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3770 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States

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Where is Eataly Las Vegas at Park MGM?

REVIEWS OF Eataly Las Vegas at Park MGM IN Nevada

Racheal Moe

Very quaint little area. Wasn't as large as I thought but pretty good food and wine offerings. Ample seating. A nice "grocery" store if you want to stock up on some stuff.

Claire Mallamace

I love you can visit all different Eataly's and get a different experience each time. There is the familiarity Eataly has. I loved visiting this new location. Thank you for bringing this to Vegas. Vegas is known for the shows and food. It's so nice to walk around and visit the shops. This is my own Disneyland. Is San Francisco next?

Kevin Cahill

Of all the choices in restaurants in Las Vegas, this is really one that you should not miss. The selection here is very diverse, and the quality of the food is outstanding. the market style format makes it fun to browse for food and allows you to find a good deal, or to go all in and get a very high-end meal. understand that you will place an order and receive a pager that will let you know when to go up and pick up your food here. Most of the food options are made fresh right in front of you, in the service and speed of preparation for the food we're all excellent. There are great options for breakfast lunch or dinner, and the format of having tables and various food booths spread out means that you don't have to have a reservation.

Anthony DeSimone

My wife and I love this place. Have the pizza there (2 wood burning ovens that are gold colored). Much better than taking it out since you can lose the nice doe crunch. Great sandwiches as well(Good to take out) Fun atmosphere.

Unbiased Review

Super little gem with all the nice fresh tastes of Italy. Definitely check it out for pasta pastry and coffee Nice fit out with plenty of choice. Only downside hard to get a table and there are queues at every stand. Go early

Briana Bizzle-King

There were some really great places to eat! It's a nice variety to choose from depending on what you're in the mood to eat!

Angela Church

Went after a concert. It was pretty crowded. Didn't get to see much because places were closing down but I want to go back and try some delicious looking food. Not 5 stars simply because of location. As a local, hardly fun in the Strip yummy desserts

Nick Golden

Best Italian foods. Great variety and selection. Makes you feel you're in Italy eating all that delicious munches , pizza, breads, wine, Italian soda, sandwiches and candies. Don't forget the sorbets and pies .Wow, better save some room for the cookies. I ate the roast beef sandwich that almost melted in my mouth. Almost forgot the capachino . Get me going will ya! Might need another one later on. The smell of the different foods was amazing. Leave some time to go back again . You'll eat there at least twice or more. Farely good price in the meals. Cheese and meats good, too. No, I'm not a piggy that likes to eat. Just great food that isn't around where I live .

Dan Marushechka

A great place to people watch! Food is passable if you have a large bank roll and lots of time to wait. Great news though: the portion size to cost ensures you won't get fat.

Zac Burkhalter

Fantastic food with an awesome atmosphere. The building itself is beautiful and very open feeling. I tried a few desserts and a couple other food items, no complaints on any of them. Would definitely recommend this place and will be back there next time I am in Vegas.

Nicole P

Incredible food. So many options to eat artisanal food items. Fresh, quality ingredients. Definitely get what you pay for here. The desserts were absolutely amazing!!!!

maria mosca

Love this place. I have visited several locations. Excellent food and selections. If you're a foodie and love Italian... this is a must‼great atmosphere ❤

Richard J Bergeron

Teally enjoyed it. Fun place to see and eat. Total Italian theme ! Had a good pizza. Slots have been good to me today ! So far so good.

Judy Jia

I feel like it’s kind of overpriced for what you get. I found the pasta to be good but not anything special and the portion sizes were quite small. But the ambiance of Eataly is nice and there are lots of options for food and dessert. I liked the gelato!

Fran Parsons

Great coffee. Huge selection of food and dining experiences. Gelati is delicious.

Jennifer Chapkovich

So much fun! Anything and everything Italian! Grab a quick snack or order some small plates and a glass of prosecco. Would definitely go back!

Anita Bear

Chocolates are to die for. Mozzarella and buratta are amazing. Bar was not bad. Coffee and dessert bar were super good. I just wish I would have bought more Italian chocolates.

Eric W

Nice concept, great selection of food the brisket sandwich was a little fatty. The food and wine selection besides that was wonderful.

Todd Weinstein

The food and service were amazing. The chef (Jodie) came to our table to discuss some dietary needs and was very patient and pleasant. Totally a great experience!

Rita Paje

Great place to shop & eat Italian! Friendly staff. Clean and orderly.

Van N

Such a cute place to grab some good food and drinks while you're at the MGM.

Dave Wilson

Wonderful European atmosphere and flair. Thin crust margarita pizza will fresh basil is fantastic and well worth having.

Marguerita Davilla-Telck

Fantastic addition to the Las Vegas scene! Set up like a fanciful Italian food market, there are many places to choose from. We picked out our fish and had it cooked to our liking. At another station, we at the best cannoli I've ever had in my life. If you like Italian food, this is a stop to put on your visit! Seating is limited however, but the food is so scrumptious you can almost forgive that.

Camy Kwok

Great food and selection of products to purchase from. Prices may not be cheapest but there are products you can find here not readily going elsewhere such as a wide selection of prosciutto. Not every stall is top quality. But everything is above average. It can get pretty crowded during certain times of the day or before a Knights game at TMobile Arena next door.

Zaliya Mallard

This was my second Eataly place that I visited. First one is at Beverly Hills in LA. I like the idea overall and interested in some workshops they do for cooking. The prices for food are pretty high, but the everything is delicious. Especially desserts! I wanted to eat them all. Tried 3 little chouxes - beyond amazing!

Marta Sodre

I just loved that nice eating place, kind of Square, where you can have Italian food as if you were in Italy. Very cool place! Delicious Italian food ! And also there is a place for you to buy Italian spices and food as well.I strongly recommend it.

Debi Harvey

was a beautiful dinner! everything was fresh and delicious!! it is a little pricy, but the service and food was well worth it!

sonia martinez

we like this place here service is good but little pricey

Andy Bertino

Their web page advertised dollar shucked oysters for Thursday happy hour 4-6pm. I was told that that special was discontinued two weeks prior. I asked to talk to a manager in order to inform them of out-of-date advertisements and was pointed to the head chef. Before I could get to the chef, a person responsible for making sure that each little eatery had the supplies needed found me and said she would make it right. Half a dozen oysters later, all was well. Good service in the Las Vegas tradition. All things Italian here.

Steven B

Amazing! A spectacular destination and fine dining experience. I loved the vibe and the ambience of the Eataly Las Vegas. A variety of of amazing dishes and good foods and drinks which provide something for everyone. Visually very appealing and creative Las Vegas destination that is not your average food court. A perfect "10" Put it on your must see list.

Marie Faw

Amazing place. You get choose from variety of great Italian and take away or have it prepared and eat there. Wine was really exceptional. Everything was priced fairly. Try the Wagyu steak...REALLY yummy. Relaxed atmosphere and great staff.

Soooby Rooo

Delicious bakeries and shopping. I can hardly talk about it without heading right over to pick up some sublime snacks. Really love the teenytiny baked creations like shopping for candy. All the meats and cheeses and wines and tasteful meal varieties available makes it a good choice for groups to meet and eat. People I know who have been to Italy repeatedly remark as to how authentic the Italian feel is to the place. Really relaxing atmosphere also which I appreciate.

Ez Val Richards

We ate at La Pizza & La Pasta at Eataly. The prosciutto piazza was A-Ma-Zing! The service was on point! The Fiori pasta was good, though not extraordinary. Too bad that they serve only cold regular bread with just olive oil - if the bread was warm and there was vinegar in the oil, it would have been much better! With only a few tweaks, this restaurant could be WOW! The price was a bit too high, but still worth it.

Subhajit Dasgupta

Some great wine there I have to say.. otherwise ... You can't beat the ambience.. it's amazing.. but food - not so much.. i tried about 6 booths..

Matthew Wray

My wife and I had a blast in Eataly. The market and entire place was very well themed. The meat and cheese board we had was amazing, and priced very well. We also had a bottle of wine to go with it. This is a place I could have ate at multiple times. You can get pizza, fish, and meat all made to order.

Navella Kunitz

Really good addition to the park MGM/T mobile arena area, they had a really good atmosphere! And it was so cool to be able to pick up wine and various italian dishes from different stands. The meat and cheese board fed three of us for 29 bucks and was a pretty good deal and was really good quality meat and cheese. Yummy and we will definitely be back.

stussy 86

Beautiful side of Vegas. I'm not big on the strip, it's nice to have options. Pricey but the food is a must. Wine selection on point. Pizza, amazing. I really enjoyed Eataly. What a great place to stop in and have a nice lunch.

Jacqueline Kolody

We visited the grocery shop on the main level and loved it! They have a really good selection of fine olive oil and balsamic vinegars. Andres, the person who helped us, knew just about everything there is to know about them. He allowed us to taste a few samples of each and explained their individual nuances and and traits. The price of the oils and vinegar we purchased was well worth it. The education was a surprising and much appreciated bonus. We most definitely recommend this place and will be back soon.

dean virgona

Selection and service was excellent! Quality of food was superb. Atmosphere was Tutti nice!

Staci Gould

A variety of authentic Italian food including pasta, pizza, bread, donuts, cheese, sea food, and coffee. A bit pricey. Would have loved Italian music for ambience.

Angie Kelly

Fun place to go, but not on a weekend. Try going early afternoon during the week if you can. Friday and Saturday nights are crazy busy and good luck getting a seat any where here! The food is really good but honestly, most of the food you can find at other places for a lot cheaper. They do have some special items you would have a hard time finding else where though. The pizza is really good. The marketplace is fun to shop if you want things from Italy. Mostly food and an extensive wine selection. Avoid the dessert. The cost is ridiculous and you can find better dessert somewhere else. It is definitely a place you should visit at least once on trip to Las Vegas...if you are interested in Italy or Italian food and wine.

Chris Paredes

This place is awesome. Especially if you like foods from Italy. It's an amazing place to eat because they will make the food fresh right on front of you. You can even pick out your own steak and other foods.

Narry Pang

Beautiful concept of having like a market type eatery, wine, and cheese however I wish there was a system where the food would come out relatively the same time. We had pasta and steak but the pasta came out first. By the time we finished the pasta the medium rare steak was done.

Gordon Kwong

A great addition to the area. Eataly offers a wide variety of Italian food options that are freshly made. Servings seemed a bit small for the price but preparation, and taste we're very good.

Memester Chan

This place has delicious food, but a little pricey. But it’s alright. Has cool pastas on sale and the cannolis are good. Also love the mozzarella there. Could be crowded on weekends or friday night

Marissa Coleman

Fantastic food and service! We went to the sit down restaurant for lunch about 11:45 and sat on the patio. The service was quick and not overbearing but on top of things-perfect balance. I was surprised by how delicious/unique the food was. It was very simple, not overdone flavor. I could tell the pasta was fresh and made there, and the beef ravioli was amazing, as well as my salad- beautiful and delicious, not overdone on the dressing with a cream inside that complimented well. 5 stars plus some! One of the best dining experiences I have had.

Angel Leiro

If you want a truly pleasant dining experience with lists of choices this is the place. I personally like the NYC location better because it's more inviting, smaller and more intimate. But the quality is excellent. Can't miss.

Daniel Martinez

Absolutely freaking delicious. Food is on point. You cant go wrong with anything you order. Been here several times and my mouth is watering to return.

Natalie Buckel

Food offerings were great. Great wines to select from and the atmosphere was great. Everyone gets to have what they want.

Jenna Castillo

This place was a hidden gem we found in Vegas. The atmosphere was fabulous. The food was amazing, and the stores had a great selection of authentic Italian goodies. I can't wait to go back.

Martin Rowinski

Love coming here just makes me feel like I'm back in Italy, great food and wine!

Hendri Ernst

Fantastic concept where a good selection of Italians shops are in one place. Great selection of fresh or cooked products. Cold meats and cheeses are a popular option. Worth a visit.

Zachary Matson

Well The groceries, selection of cool Italian stuff, the atmosphere, it's all wonderful *but* The pasta is just... not great. If this were some random strip mall Italian joint I'd be dropping 5 stars for it without a second thought but for these prices, for being on the strip, for all of their fuss and branding over fresh pasta, this really does disappoint. You could make much better pasta at home instead of dropping ~20 for a plate of this mediocre stuff. If you want to come for different food here, I'm sure SOME of it must be exceptional for the rep this place gets

gina asuncion

Oh my gosh!!! Eataly was so much fun and delicious. Reminded me of being in Italy again. You must stop by and get the olive oil tasting its so informative. Oh and a visit to vechi is a must.


Arrogant servers. Rotisserie chicken dry as cardboard. Prefer the roasted chicken from Costco. Having said that, Eataly in NYC much better and will continue to go there

Steve Brown

Everything is wicked expensive. There's a sit down Italian place with pizza and pasta on the menu, food is ok, but not worth the $25 entree prices. And, if you're looking for meat, there's little to none on this menu.

Olivia Lee

So happy to have this here at Vegas! Everyone passed by us asked where we got our nutella French crepe from. It was so delicious you will find it right here!

Amy Lantz

Nice concept but way overpriced for what you get. At the sit down restaurant, the pomodoro sauce was very bland and the dry pasta they used, a lot of the ravioli wasnt stuffed, the caprese salad was $23 but you only get 4 small bites of mozzarella no balsamic and three leaves of basil with ok tomatoes...portions are ridiculously small and flavor was fine. Service was ok, not great for the price you pay. I would search for something if the strip.....many good places are off the strip.

richard j bergeron

Fun. Enjoyed it. Cool place to visit and grab a bite. Italian dishes, fish, pasta, pizzas. Cool, popular atmosphere for grabbing a bite and people watch. Good slots inside. Poor design on tram and a waste of money and time in my opinion. I could have walked to Bellagio by the time it took me to get to the tram station! Three stations ! Waste of time.

Nick Yu

Great airy spacious atmosphere. Tasteful decor that is more East coast elegance than Vegas glam. They products are nice to look at but I'm not into all these sugary things myself.

Arthur Townsend

This was the first time we came to the Eataly, but it definitely won't be our last. There were so many options for great food and drinks. It was nice that you could eat there or get food to take home or to your hotel. The vibe is very cool and the servers are very friendly, helpful and welcoming. I wish we had more time to explore, but we will definitely be back to Eataly, which is a great place to shop or for a date night. Prices are good, and the food is delicious.

Mary Joones

I ran into this place accidentally! I saw it on All You Can Vegas YouTube and it was about 11pm i believe. I walked through and just looked. It looked exactly like the videos. It seems like a nice place. Ill go back some day. The stations were closed but atleast I got to see it!

Allieya DePaolantonio

The best food! I always get a margarita pizza in here because it will be the best margarita pizza you've tried.

sapan patel

Amazing variety of food, drinks and fun activities. Tastes are authentic. Very crowded but easy to navigate. Pizzeria and Gelato houses are awesome. Cheese shop has 200+ variety sourced from across the world and some authentic Italian pasta, sauces and herbs are available to buy.

Carly Ryan

This was my first time eating here and it was really good! Amazing pizza and delicious coffee!

Ian Storrer

Excellent atmosphere and staff friendly. pizzas limited in their flexibility to remove or add ingredients

Samantha Hoppie

One of the best places I've experienced! Food was AMAZING, and atmosphere couldn't be beat! Only complaint was that there was not nearly enough seating. We went on a night of a Golden Knights game and I'd go any other night next time. Don't miss this venue!

Mark B

What a great spot. Set up like a market eatery with everything from fresh whole fish to steaks and Italian sausage, cooked on the spot after you select the best looking one. We got the cheese and meat board with a pizza and salad. Very high quality! Tip...ask for extra bread for the board. Only gave us 2 slices. Great Italian drinks and wine. Place fills up fast. Only one negative was the lack of seating. I'd stand outside to eat this food again though!

Eric Schaar

What a great place. Absolutely love the atmosphere and food options. Every place has olive oil and vinegar for use with bread. Have had a steak or a salumi plate. Both are incredible. Would go back anytime.

Heather Lang

The Eataly has some great options- however prepare for possible long wait times. We came here twice during our trip, once during the day before a Lady Gaga concert so it was a bit of a nightmare. The other time was at night and we went to the bakery area. They had some amazing treats! I do recommend checking this place out as long as you have the time.

Selena Cantafio

Brilliant concept!!! The pasta was so amazing! Service impeccable! Friendly - knowledgeable staff - perfect lunch! Atmosphere included ! And I bought a souvenir! It's all there in Eataly!!

Mark Rhodes

Great prime rib picked out the case and cooked to a perfect medium rare

Matthew Berta

I had the half roasted chicken, summer squash and toasted sourdough, and it was all delicious. 19 bucks before tax and tip was only a little pricey, but average for lunch on the Strip. All the various stations serving different food were staffed by friendly people.

TJ Dishaw

Amazing food, however obnoxiously small portions. My meal with wine was over $50 out the door with wine, yet the main course was a joke size-wise and was probably like only 300 calories. Not recommended, but the food itself was incredible.

Gary Gruzd

This store is just awesome for all your Italian cravings. A huge market cooking fresh food on site and selling imported food directly from Italy. What a joy!! Love this place

Chris Sterbenc

Slightly different, but just as amazing as Eataly in NYC and Chicago. More focused on the dining experience, less in shopping. Fabulous food in so many varieties. Love!

Alisha Vaud

Fun place to find cool authentic Italian food even for locals. We have been to this place many times and their selections is their seafood and pasta station. Everything fresh made to your order. Taste just perfect with a glass of wine. I was surprised to find Spanish shrimp here in the seafood station. Not a bad idea to get your dinner picked out here and cook at home. Fun ingredient to explore with.

Lisa Driscoll

This was a really unique way to have a casual dinner. The marketplace is really cool. It's great for groups because you have several choices of what to eat, sort of like a food court. The Roman Pizza was great and the pasta station was damn good. Highly recommend. Only catch is that it gets a little crowded and can be hard to snag a table.

Maria Davis

Amazing experience. I will definitely be craving these items when I return home.

Shauntee Christenson

Nice place with great looking food. Unfortunately, the food only looks great the taste comes up a little short. I went to the bar and they strictly only serve wine and you can find Jack. Seems kinda silly considering you are less than 100ft from an actual bar with the same pricing.

Heath Hudson

Eataly was bustling. Plenty fresh food options. Foods looked flavorful and delicious. Market themed and no sounds of the Casino. Well lit from sun light brightens any diner's attitude. Appears may cheese & wine options also. Just a great place to explore and try foods. Ramps make this market accessible as well.

J Earl

There are questionable food handling procedures at the meat and cheese stand. I observed the "cook" slicing and handling meats and cheeses and then touching buzzers, garbage cans, leaving the stand etc., and not changing gloves in between. That's a problem. I wish I would have noticed this before I ate there! Why bother with gloves if you are just going to touch everything and not change them??? Don't even get me started on cross contamination!!!

Jaime Z

Little overpriced for some of the items they offered. It’s a cool concept that you can experience authentic Italian food while you are in the center of Vegas. As a local, we always come here too just because there is no other place can have the similar experience in Vegas. Love their seafood department, has Spanish prawn that taste just like in Barcelona. Street food counter was a fun stop, everything is to the point.

Nicholas Argyris

Foodie Heaven! Any place where you can walk up to a butcher case, pick your meats, and have them prepared on the spot is amazing! Everything was delicious I closing our charcuterie platter. There's literally something for everyone and is it's a lot of fun!

Jared Passler

Loved this place! It's like a little Italian market where you can shop and/or eat. Ate some super good food here. Make sure to try the gelato!

Anna B-Ippolito

Some of the best pastry I've ever eaten. New variations as well. Great tastes if you're looking to grab just a slice or sandwich to go. Higher end pastas, oils, seasonings and spices as well. Great to grab a meal here, or put on your inner chef hat (or buy one if you don't have one!) and buy the ingredients to make it at home! Need some fresh meats and cheeses? This is your place! There are also classes you can indulge in on the weekends to extend your palate, learn new pairings or even for date nite!

miz bosslady

All this is awesome went downstairs walk the strip when inside grab Grab cheese prosciutto wine Awesome late night snack the epitome of a nice night cap.

Christie McKeehan

We spent so much time much to look at and do many choices of places to eat. Everything is made fresh, right when you order. They even make the pasta in front of you when you order. Amazing gifts and ingredients to purchase...all from Italy.

david cohen

Lot of places to eat we tasted from most of places It's like a market and you can choose from each place kind of food like pasta pizza seafood Plate of chease and ham wine. Part 2as good part was bed . Self service Dessert was very good . In the and the price of a good meal will cost like in a luxury restaurant in Vegas.

ClosetChaise -

I loved this place! Such a nice variety of items to eat and gifts to purchase. I visited at least 4 times my last trip to Vegas! I've never been to Italy but I imagine it's like this.

Arnold Flores

Fantastic coffee and dessert break late in evening. Worth the wait. The line may seem long, however, the service is quick and easy. I wanted to try everything so we chose 2 of 8 items. Cookies and cakes are the best. Washed down with a big cup of coffee. Recommend highly

Kris Rosson

Awesome food and drinks! Great service. Fair prices. Busy marketplace feel makes it feel like you're really sitting in a market. Definitely try the pizza, the dough was delicious. The Nutella crepe was phenomenal.

Ct Pham

Lots of options. Well organized presentation excellent. Be prepared for smaller portions than u would expect. The food was fresh and hot of course. The dessert choices are endless but we settled on freshly filled canollies. They were crunchy and satisfying

Jeremiah Poker

Options for everyone! You could probably eat here every day for 6 months, and still not try everything. Many hard to find items in the "general store" areas. If your in the market for $20+ chocolate bar, they have it. $200 bottle of balsamic, no problem


I’ve been here multiple times but it seems each time is different experience. When they just opened it was interesting that they’re able to show case Italian food in one place. Great place to try out different things such as breads wine cheeses charcuterie gelato pizza sandwiches etc. locals used to get discounts. People were more hospitable and eager to help. Tables are available and clean. Now no local discounts and harder to get tables. Food doesn’t seem as good or fresh. I can get better food outside with better prices.


The smell of this place as soon as you get close is incomparable! Every station looks better than the last. I suggest you start at the wine station and then walk around to find the type of food you want! All the food is fresh and ready!

C AllenBrown

I absolutely love love love the way MGM Resorts redid the hotel with Park MGM Eataly! Very relaxing, love the city market feel, loved all of the selection of food that you can choose to eat right there or just take to go! Beautiful property. Elegant yet casual dining. Enjoy. CAB

Farah T

Omg what a nice Italian food market. Food was amazing. We got a bottle of wine from the market and had the best ravioli and Tuscany meal.

yvonne yattoni

They ran out of bread, we had 1 fork for 2 people. Waiter only offered parmesan cheese to one of us, waiter never came back except to give us the bill. When we complained the manager assured us that from now on every diner will get a fork!

Nancy Perez

way too expensive. nice place and nice presentations but too pricey and dirty tables everywhere. I did not see one manager trying to go out there and clean tables. My friend and I had to clean our own table. No thank you, next. Now the Janet Jackson show was the BEST!!!!

Alex D

Every cent was worth for the delicious meal and drink we had. Great place to get a quick bite and actually get served some of the best food I've had in Las Vegas. Two thumbs up

Courtney Johnston

AMAZING! This trip was my first since Monte Carlo became Park MGM so I knew I was in for a treat with renovations but Eataly truly surpassed what I imagined it would be! Super friendly staff, delicious food, short waits and great atmosphere!

Alicia Thompson

Have been looking forward to this opening for a quite a while! We spent about an hour and a half leisurely walking through, watching bread, pizzas, mozzarella and pastries being made. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. We also ordered paninis and meatballs which were to die for. The fresh made tomato sauce was the best I’ve ever tasted!

Joe Vraneza

The most impressive thing about this spot is the fact that the casino gave up a prime strip of real estate to have you walk through an eating area before any gaming options are available. The layout is giant with tons of specialty food stands... including a butcher shop with grilled meats, handmade pizza, handmade pastas, cheese, salami, wine and other specialty Italian items that are all top-of-the-line. I wish they could figure out a way to have waiters come to your table and you could order from any of the stalls all at one place.iinstead you have to search for a place to sit and then walk to each stall, buy your food and make it back to your seating area It could be a lot more efficient, fun and enjoyable if they figured out a way to get it all together. That being said, the place is giant ...great for groups, great for happy hour and all of the food that I tried was absolutely delicious.

Frank Versteegen

The food at Eataly is decent, but comes at a cost. The venue is nice and clean with various small 'outlets' at which you can order your food. Atmosphere is laid back and concept is great. But charging $30 for some ham and salami is a bit outrageous. Especially considering the $8 beers that come with it.

Jessica Heberton

We ate at the restaurant Manzo in the Eataly. The food, service, and wine were stellar. Our waiter, Luis, took the time to tell us about the restaurants history, where they get there food, and the process of cooking and preparing the food. He was a delight. The atmosphere of the restaurant was very intimate. We highly recommend it!

Gaby Lacy

What a neat spot. Something for just about anybody. Quality food and beverages, not to mention the ambiance is perfect too. Happy hour from 4-7pm, try out their limoncello spritz. It’s to die for!

Kobi Cohen-Arazi

Great food. One of the best. Amazing atmosphere

Jeremy Whittaker

Make sure to visit James for a bottle of wine recommendation. That guys is awesome. Great vibe, great food, and great music. I might just come back for round two!

Cheryl Speen

There are not enough words for the amazing of this place. You need to stay a week and visit breakfast lunch and dinner to touch on it all. Of you are Italian or just like Italian food, this is the place. You won't want to leave. Well this girl didn't want to leave.

Irene Ybarra

The prime rib sandwich with truffle salt and provolone was so incredibly delicious. The roasted chicken with roasted potatoes were delicious. There are many eateries under one roof. The Italian coffee and Italian pastries were my go to in the morning! You really can't go wrong in what you order.

Mark Carter

We visited the location in New York City and loved it! So we wanted to check out this location and see if it held up to the other. It did in terms of atmosphere, but we did not eat here so I can't speak to that.

Krister Holmberg

The Nepalese pizza tasted great but it was a hare overcooked. The toppings fell off as I ate it, too. Having said that I would definitely go back.

James Choi

It's a nice place to visit for the vibe but most of the food here is way too pricy for what it is. Food is good here but so is most restaurants in Las Vegas. I would pass on the food unless you love Italian food or want to just try something here for the first time like me.

Sasa Beslic

Little pricey .... but they had local discount 20% Reminds me of European little food courts... food is great, drinks, staff was really helpful, we ordered steak and guy cut it for us and gave us suggestions how he can make it... it was great experience!!! Recommended for foodies!!!

chuck bussey

Great selection of food. Everything is fresh. Amazing experience and concept that was well executed.

Nadean Burkett

Interesting concept. Fresh Italian foods, wine and spirits in a cafeteria style venue. Selection is high quality and quantity.

Blossy Blos

Terrible security. I like the place and selection of goods but the security personnel are deplorable. I just walked in and almost immediately was told to get out. We were simply looking at the goods and reading ingredient lists and feel almost racially profiled, as we are not white and did nothing suspicious of the sort. We were not given any reason, or searched, or even asked for our work bags to be held. Just told to get out. This has never happened to us and we are extremely disappointed. Because of that man they lost money and we come back often

Aj Flores

This is a great refreshing place to sit down and eat! There are so many great restaurants here and they all smell so so good! I love pizza and they have freshly made pizza made to order! The sea food was absolutely delicious with for me the oysters were the star. From pastry’s to iberico ham sandwich and even cheese and meat platters you will find everything you could want to indulge in. This is an Italian style eatery so you will not find a Coca Cola anywhere here but you will find some delicious wines and different drinks to enjoy.

Michael Janski

Very good Italian food. Street like atmosphere. Pricey per Vegas.

Chrissy Qct

Eataly was wonderful. Admittedly we probably should've made some other decisions but it's tough when everything looks amazing. We went with a prosciutto trio and mozzarella with pesto. Both were delicious!

Shane W

Was a nice place to shop for Italian products. The food and desserts were very tasty. The prices were higher then i would have expected.

Gaia Palumbo

As a real Italian (100%), I can say that this place is insane. It seems as if you are eating in Italy! There are lots of Italian restaurant in USA, but I always bumped into fake Italian cuisine. If you cannot afford a trip in Italy, because you are curios to try Italian food, you have to go to Eataly! Food is delicious!!! I didn’t expect that!

Zeem P

Nice concept! Pizza was decent. Tiramisu from the dessert shop wasn't.

Jennifer Taylor

We LOVE Eataly! It's a new favorite of ours in Vegas. We shared an amazing meat and cheese board with a crisp glass of Prosecco and finished with a pastry treat. This is a must for us from now on in Vegas!

Felicia Ferrigno

All imported from Italy. Patrons were not buying much other than food. Beautiful glassware but no one wanting to pack it on an airplane.

Bob Rothschild

Uniquely peaceful compared to most places on the strip. Interesting food choices. Has heart.

Wesley Davenport

So much food. So little time. This place will keep me coming back for years to come. Large and spacious with plenty of places to sit, chat, and enjoy a meal, or two. The variety is excellent. The shopping is diverse. Conveniently located at Park MGM and easily accessible otherwise. Staff are friends fly and helpful, and knowledgeable.

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