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3270 E Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89121, United States

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REVIEWS OF Great Buns Bakery IN Nevada

Robert Taylor

This place is awesome. The vast choices are superb amd the staff is very friendly. This will be my first choice when I don't feel like baking myself. Love this place!!!

Tiffanny Aurelio

Leslie Esquijerosa

Chelsea Wheeler

I'm so glad I found this place. Such wonderful breads and a huge selection. They're white chocolate rolls are my favorite. The store smells unbelievable and everyone is super friendly.

Jared Scott

Don't see how you don't give this place 5 if you have had the bread. The crusty rolls and sour dough and the best I've had in my life, and I've had a lot of sourdough

tom huddle

Great buns is the bomb or Fleet whatever the wording of today's kids. Lots of breads lots of goodies friendly staff

Ken Schnell

jesus caloca

(Translated by Google) excellent Bakery (Original) Excelente Panaderia

sweet spot

Saterday after 12pm BOGO FREE on all pastries

Daryl Gibson

Great bread, rolls, pastry. Excellent people.


I love to visit great buns bakery especially bear the holidays I wish there were more places like this in the world a dying breed , friendly people and great baked goods Save some money on day old bread or get a fresh cannoli

John Campana

Miguel tamayo Estopiñan

vanessa hernandez

Krystal Ortloff

Mary Biggans

We make it a point to go to Great Buns Bakery when we come onto Vegas from Az. We love the breads, pastries, rolls....and especially the bagels. Nice people work there and are very helpful


Claudia Chavez

Randy Bond

richard haney

Great bread etc.good prices and nice people.

Heena Miller

Awesome place

Heather Barber

Joe Cioni

Markus Mayer

Love Great Buns Bakery

Kathleen Jones

Great place for bread and rolls

Paul Leonard

Great bread choices but that's about it. Employess are rude. Unless you're a regular don't expect any customer service. Park lot is horrible.

attila balazs

Best bakery in Las Vegas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben Hamilton

Love finding little jewels like this. Superb selection and A1 quality. I'm partial to croissants and I've found a new spot. Amazing service and small quaint atmosphere. Count me regular.

Melba Walton

Best bakery in town, no preservatives, and the prices are great (like the name says)!!!


Lynn runs such a great business! Great baked goods to pastries to great buns! Keep it up!

Anna Slack

Joshua Ongtawco

Miyerlisy Chongo Cabrera

Yomiare Alfonso

Very good

Mark John

Outstanding bakery, the best sourdough bread on the planet.

Patricia De Alba

Jaime Baca

Terrible service from the old witches in the office!!! If you go there avoid this menopausics old farts , they are terrible in customer service!!!! Simple they just don’t care

Kim Nguyen

Best ever but get there early

lucio grasso

Dirty looking outside,dingy looking inside, exellent selection of kind of breads but I think that Costco's French/ Italian baggette is better.

Michael T. Ross

5 star all the way!!! Freshly baked, apple fritters, Italian cookies, Artisan bread, you name it they have it. And they have 1/2 price sales at the end of the day.

Kelsey Withrow

I lived on the east coast with bakery’s on every corner haven’t found one since I’ve been here and I finally did ! This bakery is amazing ! Best bakery in Las Vegas !!!!

Paul B. Ibarra

Dayron Corzo

I been looking for a place like this for a while is awesome

Georgette Greene

Best place in town to shop for goodies and bread!!!

Kate Smith

Excellent pastries and breads! Always fresh!

Tina Galindo

Gina Moreno

I found this inside the sweet bread. I bought it on February, 19 2019 in this bakery. It was my first time. It is totally flat.Would you please tell me, what is it?

Erika Kahele

A little bummed, I work in N Las Vegas and start at 7am. I literally live 1 mile away from your bakery and had to take my mom to the airport Friday morning. I was so happy I could stop quickly and grab a Cheese Danish and donuts before heading to work...I arrived at 6:54am and walked into the Door to get my goodies when the lady inside said "we don't open until 7am. I was like oh ok well can I just look for a moment before you open? Her response as she checked het watch was.."no sorry its 6:54.." I was a little stunned and told her I was so excited I could finally stop there and she still made me first I was like hmm, but it was cold out and honestly by the time I got in my car it hit me that I literally had to wait 2 mins to go back decided to leave and stopped elsewhere because I felt it was quite petty to make me exit the store for 2 minutes when I still hadn't even grabbed my Items yet. I work at a local utility company and probably would've spent way more than I needed to anyway so I guess I can thank her for saving me a fee dollars...However, I wanted to say that it would be nice if maybe one day a week you would open at 6 or 6:30am for people like us who have no options besides the grocery stores, because your baked goods are amazing!!!!! Just had to share.

nana yahiro-schindler

Don't forget BOGO on Saturday 4-5

Sebastián Sánchez

rick dees

After recent article in Las Vegas Review Journal, describing Great Buns as having the best Cheese Danish pastry, went there today. Yes, the Cheese Danish is scrumptious. Also, a Chocolate Eclair, very yummy. Service, prices, smells all great. Reminds me of the old-fashioned bakeries I grew up with in Milwaukee fifty years ago. Try this place, it's great.

Virginia Kohls


Celia Langston

Best bakery in the world! Seriously, this place is keeping me in Vegas!

Rachel Cobb

Kevin Mackelburg

Ernan Aragon

Rosa Flores

Judith Gibson

It smells heavenly and tastes even better. Wonderful choices, great selection. I discovered their black and white cookies when I was a kid. Long time patron.

Sherry Harker

This place is amazing! Cakes, all types of breads anbd desserts. It smells unbelievable in here. Will take pre orders for sppecialty items. Reasonably priced.

Debra Vanderlinden

Absolutely the best anywhere

Stacy Ward

Leni Harrison

Love this place,great bread, buns and sweets

Coach Cottman

Awesome place a Vegas icon

Hana Loeb

Matthew Hernandez

Randy Grimm

Eva Bullock

Love this place

Gail Miller

Always wonderful!

Tonya Jones

Josh Webb

Fresh bread, standard quality mass market style.

Greg Ooms

Best bakery around when I go to Vegas that's my first stop and when I leave Vegas that is my last stop

NITA-pita Myer

Best bakery in town. They delivered to the restaurants and casinos all over town! They're good as ever since the reopening from the fire some years ago.

Serena Turner

Great place the bread is awesome the desserts are even better

Candace Campbell

Evert time we are in vegas this place is a must for bread and pastries. Live in orange county and our entire family puts in orders when someone goes to vegas. Wish they had a place like this here

Stephanie Vandaele

Edward Michael Morales

Shawn Miller

Rony Martinez

Worst costumer service

judi go

Bill Sinclair

Amparo Acuna de Pittman

WOW! Had not found a bakery like this in years. Mainly in Phoenix AZ, Denver CO, and Houston TX. You are great from young lady that helped me find halahs to the lady's that cashed us out. Thank you

Herb Caballero

Great smell and better taste!!!

Yanina Escobar

Juliann Gibson

For some reason the grocery stores in Las Vegas have a great lack of good, unprocessed bread. It's all terrible. Soooooo, I went on a search to find good bread and boy, did I score! Great Buns has any type of bread you could possibly want and it's delicious! No preservatives, baked fresh daily. OMG.... It's the hot ticket. I now go every week to buy my bread. I'm so spoiled, grocery store bread will never be purchased again. The pastries look good too, but I'm more into bread. THANK YOU, GREAT BUNS!

Alexa Davalos

Tony Robertson

The buns aren't the only thing that are great. <---single entendre.

Heather McLean

Great fresh bread and you can't beat the prices. Everyone is super friendly too.

Chris Pugh

Price and quality are awesome

thomas scott

Char Xxxxx

Great for "the basics". Minimal "fancy" items. Great staff! Tight parking.

Vindicare LIIVI


Melissa Elizabeth

First time there. Was very impress with. All the delicious yummys. Brought smiles to all 4 kids face. Will be back.

Kevin Quinn

Been coming here for many years. Excellent artisan breads. Very good wheat bread. Good variety of pastries, cakes and rolls.

Holly Mancini

Love great buns. Everything there is fabulous.

Two Marks

We live in Vegas but had never heard of this bakery until we happened to pick up a loaf at a small grocery in Shoshone while camping at Tecopa Hot Springs. What a nice surprise! We bought a loaf of the Sourdough. Flavor, texture, crust and weight were all excellent. It reminds me of, but is better than, the sourdough I used to get in San Francisco. It will be a drive - we live by Aliente - but have resolved to make this our go to bakery.

Aya Yogi

Wow huge pastry place !! 1st time I been this shop today. Great price and fresh pastry they making in side :) I ask her price and put separate bag but she put my pastry together in 1 bag :( but cashier lady was smiley at me and food was great !! I give 4 stars!

mikehoghunter timely

Great bakery. Lots of goodies but their bread is great.

Wendell Tam

Christopher Thomas

Great retail store for baked goods!

Lonnie Williams

My favorite bakery

Melissa Costello

Kristin Young

Seriously this is my new favorite place ! It's smells amazing , the product is so fresh , AND it's so CHEAP! I love this place

Patricia Cusatis

Big variety so much to choose from

Stephanie Ramirez

You know when you wake up and eat a food and start to think, this gonna be a great a** day!? This is the food. Great sweet treats and I bet the bread is good too. I personally loved the blueberry and lemon muffins. Oh and the people are just the sweetest, really gets your day started with some loving.

Christopher Kronen

I really love this bakery and all of its freshly made and truly delicious offerings: breads, rolls, bagels, cakes, pastries, etc. If you'd like to save a bit of cash, the day-old items are often available at a discount. When I used to live in the part of the Las Vegas metropolitan area where they are located, I was a regular weekly visitor at their original bakery (before the fire and rebuilding). However, now having lived in the wild and woolly northwestern part of town for many years, I very rarely stop by anymore. It's simply too inconvenient to travel way down south - to the diagonally opposite end of the valley - for my freshly baked goodies when the in-store bakeries at all of the local Smith's supermarkets produce comparable items of consistently good quality (but not as good as Great Buns!). I have often hoped that Great Buns might open a second bakery (or a satellite store of some kind) in my part of Las Vegas so that customers in this part of town could more conveniently get their fresh baked goods fix. Any chance of doing so?

Carol Laumaia

Charidimos Demetriou

Excellent bakery with an extensive selection of breads and pastries not to mention super efficient and friendly helpful staff

Erney Ramirez

Awsome bakery love their pastries and their hawian bread is of this world

James Scott

I liked this place when everything was made by hand, now they use machinery and the quality is not the same. I dislike businesses who don't provide the prices in their website. Why?

Larry Carroll

What an incredible place! You gotta go there! Finest baked goods ANYWHERE !!!

Heidi O

I love this place! Everything is coming fresh from the ovens that are located directly behind the cases of breads, danishes, and so much more. And so delicious...

Chris Albaugh

rlc c.


Chad Grillz

If you live on the Eastside of Las Vegas then you've most likely eaten this bread before, their sourdough my personal favorite is unmatched. If I remember correctly at one point they had a pretty bad fire and I was afraid they would close down but they came back even stronger and expanded . If you're like me and you like good bread you'll like Great Buns Bakery.

Rafael Mesa

Mike EP

Fresh baked breads and sweets. Reasonable prices!

Opal Harris

2nd time going and not disappointed

Maureen Dymon

Everything is delicious!


They have great fresh bread and confections but I went in for a couple of loaves of there day old bread and when I checked out I asked if the could run them threw there slicer and the lady behind the counter said I'm sorry but we don't slice our day day old bread. I asked how do I slice it and she said with a knif, I thought that was just peddie and I will really have to think hard before I go back.

Sharon Cogan

They have the best pizza dough and friendly staff!!

James Barker

So many sweet items to choose from and a great bread, bagel, buns and rolls selection.

Las Vegan

We bought two loaves of bread. They were delicious. Three of us ate the bread that night and all three of us had the runs the next day. WTH! The bread was the only thing we three had in common that we ate. This place has been shut down before and I think they need another visit! I'm betting the Five Star reviews are from staff and they take the negative ones down. I'll keep checking this post to see if it gets deleted.

Mark Dudzik

Awesome bakery!

Mona Harper

When I lived here I would visit this place on occasion. Everything wad so fresh from the breads and rolls to the macaroons that I loved. Wide Variety. Great Service. I miss them.

Mandy Vargas

Maria Galindo

Caryn King

Love this place. Been coming for years. Almond croissant's are my go to. But honestly everything is amazing here.

Paul Trujillo

Wonderful bakery with delicious bread and deserts.

Michael Stuben

Real fresh backed goods. Unlike your supermarket bakery that only bakes previously frozen loaves, everything here starts with flower and yeast in a big mixing bowl. We buy all our breads and rolls here.


Got 2 bundt cakes and rolls. The place is very good and cheap!

BGP Hairproducts

Fresh Great Bread

Kelly Dugger

josette cifani

I love the fresh bread ,one server was very nice the other one was rude

Carla D

Been coming to this place for 20 yrs. , put up with rude employees and long lines, sadly that’s all that’s left: rude employees and long lines, the quality of the bread has gone down, and when asked the employee about it she replied that I didn’t need to shop there, thanks, I’m shopping elsewhere.

Omar Mojica

Britt Henry

Amazing! Everything is soo delicious!

Cindi D

They have some of the best bagels & bread. The prices are reasonable too.

Mercedes Baby

Awesome Bakery I love their pastries and bread

Ashley J.

Ben Zamarripa

Pascal Bruelhart

Best bread in town. I use it for my business an my customers love it. Employees are always friendly and nice. A lot of sweet stuff and rolls for every taste.

candy delucia

Employees..... &#!&%. Thats all i will say. Great bread

mike jehring

Elizabeth Tanksley

samuel cases

Lisa Dean

Love this place! A true gem. Fresh bread, fresh breakfast breads, cookies, and cakes. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I visit this shop once a week. Oh, and the prices can't be beat!

nancy Ferguson

Wonderful croissants and awesome prices. Great variety

don mendes

They have the best pastries in town.Everthing is fresh daily. I love great buns.

Ricardo Avalos

Great selection of bread and pastries. If you go on Saturdays from 3pm to closing they have all the bread and pastries on sale because they are closed on Sundays.

Julio Trujillo

Jason Bacon

Fresh baked goods and so delicious.

Ann Thorpe

Great Bakery!

George Borruto


Pete Boucos

Without a doubt, this is the best bakery in Vegas. Their breads are fabulous and the variety is huge. They also have a large selection of pastries that are to die for. Friendly, courteous service every time I go in. Try it once and you will be a regular customer for sure.

Jen Stiling

Fresh, delicious and the nicest staff! Inexpensive for the quality you get and I love to support local businesses!


Don Gradischek

Primo, the best bakery in Southeast Las Vegas. Freshest homemade pastries and breads.

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