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REVIEWS OF Jerry's Nugget Casino IN Nevada

Cheryl McElroy

Jerry's Nugget is what Vegas used to be. It's family owned and has that nostalgia feeling. It's small, cozy and you can actually have a conversation without yelling or going deaf! The best thing is the coffee shop. They have an incredible variety of food ranging from salads to lobster. They're deserts are scrumptious. Posted is an eclair. Yes, it is huge. The service is OUTSTANDING. Ask for Kelly. She's the best

Irene Gentry

What a fun casino. Contrary to some reviews, it is not dirty or smoky. Staff is very accommodating and friendly. After one visit they remember your name. I especially enjoy the coin drop classic machines, and win on them. The restaurant is good also. Sugar free cheesecake, in the bakery case. How great is that? Waitresses right on point, no waiting for service. So drop in to have some fun, especially if you enjoy classic slot or poker machines.

Perry Smith

Friendly staff and Jerry's Famous Coffee Shop is a locals favorite. They have a bakery, so there's fresh bread, cake and pies for dessert. Some people come just for the steak specials, including steak and shrimp, but there's many other options. I really enjoy some of their unique sandwiches, especially Jerry's Spicy Nugget, a deliciously spicy turkey sandwich. Highly recommended.

jadranka mikulic

I wish that casino have rooms . is good local casino

Jess Phoenix

One of those old time Casino's that take you wayyy back. Nice staff, freezing cold in the summer, fun games.

Amelia H. Guynn-Barros

Cafe was good for eating experience with family.

Andrew Auld

This time, Thursday, was the BEST dinner we had in the coffee shop. We had Prime Rib dinners and White Clam Soup. They were to die for.

Adriana Farina

Nice steak and lobster tail... prime rib is good as well, good prizes and Customer service

Craig Schray

Good minimum table limits for craps, thus my 3 star rating. I thought about giving a two star as Jerry's nugget is not a goid place to go if you're a beginner as the local gamers are extremely serious about gambling. If you're learning, or don't play regularly as is my case, my recommendation is to make sure you have either an experienced player with you, or helpful craps dealers to guide you. The dealers were very helpful. But the the local players were very rude and blamed the 'outsider' everytime they lost.

Dianne Meril

Off the main strip and not so crowded, food was great and reasonable prices.

Rachel Pruitt

The restaurant in the casino is amazing. The is amazingly good. Large servings. The chicken salad is delicious!


Very clean and pleasant wait staff. Ordered steak and eggs. Previous time steak was tender but this time tuff and fatty.

Herminia Hernandez

I like this casino that ambassador are nice and the girls at the cashier cage are super great.

Grant Smith

I like this place! Loose slots and I had fun there, I really don’t like the area, seems unsafe.

annie lynn

Best place to get delicious desserts❗


Food is excellent. Huge prime rib deals. Desserts are fantastic. Casino is smallish but modern. Graveyard steak specials are very good and less than ten bucks.

Scott Paynter

I put cash in the machine and pulled out a nugget. Lots of hot men though.

Bryan Richhart

I always enjoy Jerry's, they have good food at reasonable prices and most always the staff is friendly

Barry Warford

I was so looking forward to a nice meal at Jerry's. I have a friend who always requests that i take her to Jerry's for her birthday. We went expecting the same wonderful food, and service we have always experienced. The food was not good, it was bland. The service was sub par, with a dining room that was mostly empty, and an overabundance of wait staff, you had to wait and wait for your drinks to be refilled. They serve the drinks in 8oz glasses filled with ice. The cashiers at checkout were too busy gossiping and acted like you inconvenienced them. We then went to play a little on the machines in the casino. You know better than to expect jackpots, but darn the machines did not even play, the overall experience was one of GREAT disappointment...

William Kalush

Love this place! Best food in Vegas too.

Anisha James

Always love these place. Cant remember the girls name at the snack bar. Im sure it starts with a "J" jassie something like that. My apologies but she was very sweet give this lady a bonus or something.

Michelle Hernandez

Best food and definitely best deserts!!!

Andra Ralenkotter

We go there for the Prime rib. The service in the restaurant is great but when playing the machine 's you can't get a drink. The cocktail servers are very few if any!

chris gibson

The service was amazing, but I was disappointed with the prime rib, it used to be the best for the locals, but there was no seasoning crust on the edges like it was before, don't know why, and the people there when we were also was disappointed, they really need to get this done, seasoned crust

Thomas Brown

The only thing I like about this casino is the “Nice Water Fall View w/ Statue” Outside of that, Horrible Security customer service!!!! Dogs are not allowed on the property, according to security guidelines!!!!! was told by Security to take our dogs elsewhere!!!! “Very Rude Security and Management”

Maria Figueroa

It was nice. Cafe was bomb! Strawberry round was out of bounds! We had fun.

Jim Shepard

Very disappointing today. Slow service, hamburger meat and bun very dry. Will rethink abuot returning anytime soon.

Jannett Bland

FOOD and Service from your Entire Staff-Excellent Thankyou JB

Nicole Garza

I love Jerry's Nugget it's one of the great original Vegas hangouts like back in the day Vegas. It still has the old Vegas style food but like everything else they have minimized the portions while simultaneously increasing the prices so personally I can't afford to eat a meal at Jerry's Nugget as much as I'd love to I just don't have that kind of money. They should've reasonable portions, reasonable prices bring in some mind of ambiance give us something to do on this side of town and STOP BEING GREEDY YOU'RE KILLING IT IN A BAD WAY We're not the Jones' were locals and we need and love good deals forget the strip crowd they called and said they weren't comin' get with the program!

Irene Smith

Never had a bad meal at Jerry's Nugget, been going there for over 30 years. I think the slots are tighter than they used to be. The desserts are excellent! They have valet parking, which is awesome for anyone who cant walk a large parking lot like me. I reccomend that you give Jerry's a try.

Lisa Von Heeder

Prime rib is to die for. 28 Oz thick-cut cooked the way you want and just $28.

Kathy Sheffield

Classic Vegas - great friendly staff and tasty food at the cafe at excellent prices

Jennifer Que

My finance and I go to Jerry nugget several times a week. The staff is very nice and the casino is clean

Bill Kimmel

I was disapointed. Its been 30 years since I been there last. Was not the same place. Turned into the generic glitzy strip casino like the rest. Too

Adam Sternberg

My wife and I have been coming to the Jerry's Nugget Famous Coffee Shop for years and we take lots of our friends here as well. Granted, the neighborhood is far from Shangri-La, but the restaurant is fantastic. It's truly one of the best hidden gems in Las Vegas, where the prices are on par with any coffee shop in Vegas but the food quality and selection is fantastic, especially their desserts. The one thing I almost always get is their Prime Rib, which is simply an amazing cut of meat (be sure to ask for them to prepare it "Blackened", which is kind of a secret menu item. Trust me, it's incredible). Any time we are in the mood for a casual dining experience where we want great food, good prices, and excellent service, Jerry's Nugget is where we head to!

John Privitera

They really do have great food.

Dave Talbert

One of best local casinos ever.

Brian Fung

Prime rib is good and cheap here

Michael Ferguson

This is the go to for prime rib. Old school casino that is AWESOME! LOVE the coffee shop food and staff

Mari Willhite

Nice neighborhood casino. Coffee shop has awesome desserts especially the chocolate eclairs

Mary Adanadus


Myreta Davis

We always eat in the coffee shop, and our large group goes in late on a Monday night. The wait staff are so nice and competent. Sweets in the cases are absolutely beautiful and quite tempting, but once you get into them they are an awful lot for a single person, so prepare to ask for extra silverware to share with others. Items on the menu that are really good include the patty melt and the shrimp cocktail Don't know about the casino because we just go into the cafe!

family munter

5 stars for being so nostalgic, yet very good.. A few vintage machines that take coins and drop them into the metal tray on each winning. They even have buckets to carry your quarters around. They are also current with their slot machines. The coffee shop is unexpectedly good. Great menu.escape the prices of the strip and come here. You'll be glad u did.

Paula Williams

Went there for my boyfriend's birthday dinner and it was a horrible experience. Had many, many issues with the food and when it was brought up the staff seemed to not care. The customer service, even the management is not very nice and they dont care about the public.

Takeru Ruketta

The New York wasn't good as I hoped it was very bland. The root beer float was my least favorite in town. Ranch dressing salad was really good in my opinion. Other salads were mediocre at best. Ribs and mashed potatoes were bomb. Not a place I plan on returning to.

melissa lovette

Great perks for new players club members. The coffee house is awesome. Awesome prices and one of the best steaks I've had in Vegas. Oh and their desserts are to die for!!

Christian Johnson

They have an arcade, (on the valet side) which houses "House of the Dead 2" (no pun intended) in which you will find the initials "FUN" in the top 10. FUN = ME. I am FUN. I dare you to take my spot

danny durden

Bare-basics casino. Keep your expectations low, then perhaps you'll be pleased

MJ Santana

I love the deli in this place! They have like the BESTEST desserts on earth. It's a fun place to play some slots too. The food is where it's at though. I will be back to try more of the amazing desserts. There are so many to choose from!

Pamela Amo

Always a fun local place to play and have a meal. Love this place.

Lori Roberts

Disappointed as they are ALWAYS out of med well Prime Rib 5:30 - 6:00 pm on Sundays.......why can't they adjust????

Dennis Baker

The restuarant is good. We had 8 people and everyone liked the meal they ordered. They had a party of 22 just before us so they were low on the prime rib. Tip: go early enough ti beat the rush and get a thick cut of it. The parking area is well lit and secure and the building has aged really well.

Marsha Landreth

Friends were in town and wanted to meet for lunch. I had them meet me at the Coffee Shop, which is a local's favorite near my office. They were very surprised, considering the neighborhood is not very "high rent". The first thing you see when you walk in is the dessert display, which is stupendous. The menu is huge and varied, and the food is always good. We enjoyed our lunch and our visit.

Bonnie Brown

It was a near empty restaurant but the service was exceptional. Don was very helpful and friendly. We ALWAYS love to drop by Jerry's for a quick meal and the DESERTD!!.... Oh my!! I had to limit my wants/needs to only 2 choices for takeout. YUM!!

Carlene Martinez

My most favorite casino in las Vegas is Jerry's Nugget Casino. I did not know it even existed until some friends asked me and my boyfriend to meet them there about 2 months ago and I am so happy that they did because I have such a good time there everytime and they have so many fun and different slots to play and they are so generous with their points and bonuses. I Just Love Jerry's Nugget It's The Best!!

marvin redden

Elbows down 1 of the best local spots still left in Las Vegas. The people that work here are great fun and still understand that a smile goes a long way whether your winning or losing.

Donna Hosanna-Marr

It is clean. We like the cafe very good food and service was wonderful.

Carolyn Farrell

This is a nice little gem hidden in North Las Vegas nice slot games great breakfast thumbs up

Kathie Templet

I hadn't been there for years..was I missing out. Excellent

Rosly Virgil

The prime rib omg!! Very good I loved it

Amanda Hemming

Great food, friendly service. I will definitely be going back.

Edward Edge

I cash my Paychex here is very great establishment thank you.

Gail Miller

Love the Jerry's Famous Coffee Shop. Great food and their desserts are to die for!

Felipe Ramos

The best food, great service, steak and shrimp good price

April Smith

It's close to me convenient place to relax and gamble.

Skoobie Jackson

Steak and eggs with my Pops....miss you...Happy Fathers Day with Love.

Marvin Mundo

Great place. ... staff in the restaurant were so nice and friendly (Ty Shell

BigDouja Fresh

Great food and good service. Plus the prices are normal and not the Strip overpriced.

Chris Godwin

Nice place. Had fun and will definitely recommend.

Blane Arrington

Fun casino and great food at the coffee shop.

Arley Anthony

Small quaint but the slots are kinda tight

kevin doran

Won't go here the security are mean as hell act like there all tuff bunch rent a cops place is ran by maffia still

Kevin Kay

PRIME RIB ... Its Really Fantastic !!!! Nice Cozy Little Greek Restaurant !! Wonderful Service / Employees

Joshua Potter

Still the best prime rib in Las Vegas! I've been eating here since I'm 13 years old and 30 years later it's still my favorite place to eat prime rib. The rest of the menu and the daily specials are just as good! Service is still top notch as well! Don't let the location or neighborhood scare you away. The security at Jerry's Nugget has always been top notch with zero nonsense tolerated. I still recommend using valet parking. The casino is spotless and the restaurant is always kept up to date and clean. It

Cynthia Graham

Well... if you are craving brew that taste straight from a mid-century table, then this is the place. It’s not bad but very plain. The set is friendly but slow.

Tiffany Yip

They have very good prime ribs sandwiches with aurjuce sauce for dipping, it came with french fries, very tasty, I going to take my son there tonight for dinner. I bring him half of mine, he said the best prime ribs sandwiches he had ever have

Roberta Thiel

They have good French dip sandwiches.

Susan Slayden

Had Prime Rib, as good as ever. The desserts are wonderful.

Paul Caruso

Old school spot. Worth venturing to. This place has one of the pastry option in all of Las Vegas. I am Vegas raised since 1971, the deserts are prepared with excellence. You can also visit for the Sunday $9.99 Prime Rib Speacial. Well cooked quality meat. Stop in sometime. It is older, but it has it goodies to be had.

Beverly Wells

Very good restaurant, servers and staff. The best deserts in the area!

Randall Putala

Locals casino, nothing to get excited about. Cheap live Keno. Watered down drinks. Staff is friendly if you are.

July A

Cozy and very homey casino. The coffee shop is great and offers a lot of entrees, pies and amazing cakes. The snack bar is also really cute. Highly recommend to play and eat here.


Come in here for the sports books. Great place and parking

Roger Murillo

Nice place to kill time i made a little money today is a good day thank god

Scott Simon

Drink service at gaming machines and tables is slow. Comps for regular customers are small. The restaurant is worth eating especially on Friday night for their prime rib specials.

Jeff Burnham

Went for the Prime Rib which USED to be good. The service has really gone down hill. Always a long wait for your food to make into the table. It's a shame this place used to really be good. Not sure if I'll ever come back. Last several experiences there have been pretty bad.

Sparkle Blu

One of my old time favorites it's more than a local hang out. Jerry's features thd best in coffee shop restuarants featuring the now hard to find buttermilk pancakes, steak and eggs and much more. Things may have change but Jerry is still one of the most popular coffee shops in town. And the casino life is not bad either.

Steve Leroy

On my 4th time going there I walked up to the 2 security guards with my I'd in hand. One of the guards stopped me and not tonight, I said what. He said I could not go inside tonight. I again asked why and said I've never been in trouble nor given an NRS 200.207. the guard then put his right hand on top of his gun and leave the property now. I turned and walked away. The other guard never said a word. To tell someone he or she can't enter and not tell they is wrong. I will tell everyone I talk to what happened and they lost my business for life.

charles brison

The seven layer carrot cake at Jerry's Nugget Bakery is the best in all of Las Vegas this is truly a Hidden Gem if you're unfamiliar with Jerry's Nugget Bakery you owe it to yourself to go visit the deserts are awesome and freshly baked. I take my friends from out of town there and they always love it

Robbie Butler

Used to have breakfast here when friends and I would come from Mesquite to have fun in Vegas. Always more than we could eat, we agreed it was a good way to start our day.

Luis Cacho

Still has some of the best Prime Rib for the best price! Well worth it! Don't miss out on dessert too! The Macadamia Nut Cheesecake is the UNICORN of them! If they have it ORDER IT!!!

Gerald O'Reilly

Outstanding facility love this place love this face best one I've been in so far five stars in all categories

Monica Flores

Always a great experience dining here! Staff are always welcoming and attentive. Food is very tasty! Always have to eat here when I'm in town.

Tracy Wade

Always a great time. Good people, loose machines and I think they have the best prime rib in all of Vegas!!

James McCullar

Great food I think the best prime Rib served in a public restaurant in this valley service is great people are friendly. The place is old but they have been great for a long time. Take a doggie bag and have desert they are beautiful and wonderful.


Love going to their cafe with my mom. Food is always good as well as the service.

Peggy Andersen

We love it there. Cant say enough good things!

Paula Dean

Smells like cigarettes, but good bingo.

Elaine Miller

Not in a desired location but the food is really good there...and the cheesecake options are amazing! I go there every now and then and love to go with my Dad!

John Monks

The Clam Chowder on Fridays is the BEST I'VE ever had so creamy and smooth! I had the 10 hr. Slow cooked ribs last time and regretted Id only gotten a half slab...had the FULL slab yesterday and the meat fell off the bones...OMG so much better than Tony Romas which I used to think were the best. The soup is handmade everyday. We also love the Zucchini sticks for an appetizer...wonderful!

Jose Hernandez

Awesome food, had some great luck with the Slots! I come here often, a favorite place to eat and great prices for the quality!

Charlie Estes

Sports betting...they give the best odds of ALL the Vegas casinos that I know of

Carlos Deliz

Great atmosphere,awesome food....

Mike McCowen

Classic, old school casino a bit north of the strip. Dates from the 60s. Great food, non-tourist atmosphere, legendary baked desserts.

Marlon Brown

Smokey but fun. Food id wonderful. Cheese cake is a must!!!

ShaRhonda The 1 N Only

Love the historic feel of Jerry's. Clean, quiet, great food and nice employees.

Martin Martinez

It's actually for locals. Pretty much is only casino. One bar for the whole casino. Some how medium sizecafe inside. Prices on there meal are descent. No hotel casino only.

Avelina Chaission

Great breakfast and amazing time with family ❤️

Talent Wasted

I love the convience of the parking. Don't have to deal w parking garages and meters that are charging different prices every day. I like all the black jack dealers as most are friendly and don't just deal the cards as if u were sitting in front of a robot. Some casinos just want the dealer to say nothing and deal the cards, and have no interaction w the players. And I like the sports book writers. They have been friendly to me as I have been to them, but I'm getting the feeling lately that they are told not to interact w me about the games or ask me who I like and I cant ask them who they might like . It's just friendly small talk that 95%of the time isn't going to change anyone's mind on who they are going to bet. I already know what I'm doing before I walk in. And the same w the bj dealers .. I sit down to play while Jessica or one of the other girls, and within 1 set of dealing the 2 decks , they get replaced. If for some reason I'm not welcome their, then I will limit the time infrequent there . I used to come every day for 2 months. But I never go where I am not welcome. Why would anybody ? I know the decisions are coming from the top executives, cause I get along w almost every employee. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think I am. But I would recommend your place to others..

Mike Hedrick

Some of the best waitresses that I've ever come across in this town and their prime rib is world famous! Anytime I have people come to town I take them there for the prime rib. Anybody else that's even close is five times the cost and I don't like paying for ambience. I like paying for good, well prepared food by people who care about what they do. Kitchen staff here are some of the best in the whole city. I seriously Hidden Gem for locals.

Jean Cazimero

Love this place. And the food is really good. The service is great too. Dillion our waiter is on the job. Very kind, great smile. That's why I try to go when he's there which is late at night.

Bonnie Lorence

Food is delicious, especially the prime rib and all their pastries and cakes! They have a great menu selection including several Greek entrees. The staff is very friendly and service oriented. My family and I have eaten there many times and it's always been an a pleasant experience. We've even been at snack bar a few times as well.

Ken Wilson

Jerry's Nugget is a bit old school. They have cleaned it up considerably in the past few years. The coffee shop has good food, serviceman be a little iffy sometimes, but I've never had a bad meal there. The prime rib and steaks are usually excellent. Bakery goods are wonderful. I was sorry to see the Italian place closed. Typical smallish casino floor, a little ragtag, but reasonably clean and decently staffed. The neighborhood is a little sketchy, but I don't feel unsafe there. Really a fun place for a change of pace from all the glitzy glamour elsewhere in Vegas.

Hannah Frehner

Great staff, my family has been going for years and have never left unhappy!

Dwayne Johnson

This one of our favorite spot 4 dinner great food & da employees r always very nice , its a pleasant place 2 eat dinner at

Tom Kaiser

Great food, service was very good Maria is a super waitress. First time we have eaten there in 5 years. We will be back

Maria Bass

After sending me a birthday comp they refused to honor it. I was treated bad and the food is way downhill. The area is less than desirable.

Andre Vaughn

A great place to go if like food and want to get away from the strip!

Kellie K Blanco

It's just not like it used to be. I mean the potions we're great but my husband ordered middle size cut it was big but cold and tasteless no flavor at all. Customer service was great with everybody. Our waitress was great.(Sorry can't remember her name)She was a nice older Asian lady. Tipped her $20.00 She was very happy! I just think the time isn't taken anymore with preparing the food.In this pic you can see the edges we're not crusted no flavor at all. I guess you might have to go and try it out for yourself.

John Jackson

Good Prime Rib Sandwich...

Todd Sears

Great food & Great service & Great Porterhouse Steak & my dog loved the bone!!!

Heather Waggoner

Awesome food great service every time, even if it's year's between my visits.

ruben vazquez

Food and service is always good nice environment to have a good meal.

Malinda Mier

$3 for french fries. They were under cooked and plain ( no salt) serving is small very dissatisfied.. fries were not even a complete french fry just little pieces

Dennis Morgan

Fabulous food! Nice sports book. Average rooms. Very bad area, be careful walking in this area... better yet, don't walk in this area, not safe.

Spencer Beard

Coffee Shop prime rib is to die for. I've been coming here for 25 here's and I've never had problems. Musi is our new favorite server. She was so polite and helpful. We love being checked on by multiple servers, managers and even the owner, Angelo.

Ernest Cornejo

new slot sign ups get cash back! famous coffee shop and bakery has amazing baklava and eclairs!

Debby Mussler

Out of the four of us my food was great. I had the prime rib and even though they were out of rare it was great. Two others though ordered steak and lobster and the steaks were so overcooked they were horrible. Our waitress apparently didn't think we were worth taking care of well which was unfortunate for her as we all have worked in the food industry and are really great tippers when warranted. In her case not so much. But she did get tipped.

Felicia Powell

The food has seemed to slip. The machines were fun.

isai ramos

Jerry's Nugget is a great neighborhood casino. Good atmosphere, good food, good drinks and a sports book. If you love chicken fingers try them at the snack bar area. They are finger licking good lol. Its just a good time away from all the traffic on the strip. Also very good prime rib there at jerrys nugget. If you ever around the area stop on by.

JoAnne Pughsley

Big enough for a variety of slot machines and nice

Austin Jose

Nice friendly environment good bar to have a drink or two

Sheryl Burnham

Great food and great prices.

Bee Edwards

Fast service frendly people clean but smells of smoke.

Marie NB

Rachel the waitress is awesome! Food ok!

mike Sickmade

Really awesome casino. Classic quarter machines with buckets available to put the quarters that you won in. Classic sound of ppl winning(ching ching ching) and the craps table is great too. 3 dollar minimum. It has bets you can place that most other casinos don't have. Small/tall/all. Dealers are pretty cool too. Overall great casino

Andres Zavala

The dining experience was great. I had a terrific Chopped Sirloin with a Tossed Salad and Fresh Fries. . It was more than satisfying. Try the Diner at Jerry's Nugget.

Tylee Rae

The food was horrible, not able to order a medium well steak without it being overcooked and taste like wet dog. Staff was unprofessional. Argued in front of us over who would wait our table. Never coming here again. Not worth the money.

Jake Ashburn

I worked there and had a great time the staff us always fun and nice and the security there is always risking themselves to keep the people safe

Yahaira Ochoa

This place was ok. Came here for a quick card game. I'm not going to lie, it is very ghetto, smells musty & is very small. You can tell this is an old casino. The crowd is all seniors & not very much going on in here. I wouldnt go back.

Walter Doolen

Great steak sandwich. Dessert was excellent-strawberry with chocolate top and cream

MaryJane Gogal

I visit Vegas once a year. The last 2 times we went here for Prime Rib and wasn't able to get any. But they do have delicious deserts.

Amanda Franklin

One of the best prime ribs! I have never eaten anything bad here yet!

Tamber Trapp

I love this place. Family Friendly dining.

Rong Dai

While it lacks the glitz and glamour of casinos on the strip, Jerry's Nugget is one of only a handful places that offer $5 blackjack. Your money goes a long way. There are other games but I stuck with blackjack for a few hours and was thoroughly content. There are decent food options, and a highly rated strip club across the street, so what more could you ask for?

Nicole Watson

My 2nd favorite place to gamble in all of Las Vegas. The only thing that makes North Las Vegas tolerable

Jamie Cornejo

The best prime rib ever!

Robin Nicopolis

The food in the coffee shop is delish. And the staff are friendly and fast.

Donna Scalf

Very nice locals casino. The coffee shop has a large selection of foods. Tried their prime rib. It was delicious. Can't wait to go again.

Debra Enciso

Was a nice casino just didn't care for the restaurant

Jeffrey Moore

Jerry's Nugget has got a super steak I got three different sizes third one I guarantee you can't eat all of it in one setting I got an Italian restaurant to die for pizzas calzones you name it they've got it the cafe where all the stakes are is got everybody's got good service everything food is magnificent I can't say good enough stuff about this place........BEAR

Lanell Kelley

No cream pies so bummed

Mike Mcdonald

Its realy a dump. This is a real low class place.

Kenneth Gary

Food was very tasty and delicious. Comfortable booths, and the Italian sausage minestrone was off the chain.

william kight

Able to cash my check there prices for everything from food to gambling are very reasonable.. never had a bad time there or bad food

p thomas

I enjoy visiting the silver nugget. I did notice that when i am there i am never offered a cocktail. So i dont even know if they have cocktail waitresses. Besides that its cool.

Stephen St Clair

Small and quaint casino in North Las Vegas. It's not the big strip casino, it's more personal and friendly. The only down side for me was the slots and table games weren't very expansive. Still a good casino and will give it a shot to stay here next time I visit in the fall.

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