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REVIEWS OF Freed's Bakery IN Nevada

farrah a

We ordered: Napoleon Tiramisu Peanut Butter Cheesecake Oreo Cheesecake Cookies & Cream Cupcake Everything is delicious. The cheesecake is dense NOT like mousse! Tiramisu cake is light and spongy. Napoleon is good, but hard to eat...anyone have a good technique? All the selections are overwhelming, so do some research and figure out what you like before going in. Next time I'd try a torte and that cinnamon crisp thing.

Gweneth Tambe

Freeds has been voted Vegas best for about 30 years. They even made a diabetic friendly cake for my dad's birthday. Awesome selections, beautiful bakery with a bridal area. It is spendy. My parents favorite place.

Chavon D. Walker

Bob was very nice. Got 2 free cookies for posting on Facebook. Busy. My family went back everyday last week. Strawberry short cake is amazing!

latrice be

It's Freeds so in Love!!!!! The strawberry shortcake is great. When my mother visits she loves coming here.

Patrick Garner

Love the almond bars

Justine Byers

40 years I've loved you. Glad you are still around in this city where everything keeps changing.

Mircalla Mcneely

Beautiful and elegant! Best bakery in town! Thank you for making our wedding so special!

Robert Pemberton

The four seasons cake was worth breaking my diet. It made my GFs birthday

Cathy McLaughlin

Ordered one of their Gingerbread houses for the Christmas party at work. Melanie was very helpful. Freeds Bakery has great customer service and are very professional. I highly recommend them.

Joe Tate Sr

This is literally the best cake and cookies bakery I've ever been to. It's a bit of a drive; however, they are very nice people, never had anyone be anything less than professional and polite here. Their cakes are perfect every time. I'm an ice cream guy myself. My wife likes cake. We both like Freed's. There's no question that you can get "a cake" from any bakery. There's also no other place you can get a Freed's ( we don't call it cake, it's that good! ). When I brought my kids and ordered a half dozen cookies with a birthday cake they gave them all a free cookie on the spot. Little things like that make great memories that add to our appreciation of this business.

Joshua Montgomery

Delicious food and well organized bakery. One of the best I've seen.

Muge Sevimlier

A Beautiful Settings, Great Location, Reasonable Prices, Yummmmmmyyyy! My Favorite is a Mousse Chocolate Cake!

Candice McCallum

I'm so thankful for Freed's and their talented bakers and confectionery geniuses! Our wedding cakes were perfection in both taste ahs design! They dud every single detail we discussed and made our social day even better!

Traci Rector

I live out of state and wanted to send a birthday cake to my uncle for his 86th birthday - Pineapple Upside Down cake being his ultimate favorite. I wasn't sure about where/how I could get this accomplished, but had heard of Freed's wonderful reputation. From the moment I called and asked about the possibilities, they instantly made me feel like a long-term, extremely valued customer (rather than just the first time caller that I was) as they explained the difference in sizes, portions, prices, etc., which was extremely helpful, especially being that I only needed a cake for two people. They confirmed the delivery date, called me the day of delivery to let me know it would be delivered shortly. They confirmed my uncle's name, address and phone number and then called my aunt to make sure that they would be home to accept delivery. They even took a picture of my uncle holding the cake and texted it to me. WOW! Talk about going above and beyond to help me make his birthday special from afar!! My aunt and uncle were so excited when called to tell me how yummy the cake was. I would use them again in heartbeat, and can't wait for the next opportunity. Customer service this great is a rare find in today's world. Not to mention their stellar baked goods!!

Michael Hyser

Our local Vegas go to spot for birthday cakes and fresh baked pastries

Jacque Burrows

I was in the shopping area for something else & decided to check out Freed's. It was bright, clean & I was greeted as soon as I entered! There were so many yummy looking choices! I decided to take home some Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcakes & was not disappointed! They are delicious & not too sweet which I liked!

Leo Burgos

Freed’s cake are the best when it comes to presentation and taste. They have become more expensive in the last couple years whether it’s because of the popularity or because the market has gotten better, either way they create amazing cake. I have bought several amazing custom cakes from them. Sadly their customer service is horrible. The moment you walk in -the people who take the order price you down and during your experience be prepared to be annoyed; one they treat you like you don’t know better, they continuously remind you that the price is has gone up and in one case was told “you can’t afford it”, which I think it was because I look young and not dress the part. As a result you don’t get the full experience. Sadly throughout the experience the ladies there look and give the feeling that they don’t want to be there. Every time that I have being there its being a struggle and a headache. There is one person who is very different her name is Jean, she is a manager who I have had to turn to get what I wanted. Over all cakes are great customer service horrible. I hope that they change.

Criss Martin

I've been going to Freed's for years and they've only gotten better. Best bakery and sweets shop in all of Vegas hands down.

Mark Robertson

Very nice custom cakes will help you with all your parties birthdays whatever you need you need for a cake they can design the cake very impressed

Junior Steinman

The service and the people are always great here. I have trouble with my hearing and on a particular morning I swear I could not hear half of what the poor girl was telling me there but she was so patient. I could not be more impressed. On top of that they have the best baked goods in town! My daughter told me about this place and I am very grateful.

Nicholas Kelly

The desserts here are the only ones I'll bring to a work function! They are to die for, and I never need to worry about taking them home after. While they have plenty to choose from for walk-ins, I imagine it works better if you order ahead. And they don't open till 8, which seems odd for a bakery. But, they do desserts, not doughnuts, so maybe there isn't a breakfast crowd to justify opening by 7 They rotate the standing items, and get a little snippy if you ask after something that isn't our front on display. Don't expect them to go out of their way to help you; just make sure you order a day or two ahead if you need something specific. Still, i get my boxes of random cookies, they get business, sometimes a smile isn't required.

Elyce Eddings

Amazing every time. Thanks Bob!

harry hellman

Fantastic pastries. Best in town.

toby schmel

This place is awesome the prices are reasonable and my girls all of it

Danielle Miles

The cakes are amazing!! My mom did have a sample cookie and it was hard but honestly thay doesn't matter. The cakes are the best in Vegas and so are the sugar and butter cookies!!

chris pueyo

always great service and epic desserts!

Luis Gonzalez

The cakes were delicious.

Madelyn Herman

This place is absolutely outstanding. Looking forward to a return trip. It has a nice atmosphere. Feels like a place in Los Angeles I liked.

Jake Burggraff

Great bakery, the cake cookies are soft and chewy with an amazing flavor. It looks like a plain, bland building, but its hiding a fantastic treat for the mouth. You MUST go and give it a try.

JaDer Rator

They Ruined this Birthday cake because they stated they didn’t have a Big enough box for it? Has this bakery really been around for like 25 years or is this a straight lie? Are they to big after getting a tv show made after them that they can no longer afford a .25 box to put one of there $80.00 cakes in? How do you not refund the birthday person their money for ruining there cake? How do you then make them Pay for another cake, a cake made a week ago, and stale ?? What is wrong with people whom are supposed to be professionals ? You need to re-evaluate your moral ethics management and customer service and the Stock of your Cake boxes?

Christopher Cook

So we don’t live in Vegas, but my in-laws do. I googled best bakery in Vegas and Freed’s popped up. We needed a birthday cake for my father in law who turned 72. My wife and I drove there and placed an order. The price of the sheet cake was $55 which is comparable to our favorite bakery, Bluebonnet in Fort Worth, TX. We picked the cake to this evening and it was absolutely horrible. The butter cream frosting was hard like candle wax. The family was really disappointed. I rarely ever write negative reviews but this thing did not even come close to a Costco cake which we normally snag when out of town. It was a total let down. I was going to try and return the cake but I’m doubtful that they would take it back. Buyer beware... even though they have well over 4 stars, insist you get a taste test before you purchase a cake. I have no idea the quality of their other products as they all looked appetizing but sad to say I won’t be back (I don’t live here anyway).

Jorden Jordan

Kendra was very helpful in helping us pick out a birthday cake for my 80 year old friend. They have cookies to sample and they are little butter nuggets from heaven!!


Huge selection, always fresh, prices are reasonable given everything is made from scratch. They're known for their ultra fancy cakes for special occasions but their store case has a large selection of single serving sweets from cookies, brownies and canoli to danish rolls and cheese cake.

Ronnie & Amy from Houston, Texas

Wow, better than I ever expected. They hit the delivery time on the mark. Could not have asked for anything better. The cake was beautiful and super delicious. lol, not even one slice was left. Hope you enjoy the pics. The cake was a hit with the party group. We had a Getting Down & Derby 50th Birthday themed party. And it was the day of the Kentucky Derby. This 1/2 Sheet cake actually fed a group of about 40 with nice size slices. Thank you Freed's next time I am in Vegas stopping by the dessert shop you have.

Ryan Seymour

highly recommend this bakery! They do amazing work and you’ll be blown away the moment you walk through the door. I ordered a cake over the phone because we were going to be there for a wedding, I was put completely at ease about the whole process. Melanie was fabulous and extremely helpful! Thank you so much for the beautiful cake!

joe murrin

Chris Browning

Great black forest cake

Artist Ferrin

Nice place but so over priced.300.00 for a single tier round cake.Cake taste good and was beautiful but very high priced

Channy Yang

Don't go if you're on a diet. They have everything, service was excellent


Fabulous baked goods. Great service. Very pricey. My only disappointment is that they pre-fill their cannolis. The shells should be filled at pickup for the best freshness and crunch. I asked if they would do that. They don't.

Larry McConnell


Julio Salvador

This place is always amazing.

Shannon P

With all the hype I was excited to try a cake from Freed's. I expected a really great cake for the amount spent and all the wild publicity, and I was disappointed. The German chocolate cake tastes nothing like a traditional German chocolate cake. It was dry and lacked that rich coconut/chocolate flavor. And they had blue and yellow flowers on the cake. They should have a cherry on top at the most. I didn't have time to grab something else so I took it to the party. I could have gotten a better cake at Sam's Club.

Alexander Lavdas

I ordered a 10" strawberry shortcake and it was more esquisite than one could imagine! It was 6 1/2" high and beautifully decorated, not to mention the taste! Next their cookies are always a delight for any occasion. This bakery is a must for anyone looking for a dessert to be proud of.

Kenny Majors

Worst cake I ever ordered. There is nothing special about freed's it's over hype and very over rated. I would not ever spend another dollar at this bakery. Make a cake that has taste. Freed's cakes are 100 percent nasty

David Paracka

My Vegas bakery, plus I just love the Fried family, Joni is still one of my favorite people in the world!

John Rodriguez

Always a great treat. Been going since I was born at the original one at the Boulevard Mall.

Lauren Parks

Home of Vegas Cakes! Pastries and cakes are delicious and always fresh. Service is quick and there are always tasty samples.

Steven Soares

Awesome place! Very diverse selection! Will be going back again soon!

zhivonni cook

It was absolutely awful. My husband just put up a review and I second the motion. As we travel all over the country, we are always looking for the best bakeries, restaurants, etc. He insisted we go to Freed’s for my dad’s birthday cake and I was very reluctant because honestly, we love Costco cakes and for the price you can’t beat it. But he said, ‘this says it’s the best bakery in Vegas and my father-in-law is worth the price.’ And I was like, ‘honestly, I’d rather use the extra $35 and put it towards his birthday gift card.’ But he insisted. As we returned from Disneyland, we stopped to pick up the surprise birthday cake. My dad was excited since he said he always wanted to try a cake from Freed’s. After dinner, we all gathered around the table and sang happy birthday to my dad. Each of us had a small slice of cake and immediately, we were all disgusted. The cake had no flavor and the frosting tasted like candle wax. Buttercream frosting is usually creamy and luscious but instead this was solid and tasted like wax. Even my 7 year old who loves sweets, took one bite and spit it out. We all took some bites just to be nice but in the end, we ended up throwing out a lot of our cake slices. I felt horrible since it was such a let down and I really wanted to take it back since we hardly ate the cake and it will be thrown away. Looks like we will be going to Costco in the morning for a cake for my dad. Thanks for the let down Freed’s. We will not be back and honestly, I don’t know what all the hype was?

Raymond Reyna

Delicious!! Very fancy cakes and top notch service!

Dean Emery

If you like pastries all my God this place is the blankety blank

Alice. Dunn

Very polite staff. Fast service. Just awesome place!

Cameron Nevens

They have the best raspberry tarts anywhere!

Rachel Dreifus

The few times that I have gone to Freeds prior to July 23, 2019 I really enjoyed their desserts and was so excited to find a place that sold Vegan desserts. My husband and daughters also enjoyed their Vegan selection. So I decided to order my daughters bday cake through them. July 23, 2019 I went to pick up my daughters Vegan Cheese cake that I spent $50.00 on just to get several black hairs long ones in my cheesecake. Needless to say I was so disappointed I had to right this review. I highly doubt I will ever go back there again and that's sad because in this big city very limited places sell healthy dessets.

Stephanie schneider

It was surprising inside, it reminded me of the Italian bakery I loved as a young adult....minus the fresh bread. Didn't eat what I bought, it was 4 a friend's birthday so idk if its good...


Delicious but pricy

Cindy Lawson

Must have the German Chocolate cake! Cake slice was pricey but it was three servings for me!!

Bonnie Cloud

Service very good. Great selection

Melinda Thomas

Totally awesome bake goods the staff is always very professional and this bakery is always nice an clean me and my son love visiting at least twice a week

JR Namida

Last minute Birthday Cake needed, this shop is amazing and can keep you out of trouble with quality taste, and style...

Heather S.

Freed's has a great selection of cakes, cookies, cupcakes and macaroons, and chocolates. The cakes are beautiful, but kind of regular as far as taste goes. The wedding cake itself is good, but the frosting (whatever it is) is too thick and hard. The chocolate cake was very good but nothing to write home about. Chocolates were mehhh, but macaroons were amazing and smelled/tasted so strongly like whichever fruit they were (lemon, strawberry, raspberry). I would go again if in the area, but wouldn't go out of my way.

Krystal Rivera

I ordered my nephews first birthday cake from Freed's and they executed it exactly how I wanted and it tasted delicious too! I preordered it in advance and just to inquire about it, their staff, ‘Janie’ was attentive and prompt. I would highly recommend doing business with Freed’s! You won’t be disappointed.

Don S

Excellent choice of pastries. Every time I've gone in there is a new pastry or cake to try in the sample dish. Keep doing what you're doing!!

Big Ed

Everything Freed’s makes is delicious! My wedding & birthday cakes both came from Freed’s. The cake is airy, moist & scrumptious. The cookies are also phenomenal. Pay them a visit, you’ll be happy you did!

Krystal Lynn

My wedding cake was ABSOLUTELY GOREGEOUS AND TASTED AMAZING. (Butter yellow with bavarian filling was perfection.) So glad Freed's was recommened for my Vegas wedding.

Debbie Nocturnal

Freeds is the only place to go if you want teL pastry. There's nothing better in the world. I don't care how much it costs its well worth the money.

David Ryan

Best ice cream sandwiches you'll ever find... Awesome!


My husband bought me some French Macarons and cheesecake for our anniversary. It was so delicious! I ate it almost all myself!

Donna Lane

The best bakery in Vegas.

Jan Aquino

I've heard that they're one of Vegas' best bakery, that's why I wanted to try their concoctions. Their cupcakes are good, but they're ridiculously sweet. I've had to scrape off most of the icing that they had on it, but at least the cupcake (sans icing) was tasty. Also, it's pretty pricey; they charge nearly $3 for one cupcake. Though I shouldn't complain since I've paid for a $5 cupcake in California. I've not tried their custom cakes just yet, so I haven't been swayed away. However, I did try their cannoli..and as much as I absolutely LOVE cannolis, this one didn't breach my top 10. There was just something about the shell I didn't like. I'm willing to give it another go, and I do recommend this place if you like sweet baked treats.

Karla Poehlmann

I got a red velvet slice and my husband got a carrot cake slice. The cake seemed old and did not taste very good. We were both disappointed.


Looooveeee me some tiramisu and some carrot cake !!! First time here and loved it. Staff is super friendly and helpful.. ask for a sample on your first visit hehehe. I'll be a regular here !

Dee Liv

No updates on cake delivery. And they were late. Paid $21 for local delivery to surprise my sister for her birthday but sadly they didn't deliver the cake on time or they might not have delivered at all because I didn't receive a single update. Very disappointed!

Jenn Setyanto

Freed's made my birthday cake. It was beautiful as it was delicious. This is our.second cake from them. I would definitely use them again. Thank you for making my 40th birthday even more special.

S & K

Thank you Freed's for making our very special day so perfect with this beautiful and delicious red velvet cake! Thanks Wedgewood Las Vegas for partnering with Freed's! #weddingKHOO

Chadd H

This place makes great desserts. So far there hasn't been anything that I didn't like. As a bonus, they film the TV show here also. They take pride in their work. Everything looks and tastes amazing. This place deserves five stars, but everything is expensive! Like really expensive! Borderline insanity on their prices. Oh well, it's good. Go splurge if you've got the $$$.

David Crawford

The only reason I did not rate this bakery at five stars, is because their prices are so high. Other than that they must have master bakers in abundance to produce such exquisite baked goods. Limit your purchase or bring wheelbarrows of money!

Patrick Driscoll

The eastern location needs either more staff or better trained staff. 30 minutes to pick up a cake ordered 3 days earlier is too much. There was a line out the door and someone disappeared for a 10 minute break. There were about 5 separate groups that left while waiting so long. The cakes and cookies are always great though.

Ed C

I ordered a “sugar-free” cake 2 days ago for my father’s birthday. This employee named Sharon M spoke so disrespectful to me when I told her it was suppose to be sugar-free. She called me a liar and not once apologized for not having the cake correct. My father cannot have sugar. I would never had made the mistake to not order this correctly. How dare you, Sharon M!! Very disappointed with my experience with this company due to horrible customer service, with Sharon M. Especially when I’ve been to this location plenty of times before and have had sugar free cakes. Absolutely ridiculous.

J Earl

Definitely worth the drive and / or cab fare. The wedding cake slices are just as you dreamed they would be. Total perfection. Lovely place and lovely cakes.

mynisha taylor

They did my sons baby shark cake for his 1st birthday and it was amazing! The cake was beautiful, moist, the perfect size and extremely delicious! Thank youuuuuu

Erik graydon

Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooow woow. First time here and I got several things to try, Definitely recommend this place, but be careful as soon as you walk in the door you automatically gain 10 lbs just with the amazing smells llol. This place is outstanding. Looking forward to a return trip. It has a nice atmosphere and the place smells so good ah jesus christ. Freed's is the besttttt for Birthday cakes or any special occasions! They are ALWAYS on time! I wanna thank the owners for doing a great job up here...

Wayne Scott

We rarely get across the valley to Henderson. But when we do, LOOK OUT we're going to Freed's Bakery. Best cookies, cakes, pastries & breads. We cannot say enough good about Freed's! Wish they had a store over here in the northwest side of Las Vegas. Yummy, yummy!

Randy Stockdale

Best cakes around, bar none


I was one of those customers... walking in last minute, not knowing what time they closed. I offered to come back in the morning but they were so nice and basically insisted on helping me that night. I've been back a couple more times since then and the staff there are always so helpful and friendly.

Renee Powell

My favorite bakery to get cookies and cakes.

Dave S

There is no question there. The feeling wasn't overdone the cake was moist and the exterior wasn't overly sweet. The decorations were cute and functional , our son still plays with his Batmobile. We went to Freed's for my son's 3rd birthday. His two favorite characters are princess Poppy and Batman. We explained to them that we wanted his cake to share those themes. Referring them to somehow mix them together. The cake that they gave us was delicious. It would have been nice if the two themes were more integrated, instead we we had a strange boys half and girls half emerge, was it that the idea was to strange, or too difficult to have them together? Design preferences aside, the quality of the food is so good it's impossible to give a bad review. Just be prepared for a small weight because Freed's is popular and does have a TV show, so there are number of people who probably go there just for its name recognition. That's said the food is worth it and it does deserve the recognition.

Kaliyah Williams

I am writing a review on cupcakes. I don’t feel the cupcakes are made fresh. I picked up a dozen cupcakes from the Decatur location and it tasted stale. It didn’t taste like it was made the same day. I’m thinking they use cupcakes that are days old. Probably try to sell them before making a new batch. I don’t know but It was very disappointing. I won’t be buying cupcakes from them anymore. However I have found a couple bakeries where you can tell it was made fresh. However this was not one of them.


My daughter in law ordered a cake for my grandson. It was the best cake we all has in years! Amazing cakes! Thank you!

Rhonda Thomson

Absolutely amazing. The staff was so helpful and friendly. It was very difficult to choose just 1 item so we chose 6. Was definitely worth the time to go.

CJ Meiko

The store from "that TV show" was well worth the drive away from The Strip! With a friendly and knowledgeable staff, we were able to get samples of cookies a slice of various cakes and my own birthday cake and it didn't cost an arm and a leg! Worth looking into.

Sean Ham

They were incredibly kind and polite on the phone. The cake was perfect and the buttercream frosting is to die for. My go-to bakery in Vegas now

marshmallow Fan

Cakes with such amazing and fresh ingredients! Fell in love with Freeds over 9 years ago and haven't looked back. They have made many special occasions extra special with their delicious and unique cakes!

Faviola Martinez

I love their Red Velvet Cake and Oreo Cheesecake.

Pamela Symsek

The best bakery in Vegas. Love the strawberry shortcake, wedding cake and Parisian choc. Cake so good. Butter cookies amazing

Carolyn Custer

There is simply nothing they can't do! The cakes are amazing and the gingerbread houses are wonderful. I got gingerbread men and they're Delicious!!!


Outstanding, helped me last minute make a unicorn cupcake for my sons birthday!

Larry Hinson

We just visited Freed’s Bakery for the first time yesterday and we had a wonderful experience. The gal behind the counter was very friendly and helpful and I walked away with some awesome sweets. We will definitely be going back very soon.

Beretta Breeze

They are so friendly in there and the pastries are so delicious. There was an older gentleman that helped us in there you would have thought he was the owner seeing how helpful he was. He also gave us a little history lesson on the business. That was the only reason why we found out he was not the owner. I also ended up here because someone brought them to my work as a thank you.

Rebecca Brosig

Delivered on time & with text updates of expected delivery time. Received a phone call as well. Very nice delivery & excellent cake . I love Freeds!

juan mendez

My favorite was the canolies,red velvet cake,tiramisu

Jeurika White

Visiting from New Orleans for my Birthday and my brother ordered my cake from here and it was fresh, delicious, and very pretty.

Marijane Dennis

I don't live here, my husband and I were here for the week, Our extravagance was DESSERT's so with that in mind I Googled dessert made my list and went from there. Freed's Bakery my mom and I saw them on the Food Network's extreme cakes, they made an awesome Pirate cake so off I went to check them out. they ladies at the bakery were very patient with me as I made my choices. Their display case was to die for so many options, starting with cookies. They had a sample of mint chocolate chip cookies out I had to try one buttery and yummy, but so many choices I ended up purchasing a cannoli with mini chocolate chips, a slab of 7 layer cake beautifully decorated, a slice of Oreo cheese cake and some Gluten Free Macaroons (chocolate, coffee, and caramel) all but the cannoli ended up being packed up for the drive back home to California to share with others after our trip. they will stay forever in my Google map favorite's.

leann lawrence

Delicious cakes. They have some of the best cakes I've ever eaten.

Christine C

Both cupcakes I tried were dry. I was a bit bummed by that. The frosting was tasty though, not too sweet.

Roberto O

Sherri helped me and was a wonderful help none theless before sherri there was a woman who helped me in the front... Julie...she was the most helpful person from explaing what they have and what the office of clerks can help with. Sherrie let me try some cakes. OMG try. That was the smoking gun. Hands down best cake shop i have ever been to. Cant wait for my

Amber Bice

We used to always come in to get a few slices to bring home for dessert. We are finding that with Freeds, and of course the amazing Jayme, that we can trust in Freed's to take on special occasions like our wedding. Always superb service here.

Tina Ebidag

Delicious pastries. But a little expensive. Good thing that I don't live close. When I come to visit Vegas about twice a year. That's when I go there.

Adam Buchanan

Not bad. We had some strong recommendations to come here, so we did. Their pastries are tasty, cupcakes are boring (regular size, plain cupcakes with frosting on top), and their prices are very high. My wife and mom really liked the pastries, but it wasn't worth the price tag to me. But knowing my mom and wife, we'll probably be back.

Rocka Brasi

Friendly staff and great customer service, I messed up and didn’t order a birthday cake for my wife and was able to get a fresh delicious birthday cake for her at freed’s, definitely the place we’ll be going to for now for pastries

Miguel Williamson

Best of the best. Delicious cake. My guests were very pleased. I ordered previous year for the first time and felled in love.

Simom Coleman

Overpriced and nothing special as far as baked goods had better for a lot less with a much more positive enviornment. The Staff lacks customer service. Plus there was a 20 minute wait. I had to take a number. So Long wait and then the staff treats you like you are at the DMV and you need them. I don't know why anyone would go here. Go try it once and you won't go back. Because I will not go back.

Jesse L

I’ve been going to Freed’s Bakery for many many years. This is by far the best bakery in Vegas and possibly the best on the west coast. The offer great cakes, pastry’s and cupcakes. Great prices and equally great service. We came here today for a family birthday/Xmas dessert. YUM

Chris Nestel

WOW! They made a perfect cake for my sisters wedding. Elia helped me design a cake that was personalized and super fun for the reception. The cake tasted amazing and the price I paid for a customized cake, 12 cupcakes and delivery was VERY reasonable. These cake designers are highly professional, creative and dependable. They hand crafted a majority of the items on the cake and they looked great! Thank you so much for making such a fantastic and fun cake. The bride and groom loved it and we will have the best memories of them eating the custom designed and edible "mushroom cloud" explosion I asked for. Cheers!

Evelyn Guerra

The pastries are fire and the customer service is amazing!

Nando Benavidez

This is hands down the best bakery in Town! We get all our birthday cakes here it's well worth the price. They have made my kid some really great custom cakes.

Manifesting Blessings

Freed's is top notch for Birthday cakes or any special occasions! They are ALWAYS on time! Thanks guys

Delaney Bishop

THE BEST BAKERY! Everything I have eaten is amazing! The absolute best Black & White cookies. All items are super fresh and are to die for!

Debby Wise

Thank you for being community minded!

Yvonne Alley

Great selection! Prices reasonable. Staff nice, easy to view cases. Lots to get excited about pastry wise!

Ronnette Dean

Just got a sample of Freeds delicious sample! Super nice employees and guaranteed you will find something or a lot of somethings for your taste buds! Give them a try!

Steve Bryant

The cake I bought was ok. I've paid less for better. They need to up their flavor game to match the looks.

Steven M

Great cakes and pastries but a little pricey. Stop here to bring goodies home every time we go to Vegas.

Gail Griswold

I was visiting Las Vegas for a birthday celebration for my boyfriend. Being a cake decorator myself, the thought of having someone else do the cake was not sitting well with me. However, I needed a cake so I started searching for a place. I couldn't have been happier with Freed's. From the customer service to the delivery of the cake and the quality, I have nothing but good things to say. I know good cake and quality because I do them back at home, and they score the highest on everything. Special thanks to Julie for delivering it so safely and keeping in touch with me. This cake was a surprise and I was able to keep it that way with their help☺ As a side note, I see some reviews mentioning price. Again, I make them back at home and know what it costs to make them and use quality ingredients, which you can tell they do. I did not blink an eye when she gave me the price because that's what I would have charged back home. We didn't have a car during our stay so I had to pay the delivery fee. Seems high when they rattle it off to you but everyone has a delivery fee regardless.

Michael Stuben

A real bakery, unlike your "supermarket bakery" flour and sugar is used to produce cookies and sweets from scratch. Everything is hand made by crafts people and you can taste that. Best place for sweet baked goods in Vegas.


Ordered a cake for my son, provided the image. The image was not stretched out to fill the top of the cake, but instead printed and just laid flat on top without even covering the edge, it really looked like a piece of paper on the top of cake, on top of that the cake had a advertisement on it, and when we tried to remove it for photos we couldn’t because it was painted over, and removing it would cause a blank space on the side. In other words the $80 dollars spent on the cake was really crappy, would not be ordering any more from here.

Mz Tee

Awesome customer service. I will be sure to stop in on my next visit.

Michelle George

I ordered a large box of cookies for the Superbowl party I was invited to. It arrived on time...and that's the only positive thing I can say about it!! Never in a million years had I imagined that a serious business like this would take advantage of a customer that's not physically there to make a purchase. ALL the cookies were broken, some of them were totally crumbled, it looked like a tap dancer was doing a number in that box. I could tell they were broken and crumbs BEFORE they were packed because the layer of paper separating the layers of cookies were totally clean. VERY DISSAPOINTED IN YOUR PRODUCT!! TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY!!

Jess&Jake Madrid

Very professional and friendly. They helped me get what I wanted for my baby shower!

Karen Starkey

Great bakery! It smells sooo good! Bread pudding was good, got an assortment of cookies that we're delicious! There cakes are very moist and the frosting isn't too sugary. There were a couple people ordering wedding cakes. I hope they come back to tv

Deyna Cruz

I've gotten 3 cakes here. Red velvet, strawberry shortcake and a lemon. They are pretty but nothing special. Strawberry shortcake barely had any real strawberries in it. For the red velvet, I asked that there be frosting in the middle but there was more frosting than there was cake. The person who received the lemon cake said he enjoyed it. The taste is average and it's about $40 for a small cake but the cakes are thick so they feed about 8 people.

tammy swift

Nice place, good tasting cupcakes, wish for more odd a selection

Kenneth Tuttle

The best bakery in town but it is getting a bit pricey.

Don Nicholson

Excellent looking and tasting desserts always..

Stephen Knipe

I had heard a lot of hype about this place and after trying it for myself I found that it was all true. Great bakery. The cakes, superb. The individual treats, excellent. The cookies, outstanding. The price, lower than what you would expect for this quality. Cant wait for the north location to open. Will be a regular customer.

shawn johnson

Amazing place very busy at times but everyone's smiling and they have a great selection of ready to go desserts cakes etc. There custom area puts out some amazing work!

Leopold Burgos

Freed’s cake are the best when it comes to presentation and taste. They have become more expensive in the last couple years whether it’s because of the popularity or because the market has gotten better, either way they create amazing cake. I have bought several amazing custom cakes from them. Sadly their customer service is horrible. The moment you walk in -the people who take the order price you down and during your experience be prepared to be annoyed; one they treat you like you don’t know better, they continuously remind you that the price is has gone up and in one case was told “you can’t afford it”, which I think it was because I look young and not dress the part. As a result you don’t get the full experience. Sadly throughout the experience the ladies there look and give the feeling that they don’t want to be there. Every time that I have being there its being a struggle and a headache. There is one person who is very different her name is Jean, she is a manager who I have had to turn to get what I wanted. Over all cakes are great customer service horrible. I hope that they change.

Eric Devan

Amazing tasty treats. Best selection in town. Pricy but worth it. Great photo's attached. ☺ ❤. A+ rating.

Ginger Williams

Very good, very busy! I love Freed's sweet treats. Best Bakery in Vegas!

Patty Bellotte

The cakes and pasteries at Freed's are fantastic and they have such a wonderful variety! Every time my kids see the Freed's bag come into the house they are delighted. You will not go wrong getting your baked goods from Freed's.

Andrea Keith

Okay, I have to set the record straight here after a couple both complained that the cake was terrible, the frosting was like wax and costco cake was way better. That is like trying pizza in Italy and saying that Little Caesar's is way better because they have thicker crusts and more cheese. That couple should just continue going to Costco for their cakes, since they aren't looking for real cake... I was so impressed to find that Freed's actually uses a real European buttercream on their cakes, because it is far more expensive, difficult and time-consuming. Most bakeries I've been to will just use a nasty over-sweet powdered sugar based american buttercream as their frosting, which is fine for someone with the taste buds of an eight-year-old. But the frosting on the cake I tried from Freed's was perfect! Please make sure you take the cake out of the fridge at least a few hours before serving, because like real butter, it will harden in the fridge like wax! But, let it get to room temperature, and it is silky, smooth, decadent, and not packed with sandy powdered sugar!

Deysi Colon

I am not a fan of cakes. So I've never tried their cakes or cupcakes. This review is on thir cookies and pastries. You pay for quality. If you like pastries and cookies this is a great place to visit. Much better than the casinos bakeries. You take a number wait for it to be called and order by weight for the cookies and there's a set price for the pastries. It's a small place but fast paced, you won't wait long. (Except during a holiday) the place is clean, there's always lots of staff, and they also offer samples while you wait. If you post on social media they'll gift you some cookies of your choice. Strongly recommend to visit.

Laura Kennedy

Pre ordered a birthday cake and it was fresh and tasty. Family was very satisfied.

Shadow M Weatherholt

Been coming to Freed's for a very long time. They are a good standby for treats, most of their products are excellent. I just now got pretty terrible customer service at the counter, totally different than my experience in November when the young man at pick-up was pretty nice. I would try to avoid the young brunette lady if you can. She seemed to resent my asking questions about their presentation options and preferred to tell me, bluntly, answers to things I did not ask instead. It felt very 'shut up and order' kinda vibe. In November I ordered a custom cake over the phone. The woman that took my order on that occasion was nice but struggled a lot with taking my order competently. It was a very long phone call. So I guess I would say their biggest problem is their front staff. But the bakery stuff is yummy, especially their amaretto cake! ..Now that I think about it the cake I picked up in Nov had the image off center, so you could see a white margin on one side. I thought it was less than professional but I didn't care much that time because it was for a kids party. But yeah if your order is really important I'd say give yourself a 1 day buffer in case they have to fix it lol.

Suzette Sanz

We used to live Las Vegas and loved this bakery. We come back every time we're in town. We enjoy the chocolate tea cake, mini chocolate chip cookies and black and white cookies. The place is clean and yummy. Dont forget to pull a number when you walk in or you'll lose your place in line.

Beth Baracani

Went in for a few goodies, came out with 4 boxes! This place was worth the drive to Henderson from summerlin. Got there and saw they are opening one in summerlin!! They even give away 2 free samples! Ended up with 2 cake slices(parisian and blackout), pecan bars(to die for), and some assorted cookies. They also have tons of cupcakes. If you have a sweet tooth, just go. Now.

Bryan Reid

Wow wow wow. First time here and I got several things to try, but by far the carrot cake is my favorite. Probably even the best carrot cake I've ever had. Definitely recommend this place, but be careful as soon as you walk in the door you automatically gain 10 lbs just with the amazing smells.

Gylyan Carter

I LOOOOVE this place! Every single dessert is sweet GOLD

Candice Isaacson

Everything here is touched with Vegas magic! I love Freeds and typically stop on my way in and out of Vegas! My favorite is the cannoli and the macarons.

Tim Cronin

Incredible and delicious baked goods the cakes and cupcakes are some if the best I have ever had. Make sure you allocate enough time because it is usually very busy for good reason

Francesca Thomas

I was referred to Freed's by Carmine's Las Vegas. When I called them, I spoke with Jayme, who was incredibly kind and patient. The wedding cake ordered was at a great price and all of our guests loved it. We got the swiss dot cake with buttercream/frosting and a chocolate cake with chocolate mousse for the bottom, vanilla cake with cannoli filling in the middle, and marble cake with chocolate mousse for the top. They delivered the cake to Carmine's on time and the set up was beautiful! Will definitely order from again.

Mary Frogel

My husband loved loved loved the piece of cake he ordered. Will return soon

Luis Fuentes

What can you say more about Freed’s? Their amazing cakes are good and the customer service keeps on getting better. Thank you for letting us in your family!

manilyn vasquez

Came in to inquire about a small cake for my sons birthday, the lady quoting me had no idea what she was even saying she couldn’t give a clear quote and kept stating she had to ask the baker... instead of getting up and asking the baker she gave me an assumption of around 500 dollars for a tiny little 20 person cake... then she also assumed I didn’t have the money to purchase this cake by stating “yes we’re just higher end I’m sorry” before I even made a decision as if to purchase or not ! Automatically I felt discriminated against I guess because I’m a young Hispanic she figured I didn’t have the funds for this cake.. I guess that’s also why she didn’t bother getting me an actual price so that I can go ahead and order ! Ultimately I left because of her discriminating ways I’d rather pay double else where with someone who has a properly trained staff not a racist discriminating person who has no idea what she’s even quoting I was very confused and of course a little mad ... very upsetting I’ve been coming to this bakery for years even when they started at their ugly location on eastern and all of a sudden they’re “to High end for someone who they know nothing about except looks”

Joceline Lopez

If you want a quality gourmet cake- freeds bakery is here. We came buy to view the cakes for my grandmas birthday party- there are so many to choose from as well as custom cakes available

Shawn Quinn

Ordered 48 cupcakes for my dads 60th bday with a pickup at 11am. Decided to just pick them up on the way to the party so I got there at 1pm and they hadn't even started making them. The guy that helped us said he couldn't find the order and asked if we had 10-15 min to wait for them to put it together. Ended up spending 30 min there, and we ended up being late to my dads surprise bday party. Tried calling the following week to speak with the manager and was told they're busy at the moment but would return my call shortly. It's been almost 2 weeks and no ones ever called us back. Not happy at all, especially after spending $230 on cupcakes. I've bought many cakes and baked goods from Freeds but never again.

Mary Howell

The ladies were very friendly, the danishes we're delicious!!!

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