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REVIEWS OF Du-Pars Restaurant and Bakery IN Nevada

Dee McKay

Great food and plenty of it at a reasonable price. We've had breakfast and have tried their lunch menu also. Food was consistently tasty and big portions. Our server, Karla, was very attentive, friendly and courteous. The breakfast sausage links are a little spicy (3 large ones to an order) and delicious, not greasy.

Maria Rowland

Visited here three times for breakfast. After 9am, expect to be there at least an hour and a half. Service was incredibly slow. Food was decent. On our visit at 6:30 am, service was much better. Food was good. I had the Eggs Benedict, and they were yummy. Kudos to their homemade jams. Really delicious!

J Victor Mastronardi

I had a slice of the peach pie with some ice cream. Meh... It wasn't bad, but it wasn't what I expect out of a Vegas dessert. There was more jelly than actual peaches in the pie.

Dennis DuShane

Located in Suncoast Hotel . Very nice

Mr. Oi

Very clean restaurant, custom service was terrific, fantastic atmosphere, great vibes i usually go every weekend with my gf and her mother usually get the same waitress. Its a must to have breakfast here , which happens to be 24/7 service

Margarita Llamas

After hours dinning a +

Annalisa Rizzuto

Everything was delicious n the staff was very friendly :)

KC Freels

The pancakes are legendary for a reason. Amazing breakfast foods. Some of the finest bacon that has ever crossed my lips

Linda Tanimura

Loved their steel cut oatmeal and their pancakes. Service a little slow but worth the wait.

A Higa

This location of Du-Pars has a limited menu from the one in the Los Angeles Farmer's Market. The pies are pretty good (the pie crust us not as flaky as Marie Callendar's but the filling was very good) and the pancakes are large. The onion rings were okay, a little greasier than Farmer Boys. It also has some large-sized patries and doughnuts. There is hot food similar to what a diner serves. The wait-staff are very nice and friendly. The waiter I had was good with his suggestions. You can take children to eat here.

Benito Loza

Good food .. great and friendly services....

Karen Lawn

Reasonable food, reasonable prices. Bakery goods look good but don't waste your $$. Staff is usually friendly but quite slow

Brian Barry

Finally someone cooked our breakfast the way we ordered it.....

Elaine Beckstrom

Love the creme brulee!! OMG, so very delicious! Also.. the pot pie is perfect.

Robert Rottiers

Best pancakes in Vegas! Great service with Christine .

Jermaine Mason

The service was good and the food was okay, a little pricey as well.

John Curtin

Ordered the Mushroom/ Swiss burger..perfectly cooked, large burger with traditional fixings on the side. Instead if the boring French fries, I ordered the Potato Salad at no extra charge...great choice!

Kalish Mishlavar

Fantastic food set inside an off strip casino. It's an older crowd here (think grandma and grandpa's casino) but that's how you know the food it good tasting and a bargain for the price. Save room for dessert. And donuts. So super good!

Vera Simms

I love their pancakes the best ever. One pancake is huge a short stack if two I share with my daughter. Crisp bacon was overcooked

Michelle F

Food was ok and par for the course for a diner. My patty melt was a over cooked and French fries tasted dried out. However, The pancakes and breakfast items from the tables next to us looked really good. I would only return for breakfast. They do have all you can eat pancakes for I think $6.99.

Maile Ferro

Great breakfast. Fluffy omelet. Amazing strawberry jam. Amazing french toast.

Livan Alejandro Diaz-Bueno

Best pancakes in the world, they melt in your mouth, I came over here with my friends on Thanksgiving and it is by far the best thing that I’ve had in my life. I thank you for these pancakes thank you Lord for these pancakes. It’s also in a really good place with a lot of casinos so if you like Vegas and you also like going to casinos I recommend it and if you don’t like casinos is still very isolated as well with a lot of fences around so it feels good it feels comfy it feels old style so I really respect this I recommended again and again and I thank you so much for the quality of these pancakes I also have some eggs on the side and they had some hashbrowns with some hot sauce and I think it’s OK I haven’t tried them yet but I will try am in a bit. The eggs are truly looking good so I will have some fun thank you very much again and I truly recommend the pancakes again so get two, three, for whatever you want. But get as many as you can they are fat cakes....

Jordy W

I got a cobb salad here and it was huge, fresh and delicious! Excellent!

Simone Gudmundsen

Highly priced mediocre service and food greasy and all around rip off. $45 for two people to have lunch. Didnt even have enough for desert

Nette Manaday

Way too much food and definitely not braised beef, but the loco moco made it all okay. I don't understand why restaurants serve double what any one person can eat. Why not serve less food at a couple dollars cheaper?

Skip Henderson

Food was good

Jana Tabor

Wonderful pancakes. I wish they still had a restaurant downtown.

Jose Urena

Best pancakes in Nevada. They also have some other great options to eat.

Marcelino Pacheco

Fresh squeeze orange juice! The food was fast and delicious. Service provided was exceptional.

louis peyron

Awesome food, a donut the size of you head!!

Tracey Swift

Spaghetti sauce tasted like Ragu. The New York country style steak was a little undercooked, very lightly breaded and lacked seasoning. Blueberry muffins were the best part of the meal. Service was average.

Christian Hensley

Perfect pamcakes, wonderful service from Christina. Staff was great. However i ordered 2 large orders of pancakes to go received 1 large order and a short stack. These are the pancakes they would serve in heaven. Absolutely delicious. Bacon was limp and rubbery.


Great service food was ok nothing special.

Alicia Napuri

I love Du-Pars you get alot of food and since move inside a new casino/hotel it's the best

Amanda Buss

The Californian chicken sandwich was very good! Moist chicken and a flavorful sandwich combo. Service was friendly!

Sam Kem

A hidden gem. Very satisfying food. I would come here again and again. The staff is super friendly!

Mike Raleigh

Best pancakes on the planet bar none. Everything made fresh. However do not order the tri tips this is sliced beef with mashed potatoes and gravy. The meat taste like it has been in the refrigerator for a month and meat was grisly. The gravy was very salty tasting, mashed potatoes seemed out of a box. How does a restaurant go from great pancakes to making something as disgusting as the beef tri tips. To top it all off the waiter could clearly see that I had hardly touched my meal and never ask why I did not eat it. With all of this said I highly recommend the pancakes...

Jim Olichwier

Fantastic breakfast, and the pancakes are sublime!

Peggie Davis

Slower than m o l a a s e s but great food!

Travis Neff

Pancakes are the realest of real deals. They might be the best in America. Dont order too many. They have an order of 5 on the menu and that's unreal.

Ben Fisher

Got take out after bowling with the kids. Food was awesome. The melted butter was a nice touch along with plenty of syrup for the pancakes. Only wish they would take orders over the phone to cater to the local crowd in Summerlin.

Elenitsa Kritikia

It sucks, and too expensive.. Food is not good quality

Trish Montenegro

Best Pancakes.... Mmmmm buttery goodness

Tremena West

The waitress was very nice and courteous. The restaurant was clean and the food as great especially the pancakes.

Carlos Argueta

Best after hours eat eat ....

Kevin Balani

The service was good and the food was excellent... I wasnt all that impressed with the pancakes but they weren't bad

V Samuels

Most horrible food that I've ever had. Ordered the mac n cheese. It had been frozen. It was still cold in the center when it came to the table. The cheese had a foul stench. It tasted like it was stored around rotten food. Never again.

Nicholas Magistrale

Big variety on menu. Something for everyone. Excellent service. Friendly, with a big smile and genuine. I will definitely be back to try more of the menu!

Charles Meyer

Always great pies....

Amanda Hendry

Pretty good breakfast. Everything is huge! The cinnamon rolls, the donuts, the PANCAKES. My 14-year-old ordered a tall stack. The waitress tried to warn him but he didn't listen. He barely made it through 3!

Edward samadani

We waited 20 minutes in line before being seated. Then our waiter took our order. Waiter never had a smile on his face from the moment we sat down to him leaving for his breaks. I ordered the delight special but was told that I only get one choice of meat. I showed them the advertisement display next to their checkout and manager stated you only get one meat despite the wording. The pancake was good but they messed up my eggs- got over easy with running whites instead of over medium. The bacon was over crispy and brittle. Then the freshly squeezed orange juice tasted bitter-as if it was mixed with orange peels. We won’t be coming back here again.

Mindy Barfield

I go there mainly for Nostalgic reasons, but the food is great. It serves as the 24-hour coffee shop for the casino. Their pancakes are out of this world. Service was excellent.

Cheryl Walker

You won't believe it but it's the best secret in town, off the strip, In upper Northern Vegas, we exclusively ate at Du-pars (and I lost 3 lbs.) all 4 days we were there. Very filling and full meals, enough for 2. I loved the macaroni and cheese combination that had more than 1 kind of cheese but 4 kinds of cheeses.

Ted Hargis

Excellent service and food. They took the time to get our special order right the first time.

Lori Roberts

Service a little off but food always good!

Will Lowe

The food was fine; not exactly as heavenly as someone who brought me here suggested. I've personally had better in Los Angeles and was a bit underwhelmed by the hype. They also wanted to charge $1 per bottle of water....the same bottle of water you could get from the ... What do you call them... The ladies who ask you if you want drinks while you're gambling. Also speaking of water, they give you tap water and it smells and tastes exactly like tap water..... Come on man....

Fallen Angel

Good food and great service. The price was equal to any Denny's in Las Vegas but the food was far superior.

Robert Chavez

The food was decent, but the service was horrible. No one attended to us until we asked four different times. Finally the manager had to take our order. Such a bad experience

Linda Adams

The food and service were excellent!!

Elliot Wade

Been here plenty of times. Came Christmas day with my wife. The only negative was the wait - a bit longer than usual (clearly no one wanted to cook on Christmas). But the food was great - we always keep it simple: pancakes, eggs, hash browns and bacon. Food was great, as was the service. Wouldn't hesitate to return.

Amy Keller

Has the steakhouse blue burger and it was cooked to perfection! Great service as usual.

Shy Swan

Decent food. Typically high priced, being in a hotel/casino

Tracy Abbate

We really enjoyed this place. Some had breakfast some had lunch all was good. Their blueberry muffin is a m a z i n g. The split pea soup is the best I've had in a restaurant.

Stefanie Bogan

I used to love this place. It was a staple for me when visiting Vegas multiple times a year but since tgey closed the original location the menu has changed and it's basically a breakfast only spot. The pancakes and waffles are amazing! And to be honest all the breakfast items are but I still miss the famous shrimp cocktails. Also, the staff at this location cannot handle large groups. I had my birthday there one year at the old location we had no issues. We had dinner there this time just with all our visiting family and Friends. It was a mess. My husband didn't get his pancakes until everyone else was almost finished with their food. Disappointing.

Floridanatureman K

Great food with very little wait. Pancakes are enough for 2 people. Yum.

Susan Nye

Our breakfast was very good and very flavorful. Service was a little slow but I excused that because of the holiday. Portion size was as it should be so if you are very hungry order more. The jam that came with the toast was excellant, not that sugar laden stuff in the little plastic tub.

Dawn Bliss

Over priced. A huge stack of pancakes that are tasty.

James Lambert

Good food and friendly staff!

Julie Kennedy

Can not even rate it as ordinary. Service was slow, food took too long, prices are too high. Ordered beef stew and there were 3 tiny pieces of beef no bigger than 1 inch by 1/2 inch for $13.99

Cheri Tillman

Food is good and pretty reasonably priced. The dinner roll was excellent - reminded me of my mom's homemade rolls. Haven't eaten the pie we bought to go, but the entire bakery selection looked tempting.

Michael Lee

Best pancakes hands down! Great food and service. Never disappoints. Food a bit slow to come out but always on point,freshly cooked and worth waiting for

Jacqueline Brown

We enjoy eating there

Karla Butler

Good food good service

Basil Panagoulopoulos

Go to place for the best pancakes

james grindstaff

Great throw back restaurant....miss it's location in Golden Gate but still nice.

Anna Calderone

Stick with the pancakes they are awesome butter drenched warm syrup absolutely awesome the rest of their food I guess not so much

Linda Tiedeman

Food is very good with large portions. The service is lacking. We watched a young man relieve the hostess as she went on a break and all he did was stand by the entrance watching his phone and sending messages! Once we were seated our waitress took awhile to come over as she was standing a few feet away talking to another employee about scheduling. We could hear the conversation. Seems like that conversation should have taken place off the floor where customers could hear. Get some customer service training NOW. Just because you are inside a casino you have a tradition of good service to uphold.

Dan Egan

Wonderful breakfast even though it was mid-afternoon. Service: fast, courteous and welcoming.

John Crowley

Kind of pricey, but I love the food. Every time I eat there the food is great, the drinks are great, and the customer service is awesome. No matter what time of day it is you can always get something good from here. Make sure you bring an appetite because they do serve large portions

Rod Wolcott

This was a great place to get a quick bit to eat. The service was quick and friendly. I will be going back to enjoy another meal.

Dawn Orlando

Food was delicious. Hats off to the chef! I had the salmon dish with the fresh grilled veggies. Nothing was under cooked. Lillian was very polite and had a smile every moment when taking our order.

Scott Floyd

Thr food here is can't order anything wrong. Pretty good variety and nice portions. You won't regret it !

Randolph Mejia

Read about this place and had to try it. My wife and I went for breakfast it was great! My wife got the Vegas Stack of pancakes. Warning... it's a lot of food. Get the short stack unless your really hungry. I had the corned beef hash it was crispy just the way I like it . Definitely recommend this place. We will be back!! Very friendly staff..

Dawn Conrad

Stays open late....and delicious baked goods

Donna Stickler

My family enjoyed one of the best peach pies we have ever eaten.

John Huss

Great food at reasonable prices. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the banana cream pie was amazing!

Monalisa Mattin

We been coming/eating and celebrating birthdays or special occasions here for 2 years. Food is definitely tasty and service is excellent! Ms. Lulu and Mr. Callixte go beyond awesomeness. They got me white rice when they have a chance, because they know how rice addict I am with my liver steak and new york steak. They deserve applause! Thank you Du-pars

Scott Thornton

Great old-school diner food.

Cedscabob Papi

The food taste amazing and our server, Regie is very nice

Sweebie Sensei

Gorgeous Old-Vegas atmosphere. Best quality food I've eaten in Las Vegas in at least ten years. Pancakes the size of hubcaps served with carafes of hot maple syrup and melted butter. Great coffee with fresh half and half served in a chilled carafe. Great laid back service and very low prices. You must check this place out!

Richard Lorentz

Good food, reasonable prices, but a little slow on service.

Dann Gonzales

THE BEST PANCAKES!! The food is incredible here. The service is top notch. You will love this place!!

Bonita Stinson

Thus place has perfect fluffy pancakes and I never eat pancake you have got to try them

Ron Murray

Sorry, great pancakes but NO pancake is worth an hours wait. Even the staff had concerns. We politely asked for some consideration to no avail .

Charles Alcorta

Great food and the service is outstanding.

Robert Underwood

Best pancakes I've ever had. OJ is squeezed to order.

AngelKitty1111 H

Smokey, old, sticky atmosphere because the restaurant has no walls separating the casino. Waited 20 minutes to sit on a Sunday brunchtime but it looked like they were understaffed with 3 or 4 people including hostess. Restaurant wasn't even halfway full. The food we had was fair, but it literally took an hour to get our food due to "problems in the kitchen" (whatever that means). No manager came to apologize to us nor offer to comp any price or even kids meal off our ticket. No offer to bring out an appetizer while we were waiting. Nothing. The continuous advertising they show on their TV screens made this place enticing, but just ended up leaving a bad taste in our minds. Dessert case in the front made you feel like it's going to be delicious food, but it was not. Waitstaff was okay, but not really sympathetic to the situation. I guess they're known for their pancakes, not their service. First and last time, won't be back. Bleh...

Warren K

Great restaurant fabulous waitress Always. a pleasure her name is Christine

Abriam Santiago

great sanches!!! My first time

Steven Snyder

The food was plentiful and good. Service was great. Very friendly.

Leroy Schuchardt

Pancakes are the bomb will definitely be back for more.

jonathan solorio

I like that they sell meat portions at a separate pricing for Carnivores. Very convenient and affordable.

Jo Rodriguez

Best pancakes in three states, at least. Enough said.

LaTiste Taylor

Omg!!! This place gives you huge portions for a reasonable price and they are open 24/7 they serve breakfast lunch and dinner

Leti Scheib

Slowwww service! I waited about 15 minutes and had to flag down a bus boy to get someone to take a drink order. My chicken pot pie was very fresh and really good. But if you are not ready to age in your seat the go somewhere else.

Josephine Blair

The oatmeal was great.

Mister E

Love love love this place! Inside the Suncoast Casino and Hotel. You won't regret this place. Delicious everything.


It's a nice place to have breakfast or lunch at Suncoast. Prices are reasonable, portions are huge. They make their own jam and if you wake up early enough, they have fresh squeezed orange juice. Their patty melt can serve two people. If you have kids, order one meal and have them share. Everyone carries a to go box when they walk out of here.

Rochaun Chapman

1st visit here....Good Food! Great Svc!

Cameron Dreger

Staff was friendly and the food was good. Only had breakfast but interested in seeing what else they have to offer!

sandra sazo

Good food all natural, excellent flavor very nice place waitress very nice

Dave Call

Great place to connect. Really quiet place with exceptional food.

Sandy Vigil

If you're desperate for food and not picky you'll fare ok. I've had pancakes that were so tough I couldn't cut them with a steak knife! Gave them another chance, on another visit. That time the pancakes came out tasting like onions and were so spicy from grilled jalapenos residue that I couldn't eat anything else. (I love spicy spice and eat it regularly...this was really odd that it was so hot.) Service is slow both at the hostess stand and waiter/waitresses. Eat at the buffet. It's much better. SC Prime is excellent. Salvatore's is over-priced and horrible.

Ambrosha Martinez

Get the pancakes and turkey sausage. So delicious!! But, the cakes are huge so order the small stack. The staff is ... meh, nothing special, very slow, no personality. Wortit for the breakfast tho

Leandro Alvarez

Clean and efficient. Very good servers.


We have dined many times at Du-Pars. This particular time service was horrible. Food was okay. Very slow service. Server delivered our food to the family at the table next to us. The child started eating the French fries off of the plate before the server realized that he delivered to the wrong table and then picked the plate up and put it in front of me. So of course we asked for a fresh plate which he complied but returned with supposedly a fresh meal in less then two minutes. Seriously doubt that this was a fresh plate. We should have talked to a manager but did not. The cashier did NOT say one word to us. Not a hello or how was everything or even a closing. Very sad to see a famous restaurant being run like this.

Destiny Kunukau

We come here to eat more than we actually should lol but we try different days and different times. The food is purely delicious. Pancakes are just fluffy heaven! Portions are never disappointment. But services could use MAJOR work. Easy to get seated but not easy to get waited on or even checked out. But I must say recently checking out has been getting better but the waiters do need more customer services lessons. Some liketo rush you ordering and get the order wrong and thy also don’t check up on you like they normally should.

Richard Poirier

What a great breakfast. The staff were excellent service was great.

Pete Altieri

Yes ! the best pancakes in the world. Plus so much more. Nice people with great food.

Alan Mendelson

This is one of few favorites for 24 hour dining in Vegas. I love their salmon with vegetables and mashed potatoes at $17.99 and it's a good portion and flavorful. Add the dinner salad or a cup of soup if you're really hungry. Very friendly staff and they never rush you. Best value is half priced bake goods during the overnight. Always clean. Top quality, and actually more comfortable than the Grand Cafe at the nearby Red Rock Casino.

Brandon Arizaga

The best breakfast ever! It's definitely a must stop every time I am in Vegas! Server Antonia rocks!

Michael Jacoby

Good food, good prices. Like $53 + tip for 4 big men. Can't complain about that

Brian Sullivan

Late so the waitress was by herself; she was good but working hard!

Jason Hendry

You won't leave hungry. The waitress was nice and warned about the size of the hotcakes. My son was dumb enough to try a full-stack. It did not end well...

Ray Gutierrez

Great food, great atmosphere, great staff

Pete Sanfilippo

Best Chicken Fried Steak I've ever had!!

Sherri Fogel

For a resteraunt in a casino it's okay. The portions are decent and the price is right. Pancakes is what they're known for and they have a good variety of pies.

Joanne Schmutz

First time here, and we will definitely be back. I'm not a big donut fun until now. The glazed donut is a must try. The cinnamon roll has a hint of cinnamon in every bite. Don't even think about adding butter to your pancakes because it's already in the batter, and they are delicious. Make sure you try the homemade jam and syrup as you can taste the freshness in each bite.

Mike Sutherland

Lord have mercy. When you go, by all means be very hungry. The best breakfast in town and LOTS of it. We love you guys!

Carmel Latte

Food and desserts were very good and staff was friendly

Kayti Dupar

Best pancakes in my life! Du-par's is two names put together, sadly no relation.

Sandra Cheesmond

Staff was extremely helpful and portions were HUGE. Went back every morning for 3 days I was so impressed.

chino w

The food and the service was outstanding. I was very pleased with both and recommend it to anyone looking for a great restaurant with both great food and great service.

Anthony Aguinaga

The Spaghetti and meatball's? I would rather have Spaghetti O's. Sent it back. The tuna melt? Took a half hour to make and split my lunch with my lady.

Cyndi Arons

The only reason we eat here is because its comped.Food sucks service is worse

jeff chapman

The best pancakes you will ever eat.

Bob Merlin

Really great restaurant/diner with great baked goods and home style comfort food.

Ishia Brooks

The pancakes are amazing!!!!!!!! It took forever for the food, but it was hot and fresh.

cindy andriola

They advertise the best pancake you'll ever eat and they are right. Big portions. Awesome bakery

Robert McKeehan

Best pancakes on Earth. I go there every time I am in Vegas

Sheri Alampi

The service is awful. We waited in line to be seated, only to be ignored and have people behind us seated first. Then asked " are you waiting to be seated?". After that she disappeared into the back and never sat us. We left! We are at the Suncoast often, this place is a joke and has been since they opened. Wish they would bring the cafe back.

Paul Tsang

Severs polite n efficient, food good n cheap.

Stephen Knipe

Excellent service. Good food. Just a tad overpriced.

Cole Phavi

Wow came Down for breakfast and the hostess Michael should definitely not be the one to great you. Doesn’t know how to smile or great a customer and the whole time I was siting here I had to sit and listen to her talk and complain about guest that call in orders and never come down to pay as well as many other complaints. But I was sitting tables away. I was sitting down for over 10 minutes before anybody created me at the table or came and even asked what I wanted to drink. Not sure about the food as I haven’t got mine yet but for service definitely a no on that.

Cindy Magana

Everything we had was absolutely delicious, down to the soft, sweet dinner roll. Will be back soon!!!

John Stacy

Du-Pars is great and has been for th 60 years I have gone there.

Robert Thomasson

Really good comfort food and great service.

Marty Adams

Love this place. Best omlets ever..❤

Shelby Markovic

Always go to Dupars after visiting my favorite bartenders! Get the chicken caesar salad, onion rings, and club sandwich. Never had anything bad here.


Very busy on Dec 31st. Good food. The pies are my favorite at Dupars! This is a nice location in the Suncoast hotel off of Rampart in the Boca Park area.

Crystal johnson

Loved the food and service. Can hardly wait to eat there again!

Miguel Banales

The food is amazing don't passed it up


Pan cakes & club sandwich is very good, other items not so much, bland & dry. The coffee shop that it replaced was better!

Norman Chess

Food sub par. Coffee terrible

Dianne McDonald

The food is great, but some walls or a fan to keep the casino smoke out of the eating area would be great.

Jason Glackin

food was pretty solid for what you would expect out of a cafe... service was something to be desired...waitress had myself + 2 other deuces, 9:30 p.m., nowhere to be found for a solid 7 minutes numerous times. manager was 15 feet away from me sitting at a table, waved once; i waved back and sat there with empty drink for another 5 minutes.

Tmm Mmm

I was so disappointed to find out That Dupree’s isn’t part of the Gold Gate Casino any longer. Every time I visit Las Vegas I always stopped at Dupree’s. ( Since 1990). First the Gold Gate eliminated their Deli which was incredible

Walter Meriwether

Good food, large portions. Doughnuts are monster size, pancakes too, reasonably priced.

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