I decided to try this first time. Oh & I will be back! Remember to bring cash otherwise you will pay an additional $1.00 to use your card. Thanks Ronald's I'll see you soon!

Roxana Moss

Not sure about the donuts because they didn't take debit cards only cash.

Blind Man60

Very good donuts, A must go if your in Vegas.

Ty G.

These donuts are by far the best I’ve ever had. The have a ton of vegan options too. Great prices and the nicest hardest working owner I’ve come across. Love it!

Ryan Campbell

Cash only but still great.

Mariah Hillman

Vegan donuts. Enough said!

La Sheena Cooley

The vegan donuts are very good and a great affordable price! Even the selection is far from limited. Highly recommend even if you're not vegan. You won't be disappointed.

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Freed's Bakery
Freed's Bakery
Bakery - Nevada